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🚨 The internet needs you 🚨

You’re up again, Tumblr. 

Back in 2015 you demanded that the FCC adopt strict net neutrality rules and establish a free and open internet. And you won

That should’ve been the end of it. But apparently not.

The new head of the FCC wants to undo the net neutrality protections you fought so hard for.

His proposed changes open the door to your web traffic being slowed down, or even blocked altogether. You could be forced to pay extra to use your favorite apps. You could even be prevented from getting news from the sources you trust.

Title II protects consumers and democracy by ensuring all voices can be heard.

You know the drill. Here’s what to do:

The FCC is taking comments from the public, and dearfcc.org is making it as simple as possible for you to make your voice heard.

Go there now 👉 dearfcc.org ✌️

You’ll just need to provide a name, an address, and then say a little bit about why rolling back Title II protections is a bad idea. If you’re not quite sure what to write, here’s something to get you started:

I’m writing to urge you to keep our Open Internet rules based on Title II in place. Without them, we could lose the internet as we know it.

The proposed changes to FCC rules would allow fast lanes for sites that pay, and force everyone else into slow lanes. We’ve already seen access to streaming services like Netflix, popular games like League of Legends, and communication platforms like FaceTime slowed down, or even blocked. Conditions like this hurt businesses large and small, and penalize the users who patronize them. 

The changes also open the door to unfair taxes on internet users, and could also make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can’t pay up to have their voices heard.

Please leave the existing net neutrality rules based on Title II in place.

Thank you!

If you need more ammo, feel free to quote these experts from our net neutrality Issue Time. TechCrunch and Battle for the Net also have some good starters.

Everyone is counting on everyone else here. Do your part and tell the FCC to keep a free and open internet under Title II. 

Stereotypical (3)

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, mentions of child abuse and alcoholism (past), angst, mentions of sex.

Summary: As a PA/secretary, you are all too familiar with the fantasies nearly all men share: banging their hot assistant. Former jobs haven’t worked out for you for that exact reason, and now starting out at a new company, as the secretary for the CEO of the hottest modelling agency in the country, you’re hoping this one will be different. But after meeting your new boss, Mr J.B. Barnes, you’re not so sure if it will be. Then again, maybe Mr Barnes is not as stereotypical as you think he is.  

A/N: Okay, so. Shit is gonna hit the fan on this one. Enter: Steve, Tony and Pepper. It might feel like I’m skipping over some crucial stuff, but don’t worry! I’ll get to that. Enjoy! 

Business went on as usual for the next few days, the only thing different was that James wouldn’t let you go to meetings alone anymore with anyone he didn’t know. You’d jumped up and down, pleaded left and right, but he wouldn’t have any of it. After finally giving in, James took you to lunch and had to physically pull a folder out of your hands to get you to eat.

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5x08 review Guillotines Decide

How do you start writing about Guillotines Decide.

Highly anticipated.Murderous.Bittersweet. Emotional.

Some people hated it.Some people got upset.The majority has mixed feelings.

Personally i loved it.

Way too many things happened in only 42 minutes.I felt the episode was 1 hour and a half, not 40+ minutes.All the major ob characters made an appearance and that was lovely. I’m happy to see another female writer getting to tell her story.After 5x05 ( Jenn Engels ) and 5x07( Renée St. Cyr ), 5x08 came with Aisha Porter-Christie .

We’re 2 episodes before the end and 5x08 needed to be the episode that bridges the conclusion of this story with what each character has accomplished so far. Episodes 9 & 10 are gonna be a 2 parter (Graeme confirmed) so Ep 8 was the prelude of the ending.

Guillotines Decide, was more than a farewell to an amazing character. It was an episode about family- the family you choose to be a part of. In the constant battle between  nature and nurture it’s our choices that define who we are and who we want  next to us.

That’s why if i had to pick one quote from this episode that ultimately defines the whole series,it would be this:

We are all mysterious works of chance, of choice, of nature vs. nurture. So, to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.

Fee’s speech was everything.Full of love, support and generosity. His brush  always a doorway through  expression and musing.


It was always about Sarah.His gallery-his own house- full of different versions of her.

She was the key of analyzing how liquidable identity trully is, how the same face can have  multiple personalities and traits, how social labels destroy our own complexity , restraining us from cherishing life the way we want to.

Felix’s art night brought Cosima,Sarah and Alison together as one person.The whole 1 person-multiple personas performance was a brilliant way  of getting the sisters together in one night and watching them happy and more importantly free.

-Alison, carefree, happy to help Fee and trying to wake her inner artistic self. Donnie always with her, supporting her, happy to be a part of this extraordinary family.

-Cosima  back in her own joyous self, more dashing than ever. Laughing,dancing having Delphine with her.

-Sarah, finally realizing that DYAD is going down once and for all, getting to chill and enjoy the night.

It was a well deserved night for them and for us the viewers.After all this angst and pain this joy was much needed and justified.After all, they are so close to freedom.


  • Helena


i loooooved this line, so utterly Helena!

Thank god Gracie didn’t betray Helena again even tho she was that close..

when i saw the gun pointed at G i kinda knew she’s a gonner. So the spoiler source was right 3 persons died in 5x08 indeed.

they’re gonna gag Helena with the Hannibal mask in the next ep jfc

i’m really hoping her character/centric episode will be as intense as Rachel’s was…also her journal and memoirs are gonna be a testimony of courage throughout the next generation of sisters…

  • Rachel

god Rachel Rachel Rachel…i was so scared about the way they’re gonna handle her…i was afraid about her backstabbing S but THANK GOD they did it the right way…

Rachel’s “Be careful” to Siobhan was so broken and authentic, like there was a micro/tiny-possiblity of her subconsiously believing S’s words…

-We do everything we can, each of us in our way

-And we do it for each other.

if you look closely to this scene Rachel is crying in here…jfc she’s a mess of emotions…

… is there a chance for her to be a part of this sisterhood after everything she’s done? Does she really wants to? Will she ever be accepted? Is Siobhan her only hope of ever feeling that she belongs to something??

I haven’t seen Rachel as vulnerable and soft as in 5x08…

and i am DREADING the 2 parter cause after Graeme’s newest interview he confirms that there’s a confrontation coming between Sarah and Rachel…

can you imagine the triumvirate  Sarah,,Helena and Rachel in one scene?

omg IT’S COMING AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS… i wonder if Helena’s “i’m gonna kill Rachel” is foreshadowing or not…


ok i really wanna set some things straight..

Ferdinand never loved Rachel..neither do i believe that the show is trying to sell us that Fernisshole deeply loved her…i don’t know what the writers have said for him in interviews- and i don’t care tbh , cause from the show itself it’s clear to  me that this isn’t love, it’s just a  game of dominance and nothing more…if the writers wanted to glorify him then he would have helped Rachel bring down DYAD because the only thing she wants is freedom…and Ferdinand never listened to her..

what’s really REALLY sad- and that’s where people should focus- is the fact that poor Rachel thinks that’s real love.

imagine how fucking mentally abused  she was all her life that she believes this is love…can you actually imagine it? How distorted is her image about love because she has never experienced it? And when a human being (let’s pretend F/asshole is human being ) doesn’t betray her then she thinks that’s love…PROTECT RACHEL FUCKIN’ DUNCAN 

the struggling attemp…i read posts saying that Rachel is crying about Ferdinand?

i mean

?????/ whAT???

Rachel hit rock bottom she doesn’t give 2 shits about Ferd

at this point,she just wants so fucking HARD to die that F is literally doing her a favor…and the reason he left her live is because HE KNOWS HOW MUCH SHE WANTS TO DIE…so he punishes her that way…not even giving her the redemption she desperately seeks in death… it’s literally freedom or death for her..jesus Rachel’s story arc is one of the most beautiful things in season 5….

there’s only one thing that trully disturbed me in ep 8 and that was the “who’s your daddy” dialogue… i choose to believe that Rachel was just playing his game, leting him say whatever makes him feel good in order to continue with the plan and set herself free..especially the “go go ahead, daddy”..she really needed him to kill her jfc


at fucking LLLAAAAaaAAAaaast

about bloody time…this episode kept giving and giving i mean?!! I never thought we would have so many Delphine moments jfc

a lot of firsts…first skype call with the ledas…first time that someone openly acknowledged her worth in protecting the ledas in front of others (Ms S in the skypecall)


for YOU, especially you Cos babe..this girl is screaming her love to you for 5 seasons…

she gave everything…her body, her life, her safety,your relationship, EVERYTHING just to keep you safe- is there anything more pure than that?

and not only that even Adele that doesn’t know Delphine at all said it!!

And Delphine, all she did was whatever Siobhan told her too…

However strong and powerful Delphine might seem, in reality she was craving to hear those words and to feel accepted…imagine living in the shadows of doubt and accusations all this time..trying to ignore everyone’s distrust because you fucking love this girl that much..her smile says it all

Cophine was glorious in this episode.And it’s not about the cuteness or fluffiness.What really got me is the sentimentality of their moments. They were finally free.

To talk,to fool around,to stupidly dance  or to do nothing at all.Things that were ruthelessly taken away from them.Things that normal couples do.And now their life together is so palpable they can almost taste it.

-you like it that much?

Cosima darling , after all this time you still don’t have a clue huh?

what really does it for me in this scene, is how Delphine is lost in the painting and her realisation while Cosima’s whole world at this moment is Del..they’re in a crowded place only breathing for each other..at this point i can’t even tell who’s  more in love

and of fucking course she would buy the painting i mean D-U-H

totally loved the

-you own me

joke in regards to the painting.. it’s a too-soon-bad-kind-of-joke aka exactly so utterly Cosima-thing to say

however the ultimate cophine scene for me in 5x08 will be this

unscripted,bittersweet and so very intimate…tears of joy is something that ob doesn’t give us very often and i wanna thank Tatiana for that…i’m in awe with that girl and her performances…she is so.freakingly.good.and.so.devoted.to.her.characters that i have MAD respect for her….and Ebro totally went for it uplifting the scene even more….they are amazing together, their chemistry is magnetic.

imagine for how long did poor Cosima bottled up all those feelings and fears…she didn’t even dare to dream how it would be like to be free..and now it’s happening and she’s not alone, and she gets to share this moment  with the person she needed the most.

Delphine is cocooning her, always the rock and shoulder to cry on.Imagine the sex after this moment (cough COPHINE WRITERS U KNOW WHAT TO DO)



A glorious farewell to a badass character.A bittersweet goodbye to a woman of multiple roles. Warrior, mother, daughter, ally,  the head of the family .The person that glued the Manning household. The invisible pillar.

It fucking broke me that S is dead. But she did it on her terms. Her death was not meaningless.It wasn’t just a “someone had to die” fiasco. Ferdinad needed to die from her hands cause they had unsettled business.I even took pleasure that he died first.Siobhan won in every way possible.She achieved what was the most important task for her : keep Kira safe, her kids alive and bring DYAD down. She did everything she was supposed to do.Killed Ferdinand to get revenge for MK and even gave Rachel a chance to reevaluate her choices/ reengage with her sisters.

S needed to to die cause Sarah needed that final push to transform to the sisterhood’s savior.

Remember episode 4? It was 200% foreshadowing

of what it means to become you.

this is it.That is the moment of Sarah’s transformation. This is how she’s going to take responsibility for everything that’s to come. Her  bonding with S will finally make her realize how is she going to save her sisters and the next generations.

Cause if we go back to s5 ep 1 and Cosima-Sarah’s exchange, Sarah didn’t care about PT or  the implications of his plan to the future generations..she just wanted her family and sisters to be ok…now tho..she knows what’s at stake..she will be stronger,bolder and more ready to fight.She will carry on her mother’s plan.

And i can’t wait to see her arise from her ashes of sorrow and make Beth and Siobhan proud.

[TRANS] Hanryu Pia (May 2017) - B.A.P

“B.A.P as 6. I’m happy to be able to be on stage with all the members”

With leader Bang Yongguk coming back after his break due to his illness, B.A.P are finally making a comeback as 6 in Japan with “WAKE ME UP”. Starting with music programs in Korea first, they are currently in the middle of a world tour, how will things be for the “complete B.A.P” who have awoken after a long time?

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05/17 Esquire Duo-Interview, Part I

<Blue Night, This Was Jonghyun>

What Should We Do With Kim Jonghyun?


Shin Kijoo (referred to as “Shin” below): You told me you’d host <Blue Night> forever and ever, so can you explain to me what’s going on right now?

Kim Jonghyun (referred to as “Kim” below): My life is consumed with guilt right now.

Shin: Many people think it’s such a shame. Yesterday, Saturday April 1st, was the last broadcast of our “Midnight Spoiler” corner. And right after this interview, you have to go straight to Sangam-dong to proceed with the final live broadcast of <Blue Night, This is Jonghyun>. There’s only about three, four hours left until midnight already.

Jung Woosung (referred to as “Jung” below): It’s time for listeners and fans alike to prepare their hearts. To prepare to let “Jjong-D” go.

Kim: Because I announced it on radio first. I felt that was the respectful thing to do for our listeners. Since the program airs every night at midnight, it could be disconcerting for me to suddenly vanish out of nowhere. And many of our listeners would wrap up their day by listening to <Blue Night, This is Jonghyun>, so. It’s been a while since I made up my mind. It might have been around the end of last year, it took a little while because I was consulting people around me and deciding on the appropriate timing.

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simplyagreste  asked:

I was wondering if I reblog your work, will you be mad? Is it the same as reposting because I am confused about the Miraculous Ladybug blackout. Thank you. By the way, your art is really good. - khai (simplyagreste)

Hello, khai! Thank you so much for sending in your ask! c: I understand there will likely be confusion, so I’m glad you came to forward with your concern. And also thank you so much for complimenting my art! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

Important thing first: Reblogging and Reposting are NOT the same.

I definitely won’t be mad if you REBLOG my work! In fact, I’ll be really happy if you did. I highly encourage reblogging for every artist/content creator out there too. Reblogs make us happy, my friend. Reblogs make us feel appreciated, supported, and inspire us to keep sharing. c:

The thing with reblogs is, we encourage it because it comes directly from us. When you reblog something from me, no matter what kind of blog has it, it will link back to me. This means, those who look at your blog and can find me as the source of the work you posted, and they can easily click my name to find me. Which is great because it means you not only shared the one work you reblogged, you also indirectly shared the rest of my work too. And that’s super awesome! (╯✧▽✧)╯

The reblog button down there is all the permission you need to properly share the work on tumblr, so make sure to utilize it.

So never be afraid that a content creator will be mad if you reblog our work from us. We won’t! I promise. c:

As for REPOSTing, to really hammer in the difference and help you understand the purpose/source of the blackout more, I’ll tell you about what’s bad about it.

Reposting means you either take a screenshot of the post/save the post and reupload it either on another tumblr account or another social media account. Under a different name. Now, with permission of the creator and proper credit/linkback, reposting to other social media isn’t so bad, but the main problem is this:

There are people out there who simply take without asking and reupload other people’s works as their own. Often, they remove the watermarks/credits of the creators and put their own, thereby linking back to their own page, instead of the person who actually made the work. In essence, they are taking credit for something they did not make.

There are reposter accounts out there that have up to 60,000 followers, and they have done absolutely NONE of the work they’ve uploaded. Imagine that. Imagine all that work the artist did, and some other person just takes all the credit for it. Hours/days spent on a comic/artwork, and another person takes it as their own. And the original artist? Lost in the background, no recognition for their hard work to share with us something great.

Now that you know this, you can see why a lot of creators are sick of it. :c

Even if there were people who properly credit, there will be people who will take from THEM and not credit/remove credit altogether. That’s why there are a lot of creators who discourage any kind of reposting whatsoever.

Overall, reposting gets way too complicated in comparison to simply reblogging. And annoying, besides. A lot of creators have left/are leaving the fandom, electing to stop creating ML fanart, because the problem has gotten so bad that people are even making MONEY off work the artist did for FREE. And that’s why we have this protest going on. To raise awareness to this sad fact. :’c

Content creators are human too—they’re not fanart/fanfic robots for people to take from whenever. Make them feel like they matter as people too. Support the creator! Show them you care. Show them you love their work. Support them against reposters and art thieves! It’ll be worth it. c:

TL;DR— Reblogging = GOOD! Reposting = BAD! Directly support creators by REBLOGging. Ask permission before REPOSTing. Pineapples on pizza. Eggs on toast.

Thank you for your wonderful ask! Again, another lengthy answer, but I hope it was informative. If you or anyone has any more concerns or need more information, go ahead and visit @miraculousblackout or feel free to send another ask either to me or other people in the protest! We’re here to guide you. Just remember to be respectful!

Have a super awesome day, khai! (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡

On representation in fandom and why we need to step up.

This post is explicitly about The Adventure Zone – I’ve seen a few posts like this going around and I genuinely think that the more we talk about this, the better people will understand the greater issue here in a fandom that is growing by the second. This is also explicitly about visual representation (in regards to race & body) coming from a white guy, so I’m going to link these posts by whitetaakosarecursed, flovvright and roswelltxt for their perspective writings, which are really worth the read.

So, there are a few points I want to bring up, and trust me, this is going to be a long one. Not all of these points have equal value per se, but I do think they’re all worth addressing. 

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anonymous asked:

what does it take to be a skald? what special things do i need to do? Much thanks

Sæll (eða sæl) vinur,
(Hello friend,)

I must say that I am no skald. Although I have chosen to bear the title, I have not actually earned it. I hope to be able to eventually say otherwise, though. Yet, it really does all depend on how we choose to treat the ‘profession’ today. Back in the Viking Age, though, the requirements were quite steep and often required a lifetime of dedication. Being a skald was actually a prestigious position to have in society. 

Also, both men and women (Jórunn Skáldmær being my favorite) could be considered a skald, although it was more common for men than it was for women (though, we might be able to debate that, given that sources could have had a bias against truly considering all of the women, but perhaps that could be a discussion for a later time).

I am no expert about skalds, nor their poetry. I am far better with prose and the Icelandic sagas. Still, I will tell you what I know, and perhaps that will at least give you a place to begin this journey. I may leave certain things out, but hopefully nothing that is too crucial.

The Expectations of a Skald:

Anyway, to be a skald (in historical terms), there are a few essential requirements:

  1. A skald must memorize various poetic meters so that he or she may recite verse instinctively. Many skalds are able to conjure up insults and praises without any immediate preparation.(1.)
  2. A skald must have intimate knowledge of mythological material, so that he or she may make use of the hundreds of kennings and heiti(2.) that aid in maintaining proper meter and rhyme. Yet, these kennings did not always have to pertain to myth.
  3. A skald must memorize historical events and people, especially that which would be relevant to those currently in prestigious positions. They would be your patrons, after all.
  4. A skald must know various genealogies, most importantly those of the most prestigious people within society.
  5. A skald must often have many key stories and popular poems memorized, such as that of Sigurd, the slayer of Fafnir.
  6. A skald must have intimate familiarity with language (Old Norse), so that he or she is able to create new kennings and use synonyms to maintain proper meter.

In short, a skald is a person who is well-versed in mythology, history, and lore. After that, the skald is expected to be able to recite those stories in poetic form, which would have involved singing and sometimes performance. This meant a lot of memorization and a strong command of language. A skald would be responsible for historical knowledge, especially in terms of specific people and their families. Skalds were also a critical part to the allocation of fame and honor within society. A person’s reputation depended on the songs a skald would sing, after all.

Reevaluating the Skald:

Regardless, those requirements are rather steep. Yet, I think we should take a moment to reassess what it means to be a skald in our own time, rather than being so strict to the standards of a past age. If we don’t, then the title of skald would nearly be unobtainable. The emphasis on memorization and spontaneity, for example, may not be as crucial in our current age.

There are two options: we can be strict and maintain the ‘sacredness’ of the tradition by leaving it unchanged, or we can lessen the strict need for memorization in favor for general familiarity and a focus on the quality of knowledge and artistic interpretation. The answer is not mine alone to determine, but I would favor a ‘modernized’ approach, with caution.

Today, I tend to consider a skald as someone who is familiar with history and lore, but also with language. Given those requirements, there is actually some degree of flexibility, then, to who could become a skald. The poetry itself is important to maintain without much change, but the approach to composing that poetry can be more open (being able to write it out in advance, rather than speaking it off the top of your head all the time).

How to Develop these Skills:

As mentioned above, you should know a considerable amount of history and lore. As a skald, you would be expected to know stories from the past, both for retelling and for references in other works. Start by reading mythological material, folklore, and even history books. Yet, the history you are after is not how society functioned, but rather the stories told about powerful people, or even people you admire enough to sing or compose about.

Yet, we skalds-in-training are in luck! A good man by the name of Snorri Sturluson just happened to write a book that is essentially a handbook for skalds. The entire Prose Edda, which you have likely already heard of before, has two sections specifically for skalds: Skáldskarpamál and Háttatal. Each of these sections tells us how various aspects of mythology are to be used in skaldic verse, as well as discussing the details and structures involved therein.

I recommend the Anthony Faulkes translation, which can be found either online (for free) or in a book format.

I recommend you start there.

Regarding Language:

While studying history and lore, work on language. Old Norse is likely the language of choice for most contemporary skalds that work with traditional material, though, technically the term ‘skald’ still applies to modern languages and modern poets. After all, skáld is still used in Icelandic for poet, for example.

Personally, I feel that we should compose skaldic verse in living languages, so that we may keep the tradition alive and well, rather than keeping it confined in the past. Though, I can understand the other sides of that debate. In the end, the choice of language is yours to make. 

Personally, I prefer to compose in Icelandic, but you could technically pick whatever Scandinavian language you prefer. Honestly, you could even compose in English, if that is what you would prefer. I may be a bit too flexible about it, but do what will make you the most happy and comfortable. English would also expand your audience. I would compose in Icelandic and offer a translation, but, again, it is up to you, my friend.


The only special requirements, then, would be reading up on history, lore, and language. Start there and see where it takes you. Gradually you will find yourself becoming more and more like the traditional skalds of the Viking Age. It takes time, but don’t lose courage. Honestly, I have played with the thought of starting a ‘skaldic school’ of sorts, but that would be something more of a community for lovers of Norse lore and language to gather and help one another to learn and improve themselves. Although that is nothing that currently exists, you can always feel free to send me a message. I would be more than happy to discuss any of these things with you at any time, if that is something you would find helpful.

Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck. If you need anything along the way, please do let me know.

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)


1. Here is a breakdown and an example of dróttkvætt (Court-meter): 

  • Each segment has eight lines.
  • There are two four-lined stanzas that make it up, called helmingar.
  • Each line features six syllables.
  • Three of these per line are stressed syllables.
  • Three alliterative staves per line pair (bolded below):
    • þung til þessar göngu,
    • þinn, kinnalá minni.
  • All vowels alliterate with one another.
  • Even lines have one alliterative stave — höfuðstafr (head stave).
  • Odd lines have two alliterative staves.
  • There are two rhyming syllables per line.
  • The second rhyme always falls on the last stress.
  • Odd lines have half-rhyme (the vowel can change, but not consonant clusters).
  • Even lines have full rhyme.
  • Word order can be quite flexible.

Here is a full example of skaldic verse in dróttkvætt:

Títt erum verð at vátta,
vætti ber ek at ek hætta
þung til þessar göngu,
þinn, kinnalá minni.
Margr velr gestr þar er gistir,
gjöld, finnumsk vér sjaldan,
Ármóði liggr, œðri,
ölðra dregg í skeggi.
— Egill Skallagrímsson

Translation: I’m eager to acknowledge your meal with my cheek-surge (kenning for vomit). I bear heavy witness in venturing to come here. Many a guest pays a dearer price where they stay; we seldom meet. The dregs of ale lie in Ármóðr’s beard.

Source: Debbie Potts, “Introduction to Skaldic Poetry,” Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge.

2. Kennings and heiti are round-about ways of referring to things. An example of a kenning would be using the word ‘water-horse’ or even ‘fjord-serpent’ (my personal favorite) to refer to a ship. With kennings, there are many ways to refer to the same object. These could get quite complicated, such as ‘the wound-sea’s reed’, where ‘wound-sea’ refers to blood and a ‘reed of blood’ is a sword. Heiti are similar, but use other references to refer to the same figure. An example of this might be using Ygg for Odin, instead of just saying Odin.

Mysterious Artist

Pairing: teen!Sherlock x fem!teen! Reader

Warnings: None i suppose hahah

wordcount: idk haha

a/n: This is my first sherlock imagine so please don’t be so hard to me and I am really sorry for every grammar oder other mistake but English isn’t my mother tongue(❁°͈▵°͈) However I’d be happy about any kind of feedback:) Good read everyone!


Originally posted by silent-micka

It was just another day at school. Young Sherlock Holmes was bored. Like every day. While everyone was listening to what the teacher was explaining, Sherlock had gotten lost in his mind palace, sorting new deductions about his classmates and teachers. When the bell rung Sherlock was the first one to stand up and leave. “Mister Holmes! May I ask where you are going?”, his teacher stopped him. He rolled his eyes before turning around to his teacher. “Isn’t it obvious? It’s 11:20. Time for a break?”, Sherlock stated with a monotone tone. “You weren’t listening again, weren’t you? You’re break is cancelled for today, there is an exhibition of the art classes from your grade. We’ll go there now all together”, his teacher announced while he packed up his bag. Without responding Sherlock rushed away, following his classmates. He had always hated school. And he had always hated art. He thought of driving insane some day, surrounded by all the incompetence. Every day.
Why should he be wanting to see some pieces of paper his classmates had decorated with their imagination? It was a complete wasting of time for him. Instead of watching those “masterpieces” he rather could had gone behind a school building and smoked a cigarette because he had that feeling of really needing one.
But that was what he conceived BEFORE he saw the exhibition. Before he saw one certain piece of paper.

Sherlock wanted to avoid any kind of socializing with anyone, especially with his teacher, so he walked around the walls with the paintings on and pretended to be interested in what he saw. However, he wasn’t. He saw what was there but didn’t save it in his mind palace. His annoyance grew with every picture he walked by. Sherlock came across the last wall which was surrounded by a crowd grumbling loudly, he couldn’t even see what they were looking at. His classmates were all talking at once and their voices had gotten to one noisy grumbling. This aroused Sherlock’s curiosity and he pushed himself ruthlessly through the crowd to have a look at the wall. He did forget he had had a low opinion of art as he saw a portrait of him hanging on the wall. Although it was only a pencil drawing, it looked so alive and took his breath away. Sherlock couldn’t think anything while he was gazing at himself on a piece of paper.

“Hey freak, that’s you”, someone shouted from behind. Sherlock ignored it expertly. Like always. Mentally he fenced himself off from reality, he muted everyone in his mind.

For the first time in his life Sherlock Holmes got curious about art and interested in someone else except himself. Who had drawn him and why?


The exhibition took place for 2 days and during those two days Sherlock had gone there every break just to look at the drawing over and over again. People started gossiping about him but he didn’t care. He never did.
He had memorized every single line of his own face by only looking at the drawing. He had studied every single shadowed and blurred spot, trying to figure out the creator. But he couldn’t. To do this he must had had to know the drawing style of every single student, so he could compare them and exclude one by one. But he couldn’t. And that drove him insane after gazing two days at the same piece of paper.

Sherlock had asked the art teacher who had drawn him but she didn’t tell him. Everyone in her class wanted to remain anonymous. After telling him this, he angrily rushed out of the building. He really needed a cigarette.

Standing behind the building, smoking the long overdue cigarette, Sherlock got lost in his mind palace again. The smoke of the cigarette made him relax and it was easier to think whilest being drugged. The sound of a sketching pencil took him back to reality. He narrowed his eyebrows and looked for the source of the noise.

That was the moment when he caught sight of you. You sat on a bench, leaning over a sketchbook. While you were sketching, a few straids of your h/c hair fell into your face. Sherlock couldn’t see your face but he knew you. He couldn’t remember your name however he was aware of you sitting in front of him in maths.

You pushed some straids of your h/c hair out of your face which glimmered of the sun shining on your hair.

Sherlock got curious about your name and what you were drawing. Maybe you knew who had drawn him?

He walked right behind you, stepping onto a stick. The sound of it cracking made you wince and you shut your sketchbook close with a loud slam!.

You turned around and stared with your e/c eyes widened right at him. He hadn’t expected to look right into such beautiful eyes. Sherlock hardly tried not to get lost in them and cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you jump”, he apologized honestly. “Oh, it’s okay. I think I just concentrated too much. How can I help you?”, you smiled shyly at him.

“I saw you drawing and I wondered if you have been at this exhibition of the art class?”, he asked. Sherlock had waited for too long now, he really wanted, no, he desired to know who had drawn him and why. “Umm, of course. What’s wrong with it?”, you bit on your lower lip, shirking from his look. “I assume you are aware of what I’d like to know?”, Sherlock stated and sat down next to you, you clearing some space for him to sit on the bench. “You’re talking about the portrait of you, am I right, Sherlock?”, the girl sitting next to him demanded. “You’re totally right.” “What’s wrong with it?”
“I would really like to ascertain the artist.” Sherlock couldn’t stop glancing at you. He scanned you and your appearance. Somehow he wasn’t able to deduce much, only the obvious things of your appearance. Your fingers were covered by some dust of graphite, logically, you were holding a pencil in one hand. He got curious and even interested in you.

“I’m sorry, but I must have forgotten your name. What was it again?”, he suddenly spoke his thoughts out loud. “Y/N”, the girl with those beautiful e/c eyes smiled at him, this time even brighter. “No need to apologize, we have never talked to each other, thus it’s okay.”

“Okay, Y/N”, Sherlock started, building a sentence in his mind, “do you know who drew me? You’re obviously in the arts class, recognizable to the fact that you’re drawing in your free time, so you must know who drew it.” He looked expectantly at you, studying your face.
Why hasn’t he ever talked to you? You obviously weren’t like the others, incompetent, careless, average. And you were actually pretty nice-looking, with your h/c hair, e/c eyes and that handsome smile.

“I- I think the person behind this has his or hers reasons remaining anonymous. Sorry, I won’t tell you”, you told him. He didn’t believe you, you didn’t tell him the truth. At least not the whole truth.

“But, how do you know this person doesn’t want me to know? I simply have some questions, that’s it. I won’t convict anyone although it’s topical for me to do”, Sherlock approached closer to you. He really wanted to know the truth.

“Is it someone of your friends?”, he added quickly, approaching closer. You didn’t move, to his surprise. Usually people did because this is something that made almost every average human-being feel uncomfortable. But you weren’t like the others, he somehow knew that and felt it.

“If you paid enough attention you would know that there are none of my friends in my art class. And in total, I don’t have that many friends”, you whispered, pressing the sketchbook against your chest.

“I haven’t but I’ll change it for the future. Thank you anyways, may I have a look at what you are drawing?”, Sherlock told you honestly. Someone special, not average, like you, he wouldn’t forget. You were obviously thinking about what to answer and weren’t sure whether to show him your sketchbook or not.

While you were thinking, Sherlock took the chance and took it away from your hands, making sure to
do it carefully and gentle and to keep eye contact with you. He could see your pupil grow with nervousness. He had been right, you hadn’t told him the truth.

“Sherlock, no.” It seemed so familiar hearing you say his name although it was your first conversation and interaction. Sherlock ignored your request masterfully. You tried to get it back from his hands, but he grabbed your hand with his to make you stop trying to grab the book, with the other one he held the sketchbook. “I only want to have a look at it, I don’t mean to doubt you for anything. I just got more interested in arts since I saw the drawing of me, that’s all. Calm down”, he said with more emotions in his voice to quiet you down. You gave up and just looked down at your hands, obviously nervous und feeling uncomfortable.

With careful moves he opened the book and the first thing he saw were his own eyes. Sherlock scanned the page, the drawing, his own face. He wasn’t used to see himself, not sketched. The emotionless and not caring boy Sherlock Holmes was flattered. Nobody has ever did something like that for him and it was really hard for him not to smile. “I-I-I am sorry, I should have asked for your permission for drawing you”, you started stuttering, searching helpless for words. Your eyes darted anxiously between him and your sketchbook over and over again, trying to read his face.
His gaze rested on the drawing for a couple of seconds before eying you. With a bit of fear and nervousness in your e/c eyes you first looked at him once you lowered your glimpse to your hands to escape his’.

“Why should you apologize? I have to apologize, I mean, I acted like a selfish asshole, not paying attention to you or your feelings. If I had known you had drawn me, I would have behaved more kind towards you. I am sorry, Y/N”, Sherlock announced and when he said your name you looked up at him. It was the first time he talked right to you. It made your heart beat faster, he had finally had recognized you. The boy you always used to draw.

“I-I ”, you started stuttering again but Sherlock interrupted you: “No Y/N, it’s my turn to talk. I know what you’re going to say. I know you’re going to apologize over and over again. I know you’re feeling trapped, assuming to the fact of your cheeks blushing. But now I am talking so listen carefully. I don’t know you, we have never talked before and you’re a stranger to me. But besides of the fact that we’re total strangers you still have drawn me. I can deduce everyone and read everyone like an open book if I want to but I am not able to read you. So I have to do it the usual way and just ask you - why did you draw me?”, Sherlock talked so fast, you needed a few seconds to understand what he had said. Sherlock’s look laid on you while you swallowed. “There’s no certain reason. I practiced drawing people and somehow your face structure was just perfect to practice with so I started with you and ended up drawing you a lot. I’m so sorry, I feel like a stalker. That must look so freaky to you”, your voice cracked down with every said word when your head ended up buried in your hands. You left out the fact that you had gotten interested in him, what was another reason why you had drawn him and still did so.

“Compared to me it isn’t freaky, it’s just amazing what you are able to do. I can’t even draw a stickman”, he tried to comfort you, “I was actually really flattered by the drawing, really. I just wanted to thank the creator, so thank you. It took my breath away.” Not being sure about his action, Sherlock rested one hand on your back, hoping it wouldn’t bother you and it didn’t. “Really?”, you looked up at him with your e/c eyes. “I’m not lying. Although I’m a sociopath and a freak, I do not lie.” “I don’t think you’re a freak. The others are just envious of your intelligence and skills”, she smiled kindly at him, resting one hand on his knee, now to comfort him. Even Sherlock couldn’t resist and smiled. “You really do think so?” “Yes, I do not lie although I’m a strange girl that drew you without your permission”, she added. “You’re not strange. All those people are just envious of the fact that I’ve been drawn and not them”, his cocky side appeared again but he grinned wide. “Perhaps.”

Sherlock handed you back your sketchbook but you denied it. “Keep it, it’s a present from me. See it as an apologize for not asking for your permission and a memory of the stranger girl who drew you auricularly”, and with those words you stood up, smiled at him for the last time and backed away from him.
“But”, Sherlock stood up rapidly and caught up with you, “you are not a stranger to me, Y/N. And I am not a stranger to you as well, related to my face. And you are aware of the fact that I can deduce you anytime I’d like to but honestly I can’t and don’t want to. Would you mind grabbing some coffee or tea or whatever you want and drawing me again?”, Sherlock cut trough the shit. He stood right in front of you. His words made you blush and you brushed some straids of your h/c hair out of your face. “Y-yes, sure.”
“Okay, I’ll text you. Tomorrow, at my place, I’ll take care of the drinks. What would you like to drink?”, Sherlock fetched out his mobile and tapped on the screen while talking to you without looking at you. “O-okay. A hot chocolate would be nice”, you responded, still taken by surprise. “I expect you at 5 o'clock. The address is 221B Baker Street. Make sure to bring your stuff.” With that he rushed away and left a confused you with a huge smile on your face.

The sound of your phone receiving a message took you back to reality.

I do not suppose you are a freak. -SH”

If it was even possible, your smile grew wider.


i hope you liked it, please let me know if you’d like me to write another imagine :3


Art School | Q&A with Minka Sicklinger (NYC) 

Born in The Netherlands, growing up in Australia, and currently living in New York City, artist and designer Minka Sicklinger’s artwork is filled with iconography, symbolism and cultural influences from her years of traveling and living abroad. We’re not only excited to feature her and some of her mystical drawings, but we’re also excited to have her design a custom skate deck to be raffled off at this year’s Babes Ride Out East Coast event. We got a chance to chat with Minka on various topics – from her travels and early experiences with cultures and art from other countries to how the most challenging part of art at times can be yourself. 

Photographs courtesy of the artists. 

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gizkasparadise  asked:

pre-game: baby Ryder sibs making new C-SEC recruit Garrus's life hell on the citadel.

“Give the case to Vakarian.”

“What? He’s the new kid.”

“Exactly why it should go to him. He can see a little of what it’s like in C-SEC.”

Garrus bit back the sigh. There was no room for sighing in C-SEC. He had a job to do, even if the mounds of paperwork and, frankly, boring ground work he was given might actually be the death of him before he got to see any real action. But this was a position and a job to be proud of.

Something to make his father proud. 

“What case?” Anything right now was better than the paperwork. And if they were just going to talk about handing it over to him, he might as well. 

Jeffers, one of his coworkers with a particular streak of giving him what the office called “bathroom duty”, smirked as he handed over the datapad. “Ryder twins. They can’t seem to get enough of us. The feeling isn’t mutual.”

“Ryder twins?”

“Kids of a scientist and an N7.”

Ryder. Ryder. Garrus knew that name. Friend of his dad’s, if you could call anyone friends of his dad, that was. 

“Bad seeds?”

Maybe this would be the action he was waiting for.

“Troublemakers. You’ll see for yourself. All the information you need is right there.”

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In Defense of Hiyoko Saionji (and others)

I serious, massively despise the way Saionji’s character was treated.

It’s a little-known fact in our fandom that Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu was meant to die during the third chapter, but that plot was scrapped both from a writing perspective in order to avoid making the previous chapter seem like a shaggy dog story, and from the more sympathetic perspective of avoiding Pekoyama’s sacrifice being rendered equally meaningless. I genuinely think this was a tremendous mistake for several other characters at the benefit of only one.

To start, let’s contemplate this revision: these writers, of all writers, were afraid to create the despair of a character arc being cut short? Kodaka, of all people, being afraid of despair? The same Kodaka that was alright with putting Ishimaru through an absolute hell that ultimately led nowhere for him before ending abruptly. And then his answer to this dilemma was to do exactly the same thing to Saionji, only far worse. Let’s not forget that writer sadism plays a major part in just how sadistic the characters in play are allowed to be portrayed: thanks to so little thought being put into her death to the point that no one bothered to look for her murder weapon, the entire Celestia parallel of that chapter is marred by confusion more than despair by making Celes seem ruthless while Tsumiki ends up looking sloppy (I’m sure the laundry list of plot holes with that investigation have been covered enough).

Let’s talk about Ishi for a second: he was basically one of the only people in the original group honestly trying to inject some order into the predicament and keep everyone organized and united, whether they were willing to listen or not. When that sense of responsibility reached a point of him blaming himself for not stopping his best friend in a situation he couldn’t possibly have controlled or predicted, he went near-catatonic with the guilt. Finally, when our protagonist felt bad enough to try and cheer him up using the laptop that seemingly held his last shot at being “forgiven” it only ended up making him an easier target for Celestia to kill (again, she looks so very ruthless under this light, like a proper villain, while Naegi looks so very human and fallible, unlike the messianic figure he’s portrayed as later in the franchise). The real tragedy was that his overbearing nature made it that much harder for the other characters to mourn him because of how poorly they understood the depth of his suffering.

Compare that with Kuzuryuu, who actively tried to spread distrust within the group and failed at it, directly caused two people to die and ultimately grew to be a better person partially through his friendship/comradery with the protagonist. Picture for a second how off-putting it would be to have him die just as he was showing signs of growth, making players long to know what kind of or how much of a good person he could have been. Under these circumstances, he almost becomes a mirror to Ishimaru, much like the majority of the Dangan Ronpa and Super Dangan Ronpa 2 casts play foil to each other’s traits.

Losing this dichotomy, the writers are forced to keep the Chapter 3 parallel going by handing those traits off to Mioda, emphasizing her friendlier nature with her attempts to organize a concert in a need to bring the group closer together. Like Ishimaru before her, she stumbled on her way with all these good intentions in her heart by instead freaking them out with the kind of music she plays, only to be tragically robbed of the chance to at least die the way she would have wanted to (with a completely different personality). While certainly a flattering portrayal for her, it still comes out of left-field because of her spending the last two chapters acting as the loopy comic-relief character more often off in her own world and detached from the severity of the situation: compare her contributions during trials to Ishimaru trying to push the discussion and realize she has more in common with Hagakure up to that point. I’d even argue her final free-time event attempts to play into this unexpected quality of hers by making her one of the only students either trying to help Hinata recover his talent or help him come to terms with himself (which, if I’m being honest, comes off as a little cheesy and unusual coming from the girl that called Imposter Ham Hands or whatever translation you like to use so shortly after his death, almost as if the whole FTE was written in at the last moment). I like her character enough for her to be in my top 3 female students, but I just don’t see a throughline or a foundation for this characterization compared to the rest of her development, and so it comes off as awkward; I want her to be motivated by fixing her own flaws, rather than acting as literally the only student in the series who helps the protagonist at the end of her free-time event path instead of the other way around. There’s more interesting parts for her to play than just tragic savior (because rarely has this series explored the angst of being an unappreciated artist).

So naturally, this shake-up of how character development was getting doled out meant Saionji now had to occupy the same space Kuzuryuu was going to of being the mean character that would die before getting the chance to redeem themselves, except the role made a lot less sense for her because she needed more development up to that point in order to make her loss feel that much more tragic (the way she praises Mioda’s performance felt incredibly forced considering her clear preference for all things traditional). I love to think of what it’d be like to see her looking at the guy who killed her best friend bled to death on a pole and realizing it doesn’t make her feel any better. I cherish the thought of her being forced to see the girl she picked on losing her mind in the courtroom and her being completely terrified at the sight, before finding a certain sense of guilt in wondering if her behavior may have led to all this (and you can probably imagine the epic smack-talk Tsumiki would have given her before her execution). Saionji’s was the redemption arc that could have been something incredible; it felt like it was supposed to be something incredible before getting cut short.

So let’s examine the aftermath of her death and the subsequent redemption arc Kuzuryuu receives in her place. While I know some did appreciate where his character ended up going, to me his development felt like it had stunted after chapter 3, where he either held the position of Hinata’s right-hand man or spoke in mournful tones about Pekoyama (the former a role Souda could have performed easily and the latter I’ll touch upon next). To me, this does little for his character besides revisiting the themes he’s already played through as if Kodaka didn’t know what to do with him past the third chapter, while also doing less than was necessary for Pekoyama.

I honestly thought her send-off was perfect left the way it was: she delved into the darkest aspects of samurai loyalty and ultimately fought with everything she had up until the end to fulfill her duty to protect Kuzuryuu, which made her one of the few characters to truly shatter Monokuma’s point on every philosophical level. He told her she’d feel despair at the end of her life like everyone else he’s executed had and she instead held on tightly to the one hope that her master would be alright, only giving in when her body could no longer last. That is incredibly dignified, and I feel like Kuzuryuu pushing the topic of her death the way he did undid some of that dignity, because I have trouble believing a servile bodyguard who denied her own wants and desires so adamantly is really suitable to act as a guide from beyond the grave; I don’t believe she could yell at him to stop acting like a child the way he said she would have in that final trial. Sometimes it’s best to let a character death lay where you left it.

Compare that to if Saionji had done the same by emphasizing Koizumi’s motherly qualities, and then realize that a girl like her who has plenty of sass to spare and who’s moral foundation held strong enough for her to declare murder wrong even up till the end of her life would have been a great source of guidance; she would yell at Saionji to take responsibility for their actions in the past and to stop being a big baby if Enoshima had pushed her into despair over said past. They could have made Saionji’s dialogue grow subtly less biting over time or even have had her drop vague compliments here and there as she comes to see the rest of the group’s more admirable traits (maybe even coming to begrudgingly admire them or want to change herself in a desire to not be left behind). This is a far more realistic portrayal of how people like her tend to grow: by looking inward and slowly realizing they’ve been a bad person, or seeing the drawbacks of their habits before deciding they don’t want to continue being this way. Bully victims like her who choose to become bullies themselves take years to really change under most circumstances, and that’s a theme that the series has yet to tackle properly. I find that a little sad, and I find how much flatter Koizumi’s character looks by not helping to teach her this lesson even sadder (everyone’s favorite photographer has so many moments of human depth that barely get touched upon, which to me is an absolute crime of character writing).

So to recap: because of Hiyoko Saionji’s death and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu’s survival, we have Tsumiki’s murder case making less sense than it could have along with her chance to publicly tell off her bully taken away, Mioda given traits she was never properly implied to have while ignoring traits she could have had, Pekoyama receiving guardian-like qualities she never displayed in the form the game was implying, Koizumi’s better maternal traits being given less chance to shine than they deserved, and one severely wasted redemption arc. Say what you will about her personality defects, but you can’t deny Saionji was the biggest victim of that re-write.

So to Miss Saionji, I give a toast and a clap. You have a fan in me, little dancer.

the art of falling (6)

“I know art has the ability to make ordinary things seem extraordinary, and I guess that’s part of the fun.” 

“But there are some things that are quite the opposite, something that people have trouble translating into art work, you know? Simply because it’s already an artwork itself.”

Summary: Having stumbled across an art exhibition, she came to admire pieces of art work by Minho. Although she was not aware of this as he had been using a pen name. On a late night during one of her visits, Minho happens to be there too.

Part 5 | Part 7

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol abuse, language and violence.

“What?” Minho caught her staring a little too long once more. In fact, it seemed like it was the only thing she was interested in; observing him with a mildly curious gaze.

“Nothing.” She said quietly, scratching the bridge of her nose as she looked away.

“What is it? You’ve been awfully quiet as well.” Minho made his way around her and searched her face.

“How did you manage to get us in here?” She knew the answer to this, she just couldn’t bring herself to ask him the one thing that clawed her mind ever since she found that drawing in his pocket.

“I have my sources.” He revealed with a soft wink and a proud smile.

Of course you do, she thought.

He brought her to a private viewing at a new gallery downtown. There weren’t that many visitors and judging from its exclusivity she figured that the event must have been invite-only. Clearly Minho was no stranger to the scene, someone with a lot of connections when it came to things like these.  

Knowing her fondness for art and all things related, Minho expected a much more enthusiastic response the second she stepped foot into the gallery. But he sensed that something was bothering her through the silence that she persisted.

Little did he know she had her hand clenched around that piece of paper, hidden in the pocket of her coat, the one she found in his own a few nights before.

“You don’t like any of these?” Minho asked, still bothered by how passive she was being. One of the reasons why he was so eager to bring her here was to hear and see her talk about these new pieces. It was something that he couldn’t just pass by.

“Why would you think that?” She asked in innocent surprise. “These are beautiful.”

“I don’t know, you’d usually have a lot to say.” His voice was quiet as he stared at her intently.

She tipped her head to his side and their eyes locked. The look of curiosity drawn on his face was enough to hint her that Minho had caught on to her indifference.

She sighed inwardly. “Give me your hand.”

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Prompt Drabble #01

I’ve decided to start playing around with some dialogue prompts, and I stumbled across one that fit Squidward to a T. [link] Dedicated to @shirohibiki for helping me develop the confidence to share my writing on tumblr for the first time. There’s absolutely room for improvement, but hey, I need to learn to let go.

Pre-relationship squidbob, rated E10+ for Squidward’s general outlook on life. Includes references to “Hello Bikini Bottom,” an episode that everyone should absolutely watch at least once.

It wasn’t the first and it most likely wouldn’t be the last time Squidward had an existential breakdown regarding his merit as an artist. There was something notable about this particular occurrence, though.

Namely, his two obnoxious neighbors were there.

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The extent of reposting

You’ve been warned

This will be a really long post, and I’ll be addressing one account in particular, but will be referring to multiple accounts along the way. This is just a small, tiny part of the reposting community, and if you’re an artist who wants to protect their art, please continue reading as I will be showing proof that, reposters do not win. This is your art, your creation. Not theirs. 

Let’s say hello to this person:

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on shipping

Contains spoilers for Voltron: Legendary Defender, season 2.

If you don’t want to see them, don’t read, but I’m not putting this under a cut because it’s important. And if you’re going to read what I say, read it all, not just the start, even if you don’t like the beginning.

On shipping (or not shipping) Sheith:

Stop pointing out the brother’s line in S2E08 as a way to gloat about the “death” of a ship.

I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you ship. But I do care about the fact that you’re trying to shove your beliefs and interpretations down everyone’s throats when there are, in fact, still other ways to look at the situation.

I’m going to clarify this with: I do not ship Sheith. I never have, and I probably never will. But I can see why people do, and I understand that part of being a fandom is respecting everyone and their own ships.

Now, that said, let’s move on to discuss why I say this, why I would defend something I can’t ship (gasp, is this tolerance?!) and why I urge you to stop attacking each other and arguing when this is a show that isn’t focused on romance and a show in which there are no current canon pairings, except for Sam and Colleen Holt and subtle hints at Hunk and Shay.

1. Respect how Keith feels.

What do you think I mean by that?

It means that I 100%, wholeheartedly accept that he truly feels that Shiro is his brother. Keith Kogane is not the kind of person that would say something he didn’t mean, and in the moment when he tells Fake-Shiro that he’s like a brother, Keith believes it with all his heart, and it’s hard for him to say.

Respect how he feels.

In that instant, Keith believes that Shiro is like a brother to him, yes. 

But this doesn’t mean it can’t lead to more later.

Keith thinks of Shiro as his brother, but he also seems to have little experience with family that stays, so he’s afraid of being attached because he’s afraid that Shiro will just leave, like his mother and ultimately, like I think his father did. He’s scared to acknowledge how much Shiro really means to him.

So, from a Sheith fan’s perspective, this isn’t the death of the ship. From my perspective, it’s still not the death of a ship. What it is, however, is a tantalizing taste of something more. It’s acknowledgement that, at this point in time, Shiro is the closest person to Keith. And it’s absolutely true. 

It’s how Keith feels in that moment; he’s pure, he’s vulnerable, and he’s afraid of being left alone again.

Respect that he feels this way - this is for antis and fans of the ship alike.

2. Think about the possibilities.

After talking about how Keith feels, you have to consider what comes next.

Some people are blatantly throwing that scene around and declaring it as the end. Celebrating it. And this is what I hate about fandom. This is both an absolutely disgusting display of entitlement and an incredibly rude attitude towards anyone whose views do not align with theirs.

But consider the numerous possibilities.

Consider the slow realization that Shiro means more to him than a brother. The realization that Shiro is his family, but not just because they’re close. Consider Keith coming to terms with the fact that his feelings are more than platonic or familial, and learning to accept the idea of romantic love into his life for the first time.

Consider that.

I don’t care if you’re not a Sheith shipper. Consider it from and outsider’s point of view if you must. Consider how it may have happened in other series or stories you’ve watched or read. Consider just the misinterpretation of brotherly affection, how Keith didn’t realize how much he really loved Shiro until faced with, say, his disappearance?

Do not blame or attack or shame when you haven’t even considered the natural progression, the idea of love, the blossoming of warmth and hope and affection in his chest when he realizes that there’s something more.

Shiro is a brother to him now, but feelings wax and wane and there is nothing stopping a fan creator, whether they are an artist or a writer or a gifmaker, from exploring those varying factors.

3. Remember that a fandom is a community, and hatred divides us all.

I am not stopping you. I am not stopping them. They are not stopping me. So what right do you have to try to stop them?

This ship hate is divisive. It eats away at the fandom from the inside, creating something grotesque and vile, sending tendrils of poison into even the most inconspicuous corners of the fandom.

This needs to stop.

You are not better than anyone here.

I don’t care what you think, but your ships are not better than mine. My ships are not better than yours. Someone who ships your notp is not in the wrong. Your opinions do not trump theirs, and it is wrong on every level to try forcing your ships on people.

Stop gloating.

I don’t care how many “moments” your ship got. Don’t rub it in someone’s face just because you think it directly contradicts their beliefs, or their ship.

If you’re doing this, you are what’s wrong with fandom.

Practice tolerance. Use blacklisting. Try to have civil conversations about why or why not you like what you do, and why they don’t.

Do whatever makes the fandom a comfortable place for you, within reason. This does NOT include making rude comments about other ships, or other people who like them.

4. Discourse.


This fandom has so much of it, it’s sickening. But it happens with every fandom at some point or another, when so many people with differing opinions come into the picture. Especially when we have younger generations, who feel so entitled to their opinions and who were raised to believe that they can say or do whatever they want, mixed in with older generations who have been here since the original, who think they’re schooling the younger kids when they’re only making it worse.

But my remarks on the discourse are simple:


For months, all official sources still said five teens, even after that video fiasco and a few interviews. I choose to believe the official printed sources over things that may have been said in the moment or under duress. Which is why I also do not take the rough ages given by the voice actors recently as fact. 

And I will write them at whichever ages I please, because THIS IS WHAT FANFICTION IS FOR.


I don’t care which ones you ship and which you don’t. You’re free to them, because it’s your decision.

But stop spreading hate to those who don’t ship what you ship.

I ship Shidge. Have you seen me blaspheming and hating on everyone who doesn’t agree? But because of fandom mentality, and the disgusting pack approach of some antis, I haven’t publicized it very much. In fact, I tricked myself into believing that I shipped Klance more because of how much hatred I had seen.

Someone shouldn’t be afraid to tell someone about a ship they like, or to admit that they don’t like a ship.

Stop making this an environment where people feel safer to keep their ships to themselves. 

Stop the hate. 

Stop the fighting. 

Stop trying to shove your beliefs and ships into everyone’s faces.


This is our fandom.

We are all trying to show our love for the series in our own ways.


We may not always agree, we may not see eye to eye, but the key to progress is patience and tolerance and above all, the ability to see that there really is a person behind the profile you’re attacking. 

They have feelings. They have beliefs. They have a story that you know nothing about. And all of these make up who they are and how they view the world. 

They’re going to be different from you. Everyone is. 

In order to become a better person, a better member of fandom society as a whole, you have to be able to see that

And a final note: Don’t make Space Dad sad. Wherever he is, he would want us all to get along.

@heckyeahharrisco  for the Harrisco Fest 2017  

Prompt: 19th Century AU  

Note: This is more pre-relationship, but I was already well over the word limit. 

Harrisco 19th century au 

“It’s nothing untoward,” Barry repeated with a heavy sigh. “I wouldn’t ask you if I thought anything would befall you.”

Cisco frowned and stared down into his pint resentfully. He should’ve known when Barry offered to pay for a round that it was going to end badly. But his pockets were empty as his stomach since he’d lost his position with Thawne and Thawne.  It was impossible to get a reference when your former employer was presumed dead.    

“Why doesn’t he hire someone from the Row if he’s in such need? Isn’t that what artists usually do?”

“He’s done that,” Barry shrugged. “But he wants to paint someone who knows how to handle scientific instruments. I don’t ask why. I just provide.”

“I hope you know how horrifying that sounds,” he tapped a finger against the edge of his glass. “How much is it again?”

“Ten dollars for the day.”

It was more than his old weekly salary.  And his room at the boarding house wasn’t much, but it needed paying for.

“All right, I’ll do it.”

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In defence of “difficult” commissioners.

So here is the thing: I don’t think many artists are being professional on how they manage their costumers.

I’m writing this from the perspective of an artist, but also from the perspective as a consumer, someone who commissions other artists to create artwork for myself.

It is no secret that I have a huge pet peeve on people who doesn’t behave professionally. But I’m putting that behind, for I don’t intend to expect everyone to behave under the principles I behave.

What I’m talking about is something that I wouldn’t even call professionalism, I think I’m actually talking about basic manners.

The problem is, that I’ve seen a lot of artists call out their commissioners publicly. Not only that but also being arrogant and sassy towards people who is interested in their artwork. Ill write down some examples, of things I’ve read but I wont source, because come on I don’t want to call out artists for being rude.

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anonymous asked:

do you have any tips/sources on how to work through your internalised homophobia? I'm struggling with that at the moment and I don't know what to do :(

theOkay, so I’m really struggling to come up with any good advice / strategies of my own except

  • look for same gender/wlw/mlm positivity and submerge yourself in it. literally. follow a ton of wlw/mlm positivity blogs. reblog their stuff. save it on your phone. make it your lock screen and background! listen to music about how good it is to be gay. put something rainbow-y in your room.
  • embrace same gender relationships in fiction! seek them out actively and when you find them, celebrate them. some shows and movies that i can think of off the top of my head that have same gender couples in them: supergirl, grey’s anatomy, eyewitness, class, the fosters, carol, moonlight, the handmaiden, the get down, skam, glee, how to get away with murder
  • talk to other lgbpq people (including online!) about your experiences with internalised homophobia
  • find out if there’s a lgbt club/bar/event in your town and go there. party and celebrate lgbt people! who knows, maybe something interesting will happen ;)
  • find same gender porn that you like (maybe start with pwp fanfic if visual porn isn’t your thing) to normalize same gender sex for yourself and get rid of the homophobic attitude that it’s weird or gross

but I found a couple of things that might be more helpful than that online:

Read more about internalized homophobia. While this topic has less written about it than say, coming out, there is still a lot of information out there, especially moving personal accounts.

Community – building a support network is absolutely essential. The compassion of other LGBQ people and straight allies can be tremendously healing. Others who are at a different stage in the process can often offer valuable insight and solidarity.

Learn about the history of the LGBTQ rights movement.  Find role models in the struggle. See all of the different identities and human beings it took to effect progress towards equality and justice.

Find an LGBTQ positive therapist, counselor or psychologist who can guide you through the reparative process.

Get away from toxic influences. This one can often be the most difficult. Typically, toxic influences include major players in our lives, such as family, religion, and friends.

If your religion is not accepting, consider leaving the church even for a time, or find a new church. If you refuse to leave, educate yourself. Refine your arguments. Learn about whether or not your religion truly teaches the immorality of gays, or if it is the interpretation of your religious leader. However, if your religious doctrine is perpetually in conflict with your identity, you may find the commitment more damaging than rewarding.

Clarify your perspectives by talking to friends and allies. Heterosexism and fear can skew our idea of the threats we truly face. For example, a person with an open-minded family, LGBTQ friends and enlightened teachers might still be overcome by crippling fear and internalized homophobia. Work to determine where you stand.

Practice self-awareness. Be aware of your negative reactions, critical self-talk and judgment of other. Each time you do it, examine the source.

If you can do it safely, come out of the closet. While it has potential to be painful, and most certainly will be repetitive and exhausting, this step can be immensely rewarding.

Try to overcome your fear of rejection.

Remember that internalized homophobia is not coming from inside of you. You are not sick, and you don’t need to be cured. It was forced upon you, in a suffocating and violent way by a homophobic society. If you have been accused of having it, or if you wonder about yourself, don’t feel guilty or shameful, just take the steps, one by one, to free yourself of this weight that keeps us all down.

from this

and this

1. Find gay friends with whom you identify. 2. It takes a while: keep looking until you find them. 3. Don’t expect your parents to “get it”, but don’t tolerate rudeness or disrespect. 4. Only date kind men. 5. Allow yourself the freedom to view all your fantasies in porn. 6. Take a sociology class and learn about the arbitrary, made up rules that different societies create about what is okay, and why. 7. Type in “love yourself workshop” on a search engine and see what comes up. 8. Care deeply about what it was like for you as a gay kid in high school. 9. Say “I love you” to yourself even though it feels ridiculous. 10. Do something that feels “too feminine,” maybe in private. 11. Avoid “friends” who put you down. 12. If you are religious, join a church that knows that gay really is good. 13. Practice coming out to friendly strangers and work your way up to telling the important people in your life. 14. Notice when you are trying to be perfect and remember: it’s futile. 15. Take small interpersonal risks every week, such as revealing something that feels slightly vulnerable. 16. Read Randy Shilts’ The Mayor of Castro Street. 17. Read Alan Down’s The Velvet Rage. 18. If you are new-agey, read Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. 19. Raise your political consciousness at a gay fund raising event. 20. Love some of your most judgmental family members from afar, rather than in person. 21. Never underestimate the power of childhood exposure to homophobia: it’s damaging, and repair will take your full effort. 22. Commit to making self-nurturing a new lifetime habit. 23. Work with a gay-friendly therapist or coach. 24. View a mean homophobe with sadness, imagining how truly scared and insecure he is on the inside. 25. Join a gay artistic, athletic, political, community service or support group. 26. Get angry about injustice: righteous anger builds self-esteem. 27. Treat other gay people especially well. 28. Be a witness to your thoughts. By detaching, you’ll notice your illogical, self-critical judgments. 29. If you live in a very conservative area, do something on this list at least once per day because you need extra support. 30. Create your own list of things you can do. Then do them.

by the gay therapy centre

and even this wikihow article!

I hope any of this helps, nonny!