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Seattle update: all the crows and seagulls in my area started sounding all at once with no explanation or obvious reason behind it. Also, I think you would enjoy the pit story. When you are up for stories without a satisfying ending let me know.

Not to alarm you but your probably had a mircroquake.  Or there was a bird of prey you didn’t see, but when I lived in CA the birds would all freak at once if there was a mini-tremor, but the humans might not notice.

Please tell me of the Pit story?

[Magnus picks up Lucas by the scruff of his neck]

Lucas: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, okay, stop! Please don’t hurt me, okay?

Magnus: Tell me what I want to know! I am done fucking around! You left us up there in a room paralyzed, attacked by some kind of crystal golem- fucking TALK NOW.

[Merle winks at Taako, who is not paying attention, then goes-]

Merle: Listen, Lucas, y’know, I’m your pal but look, Magnus is really pissed. I’d tell him what he wants to hear if I were you, buddy.

Taako: Oh hell yeah, good cop bad cop, I love this stuff!

Merle: Shhh, not out loud!

Taako: Oh, right, right.

fandom + antisemitism

okay fandom. 

here’s a hard truth that y’all need to grasp: YOU’RE ANTISEMITIC.

which fandom? doesn’t matter. it’s all of you. it really is. xmen? yeah. marvel? yep. dc? YEP. Star Trek? THE WORST. 

let me give you a heads up on some quick, easy ways to stop being trash.

  1. stop “forgetting” jewish characters are jewish (cough, Spock, cough) 
  2. listen to jews when we tell you shows like the ray are inherently antisemitic
  3. don’t make jewish characters christian in fanfic or fanart
  5. if you write a holocaust au, you’re the worst kind of trash (y’all know who you are)
  6. cherik fans, please don’t support people who portray Erik as a priest or a fucking German soldier 

A Miritama fic!

Title: Aquarium
Rated G, 5.5k
Summary:  The little aquarium under Tamaki’s window belongs to Tamaki, technically.


 Poly!Vkook & You Deal With JK’s Scandal…

 ⇝ request: my thirsty ass wants another vkook ploy text. Make it angsty. Significant other sees some articles that include one of them getting involved in a scandal (while they’re on tour or vacation somewhere) and they gets upset and tells one of them but not the one involved in it and she acts all cold to that person adn he knows what’s up but tries to pry it out of them until they finally confess. I hope that was clear ^^” (if you wanna break it to two/three parts you can :3) -pia

⇝ note: is this to your expectations? i hope it is 😶 does anyone want a part two cause if not i’m fine ending it here… 😅 idk but please let me know! thank you for requesting, pia! 💓 —Admin Sav 

{request for texts are open}

*Derek Hale Imagine*

Request: Hey can you do a one-shot where you’re Dereks little human sister and dating Stiles and Derek - who is super protective - finds out?

Authors Note: Thank you for requesting!

Readers POV

“Yes, Stiles, he left. I promise Derek isn’t here now would you please come over already? He won’t be gone forever, you know?”

“Alright, alright I’m almost there. See you soon, beautiful.” My boyfriend, Stiles, said and hung up the phone. You see, Stiles and I have been secretly dating for almost two months and we still have yet to tell my older brother, Derek. Did I mention that my brother is a werewolf? Derek is very protective over me and Stiles isn’t exactly his favorite person.

The loft door slid open to reveal, Stiles. A big grin formed on my face and I ran over to him, jumping in his arms. He hugged me back and nuzzled his face into my neck.

“I’ve missed you.” I told him.

“I missed you too, beautiful.” I pulled away from the hug only to place my lips on his in a soft and passionate kiss. A very loud and very angry growl filled the loft and we quickly pulled away from each other. There stood, Derek who was all wolfed out. He marched up to Stiles and grabbed him by the back of his neck, all but dragging him to the loft door. I ran up to Derek and pulled on his arm.

“Derek! Stop! Please stop! Derek!” I shouted at my brother but he continued to drag Stiles until he threw him out and slammed the door shut. I tried running to the door to see if Stiles was okay but I was picked up and thrown over Derek’s shoulder. I pounded my fists against his back and squirmed around, trying to break free. Derek walked us over to his bed where he set me down and gave me a stern, angry look. He’s calmed down enough that he was no longer all wolfed out.

“How long?” He asked. I looked down.

“Almost two months.” I mumbled.

“Two months?! You kept this hidden from me for two months?! That’s it! I forbid you to see him again!” I angrily stood up and gave him a glare of my own.

“I’m not a child, Derek! I’m 16 years old I can make my own decisions! I’m tired of you always trying to control me! Don’t you want me to be happy?” I shouted in a fury. Derek’s face softened. He sighed and sat on his bed, placing his face in his hands. After a few monents of silence he stood back up and pulled me into a hug.

“Of course I want you to be happy, Y/N. I’m just trying to keep you safe.” He explained.

“You can’t save me from life, Derek. I appreciate that you want to keep me safe but I need space to breathe. I have to go out and make my own mistakes and learn from them. I really care about, Stiles. He would never intentionally hurt me in any way. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I knew you wouldn’t allow it.” Derek pulled away from the hug and cupped my chin.

“If dating…Stiles is something you REALLY want. Then I suppose…you have my blessing.” I brought him in for another hug.

“Thank you, Derek! I love you.”

“I love you too. But if I catch his mouth anywhere near yours again I’m gonna rip his throat out…with my teeth.” I sighed but gave a chuckle. It’s a work in progress.

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Hi! You have been identified as An Awesome Artist™. Congrats, you rock! So that all of your fans can shower you with some extra love today, please tell us your favourite five (or as many as you want) artworks of yours and why you like them and then send this to another five artists you think deserve this title! ♥

Aw, thank you so much!! :D

Oh boy that’s a tough choice, I didn’t even think I’d find five, but turns out I found more and idk which ones I should delete so I’m leaving the list like that:

- That one group picture of lil Slayers (http://acnologias-ass.tumblr.com/post/154050801763/you-know-me-too-well-dammit-d-shows-up-three)

- That one Trouble Twins comic (http://acnologias-ass.tumblr.com/post/160926056338/yknow-ever-since-the-trouble-twins-novel-came-out

- I’m kinda fond of that one Natsu vs Gajeel drawing I did for the FT 11th anniversary collab that I never posted here because idk (https://twitter.com/ftanniversary/status/890391081816162305) but I do hate how Sagittarius came out tho lmao

- Levy braiding Gajeel’s hair (http://acnologias-ass.tumblr.com/post/154222046453/since-apparently-its-gajevy-day-today-and-levy)

- That one Natsu/Gajeel/Wendy pic I use as my header (http://acnologias-ass.tumblr.com/post/148123504983/o-m-g-your-new-header-are-you-going-to-post-that) I’m planning on redrawing it tho since it’s been a while

- Chibi Slayers (http://acnologias-ass.tumblr.com/post/149409214785/happy-birthday-kushexi-i-hope-you-have-a)

- That one draw the squad picture with the Slayers freaking out over the computer (http://acnologias-ass.tumblr.com/post/139378633573/im-sorry-for-i-have-sinned) mostly because that fits them so well lmao

- Even tho it’s been a while and I kinda hate how it looks now, I’m still fond of Acno babysitting lil Slayers (http://acnologias-ass.tumblr.com/post/139683737253/first-we-got-theories-about-acnoo-and-natsu-then)

Not mm related (sorry) 

but idk if you have read the post about Honey Lemon (from big hero 6) being latina. 

I don’t know if she is in fact latina but what people said pissed me off 

I mean… not every latina has a dark skin 

and most important thing, people commented that she didn’t made clear that she was latina. I mean… what you expected? she only eating tacos and listening only to Shakira?? 

How a latina is supposed to act?? srsly please tell me so I start acting like that lol

Come with me as I make my way

“You said you love me, so why are you leaving me?”

“I don’t have a choice! If I don’t do this I go to prison, if I tell the truth, Adam goes to prison. He’s my mate, my best mate.”

“And I’m your boyfriend! Nice to know where I am in your priorities.” Aaron’s widened eyes make him want to take the words back, but he can’t because Adam’s there on that stupid quad, and Chas is crying.

“It’s not like that! Robert, please!”

“You need to go.” Aaron’s clinging to him, won’t let him go, so he pushes him away. “Go on then, if you’re going.”

“Come with me.” He doesn’t answer, he’s not even sure he heard correctly and everyone’s looking, “I mean it. Come with me.”

“Aaron, come on!” Robert glares at Adam over Aaron’s shoulder, as Chas tries one more time to stop him and Paddy says something he can’t hear. He can’t answer him because it’s impossible, he can’t, and it’s killing him.


“Right.” Before Robert can stop him he’s climbing on the quad behind Adam and they’re roaring off round the side of the pub and there’s only Chas’ cries breaking the silence.

“Robert?” It’s Paddy. Paddy who doesn’t like him, who’d put that aside for Aaron. He was the first person they’d told when they’d got together months ago. God was it only months? It wasn’t long enough, and now he was gone, and he couldn’t come back. He was the one who’d got Chas to back off, who’d had them both round for tea, who’d let them babysit Leo together, who’d told him it didn’t matter what people would think. “Are you alright?” 

He shook his head, blinked away his tears. “I should get back to work.”

“Did you mean that? Did he tell you he loved you?”

He sniffed and nodded, “A few days ago, must have known about this.“

“You know him, you know what it means for him to say that. Do you really want to let that go?”

“What difference does it make what I want? He’s gone, he’s given us up, for Adam!”

“Do you love him?” He just gives him a look, not quite believing the question even left his mouth. “Sorry. You know, France isn’t the end of the world…you can visit. He asked you to go with him…”

“What about Vic? She’s lost so much…”

“No more than you. She’s got Diane, Andy. What do you want?”

“Aaron.” It wasn’t even a question. He knew as much as he felt he should stay for Vic, if he’d had time he would’ve said yes to Aaron in a heartbeat. So why was he standing here. “Can I borrow your car?” Paddy smiled and handed over the keys.

“Thanks Paddy. Will you…can you tell Vic I’ll phone. There isn’t time to find her and get my stuff and my passport.”


He’s never moved so fast, first to his bedroom to grab a bagful of stuff, his passport, anything he can think of. Then across to the vets to get Paddy’s car, all the while trying to book a ticket for Aaron’s flight. He supposed he should be grateful that he’d told him the whole plan in the short time they’d had when he turned up still in his suit.

It’s mad and impulsive and as he nears the airport the doubts start to set in. Did Aaron mean it, did he really want him. They’d had fun together but it was still new. Could they really make it, just the two of them in a strange country, alone. Then he thought about what would it be like for Aaron if he didn’t go, he’d be completely alone.

Decision made he grabbed his bag, hid the car keys as best he could and texted Paddy the location of the car as he ran towards the terminal. He had about ten minutes to make it.

He hadn’t counted on getting tangled up with a coach load of people at the entrance, or what seemed like hundreds of children running around the terminal. The good thing was there didn’t seem to be any extra police around, at least to his untrained eye. Now all he had to do was find Aaron. 

Then he spots him, in that godawful hoodie with the gelled hair that Robert couldn’t get him to change.

“Aaron!” He probably looks like an idiot running to him but he doesn’t care and their bags fall to the floor as he flings his arms around him. “You still fancy some company?”

1305) I need help, for some reason I don’t like when people call me beautiful, everytime somebody says I want to tell them to stop calling me that and say that I’m handsome. I know that I’m not transgender but I wish I could start doing drag, dress like many androgynous models, etc. I want to be the “fuck you” of genderoles, but I’m so scare to do what I want, please somebody help me.

“I’m really hurt. One of my partners, whom I’ve plotted with, shared a lot of similar opinions and meta with, and wrote numerous novella starters for (all of which took at least four hours to write), over the course of at least six months, decided to up and leave the fandom for another one, and archive their blog, without so much as unfollowing me, making a post about it, or letting me know. I only found out because I visited their blog by chance and saw a message on their sidebar saying they’d left. I could’ve gone months waiting for them before realizing it. That leads me to say this… For anyone who’s reading this, if you’re interacting with someone who actually makes it clear that they want to establish long-term connections with other muns, if something ever comes up and you don’t want to interact with me anymore, for any reason, or if you just need to leave your blog, please tell them. I’m the kind of person who’ll wait for others. I’m very much ride-or-die because each person I follow, I’m in it for the long haul. Each person I follow, I intend to form a friendship with them, and for our muses to grow together in a memorable way, even if this is a slow process and waiting’s involved. I don’t want to be just a number on your blogroll, and it’s my hope that you’d feel the same, because the fact that this is a social media site means nothing to me. I go for quality over quantity in my interactions, and the few interactions I do have, I want to make the best of them. I only follow people who I have faith are like this too. So if you have to leave the fandom and drop your muse, or if you have other reasons to not write with me anymore, that’s okay. But please just send me a message letting me know so I don’t keep following and following and following, before realizing you’d already gone. I know anyone can unfollow or stop talking to people at their whim here, but to not even receive an acknowledgement like “it’s been fun, good luck”, or anything of the sort (especially when there’s a huge section in my rules that says I need communication from my partners), after everything we’ve done, and for me to have to personally go to your blog and find a message saying you’ve left, is really upsetting. It makes me never want to bother with these kind of partnerships ever again, and I feel awful for even considering that, because I know this would only be a detriment to the community at large. Long story short… Please, if you’re going to leave in some way, at least don’t leave me in the dark.”

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morgan this is a psa that you've ruined my life i've listened to gorgeous like thirty times today and all i hear is THAT MISHEARD LYRIC so please tell me why would you do this to me the people want to know

like the fact that you think that’s my worst mistake. sweetie. 

“some boys are trying too hard, he don’t try at all though. bigger than my exes but he act just like such a man so”

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ok its up! i posted it last night actually but the internet here is terrible so i couldn't let you you know when i did. i also can't send u the link for the same reason but i dedicated it to u so i hope u see it! please tell me what u think!!

i left you a comment on the story itself, but let me just tell you again how fucking stunning this was - beautifully written and so very tender. their adoration feels like an act of rebellion, and that’s the kind of stevebucky i like best, where loving each other fiercely is another act of defiance.

everybody go read this fic! steve and bucky are both trans and it’s just as good and painful and real as you could want.

Do not yell at me please
I said nothing but i hear it
I feel it destroys me
I am hypersensitive
But you do not know
I can not tell you about it
I think i never said it to you about it
It is really hard when i hear every noise
I hear it in my head
I can not speak about it cause you
Do not listen me
That is destroyes me
Then i think tgat everything is my faul
Cause i am different
You are like everyone else
But it is NOT my fault that you
Do not understand me

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hi um you mentioned once that you took japanese class and i was wondering if you could help me out? i play a game that's only in japanese (theres an english ver of the game but it's a separate app and i play both) and i was wondering if you could help me with how to properly say some important phrases that are necessary for simple communication in the game? not like full-blown conversations or something, just things like "hi can you do this thing please? thank you!" and things like that (1/2)

and how to be respectful when other people send me a message and i don’t know what they’re saying so i need to tell them i only speak english, and other scenarios like that? im really sorry if im just annoying u i just don’t wanna disrespect anyone and im so worried that its gonna happen at some point and i won’t ever be able to show my face there again ughghh… i only have google translate rn and its probably not accurate at all x_x i probably sound like the biggest weeb rn ugh but ty anyways!

(omg I remember that struggle back when I played both the Japanese and English version of LLSIF lmao) fkljjjklsfgj honestly I’ve forgotten most of what I learned back then, besides basic phrases and how to read hiragana/katakana?? I took Japanese for 2 years, but that was like…8 or 9 years ago lmao ^^;; I think I remember enough to give a basic idea though!

I’m not too sure about the first part (asking people to do things), it depends on what it is you’re asking them to do? But basically it would be “[noun]を[verb]ください!” (“[noun] o [verb] kudasai”, or “please do this thing!” it might be more polite to say お願いします (onegaishimasu) instead of kudasai, but I never got far enough to learn which is more appropriate to use in certain situations ^^; ) that’s probably not very helpful unless you know how to say the noun an the action in Japanese too, but it’s a start??

But as for letting people know you don’t speak Japanese, you could say ごめん、私は日本語を話しません (gomen, watashi wa nihongo o hanashimasen, or “sorry, I don’t speak Japanese!”) My specific grammar is probably wrong, but if you’re telling them you don’t speak Japanese anyway, then they’ll understand lol ^^; of course, most people in Japan have at least a basic understanding of English, so you could probably also just say the same thing in English and most people would know what you mean!

At least a few of y’all have mentioned that you’re from Japan or speak Japanese, so feel free to add anything and correct me if I’m wrong!! Like I said, it’s been a while lol

- Ashamed?!

Darius can’t believe his ears. If he didn’t know the boy is his grandson he would’ve thought him a complete imbecile.

- Do you know how old I am, Bristol? Do you know how long I have studied the arts? I know magic much better than some pup like you can ever dream to know it. And I’ve had full plans to extend that knowledge to you. But you are just as ungrateful as the rest of them.

Bristol: Oh please, you make it sound like dark magic is something to aspire to. If so, then tell me, why did I have to stumble upon the real information when you were out? Why did you withhold the real information from me for all this time? Oh wait, it’s because you knew I’d feel this way about it when I find out what goes into it. Which means you know full well it’s messed up. So how dare you act offended at my reaction?

Darius: And how dare you insult the arts?!

Bristol: The arts???? More like a cheap caricature of what magic is all about. But of course, I doubt you are able to understand this.

Monster (Wincest+OMC)

AO3 Link: Here
Written for: @spnabobingo , @kinktober2017 , @thebunkerofletters inktober challenge day 21
Prompt(s) Filled(Kink|Ink|ABO): double penetration | mutant | knotting
Ship: Sam/Dean/OMC (Tanner)
Rating: Explicit
Content Warning: smut, double penetration, a/b/o dynamics, knotting, rough sex, bottom!sam, switch!dean, top!tanner, mutant, cross species intercourse
Summary: Sam and Dean don’t get to see Tanner very often. This time, however, he’s got a surprise.
Word Count: 1804
A/N: Though this is my OC Tanner, it’s not exactly the one you guys know. Similar - tattoo artist, knows the Winchesters from doing work on them, but this is a Tanner from a different verse. 
A/N2: Questions, comments, concerns? Ask is open. (So is DM and AO3!)
Want to be added to a list? Go ahead and ask (tell me forevers or certain ships please) or check out the sidebar of my blog (not mobile) to add yourself! 

“Tanner? Hey man!” Dean cried, waving at the tattoo artist and piercer he and his brother knew. Tanner’s eye widened.

“Dean! Hey! What are you doing in town?”

“Just doing a job, Sammy’s at the morgue now. How are you?”

Tanner shrugged. “Same old - taking people’s money for stabbing them. What’s the case?”

Dean glanced around, making sure no one else was listening. “We think skinwalker.”

Tanner’s face went a little pale. Dean scowled. “What’s up, man?”

He cleared his throat. “Nothing. What’s it do? It sounds freaky.”

“They’re kinda like shapeshifters and werewolves.”

“How do you know it’s one of them and not a shifter or wolf?”

“Well, they are animal attacks – so not a shifter. But the heart is intact, so not a were.”

“And skinwalkers don’t eat hearts.”


“So how do you kill it?”

“Same as a shifter. Silver.”

Tanner nodded slowly, still looking a little nauseous. Dean grinned. “Hey, you worried? Come on – you’re a tough guy. We’ll take care of it. What’re you doing tonight?”

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