if you like 1d be careful while watching this

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I'm one of like a big group of people who really don't care about 1D but since babygate started we basically had our popcorn and just watching this mess unfold while you guys do all the actual work. I can't wait for the musical that will be written about this mess one day.. It will win so many awards!! Ps: I wholeheartedly believe Larry is real.

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To all the people that are STILL hating on Nash Grier because of the ‘what I like in a girl’ video seriously need to grow the fuck up! I just read a really long text post from some 'fan’ in London and it really set me on edge.
By insulting Nash’s humour, hair, personality, acting skills ect you are just making yourself feel better while bringing other people down. So what if he likes Brunettes! So do Cam, Kian and JC but I didn’t/don’t see them getting hate for it! Who cares if his hair is getting a little long?!! It doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to become freaking Harry Styles! Sorry to break it to you 1D stans, but Harry Styles doesn’t rule the world.
Nash and the other boys clearly stated what they preferred in girls, they weren’t meaning to insult anyone, and from watching the video numerous times I can positively state that Nash was the quietest person in the video. Just because the guys said that they preferred Brunettes with blue/green eyes ect doesn’t mean that that is what they’ll always go for. For example JC and Jen went out and she’s blonde. Did that bother JC? No. Kian and Andrea went out and she has brown eyes. Did that bother Kian? No! So why let it bother you! Who cares if they prefer a clean, shaved girl?! I doesn’t mean that they won’t ever date a girl with body hair.
So, if you still hate on Nash Grier due to his 'sexist, discriminative comments’ please grow up and let it go. No one cares about your lame hate so keep it yourself. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing’s at all.