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  • Jimon- if u dont ship them at least a lil bit ur lying srry i dnt make the rules
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basically anything and everything that has to do with the shadowhunter world, if you didn’t get that already. 

i may or may not have used this post as an excuse to talk more about these ridiculous angsty characters that have taken over my life

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Hi this is a very crazy question to ask but my girlfriend has unbelively bad depression, she lives states away now and she likes to random cut off her connections, i cant get a hold of her but she follows your account and reblogs your posts alot, if you wouldnt mind posting something like elijah loves you so maybe she can see it i would appreciate it so much


that feel when you realise you have a crush

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Ok so be/x reblogged this cute comic where pidge shows lance her hair naturally poofs dry and antis attacked it because pidge's upper torso is shown to be naked and they accused it of sexualizing her like...Nah bro?? You're the one who's legit sexualizing her boobs by saying theyre mere existence is inherently sexual?? Like wtf. That is so assbackwards and weird!!

If they’re the one looking at the boobs and thinking of them sexually they’re the ones sexualising it lmao

I wanna start another prayer chain because I like prayer chains lol! This is how it goes!

1. Reblog this post and add a prayer for the person you reblogged this post from.
2. Also add your own personal prayer request to this post (if you’d like to/feel ok doing so).

I hope this goes well! God Bless yall! 😊

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hEllo! Erm i actually dID end up makeing fanart of lance and keith from your PJO fic and i was wondering, while i dont have it on me now. Can i submit it later??? Or tag you in it??? oR sOmeThinG- i dont have it on me right now but i kind of wanted to show you if thats ok??? If im to cowardly i might just PM it to you if thats ok also -anon that actually did make fanart


YES, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT! If you want to post it, please tag me in it so I’ll be able to see it that way and I can like/reblog/scream for ten thousand years. You could also pm it to me if you don’t want to post, it’s up to you. But I don’t think I have submissions open? I can’t set them up rn cause I’m answering this on mobile,,, but if you’d prefer to show me that way that’s cool, too! It’s up to you,,, I’m just excited to see it in whatever way is best for you!

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I have a question that I hope is ok. I have had a suspicion that I might have some form of autism for quite a while now and when you reblog posts that say something along the line of just autism things like the one you just did I have to do a double take because I do all of those things + have them happen to me and am shocked when I see I'm not the only one who does these things especially the really abstract. I don't ever bring it up though in fear that people get upset that I'm "faking"

Oh man, mystery person, that’s pretty heavy!! I know the feeling, it took me a LONG time of self-examination to work out whether I might have autism, and I actually did have to deal with a less-than-optimal response when I tried to talk to someone about it. My doctor outright said ‘but you seem too smart for that’, like.. what the fuck?? So seriously, you need to be prepared to be PERSISTANT. Don’t lose confidence in your decision! Make sure you get to see an actual diagnosis, don’t let them lock you out of it based on dumb stereotypes. Cos seriously, general practitioners going ‘hey this person probably doesnt have this thing that’s completely out of my division, and I wont even let them talk to that division’.. thats just.. GOD I really get frustrated and scared thinking how much more messed up my life would be right now if I’d listened to him and not ever got help for my condition!

So my advice is basically.. even if you don’t want to ‘self-diagnose’, please do ‘self-diagnose’.
You need to be abnormally prepared for this, you need to have a list of all your symptoms, you need to learn the terms and have reference to point to in the event of them denying you the ability to talk to an actual psychologist. And you need to be prepared for them even treating you like you cant be autistic if you were capable of doing this!
You need to hand-hold your general practitioner through explaining what autism even is, and do whatever the fuck you can so you can get transferred over to someone who actually knows who they’re talking about.
Oh and common ‘self-diagnosis’ type stuff can also help a lot in the meantime, because doing research on the subject can lead you to finding new coping methods, finding other people to ask about the subject, and just generally tiding you over until you’re able to get a professional diagnosis and (hopefully) access to things like therapy and local autism community groups.
Also, just, in some countries medical care is way less accessable, so I know not eveyrone is even able to get a professional diagnosis at all.

Oh, and an important thing is that autism is a spectrum and there are many different symptoms you can have. it can even be hard to discover your own symptoms, you might find that they manifest in a weird way because you’ve been subconciously trying to hide them or using some form of unhealthy coping method for years. Going undiagnosed into your adult years is really like.. one of the primary causes for autism being REALLY disabling! Dear god my stage of treatment right now is just learning to untangle a bunch of bullshit I’ve done to myself over the years, and re-learn basic life skills and self confidence. I think if i’d been born into an environment with people who actually would have recognised it and cared about getting me help as a kid, i could have grown up without most of my anxiety issues!
Another important fact is that adult autism is often co-morbid with anxiety issues, due to the circumstances of being left completely alone to deal with this thing for your entire life with no support. There’s also just a lot of ways certain anxiety disorders (as well as ADHD) can have overlapping symptoms with autism spectrum disorders. A lot of the ‘that feel when’ meme stuff can be relateable to all three of these otherwise quite different disorders. So I’d reccommend looking up info on ADHD, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, and related conditions too, and maybe seeing which disorder seems most similar to what you’re experiencing. And don’t be scared if it seems like you might have multiple of them! In real life being ‘all the tokens at once’ is VERY MUCH not ‘unrealistic’, man I really hate those people who’re like ‘hwaaa someone who’s black AND gay AND in a wheelchair? political correctness gone maaaad!’ Seriously, its very VERY possible to have more than one mental illness, especially ones that might have a knock-on effect causing another one. Going undiagnosed and untreated for ANYTHING can lead to developing anxiety and depression, but going undiagnosed for a social disability makes it especially likely to get specifically social anxiety.
oh, and randomly for an example I happen to also have prosopagnosia, which means I can’t tell the difference between people’s faces. I literally cannot recognise my best friend if she changes her hairstyle or glasses. This is kinda Double Hell combined with autism, cos its already a challenge for me to judge people’s emotions, lol!

Oh man I’m kinda going offtopic and just rambling every damn fact I know, but I’m just hoping maybe something will be helpful??
I really am not an expert on autism, I dont even know any good informative blogs to link you to. I’m just a regular person who happens to have the condition, and I don’t know how to give good advice when i’m still quite often suffering from denial and self hate myself…
But I dunno, I just hope it could help to hear my personal experience, and know that you’re not alone.
Though now I’m worrying maybe this post is a little intimidating so it might make you feel worse?? Seriously, this is just a worst case scenario thing, hopefully your doctor won’t be as casually gatekeepy as mine was. And I mean, he seemed like a good man who wasnt exactly rude about it and wasnt doing it on purpose. If anything that worries me more, tho, cos he was just politely saying ‘haha no you’re wrong’ to a patient, about a subject he wasnt remotely qualified in, and wouldnt have ever considered reccommending me to a professional if i hadnt kept nagging him about it and come back with a bunch of research and stuff. It felt SO damn cathartic to get that ‘YES, AUTISM’ in the end! Shame I couldnt show it to him and I probably would have had my entire healthcare cut forever if I boasted XD
Also, I was lucky that I had my charity support worker to help me through the stress of the assessment interviews. I hope you have at least one person who’d be able to be there for you and believe you, in times like these. Or, even if you’re like me and you dont’ have any family and stuff, I hope you end up meeting a surprisingly awesome governent worker lady who wears a cool hat and helps you out. Seriously, Amber, you’re a godsend!

So umm.. yeah.. i am REALLY sleep deprived and I am not good at words but i hope some of this helped?? I hope you’re okay, anon!
And honestly, reading ‘lol relateable jokes’ type posts on people’s blogs was how I first started suspecting I was autistic, too. I’d grown up buried in so many stereotypes of mentally ill people, I never thought I was one of them until I actually got to read blogs from their perspective. Joke posts obviously aren’t a substitute for a diagnosis, but I think they kinda serve a valuable role in the self acceptance process, yknow? Thank you, joke posts!


im gay for trans boys
i dont even know how to begin to describe just how gay i am
like?? trans boys?? are beautiful ok?? and if you dont want to be called beautiful [hi me too] then youre handsome as FUCK my dude
and i mean ALL TRANS BOYS
lightskinned trans boys?? lovely!!
midtone trans boys?? marvelous!!
darkskinned trans boys?? enchanting!!
fat/chubby/plus sized trans boys?? god i love you and dont think for a minute you arent attractive!!
skinny trans boys?? handsome!!
muscular trans boys?? hot!! hello throw me into the sun!!
trans boys with short hair?? i would totally run my hands through that!!
trans boys with long hair?? i bet you look like a warrior or a young wizard in training!!
neurotypical trans boys?? charming!!
mentally ill trans boys?? incredible!!
disabled trans boys?? more like kings!!
straight trans boys?? wonderful!!
gay trans boys?? amazing!!
closeted trans boys?? i see you and i support you whether you ever come out or not!!
trans boys who are out?? im proud of you!!
trans boys who arent always boys?? youre still valid!!
trans boys with accepting families?? im so glad they support you!!
trans boys with unsupportive families?? im sorry they cant see the real you and i want you to know there are people who will love and accept you!!
jeez i just.. love all of you so much and i want yall to know theres NO WRONG WAY to be a trans boy
all trans boys are great
im just so happy that were here

[all of this also goes for trans men too cos yall are AMAZING but im a child so right now im just very boys and not very men]

so yeah don’t reblog any art from tumblr user poehav-shy

she’s a terf who drew her oc drinking the blood of trans kids and she believes that violence against terfs is comparable to violence against trans people. letting you know since she’s a dragon age and mass effect artist and i’d rather not see her shit on my dash.