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Camren at a Couple Therapy
  • Therapist: So let's start by-
  • Camila: I have questions for you...
  • Therapist: That's a good start. Camila go ahead.
  • Camila: Do you care?
  • Lauren: Of course I do! When I wake up all alone. And I'm thinking of your skin I remember, I remember what you told me.
  • Camila: Then why did you leave me here to burn?
  • Therapist: Okay maybe we should start with a less intense conversation. Lauren do you want to say something?
  • Lauren: She's never listening, she says it's innocent. She doesn't let me have control anymore.
  • Camila: What are you talking about? I gave you all of me. My blood, my sweat, my heart, and my tears.
  • Lauren: Well, I'm tired. I must've crossed a line, I must've lost my mind.
  • Camila: I was there Lauren, I was there, when no one was.
  • Lauren: I know. I miss the memories replaying in my head.
  • Camila: And your voice, it was the most familiar sound but it sounds so dangerous to me now.
  • Lauren: I'm sorry you have to feel that way. I miss the thought of a forever, you and me.
  • Camila: But now you're gone and I'm here. Is it my fault? How do I fix it?
  • Therapist: Time is up! What a productive session. I'll see you both next Wednesday. Great progress Camren!

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I don't know why but your Kuro gives me a lil langsty feels, I mean Kuro went touchy touchy on Keith, but also wants to tap Lance, and what if Lance falls for him but is sad bc he thinks Kuro just wants to have a one night stand with him, he bursts into tears in front of Kuro bc "I want to be loved, and you just want to do me" what is ofc not true - I mean he wants to do him but he also loves Lancey... or something... ok now it sounds all overly dramatic, in my head was better XD

I started writing one or two fanfics about this.

Like Kuro at some point realizes, that he has a crush on Keith… but that’s it. There’s something missing. At the same time his bromance with Lance kinda escalates, but he doesn’t know how to handle that situation. What if he’s misinterpreting all this?? What if Lance isn’t into him, too? He has no idea about relationships for fuck’s sake. D: In the meantime Lance suffers in silence.

So Kuro tries and keeps everything the way it is now… and that kinda works, until a “yay, we saved the planet”-party happens and he and Lance get drunk and well… they kinda end up sleeping with eachother.

From there on everything turns into a total mess, because Kuro can’t express his feelings and Lance doesn’t know how to deal with his jealousy and low self-esteem.

There’s a lot of crying and avoiding eachother until a mission goes wrong and Kuro kinda jumps in and takes a shot to the chest for Lance. He almost dies and confesses to Lance, because he’s afraid he’ll die without ever telling anyone - even though EVERYONE except Lance knows.

Of course Kuro makes it and the first thing Lance does, is kiss him before he can jump into the next life threatening situation. :D

❝ It’s over. ❞

Plot: Jimin cheats on you, because he’s too drunk, and you broke up with him. 

Pairing: JiminxReader 

Words count: 1,9k+

Genre: Angst

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

The happy barking of your dog was the best welcome after a long and tiring day of study and work. You laid the purse and the keys on the cupboard near the entrance and you were ready to head to the bathroom to relax a little when strange noises from your bedroom made you block completely.  

Immediately your heart began to beat at an abnormal rate because they were little misunderstanding sounds and immediately understood what was going on in that room.  

Your hands began to tremble and in small steps you began to walk towards your room, finally reaching the door. Yet you couldn’t open it, you were scared to death to see what, or rather who, was in it. But your hopes were destroyed shortly after because the female voice screamed that name, the name you hoped to never hear, and with your hopes, even your heart broke completely. 

Your brain allowed you not to hurt yourself and trying to remain silent you turned and left the house looking for a possible refuge to spend those hours.  

You never thought that Jimin could cheat you. After a year of relationship by now you thought you were perfect together, he was so considerate to you and he always tried to show you how much he loved you. You had so hard to trust him, because of your past experiences, that that seemed like a joke to you because it felt impossible that he really did.  

Walking through the streets of Seoul you didn’t cry, because there were too many people who could see you, stopping in a kiosk and starting to drink in solitary. You never liked alcohol, but at that moment you just wanted to anesthetize a little the pain your felt into your heart.  

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“There are private rooms upstairs,”

Jamie murmured, blue eyes dancing over my knuckles, and I lost interest in Mr. Wallace.

“How interesting,” I said. “You haven’t finished your stew.”

“Damn the stew.”

“Here comes the servingmaid with the ale.”

“Devil take her.” Sharp white teeth closed gently on my knuckle, making me jerk slightly in my seat.

“People are watching you.”

“Let them, and I trust they’ve a fine day for it.”

His tongue flicked gently between my fingers.

“There’s a man in a green coat coming this way.”

“To hell—” Jamie began, when the shadow of the visitor fell upon the table.

“A good day to you, Mr. Malcolm,” said the visitor, bowing politely. “I trust I do not intrude?”

“You do,” said Jamie, straightening up but keeping his grip on my hand. He turned a cool gaze on the newcomer. “I think I do not know ye, sir?”

The gentleman, an Englishman of maybe thirty-five, quietly dressed, bowed again, not intimidated by this marked lack of hospitality.

“I have not had the pleasure of your acquaintance as yet, sir,” he said deferentially. “My master, however, bade me greet you, and inquire whether you—and your companion—might be so agreeable as to take a little wine with him.”

The tiny pause before the word “companion” was barely discernible, but Jamie caught it. His eyes narrowed.

“My wife and I,” he said, with precisely the same sort of pause before “wife,” “are otherwise engaged at the moment. Should your master wish to speak wi’ me—”

“It is Sir Percival Turner who sends to ask, sir,” the secretary—for so he must be—put in quickly. Well-bred as he was, he couldn’t resist a tiny flick of one eyebrow, as one who uses a name he expects to conjure with.

“Indeed,” said Jamie dryly. “Well, with all respect to Sir Percival, I am preoccupied at present. If you will convey him my regrets?” He bowed, with a politeness so pointed as to come within a hair of rudeness, and turned his back on the secretary. That gentleman stood for a moment, his mouth slightly open, then pivoted smartly on his heel and”“made his way through the scatter of tables to a door on the far side of the dining room.

“Where was I?” Jamie demanded. “Oh, aye—to hell wi’ gentlemen in green coats. Now, about these private rooms—”

“How are you going to explain me to people?” I asked.

He raised one eyebrow.

“Explain what?” He looked me up and down. “Why must I make excuses for ye? You’re no missing any limbs; you’re not poxed, hunchbacked, toothless or lame—”

“You know what I mean,” I said, kicking him lightly under the table.

 The lady sitting near the wall nudged her companion and widened her eyes disapprovingly at us. I smiled nonchalantly at them.

“Aye, I do,” he said, grinning.


I was looking through Twitter and came across this…

From what I have noticed he was promised to be in season 13 and he wanted to keep going. He even already had the promo shots! However I feel like something happened behind the scenes because of this. First he was happy to be going to be in season 13 now all of a sudden hes done with the show and conventions (creation ones). It almost feels as if they told him “never mind we dont want you anymore. get out”….. Why would they just “kill” Crowley off in one episode only to permanently kill him the very next? I don’t know… I just know it makes me really angry and sad for the fact it feels as if the people of SPN just did Mark extremely wrong. I dont think he would just up and leave us like this, something had to happen.

Either way….

To Mark,

We don’t really know what happened and we aren’t asking you to tell us, but please know we stand behind you in whatever you do and we will certainly miss you. From all the fans to you: Thank you. Words cannot even describe the joy you made us feel on and off screen. Here’s to moving on to something better.

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can I get a run down of who cheerleader gorl is bc I just started following you a while ago and I see all these posts and I don't know what they mean and I am confused

There’s this girl in my geometry class, she is a cheerleader, and recently she has taken a liking into me. Every morning she gives me a hug and tells me how much she missed me and like high key she’s super attractive. She is on the cheerleading squad and has worn her uniform to class MULTIPLE times. I genuinely thought she was straight. I thought it was one of those weird straight girl things where they act like they’re into you but it’s meant in a friend way. But then yesterday this girl told me “you know she’s bi right?” And I was like h-hold up now what. So I went home and this dude who’s friends with her snapchatted me asking me if I was into her and I was like “uh yeah, but I know she’d never be into me like that” and we left it at that but later I asked if he could check to see if she was into me and then he said “yo she is into you, she dead ass just told me she has a crush on you” and I screamed for about 5 minutes. He gave me her phone number and then SHE started snapchatting me outside of this groupchat we have calling me cute and talking to me all night it’s incredible. And today when I saw her she gave me the best hug ever I wanted to cry she put like, all of her weight on me I felt so honored

Hello! I was reading the part of War and Peace that Great Comet was based on and decided to make a list of all the phrases/sentences in the novel that I found while listening along to the cast recording while reading that are either directly put into the lyrics of the musical, or are heavily referenced with a few changes. I have separated these findings by song, not in the order of which they appear in the novel. For some of the lines that are less directly from the novel I have put the lyrics that are connected to them in parentheses and italics next to the book quotes. It’s really really really fun to see which lyrics have a match so I hope you enjoy!

Also sorry for any formatting issues: in some songs there are huge chunks that are almost directly lifted from the book so some placement of bullet points might be wonky. And if you know of any that I missed, please reblog and add! 

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You hear them long before you see them. You recognize two of the voices, but why would they be here? They’d escaped, if they’d been caught again you’d know. Someone would have bragged about it, and this place would have been full of life but so far it’s just been you.
They’re not trying to be quiet, and there are more than just the two voices you recognize.
“Wait, is this grass?” A male voice asks in surprise. He’s not from around here, he’s American for sure.
“Yes.” Her voice is soft and when she caresses one of your flowers you know exactly who it is. Gesturing aside the vines you can see her magic working its way around the door, instead you use the vines to rip the door out of the doorway. “Ah.” Wanda says sounding pleased. “Hello.”
“Hi.” You say softly looking at the group she’s got with her. Pietro you know, he gives you that impish smirk and you roll your eyes. There are two other men staring at you, one has short blonde hair and is wearing a star on his chest, Captain America. The other has longer dark brown hair and is wearing a black leather jacket with a missing left arm. The left arm is missing to show off a metal arm, The Winter Solider. Why aren’t they trying to kill each other?
“Woah.” Captain America says as the two men stare at your room. It’s full of greenery, flowers are everywhere.
“So, you’ve got flowers.” The Winter Solider says looking around the room. He doesn’t seem quite as in awe as the captain does.
“Didn’t you tell them about me?” You ask Wanda.
“Not really, we just told them you were enhanced.” She tells you with a little shrug.
“Guys, you told us she’d be able to help us destroy Hydra. All she does is make pretty flowers!” The Winter Solider snaps.
“Thank you.” You say with a smile and he looks confused, “You said my flowers were pretty. And I can help you destroy Hydra. Why do you think they had me locked up?”
“How can plants help us fight Hydra?” You’re not liking his tone of voice. Instead of answering you show him, with an outstretched hand and a flick of your wrist he, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, finds himself wrapped from knee to shoulder in vines and hanging upside down.
“You were saying?” You ask sweetly with a small smile on your face.

The End Justifies The Wait


That one little word could be my entire analysis of this episode. Hey Gene, what did you think of the Season Finale? Wow is what I think. Goodnight and I’ll see you all in October.

But there is just too much stuff to talk about. Watching the episode, I felt I was on an emotional roller coaster, one with no safety bars or seat belts, and at any given moment, it would jump its track and spill me out into electrified air.

To quote Tom Petty—the waiting is the hardest part. I’m talking about Olicity of course. It was a short, sweet moment they shared, but for me, it was the whole season wrapped up in a kiss and a hug. Amid all the danger and threats and potential devastation Chase had in mind, Oliver and Felicity was a promise given to us. And that promise is—there will be a lot more scenes in the Loft next season. Maybe we’ll get a whole episode of the team coming together to help Oliver move back in. I see Curtis and Rene bantering over all the boxes Oliver has his things in. I see John with a big, satisfied grin on his face, happily lugging those boxes into his OTP’s love nest. Ditto Lance and Dinah. And coordinating it all is Felicity and Thea.

Okay, I want to break down that kiss and hug from how I see it, not from a male or female perspective—but as a fan. Some might think, (and I’ve already read some of these thoughts) ‘okay, so they kissed and hugged and heart-eyed each other, but that doesn’t mean they’re back together.’ Uh, that is exactly what it means. The look they gave to one another during that small intimacy was them saying they are never going to let each other go again. When Oliver came out of the trees with his “team” and Felicity called his name from inside her cage—I wanted Oliver to respond with, “sorry I’m late, honey. I had to make a quick stop to let Slade Wilson and Digger Harkness out.” After Talia and Evelyn and Dickhead Harkness attempted to do harm to our heroes, Felicity wanted so badly to get out of her cage and go to Oliver. He does owe her another manicure/pedicure, so just saying.

When Felicity saw Slade was working with Oliver, I was reminded of 312 in that alley when she was pissed Oliver hooked up with Merlyn. She walked away from him then. Not this time. Yeah, she might have been a little irked that Oliver was basically doing the same thing with Slade, but she  understands her BAE more than she did in that alley. When she asked Oliver if they are going to talk about Slade running around loose again, and when Oliver answered yes, they were going to talk about it; one word came to me—married.

So Oliver and Slade had a plan. But in order to implement it, Oliver needed to stay focused. In his mind and heart, that meant making sure Felicity was out of harm’s way. Like he told her in 522, tactical wasn’t the only reason he wanted her safe. It wasn’t the old, I-can’t-involve-you-in-my-plans bit. It wasn’t him being secretive or a loner. It was a heartfelt moment of honesty and inclusion. He straight up let her know that the shit was going to hit the fan and he didn’t want any of it getting on her. No excuses. He spoke his heart. And I think Felicity understood this. Remember that she told him she got a tiny taste of what he went through. She was willing to let him go so he could be a hero and save the day. But she was still in the background as Overwatch, discovering Chase’s diabolical dead-man switch. Too bad it literally blew up in everybody’s faces.

So there they were, standing in front of each other, understanding one another and being okay with it all. It overwhelmed Felicity, that way they used to communicate with a look or a touch. She didn’t hesitate. She kissed him. It might have been a telegraphed blow to all of us, but she put one on him. Everything that kept them apart for a season and a half: lying, betrayals, lack of trust, other LI’s, the darkness of loss and torture and their need for each other—it was all in that brief kiss. I felt the only thing missing was some privacy and the salmon ladder. But they didn’t need any wine to fuel their passion this time. They were drunk on their love for one another. (I can’t believe I wrote that sentence, it sounds so—corny.) I also wondered (a guy thing) if Oliver was a little secretly turned on by the cuts and scrapes on Felicity’s face. She looked battle-worn and maybe might come away from this with some new scars. Again, I am reminded of another episode in Season 2 when Oliver, Diggle and Sara were comparing their scars. They should have a reunion, only this time Felicity will be part of the club.

Anyway, Oliver seemed a little surprised by Felicity’s sudden kiss, but he got into the spirit of it. He softened a bit and took her in. Felicity was only being true to herself. She wanted the memory of a kiss in case something happened to either one of them. She told him she didn’t want any regrets if she denied herself that kiss. Oliver assured her that once they were off the island and safe, they would talk about their future. Felicity gave a little nod to let him know she was all in for that.

Then Oliver, yes Oliver, initiated physical contact and took her in his arms with a hug. It was hello, goodbye, I miss you, I want you, I need and I love you—all in one embrace. So yeah, I’d say Oliver and Felicity are back together. They’re endgame, always have been and always will be.

The rest of the episode was just as rewarding. Lian Yu blowing up was spectacular in its symbolism of Oliver eradicating his past. The fireballs were fun too. Oliver reuniting with William was a special moment, showing his paternal instincts and bringing a new side to his character going forward. Felicity and Thea bonding over their evil fathers, and that soft kiss Felicity planted on the side of Thea’s head—sisters. Team Arrow vs. Team Chase was exciting. The same for Talia vs. Nyssa and Dinah vs. BS. Lance almost stole the show taking BS out. Really fun was Slade and Oliver working together again with Slade serving up some truth tea on forgiveness—wonderful.

Everybody is going to survive the cliffhanger. The only thing that will be hard to take is having to wait five months to see it.

Until then…

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Logan the panty thief?

You and your panties, man. Are you sure someone’s stealing them? Because it sounds like you might just be losing them.

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That was three pairs in two weeks that had gone fucking missing. For the life of you, you couldn’t find them. You had searched your entire room, the laundry room and your bathroom. It was like they disappeared.

“Logan, you wouldn’t have happened to see my panties lying around anywhere would you?” You asked as you boyfriend walked into your room.

“No, why?” He replied nonchalantly flopping on his bed.

“Because I’m missing my favorite pairs.” You turned around huffing and crossing your arms over your chest.

“You mean the black lace ones, the striped ones and the red pair that make your ass look fucking amazing?” He quirked an eyebrow at you.

“Yes! Those exact pairs. How did you know that?” You put hands on your hips, cocking your head at him.

“They’re in my room.” He shrugged.

“Any why would they be in there?” You stalked over to him.

“I like looking at them and thinking about you when you’re gone.” He sat up, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Wouldn’t you rather look at me in them?” You asked running your fingers through his hair.

“Yeah but you were gone so I took them.” He smirked.

“You just like them because they still smell like me.” You bit down on your lip looking at him.

He gripped you tightly, flipping over on the bed so you were underneath him. “Maybe.”


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ok so just wondering, is there a way to turn on notifications for your mafia au posts? i don't want to miss one! but also I don't need a notification every time you post like, a response to an ask. just wondering if there's a way! :)

Hmmmm, as far as I know there isn’t a way to turn on notification for specific posts over asks or something :O
There may be a way to follow a tag???
but I am unsure about this P:

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Room Boards - Lila @thesimperiuscurse

Now, obviously this ts4 room is of no use to you, but have it anyways! I think you’re such an interesting little babber, because you like so many different things. I love that you’re into design and architecture, and I’m jealous of how active and mindful you are about your future and your health, and how you try so many different things. It’s pretty crazy, because like, I didn’t know that one human could have enough time to do all of that lol. But it’s cool! I also think you’re an awesome writer and I hope that when you get out of school you’ll have some more time to be around because I miss your sims posts q.q especially now that I’m off on my sims 3 escapades! I hope you like your room anyways ♥ (Missing from this photo: And this time I actually do mean “missing from this photo” because I had to crop out the ballet slippers next to the backpack because it made the whole shot look weird :( but they are there… off screen. Sobs.)

Coward (Destiel Fanfic)

Summary: A fluffy/angsty one shot. Thinking Cas is dead Dean writes Cas a Eulogy after the Season 12 finale. He confesses things. I seem to like Dean writing Cas letters.


Fuck…where do I begin. Damn I don’t even know if I’ll have the strength to read this Buddy. Not this time.
You’re really gone aint you? I’m gonna miss that face. I should have told you this when you had breath in your body but…it’s a pretty face. And what’s crazy is I can practically hear you now. Telling me that its Jimmy’s face, not yours. Because you never really loved yourself, did you? Never really knew how loved you were.
And that’s my fault, Cas. I take my responsibility for it. I was a coward.

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When I walked into class yesterday, two girls were talking about diets and losing weight. I came in mid-conversation so I missed the preface of it but I got enough to realize that they were talking about cutting out sugars and carbs and “bad shit” for the most effective weight loss. One girl was like, “yeah I was able to lose the weight and I just stopped eating shit because your body stops craving it eventually.” And I was like, Yeah you’re right to an extent but our bodies are dynamic organisms and sometimes cravings are going to happen and its okay to give in to them because your body knows how to adjust accordingly.” And then I took out my sandwich and thought to myself, “shit, my therapist would be so proud.” 

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Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that Jared and Tom look alike. They could be twins!

Yeah, we’ve spoken about it before, i think.

I kid you not, when i watched “Thor” or “The Avengers” (I don’t remember which one i saw first) i legit thought i had missed something and didn’t know Jared had been cast in it but then i was like ‘wait a second’ *Narrows eyes* WHO DIS? *NEW OBSESSION BLOOMED*

Tom himself has talked about it:


  • Case worker: Mom said she doesn't want Katniss going on long hikes.
  • Me: Are we talking about the same mom? The one who wanted to make sure that Miss Everdeen didn't miss her wilderness survival class?
  • Case worker: Wait, really? Is that what the class is?
  • Me: Hey Katniss, can you come in here. CW wants to know about something. What do you do at ... ?
  • Katniss: Huh? Well, normally we hike somewhere and then Mister Teacher Man shows us how to do something like build a shelter out of bark and so we build shelters and then we hike back.
  • Case Worker: I'm so confused. But, also mom isn't comfortable with Katniss traveling on the freeway.
  • Me: Noted. The next time we take Katniss on the freeway I'll keep in mind that her mother doesn't approve.
  • Case worker: Yeah. I wasn't really sure how to respond to that either. Finally, mom is upset that you let her go to the Catholic Church.
  • Me: You can let her know I'm an atheist so I'm definitely not forcing church on anyone.
Skyscraper Jones

Notes: I thank her on every single one of these and I always will because this verse wouldn’t exist without her - @welllpthisishappening. (She’s perfect so if you don’t follow her, you’re really missing out!) Anyway, I know that everyone loves Wes/is waiting for something Wes centric, but Harrison is my puppy dog and he’s slightly based upon my ridiculous younger brother who is giant. (I call him Moose.) Anyway, this one-shot is based upon the actual events involving my younger brother who everyone seemed to think was in the fifth grade instead of second grade on our first day at a new elementary school. (Little Pirates ‘verse: By the Hook, Breakfast for Boys, Pirate Halloween and Children and Understandings.) You can also read this on AO3 here: [LINK]
Summary: Harrison Jones is a big kid. Five inches and fifteen pounds heavier than the other kids in Ms. Zellar’s second grade class. He’s a bit hard to miss, which is why Emma Swan can’t understand why she’s getting a phone call in the middle of day from Storybrooke Elementary informing her that her son is missing.
Rating: T
Word Count: 4,1000+

Harrison Liam Jones is a big kid.

He was a big baby too and that’s something Emma Swan won’t ever forget because pushing out eleven pounds and two ounces of a human being is something that deserves a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records. (Henry likes to inform her that bigger babies have been born around fifteen and sixteen pounds and she cannot help but wince. She cannot imagine pushing out something bigger than Harrison, who nearly ripped her apart and broke his collarbone on the way out.) She remembers turning to her husband not long after Harrison was taken away by the attendants and telling him if he wanted another kid, he was going to have to carry it himself because there’s no way she’s going through childbirth again. (Six months later, of course, she makes a liar out of herself when whispers in his ear to tell him she wants another. Wes is born not long after that and Beth less than two years after him. Thankfully neither kid is as big as their brother when they’re born. Wes is a respectful seven pounds and nine ounces. Beth is their tiny girl; born four pounds and eleven ounces.)

They aren’t quite sure where Harrison’s stature comes from. It’s not that Killian is particularly short, but he’s not the six feet and four inches that their pediatrician estimates their boy will be. David is tall and broad, but he’s not gigantic enough to explain why their son will be towering over them before long. All and all, they chalk it as a medical and genetic mystery, and just accept that Harrison is going to be a very big boy.

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now that the main cast is all converging onto mistral, here is a list of my demands requests for volume 5:

(excluding a reunion for obvious reasons)

  • NEPTUNE VASILIAS  (and sage and scarlet but especially neptune. where is my blue boy? is he safe? is he missing his bro? WHERE IS HE MILES LUNA?)
  • Assuming they live in or near Mistral, JAUNE’S FAMILY!! or at least like one of his sisters!!
  • this isn’t at all related to mistral but GIVE ME SUMMER ROSE/STRQ FLASHBACKS OR GIVE ME DEATH
  • interesting/unconventional character interactions! NORA/YANG, WEISS/JAUNE, REN/SUN, HELL I’LL EVEN COUNT RUBY/BLAKE IN THIS CATEGORY GIVEN HOW MUCH THEY’VE INTERACTED IN THE PAST 3 VOLUMES. please just….give me some outside-of-team bonding interactions between my kids. fuel my (sssn)rwbyjnpr soul. i’m begging.