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16K+ followers!

Sometime yesterday I tripped over the 16K follower milestone! I honestly can’t believe it. I don’t even think I can imagine that many people holy shit excuse me i need a moment to lie the fuck down


The last couple of weeks have been absolutely mad, but so much fun. The 90s diet coke AU train-wreck has been hilarious and your ideas and headcanons are amazing and so creative <3 I honestly thought I’d draw a one-off picture and that would be that, but now I seem to have an entire AU on my hands! You’re all making the AU waaay better than I could alone! <3 AND ALSO PEOPLE WRITING FIC OR DRAWING FANART FOR IT, HOW MAD IS THAT?? 

I want to continue playing in this sandbox so I hope it continues to be enjoyable for the rest of you! Definitely look out for more Peter Pan AU stuff as well.

Thank you thank you thank you for your support ; w ; I’ll try to keep doing my best!

anonymous asked:

So how long does it usually take for you to draw a comic? And do you have any advice for people who are new to drawing comics?

it depends on the comic? if it’s just something where i can copy and paste the lines with slight adjusting probably 1-3 hours (depending on the length and overall complexity) and if it’s something where i’m drawing every panel individually around 2-5 hours (again depending on length and complexity)?? i have no real way of measuring time when i draw though haha, i just kind of draw and occasionally look to see that it’s not 6am so i couldn’t give you a real accurate measurement? 

as for advice…most of the comics i draw are decently simple just to get the point across, i’m in NO way a professional at it hahaha! (just look at those backgrounds…) so i’m not sure i have too much useful advice to give? i’d just say…. don’t worry too much about minute details, not every panel is going to be perfect. people consume comics very quickly, and as long as you have a good concept people can forgive a lot (or not even notice it)… but try to look back on previous panels as much as you can to make sure they all string together and make a legible piece since it is all being taken in as one concept instead of many smaller concepts…and just have fun with it? find out what the focus of your comic is and roll with it, don’t make it too complicated (however much you might want to), and have fun with it. people would rather look at something completely ridiculous than something too stiff. good luck out there! may you have many nice tags in your comic making journey.