if you like getting letters or even small snail mail notes

Letters to Juliet

This is for the awesome and talented belated birthday girl @howeverlongs for her love and that gorgeous cover, I hope you like this mini drabble in the meantime.

New Orleans (present day - 6 months after the TVD finale)

Klaus thought he was going mad. His eyes flickered opened, slowing trying to gain his bearings as his nose picked up a very familiar scent. It wasn’t just any scent either, it was hers. It was Caroline. It wasn’t the first time though and Klaus knew it wouldn’t be the last given his frequent visions.

“So, is this how you treat all your guests? Or am I just lucky, Mikaelson?” She asked, appearing in the doorway hands on hips. She looked gorgeous as usual, her golden waves falling over her shoulders and those expressive blue eyes staring him down. What he couldn’t quite work out was whether she was real or a figment of his imagination, yet again.

New Orleans - Three months post TVD finale

Klaus remembered that day well. It was a Friday and he’d stumbled out of his studio around 10am after a long night painting. The morning sunlight was spilling in through the large bay window as Klaus walked into his expansive kitchen. He flipped on the kettle switch, hoping that some tea would aid some much needed sleep.

It was the third night that week he’d painted through the night, too restless to sleep. Klaus knew why of course, not that he’d admit it aloud. It had been three months since he sent the cheque. Klaus hadn’t really expected a response but it didn’t mean that he didn’t want one. His thoughts had been filled with her and her reaction. She hadn’t cashed the cheque, that was all he did know. But Klaus needed to know more.

“That scruffy, homeless look is really becoming on you, Niklaus,” Rebekah drawled, breaking Klaus from his thoughts. He didn’t respond just emmited a low growl of frustration. “Good morning to you too, sunshine.”

“To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Can’t a girl want to spend time with her brother?”

“No,” he shot back.

“I think its time you get some sleep, grouchy, unbearable insomniac isn’t your best look.”

“No, its time he got laid,” his younger brother interrupted, swiping an apple from the fruit bowl on the counter. Klaus rolled his eyes, all he wanted was to have a nice cup of tea and here he was stuck with the bloody peanut gallery. “All of that brooding over blondie isn’t going to relieve the stress.”

“I am not brooding,” Klaus scowled, not even bothering to deny that she was on his mind. “And not that it’s any of your business but I happen to relieve plenty of stress in the studio.”

“Only because all you do is paint Ms Forbes,” Elijah added, opening the fridge door and inspecting its contents.

“Could I maybe get at least two seconds of peace?”

“Not until you open the letter that arrived for you from blondie which Rebekah has in her greedy, little hands,” Kol scowled. Klaus suddenly felt buoyed, he’d been desperate to hear from her for what seemed like forever. He immediately narrowed his eyes in his sister’s direction.

“You took my letter?”

“I was about to bring it to you,” she replied, defensively.

“Only because I insisted she did,” Elijah murmured.

“Did you read this?” He insisted, snatching it from her grasp unexpectedly.

“Unfortunately not,” Kol muttered. “Elijah went all overbearing big brother on that possibility too.”

“Maybe we should leave Niklaus in peace to read his letter,” the eldest suggested, attempting to steer his younger siblings from the room.

“But we’re just getting to the good part,” Kol whined.

“How about I leave instead,” Klaus growled, leaving quickly his cup of tea long forgotten. He wasn’t sure what to expect but all Klaus cared about was that she’d responded. After shutting his bedroom door, he undid the flap equal parts nervous and excited.

The first thing he noticed was his cheque as it fell from the envelope, and floated onto the floor beneath him. Klaus should have known the obstinate blonde wouldn’t take his gift so easily. He sat down on the nearest chair and finished unfolding the white stationery, her neat cursive coming into view.

“Klaus, while I appreciate your kind gesture I cannot accept your rather enormous and quite frankly over the top gift. Might I suggest flowers or chocolate for the next girl you want to impress?” She’d signed it quite formally at the bottom and Klaus let out a small chuckle. In two sentences she’d captured everything he loved about her. That unapologetic pride, that snappy wit and her apparent need to impart advice.

Klaus wasn’t going to let this go and walked towards his desk, scooping up his cheque as he went. It would be a crime not to respond given how much her words spoke to him. He produced a piece of paper and began writing.

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ID #36307

Name: Aleksander (Sascha)
Age: 18
Country: Germany

Hello out there!
Since I never wrote something like that I might appear a little clumpsy but I’m pretty sure ya guys will be able to ignore that. Let’s begin:
I’m an average student from Germany and – as you see – also know a little english, but since I’m more interested in science and art my language skills already end there. But I think it could be interesting to learn at least a little bit of another language on my own to find out if I might have more fun to study when it’s not related to school. At the moment I’m close to master the sync/synchron 4-ball-juggling, practice e-bass (I’m more or less absolutely new to the whole thing and terrible with rhythm + can’t even read notes but I don’t give a fuck and try it anyways) and training for this falls Though Mudder. So by now you also know about me that I’m a juggler, bass-player and exercise addicted somewhat. Just to sum that up. The music I listen too is a little different from what I have to play for practice atm (oldschool rock and medieval stuff mostly) since I listen to Industrial, Dark Rock, Metal, Dark Wave, Neue Deutsche Härte ( like Rammstein for example) and okay also Medieval and a bit Electro/Rap-related things. Also Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and The Smiths because I grew up with it. But to name a few other bands/people: Lord of the Lost, Psyclon Nine, Goethes Erben, Santa Hates You, Powerwolf, Die Antwoord, Wizo, Amduscia, Agonize, Hollywood Undead, Solar Fake, Dave Brown/Boyinaband… and so on for about five minutes or something when I’ve got the time to remember everyone.
I’m some kind of introvert-extrovert switcher (INTP-A mostly, may that changed?) and tend to analyze things a lot instead of just starting random fangirling which I mostly don’t really get but I’m okay with it if it’s also possible to talk about something else. Even if I might sound weird now I don’t really like watching series. I’m just too unmotivated to watch something while I could find a better ending just by daydreaming a little bit. May that’s why I just watch Sherlock because I’m able to keep up with that one. Movies and books are more likely my kind of thing. I prefer scifi-themed ones, like District Nine or A.I. and am reading Metro 2033 at the moment (along with The Devil On The Road).
That’s it I guess, may ya wanna know more or discuss about books/music/whatever to start a conversation, I’m also okay with everything else, no matter if random small talk or oh-so-deep philosophy. I don’t have a problem with new topics but might have to do some research from time to time. But if you’re okay with that everything will be fine!

Preferences: I don’t care about your age/gender/sexuality and so on, I mean gosh this isn’t a dating side. Just be tolerant and open-minded, I won’t waste my time with racists or LGBT*-phobics.

What I’d Do Just To Get Back In Her Arms

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @imhere4newt. “do you think it would be alright if you did a part 2 to the ‘sing a song for california’? fic (i think that was the title i have a horrible memory)”. 

A/N: Here’s part one, in case anybody missed it:  http://mcrxreader.tumblr.com/post/156060382162/sing-a-song-for-california

You came home to a dark house. You missed Gerard being there when you got home from work, sitting at the table with the warm meal he’d cooked for you, waiting to hear about your day. You missed sleeping beside him in your bed at night even more. You couldn’t believe he’d been gone three whole months now.

You put your coat away and started the water for some noodles, feeling melancholy. You’d visited Mrs. Way today – she was so bored in that big house, with both her sons gone.  You’d known Gerard’s family for a long time. You were sure they missed him as much as you did.

Suddenly, the phone rang, and you smiled with relief.

“Hey, Y/N,” said Gerard’s familiar voice on the other end of the line.

“Hey, baby,” you replied. “How have you been?”

“I’m alright,” Gerard said. “Just sitting down to lunch.”

“Lunch?” you blinked, looking at the sunset out your window. “Oh, right – I forgot it’s three hours earlier there.”

“Yeah, it took me a week or two to adjust to Pacific Time,” Gerard admitted. “Anyway, how was work?”

“Pretty good,” you shrugged. “Same old, same old, really. How’s the recording going?”

Unlike you, who had been working the same job for years, Gerard was doing something new and exciting with his life. He was in California, recording his band’s second album. He told you that the working title was Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

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anonymous asked:

Fluffy, dorky times of s/o with Izuki (less puns, more adorkiness), Imayoshi, Takao, Himuro, and Kasamatsu!


You often wondered how one person could be so good at math. The numbers combined with the occasional letter and — dear God, why — Greek letters were like a completely new language to you. If that language were complete and utter gibberish.


The little surprised sound from Izuki as he looked over your shoulder at your work startled you. “What? What?! Did I do it wrong again!?”

The excited smile that graced his face told you otherwise and Izuki only confirmed your thoughts as he shook his head. “It looks correct to me,” he stated, a bit of pride inching its way into his tone; whether it was from him being able to tutor you or from you finally comprehending something, you weren’t sure. “Good job! I think you deserve a break.”

“And maybe a reward?” At his questioning look, you elaborated by puckering your lips, leaning your face closer to his. It took only seconds before he was meeting you in a kiss, a joyful hum playing on the back of his throat.


There was an audible beep as the camcorder was turned on, a small green dot flashing on the corner of it to show that it was functional. From behind the camera, you were grinning, excitement coursing through you as you adjusted the focal length.

“Okay, you ready?”

Picking up his guitar, albeit a bit more clumsily than normal, Kasamatsu gave a hesitant nod. He could already feel the flush of color invading his cheeks, embarrassment coloring his face. His fingers fumbled with the strings a bit, strumming out a few notes to make sure they were in tune. When he heard the second beep, the one signaling that you had started recording, he felt the heat on his face flare up even more.

It took a few seconds before you bounced your way back to his side, sitting next to him on his bed. Taking in a breath, you began to hum a few notes before singing the tune you had practiced over and over again. A few seconds after, Kasamatsu followed suit and started playing along to the melody. After a while he forgot all about the camcorder capturing the two of you, his fingers going on autopilot as a small smile graced his face at hearing you make music with him.


As the pencil in your hand scratched on the surface of your notepad, leaving behind trails of graphite, you kept your eyes trained on your object of study. A small trinket, one you often used when you wanted to practice blind contours, was seated on the desk before you and casting shadows beneath it.

“I think I’m done with mine.”

Pushing his paper and pencil away from him, Imayoshi flashed a grin in your direction. You met his eyes, your own confused expression meeting his confident one. The two of you had only started drawing a minute ago; how could he be finished already? Setting your pencil down, you reached over to grab at his piece of paper and examined his drawing.

“What is this?” You couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped your lips as you looked at the hastily scribbled drawing of — what were they? — two people?

Imayoshi pouted in response, though you could hear the hints of teasing laughter in his voice as he said, “It’s you and me! Come on now, not every one can be as great an artist as you.” He couldn’t help the edges of his lips curling up into a smile as you continued to laugh at his drawing; mission accomplished.


Using a wet paper towel, you wiped at the vibrant red stain on your light colored shirt. It was already apparent that the shirt would no longer be presentable ever again, the rich color of spaghetti sauce forever marking it. You blamed Takao.

“Look at this,” you whined, giving up on scrubbing at the stain as you turned an exasperated glare at your boyfriend.

He grinned sheepishly at you from the dining room table, bits and pieces of spaghetti he’d spilled hastily gathered on a napkin beside him. If only he hadn’t been trying to reenact that famous scene from Lady and the Tramp, you wouldn’t be in this mess.

“It’s okay, I can fix this,” he said quickly, standing from his chair and nearly knocking the entire plate back down to the floor. Takao wasted no time in pulling his shirt over his head, revealing the thin tank top he wore underneath. “Here, you can wear mine and we can throw yours in the wash!”

You sighed, but despite that, Takao’s shenanigans had you smiling. “Your shirt has sauce all over it too.”

He gasped. “Are you suggesting we both go topless? How lewd!”


It wasn’t every day that you received an email that wasn’t considered junk or spam. It was even rarer for you to receive snail mail. That’s why it came as such a huge surprise when you saw the fancy envelope in your mailbox, the delicate handwriting on the front addressing it to you. You immediately showed it to your boyfriend.

“What do you think it is?”

Himuro watched as you held the decorated envelope in your hands, his own eyes scanning it. “Maybe you should open it and find out? Could be a love letter.”

You scoffed at the slight tease in his voice, tearing at the corners of the envelope to get at the letter inside. Reading the first few lines — you had to commend the author on their lovely handwriting — you felt your face flare up with color. Wait. Wait, what? It really was a love letter, spelling out for you all the ways this person adored you.

“Who’s it from?” Himuro nearly startled you as he came up from behind, looking over your shoulder. You couldn’t even see the triumphant smirk on his face as you read the last line, seeing his named signed at the bottom.

AKA The Saint Seiya Mail Exchange! (based of the Sengoku Basara Mail Exchange, also by yours truly)

In 2013 I organized a snail-mail exchange between members of the Basara fandom. Since in summer most people are on vacation, I thought now would be a good time to revive that one, plus extend it to another fandom that is also very dear to my heart.

A note: if you’re not comfortable with sharing sensible information, like your address or e-mail, then this isn’t for you, sorry.
Also, if you are a minor, be sure to get your parent’s permission! Stay out of trouble, kids!

What is this?

A mail exchange project to connect Saint Seiya fans all over the world!

How does this work?

  • July 1st~15th: You send me a message with the info listed on the next section of this post.
  • July 16th~19th: I match you up with someone and give them your info.
  • July 20~August 31st: Both of you sort out the details and send each other something!

What do I send?

Anything you want! The very basic you can send is a postcard, but feel free to send something else, like a letter, a small present, a box full of food, etc. - as long as your penpal is ok with it, of course!

What you send doesn’t have to be related to Saint Seiya - what’s important is that you and your penpal get a little nice something in the mail out of this, so you can send other things they might enjoy, like a picture of your city, pics of cats in silly dresses, etc.

Is more important that you just send something  and respect the deadlines, rather than taking forever to send the best package in history.

And remember to be excellent to each other, please!

(if you want to get a feel of things you could send, you can have a look at some of the letters sent for the Sengoku Basara Mail Exchange of 2013 here)

Can I have more than one penpal?

Yes. The only rule is that you must send something to each penpal you get. You can’t only receive, you must also give.

Is English mandatory?

No, just write in a language both parties understand.

How do I know this is safe?

You don’t, sorry. I can’t guarantee that someone isn’t going to send you a bag of poop. :^(
We’re working based on trust here - if you end up having a serious problem with someone, you can tell me and I’ll make sure they stay out of future editions, but that’s the most I can do.

I have a question.

Here’s my ask box. :^)

Here is the info I need from you

Please submit the following to me:
(*mandatory field)

E-mail address*: (to prevent the usual tumblr messaging problems)
Geographic preferences: (for example: “I only want people from my country/from Europe/from anywhere else but my country.” If left blank, I’ll assume world-wide is fine)
Favourite Saint Seiya things: (characters, otps, how shiny Jabu’s metal panties are, etc, anything goes)
Other things you like: (non Saint Seiya things)
Things you really don’t like: (if applicable, can be both SS and non-SS)
Anything else you might want to say:

I promise I will delete every and any info I receive after the whole exchange is over.

Other Notes

After I match you up with someone, I will be giving them all of the information above - please make sure you are ok with sharing this info with someone who is very possibly a total stranger, and receiving e-mails from them.

I will not be asking for anyone’s address: I’ll leave the address exchange to you and your partner.

I will require that you take a picture of the letter you’re sending, and send that picture to me.

Letters getting lost in the mail is a normal part of life, but I need this to be sure that you at least tried. In the first exchange I’ve held (Sengoku Basara 2013) some people didn’t get any mail, and I had no way of knowing if it was because it got lost or if the other party decided to drop out without saying a word. I want to prevent this, and I also want to create a proper record of good participants in case I do more exchanges in the future.

By the way, I accept volunteers for replacement mail AKA people who are willing to send mail in the place of last minute drop-outs, people who didn’t send anything to their penpal, or people whose mail got lost and can’t resend it for whatever reason. If you want in, just tell me!

Also, feel free to translate this post into other languages in order to reach more people, or even make your own exchange based on this if you prefer!

For anything related to this, please use the “#kikis mail” tag in order not to clutter the Saint Seiya related tags.

ID #13481

Name: Kate
Age: 16
Country: US

hi, i’m kate! i’m a girl from a very small, exclusive town and i would love to exchange letters via snail-mail or e-mail (or even just social-media) with someone who is new, open-minded, unique, original, and eager to share as well as listen. i’m interested in things such as writing (poetry, fiction, etc.), reading, music, photography, and psychology on a broad scale and some more current, specific favorite things of mine include: the perks of being a wallflower, the goldfinch, skam, harry styles, the frights, beat poetry (controversial, i know), journalling, and ed stockham—to name a few random ones. (i go through phases of interests in what i like, so i would love to be exposed to new things!) i feel that it’s appropriate to say that i often feel very much on the fringes of things, observing and taking in all that’s around me 24/7, so if anyone else feels similarly, i would love to get to know you. also, on a less relatable note, i am a runner, so if anyone is also a runner out there and wants to chat up stuff about running, i am so down; though that’s not a priority. much love and peace to all!

Preferences: i am open to anyone and everyone!