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so… once again i have decided that my dash is a little slow and i need some new blogs to follow, so if you blog about:

  • poetry
  • tv shows and books (skam, shadowhunters, hp, ari and dante, carry on, tsoa, tfc and so on)
  • aesthetics
  • photography and architecture
  • writing

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oak-crossing  asked:

Hello! I'm new to the acnl fandom so, what are some blogs you'd recommend to follow? thanks:)

hello lovely!! sooooooo many like this is just straight off the top of my head but I highly encourage you to go through my blogroll which is a list of everyone I follow (sorted by last time they updated their blog - so generally the more active blogs come up first!)

@mayorchibi @eggseries @townstarfell @mayor-aby @gamerghoul @bramblescrossing @animay-crossing @shokolad-town @sprungit @edencrossingofficial @mayor-mayumi @kelseycrossing @jackscandies @clovoid @uchidiva @lilac-leaf @madelaidecrossesanimals @fairiecrossing @acnlazura @aromapots @wisteriasmayor @otterscallops @fizzingsoda @pearlmaiden @mayor-brianne @frallerina @pigeoncoffee @fateside @mischacrossing @1211am @phantasmita @breezycrossing @mayorbrewster @daisymeadoww @fireflyrain @pasteliapeaches @rapunzelcrossing @espeon-krossing @reeseroses @wildleafcity @fairypockets @pingcrossing @hime-crossing @oakbrewster @fuun-crossing @acnliv @fjordby 

anonymous asked:

Hello~! I've been playing Sims 4 for quite a while and have only done alpha cc. I am currently making my gameplay more exciting by starting fresh (removing all alpha cc) and only going full mm this time. Your tumblr was the first one I have stumbled upon (I don't really use Tumblr for my cc so I am having a hard time browsing) and I am loving your style. I would to ask what eyebrows do you use in general for your characters? I am having a difficult time looking for an mm eyebrow cc. Tyyy <3

wow first of all welcome to dark side of mm cc :’-) here are my two favourite mm eyebrow packs here and here!

also if you having trouble finding cc (i know tumblr can be a bit overwhelming) you can check out my recommendations here like my favourite hairs, tops etc. or you can browse through @sssvitlans blog which has tags for basically everything!! good luck :-)

Hey so my follower count has been fluctuating a lot recently, and my dash activity has been kind of… stagnant. 

If you don’t mind, could you Like/Reblog this post if you’re interested in interacting with the reptilian Warlord Chase Young from the classic cartoon Xiaolin Showdown

I’d love to check out and follow some more blogs! Thanks a bunch!

anonymous asked:

what are some of your fav blogs on here?

ok i follow probably like 50 new blogs every day sjfbasdkfn i either fall in love with their blog or them as a person and its really all over the place from celebs to tv shows so imma just name some that pop into my head this isnt an entire list

@graintgustin @selenagomezaf @suprcorp @archerie @promoteselfsoothing @leamichelerps @goldenglider @wally-iris @gomezes @zendayar @yourstrulys @llastjedi @andialmostdo @babyv @marieselena @maliatait @meandstherhythm @selenangomez @beyoncegiselle @beyhive4ever @veronicalocge @selmaries @supercanaries @rodenly @wokuspokus @beautifulstragic honestly there likes so many but thats all i can think of rn, you can check my blog roll if you’re just looking around for some blogs to follow!!


So uhhh yeah. Hi…

Sorry I have been absent and took forever to update. Things just came up and I got busy. Also, I’m sorry for saying I will update and then like I never do. 

I’m sure you have heard this enough on this blog, but I’m gonna work on it. I’m gonna try and update more.

I’m also doing a side project with my friend, @elvenrain (btw check out her beautiful art), where we will have partner ask blogs. Even though I will have another ask blog I will keep updating this blog. This blog is my baby and I will not ignore it. The other blog is gonna be more for relaxing or if I wanna just mess around. (I’ll probably reblog the opening post here once just so you guys know)

Now I’m just rambling, sorry about that.

The main point is-

I am gonna work on updates for this blog, and hopefully do one of the M!As sitting in my inbox.

Also, I just wanna thank you guys for sticking around so long! I figured a bunch of you would have left by now but omg you have stayed and it makes me so happy (*´꒳`*)

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm new in the malec fandom (they are so cute omg *^*) and ... I've never read a malec ff. I know, it's an horrible thing. Could you please rec me 2 or 3 fics? Like a "malec ff starter kit" or something XD thanks! ps. I love your blog


it’s beyond impossible to rec only 2-3. this fandom is full of great writers and fics. we are so fucking blessed.

here are some of the author blogs you should definitely check out:

@magicandarchery @lecrit @malec-on-ice @dorkberto @warlocksass @sweetillusionketz @chairmanmeow-and-church @theonetruenorth

i also have a fic rec page, but it’s sorely neglected and hasn’t been updated in months 🙈  you can also check out my “fic recs” tag for fics that i and others recommend.

i posted some of my favorite canon universe fics here a few weeks ago too!

p.s. i love you ♡ xx

anonymous asked:

What about a college klance au where Keith comes back to their dorm to find Lance unconscious with a fever high enough to need a hospital?bonus points if they were fighting before hand (maybe about being forced roommates like you mentioned before) Also I LOVE your writing so much you're my favorite blog and I check it everyday

HOAA I love this!!!

I’m working on another birthday fic right now but I will definitely write this and I’ll tag it as #taylortut, so check back for it soon! And thank you so much for your kind words <3 

following spree

there’s not enough of that quality content™ I need on my dash, so I’ll be doing a follow spree! Just like/reblog and I’ll check out your blog, you don’t have to reblog, but it’ll be nice to find even more blogs! must post:

ballroom e youkoso/welcome to the ballroom

kagerou project



kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon

mob psycho 100

one punch man


DO YOU LIKE GHOSTS AND MONSTERS???? INTERDIMENSIONAL SHIT??? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WTF IS GOING ON IN THESE PICTURES??? Then go check out the blog for my newest project!!! @seeing-things-comic

I’ll be posting information about my ocs there, and i would be super happy if people checked it out. It’s pretty barren rn but I’m going to do my best to make it really cool and interactive with its theoretical fanbase.

I love you bye

anonymous asked:

lmao what, writing fics of the straight men in dragon age is gay fetishization now? shit, better check my self-fetishization there

no you read it wrong: cullen just fucking sucks 

Follow spree!

Please like this if you post mainly any of the following and i will check your blog out:

1) Twice- Chaeyoung

2) Got7- Jinyoung(Esp if you post hd pictures of him), BamBam

3) NCT- Haechan(***would follow 100%), Mark, WinWin, Taeil, Doyoung,           Jaehyun, Ten

4) Pristin- Rena, Kyla

5) Spica- (like i realllllly need spica blogs to follow, also would be appreciated if     you can help me learning about them)

6) 2PM- esp Chansung

7) Miss A- Fei

8) AoA- All members!!

9) Oh My Girl- Especially if you post about Binnie

10) Btob- esp SungJae

11) VIXX- N

12) Infinite- tbh im already following a lot of infi blogs but im never getting tired       of infinite.

13) Any multi fandom blog tbh

you dont have to follow back, but following back would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Name: Timothy Dwayne

Nickname: as a child: tiny Tim. Now Timbo although my dad still sometimes calls me Timmy

Gender: Male

starsign: Taurus

Height: 5'11

Sexuality: bi

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Fav animal: Great horned owl

Average hrs of sleep: 6ish

Current time: 10:22 pm pacific

Blankets you sleep with: Uno

Dream trip: Greece

Dream Job: I like what I am doing now

When I made my blog: this one about three weeks ago

Followers: shoot didn’t check but not that many.

Account peak: ?

Why i made a tumblr: to reconnect to some people and follow through on fitness goals

Reason for url: Finally somebody fucking asks. Timbo is my nickname given to me by my trainer. I looked Timbo up online. One of the definitions is “a sexual position of unparalleled excellence”. What’s the position? Ha you will have to send an ask for that. My original blog was doyoueventimbo still in reference to the sex. So I figured for the new blog still play in that.

I tag @error404-fatnotfound @serenity-made-visible @fit-loki and @jonsjourneytohappiness.

anonymous asked:

Hhhh sorry to ask this I know your blog says you ARE V3 Spoiler Free but I am still paranoid,,, I wanted to know if your Saiouma (Oumasai whichever you call it. Idk I call it the former.) has any spoilers or like implied spoilers?? I am,, a big sucker for that ship. Super comfort and important and I'm always looking for some new content for it but then it's like I Havent Seen V3 Yet so I cannot consume it all FeelsBadMan. I just!! Want to make sure. Sorry if this is annoying.

just ran a quick check through my tag, all looks well. you’re good!

flightsoffancyonpaperwings  asked:

Hiya! I, well, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kelly. I'm an aspiring science fiction/fantasy author. I've been a Christian pretty much all my life. I'm really glad I found a blog like this on a site like tumblr. It helps remind me to always check my self when the usual plethora of tumblr confusion and chaos pops up on my feed. It's nice to have that reminder. Anyway, thanks for being your awesome self, and being here too. 😊

Hi! Thanks so much for your message. I really appreciate your kind words. That’s awesome that you’re a sci-fi and fantasy author! I always wished I was a better writer, haha. 



So I’ve finally got everything together for this giveaway that I had planned way way back in November.
Originally it was going to mark surpassing the 2k follower marker, but well, I passed that quite some time ago lol.

Anyway, here it is.
•There are 3 prizes available this time round and all have a divination aspect to them.
•This is open to all of my followers, so yes I will be shipping internationally.
•You must be over 18
•You must be following me, if you enter using a sideblog, please let me know in some way, your main blog (in can be an ask, message or simply put in the tags. Whatever your comfortable with)
•Reblogs count only, you can like the post but I’m only counting reblogs.
•DO NOT tag as giveaway or similar, or tumblr could remove the post.
•No spam/giveaway blogs (i do check every entry)
•Speaking of spam, don’t spam your followers with multiple reblogging please. You can reblog more than once but reblogging over and over in a short space of time can annoy people.
•This is NOT affiliated with Tumblr in any way.
•Any questions/queries then please, let me know.
•Giveaway ends on 30th April 2017 at 5pm BST
•The winners will be picked using a random number generator
•Each winner will have 48 hours to respond and must be comfortable with providing a mailing address.

Now the prizes.

1st Prize:

You will receive a brand new copy of the
• Idiosyncradeck. As you can see in the picture, it’s still wrapped (the unwrapped copy is my own deck and gives you an idea of what it looks like)
• A chunk of raw amethyst
• A chunk of raw rose quartz
• A raw citrine (heat treated) necklace
• A piece of quartz
• A piece of amethyst druzy geode

2nd Prize

• A copy of The Shadowscapes Tarot and companion book
• A crocheted deck bag made by me.

3rd Prize

• A Lapis Lazuli pendulum
• An amethyst 20mm sphere
• A 3g piece of raw peridot

I think that’s it. Enjoy and good luck to you all

Edit: couple of additions to the rules regarding entries.

marinadiamandis: I don’t miss the travelling every day but I do miss meeting & seeing you all. Music has always been the way I felt connected with the world. I’ve enjoyed some of my time off but it has been really difficult sometimes to be honest. I hope I emerge as a better, balanced person who has her health in check. I’ve been suffering from fatigue for a long time and I’m just starting the process of getting to the bottom of it. Just wanted to write to those of you who follow my music to say that I am songwriting, (always am) but I take breaks in between writing trips to rest and do other stuff (Um… Did someone say FLORISTRY course?) I’d really like to write a blog post about some other topics but it’s a big one so I’ll leave it for another time. Lots of love + luck. You all give my life joy and it’s an honour to be a small part of your lives. 🌷Marina xxx