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D&D Class Valentines

In alphabetical order, top to bottom:

Artificer, Bard, Barbarian, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

My apologies that I don’t have the image credits (though I do know that several are from the 5e DMG). It’s been a while since I started putting these together. If there are any issues, or you know the image source, please let me know!

Sad news, everyone. Ed Blaylock, the voice of King Bradley in the English dub, has passed away as of Wednesday, after a struggle with cancer. (I’m… not actually sure how old he was? ANN says 64 but other sources say 70. If anyone knows which is correct please let me know.)

Say what you will about the FMA dubs, but I know a lot of people agree that of the dub voices, Bradley’s was especially good and suited to the character. He really did a fantastic job with the role and I feel that Bradley’s voice really contributed a lot to the overall quality of the dub. It’s sad to hear that the man responsible for that fantastic work is no longer with us.

I wish his family my condolences.

“Yuri on Stage” translated bits from /a/... AGAIN

Disclaimer: don’t know where anons got the below picture, sorry. If anyone knows the source, please let me know!

>They were practicing Boston Crab.
>V: You are stiff. If your body was more flexible, your performance would be improved.
>Y: It hurts! Of course I’m not as flexible as you. But “that one” is more flexible than you…
>V: That one? Who is that?
>Y: Ah? That is Sha…chihoko!
>V: Sha…chihoko?
>Y: No one can be compared to that one when it comes to flexibility.
>V: That Chihoko is that good?
>Y: Once you has seen him, you would never forget. And he’s gold glittering.
>V: Gold glittering…
>Y: He’s always doing back bridging posture(not sure how to translate this) on top of Hasetsu Castle!
>V: …
>Y: Victor, why are you angry?
>V: I’m not angry.
>Y: You are clearly angry…
>Victor wrote “surpass Chihoko” on Yuuri’s back silently.

Boston Crab, by the way, is a wrestling move. Also slight mistake: “aitsu” is a gender-neutral word, since Yuuri is drunkenly describing a giant fish statue on Hasetsu Castle and not an actual person. Victor mistakingly thought Yuuri was referring to a (non-existent) ex. KEK.


Whoops I fell in a depression hole, lmao. I finally feel back on top of my life enough to start going through UT_Only stuff again :D

Washi tape! I love this stuff! 

The Napstablook tape is by crocodilebird11

The Papyrus I can’t find a source for >_< sorry. If you know, let me know :D

I bought this in Korea at an Undertale convention. Please don’t ask me how to buy it - all of the goods were made special for the convention,  most things were pre-order and/or sold out at the convention. If they didn’t they’re very hard to buy. Sharing just to spread the love <3


I’m opening up Emergency Commissions to help with things like bills and taxes and school expenses.  I’m offering 1500x2100 commissions, bust and half-length of characters in Greyscale and Monochrome.

Please email me with your “commission pitch”, if I accept the commission I’ll email you and send an invoice.  Due to the emergency nature of the commissions I’m asking for payment upfront, I won’t begin work on a commission until the invoice is paid and commissions will be worked on in the order that they are paid for.  If you send me money before I send you an invoice, I will refund it back to you.  I use email because I will be sending you the full rez artwork for your personal use via email while I upload smaller, watermarked versions online for public sharing.  Having all commissions go through email also helps me organize everyone’s commissions since these are being offered on multiple platforms/websites.



Bust Inks: $20
Bust Greyscale/Monochrome: $30
Bust Shaded: $40

Half-Length Inks: $30
Half-Length Greyscale/Monochrome: $40
Half-Length Shaded: $50

+Character: +50% base price (see images above for specific prices)
Spot Color: +$3/color
+Light Source: +$10

Commission Pitches:

A commission pitch is simply a succinct way to give me the information I need to finish your commission. Please use this format as it makes it easier for me to find the information.

Your name: [Your online handle, if you do not wish your name to be associated with your commission, please let me know here]
Your email: [the paypal email for me to send the invoice to]

Commission Type: [Bust/Half-Length]
Commission Tier: [Inks, Greyscale/Monochrome, Shaded]
((if you are getting a monochrome/shaded commission are you want specific colors to be used, let me know here))
Commission Extras: [If you are getting extras such as extra characters, secondary light sources, spot colors, etc please specify here]
Character: [name and visual refs, if you are buying a commission with multiple characters please make sure to include suitable references for all of them]
Notes: [this would be where you talk about details specific to the commission, such as character pose, expression, clothes, etc]

If you can’t/aren’t going to be buying a commission, please help me out by reblogging and sharing with others who might be interested, thank you!


(NSFW) (honestly, wear you headphones this is porn)

People Might Talk™ 


This is an audio edit, using clips from Sherlock and other sources, I hope you enjoy listening to our boys getting it on (:

In this lovely audio-fic (?), John learns about Irene Adler still being alive, without the emotional situation that is going on in TLD; and they end up hugging and… other stuff. 

This is not good audio editing, and it took me a fuckload of hours to get this done, so, please… be nice and consider my effort. I know it’s pretty rough. 

If you have not experienced the first one (way shorter than this) - here’s a link.

Tags under the cut :) 

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thechefwhocolectedheartpieces  asked:

I have a fat character I want to draw but she ends up looking weird no matter how hard I try... :< Do you know any tutorials on how to draw larger people?

I can totally understand your frustration. We’re taught to draw thin bodies a lot more often and thoroughly than we’re taught to draw fat ones, so learning how to draw larger bodies can definitely be a struggle, even for fat artists. But I’ve rustled up some links that should hopefully prove useful to you and other artists dealing with the same problem.

Fat Drawing Tutorial:

  • Here’s a pretty good one that covers different fat body variations and includes larger fat girls: “Tutorial - Curves on Girls
  • Once you get past the part about abs this one’s got some really good information and reference on how to draw how fat looks realistically: “Understanding Anatomy VII
    (that whole tutorial series looks to be helpful on drawing anatomy, so I recommend checking the other parts out too)
  • This one doesn’t cover larger fats, but it does have some good stuff about distributions of fat on the body and variations on fatness: “Varying Your Body Types
  • Here’s a short, not-terribly-thorough one (that’s got some complaints in it on unrealistic depictions of fatness in fat-fetishistic art, just fyi), but which makes good points on incorporating gravity into depictions of fatness so the fat doesn’t look like balloons: “How To Draw Fat Women
  • This one’s a short tutorial (that has minor problematic language) about how to draw waists that’s inclusive of smaller fat bodies. “Female Waist Tutorial
  • A short tutorial about drawing hips, inclusive of smaller fat hips. Not a lot to it, but helpful to glance over. “Female Hip Tutorial
  • Drawing Fat on the Body is a video tutorial that covers some helpful advice on how to draw fat bodies building off of prior knowledge of drawing thin bodies. Doesn’t cover different types of fat bodies/fat distribution and has some other imperfections, but a decent beginner starting point. ” (contains some mild problematic language)
  • How to Draw Fat Bodies” Here’s a short post with some good general tips to keep in mind when attempting to draw fat people.
  • Another short, general guide on drawing fat bodies, with some good example of different fat body types. “Guide to Drawing Fat Bodies
  • A short guide with tips on drawing fat athletes/strong fat characters.
  • A basic tutorial on adding fat onto the general torso area of the body.

(One of the sadder parts of finding these was sifting through different tutorials and finding ones that were teaching how to draw really inaccurate or over-simplified fat anatomy, or included really fatphobic language or commentary in the tutorial =.=)

Fat Reference Photos:

  • This post links to a handful of helpful galleries of photo reference of fat women posing: “Re: Fat and Chubby Women Photo References
  • Here’s a Site which contains lots of pictures of different women searchable by height, age, weight, etc. that looks really helpful: “My Body Gallery.com
  • A site with a lot of great full-body pictures of people organized by their height and weight (referential to the bs BMI system, but still great art reference)Cockeyed: Height / Weight

Other Reference:

Otherwise, if you want to search for fat reference on tumblr, I’d suggest looking through tags and blogs that often contain selfies/photos of fat people, since when you’re trying to learn how fat actually looks, nothing is more accurate reference for it than the real thing.

HOWEVER, you must be respectful in your use of these tags or blogs for reference!!!! As in DO NOT draw people straight out of any photos you find and post your work unless you get permission from the subjects you’ve drawn and/or their photographers. If you do draw random people you see in the tag, then treat your drawings as practice/study and confine whatever you make to your sketchbook for your own eyes.

But I do wholly advocate looking at all sorts of images of fat people and really paying attention to all the different ways their fat manifests itself and looks, and then practicing drawing figures inspired by what you’ve observed.

(please note that some of these tags and blogs listed below may contain nudity/nsfw content:)

Tags containing fat selfies/photography: #fatshion, #fatspo, #fatspiration

Blogs containing fat selfies/photography: The Adipositivity ProjectFat Selfiesteem, Fat Grrrrl Selfies, Chubby Fatshion, Fuck Yeah Chubby Fashion, Chubby Bunnies, Chubby Guy Swag, Big Guy Flyy, Gorgeous Plus Lolita

Blogs containing art of fat or at least “not thin” people: Fat People Art, Fat Art

(If you see your blog linked to above and would rather it not be pointed to as a place to find reference of fat bodies, just let me know and I’ll take it off right away.)

Anyways, hope this helps! And if you know of, find, or make any more tutorials, references sources, etc., please do message me with the links to be added onto this post!!!  I’ll update this as I find/receive more stuff to add.

(Updated: 5/31/15 with 8 new additions to the fat drawing tutorial and fat reference photo sections)

usagi tsukino is actually the most precious being in the entire universe

i mean just look at her

(mamo can’t hide his fond and neither can i)

*screams internally*

i want to cry she’s so cute

i rest my case

(also small disclaimer i don’t own any of these gifs if you know of the original sources please let me know so I can add them!)