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ok but what abt a three way fight between woozi, kihyun, and suga? (yikes)

suga wouldn’t last long, doesn’t have the right amount of adrenaline,,,,,woozi and kihyun would resort to insulting each other,,,,,,,,and then after suga takes a break he’d come back in and be like “not to Defeat both of you at the same time but pink was both your worst colors” 

listen sometimes ur brain just comes up with ridiculous AU ideas & you can either ignore them or roll with it long enough to share it with the world

that being said

Elle Woods as Captain America. 

How does one defeat their darkest damage? You take a lesson from Persephone, learning how to adapt to hell and glow as brightly as the sun, even when you are surrounded by the dark.
—  Nikita Gill
How I write
  • Me: Alright let's get some shit done *put on glasses dramatically*
  • Also me: *stares at the blank Word for fifteen minutes*
  • Defenitly me: *While writing* I don't know where this is going but IT'S GOING.
Let me tell you what I understand. I, a totally stranger to you, understand what it feels like to believe you are all alone. I understand the defeat that you feel when you slide your back down the wall. I understand when you say “you’re just tired” you mean those thoughts wouldn’t leave you alone last night. I understand the fear that comes with never knowing when the anxiety will hit. But let me tell you this, I now understand feelings of joy.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1204 // hang in there baby, this stranger understands you

ME, on seeing Depp-as-Grindelwald for the first time:

“Holy crap Gellert, you aged into one ugly motherfucker!”

“How the hell do you start out looking like Jamie Campbell Bowler and up and decide that ‘crossbreed between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump’ is the aesthetic that REALLY speaks to your heart?”

“I bet learning about this was what made Dumbledore finally stop moping and defeat you for good.  Like Newt comes back from America, hauls himself to his office and just straight up shoves a mugshot in his face.”


“NOTE THE HAIR. Actually note the everything, but ESPECIALLY the hair.”

“You don’t want to tap that ass, professor.”

“You want to KICK that ass.”

“Also he appears to have traded you for an American woobie half your age, just saying.”








Okay. *cracks knuckles* My first au for a new fandom. Hope you guys like it:

  • Ladybug and Chat finally defeat Hawkmoth, and upon finding out that it’s Gabriel Agreste under the mask, Adrien takes it really really hard. He’s disappointed in himself, that he had lived under the same roof as the big bad all this time and never realized it, and also he’s disappointed that he never noticed his father growing slowly more and more bitter over the years.
  • Adrien doesn’t think he deserves to carry on being Chat so one day, he arranges a meeting with Ladybug, but when she gets there, it’s deserted, and all she sees is a little box, like the one her earrings came in, and a note scrawled in messy handwriting. She approaches it slowly, her heart in her throat as she tries to deny the obvious. She opens the box first, and her suspicions are confirmed as she sees Chat’s ring. By the time she turns to the note, she’s crying so hard she can barely see, but it’s easy to make out the single word written there. “Sorry.”
  • She stays there, crying, for a long while before picking herself up and going back home. Tikki consoles her while she lies in bed, in her pajamas, and in the end, the thing that pulls Marinette out of her mood is concern for the kwami who resides in the ring, who’s just been abandoned, and even though Marinette has never met it, it was her partner in a way, just as much as Chat was. She asks Tikki if a person can hold more than one miraculous at a time.
  • Tikki doesn’t know the answer, so Marinette, who can be really quite stubborn once she puts her mind to something, puts the ring on, and just seconds later, a little black cat stumbles out, looking around in confusion and despair. His eyes land on Marinette, and they widen in shock.
  • His first instinct is to run away, to hide, but Marinette easily plucks him out of the air, catching him in gentle hands as she coos soothing words to him, saying, “Don’t worry little guy, I won’t hurt you. It’s me, Ladybug. You know me, don’t you?”
  • Plagg is currently freaking out because holy shit, Marinette is Ladybug, and Adrien is gone and he’s been abandoned and he feels absolutely devastated and his head is spinning from everything that’s just happened. Eventually, Marinette is able to coax him into calming down and eating some snacks, and ask him if he knows anything about why Chat gave up his ring.
  • Plagg doesn’t know anything, and Marinette doesn’t pester him, or even ask him about Chat’s true identity, because she doesn’t want to find out that way - it’d be an invasion of his privacy. Marinette promises him that she’ll keep him safe until Chat gets over whatever he’s dealing with right now and comes back (not if he comes back, when, because she knows he will).
  • Marinette takes to wearing the ring on a thin chain around her neck, and Plagg follows her around the way Tikki does, sleeping in her little purse when they’re around others, and Marinette makes sure to absolutely spoil him, giving him lots of cuddles because she knows he must be feeling lonely without Chat around.
  • She keeps fighting crime on her own, and even though she never uses the Chat miraculous, Plagg still helps out as much as he can, and the help is sorely needed, now that she doesn’t have her trusty partner watching her back.
  • Time passes, and Chat doesn’t come back, and Marinette doesn’t give up. She does, however, slowly start getting closer and closer to Adrien, who’s been living with his grandparents ever since his father was arrested.
  • About a year or so after Chat disappears, Marinette and Adrien start dating, and when Plagg goes all sad and mopey for a while, grumbling about how Adrien doesn’t deserve her, Marinette doesn’t pay it much mind. She just giggles and snuggles her little kitten close, teasing him about being jealous and reassuring him that he’ll always be hers and Tikki’s favourite little man.
  • Plagg doesn’t say anything. He wants to believe, with all his heart, that Chat Noir will come back one day, that he’s every bit as courageous as Plagg once thought he was. But there’s a part of him that knows that he might never return to being a hero, and that part of him is the part that swears, with every fiber of his being, that if Adrien ever hurts Marinette in any way (sweet Marinette, who’s done so much for him), Plagg will make him regret the day he was born.
  • Adrien adores Marinette - she lights up his world in a way he’d once thought only one other girl could. Being with her is the only thing that helps him ignore the way his feet still ache to be running across the rooftops of Paris, the way his heart aches with loneliness every time he sees a piece of camembert cheese, the way his first reflex when hearing a commotion is still to stop the akuma.
  • He’s completely head over heels for her, and on those days she sits at home, looking listless and distant and refuses to tell him what’s wrong, he sits with her and holds her close, wondering who could have ever hurt his princess in such a way.
  • And then, it’s their one year anniversary, and he asks her to move in with him. And she’s so happy, and practically bouncing in her seat, but she says there’s something she has to tell him. And next thing he knows, there’s two kwami peeking out from behind her, looking at him with big, accusing eyes, and she’s stuttering and telling him she’s sorry for keeping this from him all these years, and he can barely focus on her words because the only thing running through his mind is that he’s the one responsible for the way she sometimes comes home bone-tired and all scraped up (from protecting Paris all by herself), and the way he could swear she seems to have mild abandonment issues.
  • The ladybug kwami, Tikki, is looking shyly up at him and introducing herself, and Marinette is trying to get Plagg to come out of hiding too, but the little cat refuses to look at Adrien.
  • And he knows he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, that it’ll take years for him to make it up to his princess for what he’s put her through. So he might as well get started.

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Harry Potter where everything is the same, except that Harry talks like tumblr

“malfoy… you have no chill”

“defeat voldemort 1.9k95”

“hell yeah I’m alive surprise bitch I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me”

“omg ron you sweet summer child”