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Lonely Hearts Club // Park Jimin


the prompt: no one thought the obvious hufflepuff jimin would be sorted into slytherin. because of this, many people turned their back on him out of fear. you, a ravenclaw, aren’t afraid of him. in fact, you’re only annoyed by him. but what if the slytherin is only annoying because he doesn’t know how to portray his true feelings?

words: 5315

category: hogwart!au

author note: I’ve been writing this one on and off ever since namjoon sorted the members at that fansign and i finally finished it!! pls enjoy!

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The Asshole Jock

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Characters: Y/n, Dean, OC Sarah


Warnings: Fluff, cocky ass Dean, clashing between Dean and Y/n, teasing, flirting, fluff, angst, sorta kinda sadness and heartbreak, fluff, more fluff, Dean being a sweetheart and even more fluff to end it all off.

Word count: 4100

Summary: Of course your teacher would make you work with Dean Winchester. Why wouldn’t she put you with the asshole jock?

A/N: Ok, so, requested fic from @ariannnawinchester -High school au, pretty pls ? I’m such a sucker for badboy/jock Dean and he ruffles the feathers of a goodie two shoes reader. Clichè, I know. But you’d write it so good! And then all the fluff! Pls and thank you? With a dozen cherries on top! So I don’t know if u wanted like a quiet ass reader, but I made my reader kinda sassy and a lot of back and forth with Dean. Also, sorry it took so long!! Hope u like it!!

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“Hey, y/n”.

You looked past the door, Dean Winchester leaning against the lockers, a smirk on his face.


“Wanna come back to my place? You teach me about algebra. You plus me equals S-E-X?”

You rolled your eyes, slamming the locker shut.

“Screw you, Winchester!” you yelled over your shoulder, shaking your head as he let out a raucous laugh.

“Immature asshole”.

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Day with Dad - reidxreader

Anon requested: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Spencer have a six year old daughter and the reader is sick so Spencer spends the day with his daughter?

ok this is such a cute request I love it.

I’ve read one shots where the daughter’s name is Harper as in Harper Lee the author so I used that in this story, i can’t for the fucking life of me remember who’s fic it was so if anyone knows who i’m referring to pls tell me. i’m gonna try to figure it out so i can give them credit for the name but right now my mind is blank. i think it was @dontshootmespence but i can’t be sure??? gaaaahhhhh anyway enjoy this i hope u like it!

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Due to your tossing and turning all night you hadn’t slept very well. Thankfully, your husband had a flexible work day today and you had off. 

At 9 am — possibly the latest your six year old daughter ever slept in — you opened your eyes and began to say good morning to Spencer, but your throat was so sore that it hurt.

He furrowed his eyebrows. He lifted the back of his hand to your forehead and commented, “You’re warm. How are you feeling, do you think you might be sick?”

“I didn’t sleep much last night,” you admitted weakly. “I’m probably sick. My throat hurts, I have a headache, and I’m hot and cold at the same time.”

He pouted. “I’m sorry, love. I’m going to spend the day with Harper so you can get some rest.” Spencer gave you medicine and everything else you’d need, kissed your forehead, and closed the bedroom door behind him after getting ready for the day ahead of him.

Harper, your six year old daughter, was sitting on her bed trying to tie her shoes when Spencer walked in. She had impressively gotten dressed without being asked. Harper huffed and looked up at her dad with a defeated expression.

“Do you want to come into work with daddy today?” Spencer asked. He crouched down next to the pink bed and tied her shoes as her mood changed and she squealed with excitement.

“Is aunt JJ gonna be there?” she asked. Spencer smiled, “Of course!”

Harper jumped off of the bed and stood in front of the mirror. Spencer followed, then brushed through her hair and braided it. He’d like to think he’s gotten pretty good at that.

“Where’s mommy?” she asked. Spencer picked the small girl up to bring her to the kitchen for some breakfast.

“Mommy’s sick today, but she’s going to be okay. We can go give her a kiss before we leave.” he replied. Harper seemed satisfied with that answer, she nodded and sat down to eat her cereal as Spencer made himself coffee and her, chocolate milk.

After breakfast, Spencer carried his bag on one arm and Harper in the other to your bedroom. You were finally sleeping.

Spencer held a finger to his lips to tell Harper not to say anything. She kissed your cheek and whispered, “Bye mommy,” and Spencer kissed your forehead and said, “Bye, Y/N.”

And with that, Spencer drove to the BAU with Harper singing along to the radio in the back seat. He didn’t particularly like this kind of music but she did, so he’d keep it on.

“Hey, Hotch,” Spencer said into the phone. “Y/N is sick today and can’t watch Harper, so can I bring her in with me for a little while? I won’t be there long today anyway.” He secretly prayed that he’d say yes, because if not he was kind of screwed here.

On the other end of the line, Hotch smiled. Harper was so sweet, and after the case the team had dealt with last week, they needed a distraction. “Yeah, Reid, that’s fine.” They hung up.

Spencer parked in his spot, holding his daughter’s hand as they walked into the building and then into the elevator. (He let her press the buttons, she seemed to like that.)

They walked off the lift. Harper immediately let go of her dad’s hand to run over to JJ.

“What in the world are you doing here?” JJ asked excitedly. She picked her up and hugged her.

“Mama’s sick, so daddy brought me here.”

JJ nodded. “So, have you had a good day so far with your dad?”

Harper nodded. “Yeah! He said we’re going to go to the park later.”

“Well, that’s exciting,” Derek commented as he walked towards them. 

“Uncle Derek!” Harper exclaimed. He picked her up and she had a huge smile on her face. Spencer was almost afraid the poor girl would explode, this was so much excitement in so little time. 

Penelope came out of her office. She immediately squealed when she saw Harper. She asked her who did her hair, and Harper proudly told her that her daddy did it. Everyone seemed impressed by this. “What?” Spencer asked, chuckling, “You think I have a six year old daughter and don’t know how to do her hair?”

As Harper happily talked and played with Spencer’s team, he smiled gently at how wonderful she was. She was just like you. 

Harper was sweet and caring, she was considerate and beautiful, she was fun and positive. All of which she got from you. On the other hand, she was thoughtful and questioning, and cute and persistent, much like himself. She had his brown eyes which you loved, because every time you looked at her there was a reminder of the beautiful life you’d created with Spencer.

After a little while, everyone was sad that they had to get back to work. Spencer set his daughter up next to him at his desk with some paper and crayons he’d found in his drawers, because she loved to draw and that’d keep her occupied.

It had been about 15 minutes. “Daddy,” she said, moving to sit in his lap, “I drew this for you.”

He smiled proudly at the small picture she’d colored in. It was clearly supposed to be of your family, with you and Spencer on the sides and Harper in the middle holding both of your hands. “This is so good, sweetheart. Can I keep it here?”

She smiled. “Yeah! Put it there.” She placed it in front of an actual photo he had of her in a frame. He laughed at his daughter.

After Harper gave everyone on the floor a hug, and I mean everyone, she and her dad left. They went to the park, and then to lunch, and then back home to check on her mommy and watch a movie in the living room.

Harper ran straight to your bedroom after walking through the front door. You were awake this time, and pulled her into bed next to you.

“Are you still sick, mama?” 

Truthfully, you still weren’t feeling your best but you didn’t feel very sick anymore. The medicine proved to be effective and sleep was very helpful.

“Not anymore, baby. How was your day with daddy?” You asked. You smoothed her hair back while she cuddled into your side.

“Great!” She said, then proceeded to tell you every detail of her day. Spencer walked in and laid next to her.

For about an hour, the three of you laid under the covers of your bed and watched whatever show Harper decided she wanted to see. You loved your little family, with an adorable daughter and a perfect husband. 



Request: Requested by @neverabandonthejeep: One shot pls :) where some other guy at school is trying to hit on you and stiles gets really mad and picks a fight with them even though he knows he’s gonna lose thanks 😘.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader.

Warnings: Violence, language, and mentions of blood (not too graphic though).

Fandom: Teen Wolf.

A/N: Sorry this took me so long to post and forgive if it’s bad, I had a serious writer block till now. Also I changed the request a little bit, hope you don’t mind.

(Not my gif, credit to its owner).

The lacrosse team dressing room was packed. There were boys showering, others changing to head out of the school and others were talking about who knows what.

Stiles and Scott were discussing quietly some supernatural issues while gathering their things to finally go home. Everything was fine until Andrew Jones, one of the team Golden Boys and full-time jerk entered the room.

“Damn it, how can someone with just their presence bother everyone’s existence,” Stiles grunted at the sight of Andrew laughing with his gang of brainless friends. Scott turned his head a little to catch what his friend was observing.

“I don’t know why you hate him so much, I mean yeah, he’s a complete idiot but apart from that, he has never done something bad to you,” Stiles let out a fake chuckle to put on a serious face after. “You, my friend are too good to see that he is a complete asshole with a ridiculous personality, and don’t for-” Scott’s laugh interrupted his best friend rambling. To say the Stilinski boy didn’t like Andrew was an understatement, but this whole exposition of reasons just lead to one main argument: Jones had a thing for you, Stiles girlfriend.

“Are you sure, this has nothing to be with the fact that Andrew likes (Y/N)?”

“Maaaybeee, but after all he’s insufferable,” The two mates felt silent as they stared at the boy in question getting closer to them with his group of friends.

“Look what we have here, the athlete and his loser best friend,” Andrew commented earning a killer glare from Stiles and an eye roll from Scott.

“What do you want, Jones?” Stiles fumed, he honestly didn’t have time for this or anything that involved Andrew Jones.

“Nothing, really. Annoying you just gives me satisfaction,” Scott scoffed, this asshole was being beyond ridiculous and yes, he understood why his best friend hated him.

“Oh yeah? You know what causes me satisfaction? Not facing jerks like you who can’t even understand a proper phrase” And with that Stiles turned around to leave, followed by Scott.

“Alright Stilinski, leave but please say hi to (Y/N) for me and don’t forget to mention that I wish I could see that body of hers,” Oh no, that went way too far. Nobody made that kind of comments about you, not if he was there. His body shifted so now he could face the jerk in front of him.

“What did you say little fucker?” Stiles voice came out low and threatening and his eyes were blind by the anger. The smirk Andrew had just got bigger at this reaction.

“I said, that I wish to see your girl in all her magnificence,” That was it. Stiles curled his hands into fists and punched Andrew with a strength he didn’t even know he had. The boy fell from the force, and everyone looked at Stiles amazed; usually he would attack someone verbally, he never punched and kicked his way out of situations, but this time something really took him to the limit.

“Son of a bitch!” Andrew shouted; now the big bad guy was angry. This wasn’t going to end well. Rapidly recomposing himself from the blow, he pushed Stiles making him fall and started to punch him repeatedly. The blood was starting to drip from Stiles‘ nose and he was sure that his face would be dark purple in certain places.

“What the hell is happening here?” Someone gasped, all the boys in the room getting out of their daze to see a feminine figure standing shocked at the view of the other two guys wrestling on the floor.

“Scott! Do something!” You shouted, was he really watching his friend being beaten and doing nothing to stop it?

“Shit! Right,” The werewolf used his muscles to throw Andrew to the other side of the room, probably leaving him unconscious, and his group of friends flew off after witnessing Scott’s strength.

“My gosh, Stiles!” The boy tried to sit straight but his body was in pain, you rushed to his side and helped him. There were bruises starting to form in his beautiful skin and his nose was bleeding, that sure hurt.

“I’m fine (Y/N). It’s alright,” The comment didn’t make things better, this situation was not fine at all.

“No, it’s not alright you dumbass. What were you thinking? I mean look at you!” You stressed. He stared at your face that even with a frown of worry looked beautiful. By now, Scott was helping you to put him on his feet so you could go to the infirmary.

“(Y/N). Love. Calm down, please. It doesn’t hurt because it was for a good reason” Stiles half smiled at you, but hell, you were angry at him for getting himself in this situations.

“And what was that good reason?” You asked, scanning his features.

“I was defending you. He was saying bad things about you. And I-” He was interrupted by the feeling of your hand on his sore cheek.

“Look Stilinski, I love that you wanted to stand up for me, but a bump fight isn’t the solution,” And it was true, you’d rather being called things that watching him get severely hurt.

“She’s right man” Scott agreed with you. Stiles smiled lightly, knowing you cared deeply about him.

“Okay, Okay. Now, you two fools take me to the infirmary. This hurts like hell” You and his werewolf friend laughed at his sass.

“Alright, princess” You responded jokingly.

Moment of Peace

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader
Prompt: Frank does his ‘job’, and you watch Max for him. A simple relationship that means more than meets the eye.
Word Count: 736 Words
Warning: Mention of blood/violence, lil angst (not really), fluff, a singular curse
A/N: I just finished both seasons of Daredevil and I love Matt and Frank???? Sm??? So instead of working on my request, I wrote this quick lil thing. Enjoy!! (pls give feedback, i’m desperate)
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((gif not mine, credit to owner)) side note: that lil pout owns my ass

                Frank isn’t sure if he should be surprised, or laugh when he enters you apartment to see you sitting on your couch, typing away. Max was lying beside you, his head rested on your thigh and you both were oblivious to Frank’s presence. That was until Frank stuffed his keys, along with the spare one you gave him into his pocket. You’d given him a spare key when he was worried about waking you up in the night, but he soon found out you were quite nocturnal like him. Max’s ears perked up at the sound, and he jumped off the couch, bringing you out of your haze. You glanced over to Frank, who was kneeling down, petting his over excited dog. You had been watching Max in the evenings, while Frank was out doing his ‘nightly activities’. Although, today you had watched Max for most of the day. Frank had dropped him off around eight a.m., and then was out for the rest of the day, doing god knows what to who.

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Zootopian Holiday: Spicy Nick Appreciation Day

Founded by yours truly, Spicy Nick Day is a Zootopian holiday dedicated to officially appreciating our beloved Nick Wilde in his upmost sexiest form, because we love him this way! ;) Artists from all across the fandom collectively post an artwork, their ‘contribution’, be they separate or in a thread (which personally I like to call the Spice Parade ^^’) or both :) We celebrate by taking part in the art trend or by simply reblogging and commenting on the works we see, so in a way we are praising the artists along with the fox! :D This is a fun day for all Zootopians great and small who adore and lust after Nick and his naturally sultry nature~ again, bc it’s fun!
Here are the Rules and Regulations:
1. Spicy Nick Appreciation Day takes place on the 14th of every month in honor of Jason Bateman’s birthday (if you don’t know who he is… *sniff* boi -_-) Credit to the date goes to @boneboy679 aka @wildehopps679 /he thought of it first/ A month gives us artists time to develop a fantastic piece without too much pressure and the audience won’t get tired of the craze (not that we can never get enough of this hawt fox anyway mmm *I hope I worded that right*)
2. With that said, to truly be a part of this, you must post your contribution between the hours of 12:00am to 11:59pm on the 14th day! Sort of a given but eh, just wanna be clear. 
3. Spicy Nick Day is everyday! :D Disclaimer: This holiday does not limit you to posting spicy fanart solely on the 14th of every month. If you wanna post before or after, then be my guest! Post some spice every day for all I care! I understand some blogs are dedicated to a daily dose of sin 😈 The 14ths are just the 'official’ appreciation days when we all come together and overdose on spice-tastic artwork. It’s the same as being a year-round prankster, but upping your game on April Fools Day y'know 😋 I’m not in charge of telling someone what they can post and when, but maaaybe save the best for the holiday?? Or whatevs 
4. You are not limited to only the character, Nick, either! If you want, make a “Lewdie Judy” (credit for that name goes to @cimar-of-turalis-wildehopps ) if you’d like to give Hopps some appreciation too, then go ahead! If drawing Nick isn’t your forte then just do our lovely bun; or even pair her up with Nick y'know. After all that’s what I did! We do luuuve our WildeHopps ;)
5. [Probably the most important rule] It is absolutely mandatory that every contribution and/or reblog is tagged #Zootopia just like any other Zootopia related post! We all know this. It’s non-negotiable. If you forget, fix it! Help us get back to the top! You are however given the choice of additional tags. These include, but are not limited to: #Spicy Nick Appreciation Day #Spicy Nick Day #Zootopia Holiday #Spicy Nick #Nick Wilde #NSFW sorta #WildeHopps etc. etc. etc. 
6. AUs are invited! (as long as they spicy ;) Always strive for originality, but if you have a great au-related idea in mind then have at it! 
7. The amount of spice in your contribution is both unlimited…and limited. In all honesty this is supposed to be fun and not intentionally an 'overly erotic’ day, rather simply a 'spicy’ day y'know. But if NSFW is your goal then I guess I can’t stop ya *shrug* However please remember some people are sensitive to too much risqué themes and I recommend maaaybe dialing it down. Don’t make it weird for anyone. We’re supposed to enjoy the day as much as possible and not regret it in the end ^^’
8. On that note, characters do not have to be completely naked! Dress Nick in the Playboy bunny outfit for all I care! xD Or if Nick completely clothed but dawning a suggestive smirk/pose is more comfortable for you, then do that. 
9. Collaborations are totally welcomed! As long as you all can work together and get it done in time then collabs would be a blast!
10. Go big! I’ve usually posted a series of drawings rather than one so try that too. Just don’t run out of inspiration ^^’
11. This is not a competition! It’s a celebration! Do not put anyone down! Leave us artists some kudos yo :D
12. You do not have to participate if you don’t want to! Observation of Spicy Nick Day is totally up to you. No one is required to celebrate it. Whether you’re, say, an artist who can’t whip up a contribution in time due to whatever circumstance, if reblogging other ppl’s work is more your speed, or if this just isn’t your 'thing’ for whatever reason, it’s totally okay to ignore the craze. 
13. You don’t have to be an artist to participate! Take that in any way you like and be creative in whatever you choose to do ^^
14. Super Important Reminder!! The characters Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are well respected characters! We all know this. I mean c'mon guys, we love them! Sure this is a fan-made holiday for spicing them up, but try not to go overboard please. Don’t totally ruin these two. Let me say that one more time, don’t ruin them pls! Just keep that in mind. But HAVE FUN! :D /I hope this covers everything/

anonymous asked:

Hiya if u r taking prompts can u pls consider "our grandfathers were mortal enemies during high school and they found out we go to the same school and keep trying to get us to sabotage each other and you’re super into it but like… i kind of have a huge crush on you so i’m having a hard time??” au. It's fine if u don't want to. Thank u. Ur writing is lovely btw.

“—Your international relations papers are in on Friday, and I swear if any of you email me with lame excuses,” Finstock pauses, runs a finger across his throat, “There will be consequences. It’s the first day back, Greenberg, there’s no reason any of you can have for not having done the appropriate research over the summer. You’ve had two months to prepare for this. I mean it, essays in, or there will be no detention too long for you. Now, get out of here.”

Derek squirms as much as he can in his seat, feels his hands begin to sweat, looks up at the ceiling cursing Stiles Stilinski’s name.

“Hale!” Finstock stalks over to him, “I dismissed your class; do you find yourself to be of so much importance you can ignore direct instructions from your teachers?”

“No, sir.”

“Then why are you continuing to sit here?” Finstock rests his hands on Derek’s desk, leans in to glare at him, “I know being seniors leads you all to believe you’re already god’s gift to society, but newsflash, kid, you’re eighteen years old; you’ve barely started growing facial hair—”

“Actually, Coach—”

“Outside of making my life extremely,” Finstock leans closer, coffee stale breath making Derek wince, “Extremely difficult, have you ever even had a real job?”

“No, sir, but—”

“Then what is it you’re still doing, here—defying my direct order—if it isn’t because you’ve gone out and made a start at being useful to society by giving back, paying taxes, working, for a living and looking to confess it to me? That you’re finally letting me have some peace without you in my classes?”

Derek scowls up at him, “I can’t move, sir.”

Finstock pauses, gives him a once over, “What.”

“I’m…” Derek grits his teeth, “My pants are stuck to the chair.”

Finstock squints, gives Derek a look like he’s going to start pulling his hair out, or maybe Derek’s hair, fifty fifty.

“Are you messing with me, Hale? After everything you and Stilinski put me through last year, after the damn bird incident; the water balloons.”

“Coach, I swear, it’s not me, it was—”

Finstock grabs Derek’s shoulders and attempts to yank him upwards. Derek lets out a yell when his knees bash the desk, unable to go anywhere but directly into the damn thing. The chair legs jam into the desk behind him, there’s an uncomfortable scramble as Finstock struggles to take Derek and the desk/chair combination’s weight. It’s one of those moments Derek would love to have on tape to prove it actually happened. It’s mortifying. He suspects it’s exactly what Stiles was going for.

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Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU 

Part II of here

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: Swearing, OOC(out of character)

Summary: Peter, being part of the typical high school bad boy squad, has made it his dear desire to get to you, the good girl. The Virgin Mary his group called you. The only girl in school who was pure and innocent. But Peter, also known around as “Pan”, made it his own mission to change that.

You exited the cafeteria, still a little steamed from the confrontation between you and Peter. You refused to call him Pan, for you thought that it was just a stupid nickname.  The bell rang, thankfully, you can finally start your day so it can end quickly.

Heading to your first period, you heard cat calls from behind you. Groaning audibly, the speed of your walking picked up, but so did theirs. One of them jogged up to you, placing their hands on your waist, holding you in that spot.

“Heyy, Mary. Tryna run away from us yet again, I see.” You cringed as you recognized the voice. Thomas. You elbowed him in the stomach, making him topple over in pain, as he let out a low groan. 

“Don’t put your filthy hands on me!” You glared, looking back at the rest of them, making eye contact with a certain Brit, his smirk proud on his face, but his jaw seemed to be clenched…as if he was irritated by something. 

Ignoring it, you head into the classroom, while Thomas regained his breathing and stood up straight again.

“Damn…she’s got a good arm-OW!” Thomas yelped, as a hand smacked the back of his head. He looked behind him, Felix and Newt were quick to point at Pan. “What’d you hit me for, man?!”

“Keep your hands off her, I told you she was mine.” Pan growled, teeth gritting in anger.

Thomas’s hands flew up in surrender, never seeing his friend so mad before. Pan shoved passed him, walking into the classroom as well, leaving behind his friends to stare at him in confusion. 

“Alright, class. Take your seats, open your textbooks to page 395.” The teacher, Mr. Holmes, announced to the class. 

You sat in the middle of the class, setting your things down. Then, Felix sat on your right, Newt on your left, Thomas in front of you, and what do you know. Peter sat behind you, resting his feet on the back of your chair.

Sighing heavily, the box of boys around you smirking. Not giving them the satisfaction, you opened up your textbook to the right page, and began to read. 

“Okay, so you may all know that Criminal Justice is no laughing matter, but it shouldn’t be used as a boring subject. So, for a little fun, I have conjured up a little scavenger hunt, and courtesy of our new student joining our class this week, Y/n L/n,” Peter whistled flirtatiously now that he knows your name, making the class snicker and you roll your eyes. “You will be partnered up, and I have already picked them, and shall read them from this list.” 

The class groaned at the news, as Mr. Holmes grabbed his list and started reading from it. “Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater. Issac Newton and Candace Flynn. Peter Kay and Y/n L/n-”

“Wait, what?” You froze, looking up at your teacher in shock. “You’ve got to be kidding, right? I-I can’t work with-”

“Oh, but he insisted, since he’s been in this class longer than you have, and doing very well, so I think he’s an asset as your partner. The winner of the scavenger hunt get’s 10 extra credit points on the next assignment we have. Are you sure you want to switch partners?” He raised an eyebrow.

You turned and looked back at Peter, seeing him wink at you, wearing that cocky smirk he loved to use so much. Closing your eyes for a moment, you responded. “No, sir.” 

“Good. Moving on. Elsa Arendale and Jack Frost…”

As he continues the list, you heard Peter’s chair creak, meaning that he was leaning forward. He was now close enough to where you could feel his breath on the back of your neck. 

“Looks like we’ll get to know each other after all, Y/n. L/n.”

Hi Shy

Request: Hi! Can you pls do a shy!Virgin reader who is oblivious to how men look at her, but she’s also insecure and the Winchesters take it slow and guide her through intercourse and make it all fluffy? Thank you!! xx Btw i love your blog :) – @sammi-sigh

Pairings:  Dean x Reader x Sam

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 2829

So fluffy! 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“You know what? I don’t know why (y/n)’s here.” Dean complained for the nth time, pacing around the motel room. “For fuck’s sake! I am right here!” You screamed at him. He looked at you and gave another exasperated sigh. Sam sighed. “Because we can’t leave her somewhere too!” He reasoned. “We could’ve at least left her with Bobby!” Dean said. You screamed at them again. They both gave you a bitch face. You gave up and huffed. With a stomp of your foot, you went out of the motel.

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The Sakamaki, Mukami react to their S/o finding their porn

Mia: pls give credit to @ask-ayato-sama she is really good with scenario ^_^


You decided to tidy up Shu room since he was busy with something. As you was cleaning his room you notice a yellow box and without thinking you open the box and saw porn magazines and picture of naked women. You felt mad that Shu have porn

“What are you doing?” You turn and saw Shu with a blank face and he look at what your holding before smirking and he took out of something from his pocket before showing to you. It was a picture of you….. naked…

“Such a lewd women” he walk over to you and whisper in your ear

“Let take more picture~”

Reiji pov

You was helping Reiji with a chemistry project and Reiji ask you to go get something in his room. You went into his room and try to look for the item he ask until you check under his bed and notice a medium size black box. You knew that Reiji keep secret and you wanted to know what is his secret. You open the box and saw… lot of porn magazines….. before you could do anything Reiji appear next to you and grab the box from your hand

“Who told you that you can open it?”

“Why do you have porn magazines Reiji?” His face turn red and he look away

“T-this is for experiment I was planning to burned these magazines”

“So you brought them?”

“No I got this from a student” he grab your hand before dragging you to his experiment room to get rid of evidence


You was walking toward Ayato room when Ayato bump into you. You two both fell to the ground

“Oi watch where you going Chichinashi!?” You look at the ground and notice porn magazines around you. You must have knock the magazines out of his hand on accident

“Hey Ayato what with the porn magazines?” Ayato face turn red before gathering up the magazines

“These our Laito not mine!” Ayato disappear and you shrug before going back to your room


You never though Kanato would have porn magazines of women naked… You was in his room cleaning up the toys when you check the drawer and saw dirty magazines.

“What are you doing?” Kanato look at you and porn magazines before grabbing them from your hand

“WHO TOLD YOU TO LOOK AT MY STUFF!?” Kanato push you on the ground and stare at you with a smile

“Maybe [Name]-chan want to be punish”

Laito- you should know that Laito watch porn and he would show you porn


You decided to take a walk around the mansion when you passed by Subaru room you hearing moaning? You snuck in Subaru room and saw him watching porn……… Subaru turn and look at you his face turn red

“L-laito is making me watch this!” That was definitely a lie. Subaru stood up and push you against a wall

“You should of stay out of my room” Subaru bit your neck after he say that


Ruki eyes twitch as he saw you holding up his porn magazine. Ruki snatch the magazine from you

“Don’t touch my things livestock” Ruki walk away and headed toward the fire place to burned the evidence


You stare at the women in magazine who was naked but wearing cat ear while Kou watch you.

“Ummm” Kou smile wide before taking the magazine from you

“M neko-chan is naughty to be looking at something like that~” Kou pin you to the floor

“Let play M neko-chan~”


You was in Yuma room messing around when you saw a magazine sitting on top of his shelf. You grab it and saw lot of naked women

“Oi sow I made some salad with our vegetable I grew” Yuma notice you with magazine and he drop his plate before snatching the magazine out of your hand. His face was red and he threw the magazine in garbage

“Oi d-don’t go through people things”

“Sorry” Yuma smirk before pulling you close to me

“If you want to look through people things than I will make sure I look through you”


“Eve what this?” Azusa show you a porn magazine and your face turn red before throwing it in trash

“Is it bad….?”

“Yes very bad Azusa”

Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU

Part III of here

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: Swearing, OOC(out of character)

Summary: Peter, being part of the typical high school bad boy squad, has made it his dear desire to get to you, the good girl. The Virgin Mary his group called you. The only girl in school who was pure and innocent. But Peter, also known around as “Pan”, made it his own mission to change that.

“Okay, first clue…” You held the paper Mr. Holmes provided for you, walking down the empty hallway, Peter right behind you. He was supposed to be helping you with the hunt, but he was a little more focused on something else.

“Ugh…you know, we would get this done a lot faster if you helped me out, and not stare at my ass.” You turned, looking at him with an unimpressed look.

He only smirked, snatching the paper out of your hands, scanning it over. With a simply chuckle, he started to walk forward. “This hunt is a joke. Follow me, love.”

His lead led to the girl’s locker room, which confused you to no end. “What are we doing here?”

“The answer to the hunt is in there. It’s quite easy, I mean look at the final clue. ‘The victim’s belongings locked away in a cage, only she has the key to.’ Of course you would think locker room.”

“Well, if you’re so smart, then where’s the key?” You crossed your arms, only for him to pull the named object out of his pocket. “Where in the hell-?”

“It was on his desk, so to save us the trip, I took it.”

“So let me get this straight…you had the key the whole time, and didn’t say anything?!” You fumed, trying so hard not to slap that grin off his face. He was enjoying your frustration.

“I was enjoying the view. Your concentrating face is absolutely adorable, love.”

“Stop calling me that!” Peter pushed open the door, heading in, but you latched onto his arm. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! What do you think you’re doing?”

“Going to the locker room…?” He raised an eyebrow.

“But this is the girl’s locker room! You can’t just go in there, it’s against the school’s policy! W-what if someone is in there, what if you get caught-?”

“Calm down, sweetheart, I’ve been in here so many times, without being caught. You have nothing to worry about, trust me,” He winked suggestively, pulling you in with him.

You groaned in disgust at the new information he gave you, looking around for the locker with the last clue inside. Since the final clue was numbered 14, the locker number must also be 14. Turning the corner, you nearly jumped out of your skin, as a scream escaped your mouth.

Peter came rushing over to you, quick to cover up your mouth. He sighed in relief, when it was just his friends. “What the bloody hell are you guys doing here?”

“Oh, you know, just getting the last clue so we can get extra credit points. You?” Newt smirked, seeing how blush painted your face at how close Peter was holding you to his firm chest.

“I thought you were working with Candace,” Peter raised an eyebrow, his hands sliding from your mouth to your shoulders.

“He was, but she made the exception of working by herself, so that we could be a group of three. And you know how much we love having threesomes,” Felix smirked at you, making Peter’s grip on you tighten.

“And I see you’ve got the key. Well played Pan.” Thomas shook his head, arms crossed.

“Peter Pan never fails, lads.” He hands you the key, slightly shoving you to the direction of the locker. “Go get the last clue, love. I’ll wait here. I need to have a word with my friends.” He clenched his jaw, staring daggers at Felix.

“Tell me what to do again, and so help me I’ll rip your eyebrows right off your face.” You grab the key from his hand.

“Was that a threat?” Peter chuckled, “Because you’re gonna have to do better than that.”

With a slight growl, you made your way to the end of the locker room, crouching down to locker number 14. Pan signaled his friends to come closer, taking them back around another corner, so you were out of ear-range.

“What the hell what that?” Pan shoved Felix, only getting a smirk.

“What do you mean, Pan?”

“Oh, you know what I’m talking about. I saw the way you looked at her, and I want it to stop!”

“Geez, Pan, what’s your deal today? First you snap at Tommy, and now Felix? Am I next?” Newt leaned on one of the lockers.

“You will be if all of you don’t back off. I already told you, Y/n is mine. That means no flirting, no dirty looks, don’t so much as touch her!” Pan glared, feeling very territorial at the moment.

For a second, Thomas started to chuckle, grabbing Pan’s attention. “Oh, God, no.”

“What?” Pan snarled, confused on what was so funny. “What are you chuckling at?”

“Don’t tell me you’re catching feelings for this chick, dude.” Thomas asks, getting Felix and Newt to stare at Pan with wondering expressions.

“What? Fuck no, I could give two shits about her. Why are you asking?”

“I don’t know, I think I might have to agree with Thomas’s theory. Never in the years I’ve known you have you been this protective over some broad. Especially one with zero interest in you.” Felix shrugged, Newt nodding in agreement. 

“That’s not true, I’m only trying this hard to get her to trust me. I said I wanted a challenge, and you guys flirting with her is getting in the way of that. I don’t care about her feelings, or her in general. My only goal is for that purity of hers to belong to me.”

“Bet.” Thomas said.


“Bet, Pan. I bet that by the end of the month, she is still giving you the cold shoulder, and she is still the Virgin Mary we know. If you win, you’ll be our Alpha Male in the group. But if you lose…you’re kicked out.”

“What?! The end of the month, that’s in a couple of weeks! And what do you mean kicked out, you guys are my friends!”

“Hey, we can’t have that kind of status in the group. I mean, rejected by a virgin? How do you think that’s gonna make us look, Pan? And a couple of weeks should be a piece of cake for you, I’ve seen girls’ panties drop for you faster than that. So…do we have a deal, or not?” Thomas held out his hand, waiting for Pan to shake it.

He looked at his hand intensely, his jaw locking and unlocking. Peter thought about that shiny ring on your finger, just begging to be his, taunting him. With a sly smirk, he strongly shook Thomas’s hand.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, Thomas. Her virginity shall be mine by the end of the month, guaranteed.” Peter heard you cheer in excitement, at the final clue you’ve just found. You stood up, brushed yourself off, and ran back towards the group of guys, around the corner.

“Peter! I got the clue!” You showed it to him, and without thinking you hugged him. You felt his heart race just slightly, and quickly pulled away. Clearing your throat, you looked at his friends, seeing them all wearing grins on their faces. 

“Uh…so..what were you guys talking about?”

“Oh, just working some things out. Nothing you need to worry about, love. Let’s head back to class now,” Peter placed a surprisingly gentle hand on your shoulder, leading you out of the locker room. “Later, lads.”

“Good luck, Pan.” Thomas winked, earning a confused look upon your face.

Once you exited, you looked up at Peter. “What was that all about?”

“What? Oh, Thomas? Don’t worry about him, he’s always like that.” He nervously chuckled.

“What’s the matter? You seem nervous all of the sudden…”

“It’s nothing just…well…you’ll probably think I’m silly for asking but…I was wondering if you’d…like to have a little study date.” He timidly asked, which shocked you. You never thought he had a shy side. Especially the way he acted toward you this morning. 

“Study date? Or is that code for something, like to ease me into bed with you?” You glare, already feeling like you know the answer.

“No! No I’m serious, I would…really like to get to know you. And, like Mr. Holmes said, I’m really good in that class, and I could get you caught up with what we are doing, so you don’t fall behind.” Peter reasoned, lying through his teeth, but you didn’t catch it.

Thinking it over, you sighed. What the worst that could happen? It was just one study date.

"Okay…we can meet in the library after school, but NO funny business, are we clear?” You raised a pointer finger, poking at his chest to show that you meant it. 

Peter got a good look a your ring, smirking deviously, as he took your delicate hand into his.

He lifted it up, and lightly kissed your knuckles, his lips resting there for a moment. Blush darkened your cheeks, as he stared into your e/c eyes. With a final kiss to the jewelry, he nodded his head.

“You have my word, love. No funny business.”

You nod slightly, turning to head towards the class, with the clue in one hand, while your other one tingled. Peter stayed behind for a moment, licking his lips slowly, his eyes a shade darker as he watched you walk away.

“For now.”

“HEY” (GOT7)

“Hello! I am OBSESSED with Got7’s song “HEY” and I was hoping you could do a reaction or scenario to something having to do with what the song is about. I LOVE your page and I hope you’re having a great day! Thanks!”

From what I can gather, it’s about the girl they secretly like having a boyfriend who treats him poorly. Also, he’s her best friend (’twas what Youngjae said in GOT2DAY) Scenario fun time!

(gif credit to the original owners)

He’d be so mad about it. He’d get angry, not at you, but out of unadulterated frustration. The more he watched the way he treated you, the more he wanted to fight the guy and scoop you up from such a waste of space. Every time you rung him in tears about you boyfriend, a shiver would radiate through you spine upon his voice going cold. The more frustrating thing was, for him, that he couldn’t do anything.He couldn’t reach out and hold you in his arms and comfort you. He wanted more than anything to make your horrible boyfriend to disappear. If it got to a stage, I think he would inevitably confront the guy and “set him straight”.

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It would kill this cutie every darn day at the fact you were unhappy. He’d do his best to comfort you over the phone, offer you a bed for the night if things ever got really bad. Of course he wanted to be your best friend but, more so, your protector. He’d always have to grit his teeth and hold his tongue whenever he got the misfortune of seeing your boyfriend face to face. He wished he had the strength to tell him exactly what he needed to hear, there and then. But, he didn’t want make to you unhappy. Seeing him fight, he knew, would be the last thing he wanted. So, he’d continue to bitterly bite his tongue and internally ache at your daily heartbreak. 

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It was requested so here is an analysis of some Jaebum’s song, Holic was the one requested, check it out is amazing, as the others too, proud ~~ . Anyway, it’ll have some more songs, and I like to say, this is just me talking about things that I’m NOT sure of, so pls if you feel uncomfortable with this type of things, just ignore, I’m not making you read and like anything. Let’s do this ~

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160813 Taeil’s fanboard replies ♥

TAEIL:  Hello Taeil is in here!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^

FAN:  Taei-ah, let’s play rock-paper-scissors! I throw the paper mwhaha  
TAEIL: I throw the scissors!! hehe

FAN: Jaehyun-nim, Taeil-nim, I am so happy because of you two that I feel like I’m about to die, but that’s normal right?
TAEIL:  Woaah~~~~it’s cool hahaah

FAN: Moon Taeil, will you marry me? You just come to me, I’ll prepare everything myself, but you just come….
TAEIL:  NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAN: Dear boys please be careful so you won’t get the aircon cold ㅠㅜ
TAEIL: We are all careful!!!!!^^^^^^^

FAN: World’s Most Handsome Man Moon Taeil, please look
TAEIL: Wow, World’s Most Handsome Man^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

FAN: Did the concert go well?!??! How was it?!? hehe
TAEIL: We are waiting for the ending stage now hehehee

FAN: Taeil-ah, what do you prefer, summer or winter? Please let me know ~~
TAEIL: I love winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAN: Taeil hyung! Taeil hyung~ Taeil hyung! On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you love your fans?
TAEIL: 10 points of course!!!!^^

FAN: Taeil-ah… I do farming…
TAEIL: Please harvest some rice later hehe

FAN: Taeil!!!!!!! What’s hotter, Korean heat or heat in Japan???? It’s really crazy hot in Korea
TAEIL: It’s not that hot here~~~~~~

FAN: ♥♥♥♥Taeil oppa, do you like super spicy tteokbokki?♥♥♥♥ Let’s eat together with me ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
TAEIL: I do like it but can’t eat a lot of those ahahah

FAN: Taeil oppa, tomorrow is my birthday. Please try to come. Taeil oppa is my birthday present!!!!! Call?????
TAEIL: Happy birthday!!!~~~~ Please eat lots of tasty stuff ~~~

FAN: Taeil oppa, I’ve heard your height is actually 190cm and you are just walking around squatting on your knees
TAEIL: Oh that’s right!!!

FAN: Taeil oppa, what ice-cream do you like? My favorie one is choco ice-cream!
TAEIL:  I also prefer the choco one hehehe

FAN: Taeyomi oppa! How about you come over to my place to have a pizza with me?
TAEIL: Sounds delicious!!! Call~~~~~~~~~~~~~

FAN: Moon Taeilie oppa  you see everything right, but you don’t reply cuz it’s annoying, right?ㅠㅠ
TAEIL: I do see everything hehehehehe ^^

FAN: Jaehyun hyung..ie, what have you eaten to become so handsome?
TAEIL: Jaehyunie ate a chicken!! lmaooo

FAN: Taeil oppa please do reply me what you like more, soda or cola and chicken or pizza
TAEIL: Cola and pizza!!

FAN: Heuk.. For some reason I got pimples on my cheeks and they hurt really a lot..
TAEIL: Just don’t touch it…..

FAN: Taeil oppa, Can I give you something?  hahahahaa That is a me ahahah
TAEIL: omg that’s funny lmaaaao
t/n: person made a put in korean

FAN: How was it to apper in “taste the feeling”?? I even screamed hahaha  Loved it so much hehehe
TAEIL: It’s the best!!!!!! haha

FAN: Taeil-ah, have you watched Hit The Stage along with the other members? Hehe how was it
TAEIL:  Yess watched and Ten is the best!!!

FAN: Taeil-ah, get a good rest today !
TAEIL: Thank you hehehe

FAN: Taeil-ah…! I want to see you so bad I have tears in my eyes what do I doo o o
TAEIL: No crying allowedㅜㅜㅜHappiness^^

FAN: Taeil oppa I love you ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ dsfdygrtytutyj   ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
TAEIL: I love you too dfjdngfnfgfgf hahahahahadlsfd ndjgfhahahahahaha

FAN: Taeilie, you seem not seeing my posts. Am I right? All my posts are just a waste TT I love you, even still heuk heuk Since ever I met you my entire world became so happy,  and as one could wish every single day is a happy one without a skip. Thank you Taeil-ah
TAEIL: Woaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you really REALLY lots!!^^

FAN: Tae! il! O! ppa! hhehe
When I listen to my gentle Taeil oppa’s voice my eyes just shut by themselves
Just by listening you my mood becomes better, when I listen to a song by Taeil oppa it makes me feel like I’m floating above the sky on a cloud  
It fees like a ray of sunshine hehe
I am thankful to you, that you’ve debuted and thank you for your songs!
And most of all, I am thankful so much for you to be born
Taeil oppa is truly a person who is shining by himself
I am so far away so please shine even brighter so I could know you better hehe  And no, actually for you to be able to shine brighter I am going to work even harder
Just like oppa’s nickname The Moon hehe
As long as the distance between me and you, as strongly my soul wants to reach you!
Today as well I’ll pray for oppa’s happiness ^0^
I hope you will always be happy!  And I hope that all things you wish would come true!
My Moon, please have beautiful dreams tonight ♥
TAEIL: So touched!!!ㅜㅜㅜㅜ Thank you^^

FAN: Taeil-ah where are you… Taeil-ah… Invisible to my eyes….. Taeil……
TAEIL: Right here heheh

FAN: Taeil oppa, why aren’t you coming to me … oppa ,,, I like you so muchI could trreat you two chicken legs
TAEIL: Woah whole two legs lmao

FAN: Taeil-ah❤ Welcome to Japan! How was the concert at Tokyo dome?
TAEIL: The stage is so impressive!!! The best hahha

FAN: Please reply to a last year student… So I’ll be able to pass my college entrance exam well!!! Hahaha I’m serious
TAEIL: You will definitely do well fighting please eat well, no skipping meals!!!!

FAN: Taeil oppa, if you won’t write me a comment, then I’ll assume your typing speed is 100 characters per minute. .. Congratulations Taeil oppa typing skills have passed 100 characters!
TAEIL: It’s over 100 characters lmao

FAN: Taeil-ah, what is Jaehyun’s cooking skills? lol Good, fair, poor
TAEIL: Jaehyun is good!! hehe

FAN: Taeil-ah can you say hi to me ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜ *asked in english*
TAEIL: HI!!!^^ *replied in english*

FAN:  Taeil oppa, do you like moon by any chance? Hehehehehe
TAEIL: Of course lol MOON
t/n: he typed “moon” in english

FAN: Taeil-ah, what are you into recently? I’m curious
TAEIL: I’m into NCT127!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^ lol

We are going to prepare for the NCT ending stage at SMTOWN!!! haha
And let’s definitely watch together NCT Life today!!

♡ source: NCT Official Fanboard
♡ translation by @moonlighting94​  
♡ take out with credit!
♡ pls support nct and taeil~

Writer Appreciation Day - Daiya Love Post

I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while, then saw the Fanfic Writers Appreciation post and KNEW I had to do one of these today. So, I’m putting all my favorite Ace of Diamond/Daiya no Ace writers in one lovely post (since I know people love to reblog these as well) and it was going to be in alphabetical order but now in my most recent bookmarks order, and then continuing the love from there. 

Seriously though today go spread a little love to your favorite authors whether it’s a Tumblr post, kudos/bookmark/comment fest on AO3, or sending a few message or Tweets at them, just show them a little love on this lovely Sunday!

This post is EXTREMELY LONG and cut below this, but just letting anyone know who contributes to the Daiya fandom content, you are loved and I appreciate you and all of your work!

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The Different Parts Of Louis Tomlinson

sooo i’m sure there must be about a thousand masterposts on louis but i decided to do just one huge, massive masterpost because i just wanted to get all of louis in one thing. seems impossible bUT LET’S DO THIS!

(this is long as fuck and i’m not even sorry)

(credit to the owners of the pictures and gifs used in this thing; i do not own anything besides the stupid comments, if you want credit to be given to something of yours let me know here!)

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Crushes, man.


*Gif credit to whoever made this!*

anon: i need liam cuteness asap, maybe he’s got a crush or something on the reader? and she likes him back? you can decide the plot and everything, just need something cute <3 

a/n: i wish my cowboy crush talked about me the way liam talks about the reader lmao.. kidding he seems like the kind of guy i try to stay away from. you know the type, supports trump and hates gays, probably thinks snape was a good guy, all that. now that i think about it, i dont like him anymore. gross.

“And she’s got this cute little habit of pushing her glasses up her nose even though they aren’t falling a bit and sometimes she does it even though she’s not wearing them, like yesterday morning she was wearing her contacts and I was watching her because she looked adorable in her Christmas sweater and she reached up to push at her glasses but they weren’t there! And then she frowned a bit and looked around for them, and then she laughed at herself because she must’ve forgotten that she was wearing contacts and didn’t need her glasses. I swear, she’s the cutest person on this pl—”

“You’re so much worse than Scott!” Stiles groaned before stuffing a bite of pizza in his mouth.

Scott slid in the seat beside Stiles a second later with a tray of pizza in his hands and a confused look on his face, “Why’s he so much worse than me? And why am I ‘worse’ to begin with?”

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fifth harmony ultimate defense masterpost (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

heyyyy its your local fifth harmony trash becca here yet again :) this honestly will be a v emosh post bc lets be real they are such feminist queens so heres ur tissues before we get started:

all credits go to original makers of the gifs & the girls for being such wonderful human beings like the tears are already forming

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i cant believe i finally have 1k followers!!!! im so happy and i made a lot of really good friends through this site i love you all so much so i decided to make a follow forever since i reached my goal. i want to thank all of you for actually following me because this blog is hopeless all i do is scream about louis and harry but anyway i dedicate this to all the friends ive made through this site, i love you :)

credits to romina ( @harolou ) for this amazing edit!!

Special Mentions:

@punsarecool - mariaaa, my ride or die, my number 1, i can tell you anything bc we’re besties obvi i love that we can talk about anything and we understand each other, we know so much about each other it’s pretty disgusting actually, you’re the light of my life and even though we dont agree on otps i still love you (you guys should follow she’s great 10/10 would recommend)

@nineteeneightiesniall - eliava you’re such a nice person to talk to and you’re one of the first people i talked to on this site. im so glad im able to talk to people like you because you’re really nice and a really good friend with good taste in music, have fun in camp!!

@domeafavourharry - hannah!!!! you’re hilarious and i love screaming about larry with you, you’re such a nice person and i know we dont talk much now but i do enjoy the times that we are able to talk, thank you for taking the time to talk to me btw ily


The Ass Family: @gucciadidas @peachmochis @invinciblelarry where to begin…you guys are the first groupchat i joined that is still going strong. it’s also our first year anniversary!! i know i can talk to you guys about anything and i know its mutual bc we’ve discussed it (im sorry i had to) anyway i love you guys sosososo much you’re like family to me (hence the name) and i dont know what i would’ve done in tough situations without you guys honestly i really do love you and i hope we get to meet each other soon :)

HARRY-BO (etc): @dropdeadhood @littlebabylarrie @pastelinson @emojikinglouis @larriekisses @dotingbfs @daggerhowlter @sunshinebfs @radmurai @eyeshadowkink @harolou @goldennouie we always have so much fun suffering™ and yelling about louis and harry and im glad that im in this groupchat because it feels like im part of a big family, i love you guys so much

Haz Loves Lou: @haroldxlouis @shadylarrie @dorkynightowl @enchilarrie @larrysaurus @colethania this is a pretty new chat but it doesnt mean that i love you guys any less, this is a pretty chill chat though and we talk about the drama™ that goes on in this fandom 

#NoIMessage™: @desloveshazza @applelou @tiniestsunshine @sawr-it-in-your-eyes @adidasslarry @ificouldflihome @walkinginthewincl @dxmn-lourry @cxrly-hxrry @believeinloveex this is the newest chat i joined and so far you guys are amazing and we share larry pictures and moments and just scream about that and i hope to get to know you all better soon

My Amazing Mutuals (if you’re in bold that means i like you a lot) :


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