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I just had to unfollow around 25 inactive blogs which broke my heart bc some of them were blogs I followed almost from the beinging and now I need new blogs to follow

Reblog or like if you are active (and i mean it, post a day is not active for me) and post 95% EXO (all memebers or biased- Jongin and Sehun are most welcome) or if you want to help me spread the word ^^

I can’t promise I will follow you back but I will check all blogs somewhere around begining of the July~ if you have any questions you can always ask me ^^

                         .+:。sarukui’s following spree!。:+.

Hi there!(ノ。≧◇≦)ノ Jumping on the following spree train lol With the new anime season starting soon, I’d like to try out a following spree to help me discover new blogs and meet new people! (Also, I’m struggling to keep my dash active lol)

If you’d like for me to check out your blog, please REBLOG and TAG what applies to you (plus any other main fandoms if you want! c:). I won’t be checking out likes unfortunately. Also, as much as I really enjoy checking out blogs, I can’t promise a follow to everyone, please don’t be disheartened if I don’t follow! Your blog will always be amazing (´∀`)♡

— Requirements !!
(1) have a tagging system (2) no ship-hate (3) no reposted works

— I’m looking for:

  • Haikyuu!! (+10 if you ship bokuaka +100 if you love fukurodani)
  • Touken Ranbu (katsugeki hype !!! *_*)
  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • DIVE!! / Free! / Days / sports anime 
  • Seasonal anime (please tag the series c:)
  • Others: Tokyo Ghoul, Mob Psycho 100, Vanitas no Carte, Natsume Yuujinchou, and Pandora Hearts
  • Touken Ranbu Stage Play or Musical (toustage/tousute & toumyu)
  • Aesthetics / Artworks / Quotes

— Bonus Points:

  • create content (edits, art, writings, gifs, etc.)
  • post/reblog writing and art references!
  • is currently active / run on queue
  • would like to be mutuals! c:

If mutuals could help me signal boost this, I’d really appreciate it! Thank you everyone and I hope y’all have a lovely day!  Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ

adieis  asked:

Can you recommend more bts blogs that I can follow ? I don't mean to sound rude or annoying but preferably ones who like are chill y'know?

hello! no i get what you mean sdfkljsdf those are qualities i look for as well.

i follow a lot of chill ppl u can check my blogroll but off the top of my head i would totally rec @2awake @1lsan @2seoke @acousticjin @hobih @ilu2@cutiepiebts @taesflower @jaayhope @ggukthicc @nvmjin @ksjknj @gukiee @jiminiminii @bts420 @rapdaegu @3joonie @velvethoseok @je0n @hobisgothicbride @gooddaybybts @jungkoog @namseok @otpvmin @hobisnovia @1una @bfkook @hobintae @warmjins @tcehvung @safesins @7syub @m4ma @namkwan @1rapman @1ovemoni @btslesbian @ijins @bibwi @bipjm @jinsasleep @bandanajin @kimseokjinofficial @hobsangel @hoseokskitten @4jimn @bfmoni @mytaeddy @myg @deletaed @hermosavida @oh-no-its-mo @2suga @jiminnsgf @4hyyh @17tae @parkejimins @cinnamonsugas @chimchim-cheree @jinnies @flower-guk @wiseok @bfnochu @lostmytae @4jimn @lovfx @minyoongihoseok @nbsyub @@ailee  @hobisluvr 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

mystic-mess-headcanons  asked:

whoa whoa whoa - 500 followers please clap for this amazing person? can I request an MC inviting the RFA members + V to go play laser tag?

thank you so much, love!💛 I love your stuff too! so @ everyone else reading this: check out this wonderful person’s blog too!! request things~

hope you like this, love( ´ ▽ ` )ノ i did it..a little differently than some of the others? idk, lets try this out!

It had been quite a long time since the rfa got the chance to meet up with each other since the last party. And even longer since they met up without the party being involved. So, MC thought it was a great idea to invite them all where they could all just relax and let loose with each other. And what better way to do that other than laser tag? They called the rfa and told them their idea…


  • he’s lowkey so competitive at laser tag
  • so he’s very excited!
  • bonus: he gets to shoot jumin han, it’s his lucky day
  • but he also stares at his clothes and skin when the lights turn off and they turn that glow in the dark color, you know?
  • its hard from his to hide because his hair is literally glowing
  • so is his coat can someone pl ea se give me zen with an outfit change?? he wears an Updated version to the coat at the party and ok sorry not on topic;
  • he makes up for standing out that much by having Skills
  • he’s trained for this. his aim is almost always on point
  • Zen runs pretty fast so he’s also good at dodging the others
  • offers to protect mc, be their knight
  • feels betrayed when mc shoots him in the back once
  • literally almost cries
  • he shoots jumin so many times and is Living
  • ends up in third place, though [ i had to think this through but listen mc gets fourth ] 
  • he would’ve got higher if he would actually shoot at mc but nooo


  • even more excited than zen
  • he’s not too competitive because its the rfa
  • but he sure does take his chance to show his skills and shoot lasers at them
  • probably tried to get Seven to team up with him
  • as well as mc! he’s ready to show them everything he’s got!
  • Seven didn’t join, though
  • listen, his username is not Shooting Star for nothing
  • is a very good hider and sneaks up on people at the most random times
  • he is a bit slower, though. which is why he uses those hiding spaces so much
  • only shoots at mc when mc shoots at him first
  • i said “not too competitive” but he also shows no mercy
  • especially towards V 
  • he got really into it in the middle of it
  • ends up in second place


  • at first, jaehee only said yes for two reasons. 
  • one: it was a break from work. two: she couldn’t turn down mc
  • however, it dawned on her that she could shoot mr. han and not get in trouble for it
  • …..(¬‿¬)
  • so now jaehee breaks out her skills
  • and she’s actually really competitive 
  • but with the rfa, she can’t find it in herself to shoot at zen or mc
  • so she doesn’t place very high
  • she does shoot jumin a lot, though
  • also shoots at saeyoung a lot, just because she can
  • yeah, jaehee! show him that you have a great aim!
  • which she does omg
  • she’s not that fast, but she’s smart and knows how to evade people 
  • gets people from behind a lot 
  • places fifth 


  • honestly rip jumin 
  • dead last
  • and he’s not very excited in the first place
  • but he goes for mc
  • and because he thought it would be a good bonding experience
  • didn’t know how to work the gun poor juju
  • when he finally figured it out, he had lousy aim 
  • for a few minutes. and then he actually had really good aim
  • but he ended up last because everyone was shooting at him
  • even mc wanted to avoid him so they wouldn’t get caught in the crossfire
  • he put up a good fight, though
  • found that he was really competitive at laser tag
  • and he wants to go back
  • next time, he’s going to destroy everyone

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • oh, he was so excited
  • laser tag with the rfa?? he’s probably dreamed about it before
  • it was having a good time with his family
  • first place, of course
  • he’s fast, knows all the hiding spots, and has a good aim
  • shoots at yoosung a lot, the poor guy 
  • when he finds mc, he puts the gun down and holds up his hands, seemingly going for a truce
  • mc decides to trust him
  • he shoots them a couple of times
  • never even let mc get back at him
  • he is a really good protector, though, so that made up for it
  • is probably extra enough to climb onto one of the rails and hang upside down from it to shoot someone

v / jihyun

  • jihyun was excited at the idea 
  • even if he knew he would suck at laser tag
  • he actually does a better job than jumin
  • sixth place  
  • yoosung kept shooting at him, but that’s ok with him
  • took the opportunity to shoot saeyoung a few times
  • and jumin 
  • jumin was betrayed 
  • didn’t want to shoot mc, but they made him
  • they shot each other at the same time to make him feel better
  • halfway through, he gets pretty competitive!
  • actually fires back at yoosung??!?
  • he pops out of nowhere and shoots the others 
  • and then disappears again!
  • he’s not even that fast, he’s just sneaky
  • “can we do that again, mc?”
Everlark Fanfics I’m Desperately Trying to Catch Up On: Week 24

Here is week 24, folks!  If you’d like to check out my previous posts, follow #rachel’s fanfic lists or search the tag on my blog. Happy reading!

✁ blog rates  ‘”

   yALL i’m like??? 5 away from m y next hundred and i want to hit™ it™ so !!!! gonna do brs because i havent done them in a p long time tbh ( i’m going to close them like pretty quickly so pls check my blog before u send in an ask!! since its getting late

to enter :

- reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- follow your local storm hoe

- send me an ask and give me font recs ( I WILL PRIORITISE YOU if i like ur rec so,, choose wisely )

- send a ♤ for a normal blog rate

- send a ♡ for a fandom / aesthetic blog rate ( please specify! )

- you can PICK 2; ( if u pick one tho, i’ll do them much quicker

- pLEASE Check my latest posts to see if this has closed!! before sending in an ask plsss

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I couldn’t leave you without posting this too.
Firetruck, Pokèmon AU.
Pokèmon Jasper&Opal AU, to be more precise. And he’s a member of the villains’ team, of course.

NOW I’m done with everything I wanted to post tonight, huzza! <3

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Welcome to Nightvale 💚
Arakawa under the Bridge
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Haikyuu!! 💚
One Punch Man
Mob Psycho 100 💚
Brooklyn 99
The Get Down
Yuri on ice!!! 💚
Adventure time
Rick and Morty 💚
Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood
Kill la Kill
Assassination Classroom
Ouran Highschool Host club 💚
Miraculous Ladybug
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun 💚
Attack on titan
Tanaka-kun is always listless
Kimi to Boku 💚

anonymous asked:

I had fucking sleep paralysis a few seconds ago and i think i really saw Fucky becausw i checked your blog before i got to sleep. I can't believe it but it did look like a fucky.

//eww imagine seeing hallucinations of Fucky when you got sleep paralysis ;;

//glad i always keep my eyes SHUT when i got that

Just checked my stats and saw that I’m about to break 800 subscribers … which is insane! 

When I started this blog late last year I thought I would just post a couple of drawings to get things out of my system and eventually I would just stop and abandon it, cause that tends to happen with a lot of creative endeavours I get started with. But somehow I stuck with it, and it’s been half a year now and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Keeping a thing like this going is kind of a big deal for me. So I just wanted to thank everyone for your support and encouragement, for the messages you send and for all the kind words you leave on my drawings. Especially over the last couple of days I’ve gotten so many super nice replies and comments, I read them all and they make my day so THANK YOU! It’s a blast being part of this community.

Originally posted by graveyard-whistler


And for the meeting new OCs night, say hi toooOOO RUFUS!!
… which, for whoever is wondering, yes, was inspired from Deponia’s Rufus. But he became definitely a different character from the original one.

Honestly, Rufus is one of my own favourite OCs. I just… love this dork so much?? My annoying cool scientist that calls everyone ‘bro’ or ‘sis’, I need to draw him more,,,

Also bonus, starring @slightly-gay-pogohammer‘s OC Lance because theY’RE BROS!!

… and yes, I roleplay him too. At @rnfns.

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anonymous asked:

dude. you aren't going to get anywhere with a negative attitude, but I get it. You're in pain, you're frustrated that you aren't getting immediate help, you feel like things are completely out of control, but calling docs idiots and complaining about nurses isn't helping you. Be patient, be kind, request consultations w your normal doc, etc. The staff is checking every possibility because thats their job, its something they have to do with every. single. patient. Get some jell-o if you can.

Fuck off. I’m allowed to complain on my own blog. Hospitals regularly treat chronically ill people like shit and are uneducated about rare disorders.

Also I’m not in pain. I’m fainting there’s a difference. Try reading before bitching.

And as far as it not getting me anywhere. I got what I needed because I advocated for myself to skip the useless tests when we already know what’s wrong. I’m better due to getting the treatment I insisted on getting and im leaving now.

Also at no point was I nasty to staff. Venting online and being nasty to someone in person are two different things. Sometimes people rant about stupid shit online in order to maintain composure in real life.

You however I am being nasty to. Fuck off and don’t tell me how to run my blog or my life.

Further anons on this subject will be deleted/blocked

Trust but Verify

For @that-never-happened​: Maybe a Dean one with a girl who’s in the military (Marine) and has tattoos? It’s a total me insert but it don’t have an eye for this stuff thanks!!!!

Thanks for putting up with my weird questions about your tattoos (those are hers, btw, aren’t they cool!) Anyways, I hope you like it! :)

Dean x Billie, Dean x Marine!Reader

Want One?

Check out this post

tags under the cut

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anonymous asked:

Does your hubby also identify as bisexual? If this question is too intrusive or makes you uncomfortable please don't respond. Love your blog

I’m happy to answer (though thank you for giving me an out)! My husband identifies as gender queer - in his words “The gender check mark is a fuzzy check mark in the ‘man’ column.” He has days and moments where he feels more like a woman than a man. He also has many reasons why those are just moments and not a change he’s going to pursue full time. So he still prefers masculine pronouns and presents masculine the majority of the time. There may be a time where he wants to experiment with different kinds of presentation, though. He’s only become comfortable talking about it in the past 5 years or so. In terms of his sexuality, he identifies as straight (liking women). He has found men attractive from time to time, but not anything to the point of wanting a different label. 

He and I joke that I am made for him because of my bisexuality - I love his masculine and feminine sides equally! I get the whole package ;) 

boopacre  asked:

Would you like to draw Finn from my game? His sprite sheet is on my development blog which is snake-angels

i’m not sure what he’s like so i just made his coat extra big and had him fly happily 

(YN B-Day MS Paint ask 17/40.  There’s about 15 other ask in the askbox at the moment so that means there’s only 8 request slots left!  Check out previous ask here!)


That moment when I have a bunch of rp blogs for my OCs and I realize I never actually posted pictures of them. Boy.

WELP! It’s never too late, SO!
Meet Firetruck - at least this is how he makes himself call -, a pyromaniac which… is pretty dang hard to summarize in two lines. It’s a complex character.

… and if you want to follow his wonderful (?) adventures, I roleplay him at @firxtruck ! :D

I’ll post drawings of another character of mine that I think I never showed you in a few minutes! Enjoy Firetruck in the meantime. uvu

Also I’m very very proud of that first drawing as a reference. I’m finally getting the idea of making a decent reference with colours by it, horay to me!

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need to follow more blogs

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