if you know the source to this tell me please

  • Pisces: Why am I not a banana?
  • Aquarius: Because your genetic code dictates you are a human. However, it should please you to know that you share fifty to sixty percent of your DNA with a banana.
  • Pisces: Thanks, Aqua.
  • Virgo: ...Are you telling me some people are ten percent more banana than other people?
  • Nicky: Would you shoot your boyfriend in the leg for ten million dollars?
  • Neil: Andrew, you can shoot me and then when my leg heals we can buy another car and new Exy racquets
  • Andrew: If I shoot you twice, one in each leg, then we’ll have twenty million dollars.
  • Neil: Good thinking. Fuck the system.
  • Gastón: I am going to Taco Bell, y'all want something?
  • Matteo: I want to look her in the eyes, tell her everything I feel and that we can get back together
  • Gastón: yeah, I only have like 12 dollars, so...

                                            I see that town.  

  1. Høyfjeldsbilde - ulver 
  2. My Chest - lacrimas profundere 
  3. Pushit - tool 
  4. Aeons - karnivool 
  5. Over Now - alice in chains 
  6. Hope Leaves - opeth 
  7. Dead Letters - katatonia 
  8. And The World Returned - at the gates 
  9. Les Feuilles De L'olivier - les discrets   
  10. To Bid You Farewell - opeth 



Frisk, now a highschooler, visits underground to see their old pals. Based on a drawing I saw earlier today. I thought this was really precious.

Let them be happy for once. *wipes away tears*

  • Tucker: *regaining consciousness* What just happened? Please tell me nobody kissed me.
  • Danny: We won.
  • Tucker: Alright, hey, alright. Good job, guys. Let's just not come in tomorrow. Let's just take a day. Have you ever tried shawarma? There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is but I wanna try it.
  • Natsu: How did you find out?
  • Lucy: I’m your my best friend, I like to think I know you pretty well.
  • Lucy: Plus, you butt dialed me last night.
  • Natsu: (Your under arrest.)
  • Natsu: (Hands behind your back. I’m going to have to frisk you.)
  • Gray: (Careful, you might find some dangerous items down my pants.)
  • Natsu: (That’s- holy shit, your going to need a permit for that.)
  • Gray: (I thought you could handle guns, officer.)
  • Natsu: Please tell me you hung up before the trial.