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The Asshole Jock

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Characters: Y/n, Dean, OC Sarah


Warnings: Fluff, cocky ass Dean, clashing between Dean and Y/n, teasing, flirting, fluff, angst, sorta kinda sadness and heartbreak, fluff, more fluff, Dean being a sweetheart and even more fluff to end it all off.

Word count: 4100

Summary: Of course your teacher would make you work with Dean Winchester. Why wouldn’t she put you with the asshole jock?

A/N: Ok, so, requested fic from @ariannnawinchester -High school au, pretty pls ? I’m such a sucker for badboy/jock Dean and he ruffles the feathers of a goodie two shoes reader. Clichè, I know. But you’d write it so good! And then all the fluff! Pls and thank you? With a dozen cherries on top! So I don’t know if u wanted like a quiet ass reader, but I made my reader kinda sassy and a lot of back and forth with Dean. Also, sorry it took so long!! Hope u like it!!

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“Hey, y/n”.

You looked past the door, Dean Winchester leaning against the lockers, a smirk on his face.


“Wanna come back to my place? You teach me about algebra. You plus me equals S-E-X?”

You rolled your eyes, slamming the locker shut.

“Screw you, Winchester!” you yelled over your shoulder, shaking your head as he let out a raucous laugh.

“Immature asshole”.

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Day with Dad - reidxreader

Anon requested: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Spencer have a six year old daughter and the reader is sick so Spencer spends the day with his daughter?

ok this is such a cute request I love it.

I’ve read one shots where the daughter’s name is Harper as in Harper Lee the author so I used that in this story, i can’t for the fucking life of me remember who’s fic it was so if anyone knows who i’m referring to pls tell me. i’m gonna try to figure it out so i can give them credit for the name but right now my mind is blank. i think it was @dontshootmespence but i can’t be sure??? gaaaahhhhh anyway enjoy this i hope u like it!

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Due to your tossing and turning all night you hadn’t slept very well. Thankfully, your husband had a flexible work day today and you had off. 

At 9 am — possibly the latest your six year old daughter ever slept in — you opened your eyes and began to say good morning to Spencer, but your throat was so sore that it hurt.

He furrowed his eyebrows. He lifted the back of his hand to your forehead and commented, “You’re warm. How are you feeling, do you think you might be sick?”

“I didn’t sleep much last night,” you admitted weakly. “I’m probably sick. My throat hurts, I have a headache, and I’m hot and cold at the same time.”

He pouted. “I’m sorry, love. I’m going to spend the day with Harper so you can get some rest.” Spencer gave you medicine and everything else you’d need, kissed your forehead, and closed the bedroom door behind him after getting ready for the day ahead of him.

Harper, your six year old daughter, was sitting on her bed trying to tie her shoes when Spencer walked in. She had impressively gotten dressed without being asked. Harper huffed and looked up at her dad with a defeated expression.

“Do you want to come into work with daddy today?” Spencer asked. He crouched down next to the pink bed and tied her shoes as her mood changed and she squealed with excitement.

“Is aunt JJ gonna be there?” she asked. Spencer smiled, “Of course!”

Harper jumped off of the bed and stood in front of the mirror. Spencer followed, then brushed through her hair and braided it. He’d like to think he’s gotten pretty good at that.

“Where’s mommy?” she asked. Spencer picked the small girl up to bring her to the kitchen for some breakfast.

“Mommy’s sick today, but she’s going to be okay. We can go give her a kiss before we leave.” he replied. Harper seemed satisfied with that answer, she nodded and sat down to eat her cereal as Spencer made himself coffee and her, chocolate milk.

After breakfast, Spencer carried his bag on one arm and Harper in the other to your bedroom. You were finally sleeping.

Spencer held a finger to his lips to tell Harper not to say anything. She kissed your cheek and whispered, “Bye mommy,” and Spencer kissed your forehead and said, “Bye, Y/N.”

And with that, Spencer drove to the BAU with Harper singing along to the radio in the back seat. He didn’t particularly like this kind of music but she did, so he’d keep it on.

“Hey, Hotch,” Spencer said into the phone. “Y/N is sick today and can’t watch Harper, so can I bring her in with me for a little while? I won’t be there long today anyway.” He secretly prayed that he’d say yes, because if not he was kind of screwed here.

On the other end of the line, Hotch smiled. Harper was so sweet, and after the case the team had dealt with last week, they needed a distraction. “Yeah, Reid, that’s fine.” They hung up.

Spencer parked in his spot, holding his daughter’s hand as they walked into the building and then into the elevator. (He let her press the buttons, she seemed to like that.)

They walked off the lift. Harper immediately let go of her dad’s hand to run over to JJ.

“What in the world are you doing here?” JJ asked excitedly. She picked her up and hugged her.

“Mama’s sick, so daddy brought me here.”

JJ nodded. “So, have you had a good day so far with your dad?”

Harper nodded. “Yeah! He said we’re going to go to the park later.”

“Well, that’s exciting,” Derek commented as he walked towards them. 

“Uncle Derek!” Harper exclaimed. He picked her up and she had a huge smile on her face. Spencer was almost afraid the poor girl would explode, this was so much excitement in so little time. 

Penelope came out of her office. She immediately squealed when she saw Harper. She asked her who did her hair, and Harper proudly told her that her daddy did it. Everyone seemed impressed by this. “What?” Spencer asked, chuckling, “You think I have a six year old daughter and don’t know how to do her hair?”

As Harper happily talked and played with Spencer’s team, he smiled gently at how wonderful she was. She was just like you. 

Harper was sweet and caring, she was considerate and beautiful, she was fun and positive. All of which she got from you. On the other hand, she was thoughtful and questioning, and cute and persistent, much like himself. She had his brown eyes which you loved, because every time you looked at her there was a reminder of the beautiful life you’d created with Spencer.

After a little while, everyone was sad that they had to get back to work. Spencer set his daughter up next to him at his desk with some paper and crayons he’d found in his drawers, because she loved to draw and that’d keep her occupied.

It had been about 15 minutes. “Daddy,” she said, moving to sit in his lap, “I drew this for you.”

He smiled proudly at the small picture she’d colored in. It was clearly supposed to be of your family, with you and Spencer on the sides and Harper in the middle holding both of your hands. “This is so good, sweetheart. Can I keep it here?”

She smiled. “Yeah! Put it there.” She placed it in front of an actual photo he had of her in a frame. He laughed at his daughter.

After Harper gave everyone on the floor a hug, and I mean everyone, she and her dad left. They went to the park, and then to lunch, and then back home to check on her mommy and watch a movie in the living room.

Harper ran straight to your bedroom after walking through the front door. You were awake this time, and pulled her into bed next to you.

“Are you still sick, mama?” 

Truthfully, you still weren’t feeling your best but you didn’t feel very sick anymore. The medicine proved to be effective and sleep was very helpful.

“Not anymore, baby. How was your day with daddy?” You asked. You smoothed her hair back while she cuddled into your side.

“Great!” She said, then proceeded to tell you every detail of her day. Spencer walked in and laid next to her.

For about an hour, the three of you laid under the covers of your bed and watched whatever show Harper decided she wanted to see. You loved your little family, with an adorable daughter and a perfect husband. 


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"Namjoon is a genius and namjoon is in the top tier of kpop rappers." How so? I don't disagree, I just want to hear some Namjoon appreciation.

me: loves this ask

me: takes 8 years to respond

im sorry i took forEVER to respond pal! i wanted to do this justice and ive been hella busy


1) lets look at the obvious first; the reception of various rappers and the general rap community

  • Warren G: “Even though I wasn’t able to understand his lyrics completely, I can say that it was really good. The flow, the style and his rhythm are all very good.” and “When listening to Rap Monster’s songs, it sounds a bit like me or Snoop Dogg rapping over the beats to what we’ve made.” AND “If I comment from an artist and a producer point of view, Rap Monster is one of the best rappers I know. The way he delivers his rap is outstanding.” (me: *chokes*)
  • Tiger JK: called namjoon “the industry junior who changed his preconceptions about idols.”
  • SPIN Review: “With smartly snagged instrumentals from Run the Jewels and Big K.R.I.T., a cameo from Tech N9ne sidekick Krizz Kaliko, and surprisingly sturdy hooks on the piano-bar blues “Life” and the hammering standout single “Do You,” Kim Namjoon actually stands a chance of making a dent in the States.”
  • XXL Mag: “Rap Monster rarely fails to live up to his name. The Ilsan, South Korea-raised rapper is one of the region’s most dexterous rappers, capable of switching flows effortlessly as he glides across an array of diverse instrumentals.”
  • DJ Booth (Lucas G): “I really like the balance between rapping in Korean and rapping in English. If the project was all in Korean, I’m not sure I could have connected with him but by mixing the two languages together he provides the listener with a brand new experience; I don’t feel like a passive listener. Shit even when he’s rapping in Korean, I can still feel his words. He’s got a hunger and an excitement that can be felt in any language.”
  • Tony Jones: “Rap Monster can outrap any rapper” (tbh not super relevant but i had to include it bc its so cute)
  • i highkey feel like there is more but rn im functioning on half my brain cells rip

2) lyrics; this is really important to me. lots of ppl pick rappers off of their beats and how lit they are.. THIS ISN’T RAPPING. if yall want lit beats tune into the producer or just listen to trap. that’s not what rap is about. 

lyrics are CRAZY important! and like, diss and bragging lyrics are such a sidebar. if you can only diss and brag I’m sorry but you aren’t worth shit lol.

here in my opinion are some of his best lyrics (READ THIS SHIT! YALL PLEASE)

  • “the thing that redeemed me too, the things that pushed into me - the distant precipice and everything, that’s all me - foolish humanity, you too can become gods - hold your head straight and try, a saint’s smile - Jesus’ footsteps, Allah’s prayers - even until Maria’s love, all of it is inside you - this is unconditional redemption and unconditional belief” (God Rap)
  • “I live to understand the world - But the world didn’t once understand me” (Always)
  • “these people who clamor for respect with their own mouths - even they don’t know the misjudgments of those words - freedom and self-indulgence, they’re obviously different” (Do You)
  • “if you look less at wits, there are a lot of things that change - you were born as a hero, why are you trying to become a slave? - “because it hurts, it’s youth” - that kind of definition is the biggest problem - in life a genre is a trap, just like music - because you become an idiot as soon as you’re tied down there - fuck that.” (Do You)
  • “every night inside me I quietly fight with myself - my heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back - while saying that I became a moron after joining a company- yeah fuck you I’m an idol, yeah yeah I’m an idol - at one time I hated it but now I love to get that title” (Awakening)
  • “I thought I could catch the mirage known as happiness - but the me in front of my desk wasn’t happy even for a moment - without my mom knowing, I put a sheet of white paper between the pages of my workbook - my identity that I wrote down matched to the drum and bass - a different, relaxed feeling compared to when I got my report card” (Voice)
  • “do you know the reality that there’s no shadow in the fire? - then will I become the fire or will I become the light, that’s my question - so if I become the light then in the daylight, then the darkness - closes his eyes when it’s bright and when others sleep, opens his eyes again - even though I felt suffering I thank you” (God Rap)
  • “life is more beautiful knowing that we’ve taken a loan on death - even light is treasured more when there’s darkness - the sunshine appears after we’ve passed through the storm” (Life)
  • “but the thing that we all learned at some point was how - to step on someone, to catch them, to erase them, to hate them - fuck all the peace and love, I know that that’s the natural enemy of success - that’s too obvious” (Life)
  • “everything can coexist, positive and negativity - the thing that guides me and this world is ultimately those two’s synergy - all wanderings related to existence, sometimes until they’re chaotic - even those moments now seem lovable - if you’re confused about what is right and what is wrong - what makes me want to live again, think about it” (I Believe)
  • OK SO LIKE THESE ARE DISS LYRICS BUT YALL BETTER KNOW THIS IS SOME OF THE MOST SAVAGE SHIT IVE EVER HEARD: “Even if you don’t like me, you know me - I like hate comments more than no comments - I DON’T KNOW YOU - BUT YOU KNOW MY NAME” (Cypher 4
  • credit to btstrans for lyrics

3) delivery…  every rapper has their own style and namjoon for sure has great fucking delivery omg (that voice tho). in terms of pure flow i have three fav songs…

Awakening: the song that made me a Rap Monster fan (way before I knew what kpop was). The intensity and emotion in his voice still gives me chills.

Joke: his vocal control, his phrase stylization, his ability to spit so flawlessly with like no air… Joke is ALL about flow

P.D.D.: so chill… but the way he raps still draws in the listener; this is partially due to the natural depth and beauty of his voice, but a lot of it is in the energy his delivery has, even when it’s relaxed as fuck. namjoon raps like he’s telling a story, and the rise and fall of his voice is perfectly responsive and sensitive to his lyrics.

4) live stages! his lives are great. i won’t say they’re perfect, but they are still awesome and he always gets hype as FUCK and gets the audience into it

What Am I To You: i literally get so fucking emotional. dont debate this with me, this is honestly his best live stage ever. fucking flawless.

Do You: you see me bopping to this shit in my home? im getting fucking hyped yall as i write this

OKAY BOO BOO HOPE YOU LIKED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment/reblog with what you think makes Namjoon an amazing rapper!!

as always, if you think im wrong, pls message me ;)

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Hii! How do you think RFA + Saeran and V react to a Corporate Heir MC who lives like a commoner so that she can learn ways of the people before she inherits her family's company THANKS!!! :3

LOLOL yas but I’m gonna make it so that MC is learning the ways of living like a commoner off the members.. does that make sense? xD


  • he was kinda like huh???
  • “MC, you want to try living like a commoner?”
  • but he was totally supportive and even said that she could come and live with him
  • “I only have 1 bed, but I can sleep on the couch”
  • the first day was bad
  • Yoosung was just playin LOLOL when he heard dangerous clanking and crashes from the kitchen
  • he almost screamed when he walked in
  • “I was just trying to make some eggs”
  • well, it was nowhere near “making eggs”
  • the counter was spattered with egg shells and broken yokes hug off the strands of her hair
  • pots and pans were all over the floor ….
  • so he taught her how to make an omelet
  • (after he cleaned up and helped her wipe the eggs out of her hair ofc)


  • he!! was!! so!! excited!!
  • “okay, MC lesson number 1, there is no food in my fridge so we have to eat goldfish-shaped bread everyday”
  • it was a joke but
  • one day he came home to see her looking really sad
  • “what’s wrong?”
  • “we don’t have dinner tonight, the man at the bread stall said that he didn’t take credit”
  • he couldn’t hold back his laughter like omg???
  • first of all MC fell for his joke and even tried to use CREDIT AT A FOOD CART HOLY MOLY COULD THIS GET ANY BETTER
  • it was great
  • “MC, I have cash, let’s go get some.”
  • have you ever seen eyes shine brighter than MC’s that moment cuz i mean, ‘bread in the form of goldfish’ was something completely new to her


  • her eyes bugged out
  • she was low key scared for her lmao 
  • like “Was MC going to hurt herself? what was she going to do while I was at work? would she try to bake? OH GOD NO NOT THE BAKING”
  • the first morning was… interesting
  • MC tried to be “the perfect girlfriend” and made some uh *quote on quote* breakfast
  • if burnt toast and half a cup of cold coffee counted
  • i mean, it’s the thought that counts right?
  • “it’s a little burnt, but I’m sure I’ll get better at it tomorrow!”
  • uh-oh


  • his only reaction was “Why?”
  • also “I guess I’ll have to join you.Assistant Kang, please write up a report based on commoners so MC and I can have a thorough understanding of-”
  • anyway so the both of them try to live like normal people lol
  • it doesn’t really work
  • the both of them are hella confused
  • “What are these snacks? I got this paper from someone on the street (he means a flier) and he said that these Hunny Bwatda Chips are ‘all the rage!’ Whatever does that mean?”
  • MC is just as confused
  • so they go and buy some and it’s like a revelationomfg
  • now both of them are addicted and feel that if this is how good assimilation into commoner culture is then they are ready to party


  • he just laughs and decides that hey, this is the perfect opportunity
  • so he plays a million pranks on MC lmao
  • “MC, commoners always do this you just gotta. Throw this ball at Yoosung, it’s how we say “Hey bro!” but make sure you hit his head because otherwise he won’t know that it’s from a close friend”
  • oops
  • did yoosung cry idunno you tell me
  • “okok next thing, we commoners don’t just eat tteokbokki, we have to stick 2 of them in out mouths at the same time and pretend to be a walrus and make whale sounds”
  • omg the next RFA get-together was quite an experience
  • the only thing MC could think of: “What is a ‘prank’?”
  • .-. there is nothing we can do to save her rip MC


  • tbh he doesn’t have much of a reaction
  • he’s just like “ok then”
  • and continues to live his life as normal
  • this baby doesn’t complain or anything
  • literally eats all the weird stuff that MC cooks
  • cleans up after her really intense kitchen messes
  • doesn’t mind MC trying (and failing) to go shopping for groceries or snacks at a local market with her credit card
    • he just kinda gives her his wallet so she can use the cash inside
  • but he’s happy for her!!
  • “If MC wants to learn then it’s fine. I don’t mind, I’ll help her when she needs it”


  • everytime MC screws up he’s just taking pictures of it all
  • oh, MC put her apron on backwards? perfect
  • he also likes to record videos of MC asking hilarious questions
  • “Jihyun, how to commoners use only 1 towel to dry themselves? what do they do about their hair that’s all wet?”
  • “How do you set alarms on a clock?Usually my maids wake me up in the morning…”
  • low key likes to help MC so that things are less hard on her
  • gives her plenty of compliments for her cooking creations buut doesn’t eat them (haha pls no one here is deliberately looking for a stomachache)
  • cannot wait to show her the pictures of her struggling when she finally inherits her family’s business and lives her usual lifestyle again


~Cherry L.

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Europe’s Biggest Party

Yuuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov

2,351 words

AO3 link

Victor loves Eurovision and no one can convince me otherwise. Dedicated to @clairles who I’ve spent most of the past week screaming about Eurovision with.

(I rewatched practically all of the final for this, send help)

13 May, 21:45

Victor renamed the chat Europe’s Biggest Party

Victor added Yuuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisestsky, Emil Nekola, Christophe Giacometti, Michele Crispino and Sara Crispino


Yuuri: …what is it?


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work thoughts

I have so many little sheets of paper with stuff written on them, here we go

-all my friends/mutuals should know that my text hearts (<3) are No Romo.  I love my friends!  but I’m not flirting with anyone so…pls take them platonically.

-the first step to not having anxiety about a distressing situation seems to be learning to bear it.  at work and in social situations, I’ve been slowly getting better at just being uncomfortable and experiencing it fully and accepting it.  it sucks and it’s real hard but I’m not full-on miserable as often?  so that’s nice.

-the other day I was trying to remember ryan gosling’s name and the first thing my brain coughed up was “Reynold Duckberg”

-I need a haircut so bad, ugh

-I like to picture myself in this one clothing commercial alongside its immaculately-dressed + made-up models.  not in like, a bitter way, I just think it’s funny?  the theme of the commercial is “come as you are” or something and everyone at this sexy party has long, slender arms and perfect hair and smiles that aren’t quite wide enough to be inelegant.  and then also toasty’s there, wearing pajama pants and a waffle weave mens’ shirt

-I don’t think I’m being clever pointing out a lack of realism in a clothing commercial of all things, but I’m amused by the idea that there are people who really spend their alone time in their artsy studio apartments looking photogenic and perfectly dressed.  that said, if they’re out there more credit to them.  I hope you’re having fun at your sexy elegant parties.

-you do not have to lie to compliment someone’s art–I don’t care how young or inexperienced or “””cliche””” they are.  look for their potential, find what pieces you think are cute or appealing or funny, and don’t be backhanded about it.  and unless they want a full critique, you don’t have to tell them what’s bad about it either.  there’s plenty to be said for positive reinforcement!

-I never lie when complimenting someone’s art.

-”If you see her in the street/walking by herself/talking to herself/grumbling at herself/swearing at herself–”

-the keys to easily understanding someone with a heavy accent or speech impediment seem to be 1. exposure and 2. relaxing.  Focusing Real Hard and getting freaked out unfortunately just makes it harder, in my experience.

-I like the fact that when a story mentions that someone was “shyly biting their lip” or whatever, they can specific lower lip but they don’t have to–it’s assumed.  but just for kicks, the next time you see that, you should imagine them biting their upper lip instead. :>[ 100% story improvement + laugh factor.

-the word “consternation” doesn’t seem to have any remaining grammatical forms in English?  no one ever says “I’m consternated” or “that was very consternating”.

Friends to lovers!au: Hansol


• EDIT: i fcking hate tumblr mobile because i tried to fix a tag and it completely bugged out on me LONG story short i just had to reupload

• to our fav smooth as fuck dancer @sm where is he, he deserves better than this

• I can only hope he and kun debut soon (and with healthy hair)

• also shoutout to @hansolsdeliciousanus for giving me the idea because I was so stuck on how this would start

• let’s gooooo

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Zootopian Holiday: Spicy Nick Appreciation Day

Founded by yours truly, Spicy Nick Day is a Zootopian holiday dedicated to officially appreciating our beloved Nick Wilde in his upmost sexiest form, because we love him this way! ;) Artists from all across the fandom collectively post an artwork, their ‘contribution’, be they separate or in a thread (which personally I like to call the Spice Parade ^^’) or both :) We celebrate by taking part in the art trend or by simply reblogging and commenting on the works we see, so in a way we are praising the artists along with the fox! :D This is a fun day for all Zootopians great and small who adore and lust after Nick and his naturally sultry nature~ again, bc it’s fun!
Here are the Rules and Regulations:
1. Spicy Nick Appreciation Day takes place on the 14th of every month in honor of Jason Bateman’s birthday (if you don’t know who he is… *sniff* boi -_-) Credit to the date goes to @boneboy679 aka @wildehopps679 /he thought of it first/ A month gives us artists time to develop a fantastic piece without too much pressure and the audience won’t get tired of the craze (not that we can never get enough of this hawt fox anyway mmm *I hope I worded that right*)
2. With that said, to truly be a part of this, you must post your contribution between the hours of 12:00am to 11:59pm on the 14th day! Sort of a given but eh, just wanna be clear. 
3. Spicy Nick Day is everyday! :D Disclaimer: This holiday does not limit you to posting spicy fanart solely on the 14th of every month. If you wanna post before or after, then be my guest! Post some spice every day for all I care! I understand some blogs are dedicated to a daily dose of sin 😈 The 14ths are just the 'official’ appreciation days when we all come together and overdose on spice-tastic artwork. It’s the same as being a year-round prankster, but upping your game on April Fools Day y'know 😋 I’m not in charge of telling someone what they can post and when, but maaaybe save the best for the holiday?? Or whatevs 
4. You are not limited to only the character, Nick, either! If you want, make a “Lewdie Judy” (credit for that name goes to @cimar-of-turalis-wildehopps ) if you’d like to give Hopps some appreciation too, then go ahead! If drawing Nick isn’t your forte then just do our lovely bun; or even pair her up with Nick y'know. After all that’s what I did! We do luuuve our WildeHopps ;)
5. [Probably the most important rule] It is absolutely mandatory that every contribution and/or reblog is tagged #Zootopia just like any other Zootopia related post! We all know this. It’s non-negotiable. If you forget, fix it! Help us get back to the top! You are however given the choice of additional tags. These include, but are not limited to: #Spicy Nick Appreciation Day #Spicy Nick Day #Zootopia Holiday #Spicy Nick #Nick Wilde #NSFW sorta #WildeHopps etc. etc. etc. 
6. AUs are invited! (as long as they spicy ;) Always strive for originality, but if you have a great au-related idea in mind then have at it! 
7. The amount of spice in your contribution is both unlimited…and limited. In all honesty this is supposed to be fun and not intentionally an 'overly erotic’ day, rather simply a 'spicy’ day y'know. But if NSFW is your goal then I guess I can’t stop ya *shrug* However please remember some people are sensitive to too much risqué themes and I recommend maaaybe dialing it down. Don’t make it weird for anyone. We’re supposed to enjoy the day as much as possible and not regret it in the end ^^’
8. On that note, characters do not have to be completely naked! Dress Nick in the Playboy bunny outfit for all I care! xD Or if Nick completely clothed but dawning a suggestive smirk/pose is more comfortable for you, then do that. 
9. Collaborations are totally welcomed! As long as you all can work together and get it done in time then collabs would be a blast!
10. Go big! I’ve usually posted a series of drawings rather than one so try that too. Just don’t run out of inspiration ^^’
11. This is not a competition! It’s a celebration! Do not put anyone down! Leave us artists some kudos yo :D
12. You do not have to participate if you don’t want to! Observation of Spicy Nick Day is totally up to you. No one is required to celebrate it. Whether you’re, say, an artist who can’t whip up a contribution in time due to whatever circumstance, if reblogging other ppl’s work is more your speed, or if this just isn’t your 'thing’ for whatever reason, it’s totally okay to ignore the craze. 
13. You don’t have to be an artist to participate! Take that in any way you like and be creative in whatever you choose to do ^^
14. Super Important Reminder!! The characters Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are well respected characters! We all know this. I mean c'mon guys, we love them! Sure this is a fan-made holiday for spicing them up, but try not to go overboard please. Don’t totally ruin these two. Let me say that one more time, don’t ruin them pls! Just keep that in mind. But HAVE FUN! :D /I hope this covers everything/

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Hiya if u r taking prompts can u pls consider "our grandfathers were mortal enemies during high school and they found out we go to the same school and keep trying to get us to sabotage each other and you’re super into it but like… i kind of have a huge crush on you so i’m having a hard time??” au. It's fine if u don't want to. Thank u. Ur writing is lovely btw.

“—Your international relations papers are in on Friday, and I swear if any of you email me with lame excuses,” Finstock pauses, runs a finger across his throat, “There will be consequences. It’s the first day back, Greenberg, there’s no reason any of you can have for not having done the appropriate research over the summer. You’ve had two months to prepare for this. I mean it, essays in, or there will be no detention too long for you. Now, get out of here.”

Derek squirms as much as he can in his seat, feels his hands begin to sweat, looks up at the ceiling cursing Stiles Stilinski’s name.

“Hale!” Finstock stalks over to him, “I dismissed your class; do you find yourself to be of so much importance you can ignore direct instructions from your teachers?”

“No, sir.”

“Then why are you continuing to sit here?” Finstock rests his hands on Derek’s desk, leans in to glare at him, “I know being seniors leads you all to believe you’re already god’s gift to society, but newsflash, kid, you’re eighteen years old; you’ve barely started growing facial hair—”

“Actually, Coach—”

“Outside of making my life extremely,” Finstock leans closer, coffee stale breath making Derek wince, “Extremely difficult, have you ever even had a real job?”

“No, sir, but—”

“Then what is it you’re still doing, here—defying my direct order—if it isn’t because you’ve gone out and made a start at being useful to society by giving back, paying taxes, working, for a living and looking to confess it to me? That you’re finally letting me have some peace without you in my classes?”

Derek scowls up at him, “I can’t move, sir.”

Finstock pauses, gives him a once over, “What.”

“I’m…” Derek grits his teeth, “My pants are stuck to the chair.”

Finstock squints, gives Derek a look like he’s going to start pulling his hair out, or maybe Derek’s hair, fifty fifty.

“Are you messing with me, Hale? After everything you and Stilinski put me through last year, after the damn bird incident; the water balloons.”

“Coach, I swear, it’s not me, it was—”

Finstock grabs Derek’s shoulders and attempts to yank him upwards. Derek lets out a yell when his knees bash the desk, unable to go anywhere but directly into the damn thing. The chair legs jam into the desk behind him, there’s an uncomfortable scramble as Finstock struggles to take Derek and the desk/chair combination’s weight. It’s one of those moments Derek would love to have on tape to prove it actually happened. It’s mortifying. He suspects it’s exactly what Stiles was going for.

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Little Black Box (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Request by @hamletyay  (thank you!!) : hello i’m suCH a mess for daveed rip, but can you pls do a daveed x reader where it’s his last show & he’s dating the reader & the relationship is serious & the reader is watching in the audience, then during bows he says “it may be the end of my journey in Hamilton, but for some things it’s only the beginning…” and he calls the reader up on stage and you’re like “??” but theN HE GETS DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND PROPOSES & THE READER SAYS YES & IS A FLUSTERED, HAPPY MESS & THE AUDIENCE IS APPLAUDING


Also, two Daveed fics in a row (lucky you)

You walked hand in hand with Daveed down the busy New York street in pursuit of the Richard Rodgers theatre. The cool spring air stung your cheeks as Daveed practically pulled you along, practically rushing at a pace you had a very difficult time keeping up with. He was acting very different today. Tonight was the last time that he was performing in Hamilton, and you knew that he had to be anxious, but he wasn’t the kind of person who would ever show any sign of weakness or distraught. 

“Daveed, do you mind slowing down for a second? My legs are on fire and it’s not like you’re late.” you called to him above the murmur of the city, filled with the noises of engines and other voices.

He abruptly stopped, as if he suddenly realized his super-human pace, then began to walk normally. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I’m just… really anxious.” he apologized.

“But why? You’ve run this show more times than you can count.”

“I… don’t know actually.” 

This was weird. Daveed was not a person who worried often, and when he did worry, he had good reason for it.

You both slowly approached the theatre and saw a small group of kids standing outside at the stage door. Daveed stopped you and took you to the side of the pavement.

“I’m think I’m gonna head in there now, okay? Wish me luck.”

“Luck!” you replied as you tilted your head up and pecked him on the lips. 

Instead of turning away and heading into the theatre, he pulled you into a hug and kissed the top of your head.

“You know I love you more than anything, right?” he murmured into your hair.

“Yes?” you replied, a bit thrown off. “Is something wrong Daveed?” 

“No, nothing.” he replied, unwrapping you from the embrace and looking you in the eyes with a smile.

“Okay then. Just try to relax and give it your best. I’ll be in the orchestra, 5th row, last seat on the left!” 

His smile grew even wider.

“I know. Love you, babe.”

“Love you too!” you called back as he made his way towards the stage door, beginning to greet and take pictures with the fans that were there. All of them only had kind words, congratulating him on his accomplishments and wishing him luck for his last performance. Some even handed him cards and gifts.

You smiled at the sight before turning to go into the theatre and take your seat, so incredibly proud of him.


Daveed’s POV:

I stared at the little black box I had been hiding in the bottom drawer of my nightstand for about a year now.  I gripped it and let out a deep exhale, trying to wash away the stress. It had sat uncomfortably in my jeans the entire walk to the theatre and I had never been so nervous. But now was the time. I am so tired of waiting. 

I was brought out of my haze of thought by a sharp knock on the doorframe of my dressing room. I snapped my head in the direction of the knock to see Lin, leaning up against the frame. He was no longer in the show, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t drop by every other day to check on his show. 

“How’re you feeling, man?” he asked, arms crossed and a proud grin spread across his face. 

You chuckled and handed the box to him.

“I’ve never been more terrified.” you admitted with a laugh.

Lin smiled as he popped the box open, and gazed at what was inside, before snapping it shut and returning it to you.

“You really went all out.” 

“Well, she deserves it. I just hope she… ya know….” you trailed off.

Lin smacked a hand onto your shoulder and gave you a reassuring squeeze. 

“Don’t even sweat it. You guys have been dating for a life-time now; it’s been a long time coming.”

You couldn’t help but feel comforted by his words. Lin knew both you and (Y/N) very well, and if he thought there was going to be a problem, he would have told you. 

“Everything’s going to be great man, just try and enjoy yourself as much as you possibly can.” he continued.

“I will, thanks.” you gave him one last reassuring smile before he turned away and went to go tend to other things.

You let out another deep breathe as a voice came over the radio, barking that you were at the ten minute mark. You should probably get changed into costume.

You gave the box one final look before tucking it into the rest of the belongings in your workspace.

Here goes nothing.


Reader’s POV:

The crowd erupted into cheers and applause directly after “Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story,” as all of the cast members gathered in a line on stage for curtain call. You stood up and screamed with the rest of the crowd as they joined hands and took their final bow. However, directly after, Lin shoved Daveed to the front of the stage, placing something in his hand. It looked like a…. microphone? He didn’t tell you anything about a speech. 

Daveed to a singular bow and the crowd roared louder, if that was even possible. He looked so happy, so satisfied. You clasped your hands to your mouth, trying to hold back tears as your love beamed center stage on broadway. He had come so far, and he was finally getting the due credit he deserved. 

He raised the microphone to his mouth and the crowd grew quiet, waiting in anticipation to hear what he had to say.

“So, as many of you may know, this is my last show in the cast of Hamilton.”

The crowd let out a huge “awwwwwww” in response.

“I know, I know, it sucks. But I wanted to take the time before I leave to the person who has been my rock since day one, and even before then. I would not be here if it wasn’t for her and I want to give her the credit she deserves.”

His eyes searched the crowd for a second before locking his eyes on yours and letting out a huge grin.

“It may be the ending of my journey in Hamilton, but some things are just beginning…”

Oh my God.

“Please, welcome my girlfriend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) to the stage!” he called out, causing cheers and applause from the audience once more. 

People followed his eye contact and directed their attention to you as you slowly stood up, Daveed beckoning you. You shakily walked down the aisle and towards him; Daveed extending an arm out to you and pulling you center-stage as the crowd applauded. 

He took your hands and drew you center stage as the other actors stepped aside, letting you and him be alone in the middle. His eyes remained locked on yours and he took a deep breath.

“(Y/N)…” Daveed began as you heard the cast members squeal in delight.

“I love you. So much. You’re my light, my world, my sun, everything. You’ve been with me for so long and have been nothing less than absolutely wonderful. When we were broke, when I was unemployed, when I had no clue what I was going to do with my life, you stuck around. I know I can never repay you for that, but the least I can do is give you this.”

A collective gasp rang out as he let go of your hands, fiddled with his costume pocket, and produced a small, leather box. 

You clasped your hands around your mouth, practically unable to breathe.

“(Y/N), I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” he stated, opening the box up and offering a small, delicate ring that a glistening diamond sat in the middle of. 

“Will you-”

“Yes!! Yes!!!! Oh my God yes!!!!” you cheered as you practically collapsed and wrapped your arms around his neck to give him a huge hug as he remained kneeling. 

The crowd was absolutely ecstatic, whistling and cheering as he pulled you in for a deep, passionate kiss. Your eyes fluttered shut, and when you opened them you could see Lin bopping around stage and pumping his fist into the air. 

Daveed took your hands and helped you to stand up with him, unbelievably relieved and happy as he held onto your right hand, taking the ring out and slipping it onto your finger. 

The entire cast couldn’t contain themselves anymore, jumping and cheering, one running off stage then soon returning with a bottle of champagne, popping it and releasing fizz onto the stage. 

You looked up from the ring to Daveed’s eyes, both warm with love and appreciation. You were both beaming and you felt your eyes flood with tears.

The hot stage lights beat down on you and the crowd continued to roar, and in that moment you knew you had made the best decision in your life.

Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU

Part III of here

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: Swearing, OOC(out of character)

Summary: Peter, being part of the typical high school bad boy squad, has made it his dear desire to get to you, the good girl. The Virgin Mary his group called you. The only girl in school who was pure and innocent. But Peter, also known around as “Pan”, made it his own mission to change that.

“Okay, first clue…” You held the paper Mr. Holmes provided for you, walking down the empty hallway, Peter right behind you. He was supposed to be helping you with the hunt, but he was a little more focused on something else.

“Ugh…you know, we would get this done a lot faster if you helped me out, and not stare at my ass.” You turned, looking at him with an unimpressed look.

He only smirked, snatching the paper out of your hands, scanning it over. With a simply chuckle, he started to walk forward. “This hunt is a joke. Follow me, love.”

His lead led to the girl’s locker room, which confused you to no end. “What are we doing here?”

“The answer to the hunt is in there. It’s quite easy, I mean look at the final clue. ‘The victim’s belongings locked away in a cage, only she has the key to.’ Of course you would think locker room.”

“Well, if you’re so smart, then where’s the key?” You crossed your arms, only for him to pull the named object out of his pocket. “Where in the hell-?”

“It was on his desk, so to save us the trip, I took it.”

“So let me get this straight…you had the key the whole time, and didn’t say anything?!” You fumed, trying so hard not to slap that grin off his face. He was enjoying your frustration.

“I was enjoying the view. Your concentrating face is absolutely adorable, love.”

“Stop calling me that!” Peter pushed open the door, heading in, but you latched onto his arm. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! What do you think you’re doing?”

“Going to the locker room…?” He raised an eyebrow.

“But this is the girl’s locker room! You can’t just go in there, it’s against the school’s policy! W-what if someone is in there, what if you get caught-?”

“Calm down, sweetheart, I’ve been in here so many times, without being caught. You have nothing to worry about, trust me,” He winked suggestively, pulling you in with him.

You groaned in disgust at the new information he gave you, looking around for the locker with the last clue inside. Since the final clue was numbered 14, the locker number must also be 14. Turning the corner, you nearly jumped out of your skin, as a scream escaped your mouth.

Peter came rushing over to you, quick to cover up your mouth. He sighed in relief, when it was just his friends. “What the bloody hell are you guys doing here?”

“Oh, you know, just getting the last clue so we can get extra credit points. You?” Newt smirked, seeing how blush painted your face at how close Peter was holding you to his firm chest.

“I thought you were working with Candace,” Peter raised an eyebrow, his hands sliding from your mouth to your shoulders.

“He was, but she made the exception of working by herself, so that we could be a group of three. And you know how much we love having threesomes,” Felix smirked at you, making Peter’s grip on you tighten.

“And I see you’ve got the key. Well played Pan.” Thomas shook his head, arms crossed.

“Peter Pan never fails, lads.” He hands you the key, slightly shoving you to the direction of the locker. “Go get the last clue, love. I’ll wait here. I need to have a word with my friends.” He clenched his jaw, staring daggers at Felix.

“Tell me what to do again, and so help me I’ll rip your eyebrows right off your face.” You grab the key from his hand.

“Was that a threat?” Peter chuckled, “Because you’re gonna have to do better than that.”

With a slight growl, you made your way to the end of the locker room, crouching down to locker number 14. Pan signaled his friends to come closer, taking them back around another corner, so you were out of ear-range.

“What the hell what that?” Pan shoved Felix, only getting a smirk.

“What do you mean, Pan?”

“Oh, you know what I’m talking about. I saw the way you looked at her, and I want it to stop!”

“Geez, Pan, what’s your deal today? First you snap at Tommy, and now Felix? Am I next?” Newt leaned on one of the lockers.

“You will be if all of you don’t back off. I already told you, Y/n is mine. That means no flirting, no dirty looks, don’t so much as touch her!” Pan glared, feeling very territorial at the moment.

For a second, Thomas started to chuckle, grabbing Pan’s attention. “Oh, God, no.”

“What?” Pan snarled, confused on what was so funny. “What are you chuckling at?”

“Don’t tell me you’re catching feelings for this chick, dude.” Thomas asks, getting Felix and Newt to stare at Pan with wondering expressions.

“What? Fuck no, I could give two shits about her. Why are you asking?”

“I don’t know, I think I might have to agree with Thomas’s theory. Never in the years I’ve known you have you been this protective over some broad. Especially one with zero interest in you.” Felix shrugged, Newt nodding in agreement. 

“That’s not true, I’m only trying this hard to get her to trust me. I said I wanted a challenge, and you guys flirting with her is getting in the way of that. I don’t care about her feelings, or her in general. My only goal is for that purity of hers to belong to me.”

“Bet.” Thomas said.


“Bet, Pan. I bet that by the end of the month, she is still giving you the cold shoulder, and she is still the Virgin Mary we know. If you win, you’ll be our Alpha Male in the group. But if you lose…you’re kicked out.”

“What?! The end of the month, that’s in a couple of weeks! And what do you mean kicked out, you guys are my friends!”

“Hey, we can’t have that kind of status in the group. I mean, rejected by a virgin? How do you think that’s gonna make us look, Pan? And a couple of weeks should be a piece of cake for you, I’ve seen girls’ panties drop for you faster than that. So…do we have a deal, or not?” Thomas held out his hand, waiting for Pan to shake it.

He looked at his hand intensely, his jaw locking and unlocking. Peter thought about that shiny ring on your finger, just begging to be his, taunting him. With a sly smirk, he strongly shook Thomas’s hand.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, Thomas. Her virginity shall be mine by the end of the month, guaranteed.” Peter heard you cheer in excitement, at the final clue you’ve just found. You stood up, brushed yourself off, and ran back towards the group of guys, around the corner.

“Peter! I got the clue!” You showed it to him, and without thinking you hugged him. You felt his heart race just slightly, and quickly pulled away. Clearing your throat, you looked at his friends, seeing them all wearing grins on their faces. 

“Uh…so..what were you guys talking about?”

“Oh, just working some things out. Nothing you need to worry about, love. Let’s head back to class now,” Peter placed a surprisingly gentle hand on your shoulder, leading you out of the locker room. “Later, lads.”

“Good luck, Pan.” Thomas winked, earning a confused look upon your face.

Once you exited, you looked up at Peter. “What was that all about?”

“What? Oh, Thomas? Don’t worry about him, he’s always like that.” He nervously chuckled.

“What’s the matter? You seem nervous all of the sudden…”

“It’s nothing just…well…you’ll probably think I’m silly for asking but…I was wondering if you’d…like to have a little study date.” He timidly asked, which shocked you. You never thought he had a shy side. Especially the way he acted toward you this morning. 

“Study date? Or is that code for something, like to ease me into bed with you?” You glare, already feeling like you know the answer.

“No! No I’m serious, I would…really like to get to know you. And, like Mr. Holmes said, I’m really good in that class, and I could get you caught up with what we are doing, so you don’t fall behind.” Peter reasoned, lying through his teeth, but you didn’t catch it.

Thinking it over, you sighed. What the worst that could happen? It was just one study date.

"Okay…we can meet in the library after school, but NO funny business, are we clear?” You raised a pointer finger, poking at his chest to show that you meant it. 

Peter got a good look a your ring, smirking deviously, as he took your delicate hand into his.

He lifted it up, and lightly kissed your knuckles, his lips resting there for a moment. Blush darkened your cheeks, as he stared into your e/c eyes. With a final kiss to the jewelry, he nodded his head.

“You have my word, love. No funny business.”

You nod slightly, turning to head towards the class, with the clue in one hand, while your other one tingled. Peter stayed behind for a moment, licking his lips slowly, his eyes a shade darker as he watched you walk away.

“For now.”

Hi Shy

Request: Hi! Can you pls do a shy!Virgin reader who is oblivious to how men look at her, but she’s also insecure and the Winchesters take it slow and guide her through intercourse and make it all fluffy? Thank you!! xx Btw i love your blog :) – @sammi-sigh

Pairings:  Dean x Reader x Sam

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 2829

So fluffy! 

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“You know what? I don’t know why (y/n)’s here.” Dean complained for the nth time, pacing around the motel room. “For fuck’s sake! I am right here!” You screamed at him. He looked at you and gave another exasperated sigh. Sam sighed. “Because we can’t leave her somewhere too!” He reasoned. “We could’ve at least left her with Bobby!” Dean said. You screamed at them again. They both gave you a bitch face. You gave up and huffed. With a stomp of your foot, you went out of the motel.

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“HEY” (GOT7)

“Hello! I am OBSESSED with Got7’s song “HEY” and I was hoping you could do a reaction or scenario to something having to do with what the song is about. I LOVE your page and I hope you’re having a great day! Thanks!”

From what I can gather, it’s about the girl they secretly like having a boyfriend who treats him poorly. Also, he’s her best friend (’twas what Youngjae said in GOT2DAY) Scenario fun time!

(gif credit to the original owners)

He’d be so mad about it. He’d get angry, not at you, but out of unadulterated frustration. The more he watched the way he treated you, the more he wanted to fight the guy and scoop you up from such a waste of space. Every time you rung him in tears about you boyfriend, a shiver would radiate through you spine upon his voice going cold. The more frustrating thing was, for him, that he couldn’t do anything.He couldn’t reach out and hold you in his arms and comfort you. He wanted more than anything to make your horrible boyfriend to disappear. If it got to a stage, I think he would inevitably confront the guy and “set him straight”.

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It would kill this cutie every darn day at the fact you were unhappy. He’d do his best to comfort you over the phone, offer you a bed for the night if things ever got really bad. Of course he wanted to be your best friend but, more so, your protector. He’d always have to grit his teeth and hold his tongue whenever he got the misfortune of seeing your boyfriend face to face. He wished he had the strength to tell him exactly what he needed to hear, there and then. But, he didn’t want make to you unhappy. Seeing him fight, he knew, would be the last thing he wanted. So, he’d continue to bitterly bite his tongue and internally ache at your daily heartbreak. 

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Yoongi; second chance at love

❝its just one scenario i tell myself as i wrote more than i should’ve (i have a basketballplayer!yoongi coming up too omg someone pls set my priorities straight)
►1271 words ;; scenario, based on this post
© (photo credit) 

We just met at the wrong time.

At least, that’s what Yoongi tells himself to keep his head up high, not paying much to mind of how much his heart could’ve hurt if he didn’t.

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Pls can I request a Hugo Weasley (Hufflepuff) oneshot where he takes the reader (Slytherin) home to meet his family&since hes seen as the baby of the family theyre rly protective over him&Ron is a bit rudeish to the reader bc of her house? Thanks :) - Requested by Anonymous

A/N: I did this as a gif request because I didn’t have time to do it as a one shot, nor could I think of enough to write, sorry about that. Hope this is all right for you x

Hugo was nervous, his palms were sweating slightly and he was rambling. It was quite endearing to see him like this – and it helped distract you from your own worries. You’d been panicking about this dinner with his parents for a while now, the idea of having to speak to the Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger was nerve-wracking! It would have been all right, in your head at least, if you didn’t know the troubles they’d had with Slytherins previously. You just really hoped that their view on your house wasn’t too tainted.

‘And Mum said she’d cook your favourite – I made sure she knew,’ he finished, running a hand through his hair as the train finally pulled up at the station.

You shone him a brief smile, your own worries bubbling to the surface though.

‘Hey, it’s gonna be fine. They’ll love you – not quite as much as I do, but close,’ he assured you, causing you to grin at him.

You let out a calming breath. ‘All right,’ you said, nodding slightly.

It didn’t take long to walk to their house and yet somehow the nerves only got worse. You could feel yourself shaking something. Why had you agreed to meeting his family, and for dinner in their home no less?!

Hugo took your hand lightly, gave it a squeeze and then unlocked the door.
Before you had much of a chance to look around a flash of hair and Hugo had been pulled into a hug, his hand snatched away from yours with the force. It took a moment for you to realise what had happened. It was Rose.

‘Aw, I was worried you’d gotten lost,’ she teased, pulling away and grinning at Hugo – who was mumbling darkly. ‘And you must be (Y/n),’ she said, her attention turning towards you. ‘I’m so glad to finally meet you.’

She hovered awkwardly for a moment before shaking your hand, a small smile on her face.

‘There you are!’ came his father’s voice, just as he appeared in the doorway to the left. ‘Your mother was beginning to wonder where you’d got to.’

There was a bright smile on his face, his attention slipping towards you for a moment.

‘So,’ he said after a beat, his voice a little cooler, ‘you’re the one that my son’s fallen for.’

You shifted uncomfortably under the look, and was glad when someone – probably Hugo’s mum, called for dinner.

Everything was going reasonably well. You were getting on all right with them – though Ron had had a few overprotective moments, making sure that Hugo told him the whole story of how you met, gaining whined complaints from Hugo. There were the odd teasing comments from Rose, the odd awkward scolding of interrogation from Hermione. For your part you thanked them for the dinner, your nerves finally slipping away because of how normal everything was.

‘So,’ said Ron after the table was finally cleared, ‘which house are you in again?’

Your heart leapt to your throat. This was the thing that you’d been most worried about. Hugo’s face dropped slightly, because he knew how his family might take this – it was the one thing he’d warned you about.

‘Oh, um,’ you said, fiddling with the corner of the placemat, before adding in a small voice: ‘Slytherin.’

Ron spluttered on his drink, his eyes narrowing towards you. ‘That’s a terrible joke,’ he said coolly. ‘I mean, why would a Hufflepuff date a Slytherin?’

There was a horrible tension rising in the room, one which made you panic slightly. Hugo took your hand under the table, just as Hermione placed a mollifying hand on Ron’s shoulder.

‘Well,’ she said, a kindly smile slipping onto her face, ‘I’m just glad he’s found someone who makes him happy.’

Ron grumbled slightly, and you could tell it was going to take a while for you to win him over, but he nodded.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners, I just found them on Google.

“The Show”- (T.O.P x Reader)

Hello again guys! I thought I would grace you guys with a lazy one shot of my ultimate bias. I am sorry that this only applies to a certain group of people but I personally quite like this concept- considering I love to sing and act as well. Sorry if this isn’t the best of quality but I am tired and in lil’ bit of pain so pls forgive me. Enjoy <3

Name: “The Show”

Character: T.O.P / Choi Seunghyun (BIGBANG)

Genre: Fluff (i guess?)

Word Count: 1,264 

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(look at this gorgeous angel jfc. gif credit to the original owner)

His words echoed in your mind as you stood, waiting.
“I promise I’ll be there to support you. I want to be there for everything you do.”
His voice sounded so gentle as the words trailed off of his tongue. The memory only made you more and more empty inside. You were not nervous in any way shape or form. You loved to perform; music is your passion. However, butterflies swarmed the pit of your stomach like pestering insects. Why wasn’t he here? You checked, double checked then triple checked your phone. You were met with a blank screen. You scanned your eyes along the crowd. Your gaze meeting with plenty of unfamiliar faces when all you wanted to see was his. How you longed to connect eyes with the soft, brown-eyed man that you loved to death. Alas, you caught no sign of him. Instead, your wondering mind was interrupted by an awkward cough. “Don’t tell me such a cute girl is by herself?” the seemingly kind words felt like a stab to the gut. You met eyes with the owner of the voice. You recognized him instantly as friend of your friend who had asked you to play. You were asked to perform at a concert for a friend a couple of weeks ago and here you were. A rather flat smile spread across his lips as he waited for a response. You raised an eyebrow, almost pretending you hadn’t heard what he said. “Ah, sorry. That was a little forward,” he added. He sensed your awkwardness and chose not to persist further with the topic. Your eyes returned to the audience. Live music radiated through the small venue. The audience’s bright expressions as the music reached their eyes. It was busy, but one person remained absent: Seunghyun. “You nervous?” the man asked. He punctuated his sentence with a slight chuckle and it was clear he was watching you. You turned back to look at him. “Not particularly,” you shrugged. He nodded in acknowledgement. The set ended and he went on stage next. You had agreed to close the night so you had approximately 25 minutes.

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Cold Feet (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

fluff. fluff. fluff

loosely based off an episode of how i met your mother bc i’ve binge watched it and its aMAZING 

this has female pronouns bc that’s how it worked out but pls bear in mind that most my work is gender neutral  


Prompt /song; none

Request; my own idea for once lol

Other characters featured; none 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language 

Word count; 847

felix is also a totally fictional guy that I just came up with 

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You stood in front of the mirror, staring at your reflection. Your white dress seemed to be the most eye catching thing on you right now. Your hair was done beautifully, your eye makeup made you feel like a model and the huge diamond on your ring finger was almost show stopping.

You wanted to get married. You wanted to find someone to spend your life with and have that special connection that seems almost extinct. 

But like all weddings, there was one minor detail the bride didn’t like. Usually it was the colour of the details on the cake, or the font of the name cards on the tables. 

It was only the groom that you didn’t like. Nothing horribly major, right? 

‘Shit.’ You murmured. ‘Shitty, shittity shit!’

‘Y/N?’ Your best friend called from outside the bathroom. ‘Are you getting cold feet?’ 

‘Nope! I’m good. It’s perfect!’ You over-enthusiastically replied.

You would have been over the moon to have a wedding like this.

If you were marrying Bucky..

You’d broken up with him nine months previous. But, due to your work and who you hung out with, you saw him most days and had become really good friends, despite the fact you’d dated for a year and a half.

You’d still been crazily in love with him when Felix asked you out. And when he asked you to be his girlfriend. And finally, when he proposed. And when he asked you to move to London with him. But you were as stubborn as they came, and didn’t think of leaving London and leaving Felix for Bucky until - Well, until he’d confessed his love for you.

At six this morning, after he’d flown from Brooklyn, may I add.

Let’s rewind.

You’d gone for a walk to clear your head - You knew wedding jitters were normal, but these weren’t jitters. These were urges to pack your bags and fly the fuck back to New York. Back home, to where your best friends were.

Instead, you were in Chelsea, London. A place where the subway was called the ‘tubes’, a place where it rained far too much and a place where Bucky wasn’t. 

You clenched your fists and marched down the street, under the dim brightness of the fading out street lights, as the rain slashed again your hair, sending chills down your shaking body.

‘Y/N!’ A familiar voice yelled.

You were imagining it. It wasn’t him.


You hadn’t slept very well. It was your imagination, you told yourself.

However, when a cold, metal hand grabbed yours and pulled you back, you gasped.

‘Bucky?’ You spluttered, staring at the guy in front of you. His brown hair was disheveled from running, he looked exhausted. He’d come all the way from Brooklyn. ‘What are you doing-’

‘I love you, Y/N. I can’t let you marry him. You just have to come home-’

You stared at him in disbelief. He’d got on a plane, at 1am in New York time, to fly to London, and tell you he loved you. But the wedding was planned, Felix would be waiting and everyone was expecting you to be at the aisle in three hours.

‘Buck.’ You murmured. ‘I can’t. This has been planned. I can’t leave. I’m sorry. I love Felix.’

You didn’t want him to look so heart broken. You had to resist the urge to kiss him, and tell him you would get on the next flight home. To arrive in Brooklyn and hug your friends, and to just spend time with Bucky. Because you loved him. So why didn’t you say so?

‘I get it.’ Bucky murmured. ‘It was a long shot. But, at least I have an answer, right? It’s better than not coming and living the rest of my life not knowing what you would have said-’

‘Please don’t speak like that.’ You muttered, your voice breaking. ‘I have to get back to get my hair done. The wedding is at nine am, and I’m kind of shitting myself.’ You tried to laugh.

‘Good luck, Y/N. Felix is a lucky guy.’

As it turns out, you will get some strange looks whilst walking through London Gatwick Airport in a huge wedding dress. And by some, I mean literally every person.

You didn’t remember much from the past hour. You had a brief memory of running, getting in a cab. The cab driver gave you a strange look, but you got to the airport with Felix’s stolen credit card. But you clearly remembered leaving your ring and a note behind.


I can’t marry you. It wouldn’t be fair on you, or me. I can’t apologize, because I can’t be sorry for falling in love with someone  else when it’s not within my control. 

Good luck, 


And now, you were dragging yourself through the airport, towards the flight desk. The the elderly hostess gave you an odd look, but then a sympathetic smile. ‘Can I help you, dear?’

‘Hi, yes. I’d like a standard ticket for the next flight that leaves for Brooklyn, please.’

part two?