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There’s a *very* christian book about dating in our school’s library which is supposed to be 100% serious, but is actually funnier than most comedies I’ve read.

●It has a list of date ideas, which includes:
- inviting a non-christian couple to a fair and teaching them about God
- literally kidnapping your significant other (???)
- washing a neighbour’s dog
- letting your girlfriend drive a car while you run behind it
- praying

●It also has a list of flaws your SO shouldn’t have, but it’s literally just seven deadly sins. That’s it.

● According to this book, using autocorrect and doing drugs count as witchcraft.

●It says you can’t fuck a girl if you don’t have her father’s written permission

●It teaches you to praise your gf for having traits which make her similar to Christ (?¿)

● “Does your lover like WILD PARTIES? ”

● There’s an entire paragraph warning you that holding hands leads to sex. I wish I was joking.

● The first two pages is basically “have sex with whoever you want! whenever you want! however you want! do wat u want!!!”, which is pretty odd considering the previous point

● The back cover is a picture of two teens holding hands surrounded by this speed meme blur thing (idk what it’s called but I hope you know what I mean)

An intelligent cape

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“Well hello there.” (y/n) (y/l/n) was the part of the new London sanctuary and the one whose job was to keep the relicts at their best. It was no secret to anyone in there, that the woman treated them different than most sorcerers. For (y/n) the relict’s weren’t just the mere objects with a little of free will. She always treated them not only as her equals, but also her friends. Taking care of them was the best part of her day.
It wasn’t her only sanctuary. The Ancient One used to sway her once in a while from one sanctuary to other. (y/n) doesn’t mind really. She loved the fact that she got to meet the other relicts always happily getting to know them and spend time with them.
Right now, the woman was sitting on the floor, cleaning the sword that she got from one of the glass-cases, speaking to it calmly and telling it about one of her days from her life.

Doctor Stephen Strange came into the London sanctuary and greeted it’s master. He was informed by Wong, that he should get there for the person who would take care of the relicts in New Your, for them to have a lack of attention for a long while now. An expert, as he called the person.
The master of the sanctuary, tall man with pale skin, looked at him amused when he told why he came there, but didn’t say anything, interested what the doctor will tell the moment he meet the said expert.

“Go down this hallway and at the end turn right. The relicts are at the end of it.” Strange nodded in acknowledgment, walking in the said direction. Not even half way there, hic cloak started to act weirdly, pushing and yanking him in direction of room, as if it couldn’t wait to get there, smacking him in the face every time Stephen tried to keep it in place.
Now when he thought about it, cloak started to act this was when Wong told them about getting an expert, already excited, and they didn’t even left Kamar-Taj at that moment.

The cloak finally stopped its frantic movements when they got to their destination. Not seeing anyone in the aim light of the room, looking around. Out of a sudden, his cloak yanked him hard enough to pull him with itself, surprisingly strong, even for it.
Stephen was shocked when he feet the pull, but it was nothing compared to what he felt when his back collided suddenly with something… or more likely someone, taking the fact that it squeaked at the contact. As much as the cape let him, Strange looked behind him at a (h/c) haired woman, who was giggling at his cape, which was tightly wrapped around her, as if it was hugging her.
“Capey! I haven’t seen you in a while. Would you be so kind to let me go thought?” The cape only tightened around her, pulling her more to Stephen in the process. Woman opened her eyes and looked at sorcerer with slight blush on her face. “It looks like we will stay like this for a while. I’m (y/n) (y/l/n) by the way.”
“Doctor Stephen Strange… the cape seems to like you.”
“Yeah, well. I was taking care of it while I was in New York. We are friends.” She was looking at him for a while. “You are its new human, right? It always have been picky.” Doctor smiled slightly at her words. “What are you doing here by the way?”
“I was looking for an expert of relicts to take him to New York.”
“Her. I am the said expert.” Strange raised his eyebrow at her statement.
“You doesn’t look like one.”
“Well I am thought. The relicts like me.”
“Yeah I did noticed that.” Stephen looked at the cape, which still was wrapped tightly around her frame. (y/n) only smiled at that.

Three hours later, the whole back-to-back situation started to feel awkward for the both sorcerers, who still were standing in the same spot. When Stephen tried to move or unwrap the girl, the cape’s collar started slapping his face, so he simply gave up.
“What have you done to the cape, that it likes you this much?”
“I don’t know. I treated it just the same was I as very other relict.” Strange sighed, looking at the celling. After three hours, his legs started to hurt. Who in earth is this woman for cape to love her so much, and yet not to choose her as it’s master when it had an occasion?
(y/n) on the other hand thought about the time when she was in New York, and her interactions with the cape. She really wasn’t sure why it acted that way towards her… it indeed was hugging her when it had an occasion, but it never was that long. It had to know it was awkward, it was an intelligent cape after all, and yet it was like this.

“So… will you come with me…” Cape once more slapped the Doctor. “I mean with us, to New York?”
“Well yeah. It’s part of my position to change sanctuaries from time to time.” After her words, cloak loosened its grip, letting her go. Girl smiled at that and stretched, turning around to face the master of New York. “Let me just get my things.” The cape pushed Stephen forward, which made him loose his balance and flew forward, right on her. Girl squealed when the booth of them laughed on the ground, Strange’s face right in front of hers blushing one. The cape’s collar stroking her cheek lovingly.
“I’m sorry for that.”
“Yeah…” Still laying in the ground, their eyes meet, pupils in both of their eyes dilated. “I think… I know what the problem…” Before she was able to finish her sentence, cape pushed Doctor’s face forward, making him connect their lips and keeping them like that in an awkward kiss. When finally cape let go, Strange stood up quick, blush on his face.
“I’m really sorry.” He helped her up, not looking at her.
“No. It’s my fault. I always talked with cape about my not-so-good relationships… I think it’s shipping us.” (y/n) looked away, blush on her face.
“It’s… strange.” Girl smiled at his words. “A little awkward, but… maybe you will wat to… I mean…”
“I know a good café in New York… the cape is dancing…” Levitation Cloak indeed danced slightly behind its human’s back.


K, this is gonna be the last of these little development chats.

We haven’t found a house, but not getting to work on my comic has started pissing me off, so i’m just gonna start drawing an interstitial scene I’ve been kicking around.


The last of my little test comics. This is the one where I found the character I’d been looking for, and found out whether the Third Sword could really fight in that coat.

A lot of y’all have asked me about writing process, so I’ll show some of that. I’m a lot less confident and a lot less practiced as a writer than I am as a draftsman. So this isn’t me trying to hand down wisdom or teach anybody the craft. This is just me explaining how I go about it.

So first you get an idea. MY idea was “it’d be cool if she fought some dudes.” Just that. Nothing fancy. I thought about how to give that some structure and make it more of a free-standing scene that felt like part of a larger story. This developed into:

“it’d be cool if she was walking through some sweet ruins, got attacked, looked outnumbered but totally wailed on her attackers, then said something pithy and walked away.”

We will call that my ‘outline.’ It is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a sequence of events, and that’s enough. I generally outline before I try to actually write anything, even a 2.5 page short. Then I wrote this really rough little script on my phone one night while I was falling asleep:

Clara walks through a ruined city, a place once fearsome and now chilling.

She hears a noise off-panel

Spinning, she brings up her sword to defend against a hideous creature that bears down on her.

She cuts it down, and another springs up.

More fighting.




The creatures, all sprawled out and defeated.

D1: we well come again
D2: when you are alone
D3: in the dark
D1: and without your sword.

Of course you will.  You have before.

I survived.

Walks away.

I know. Pretty sparse. And I’m still calling her Clara because I haven’t come up with a name yet. But I was writing for myself, right? Plus, I always edit a few times, even as I finish lettering in the copy. This is partly because I hate everything I write, and partly because editing is just a good idea. The next day, I worked out the layout like this:

Again. I know. But I was drawing it for myself. And again, I usually change these up when I go to actually pencil in the page. You can see, also, that the dialogue here is already evolving from the script, meaning that I didn’t like it and wished it were better.

I researched the look I wanted for some more dense and ‘urban’ ruins, pulling a lot from Angor Wat and a few other Khmer temples, modifying the stuff to suit my needs. Then I drew it like this:

I drew it in photoshop. I usually do my first lettering pass while I pencil, and I did with this short. I changed a lot of the stuff that went up. Predictably, it ended up being informed by the feelings and struggles of my family at the time. This is what I ended up posting:

As a test, it was mostly successful. I liked the way her coat handled in the fight scene, liked the location, and  I got a LOT closer to the sort of personality I wanted in the character. But I skirted around a lot of design problems.

Like in that last panel, look at the bullshit way her sword connects to her belt. What is that? Who let THAT slide? Oh, it was me, exhausted from drawing a million crumbling bricks. Maybe could’ve gone easier on the environmental detail, girded that sword on, and colored her frigging belt. But no. No, instead I drew every wrinkle in that root system behind her.

So the moral of this story is: I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t even know how belts work. Everything I’ve said these last few weeks is suspect. Don’t do things the way I do things there has got to be a better way to do things.

So find that better way, take what you can learn from other artists’ triumphs and failures to make your own path, and have a really good time on it. And make a lot of fun comics (or whatever you like to make).

Next week I’m posting comics again.


Shadowhunter Family Mottos
  • Emma: I wonder what the family mottos are. Do you know any?
  • Julian: The Lightwood family motto is 'we mean well'
  • Emma: Very funny.
  • Julian: No, really, it actually is.
  • Emma: Seriously? so what's the Herondale family motto? 'Chiseled but angsty?
  • Julian: 'If you don't know wat your last name is, it's probably Herondale'?
  • Emma: What about Carstairs? 'We have a sword'? 'Blunt instruments are for losers'?
  • Julian: Morgenstern. 'When in doubt, start a war'?
  • Emma: How about 'Has even one of us ever been any good, like ever, seriously'?
  • Julian: Seems long, and kind of on the nose.
  • -Lord of Shadows; Cassandra Clare
Gone - Part 2

As soon as the words leave your mouth you can feel yourself start to panic, you feel everything start to close in, the sidewalk is too loud and strangers too close. You haven’t even realized that you had hit the SOS button on your watch until a car pulls up in front of you and Natasha steps out.

“Птица? What’s wrong?” She grabs your upper arms and locked eyes with you, “Breathe, Y/N, take deep breaths, inhale deeply, hold it, good, not exhale, slowly, breathe with me”

It took a few minutes but eventually you manage to calm down enough to get into the car. “Thank you for coming” you whisper.

You reach out and lay a hand on Tasha’s arm, needing some kind of contact to keep you grounded, to keep you from falling back into a panic.

“What happened back there?”

“I’d rather tell everyone at the same time, I don’t know if I can say it more than that” you murmur, curling up in the car seat.

In the years that you had been with Bucky you had become close to the other Avengers, becoming almost like a Den Mother to everyone else. You were the one who managed to help Steve and Bucky learn that there was nothing wrong with getting seconds, or even thirds. You were the one who dragged Tony and Bruce out of the labs to eat, sleep, and bathe. You loved making sure everyone was taken care of.

After about 30 minutes in New York traffic Tasha was pulling into Avenger’s Tower. Steve and Tony were already waiting in the garage for you two to get back. Steve and Tony each take one of your arms, giving you concerned glances when they see your red eyes. The two lead you up to the common room, where everyone else is waiting.

“I thought you were supposed to be eating lunch with Robocop this afternoon” Tiny said, sitting down next to you on the couch.

You flinch at Bucky’s nickname, “Yeah, we had lunch, and after we finished eating, he-he broke up with m-me, he said that he didn’t’ want to be with me anymore” suddenly the tears that you had been holding back since the café started pouring down your face.

Steve draws you into a tight hug, the super-soldier cradling you gently in his arms as he lets you sob into his shoulder.

“Hush now, doll, it’s alright. Bucky wouldn’t just do something like that, he has to have a reason” Steve whispers, rocking you gently.

You take a deep breath and attempt to stop crying, “That’s not even the worst part” you sniffle and wipe your eyes.

“What else happened?” Bruce asked, he crouched down in front of you, taking one of your hands in his. The others lean in, offering silent support.

You look down into your lap, unable to meet anyone’s eyes, “I’m pregnant, and Bucky’s the father”

After the initial shock, Bruce and Tony take you down to the lab to run a few tests of their own, confirming your pregnancy. After the tests were done you quietly told them that you hadn’t told Bucky about the baby. Everyone agreed to keep your secret, and Steve suggested, more like ordered, you to go to bed, claiming that the emotional trauma had taken its toll on you.

You wrap Steve in a quick hug, “Thank you”

He hugs you back, gently pulling away and holding you by your shoulders, “You know that if you want to keep this a secret you can’t stay in the tower”

Tony piped up from across the lab, “I have houses all over the world if you want to use one of those!”

You nod quietly, “Thank you, Tony, but do you mind if I take a little while to think? I’m gonna need to get all of my stuff from Bucky’s floor, but I don’t really think I can face him …”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll call Thor, the two of us will move everything into the spare room on your floor while you get some sleep” Steve reassured, he gently rubbed your shoulders.

You smile and squeeze Steve’s hand and leave the cave. Tasha is sitting on your bed by the time you get up to your floor.

“Are you going to leave the Avenger’s once the baby comes?” She asked, watching as you start to get ready for bed.

You lean over and press a kiss to Tasha’s forehead, “And leave you with all of these boys?! Never! You’re my family, Tasha, everyone here is. I’d never leave you, as long as you don’t mind me being here with a baby …”

Tasha gave you a small smile, “Only as long as you let me babysit the little one, I supposed I can allow you to stay”

“I’ll need your help protecting the baby. Bucky and I both have the serum in us, so I don’t know if that will affect the baby. Whether is does or not, this child will have a target on its back. I can’t protect him on my own”


You smirk, “Just a feeling I have”

Natasha crouches down so she is eye level with your stomach, “I will be the best aunt possible to you, little bird. No one will ever hurt you.”

You can feel tears well up in your eyes, and you pull Natasha into a hug, “Thanks, Tasha”

“I’ll oversee the moving of your things, make sure no one breaks anything and don’t leave anything behind. Sleep now”

“Goodnight, Tasha” Once she leave you lay down and pull up your shirt, “You are going to be the most loved and well protected baby in the whole world. Your Uncles and Aunt will make sure that you want for nothing.”

By the time you wake up the next day, it’s almost time for lunch. You stumble out to the kitchen to find Steve, Clint, and Natasha already there. You inhale the delicious scent of coffee.

“I can’t have coffee anymore” you moan, plopping down at the dining room table.

“No, caffeine is bad for pregnant women. I was doing to research last night. A lot of people said that citrus tea is a good substitute, so JARVIS ordered some last night”

“Thanks, Stevie” you mumble, taking the cup, “I’m really gonna miss coffee”

“Don’t worry, Y/N! I’ll drink your coffee for you” Clint chuckles, taking a huge sip of sugared up coffee.

“Thanks, Clint, I really appreciate that” you say dryly, giving Clint an unimpressed look. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Tony’s compiling a list of properties, Bruce is looking into doctors for you and the baby, Sam had to work, Phil was called into SHIELD late last night, Bucky still hasn’t come back to the tower, and I don’t know where Wanda and Vision are”

You nod quietly and start talking to the other about what you plan to do about hiding your pregnancy. By the end of your conversation you’ve decided what you’re going to do.

Everyone gathers in the common room a few hours later, around lunch, even Thor is there. As soon as he sees you, Thor rushes forward, pulling you into a tight bear hug. Natasha is quick to follow, snapping at Thor, “Be careful! You might hurt the baby”

Thor lets out a booming laugh but set you gently on your feet, “Congratulations on your pregnancy, Little Bird. I am saddened to hear that James does not share your enthusiasm”

“He doesn’t know about the baby, Thor, and I want to keep it that way. He didn’t want to be with me, and I won’t tie him to me with a baby”

Thor nods solemnly, “Of course”

Natasha levels serious eyes on you, “Have you decided what you’re going to do?”

You nod, “Yeah, if Tony doesn’t mind” you pause, shifting from one foot to the other, “I’d like to live in one of your houses in Europe. Bucky wouldn’t expect me to leave the country, so that’s exactly what I want to do”

Tony nods, waving his hand, “Of course! You can use as many houses as you want. You can take one of my quinjets, and one of the suits with you”

Natasha marches over until she stands in front of Phil, who’s been quiet so far, with he hands on her hips. “Y/N will need protection, I will be going with her. This pregnancy has never been recorded, there might be complications, and I do not want her to be alone”

Thor’s booming laugh echoes around the room, “Son of Coul would not dare earn your scorn, Lady Natasha! I would also like to accompany Y/N on her journey.”

You give Thor a shove, note even moving him, “I don’t want to leave the Avengers without back-up. What if something happens!?”

“I can be anywhere on Midgard within moments, and Natasha will not take no for an answer. It would be best to allow her to accompany you”

Steve steps forward, throwing his arm across your shoulder, “Don’t worry about us. Sam and Rhodey agreed to move into the tower while you and Tasha are away. If anything happens JARVIS will be able to let you know”

Indeed, Ms. Y/N. All of Sir’s properties are equipped to support my technology

“Thanks JARVIS, that actually makes me feel a lot better.”

“Will you be returning to the tower after the baby is born? And will you be rejoining the Avengers?” Phil asks.

“I’d like to come back, and I’d like to still be an Avenger. I understand if you would rather I not live here though. I won’t be easy raising a child …”

“A babe is a most precious gift, something to be treasured and loved” Thor murmurs

Tony rolls his eyes, “I would be upset if you didn’t come back! How an I going to prove that I’m a better Uncle than Bird Brain over there, if you don’t come back?!”

Clint snorts, “No way in hell will you be a better uncle”

“Neither of you will be the favorite, that will obviously be me!” Steve calls out as he walks into the kitchen, “I mean wat kid wouldn’t love to have Captain America as an uncle?!”

“You may be Captain America, Steven, however, I am a god!” Thor shouts

Lunch dissolves into everyone shouting why they would be a better uncle. Natasha sits next to you and smirks, already knowing that she’s going to be the coolest out of everyone

Two days later you are waving at everyone as the ramp of the quinjet. You flop into the seat, Thor is across from you, and Tasha is ready to fly the jet.

“Last chance guys, once we take off you’re stuck with me for the next 9 months”

“My comrade may have abandoned you, Y/N, but I intend to stay with you until the child is born, and then after”

“I as well do not wish to leave you in such a delicate state” Thor reached across the aisle and placed a hand on your knee, “Do not doubt your worth to us, Little Bird. We will not leave you unprotected, ever”

You give Thor a soft smile, and a quiet “Thank you”

Turning you look out the window and watch as Avengers tower gets smaller and smaller on the horizon. Soon enough it’s gone, just like you.


Part 3

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do you ship real people ships ?

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hahahahahaha wat do you mean

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i don’t know what you’re talking about 

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i don’t ship this stuff that’s ridiculous

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why would you think that

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The View, Gillian Anderson
  • Joy Behar: You know, before we get to the book I have to say to you, Gillian. You know, I said it to you on the break I'm a huge fan of "The Fall" which is on Netflix, you really should wat.. [watch it]*applause*. They love it! And you know, I mean, you play this sort of a hard-nosed, you know, she is a tough detective. But, for some reason, and maybe because you are so good, you manage to get that sensuality in there, that sexuality. Look at her!(pointing at the screen where they are showing Stella Gibson) She is as hot as a pistol in this (Gillian is laughing at this point) but she solves the crimes. How did you... how did you manage all that?
  • Gillian Anderson: She is a woman. We are all complicated. Am I right?
  • -The View, ABC, 3/13/2017

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In Gr 8, we had an anonymous questions day for sex ed. Every kid would get paper and put it in a box. Pretty much wat I wrote down on the post it note was 'do any other animals have periods?' I mean, at the time I thought it was a good question but when the teacher pulled it from the box she scoffed and said. 'What a stupid question! Of course no other animal does.' I just thought of this now and I Googled it. Apparently elephant shrews, some types of bat and monkeys do so... now I know.

I guess you do

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Do you have any poly stevebuckysam fics? Thanks!:)


comedy jokes by hupsoonheng 

“I don’t know what some of these are,” you admit. “Should he be clean cut or a jock? Is Steve a daddy?”

bucky and natasha prank steve by installing grindr on his phone, complete with profile and push notifications. what they don’t expect is for steve to use the app as god and joel simkhai intended, which is to meet a male model, who happens to be named sam wilson. who also happens to be the dude who would not laugh once during bucky’s standup comedy set.

featuring sam wilson in crop tops, bucky barnes as wide beef, and natasha romanov in more than just a supporting role

outrun my gun by biblionerd07

After Sam gets hurt on a mission, Steve and Bucky spill some truths about how important he is to them.

sea-cold, sea-cold it certainly is by dirtybinary 

“I didn’t know it was like this,” Sam says. “You coming off ice, I mean.”

“So don’t wake me up every time Steve stubs his toe,” Bucky says, without any heat. It’s always good to see Sam. He’s not sure if he’s ever said so. “What’s the emergency now?”

Bucky knows that going back on ice is for the best. Steve and Sam beg to differ. There are tears and cuddles and explosions, and some truly awful puns.

that’s what you get for dreaming aloud by oh_no_oh_dear

Steve likes Bucky (duh.) Bucky likes Steve (double-duh.) Sam likes Steve (kinda duh.) Steve likes Sam (who wouldn’t?) Bucky likes Sam (wat)

Sam…likes Bucky? (stop the madness)

The slowest of slow burns. Occasional angst. Much kissing ensues. Maybe more also ensues.

To Prove that I Love You by capgal and grainnemhaolx 

Sam wakes up around 5.

Well, ‘wakes up’ may not quite be the correct word. It implies some form of sleep occurred prior to said waking up, which is not precisely true. It’s not that he didn’t get any rest at all, but the fretful drowsing-dozing he did is woefully inadequate to be called sleep.

It wasn’t nightmares or flashbacks that kept him up this time, staring up at the dark-shrouded ceiling with tired eyes. No, the nightmares have been scarce for a while, allowing him to get peaceful, uninterrupted sleep most nights. That peace may have something to do with the two bodies curled up next to him in the oversized bed they share. In the quiet, it’s easy to hear the soft sound of Steve’s gentle snoring. Bucky’s metal arm is a considerable but comfortable weight around his waist, skin-warmed and reassuring. It’s quiet. It’s calm. It’s peaceful and comfortable and happy.

Except, of course, the sleepless night.

Wrong Love Pt.2 Eddie Kaspbrak X Reader Au?

Summary: Richie knows that you have been dating Eddie for almost 2 years now but he hates seeing you with him vice versa (Eddie dating you/ You dating Eddie) so he tries to become something with your weird love triangle. But when Richie does something caused by jealousy when seeing you and Eddie together doing something it causes a fight. Which just retorts to you yelling at Richie telling him that you will only love Eddie and never him, then things take a…different turn…

Pairings: Eddie Kasprak X Reader, Richie Tozier X Reader

Warnings: Fluff, jealousy, cursing, Fighting, totally not something from Stranger Things ep.6 heh ;) also very small harm 

Requested: Yes

Song: Valley Girls and yes this song is 3 years old but its my shit lol, this song was used for Richie I think lol. Just listen to the lyrics like I usually would. and the song “Beside You” For Eddie bc that song gets me everytime with the beat of it 

A/n: I don’t know what to say but this just makes the introduction longer lol and I changed the age of everyone to being like 17/18 bc why not lol I mean they are Seniors in High School in this fan fic. this will ruin your life wit wat happens m8…I think…

                                                    *  *  *

       When you walked into Eddie’s house you finally let him hold your hand, it was just too uncomfortable with Richie and everyone else around. “I’m sorry Y/n” He said quietly as he unlocked the entrance door and held it wide open to let you come in. You gave him a weak smile and walked in. “Its fine Eddie, I can deal with it myself” “Shit. My parents are home.” He mumbled as he closed the door and set his book bag on the dinning room table. “Its okay, its not like they hate me” 

      A couple hours later you both ended up ordering pizza and watching old movies in Eddie’s living room. You fell asleep on his chest halfway during the movie considering he choose a boring movie to watch. All he ever did was play with your hair once in awhile and look down at you, he didn’t bare to move at all since he avoided trying to wake you up. You had been stressed out lately with school and family drama so it felt nice to actually get some sleep. Then your phone went blasting off to Richie’s ringtone, he was calling you for some random reason. “Shit” You mumbled as you lifted your head off of Eddie’s chest, you ruffled your hair for a moment earning a small smile from Eddie. You shook your head then went to answer your phone, “Y/n?” You heard Richie’s voice. Eddie looked up at you when he heard the quiet sound of Richie through your phone. 

            “Y/n I don’t want you to go see him though” Eddie said as he watched you grab your shoes to put them on. “I will be safe, and he is your best friend. Calm down sweetie” You said with a soft smile on your face. “Yeah and a best friend doesn’t call their best friend’s girl friend a basic bitch Y/n” Eddie said pissed off. “I will just make this situation go away, okay? He just wanted to talk about all that’s happening” You finished putting on your shoes then grabbed your book bag. Eddie pulled you in for a hug before you could walk out the door, he kissed the top of your head. “Please just stay safe Y/n” You sighed and let go, “I will, bye” You said as you walked out the door. 

                                                     *  *  *

   You grabbed the spare key under Richie’s doormat in front of the entrance door, opening it quickly you called out saying that you were here. You closed the door and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. Setting the key down and your bookbag you walked into living room to see Richie, Stan, and Bill all sitting down on the couch talking quietly. “O-oh h-hey Y/n”, you tried not to act surprised. “Hey Bill..And Stan…” “I knew this was a bad idea” Stan whispered to them as he scratched the back of his head. Richie looked up at you and gave you a weak smile, “Hey” you nodded awkwardly in response. “Were leaving, bye” Stan said quickly as he dragged Bill along with him. When Bill and Stan both left awkwardly Richie stood up and walked in front of you.

       “Why would you say that about me!?” You yelled at him, you had never fought like this ever. “Uh have you seen what you wear? And the crop tops that you wear!” He yelled back at you a bit louder than you had. “You don’t own me! You can’t tell me what to do!” You yelled at him. “Eddie should have never became best friends with you!” You yelled at the top of your lungs almost. “Yeah and I still wish I never even met you!” Richie said feeling some what kind of defended. “I will love Eddie till the day I die, when the moon gets tired of its days serving as a nightlight in the dark nights I will stop loving him when that happens” “I doubt that would happen Y/n, your just a usable object who thinks they deserve justice!” “I can’t believe I still fall for you everyday!” Richie shouted at you, his retorted words caused you to break yet again like a fragile object that an obnoxious kid broke. “And your just a trashmouth who’s parents never give a fucking piece of attention too Richie, and I think your family is just a whole bunch of screw up’s I mean your dad and your mu-” You gave into the fight then he grabbed both of your wrists with his hands. “Shut the fuck up Y/n” He said as he tried to fight off the urge of hurting you, but he did. Richie hit you, he furrowed his eyebrows. He didn’t know what to do at this moment. (*In aussie tourist accent* and this is at the stage of life where you can see the rare Y/n crying and Richie turning into a soft boi) You tried to battle off crying in front of him but you ended up crying from slight fear and retort, “I-I’m sorry b-but I n-need to go” You said as you jerked away from Richie’s touch to grab your stuff. He watched you walk away from him motionless and wordless. You grabbed your phone quickly to call Eddie before you could walk out, “W-wait” Richie said quietly thinking you would hear. 

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   “Why would he do that…” Stan said which startled you when you walked out of Richie’s house. He was watching everything and obviously heard everything. You shook your head, “It’s fine” you spoke looking down at the concrete pathway leading up to the doorway, “No its not Y/n” Stan said as he walked up to you. “Just- you need to get home” He said, he and Bill were like the moms of the group except Stan basically gave up with everyone and their shit but still was supportive. You nodded your head and he walked you home considering it was dark outside. “He has been acting like a asshole lately” “Yeah, but just don’t start assuming random stuff Y/n. His parents have been ignoring him lately…He might just want attention” “But he shouldn’t act like that” You said looking up at Stan. (Wyatt Oleff the actor who plays as Stanley uris is like 5′4 and i’m 5′2 so like the reader in my perspective would be looking up at him) “And you shouldn’t have said what you did” Stan said quietly. “You need to call Eddie and tell him” You guys both walked up to your house. Stan looked at the floor awkwardly, “I will, I promise” You said with a smile. “Thanks for walking me home Stan”, you hugged him it took him to realize you were. “Yeah…Your welcome” He let go of you awkwardly not expecting you to be this comfortable around him. You smiled and shook your head. “S-see you tomorrow at school Y/n” He said as he was walking away. He started walking backward to tell you “And don’t forget to call Eddie and tell him what happened!” He said to you then walked backwards into your mailbox. You giggled when you saw him fall on the ground. “Shit” he mumbled. “Goodnight Stan..ley” You said with a smile, you shook your head and went inside your house. Closing and locking the door you thought to yourself 

                                                            “What a fucking day”

On your own // Jack Maynard Imagine

Summary: Jack and Y/N have a fight which leads to Y/N leaving him on his own.

A/n: I kind of felt inspired by @conorpmaynard and her latest posts. So thanks girl! I’m not really sure about this one though. It didn’t really turn out the way I liked it. 



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“Hey Y/N, have you seen my shirt?”, Jack asked. “Depends. Which one?”. “The black and white floral one”. “I think it’s still in the wash”, I answered. “Are you kidding me?! I asked you to do that one first because I really wanted to wear it tonight”, my boyfriend huffed.

“What’s going on tonight?”, I asked oblivious. He groaned:” Y/N! How many times do I have to tell you something?! I told you yesterday that the boys and I are going out”.  “Again?! You’ve been going out non-stop for the last month or so.”, I stated.

Jack has always been a party boy, but lately he was taking things too far. When we just started dating, he barely ever went out anymore. He needed to settle down, he said. But recently he’s been partying more than not. I don’t know what happened but he suddenly just started leaving the house without any explanation.

In the beginning, I didn’t say anything about it, thinking it was just phase, but lately I’ve pointed it out a couple of times. Each time he denied it.

“Girl please! Will you just let me live? I want to fun okay?!”, Jack yelled throwing his hands up. “Oh okay, I get it. Being with me isn’t fun then?”, I asked. “Y/N that’s completely beside the point”. “Oh is it? Then what is the point?!”, I yelled. “It’s that you don’t do anything in this house! I asked you to wash my shirt, it didn’t happen. I asked you to iron my trousers, it didn’t happen. I asked you to clean the kitchen and guess what? It didn’t fucking happen!”.

“Excuse me?! Last time I checked I wasn’t your freaking maid!”. My blood was boiling. How could he say those things?! “You know what; until you understand and appreciate the things I do for you, you’re on your own”, I added. “What the hell do you mean?”, he asked confused. “You’re on your own. You want a clean shirt? Great there’s the washing machine. Have fun”, I said whilst walking out.

I wondered how long it would take for him to come crawling back. Don’t get me wrong, I still love him but he needs to understand all the things I do for him.  

To my surprise he did quite well the first day. That was until he had to iron his clothes. It took him a solid hour to figure out how the iron worked. When he started ironing his shirt, I saw him getting very frustrated. He’d had only done one sleeve when he quitted with a deep sigh.

A few days later, I had made myself a nice meal for lunch. When Jack walked in, he asked where his plate was. “In the cupboard”, I said. He looked confused so I added;” If you want something to eat, you have to make it yourself”.

He stood there for a while, when he suddenly grinned at me. Jack then grabbed a pan and some ingredients. He probably wanted to outsmart me by making the most delicious meal ever, but let me tell you, he failed. Hard.

Whatever he was making was completely burned, so he threw it away. Then he turned around facing me. “Okay I’m officially done. I give up Y/N. I’m sorry I took you for granted. I have so much respect for you. I’m so so sorry I said wat I said. It’s so freaking hard. I mean I haven’t had a decent meal, I’ve ruined 4 shirts and I just can’t handle it!”, my boyfriend cried.

I went over to him and kissed his lips softly. “You’re not mad anymore?”, he whispered. “As long as you know not take me or any woman for granted, no I’m not mad”, I smiled. “Oh hell no. Never. Your life is so hard! You come home from work just to work more. I’m so sorry love that I barely helped you out. I promise right here, right now that I’ll be a better boyfriend”.

I never thought he meant it, but since that day I came home to a freshly cleaned house and he even asked me to teach him home to cook. Maybe I underestimated my boyfriend.  

Them Seeing Her for the First Time: IKON


Met at some kind of friends gathering stuff- you were brought along cause another friend declined to go and you had a free evening so why not. You met JinHwan, you two got super drunk and started complaining about life- you about the exams and stress of making money and him about the disrespecc as being the mat hyung. That’s how you became friends.


Some kind of fan signing event, I call it. You probably asked to do something pretty weird, for example, say, pet you like a dog(???) and he’d just stare at you till he’d start laughing- he’d think you were either weird or funny. Or both. But he couldn’t say he hated that.


Probably saw you in some gym or like running in some park- let’s be real here- and literally heart eyes mode Bobby activated???????? Because, wow, you were sweaty from exercise and that was hot and plus you took care of your body so that’s plus points and he knew he needed to get to know you.


You like low-key came to hate terms on your first meeting for no reason whatsoever- you just saw each other and there was this click and you went “Yup, gotta hate ‘im…” but it was sorta a love-hate relationship where you teased each other.


Probably the kind to start talking to you online until the friendship would bloom and then he’d really want to meet you in real life and of what a coincidence you were also in S. Korea so why not meet, am i rite? So you met and he was shook because he always imagined you to be pretty and wowowow but you were just wowowowow if you know what I mean?


He was prolly doing one of his vocal exercises- a.k.a screaming louder than a dying cat i mean wat- when you just came up and, “Shut. Up. Why so loud jfc m8????” And he’d be all like “???” and boom! friendship. He’d like the way you were so straight forward so he’d ask for your number or something.


He was probably doing another late night errand for HanBin, that wasn’t even supposed to happen ChanWoo was prolly just tested again or something, and he’d meet you in the convenience store just eating noodles and staring at him blankly. He’d ask, “What?” all flustered being seen in just his PJs but you’d be like, “Why are you out in the middle of the night???” <- since you knew he was an idol. So he’d try and explain and you’d sigh, catching on immediately to what’s going on. So you’d tell him your theory, suggest he’d stay in the shop for longer just for fun and then also thank him for what he and his group were doing as idols. His heart would flutter.


S-Somebody….. Pinch me.


Fuck that. Just fucking StOMP ME!!!! ୧((#Φ益Φ#))୨


U know what that means, do you?
My dear sick and twisted shippersz~~( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👉👌💯💯💯

I see wat u did der Horikoshi-sama.

For this blessing, we are eTErnaLLy GRatEFuLL