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Got7 reaction when they slowly start to realise their s/o is actually bat shit crazy... Like talks to themselves, has weird rituals and snaps super easy but the gets calm in a second and laughs about it

i hope this is coming from someone who does this bc i have some words if not

mark would be a bit put off, but he seems like a guy who can get used to abnormal behavior really easily. after a while he might find some of it endearing even if some of the other parts cause arguments (though the arguments never last long).

jackson would be the most receptive to it, i think. he’s got his own weird rituals (like sniffing people and probably some other things that we’re not quick enough to catch) and he’d understand yours. he gets hurt easily though, so he might take some of your words the wrong way even if you didn’t mean to hurt him.

jaebum would be offended all the time, probably, and this is coming from a place of complete honesty. the talking to yourself wouldn’t bother him at all (he’s probably a person that does this a lot too with all of the stuff going on in his busy mind) but if he got snapped at he’d be hurt an angry and an argument would probably ensue. he’s a genuine guy, and while he may seem guarded and cold he’s very vulnerable to the people that he cares about.

jinyoung would be intrigued. he seems like a person who really appreciates the differences in other people whether he ends up amused, enraptured, saddened, or even a little angry by what they do. he’d push himself into your space when other people think you should be left alone, but he never judges the situation wrong. he’d probably know what you want better than you do (but he’d never overstep his boundaries).

youngjae and bambam fall in the same category. i think they’d be scared out of a relationship because of a lack of education and (i hate to say it) understanding. they don’t mean any harm but? yeah

yugyeom is honestly a mystery to me. i don’t know what to say about him. he’s in my top 3 and i have no fucking clue.

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So sad that Wigsworth has gone back to the states, I love the 'Dope' ship ie (Daniel and Hope). They are such best friend goals tbh🙌🙌

the word dope reminds me of fuckboys who wear nike shirts and knee high white socks and smoke weed after school but yes hope and daniel are best friend goals

Why I Love Writers

How We Write: The world in the morning was a land frost kissed and chilled. The sun rising above the willows to burn away fog and drink it up again. We rise anew, our bones stretching, our skin shimmering, our blood beating a drummer boys concerto. The land is coffee beans and frying pans and sweetness on the tongue, and we follow its path to whatever life may bring. We are the people and we are alive and we are ready.

How We Talk: Um- I mean… sure… yeah… uh, I mean I guess I’m a morning person I mean oh shit I stuttered didn’t I I mean fu-frick, there’s a lot of stuff in the morning that I like and coffee is basically, you know, good or something or… um… the floor is cold? And sorry, I keep saying cruse words, oh shit I mean curse words I messed up my letters lol um… wow this is super awkward um… maybe we could start over and HOLY SHIT A PUPPY.

no okay i’m already trash enough as it is with cockles i don’t need this….. dang it



Actual Eurovision 2016 winners Måns and Petra

someone: after all they had been through, han and leia deserved a better son. they actually deserved a daughter like rey. god, they must hate their own child.