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I just want to say I am so proud of wonho for what he did in the last ep of right now. He was so brave!, i mean he’s usually scared of even going up the stairs. I really respect wonho and always have and always will and this time more because he managed to turn around to the camera and say “Monsta X will succeed” while he was literally shaking and crying! and he also said “Kids(monsta x) I love you” just before he jump make me think he must really love his team. In the air all he did was screaming “Monsta X fighting” and when he landed he look at the camera and said “MonBebe i love you”.I know what I’m saying might sound very biased right now but really his heart is full of love if you know him very well. The love Wonho have for us, the fandom and his team is indescribable. He really is one special guy and i just love him so much for his bravery and his honest love! 

Do the cishet ace/aro people who claim that they believe that gay aces are still gay and whatnot but don’t think straight aces are straight realize how transparent they are? 

Do they not understand how heterosexism works? How it dictates the hetero as unmarked and ubiquitous? How it’s completely and totally expected for straight people not to view themselves as straight? How they are able to hold the cognitive dissonance of viewing certain kinds of gay people as still inherently gay but allowing straight people of similar proclivities to transcend their sexual orientation? How they can believe that ace gay people are still gay because said gayness cannot be overlooked in a heterosexist society? How they can believe that straight ace people are just ace because that lack of sexual attraction is enough to make them “different” and thus “queer” because straightness is as tangible as the individual wants it to be? 

Do they understand? Something tells me they don’t. Because they claim to believe that gay ace people are still gay. Which is the problem. They only see us as gay. They don’t see us as ace. They see themselves as ace and us as gay. It’s so blatant I cannot even comprehend it.

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hi i really love your art!! and i relate to ur chara comics a lot thank u for making such awesome artwork!!! <3

uwaahhH thank you s o mcuh gosh golly/// this means a lot to me…!!!!

heres a smiling chara!!!!!!!!! bcus u are very sweet and thanK YOU FOR LIKING MY WORK..!!!!!!

Do you ever get super nostalgic and go back to a fandom you were consumed by for like 4 years but it was like 6+ years ago but you read all your old fic and watch all your old vids and you just kind of rediscover your OTP of OTPs and you just remember everything?! 

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This was out of nowhere and completely random I’m sorry.
“She's Beauty, She's Grace”

Jasper’s a woman of many talents: MMA, arguing, drawing a perfectly winged eyeliner every time. Asking her crush out… Not one of them.

Here we have a fun little human au, and a concept that belongs entirely to @make-up-kind. So many thanks to you my friend for allowing me to play around with this honestly brilliant idea. I had a lot of fun writing this drabble, and I really like how it turned out lol.

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in which we’ve never actually seen Sam as a happy drunk