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What would Nikolai do if he finds out about Yuri and Otabek relationship? (mafia au)

He would not be happy at all. While he loves Otabek dearly – enough to trust him with his grandsons life, in fact – it would be a huge breech of that trust to know that Otabek is involved with his grandson behind his back, when he’s supposed to just be protecting him. Not kissing him in the dark in clubs when they think no  one is watching, not letting Yuri call him daddy and sit in his lap, not fucking Yuri into his lush oversized bed with one hand over his mouth to keep him quiet, whispering secrets to each other in the dark afterwards. Not imagining keeping Yuri all to himself, away from all of this, even if they both know that’s impossible.

So, while I don’t think any serious grievous bodily harm would come to Otabek if Nikolai found out what he was doing, Otabek definitely wouldn’t just simply be “fired” and told to leave St. Petersburg nicely. I think he’d definitely get roughed up pretty bad (although Nikolai wouldn’t let anyone kill him, but he just can’t let it slide either just because it’s Otabek too, or he’ll lose respect from everyone.) It’s a tough call for him because Otabek is like family to him, but even family can betray you as he knows too well ;(

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TOP! 5!! WAIFUS!!!

1. Holo

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2. Azusa

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3. Noel

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4. Kagami 

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 5. Kaiki

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Do you know fics that take the canon and expand on it? Kind of like "Winter Song" or "We Call Everything..."? I'd love to read one from you, since I love your style and headcanons, but you're not writing one, right? Unless you plan on it? I like the two I mentioned but I can't get enough. The canon is mostly the sport and I need more of the times in between competitions, so much time together we don't get to see! Do you have recs?

Ooo yeah I do know those fics!!! They’re so interesting to read I totally agree!! I don’t personally see myself writing one like that – but if I thought of a good enough idea I totally would!

Haha if you were to ask me for recs with that trope I totally would’ve given you the two you recced to me!! But maybe some people could reply with some good ones? Also you could check out @victuurificrec

So obviously I’ve now listened to “Unlove You” about 2983656328 times since yesterday and I just thought it was important to share my favorite lines because reasons…

If I were twenty-five
I know just what I’d do
I would have already kissed
Till I was drunk on your lips
A thousand times too few
But we have other lives
And we know it ain’t right
This is going nowhere
If I’m with you I don’t care
Take me nowhere tonight

Fanfic: Late Night Scare, Timeless | FanFiction

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I don’t know why i did this, i just wanted an excuse

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Yep, you can use them just put credits

so i was talking to @captain-kitt and they came up with the cutest headcannon kJHGFGHJK w hAT IF KARASUNO ALREADY WENT WITHOUT OIKAWA HAVING THE CHANCE TO THROW PETTY COMMENTS AT THEM



12x03 vs. 12x12.  That time Castiel got resolution on where he belonged.  

My fav thing about this series is we have this canon line that Keith sleeps like a baby, but hes often made out to be an insomniac. Idk why I find that interesting.

Im off my work schedule so far I don’t even care. Sure I have a plan but Ive been interesting in trying to learn new things.. This time.. calming the fuck down. I tend to go over board when it comes to makeing stuff look perfect. I want a sketcher tone to my work.

I realize this line may be wrong cause im going off memory but you get the idea