if you know what i meaaaaan

Wait! Hannibal Roy Bean doesn’t state that Jack’s one generation away from ‘True Evil’. This is how the actual conversation goes:

Jack: “Uhh… one day I want to be as evil as you.”

Bean: “Well ain’t you sweet. You will. Once you overcome your fears.”

Jack: “I’m not afraid of anything!”

Bean: “You sleep with a night-light. You’re scared of clowns. And you have a panic attack when you’re away from your mamma’ for more then one day." 

Jack: "How do you know that!”

Bean: “It’s apparent to me that you’re just one generation away from good… That’s why you work so hard to prove you’re [he chuckles] Evil.”

Jack: “I am Evil. I am! A-and… I want to go home now…”

He also says “If you’re true evil you know what to do.” Jack doesn’t know what to do, and Hannibal continues to say “Just open the cage and let me out you twit!”
But why didn’t Jack let him out?


Hello everyone! It’s nearing the end of 2014 so you know what it meaaaaans - it’s time for my 2014 Follow Forever aka #FF2014

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As far as memories go (both football and personal), 2014 was one of the best years so far (definitely better than 2013), and I just wanna personally acknowledge these people since they made logging on to Tumblr absolutely worthwhile.

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