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Like and reblog this wonderful petition that i found ! It would be amazing (hoho) for phil and all of us to have phil present the weather !!!

  • Nicky: Would you shoot your boyfriend in the leg for ten million dollars?
  • Neil: Andrew, you can shoot me and then when my leg heals we can buy another car and new Exy racquets
  • Andrew: If I shoot you twice, one in each leg, then we’ll have twenty million dollars.
  • Neil: Good thinking. Fuck the system.
  • Pisces: Why am I not a banana?
  • Aquarius: Because your genetic code dictates you are a human. However, it should please you to know that you share fifty to sixty percent of your DNA with a banana.
  • Pisces: Thanks, Aqua.
  • Virgo: ...Are you telling me some people are ten percent more banana than other people?

Mikey: I’m dating someone. I didn’t know how to tell you because I wasn’t sur-

Gerard: Just rip the plaster off, Mikey.

Mikey: I’m dating Pete.

Gerard: … Put the plaster back on.


Frisk, now a highschooler, visits underground to see their old pals. Based on a drawing I saw earlier today. I thought this was really precious.

Let them be happy for once. *wipes away tears*

BTS POST IT - Seocho fansign 171007


  • Q. Seokjin-ah, you know ARMY are always at your side, right? A. yes, yes (Source X)


  • Q. what do you tell yourself when things are hard? A. if you just succeed everything will be solved. (Source X)
  • Q. by the end of 2017 or next year, who is the member you want to work with the most? A: Jimin (Source X)
  • Q. please select an emoji that you think looks like [you]! A-_- (Source X)


  • Q. what does Hoseok think his own charm is? A. a charm that makes you unable to leave me (Source X)
  • Q. Hoseok’s Bangtan Scaredy cat ranking? (from most to least scared) A. 1. Sekjin 2. Hoseok 3. Jimin 4. Yoongi 5. Taehyung 6. Namjoon 7. Jungkook (Source X)


  • Q: Which member is the worst at English? A: JM  (Source X)


  • Q: Jungkook only gives Jimin present(s), I’m curious what it is! A: Secret (Source X)


  • Q. what song from this album do you like the most? A. Best of me (Source X)
  • Q to taehyung: which classical composer do you like? A: Chopin, Berceuse in d flat major op. 57 (Source X)
  • when asked by a fan if he could have/do a unit with yoongi, jimin said he also wants minimini unit to happen~ (Source X)
  • Q. Your ideal type? A. (he circled everything) Can make me laugh, can make her laugh. Cute, cool and sexy. Older, same age or younger. (SourceX)


  • Q: Among the options below, please choose the skinship that Kook likes (Please do the ones you chose) A: 1) Intertwine fingers 2) Pinching face 3) Pat head 4) Do ‘flower’ pose  5) Flick forehead (?!) (Source X)

I will update this post if more Post-It get shared.