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All Dressed Up (Halloween Fic)(High School AU)

“Is it okay if I bring my exchange student with? My mom said I need to include him more.” Craig asked.

“Yeah sure, we can get a better discount at the fair with a larger group.” Brock said

“Which kid did you end up getting anyway?” Marcel asked.

“The Canadian.” Craig replied.

“Wait, you got that one?? I thought you had like Brian, seeing how you’re both Irish.” Tyler stated

“I’m not really Irish though.”

“You said you were from Northern Ireland!” Scotty jumped in.

“I am! But that’s British, not Irish!”

“Same fucking difference!” Marcel yelled.

“No its not!”

“Shut up, you idiots! We still need to plan this shit!” Evan yelled back.

Craig knocked on his foreign exchange student’s door as he pushed it open.

“Yo Smitty, you wanna go to the Halloween festival with me and some friends tonight?”

“Uh, sure. What is it?” Smii7y sat up off his bed.

“Basically just a fall festival. Corn mazes, pumpkin carving, carnival games, fried food, shit like that. Then afterwards we usually hit up a few houses for trick or treating.”

“I’m down.”

“Great! We’re gonna meet at Tyler’s house at 5 then walk to the fest from there.“ Craig smiled before leaving the room.

Smii7y glanced at his clock, seeing he had half an hour to get ready, and got up.

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anonymous asked:

i just saw the headcanons about guuzma and the galiospod. i just wanted to point out that, post game, its implied that guuzma was the one swinging the golf club at his dad, not the other way around as we initially thought. then again its coming from guuzma's dad, so we can probably take that with a grain of salt, should we wish to?

Okay look, I had a feeling someone was gonna’ message me about this eventually, so lemme’ just lay this out.

There is nothing during game OR post-game that heavily implies that any character has beaten another character with a golf club.  There’s just some flavor text on a sack of golf clubs in Guzma’s childhood home that says “there are a number of broken and bent golf clubs in the bag…”.  

This could mean anything.  A lot of people took it to mean that Guzma used to smash a lot of shit with golf clubs when he was younger.  Some people even thought the opposite; that he was uncontrollable and abusive towards his parents.  

Now, the reason so many people assume Guzma’s dad was abusive is because of his dialogue when you speak to him (which doesn’t change post-game, btw.) :  “I tried to set that boy of mine straight, but when I did, I was the one who got beat…”.  Again, this could also mean literally anything.  This could even mean a fuckin’ pokemon battle, considering, y’know, it’s pokemon.  (Also, again, this is his dialogue REGARDLESS of when you talk to him.  During game or post-game, it doesn’t change.)

But the reason so many people immediately assume his dad is to blame is because if you’re trying to imply physical abuse in media aimed at a general audience, you don’t come right out and say it; you have to use coded phrases like “set that boy straight”.  It hints at the issue without being explicit, because abusive people sometimes speak like that, and your audience can pick up on that without having it spelled out for them.  

As for the last half of his quote, “…but I was the one who got beat”, again, that could imply literally anything, but because it’s a clause referring to the first part of his statement, and because it uses the more deliberate “got beat” verbiage, people automatically assume “got beat” correlates with “set him straight”, and it’s not very… f-farfetch’d… to imagine that that was the intent.  


I ALSO don’t think it’s farfetched to assume that Guzma was an aggressive little shit-head of a kid, and maybe his dad didn’t know how to handle that, so they both took it out in destructive behaviors.  That’s more or less what I was trying to insinuate in those drawings.  For example, Guzma isn’t just chasing off that Ratticate, he’s throwing rocks at it.  And all the progressively broken/destroyed shit in Guzma’s room I imagine was broken by him; I realize that’s a difficult thing to communicate but I tried to do so by showing things carved onto his bed frame that were obviously done by a kid, and by filling one of his drawers with bottle rockets (I’m only so creative, guys, haha).  

I also tried to communicate that his dad wasn’t actually hitting him, he was just breaking stuff.  It might not be super obvious, but he’s supposed to be just caught up in a rage, swinging shit around and Guzma is caught in the crossfire.  I tried my best to keep the drawings vague so that people could interpret it how they see fit… I mean, that’s kind of what the in-game dialogue it’s based on is going for too, right?  But in my mind at least, when I was drawing it, that was my thought.

AND, you know, what it all really comes down to is that I’m just some rando on the internet who felt like drawing a headcanon.  I’m not asking anyone to agree with me on it, I’m not asserting it as fact, I just wanted to draw a dumb comic about a douchey kid standing up for a helpless, shrimpy pokemon and that pokemon returning the favor by evolving out of necessity and protecting him in a time of need.  I’m just… a fuckin’ trashy fangirl… leave me be… y’all can have whatever headcanons you want, haha.  So yeah, take it with a grain of salt, whatever, it’s all intentionally vague anyway; that’s what they wanted.  Pokemon games aren’t exactly known for their deeply emotional storylines.

(ALSO.  Just a bonus fact for y’all, the only dialogue that changes post-game from Guzma’s family is that his mom is hanging out in his room, and if you talk to her she says she’s heard a lot of crazy rumors about her son that she doesn’t believe are true–which is kind of hilarious; her boi can do no wrong, she doesn’t know he was a gang leader–and she gives you one of his old TMs called Swagger.  That’s literally it.)

College survival skills

I’ve decided to write a list of all the wonderful things I’ve learned in my first year of college in the hopes that they will help someone else. These can also be helpful for high school students or anyone looking to further their education. Some of these tips are related to each other.

Firstly, organization is important. I don’t mean having a spotless desk or closet for all your school things. During my first semester I had my books lying EVERYWHERE throughout my house and it was a disaster. This semester I have them piled in two places: under my coffee table and on my piano. The books under the coffee table are the ones I use frequently. The ones on my piano are the ones that I don’t use or don’t need anymore for the rest of the semester.

Secondly, coloring. I bought two packages of colored pens at the beginning of the year. I have green, orange, light and dark blue, purple, pink, red, and black. I take notes in a different color every day so it’s easy for me to find where the notes from one class period end and the second begins. My history, English, and most of my math notes are in a different color every day. My logic notes and the rest of my math notes are written in two or three colors, with the bulk of the writing in one color, important equations and words in another, and random notes in a third (my notes are blue and the extra writing I put on them is red or pink). I usually do my math homework in blue, purple, and green so I can keep track of the equations better. Sometimes I only write the original problem and the answer in pen so I can do the work in pencil. Sometimes I just rewrite it. Don’t do your homework in pink/orange/red because teachers usually grade in red. Always ask your professor before you turn in rainbowified homework. Colorful flashcards are also super useful.

Third, Google drive. Google docs is a basic word processor by Google that is attached to any gmail. All gmail accounts have them. You get 15gb for free and have the option of buying more (or making another email). I do this so I can work on my papers from any computer without having to worry about flash drives. I can also send the link to anyone I want and allow them to edit, comment, or just review. It also has a chat option where only the people editing the paper can see. It’s great for getting your friends to review a paper because they can leave comments on what needs to be changed, make a few adjustments and bold what they did, and message you explaining what they did or their thoughts on certain parts of your paper. It’s also super useful for group projects. Your entire group can work on writing the paper at once from anywhere instead of relying on one person to do the work or having to schedule meetup times. Google docs also has a small sidebar similar to the clipart sidebar in Microsoft word, but the sidebar in Google docs gives you the option to search the internet from the same window and/or use a dictionary while writing. Google drive also gives you the options of slides, spreadsheets, and a couple more. You can also upload your pictures and pdf files to drive to  access them from any computer with internet.  It’s completely free unless you want to buy more space.

The fourth relates back to all three. Color code your work. I have an old set of colored dividers in my binder. I keep all my work in drive in folders. My history divider is green, the folder color in drive for history is also green. Logic is blue, music is pink. It makes it easier for me to connect the digital work to the hard copies I have.

Fifth, outside sources. It’s important to use credible sources for research and term papers. Most professors will want you to use articles from a certain database, or will limit your potential sources to articles from peer-reviewed journals. Some of these articles are super hard to understand, especially when you’re in a science-heavy field. Fortunately, most subjects also have been written about in simpler language online. If you have problems understanding your acceptable sources, don’t be afraid to look up the material to make sense of it. Keep two lists of sources, one list of cite-able material and one of incite-able but explanatory articles. Just make sure not to mix them up.

Sixth, work habits. Make sure you learn what situations you work best under. Some people do better if they start writing their papers as soon as they’re assigned, others find it easier to write when they’re under pressure (when the paper is due in a few hours, which is a terrible idea by the way). Some people work best with music playing, others in perfectly quiet spaces, and some prefer to be in a café or other semi-social environment. Find what works best for you to capitalize on your time.

Seventh, find time to take naps. I ride public transportation for an hour to get to school, I am on campus for seven hours, five days a week, and I have another hour bus ride to get home. If I don’t need to do any work on the bus I usually sleep, read, or play Pokemon (more on my slacker habits below). I don’t have classes all seven hours all five days (thank fuck) so I sleep inbetween classes (when I’m not working or playing Munchkin). Everyone is pretty cool with letting people sleep, but sometimes headphones are important. Make sure to keep a phone, ipod, or friend readily available that is guaranteed to be able to wake you up in time for your class (or bus in my case). Sometimes when I get home it’s easier for me to nap for an hour or two and then stay up later to do my work. Again, alarms are important.

Eighth, vegetating is important. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I need to not do anything productive for a few hours. This is where I read, watch tv, check tumblr, play Pokemon or Mario Cart, and play card and board games with the other people on campus with me. I have a group of people that I play Mario Cart, Munchkin, and other random board games with on a regular basis. Not only do I get to vegetate, I get to socialize and it’s really fun for all of us.

Ninth, take care of yourself. I vegetate to prevent myself from getting panic attacks (it works, I’ve only had one problem with that all year). If you need more time to yourself, extra sleep time, or need to do anything for your mental health, don’t be afraid to do so. If it’s going to get in the way of your school work, let your professor know. They’re people too, and they’ve been through something similar to what you’re doing now, and they understand that things happen. Most are pretty understanding as long as you talk to them and don’t make excuses. Make sure you eat enough, make sure you drink enough water, keep a reliable supply of cold medicine, ibuprofen, advil, midol, or any other medication you might need on hand. Don’t be embarrassed about any health problems, college students are much more mature than high schoolers and won’t make a big deal about it. Take walks around campus if you need/want exercise, and remember how important sleep is.

Tenth, take advantage of all the cheap and free things you get. There are a lot of places that offer discounts/freebies to anyone with a student id. For example, there are some restaurants and fast food places that will feed you for cheap, the Metropolitan Opera offers student discounts, there are websites that offer way discounted plane tickets, some museums have certain days a week that students can get in for free/cheap, and some schools and public transportation systems agree well enough to provide students with free transportation (I get free bus rides if I show my id, I give the school $13 a semester). Most campuses offer decent internet, you just might have to log in with your student id. Use school wifi to download things instead of draining your own wifi plans with large downloads for school.

Eleventh, online resources are wonderful. There are some really good citations generators that will make your life so much easier. Purdue Owl is the go-to website for anyone who needs to learn how to format papers in a certain style, and it’s a good idea to check your citations from a machine against the sample citations on Purdue. If you’re still having problems, don’t be afraid to ask a classmate for help. Tutors are also an option and there is nothing wrong with seeing one.

Twelfth, side by side windows will make writing and citing so much easier. If you run windows 7, you can have two windows side by side by dragging them against the sides of your screen. I don’t run windows, so I use an extension called tile tabs on Firefox. I just have to tell the program which tabs I want to appear where on my screen and they’re there. This lets me have my outline and essay visible at the same time without printing the outline, which saves me a lot of time that I would have been spending scrolling up and down or switching between two tabs. It also lets me quote or paraphrase an article without copying and pasting, which again saves time.

Thirteenth, write your papers on something that interests you. Most professors give you the freedom to choose the topic of some or all of your papers. If they do, choose something that interests you so you won’t lose interest in the paper as easily.

Fourteenth, don’t be afraid to explain your situation to people. Explain to your professors when you need time for your health, explain to your friends and bosses when you need time to do your work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’re in school, you’re there to learn, no one is going to expect you to know everything.

Fifteenth, take advantage of free books. There are a lot of websites that offer free pdf copies of some textbooks. There are a lot of legal websites and a lot of illegal websites, which you use depends on what you’re comfortable with. If you can find one of the books you need for free online, or you can buy a hard copy for $50+, it’s usually better to go with the online copy. The exceptions are if you prefer to have the actual book or if it’s something important relating to your major. If you wanted to go to med school, you would want to buy and keep a lot of your medical textbooks. Same with law, music, history, and pretty much every major. There is nothing wrong with used books. I would rather spend $15-30 on a beat up used book that I’m not afraid to write in than $50+ on a brand new book that I won’t want to write in for fear of causing it to lose value.

Sixteenth, highlighting is really important. Highlight important sections of your pdf sources, print articles and highlight or write on them to make finding important information easier. If you plan on keeping your textbooks, highlight or use pencil to draw your attention to important things (scary equations, major historical patterns, etc). Use torn strips of sticky notes or stickers that are specifically meant to keep track of pages. Color code your stickers and highlights based on content (in a history book I could have one color for religious themes, one for secular themes, etc).

Seventeenth, when your teacher gives you sample papers to keep, make notes of what they’re doing well and what they can do better. I’ve ruined so many papers by framing them off of a sample that my teacher had given me as an example of what not to do. Make notes as your professor goes over the sample material on the paper about what they’re doing well, what is acceptable, and what the paper needs to improve on.

Eighteenth, calenders in any form are important. Usually I have a list of homework due in the next week written on my arm. I have a calendar on my fridge that has all the important school deadlines, homework due dates, days I’m working, days I have plans not related to school, and any phone numbers I might need. At the beginning of each semester I’ve gone through the syllabus from all my classes and written down the important due dates (term papers, tests) on the calender in a planner. Color code the things on your calender (days I work are written in black, history assignments are in green, logic in blue, etc. The exact same colors I use for the folders and dividers for those closes).

Nineteenth, keep track of your grades. If the class has few enough assignments, most professors will list the points for each assignment and the points needed to pass the class in the syllabus. Every time you get an assignment back, write the score on the syllabus next to the possible points. That way you can easily calculate your grade without having to find all of your assignments.

Twentieth, extra credit is just as important as the mandatory coursework. If your professor offers extra credit, take it. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have time, but it’s definitely worth doing if you can. Most professors try to make the extra credit work fun or helpful to the course. My math professor assigns extra credit to guarantee that we understand the material, my music professor does it to guarantee that most of her students pass, my logic professor does it for both of those. My history professor has done it in the past to help us connect the coursework to the real world and to demonstrate how the things we were studying still affected the modern world.

Twenty first, don’t rely on a curb. There are so many students that are in my classes and have been in classes with me in the past that have relied on the curb and have failed or are failing currently. Try to get the best score possible on the mandatory coursework and tests, because it is never guaranteed that a class or test is going to be curbed. It’s amazing when it happens, but relying on it happening and then failing because it didn’t isn’t going to help you at all.

This list is by no means complete and I will add to it as I think of and remember more things. Feel free to add more tips you might have.


the first of the month is here again and i’ve got bills to pay, which means i’m opening up my commission queue for october! which means it’s a good time to snag some good art. the holidays are coming up soon and if you’ve got friends or family who might like some artwork, hint hint, custom art is always a good gift!

prices start at $20 for sketches, and i can either do a nice shaded sketch or a page of quick doodles, depending on the tone you want!

for $30 i can do simple portraits or bust paintings, and if you want i can format them so you can use them as icons. those have been popular lately!

prices go up a little when there’s two or more figures involved, or complex poses.

up in the $50+ range i can do full color full figure paintings, get yourself a witchsona with a familiar or a pokemon trainer portrait with a favorite pokemon – you can get as detailed as you want, or leave it to me!

i’m pretty versatile, so if you can think of something you might want, don’t be afraid to ask! no pressure to commit before you get a quote. i love to draw silly sketches, and i equally love to be part of a really special painted gift for a friend or loved one, and anything in between!

i’m expecting to have this round all done by the end of october – if you’re further down the queue it could bleed a little bit into november but i like to keep my months as tidy as i can.

feel free to e-mail me at vondell.swain@gmail.com with what you’ve got in mind and i’ll give you a quote! (i don’t check my tumblr inbox often enough and i don’t wanna miss ya.) all i need after that is any reference pictures of anyone i can’t google and any details you want me to know beforehand. don’t be shy about getting detailed, or asking for something unusual. i’ve done collaborative character design, i’ve designed gemsonas for people, truly if you have an idea you think i could help realize, that’s one of the things i like to do!

also feel free to keep it simple, too! i can’t tell ya how many times people lead off with “well, i had something in mind, but i didn’t know if it was too weird” or “it’s my first time commissioning and i’m new to it” … i can meet ya halfway!

i handle payment through paypal at pay.vondell.swain@gmail.com, and you can either pay in advance or afterward. advance payment puts you higher in the queue just for personal financial scheduling reasons. but i’m flexible! if you don’t have paypal, i can send an invoice to your e-mail that accepts other payment methods.

thanks for reading all that! i like to be as informative and transparent as possible! best wishes!

Pokemon Go outside for once in your life

“Stop it,” Levi groans until he rolls over onto his stomach and lets his limbs skirt across the bed for the coldest surfaces.

“Stop what?”

“Stop–” He hangs a hand off the edge trying to meet his fingertips with the blow of air. “–Stop blocking the fan.”

At the same time, he’s afraid Eren’s going to chop his fingers off when he sticks them through the grating of the oscillating fan. “Wait,” he says. “I’m trying to… Just wait.”

“What, exactly?”

“Trying to tape my phone to the fan.”

Of course he is. With scotch tape in one hand and his other about to have quick surgery, Eren attempts to attach his phone to one side of the fan with a scary amount of serious dedication. Maybe he should have turned off the oscillation first, Levi’s about to say. He’s not willing to take Eren to any emergency room in this heat.

“Why…” Levi has to ask.

“Well, I read somewhere,” Eren begins informatively, “that if you tape your phone to an oscillating fan with Pokemon Go on, it will count it as steps so you can hatch your eggs without doing anything.”

Levi is almost, almost speechless after hearing that. “There’s no way that works,” he says, dumbfounded.

“I think it will.”

“I mean, I don’t think that’s how it works.”

The weight of the phone might just be too much for the cheap adhesive of scotch tape anyway so Eren eventually gives up in frustration, and Levi can only thank the legendary Pokemon gods Arceus and probably Deoxys as well for letting Eren get away unscathed. Those Pokemon aren’t even out yet in Pokemon Go but he knows Eren is waiting contendedly for those generations along with a million other features that Eren insists are coming soon.

“I want to go outside,” he sulks, lying back down on the floor and staring uselessly at his phone and his unmoving avatar. “Let’s go, Levi. Come on.” He pokes at Levi’s dangling palm from the floor.

“You literally had a heat stroke last time,” Levi mutters into the pillow, revelling when the fan turns towards him and his skin and ruffles up Eren’s hair with the nicest coolest breeze. “We’re not going out until it’s less than 30,” Levi tells him.

“…Fine,” Eren huffs, dropping his arm back down to the cool wood of the floor. “But just so you know, real Pokemon trainers aren’t stopped by a little heat wave.”

“Real Pokemon trainers don’t push themselves to the brink of dehydration just because they overhear someone mentioning an Aerodactyl six blocks away.”

“But we caught it, didn’t we!”


Later that night there’s a thunderstorm and, well, technically 22 degrees (feels like 28) is less than 30. Despite the obvious dangers that going out in a storm already poses, frankly Levi’s getting tired of Eren quoting lines and scenes from Pokemon The First Movie to get him to go. And this is especially considering a) they’re not about to meet Mewtwo, b) no one in their right mind would actually fly on a Pidgeot through thunder and lightning, and c) even if they can’t share the back of a Lapras, they can still share a tiny umbrella and apparently that’s good enough for Levi to risk life and limb for Eren.

Filling Out the Profile

Character profiles are kind of our thing here at SimplyOriginalCharacters. Every week, we get and critique a variety of submissions. Some people like to use the generic template we’ve provided, some people like to get down to brass tacks and provide just the basics, some people use the template they’ve been using in a roleplaying group or forum, and some people like to make up their own approach. Now, none of these are wrong - if it works for you, your character, and your story, then go for it! - but some of them can be more helpful in getting you a good critique than others.

Below the cut, you’ll find information on what we require and how to fill it in, as well as the information we wish people would stop including (and why).

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Mondays | Taehyung x Reader

synopsis: Monday used to be yours and Taehyung’s but, his schedule changed all of a sudden that made you hate Monday.

pairing: Taehyung x reader

genre: fluff

words: 3,294

A/N: hello idk what i did but i did it im sorry but i tried


You hate Mondays.

No, You don’t hate Monday because it’s the start of the week, because it’s a weekday, because it ended your beautiful weekend, or because it’s the day where you have to face reality and look at your notes instead of scrolling through Twitter. No.

You hate Mondays because Kim Taehyung finally decided that it was time to ditch his bestfriend for the beautiful, god crafted salutatorian in your class. She was so beautiful, whenever you look at her you cringe away because you’re afraid that you might blind yourself from looking any further.

But god, Kim Taehyung is captivated. He would stare at her even if she’s reciting the slope of two points in algebra class. You would see how he grins like she’s the only person in your god forsaken class room, and you would hold back a vomit that has been forming on your throat for the whole time you would see him ogling at her. Maybe this should be a drinking game, but you thought better of it, because at the end of the class you would probably be rushed to the hospital due to alcohol intoxication.

It was Monday when he finally found the guts to ask her out. He showed up at your doorstep to bring the ‘gross’ news to you. You mean, good news. Sorry bout that. He brought pizza and ice cream that Monday. Normally, you wouldn’t accept it since you don’t like receiving gifts from people when you don’t have anything in return for them. But since Kim Taehyung is your bestfriend since birth (an exaggeration obviously), and his family owns the supermarket you frequent, you happily took it and place it on your empty dining table. 

“I almost forgot it’s Monday. It’s movie night, right?” You had your back turned to him as you opened the pizza box. Biting the pizza, you thanked the lords above for your angel to which you call, bestfriend.

“Actually, (Y/N). I have to pass today. I have a date! I finally asked her out! We’re having a movie night at her place too…. You don’t mind right?” He looked like a puppy when he uttered the last sentence, Taehyung bit his lip. He probably felt guilty since Monday was yours and his day for watching movies and for complaining about the whole day because school sucks.

“But what about this pizza and ice cream, Tae?” You realized you bit air instead of dough and pepperonis, you shrugged and took another one from the box.

“Well, that’s just a little celebration and…. Peace offering for missing our Monday?” He smiled sheepishly while looking at you and his smartphone in between conversation, and this is how you realized he’s getting impatient and he needs to get going now if he doesn’t want to ruin his chances of eating faces with the mochi girl. (You decided to call her that. It’s fitting because of her light complexion and, under Taehyung’s notebook you found lyrics dedicated to her about mochis and riding spaceships together.)

Sighing, what have you got to lose right? It’s just one day and he finally found the courage to ask mochi out, so why not? “Alright. But for next Monday, I get to choose the movies, okay?”

Taehyung ran to you like a child and gave you a half-hug. You held your breath, he was too close and the proximity is making you dizzy and uncomfortable. “You’re the best (Y/N)! Just make sure you don’t pick Sin City again!” He took his jacket and just like that, he left.

It wasn’t really a big deal honestly. Sure you’ve had the biggest crush on your bestfriend but you gave up the thought of confessing to him, your friendship with him is more important after all.

But. One Monday wasn’t enough, it took the next Monday, the whole month’s Monday, to the point you couldn’t even count how many Mondays you both had missed.

You missed Kim Taehyung’s boxy smile, and the way his eyes would disappear because you told a stupid knock knock joke, and most importantly the way the sun would fall on to him and he’d look so beautiful you couldn’t help but stare in awe.

You and Taehyung barely talk anymore. He sometimes text you with simple how are you’s, what are you doing, but it wasn’t like before anymore. Even if you both have classes for the day, he would be at the back of the class instead of his usual seat near the window beside you making jokes to his now girlfriend, and you would hear how fake mochi girl’s laugh is, that you accidentally snorted once that made Taehyung give you questioning looks for the rest of the period.

Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin made their way to your cafeteria table, “Is this seat taken? No? Thanks. I’m starving! Hoseok hyung, can you get me a sandwich too?”

“Sure, pay me later!” Can be heard from a distance. You wondered why would Jungkook need to pay Hoseok when they’re all, you quote from the girls at the back, ‘godly rich’ and more than that, you haven’t even said yes to their request.

“I puked all over the table today.” You deadpanned.

“Cool.” Jimin said, who was sitting on your right, biting on the paper cup of the juice he was drinking in.

“To why I’m friends with you all, I’m confused.” Jungkook played Pokemon Go non-stop since it was released so he didn’t bother looking up from his phone when he said that.

Sipping from your paper cup filled with pineapple juice, you chose to ignore their existence at your disturbed table.

“Oh. Taehyung and his girlfriend. 1 o'clock.“ 

All your heads turned to the direction that was said, and you frowned. Here you are, enjoying your meal when two people disturbed you, the other one has yet to because he’s still on the food stalls, and now you have to see the disgusting PDA of Taehyung and his girlfriend.

“Taetae doesn’t hang out with us anymore since they dated. I kinda miss him.” Jimin looked at Taehyung’s direction as if he just lost his favorite toy.

“Hyung, you call him annoying whenever he speaks.”

“Not all the time! I only say that when he’s asking me if I believe in UFOs and aliens.” Jimin lightly puched Jungkook who was sitting on your left, his arm almost hit your nose if it weren’t for your ‘awesome’ reflex.

“90% of the time, Hyung.” Jungkook finally locked his iPhone to actually make a proper conversation. If this was even called proper.

“Shhhhh.” He puffed his cheeks out as he held his index finger to his lips, “Don’t ruin the moment. We’re reminiscing in honor of our friend.”

“Who’s dead?” Hoseok placed the tray containing two water bottles and 4 sandwiches. He handed the sandwiches to you and the other annoying guys on your left and right.

“As much as I’d love to take this sandwich, I can’t. I don’t have any money left to pay for this.” You held the sandwich back to Hoseok, he blocked it with his right hand to shove it back to your face. “You don’t pay us with money. You know we love you~“ 

You just stared at him long enough to finally give in. “Oh my god (Y/N). Fine! Pay us with deets.”

“Deets? The hell?”

Jimin nudged your side, and as if you would get the meaning of this strange new word if he wiggled his eyebrows. “You know!”

“I don’t know.” It was your turn to raise your eyebrow at them.

“Don’t mind Jimin hyung, (Y/N). What Hoseok hyung meant was, details! Details!” Jungkook emphasized the word ‘details’ by moving his half-finished ham sandwich on your face repeatedly. You don’t know who you shouldn’t mind more, him or Jimin.

Gesturing with your two hands at the whole school, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. My life is a bore, and I’m constantly living on this loop of boredom." 

Hosek took one last gulp at the water bottle as he looked at you with his eyebrows pushed together. 

"What? Is there something on my face?” You hurriedly try to wipe a non-existent food remnant on your face. “Nahh. To be honest, I already understand just by looking at you.”

Your confused look must have been apparent on your face because Jimin lightly chuckled and had his hands around your shoulder, “Awww. It’s okay (Y/N). You can talk to us alright?” His face was so near you could almost feel his breath on your cheek. Saying ‘attractive guys makes you uncomfortable’ is an understatement now.

You felt someone’s gaze on you, so you looked for the culprit.

Taehyung. He stared at you for a few more seconds until he finally broke contact because the bell rang, indicating it’s the end of lunch break.

If Algebra was annoying, Biology was more irritating. The teacher talks so fast you could hardly understand what she’s saying, and for all the 50minutes she was talking, all you ever heard was that there might be harmless microscopic mites living on your eyebrows, now you couldn’t stop touching your brows after every 10 seconds, afraid that there might be mites living on your brows too.
Classes ended, and you rushed to the door when a certain someone stopped you from finally being free from the suffocating noise of the classroom.

“Hey. (Y/N)." 

"Sup.” You slapped yourself because, Min Yoongi, one of the smartest kid in school (even though you heard from the upperclassmen that he’s asleep like half of the time at class) is talking to you and all you could say was, sup.

“Can I talk to you?” He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here. 

“Yes.” You wondered if you said that too fast. You wondered if you seem like one of his fan girls which you really didn’t mind because you are.

“Okay. The Café near our school has the most quiet ambiance. Is that alright?” He looked at you straight in the eye and you know there’s no room for saying no.


Walking to the café has been quiet, he walked ahead of you and he didn’t really bother checking if you’re still behind him. When both of you reached the cafe he turned to you with a sigh and said, "Here we are. Let’s get some drinks before we start.”

What kind of talk is this gonna be anyway? He’s so formal. Is this going to be about a business meeting? or rather, the disciplinary committee finally found out that you wrote in black marker ‘im cool’ at the women’s bathroom?

Once again, uncomfortable. 

You never really hanged out with Min Yoongi even though he’s part of Jungkook’s group of friends. Like all of them, you met him through Taehyung. When Taehyung introduced you to him, he just gave you a nod and proceeded to leave. That was the only interaction you had with him, you rarely see him since the upperclassmen had different schedule than juniors.

You’re wondering how long is this going to take. 30 minutes has already passed, your drink is almost finished and all he ever did was look at the window beside your chairs, as if contemplating whether he should ignore you or start talking. You tapped your fingernails on the table. 

And as if on cue, he shuffled from his seat to look at you and say, “I’ll be straight with you. I don’t really like talking about other people, so let’s keep this short,” He made it sound like you were the one who dragged him all the way to this cafe and told him that you both needed to talk.

“Jessica or Mochi. Whatever. I saw Jessica with a guy on my Physics class three nights ago, holding hands and they were walking on the same direction as I am, they didn’t realize I was behind them and Jessica gave him a peck on the lips. They entered a house two blocks away from my place, I may not know much about love but I’m sure as hell that wasn’t normal," 

You choked on your latte and you couldn’t believe what you’re hearing. Despite saying that they’re disgusting to look at, they basically look like the perfect couple (on the outside, that is.). Yoongi’s phone buzzed from his pocket, he took it and his small eyes suddenly widened at the screen. 

Yoongi muttered something about meetings that was barely audible to you, "Shit, (Y/N). I gotta go. I told you so you can tell Taehyung yourself. I don’t really have that much time to hang with the boys now, and he wouldn’t believe me anyway. I had a history of pranking him multiple times, and by the way, should I walk you home? It’s almost 7.” By the time he finished his sentence, he already had gathered his things and was up from his chair.

“No, thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll stay here for a while.” You gave him a light smile for reassurance. Everyone is calling Yoongi an ice prince, but people really have to notice the little things he does. He’s really kind.

He gave you a small nod as he left. You needed time alone to digest what you’ve just learned. Taehyung, was being cheated on? You can’t tell Taehyung without knowing for sure if everything that Yoongi said was a fact. But, they’re basically brothers so you know Yoongi wouldn’t lie about anything like this. Unless Yoongi hated your guts and was set out to destroy your last remaining thread of friendship with Taehyung.

This bothered you continuously on the way home. Why did Yoongi have to put all the responsibility on you? He didn’t even leave enough evidence so there would be no room for doubt. Honestly, you wouldn’t know if Taehyung would believe you since he’s so captured by mochi’s seductive smiles at him. 

Mochi is perfect. Okay, Jessica is perfect. Who would believe you, a person who basically glares at everyone that dared to disrupt your trance, to Jessica’s loving gaze? Other than that, why would Jessica even cheat on Taehyung? Taehyung could end any bad day with a smile, was that not enough for Jessica? If so, she’s foolish. You’d pay to be Jessica for a day just to see Taehyung laugh at your idiotic attempt on making knock knock jokes again and even if you can’t buy yourself dinner, you’d give up your allowance for Taehyung’s presence again. The thought made you feel weird, and you cringe. When did you ever get so touchy like that?

You sighed as you plopped to your bed, you open KKT and began chatting Jungkook.


'what, miss me alrdy?????? 😉’

'no u idiot ok gnight’

'wait no cmback’

You didn’t bother to reply as you slowly drifted off to sleep. 

The next morning, you had a text on your phone, it was Jungkook again. You unlocked your phone and opened the message.


Jungkook was never the type to text like this, you were going to reply but you noticed the time on your phone, you threw the iPhone to the unmade bed as you made a mental note to look for Jungkook in the campus later.

Classes ended but you didn’t see Jungkook anywhere. Curiosity has been eating you up so you finally called Jungkook. It took three rings for him to answer with a, “Hell-ooooooooooo?????” You could hear Jungkook slurring through the call, “What the hell? Are you drunk?” 

A muffled 'is that y/n?? give the phone to me’ you assumed to be Jimin, and Jungkook replied with a, ’no omg im talking to her

They kept at it for a whole minute, you sighed. You were going to hang up, your brain couldn’t process what they’re talking about anymore, it’s making you have a headache from the amount of gibberish they were saying, and besides, you were already heading to their place so you didn’t really need to talk to them anymore. But you heard a voice that stood out from the rest, a deep voice you’re very familiar with.

'Shut up guys. Give Y/N a break’

You were startled to hear his voice and paused from walking to Jungkook & Jimin’s dorm, he’s not really there is he? Immediately hanging up the call, you debated whether to continue walking or just go home altogether, but you’re at least a minute away from their dorm, whereas yours is on the opposite direction.

Besides, what do you even say to your bestfriend whom you haven’t talked to in a while? It would be so awkward. The only interaction you had with him were few texts and you scoffing whenever you heard Jessica laugh. You don’t really have much to say to him other than you missed him and probably give him a punch or two on his perfect face.

Deciding on the latter, you turned around and your head hit something hard. You silently cursed and was about to pick a fight but you saw that it was Namjoon. Turns out, you hit his chest. He was smiling and his dimples appeared on his cheeks that made you want to squish his face. 

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Home.” You moved to continue walking but his right hand stopped you.

“(Y/N), I highly doubt that. I think you were actually thinking if you shouldn’t go to Jungkook’s dorm just because Taehyung’s there.” He gave you a smug smile. How the hell does people even know about you and Taehyung’s strained friendship? 

Sighing, you give up. You raised your hands and, “What the hell do I even say to him? I mean, I’m probably overreacting and all!! It’s not like I had anything to do with them for me to react this way but-”

He held his palm out to your face to signal that you’ve been talking too fast and was giving out unnecessary information, “The best way to figure this out is actually talk to him, y'know? Like normal people do???" 

"NAMJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON. You’re not helping.”

“I am, trust me. Talking to Tae is easier than talking to Hoseok and the others. Which I’m sure you’ve done on a daily basis.” He pushed you towards the direction of Jungkook’s dorm. You wanted to protest but he’s too strong. Now you’re actually wondering if you should elbow Namjoon’s face and make a run for it. But Namjoon would probably catch you since he has long legs.

Daddy Long Legs.

Get it? Namjoon’s the dad, Jin’s the Mother.

You couldn’t stop thinking how much of a genius that you are for thinking of that joke until Namjoon decided to interrupt your thoughts. 

“Why are you grinning like that? Stop. You’re scaring me.” He looked ridiculous positioning himself in a fighting position.

“I should drill holes on your cheeks so you have more than two dimples." 

He didn’t reply as he begun knocking on the door profusely and shouting 'open up!111!!’ in between. You’re wondering why you’re friends with them. They’re like a bunch of kids in a variety show, aside from their beautiful features, the things they do everyday are the things people wouldn’t normally do.

You heard the door unlock and was greeted by an irritated Taehyung,

"Hyung, why are you back alr-” He stopped his sentence midway, looking at you straight in the eye. All of the irritation on his face was replaced with confusion. He still looks undeniably handsome, wearing his oversized shirt and basektball shorts.

“I-uh.” You stammered. You knew it, you couldn’t find anything to say to him.

Namjoon looked between you and Taehyung and sighed, “Can I come in now? You guys can have a staring contest later. My feet hurts.”

Taehyung moved to the left to give room so Namjoon could enter the dorm, you followed Namjoon but Taehyung blocked the way.