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brutally honest descriptions of the mbti types based off my experiences with them via a very sleep deprived infp


-commitment issues? haha i’ve never heard of those :))))

-will literally punch a toddler in the throat if they say they support trump

-so i took the mbti test 7 times and i got infp twice and entp once?? i don’t really know, because i kind of fit into the infj sterotypes more, but if you really think about it i’m kind of an enfj? but i also really relate to isfps, but then again i think i’m too opinionated and logical to be a feeler, so entp isn’t out of the question, but i also feel like the entj cognitive functions really fit m

-genuinely love animals and it’s so pure

-hi sorry for not replying, i was in prison :3 also i moved to norway lol

-actually just the 2007 taco xd random aesthetic irl

-“i just came up with another book plot” texts approximately every 2.3 hours


-hi i’m melissa i’m a 23 year old art school dropout and i abuse prescription pills but it’s okay because i have 200 followers on my grunge aesthetic instagram account. rent me an apartment?

-(talking about veganism to someone at a party) i just don’t understand how anyone could put all of that stuff in their body :/ *bends down to snort a line of cocaine*

-actually really artistically talented but much like the infp they refuse to give themselves any credit for it

-my dream man is someone who goes to coachella with me, helps me align my charkas, takes sad candid pictures of me, is willing to backpack around europe with me and my philosophy class during the summer,

-*googles* why do i share a type with literally every indie musician that has ever breathed lol

-probably fucked your girl in the back of a vape shop


-if you manage to find one never let them go they are some of the best people you’ll ever meet

-huge harry potter nerds

-can manage to get you to spill out your entire life story to them with a concerned glance

-please actually care for yourself for once and a while literally you do everything for everyone else just take some time for yourself god dammit you deserve it


-could be literally the most talented person in the world but would never come close to admitting it

-hi i’m actually just jesus christ irl! nice to meet you :-)


-they know everything

-like seriously everything it’s kind of scary like calm down karl

- allows themselves to recognize exactly one (1) human emotion per year

-can read for hours on end without getting bored and genuinely loves learning

-are generally dicks tbh especially to the people they love the most

-wikipedia articles™

-they actually aren’t actually the emotionless robots tumblr seems to display them as, they are actually extremely emotional in my experience and tend to get offended/upset easily and over small things

-sci-fi, cats, and machines > humans

-superiority complex™

-cute when they aren’t busy throwing tantrums/crushing the souls of their enemies


-hi i’m martha, i’m 32 years young, i like long walks by the beach, yoga, and judging my neighbors for not mowing their lawn :-)  

-tend to be extra™ parents and their kids can either turn out complete emotional wreck assholes because they’ve never been disciplined or the happiest child you’ll ever meet, there is no in between

-they may be complete snakes and have never came up with an original idea in their entire life but boy can they make a killer chicken parmesan

-kind of comforting in a mother-like sense when they aren’t busy being judgmental dicks

-will clean your entire house for you on a whim


-wow i love being an infj :)) top 1% haha :))

-will literally develop a crush on someone because they say they know what tumblr is

-find purpose in writing/creating in general

-ending toxic relationships?? haha what’s that??? :))

-constantly switches between their “you can’t control me it isn’t a phase mom go away >:(( my chemical pilots at the disco saved me xd i will literally punch a baby fuck the system i’m 2cool4school” persona and their “i’m such a smol bean :3 save all the animals <333 i love pretty girls and dogs :))” persona

-“can i txt you back in like 15 mins i’m having an emotional breakdown lol”

-actually genuinely empathetic and creatively gifted but gives themself credit for none of it

-intelligent but fails classes because their teacher said something that went against their morals

-playing the victim? never heard of it! :))

-secretly just meme hoarders

-attention whores tbh i won’t even deny it

-o v e r d r a m a t i c


-hi it’s 6 fucking am and everyone just wants to go back to sleep or die or both but i’m gonna start an argument with the professor over the origin of tangerines for no apparent reason

-*googles* how to permanently get rid of my fe in 5 simple steps

-follow my meme page xd

-so what if i love my dog more than i do myself and my entire family?

-this conversation is boring me i’m gonna go chug a bottle of vodka and binge bill nye the science guy™ peace out

-have low self-esteems but compensate through obscure dark web conspiracy theories at 3 in the morning

-shirley i didn’t call you back because you’re a fake ass bitch not because i didn’t like your lasagna at the block party


-why do i keep physically abusing my crush lol

-and why do i keep yelling i can’t even stop at this point someone please send help

-they love food more than they do themselves


-hi welcome to my prank youtube channel :3

-the type of people to show up to school with 37 puppies and a knife

-i’m not gay but 20 bucks is 20 bucks


-sorry i didn’t show up to school because you’re fucking stupid

-awe infp is so cute <3 i’ll destroy them last

-*on the floor, drunk, talking to their dog* you’re the only motherfucker in this town who can handle me

-what do you mean other people’s opinions/beliefs besides my own are valid lol??

-lowkey have daddy kinks

-what do you mean it’s physically impossible for me to control every aspect of my life??

-i mean if you really think about it voldemort was the victim,

-the type of person who could tell their crush they like them without flinching. terrifying


-wears d.a.r.e shirts ironically

-1990’s grunge aesthetic

-would walk into a burning building for the meme

-playing the hero?? haha never heard of it :))

-ew what the fuck man get those feelings away from me lol

-fuck da police

-following the rules?? that seems excessive lmao no thanks


-i once had one (1) original idea back in the summer of ’67. it was terrifying. i’ll never do it again.

-your scary math teacher that wears black socks everyday expects friday. then they jazz it up a bit with stripes. will mark your grade up if you say you like the same sports team as they do.

-understanding concepts outside of your own experiences? lmao no thanks?

-will make quizlet sets organize your desk for you

-my dream in life is to narrate a crime documentary and complete my george washington memorabilia collection.

-remembers all of their colleagues birthdays. doesn’t say happy birthday.


-fucking get over your ex already he wasn’t that attractive calm down allison

-*googles* why do i relate to regina george from mean girls so much?

-the type of person who tells your boyfriend you have a crush on him

-o v e r d r a m a t i c

-gets your shit together for you. judges you


-dead inside

-if you can manage to find one that actually tolerates you they are some of the most loyal and true people you’ll ever meet

-horrible social skills, compensates through meme hoarding

-sends you links to conspiracy theory videos when you’re sad

-extremely intelligent but they get lost in their own house

-whoops i just remember i haven’t showered in 3 weeks lol

-i would laugh at that joke but i’m 3 hours deep into an existential crisis and i’m 100% convinced you are actually a robot created by bill clinton so not today jeff


-yes homo

-cries over cat videos in public

-facetimes you in a grasshopper fursuit at 3 in the morning

-probably an alcoholic

-has 87 different crushes at once

-you haven’t talked to them in 7 years but they’ll show up at your birthday party and give you dog

-also attention whores

-generally has the personality of someone who just did 10 lines of cocaine


-one sec let me just gather up all of the fake empathy i can muster for this particular situation

-that one kid in class who always has perfect notes

-shudders at the thought of… a… creative… thought….

-falls in love with an estp approximately every 23 seconds

-hi i’m karen, i’m 34, i love my family, cupcake baking, helping people of course until it interferes with my own personal comfort haha, christmas decorations, room layouts,

-probably has a studyblr


-your angry boss

-probably cyberbullies children on the internet 

-has an emotional breakdown when they don’t win classroom jeopardy 

-*googles* who is bernie sanders and why do i want him dead

-organizes your shit for you, regrets it later

-dead inside

12 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, torture, death, light smut

Originally posted by younas

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Interrupted [2/3]

Pairings: Bucky x Steve || Bucky x Steve x Reader

Summary: You fall asleep during a movie night with the boys. They discover your little secret.

Warnings: Oral sex (f/r and m/r), mildly dom!Steve, sex dreams, mentions of masturbation, threesome

Notes: Yeah, so this was written a long while back and has just been sitting in my drafts folder ever since. Forgive me if the smut is shit. 

[1] [2] [3] || My Masterlist || gif source

Nearly a week has passed since you accidentally walked in on Steve and Bucky doing unspeakable acts in the bedroom. Well, their living room. The tension between the three of you is palpable — more so with you and Steve, than anything else. He avoids you wherever possible, trying his damn hardest not to make eye contact or exchange more than a few terse sentences.

You’re not offended. Steve values his dignity, and beyond that, his privacy; his reaction is what you expected it to be. Though he’s not talking to you, Bucky has assured you that Steve’s not mad, he just needs time to buildup his self-confidence again. The Cap’ll come around, at some point.

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Two Nights Stand Part 9

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell. Following her advice, you have a bad one night stand with Bucky Barnes, but what happened when you are forced to spend time with him?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1722

Warnings: This is vaguely inspired by a movie of the same name.Aganst and cliffhangers 

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Credits to the gifs owners

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

“Well, well, well what do we have here?” You hear a woman’s voice saying. You pull away from Bucky, feeling embarrassed. You look at the woman, you recognize her from the pictures, it’s Peggy one of Bucky’s roommates, behind her is her fiancé Steve and they have a strange look on their faces. It was a mix between pride and confusion.

You feel like a teenager girl who was caught making out with her boyfriend by his parent’s.

Bucky sits up making you sit as well “What you guys are doing here?” He asks, he is still holding you by the waist, this small gesture gives you comfort and makes you feel less weird about this whole situation.

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Yes, but what if? (Yoonmin masterpost/prompt)

Okay so a few months ago I read this fanfiction. In a few words IT WAS THE BEST YOONMIN FANFICTION I’VE READ IN THE ENTIRETY OF MY LIFE. It’s based on real events and the only thing I can say is that ever since I read it my brain is convinced that this actually happened between Yoonmin. If you haven’t read it I insist you do.

This fanfic describes how Yoonmin were in love since they met but hadn’t realized it until the period Yoongi had written/recorded First Love. The writer (Hello, by the way, if you are reading this! I hope you don’t mind me promoting your awesome work. I asked for permission in your comments, but if you have a problem just tell me and I’ll take it down.) bless them, talks about how the rest of Bangtan found out Yoongi and Jimin were in love before the two of them did. If I continue I probably won’t stop. So please read it! Especially if you are a Yoonmin stan.

So as I said, my fantasy world is set in a reality where this actually happened. And in this reality, (also in the fanfic, according to the time it’s placed in) Yoongi and Jimin got together on the day Yoongi recorded First Love. So that means that in this picture

they have just begun dating. *Reminder: This is all happening in my brain. I have formed my own reality. Nothing is true* Okay so, because  my brain needed more of this story, I began putting real events into this fantasy world in a way that would seem like the two are actually together. Do you get me? Like, I’d watch/read whatever happened on twitter or in Bangtan Bombs, having in mind that the two of them were actually together. I’m weird I know. I hope I’m not the only one who does this, or else it’d be really awkward. Here are some of these moments.

*Credits to the owners*

I’d watch these and think that when they were filming this, they were actually together. It made my heart flutter every time. Again I hope other shippers do that too.

So, because I needed to convince my self that this fantasy world really existed, I began making audios, writing fics, drawing fanart based on this world. I wanted to make something like Behind The Scenes moments that didn’t actually exist. I hope anyone out there can relate. Yoonmin has taken over my life and it’s the only thing that occupies my mind ever since I read that fanfic.

During this period I’ve come up with the following. It’s more of a prompt for a fanfic. It’s extremely stupid but I can’t help my self.


So Yoonmin supposedly got together some time in August. Suga’s mixtape was released around that time (correct me if I’m wrong), but the songs were written long before. Here’s a fanfic that fits this story line. Then their WINGS comeback was in October. During that time Yoongi and Jimin were still exploring this new territory.

Their first time was some time in early November.  

And the talk was in early December. I’m shit at writing fanfics but I’ll try my best to explain what was said during the talk. It went a little like this:

Yoongi and Jimin were lying on the couch in their dorm living room at night chatting about different things (because in reality that’s what Yoonmin loves to do with each other)

when Yoongi said.(for a second time that night)

“I can’t imagine my life without you” or “I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with you.”

Jimin sat in silence for a while, scrunching up his nose (in that cute way he does) in confusion.

“Hyung, are you proposing?” he asked looking up at Yoongi. Yoongi was confused by the question but then said something like:

“I know we can’t get married in Korea, but if we could would, you marry me?” or like “I know it’s impossible because no1 we are idols no2 no one knows about us(*supposedly they hadn’t ‘come out’ to the rest of BTS, despite the fact that BTS knew they’d end up together before them*) and no3 we live in a country where marriage between men is not allowed, but lets say non of these were in the way. Would you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”

And then Jimin kissed him softly and ran his fingers through Yoongi’s black hair.

“Of course I’d marry you, Yoongi. I love you way too much. And even if we can’t get married, I’d still want to spend the rest of my life with you, no matter what.” And they kissed again.

They exchanged gentle kisses for a couple of minutes until Jimin pulled back and said.

“Yoongi? I think we can.”

“What?” Yoongi asked, a little light-headed from Jimin’s kisses.

“I think we can get married. I have an idea.” Jimin said.

So Jimin explained his idea, that being them going to the United States for their Wings Tour and getting married there. They’d do it in private, just the two of them and a witness *they later decided on RM, because no1 he was the leader and deserved to know, no2 he wouldn’t judge them(none of the boys would but those were Jimin’s insecurities talking) and no3 he could speak english so they would be able to communicate with the people there*. They’d do it on their second day in New Ark, NJ, in the morning before they started getting ready for the concert. When I tell you I did research for this I’m not kidding. I literally looked up ‘how can gay couples get married in Newark?’. I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life anymore.

“No one has to know. We won’t cause a scandal, because no one will find out. We’ll tell management that we went out to get coffee or whatever. We’ll just go and sign the papers. And in the future, if marriage gets legal back at home and we can be who we really are without fear, we can actually have a ceremony there.” Jimin said.

Anyways, during the next week they did their own research, filling out marriage license applications, talking with Namjoon (RM told them that they all knew and would all be present that day). Everything was settled before they left for the tour. They had even booked the appointment with the center.

Then I got inspiration and created this, which happened during their stop in NY before heading to Chile. During the rest of the tour they were pretty much occupied with rehearsals and sleep. They got the same room in hotels and, even though they were really tired every night, they always kissed each other good night and whispered a ‘saranghe’ before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

So as I said, this is all in my brain. I know it’s fake and I know that ‘of course Yoongi and Jimin aren’t getting married in real life and you are stupid for thinking it can actually happen.’ That’s what I told my self a week ago and I had almost forgotten about it, when Day 2 of the Newark concert came around and I saw this:

The photo was taken after their concert on their second day in Newark.

Then I noticed the ring on Jimin’s finger.

Jimin’s been wearing this ring for quite a while now, but the fact that it was on his fourth finger and the fact that Yoongi

had the same one on his fourth finger got me going crazy. Of course it’s a coincidence but I can’t help but think of this other reality. I’m mean, yes nothing’s real, but what if?

Anyways I wanted to share this, because

1. I wanted to know if anyone else in this world had the same thoughts (please tell me, I want to know)

2. I am Yoonmin trash and just can’t help it.

3. I hope someone writes a fanfic about this.  I’d do it but I can’t write. And if you do let me know!

4. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore…

Anyways thanks for reading! I hope I didn’t tire you. But then again if I did you wouldn’t be reading this now. ;)

Have a wonderful rest of the day!! And enjoy this married couple.

Credits to the owners of the pictures.


thanks to @ruintoronto for giving me some inspo to write some dad!shawn even though this legitimately sucks and it didn’t turn out how i hoped it would also ik it isn’t exactly what you wanted so im sorry 

feedback always makes my day <3 

also highly highly unedited 

“Mummy look at the clouds!” your 4 year old daughter Ava yelled, earning a quiet shush from you as she continued to stare out the small window of the plane. “But mum I wanna show Vicky!” she whined, attempting to reach over you to gain the attention of her twin sister who was happily watching a movie with her headphones on. You watched as Ava tried to get her sister’s attention multiple times but each time she called her name, she was ignored.

“She’s trying to watch a show baby,” you said “Why don’t you watch a movie on my iPad?” you handed her your iPad along with some headphones but she refused. “What about getting some sleep?” you suggested, earning another head shake from the little girl. Ava was a stubborn girl like you and when she wanted something she won’t give up until she gets it and right now, she wants to talk to her sister who was in the seat next to you, trying to watch a movie.

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Mistaken Identity.

Request from anon:um hi so if you’re still taking requests and you have time can you do a bucky x reader? like the reader has a twin that works at hydra and worked on the winter soldier (but reader doesn’t know that her twin works there) and bucky was looking for her twin to kill or something but he found her instead and he didn’t know it wasn’t her twin. so like he’s strangling her or something and right when she’s about to like die he sees a picture behind her of her and her twin and lets her go bc he was wrong.

Bucky Barnes x Twin!Reader

Words: 1,744

Warnings: Violence, threat of life, mentions of injury and language.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Thunderstorms. You had always hated them and tonight was definitely no exception when you found yourself being pulled out of any kind of sleep by the loud claps of thunder booming through the night sky; there was no chance of getting any shut eye anytime soon. A lot of people could probably fall asleep during a storm, knowing that it would bring them no harm, but when you lived on your own and your nearest neighbour was over a mile away it didn’t take much to cause your anxiety to flare.

The thunder could so easily cover up other noises…..such as someone breaking into your car, maybe even your home.

No. No you needed to stop those kinds of thoughts. Rolling yourself onto your back your eyes glanced up to the ceiling, the moonlight seeping through the crack in your curtains illuminating it and casting a display of shadows over the smooth surface. They were enough to keep your mind distracted temporarily, the noise of the storm beginning to dull a little, and after a few minutes of watching the shadows move about you found yourself finally beginning to drift off into what would, hopefully, be a peaceful night’s sleep.

But then everything changed in seconds. What had been slowly becoming a tranquil scene transformed into a life threatening situation as you felt a cold sensation enveloping your throat before an intense pressure started to be applied.

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Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 1512

Warning:  Fluff

A/N: Ask from reader “Would you be able to do one where reader has snapchat and nobody knows they are dating and one day he takes a photo/vid of them together with like a caption of “happy anniversary” and everybody freaks out. Please and thank you on both.”


As you leaned back on the couch, you waited for the FaceTime call to go through to Tom.  It was ringing over thirty seconds before the call was cancelled from his side.  You were a little disappointed; as it was the time he had told you to call.  He was on set, finishing his current project while you had been staying at his flat in London.  It was a special day for the two of you, it was your one-year anniversary and you wanted to be able to see his smiling face even if it was only through the phone.  There were plans for when he returned next week to be able to celebrate and you truly could not wait.  

Within a minute of the call being cancelled, Tom called back, though it was just a phone call.  “Sorry love, I was driving I did not want to get into an accident.”

Hearing his voice made your night.  “Don’t apologize honey.  Stay safe. I’m just glad I get to talk to you today.”

“Me too, darling.  It’s a wonderfully important day.”  That made you smile.

“Yes it is.  Hobnobs were on sale today!  I bought a few boxes for tea when you get back.”  It was difficult to get out before you burst into hysterical laughter.  Tom followed suit laughing loudly from other end.

“Your obsession with those biscuits has hit new heights darling.  Though I am glad to see, you have taken to tea so well now.”  Tom was right, those ‘biscuits’ were your new obsession.  They were delicious.

“I love it, almost as much as I love you.  I can’t wait till you come home.”  

“I love you too, [Y/N]. I will be home soon I promise.  Then you will be stuck with me for a while before I drag you off to the tropical beach location of the next film.”  He had promised he was not going to go to another film without you.  The next movie was being filmed in the south Pacific and would be a beach vacation for you for a few months.  There was not a whole lot of convincing on his end that was required. Months on a beach with Tom, yes please.

“I’m excited for it. Though, people will probably know at that point that you are dating someone.  Are you ready for that?”  

“Darling I have been ready to tell people you were mine since the first night I took you out and declared I did not want to see other people.  Nevertheless, I wanted to give you as much space from the world before reporters and photographers start following you places.  I didn’t want to run you off.”  Tom had always thought of you first, even when he was disappointed that you could not go to premieres and award shows with him.  Now you were not working for your former employer in marketing and sales for a very large communications company.  It would not cause so many publicity problems for them having an employee who was dating a high profile actor.

“You won’t mind if the whole world knows you are dating someone not famous and the complete opposite of glamorous?”  

“You know me better than that.  Would I care about any of that?  Plus [Y/N] you are far more glamorous than you know.  And wonderful and amazing, brilliant…  Need I continue?  Because I could truly go on for some time about all of your wonderful qualities.” Knowing him as you did now you knew it was something that was not in the slightest bit important.  

“No you don’t have to continue.  I miss you.” With a sigh you leaned further back on the couch, pulling your legs up underneath to.

“And I, you.  If I was home would be we be out dancing and dining?”

“Honestly if it was right now, no.”  Tom got quiet on the other end for a moment.  “I would rather us have take away and just curl up together to watch a movie or talk.  I don’t want to share you with the world, at least not tonight.”

“Hmm a quiet night in? That sounds lovely.  What kind of take away?  That Chinese place around the way?”

“Oh God yes.  Those shrimp noodles are so good.  Stop it; you are going to depress me tonight.  I don’t want that.  I want to talk and enjoy the conversation before you have to go back to work.”  His quiet laugh warmed your heart.

“I apologize love.  I won’t do it again.  Can I call you back in a few minutes?  I need to get out of the car and I have too many things to carry.”

“Of course baby.  Love you.”  He repeated the same as you disconnected the call.  It would give you a few minutes to look for something to eat. It was getting later and your stomach was rumbling.  The cupboards proved to be useless, as did the refrigerator.  Nothing looked good after thinking about the shrimp and noodles that Tom mentioned.  A knock at the door pulled you out of your hungry driven misery.  

Opening the door, you found a deliveryman from that very restaurant.  “Evening miss, I have your food.”

“I didn’t order anything…”

“Oh no?  I have shrimp and noodles, soup, egg rolls…  It’s all paid for, here look.”  He handed you the receipt with had Tom’s name on it from his credit card.  That man had called in an order for you.  He knew you better than you knew yourself.  You laughed nodding towards the man.

“I think it is for me. Thank you.  One moment let me get you something for a tip.”  The man shook his head handing the box over to you.

“No miss.  I got a big tip from the man who ordered.  Have a good night.”  He took off down the walkway as you laughed closing the door. Of course, Tom had tipped well. Setting the box down on the kitchen counter you found there was an extraordinary amount of food.  There was no way you were going to be able to eat that much. At least there would be plenty for left overs for the next few days.

Another knock sounded and your hope was that he had wine delivered too.  Laughing you opened the door to find a large bouquet of pink and purple lilies, you favorite flower.  Behind the lilies was the face that made your whole world shine.  That surprise silenced you as you covered your mouth.  “Happy anniversary [Y/N], my beautiful darling.”

Tom stepped through the doorway to kiss your still shocked lips.  Both his arms were full one with the flowers the other with a bottle of wine. It was scary how well he knew you. Well hell no wonder there was so much food.  “I can’t believe you are here!  You weren’t supposed to be home for a week.”

Happy tears filled your eyes as you reached up to hug him close.  “I finished early.  I did not want to miss tonight with you.”

“I love you so much.”  When you finally gave the man a chance to move he was able to set the flowers and the wine down.  Dinner was enjoyed from the comfort of the couch as you two talked.  Wine was poured and the bottle finished within an hour. It was a wonderful evening for you both. Soon you both were a tad on the tipsy side when Tom decided he wanted to take pictures of you both on his phone.

Recently he had finally caved to using Snapchat.  For months, you had told him how fun it was with all of the different filters and voice changers.  When he relented, he had become a Snapchat monster.  His followers were subjected to many stories and funny videos a week. Not that anyone minded.  Tonight he was playing with the filters and had taken a video of you both kissing and laughing with the hearts floating around your heads.  He even put a ‘happy anniversary’ banner over the top of the video.  You thought it was adorable and wanted him to send it to you.

He was playing around with more filters giggling like a child but eventually he did send it to you. As you were cleaning up the living room table, Tom got quiet before you heard “Oops.”

“Oops what?”  That was when the phones started to ring, both yours and his.  

“I may have posted that on my feed for the world to see.”  Your eyes went wide as you dove to grab your phone.  Your best friend was calling you.  Tom’s agent was calling him.  Now the whole world was going to find out about your relationship.  Looking back over to him not wanting to answer it, the grin on his face sealed it.  He may have not done it on purpose but he was not upset about it.

“Tom…”  He pulled you down next to him so he could wrap you in his arms. Both phones continuing to ring.


Tags: @feelmyroarrrr  @bolontiku  @aquabrie   @malindacath  @almondbuttercup   @ex-bookjunky  @frenchfrostpudding  @saraholdtheh972  @cute-mirei

Something that I feel is under-explored is the fact that Jack is a queer history major. And he went to a very LGBTQ friendly college.

Basically imagine Jack being forever annoyed when people assume that historical figures were straight.

So, with the wonderful help of my dear irl bff @ohsobittle, let me tell you a story. (seriously follow her she’s The Best and we are essentially a matched set)

  • it really all just starts when they Jack is a little tipsy and hanging out with The Boys and Bitty (of course). Bitty is the DD for the night.
  • “Y’know, John Laurens was really cute.” “Who?” “John Laurens. Alexander Hamilton’s boyfriend.” “….what?”
  • (Bitty is on Jack duty. tipsy Jack will probably wander off and go try to teach a class if left unsupervised.)
  • “No seriously John Laurens was really cute. And so was Alexander. You know his eyes were actually /violet/? Like. Bittle. You don’t understand. Pull up a picture.”
  • (Shitty points out that Jack isn’t usually into gingers and Jack throws a pillow at him)
  • “no but he was described as having a peaches and cream complexion like what the fuck”
  • and then of course Holster is like “I didn’t know they were in love” and Jack is like “oh my god their letters, man, their LETTERS”
  • *cue theme music and History Shit With Jack Zimmermann* (credit to ohsobittle for that one)

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Compilation Posts

i’ve noticed that it’s become a trend on here for compilation posts to start circulating. what i mean by a compilation post is the op is collecting a variety of gifs, screenshots, and photos to make a sort of “list” about whatever topic they choose. this may be a “sexy jimin” post or a “savage yoongi” post, but no matter the topic a lot of these posts are using stolen and reposted work

how do you spot when something is stolen? @jjeonguk wrote a great post about it here. some of the tips include gifs being different sizes and/or styles, being watermarked with a url other than op’s, and being tagged with things like “bts smut” just to get their post into as many searches as possible.

reposters in general really piss me off, but thankfully most of the time once they’re called out they stop and/or the community bands together to make sure the stolen work isn’t being reblogged. but these compilation posts are popping up on my dash quite frequently. i never see anyone calling them out, and i never see people questioning if it’s stolen. plus, they’re getting thousands of notes. whole blogs seem to revolve around generating these kinds of compilation posts full of stolen content, and people keep letting it happen

here’s an example of what these posts with stolen content look like:

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“Wait, are you jealous?”// Ethan Dolan Imagine

A/N: Finally Saturday and I slept in till noon, gosh do I feel energized today. School is truly killing me. 

CAN SOMEONE WRITE SMUT FOR ME? lol I suck at writing smut and I sometimes want to add it to my stories but gosh do I suck at writing it. If can write smut please let me know. I will give you credit to your writing and will appreciate  you so much. 


Feedback would be highly appreciated xx

Your boyfriend and you were out walking through the busy sidewalks of the Grove. Everyone was busy chatting with their friends or out with their partner. Ethan would get stopped here and there when someone would recognize him. You didn’t mind taking their pictures and letting Ethan spend time with his fans. You understood that this was something that would always happen whenever the two of you would go out. After your third date together you started getting used to it. You weren’t going to deny that you didn’t get annoyed when it happened, because you did. 

Walking hand in hand with Ethan you began to swing your hand back and forth as the two of you made your way to your favorite pizza place. 

“Babe, do you have my phone?” Ethan asked you as he began to pat himself down searching for his phone. 

“Yeah,” you responded while reaching inside your purse and grabbed his phone. Handing it to him he thanked you and unlocked his phone. The two of you soon walked inside the pizza parlor and ordered your slice. Ethan found a table that was hidden by a large plant so the two of you would have some sort of privacy from his fans. 

That didn’t seem to work because before the two of you even got your food a group of girls approached the table looking nervous. 

Giving them a kind smile you lightly tapped Ethan’s arm so he would look over at the fans waiting to grab his attention. 

“Hey guys, how are you?” He asked them with a smile as he set his phone down on the table to give them his full attention. 

“We are doing great. We were wondering if we could have a picture with you? Sorry for interrupting your date but it would really mean a lot to us.” One of the girls spoke while glancing at you quickly and then looking back at Ethan. 

“Babe, is it fine if I go for a few minutes? I promise I’ll be quick,” he asked you. 

Nodding your head you gave him a small smile and told him it was fine. Soon he walked away with the group to talk and take pictures. Sighing you grabbed your phone and started scrolling through your twitter. Liking and replying to a few of your friends you laughed when you saw Grayson tweeted out that he was feeling lonely since the two of you left on a date. 

@ GraysonDolan: E and his girl went out for pizza and left me home all alone :( 

@ Y/U/N: Gray we asked if u wanted to come along and u said no I don’t want to be the 3rd wheel.  

“Here you go,” the waitress spoke while setting the slices down on the table. 

“Thank you, umm may I please get a re-fill in my drink?” You asked her politely while she looked over at the seat across from you probably wondering if you were just ditched. 

“I’ll be back in a minute,” she smiled before walking away back into the kitchen. Running your hands through your hair you decided to just eat without him knowing he took forever with his fans. 

“Y/N?” You heard someone ask you. Looking up you quickly swallowed your food and wiped your face with a napkin. 

“Oh my gosh Josh how are you?” You asked him while getting up to hug him. Wrapping your arms around him for a quick hug you pulled away. 

“I’m doing great! I just finished my first year at UCLA,” he happy stated. 

“Oh my gosh congrats! I’m so proud of you. How’s your mom?” 

“She’s doing great. I’m actually going back home to visit them in a few weeks. She keeps telling me about how your mom and her love going out on their girls day,” he laughed. 

“Yes! My mom was telling me about that a few nights ago. Oh and congrats on being a new uncle,” you smiled at him. As the two of you chatted Ethan looked inside the restaurant to check up on you. 

When he saw you were talking to a boy he excused himself from the fans and walked inside. 

“Oh my is my little niece the cutest thing ever. That’s another reason as to why I can’t wait to get home,” he excitedly exclaimed. 

Suddenly you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. Looking up you saw Ethan glaring at Josh. 

Amused you gave Josh a smile while rolling your eyes at your boyfriend. 

“Hey babe, how was it meeting the fans?” You asked him trying to grab his gaze. 

“It was fine,” he answered only glancing at you once before looking back up at Josh who also looked amused. 

“Your food is here, you can sit and eat while I talk to Josh,” You said only making his arms around your waist tighten up. 

“No I’ll be fine. So what are you two talking about?” He asked while forcing a smile on his face. 

“Actually I think I’m going to head out. I have a flight to catch tomorrow and need to rest. I’ll see you soon Y/N,” He smiled at you as he started walking past the two of you. 

“Bye Josh, take care. Tell you family I said hello.” 

Soon he was out the building and Ethan and you sat down to eat. 

Ethan would start picking at his food while you happily ate yours. 

“Aren’t you going to eat?” you asked him as you took a sip out of your drink. 

“Lost my appetite. Are you done we can start heading back to the apartment. Grayson and I have to film today.” He said in a monotone voice. 

Furrowing your eyebrows together you nodded your head and grabbed your bag. 

“Don’t you want to take that home?” You asked him as he left a tip on the table. 

“No it’s fine,” he spoke while getting up and letting you go in front of him. 

As you two walked to the car Ethan grabbed your hand, pulled you into him, and then proceeded to warp his arms around your waist. 

Looking around you saw Josh was chatting with a few friends. This made you realize what was going on. 

When the two of you guys got inside the car and shut the door you turned to look at Ethan. 

“Wait, are you jealous?” You asked him while he put the keys in the ignition. 

“No,” he bluntly responded but the rise in his voice told you otherwise. 

“Oh my gosh you are! Ethan there’s nothing to be jealous about,” you softly spoke while resting your hand on his. He was currently clenching the steering wheel while not once glancing at you. 

“Listen Ethan, I love you okay. I love you and nobody else. Look at me Ethan Grant,” you spoke with anger laced in your voice as he refused to look at you. Finally growing annoyed you grabbed his face and forcefully made him look at you. Keeping his face squished in-between your fingers you continued to reassure him. 

“You are the one whom I fall asleep next to, the one who makes me smile, the one who makes my heart race by just living, and the one who has my heart. E, I will never ever cheat on you with anyone else.” You honestly spoke while letting go of his face and rested your hand on his upper thigh. 

“I just can’t help it Y/N. I’m scared I’m going to lose you to someone else. Someone who doesn’t leave you in the middle of dates to go talk to other girls. Someone who is always home and doesn’t always travel out,” he rambled making your eyes soften. 

“Ethan I will never leave you for those reason. Those girls are your fans and without them you wouldn’t be able to tour the world. You traveling makes me so happy because it is what you love to do. Ethan I need for you to understand that I love you and will forever be supportive of you. You have no reason to be jealous,” you smiled while leaning down to press a soft kiss on his lips. 

His large hands soon cupped your face as he pulled you in closer. Your lips moved together in a soft yet harsh kiss. Ethan kissed you with as much passion as he could muster and as did you. 

Your hand rested on his thigh while the other one was tangled in his hair. Pulling away from him once you became breathless you stared into his dark eyes. 

“Home now,” you demanded while pulling away from him and putting on your seat belt as he fumbled with the steering wheel. 

Let’s just say that the rest of the day you two got enough exercise. 

Originally posted by g-e-dolan

Emma Swan when she discovers that Regina Mills has been with women before.

Astonishment, shock, disbelief, regret.  If only she had been honest with her own feelings. The sadness of a missed opportunity weighs heavily in her mind and in her heart.

A Swan Queen thought on a Saturday.  What does she do NOW?  Does she race to Regina’s door, in her yellow bug, like she has a million times before?  While she takes that last turn, her mind is occupied with questions. She wants to ask how this could be, how she has never known, how could they not have spoken about this, when they had confided in each other so much?

Demanding answers, she sprints up to Regina’s door and knocks firmly.

When Regina answers, she is puzzled at her unexpected guest’s stare. She is surprised to see, first, anger on Emma’s face, that transforms to full-blown curiosity.  Regina falters, wondering if Henry is okay.

“Emma, what’s happened?”

Her answer is Emma’s hands, shooting out of her leather jacket pockets to cup her cheeks.  Lips, that had fascinated Regina many times before, are all at once pressed to her own.

Regina tastes desperation in the kiss but something more when the pressure softens.  A moan of surprise quickly turns into one of surrender and she feels Emma’s fingers slide to her nape and tangle into her short dark hair.

After their physical exchange becomes heated, after their mouths open and their heads angle to accommodate inquiring tongues, they separate slowly in amazement and very out of breath.

Regina clears her throat and rasps, “Hello.” It’s all her brain can come up with after having been kissed within an inch of her life.

“You kissed me back.”  Emma says astounded. That wasn’t planned, obviously, and rather than chastise herself, Emma can only think about how much she enjoyed it. That brief kiss is the best kiss she has ever had, and she had been kissed a lot, especially as of late.  Her husband. She has a husband!  Even being reminded of that, Emma is appalled to realize she doesn’t feel guilty and she wants to kiss Regina again.

“Well, you kissed me first, Sheriff Swan.”  Regina’s retort is sharp.  She never calls the woman anything other than “Emma” nowadays, but she needs to distance herself and to feel less vulnerable (she’s tried so hard to conceal her true feelings from everyone), so she uses the formality. It will be a cold day in hell when she calls Emma “Mrs. Jones”.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen.”


“You don’t have to get snippy, Regina.”

“You come all the way over to my house…”

“All the way, what? Of a FIVE minute drive?”

“… and KISS me…”  Emma snorts defensively and crosses her arms and stares at Regina’s high heeled boots.  "What do you expect, Emma?  That I jump for joy?“

Emma squints over a cheeky smirk, “Only if you want to. I mean I don’t know how I compare with all the other WOMEN you’ve kissed.”

Regina’s jaw drops and those gorgeous eyes widen.  "How did you… I mean, who told you that?“

"Why didn’t you tell me you also like women?”

“And when was I supposed to tell you this?  When I was trying to poison you?  'Oh hey, PAIN IN MY ASS, eat my forbidden fruit.  Then, take a bite of this apple.’?”

It’s a bit crude and a little revealing of her desires, but Regina doesn’t think before dropping her sarcastic remark.  Emma’s brows raise high on her head, and Regina wills herself not to blush, though she can’t be sure of her success at that.

Emma chooses to ignore it, though the implication sends a tremble through her system, straight to her center.  "No, but maybe during the road trips we’ve taken.  All those quiet moments in the bug.“

Regina gives a scoffing laugh and crosses her own arms obstinately.  "Ah yes, because it is so like me to discuss my sexuality to the combined sounds of a Cheetos bag rustling, as you stuff your face, and Tom Petty and the Heartbrakers on the radio.”

“Regina, why didn’t you just TELL me?”

“Because Emma… we talk but we don’t TALK.”  Regina threw her hands up in exasperation. “We’re friends but…” Regina sighs, “…not.”

“What does THAT mean?”

“I don’t know.”

“I thought we WERE friends, Regina.  Good friends.”

“We are but we’re… something more.”

The blonde pensively stares.  "Something MORE.“

They are quiet until Regina blurts out in utter frustration, "We’re WEIRD is what we are!”

Emma becomes nervous when Regina becomes uncharacteristically jittery. It’s like she can feel Regina pulling away and that’s not what she wants, so what does she do?  She grabs Regina and kisses her again.

And Regina succumbs, again, her sexy fingers clutching Emma’s biceps and coming into contact with toned muscles.  She reels at the touch.

When they part, in a daze, Regina says softly, “You kissed me again.”

“I know.”  Emma holds her close still.


“Because I wanted to.”

Regina gulps. She is intoxicated with these breath-taking kisses. She never thought she’d be lucky enough to get them from Emma Swan, and still she doesn’t know if she quite deserves them.

“Emma, this is probably a bad idea…”  She is swiftly cut off by Emma’s lips again, stroking and suckling hers.  Her hands are behind Emma’s shoulders, clinging to her and when she is released slightly and their lips part, Regina attempts to clear the love-drunk haze to form words.  All she can say is, “Stop that”, but her reprimand has not even one shred of sincerity, or bite.  On the contrary, she is still encouraging Emma’s embrace and leans in slightly wanting to join lips again.

The blonde leans back and can’t help a dimple from showing. “You like kissing me.”

Regina’s eyes snap open, full size, and she squirms to escape, but Emma holds her more solidly.  "Unhand me!“

Emma’s tone is playful and she surprisingly doesn’t care if she is spotted kissing the mayor in her doorway, though no one seems to be paying attention. "You’re getting snippy again.  The thing is, you’re even sexier when you’re angry.  I’m thinking maybe that’s why I like pissing you off so much.”

“You are certifiable, Miss Swan.”  

And the name just slips from Regina’s lips naturally but it sobers them, because, really, she is NOT “Miss Swan” any longer.

“Crap. We have a problem.”

Regina gulps again and she refuses to let her eyes mist.  She allowed herself to cry, and cry brilliantly, once: the day she found out Emma had gotten engaged to that hook-handed buffoon. She promised herself never to cry over the loss again.  "YOU have a problem.  I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee, have a slice of apple strudel, and pretend this never happened.“

At first it is on the tip of her tongue to say, "Don’t you DARE forget this” until the rest of Regina’s comment registers.  "You made apple strudel?“ Emma asks, interested.

Rolling her eyes, Regina quips, "You’re salivating and, NO, you may not have any.”

“I’ve been salivating since you opened the door, and not for strudel.  And not offering me any is not being a nice host.”

“I didn’t invite you OVER, remember?  You came here and ASSAULTED me.”

That brings Emma’s focused gaze back to Regina’s delicious mouth and she forgets the strudel.

“I want to kiss you again. That’s crazy, right?”

“Emma…”  Regina places both hands on Emma’s breast bone to push her off but wrinkles her jacket instead.  "Please…“

It’s uncertain whether it is a plea from Regina to kiss her or not.

Emma releases her and backs away.  She is a hero, an honorable one, and here she is, a married woman, kissing someone else and wanting to continue to do so. This isn’t right, but if that’s true, why does it FEEL so right?

"On second thought.  I think I’ll pass on the strudel. I need some time to…” Emma doesn’t know what she is going to do   but she knows that this was a damn game changer.  Her life can never be the same as it was an hour ago.

The sheriff spins on a heel and fleas, getting into her car and driving off, leaving a bewildered, bothered, and aroused Regina behind.

(The photo is a reposting but I didn’t reblog because I think this Emma Swan fan is a C$ fan also. I honestly try and stay clear, but look at that face! This is how I see these pictures.) Credit goes to fyesthesavior.

Love Triangle 2 (Jensen x Reader)

(Credit to owner)

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Female Reader, DaughterOC!Gracely

Warnings: some angst

Word Count: 1,332

(The song listened to while writing was Please Don’t Leave Quite Yet - Adam Agin)

part 1

FEEDBACK IS MUCH APPRECIATED If you want to be tagged, let me know! 

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Miscellaneous Batman headcanons as relate to my little fic universe, that may or may not ever come up because who knows:

  • In general when it comes to Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne people go in one of two directions. Either he is the mysterious eccentric always galavanting around and seeing him at a party is like a Bigfoot sighting, or he is obnoxious and spoiled but people let him get away with it because he has money. But then it’s always a plot point that he is surrounded by vapid gold diggers?? I call bullshit, maybe Bruce Wayne is actually a really nice guy and he’s charming and charismatic and people think he is kind of naive, and maybe his smiles don’t always reach his eyes but maybe he just seems kind of lonely and people appreciate that he makes the effort. Maybe the women of Gotham are not all money-grubbing and shallow and actually recognize a good guy when they see one.
  • That actually will definitely come up but it’s still on the list because it relates to the next bullet point.
  • Models! In general models start working at 16 and are done when they’re 23. Modeling is an industry full of very young girls getting chewed up and spit out and sorry but you will never convince me that Batman would take advantage of that even under the guise of Billionaire Bruce Wayne. If you are a model and you meet Bruce Wayne he will be nice and he will be respectful and honestly he will act like a protective older brother and it’s just??? Such a change of pace???? He’s so nice????? And if they aren’t happy with their agency maybe he will direct them to some Wayne Enterprises subsidiary, and maybe when some photographer is being a skeeve they let him know and he never works in that town again, and maybe if they end up needing to go to rehab he pays for it because he can afford it and actually he owns the rehab center and also he is the sweetest man alive. So maybe when they need a plus one to a fashion event, they invite Bruce Wayne because they know he won’t take advantage, and maybe Bruce has a list of women and their interests so if he needs a plus one and he knows Anita loves the ballet he will call her up and they will go and they will mostly talk about her new cat because his name is Chairman Meow and she loves him the most. And when people ask later if she totally banged Bruce Wayne she says yes, it was awesome, his dick was huge, because idk man sometimes when a guy is nice you just tell people that as a courtesy. Then at parties Bruce Wayne is just surrounded by models and everyone shakes their heads and tsks about it while they ask him how he’s been and show him pictures of their cats.
  • Which is not to suggest that maybe when they are older and in a more stable place in their lives they do not actually bang Bruce Wayne because they probably do. Who wouldn’t???
  • One day some little girl is worried that Batman might skip her neighborhood and she decides the best way to make sure he shows is to leave some cookies on the roof of her building because if it’s good enough for Santa then why not Batman? But she’s like six so of course they are basically inedible and they’re supposed to look like bats but they kind of just look like poorly drawn distant seagulls and she leaves them out with a note like “For Batman only do not touch!!” and in the morning they are gone and she is satisfied that Batman has been patrolling to keep her safe. And eventually all the kids are doing this in Gotham and it’s just a whole buffet of confusingly-shaped poorly-made attempts at cookies (you have to make them yourself the children decide because when you are a kid it is important to have Rituals). Eventually Batman can tell which neighborhoods are having the most trouble based on density of cookies per block. He doesn’t actually eat them because he does not want to get food poisoning and at least once he’s pretty sure those were made of Play-Doh but he takes them anyway because he knows it helps kids feel safe.
  • A criminal tries to leave out poison cookies once but not only does he not eat them, it is immediately obvious what’s going on because these actually look like food.
  • If the cookies are still there in the morning the children all have a crisis because something is wrong with Batman and the religious kids pray and the nonreligious kids do weird superstitious shit that they have convinced themselves is helpful.
  • Kids love Batman okay especially little girls, as a little girl who loved Batman I can confirm.
  • Some of them probably leave out drawings and he keeps them in the Batcave sorry these are just Facts.
  • Bruce Wayne’s doctor is paid a fortune to make housecalls and she is well aware by now that he is Batman, but she lets him claim he was bungee jumping or whatever the fuck it is he thinks is plausible because she knew his father and she remembers when he was a cute kid and honestly who even cares.
  • Bruce Wayne’s dentist has also figured out that he is Batman because jesus fucking christ we just replaced those crowns what are you even DOING to your TEETH half of these are just implants now you are going to need dentures by forty please god just wear a fucking mouthguard draw some scary fangs on it if you have to like he appreciates how much money he is making replacing this man’s teeth but even he has limits
  • Bruce Wayne’s personal accountant has also figured him out because his money just falls into a goddamn non-deductible pit and he kept trying to lie about it and then changing the lie around when he realized the answer he was giving impacted his return and I’m sorry Bruce I might not be rich but even I know that you probably did not spend several million dollars this year on cheesecakes covered in gold leaf and you accidentally filed a project cost analysis for a stealth jet in with your receipts but lucky for you I am NICE and I shredded it for you and also those projections were poorly done so hit me up if you want someone who actually knows how regression works buddy
  • Catwoman never tries to rob Bruce Wayne because cats know that he is a cool guy. Actually it’s Batman that is always nice to cats but they smell the same so the cats don’t know the difference. They’re just like naw girl, that territory belongs to a friend of cats, don’t trespass unless it is for scritches because that guy gives some good scritches.
  • Robin eats one of the batcookies once and regrets it for the rest of the night. Don’t eat cookies left outside by small children. Just don’t.
  • Bruce Wayne got a JD/MBA and graduated at the top of his class, I know people like the idea of dropout Bruce Wayne backpacking around and learning to punch people but he also does not want to tank his father’s company or let criminals escape justice through Bat-shaped loopholes?? He probably went to Yale and took max credits every semester and spent all his time studying and working out and then went off in summers to learn new and exciting ways to punch a dude. He had no social life he slept like six hours max every night and he ruined the curve for everyone, what a dick.
The Riverdaily Rundown - 08/22/2017

Alright, mofos. This is about to be the worst rundown in the history of rundowns, partially because I feel really sick and partially because I feel so sick I don’t give a shit. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

One of the Riverdale writers uploaded a photo to their instagram stories, and the fandom is freaking out. I know what you’re thinking, when is the fandom not freaking out? I’d like to think that we’re pretty calm on every 2nd Tuesday of the month, but maybe that’s just me. 

No, but really, the fandom is freaking out for a legitimate (though miniscule) reason for once in its goddamn history of existence. The photo shows an array of items: a cellphone, a partially drunk water bottle, a really cool name tag, a pen that may have spent its time dwelling in a mouth, and a script. Guess which item the fandom is freaking out about:

A) cellphone

B) a partially drunk water bottle

C) a really cool name tag

D) a pen that may have spent its time dwelling in a mouth


E) a script

If your answer was anything other than “E” then you truly need to work on your comprehension and deduction skills. Bless.

Only a small part of the script is shown, and a lot of it is unintelligible without further context; however, several fans have already latched onto keys words and have sent the fandom into a frenzy. (x) @tfios-forever16

This hiatus has really done a number on us all, hasn’t it? 

Lili Reinhart is being Lili Reinhart again. Which pretty much means that Lili Reinhart is sleighing the game one reindeer at a time. (wow. that joke was funnier in my head. i’d erase it, but like i said in the beginning, i don’t give a shit)

Here’s a cute picture of Lili in Betty’s bedroom looking like an absolute cutie pie and being a total dweeb. (x) @riverdalelovee

@lilireinhart don’t worry, homie. That’s a compliment. 

Why are there so many men in her room? Probably because the patriarchy feels the need to inhabit every area that a woman tries to claim as her own! Or maybe just ‘cause they’re setting up some shit to film. Idk. Both seem pretty likely to me. 

(Pssst! That was a joke!)

Here’s a cute video clip of Lili doing things. I make that exact face when my mother says we ran out of ranch dressing. Right before I start sobbing uncontrollably, actually. (x) @sprousehartinvestigation

Wow. Look. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s LILI REINHART BEING A MEME QUEEN! 

Exhibit A) distorted photo of KJ captioned, “You’re grumpy today.” (x) @lilireinhart

Exhibit B) I don’t have any more exhibits. Isn’t one enough for you? I don’t get paid for this shit. The government doesn’t send me any checks to compile this content. Cut a girl some slack. Gosh.

Anyway, based off of this picture alone, I think that they should cast KJ as Jimmy Neutron if they ever make a live-action reboot. @nickelodeon do itttttttt. You know you want to!

Sprousehart fans, if you believe in God almighty, you might want to send a little thank you up to him, ‘cause he has been BLESSING Y’ALL! Straight up, y’all haven’t gotten this much content in wayyyyy too long. I felt your pain, kids. I prayed for us. I prayed for our sins. I prayed for a sign, signs, anything.

Here are your signs. 

Lili. With. Dog. (x) @sprouseharts

Cole. With. Same. Dog? (x) @rarecolesprouse

“Lili & Cole” + “Dog that is same Dog” = “Sprousehart + shared Dog?”

Update! That picture of Cole with a dog is an old picture! I was so sick, I didn’t even notice that his hair was a different color. I’d blame myself, but I’m bad at taking responsibility for things, so I’m going to blame the universe instead. At least we still got Puppo pictures!!!

Yeah, we went over this the other day when we got a few snippets of the top of the doggo’s head. Now, we have gotten full photos of Cole and Lili with more than a snippet of the dog. 

Look, I’m not all that excited ‘bout this. Okay? But that’s mostly ‘cause I’m allergic to dogs so I have a personal vendetta against them. You guys on the other hand? Y’all best be excited fo’ this shizniz. This is exciting af fo’ y’all and if ya don’t appreciate it? 

Murder. Whose murder? Who’s being murdered? Who’s murdering? Idk. I can’t say that much without possibly incriminating myself in the future. I plead the fifth. (Can I do that? Get me my ghost lawyer.)

When you hear the phrase, “Your hair looks like a glorious raven dove down and blessed your head by choosing it as its resting place for eternity,” are you offended or complimented? 

I believe it’s a compliment, and that is exactly what Cole Sprouse’s hair looks like in this photo he took with a fan. (x) @no1angxl

My question for you, Cole, is do you have to wash it or does it wash itself? Also, does it sleep perched atop your head as you try to sleep, or does it take flight into the deep midnight of the world, only to return as the dusty orange of the sun makes its way across the horizon? 

These are very important and serious questions. Please answer them so that I may finally write that thesis paper that nobody wants to hear and nobody asked for. Thank you.

Rumors, rumors everywhere. 

Rumors, rumors in the air. 

What is true and what is fake? 

Who knows? I baked a cake!

That’s my poem. Ur welcome for the A+ content. I will be adding that to my thesis as well. Send me MLA formatted essays analyzing it to receive no credit and zero acknowledgment!

Anyway, rumors are spreading around the fandom fast. One fan claims to have seen Lili and Cole holding hands and walking into the same hotel room. (x) @amab1060

Don’t ask me what I think. I’m a hopeless romantic, and I want everyone to be dating. I spent three years trying to convince my family that Pearl and Sandy Cheeks were going to get married. I am most definitely not a trustworthy source.

The only real trustworthy sources in this situation are Cole and Lili, so ask them. Or, y’know, don’t because its none of our business, and we really shouldn’t be sticking our noses into it any farther than we already have.

If they’re dating they’ll tell us when they want to (if they want to). If they’re not dating? Congratulations, guys. You are all officially candidates to date single Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart. 

How you like them apples, eh?


Here’s a Varchie gif. The parallel is amazing. Reblog it and like it faster than a soccer mom driving to a weekly yoga class she’s late to. Damn kids always forgetting their juice boxes. (x) @veronicadvalle

@/Camera_Duels is back and it’s sadder than ever.

Just kidding, it’s super entertaining. Just kidding, it’s sad af. Just kidding, it’s both. Life is a spectrum. Live on the spectrum.

We all love Cole (probably). We would all love to meet Cole (possibly). And I’m pretty sure we would all jump at any chance to get proof that we saw Cole (most likely). However, we probably shouldn’t be jumping for anything other than the 1984 Van Halen classic “Jump” in the car. Why? Death. You can’t jump for anything if you’re dead. (x) @gershwinn

Which doesn’t actually seem that bad if it gets me out of doing an intense (5) amount of jumping jacks.

Also, dudes, have you no soul? Just kidding, don’t feel bad about taking a picture, but like you probably shouldn’t. He’s a dude. A famous dude, sure. But a dude with dude emotions and dude rights to privacy. Let the dude dude in the comfort of his dude privacy, dude.

Here’s a post that lays it down pretty well. (x) @jandjsalmon

Content, BABY!

Fan Art! (x) @gogenevieveart

Aesthetics! (x) (x) @theshaggingwagon @protectjugheadjonesiii

Sorry for such a shitty rundown. It matches my equally shitty day, tbh. Hopefully this enough content to tide you over for the next 24 hours. 

If it isn’t, stop being a greedy lil’ bitch.

Peace out, bitches.

glynnisi  asked:

Can you please write ShieldShock, 9. one small kiss, pulling away for an instant, then devouring each other ? Your kiss prompt stories are WONDERFUL.

i’m so glad you liked them!! this is the last one, and i’ve had such a fun time discovering the shieldshock ship.

thanks to @ragwitch for reminding me that i hadn’t done the quintessential ‘darcy teaches steve about the 21st century.’ you’re the best muse.

“Is this some kind of weird profiling thing?” Darcy demanded, slamming her hands down on Coulson’s desk. “I’m a female millennial, so the only thing I’m good at is teaching pop culture and social media?!”

Her erstwhile boss pinched the bridge of his nose, clearly praying for patience. “Darcy, you know that’s not true. Would you prefer Agent Sitwell do it? Agent Barton? Tony Stark?” His voice raised a few decibels with every suggestion, and she idly wondered whether his office was soundproof.

“No,” she admitted, then added hotly, “but they aren’t the only available options, and you know it!”

With an irritated sigh, Coulson said firmly, “You are the only person I have on staff who has already been in contact with an Avenger, who I can trust not to anger the Captain or give him an unduly skewed picture of history.” He sat back in his chair and flicked his tie, clearly indicating that he considered the matter settled.

“You really care about this, huh?” she asked, with a sigh. He didn’t respond, and she grumped, “Fine. I’ll help you out. Not that I had a real choice,” she muttered under her breath. Coulson didn’t reply, but the corner of his mouth twitched. It was the equivalent of a full belly laugh, as far as she was concerned, and she was oddly proud.

Not too proud—she still had to have the last word. As she moved to the door, she teased, “Don’t worry, Son of Coul, I won’t let your idol down!” Cackling, she darted into the hallway before he could say anything else.

Only to immediately run into Steve Rogers himself, who was leaning against the wall outside the office. He looked a little grumpy, now that he wasn’t in that atrocious star-spangled outfit. But honestly, if she’d been dumped in a different century without warning or care for her psychological health, Darcy would probably feel the same way.

With that in mind, she stuck her hand out for him to shake. “Hi, Captain Rogers. It’s very nice to meet you. I’m Darcy.” He returned her handshake firmly, without hesitation. But there was something hidden behind his eyes, a kind of wariness that hinted at repeated disappointments.

And at that moment, with his warm hand in hers and the reserved smile that just barely tilted the curve of his lips, Darcy decided she didn’t want to be added to that list.


“This is iconic music,” he questioned, clearly doubting her. “Darce, are you pullin’ my leg?”

She chuckled at his skepticism, then laughed even harder at his disbelief that The Beatles could ever be considered good music. Her laugh turned into a snort as she pictured the American people’s reaction to finding out this surprising bit of information about Steve Rogers, Captain America.

She cracked an eye open to look at him, which only set her off into another round of laughter. He looked completely bemused by it all, and she rushed to reassure him that she wasn’t making fun of him.

“I’m not pulling your leg,” she promised, wiping a stray tear from the corner of her eye. “It’s just that everyone loves The Beatles. You have formed a very unpopular opinion, Steve.”

His face relaxed into a teasing grin, in a way she’d only rarely gotten to see in the few months they’d been hanging out—err, having very official pop culture information sessions. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight, and she almost missed what he said altogether.

“C’mon, Darce,” he coaxed, ducking his chin and looking up at her through his eyelashes, all sincere and earnest. As if she didn’t know better. “You can’t say that this is the best music you’ve ever heard.”

“I’m actually not a huge fan,” she finally admitted, and he crowed in triumph. “But that is not an opinion widely shared by the rest of the country,” she insisted, knowing that her words fell on deaf ears. His eyes danced with merriment as they met hers, and he didn’t look disappointed at all. Something warm stirred in her chest, but she shoved it away.


“Okay, now I know you’re pullin’ my leg,” he stated authoritatively, watching the title credits for Spice World scroll across the screen. His arm was still around her, and she had no desire whatsoever to move away. “There’s no way this is considered classic cinema, Darce.”

“That’s a matter of opinion,” she sniffed haughtily, trying not to laugh as they made eye contact.

The doorbell rang, and the moment was broken. Steve cast one more disdainful look at the TV and then got up to tip the pizza delivery guy. Was it just her, or did his fingers trail reluctantly across her shoulder as he pulled away?


A light touch trailing up and down her arm brought Darcy to full consciousness. She blinked sleepily, trying to focus her eyes in the dimly-lit room. The scrolling credits of The Return of the King were playing on the TV, and she couldn’t read them very well. The words were sideways, she realized; turning her body, she stared up at the underside of Steve’s jaw. At her movement, his hands faltered and fell away from her arm.

“There you are,” Steve said, looking down at her with soft eyes. “I was beginning to think you’d sleep the whole way through.”

“I’m so sorry,” she said, darting upright. His hand followed her shoulder, only to drop awkwardly in the space between them. “I can’t believe I fell asleep on you.”

The mischievous slant to his grin fell away, and he rushed to reassure her. “No, sweetheart, you don’t need to apologize. It was nice, being able to just relax with you. Like it’s not a job.” His mouth snapped shut on the last word, like he’d said too much. Her stomach was still fluttering over the endearment, and it took her a second to catch up.

“What? Steve, you know you’re not a job to me. Right?” She reached out to cup his cheek, searching for a way to make him believe her.

His hand came up to cover hers, holding it in place, and his eyes closed for a long moment. He looked relaxed. Happy. A ball of tension she hadn’t even known was there unfurled in her gut, and she smiled at him.

“Darce,” he said, opening his eyes to meet hers with determination. “I have a culture question.”

She was a little startled by the change of subject, but said, “Shoot.”

“In my day,” he began, removing his hand from hers and reaching up to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. His fingers trailed lightly down her jaw, and she had to struggle to focus on his words. “Watchin’ a movie with a dame was considered a date.” He paused, licking his lips nervously, and her eyes fixated on the movement. “Is that still true in this century?”

Her heart thudded in her chest. “Yes,” she whispered, leaning into him.

He pulled her closer, until their lips were a hair’s breadth apart. “So, we’re dating?”

“Do you want to be?” she asked, unwilling to make the first move. He’d not gotten to choose very much for himself since waking up in this century, and she wasn’t going to steal this too.

He closed the distance, pressing a light, fluttery kiss against her lips. She barely had time to relish the sensation of his lips on hers before he was pulling away. “Yes,” he whispered, mouth brushing against hers with the single syllable.

And then he leaned back in, and this kiss was everything she’d ever hoped for. His lips slid against hers like they were made to—warm and pliant and trembling with months of suppressed feelings—and she pressed closer. Without even breaking contact, he picked her up and shifted so that she was sitting in his lap.

Darcy rocked against him, opening her mouth against his and letting the fire consume them both. Their tongues stroked and teased, sliding against each other until she had to break away for air. She trailed light, nipping bites against the smooth line of his jaw, all the way down until she reached the sensitive spot beneath his ear. He shuddered beneath her and coaxed her mouth back to his, pressing a fervent kiss against her mouth.

His arms came up to cradle her against him, and he broke the kiss to whisper hoarsely against her temple, “You’re everything I never knew to hope for, Darce. Thank you for bringing me home.”

Expressions during the post-science fair argument in AToTS

I was rewatching a bit of AToTS and was paying a little bit more attention to the way Ford is animated during one part of the argument he and Stan have right after the science fair. Cue rambling analysis.

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just to put some armor on ya // stozier

in which stan is certain that he has the worst soulmate ever. that opinion doesn’t change when he meets him. college students!au, pennywise doesn’t exist!au, soulmate!au

author’s note: idea credit to @shitty-water and these two posts: x x. i haven’t written anything in ages please go easy on me.

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Almost Never

Just a cute little oneshot that takes place in the Do No Harm universe during their pre-Talon affair. Thank you to @dinochoobs, who always has good ideas somehow.

Haven’t read DNH yet? You should! I promise this is chock full of references to the fic that you  will enjoy.

1329 Words

Amelie’s phone chirped with the familiar tone of an incoming text message. She definitely didn’t have it resting on her chest while she laid down on the hideous purple couch and pretended to watch television. She definitely didn’t leave it there to make sure she didn’t miss any incoming messages. She definitely wasn’t waiting for Angela to call her. Definitely not.

Angela usually called, so maybe it wasn’t her. Regardless, the alert stirred Amelie from her vegetative state. She only realized that she’d already seen this episode of the baking competition show she had on when her eyes strayed to the holo screen for a moment and looked at it, not through it. She picked her phone up off of her collarbone and swiped in her security pattern.

It took her two tries. She never used to use one, before. Having something to hide was still new to her.

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