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The Avenger-Mom (Bucky x Reader)

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Thank you for being amazing and beautiful in everything you do!

It’s been forever since I’ve written and I apologize for that.

Thank you all for the love on Notebook! I was shocked to say the least:)

Summary: You’re the ‘mom’ of the team but what happens when you’re not Bucky’s fan?

Word Count: Could this have been written in 2 parts? Sure, but where’s the fun in that?! Just kidding, I didn’t want to stop.. So.. Lord knows…. (I’m so sorry I don’t know I don’t have Word so I can’t count them and I refuse to count them myself because it’s a lot.)

Warnings: Suicide mentions, suicide scene (NO ONE DIES), sad moments tbh, fluff, hugs (A TON OF HUGS), sign language (If that’s even a warning), annoyed Bucky, nightmares, and crying. Dang… It sounds really heavy but go with it.

Please let me know if you liked it! Thank you for reading, I hope you have a good day:)



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You’ve been at the Avengers compound for almost 8 months because your cousin Tony requested you after the fallout between himself and none other than Captain America. Luckily between that time, Tony and Natasha have been speaking to Captain and the government finally expunged what James Barnes did while he was under mind-control by writing him off as ‘mentally unstable’.

You rubbed your hands together excitedly as you awaiting the arrival of the other half of the infamous team. To your knowledge they all knew who you were and understood your reasoning to be there for the team.

An Honorary Mother, everyone likes to say.

You’re a very affectionate person, you’ve always loved seeing people smile because of you and enjoyed helping them through issues and were very excited to help the coming members, especially James Barnes. You read his file and couldn’t stop the blush as you looked at all the pictures they had of him. He was incredibly handsome and you knew he needed someone other than Captain America to help.

“Hey, waiting for your new sons and daughters?” Natasha said lightly as she walked over to you at the entrance of the compound. You turn to her and gave her a hug, she laughs quietly and hugs you back before pulling away, “you do know you saw me an hour ago?” She asks with a quirked eyebrow, you shrug and watch the doors.

“Everyone needs hugs, it’s scientifically proven to help you mentally and physically, you know.” You note smiling at her, she rolls her eyes but smiles nonetheless.

“Are you excited to meet them?” She says after a few moments of silence, you nod quickly and look to the door, again rubbing your hands together.

“I hope they like me.” You say quietly looking at the floor briefly as though you’d just confessed to stealing cookies before dinner. Natasha puts an arm around your shoulder, grinning to reassure you.

“Don’t worry, they’ll love you. You’re our adopted mom.” You look at her and smile just as the doors open.

You wait for everyone to come up to you and Natasha, your heart pounding loudly in your ears and you stare up and Captain America and James Barnes, they have at least 8 inches on you. Natasha elbows you lightly and cocks her head towards them.

Captain puts his hand in front of you and smiles brightly, “Hello, my name is Steve Rogers, nice to meet you.” You glance at his hand then his face before hugging him around the waist tightly, he coughs awkwardly and hugs you back gently. You pull away and smile at everyone staring at you with wonder except James Barnes who stares at you with anxious eyes.

“Hi, I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”

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Let me talk about how unearthly kind peter capaldi is. Last night we stopped him and he was so kind and happy to stop, take some pictures and talk. He’s so considerate in what he does that he suggested to find a place with a better lighting to take the pictures, so we walked together. He wanted the pictures to be great so he was basically directing us, and wanted to see how the pictures came out in case we didn’t like them.  He also commented how big his hair actually is looking at the pictures, that was funny.  He was open to getting big hugs, and returned every single one of them, and to make videos to people who were not there.  The way he just does is it’s so beautiful, kind, and demonstrates how much this role and his fans mean to him. He was smiling every time. And you know what the beautiful thing is? Before leaving HE hugged us all. I admit I think I cried because I heard my voice break. We then let him go because he had his lines to learn and from afar he gave us a double thumb up. He deserves the whole universe.  (x)

(I didn’t see this on here and had to share. This is so precious on so many levels. And can you notice something in the picture BTW? I do not mean the Bowie shirt.)

My thoughts on what Kendrick said about that Bechloe scene

First the video I’m talking about: http://captainpeachperfect.tumblr.com/post/164376715433/aliciameade-anna-kendrick-responds-to-a-fan

You have to realize what happened there! Basically:

Q: “Who will be Becas love interest in PP3?”

A: “We filmed a Beca+Chloe scene.”

THIS is already pretty clear! What else is that supposed to mean?

Bonus: She explained again that the Trebles won’t be there AND she killed everything related to “Theca”!

And another thing you gotta realize: This is now the 2nd time she talked about THAT SCENE in public. They filmed the scene to make Bechloe canon. Now they are discussing if they will put it into the movie or not.

“It will scare away the homophobes but the Bechloe fandom will love us. What should we do to make the best movie and the most money from all of this?”

They don’t know yet. That’s why they filmed the scene, so that they now have time to decide.

But I am SO thankful to have Anna Kendrick as supportive captain of this ship!

She used her 5 minutes at vidCon to basically say: “Hi, I’m Anna Kendrick and I love Bechloe. And we filmed a scene to make it canon but don’t know if we should put it in or not!”

And now again, on an event that had NOTHING to do with PP, to a question that didn’t even mention Chloe, she talks about Bechloe and that scene AGAIN!

And that just shows how passionate and caring she is for Bechloe herself!

She really stands up for Bechloe! I heard in PP1 she stood up to prevent a “Beca-Jesse-Luke”- love triangle. Now she single-handedly killed Theca and stands up AGAIN to push them to put the Bechloe scene into the movie.

This was incredibly awesome and unique, and makes her my fucking HERO!

And now she is basically asking us to help her. To join the fight and make Universal put in this Bechloe scene.

And if their solution is to put it onto some “bonus features”, I think that’d be the best solution for everybody:

  • Assholes will think: “It’s another universe just to finally shut up those Bechloe-weirdos.”
  • Normal people will have a new angle to look at things.
  • We will see it as a canonness confirmation, hidden to not freak homophobes out.

Anyway, Idk why the fandom seems to sad about this, I think its good news, its definitive news and I think maybe Kendrick now asked us a 2nd time to just say what we want! To convince the Universal to put that scene in!

We controlled that vidCon chat hours before the pp event even started…

We destroyed any competition in the teen choice votings when they were still open and fair!

We are a force to be reckoned with! And Kendrick knows that! She counts on us! Just as we count on her! We need to show them that there are more Bechloe hyping fans than homophobic assholes in this movie world!

Bonus thoughts:

  1. If they put the scene in, the following scenes will be all couplely-ish, right?And if they DONT put it in, the following scenes will still be the same! Like their awesome hug in the final performance for example, probably more!
  2. Do you think we saw that scene already? I mean, any pics from the day of filming? Is it maybe the one with Bechloe and Amy in bed? Did Beca and Chloe come closer? To a kiss? Close to that? And then Amy interrupted? Is it just the hug in the final performance? That would be slightly disappointing but also unlikely…
Dating Tom Holland would include - part 2

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Writer: Jess

[part 1]

  • Tom holding your face with both hands whenever he’s kissing you goodbye before a trip you can’t go 
  • But usually him pulling you by your neck for a kiss
  • Basically he likes to kiss every single part of your body
  • Lips, cheeks, nose, forehead, knuckles, back, chest, neck, shoulders, etc
  • Accidentally telling you a lot of spoilers
  • Learning how to take good photos with his brother
  • Taking a lot of photos when he’s not looking at you
  • Tom also taking a lot of photos of you
  • Having a little personal photoshoot
  • Him giving you massages whenever you’re on your period
  • Especially when you have cramps, he will be so good to you, oh my gosh
  • “It’s okay, just a sleep a little bit, I’ll be here when you wake up”
  • Having absolutely no shame and nudity becoming a natural thing for both of you
  • Also having no problems with putting your hands on each others body, doesn’t matter where
  • Him liking to rest his hand on your butt sometimes, while cuddling
  • Spending weekends on his couch watching Friends
  • Making him watch Star Wars
  • Tom not knowing how to cook, so he asks you to teach him a couple of things
  • Him avoiding crying in front of you because he knows you will get sad and probably cry too
  • But sometimes when he’s just really sad, he can’t help it and the tears starts to fall down his face and you just hug him and let him cry on your arms until he falls asleep
  • Borrowing his shirts but never actually giving them back to him
  • Tom making tons of silly jokes just to see you laugh 
  • Him supporting your dreams and being your #1 fan, it doesn’t matter which career you wanna follow
  • You being the first person he calls whenever he gets cast on something
  • Long talks on the phone and Facetime when you’re not together
  • You wearing a necklace with a spider web as a pendant 
  • Fangirling over tons of bands with him
  • Listening to Ed Sheeran and dancing together while cooking as “Give Me Love” starts to play
  • Him knowing your favorite snacks and buying them for you
  • Late night conversations about the future - moving together, marrying, maybe having kids
  • Whenever you two have a serious argument, none of you being able to stay mad at each other for more than three days
  • Having special nicknames for each other
  • Filming him while he’s at the gym and posting on your Instagram
  • “You can do it, Thomas”
  • Playing with Tessa and Tom’s little brother Paddy at the backyard of his parents’ house 
  • Him smiling at that sight, with a beer on his hand and thinking “I’m fucking in love with her”
  • Playing games with him and his brothers
  • Being everyone’s favorite couple
  • Robert Downey Jr. meeting you on the set of Infinity War and being like “Tom, I’m gonna steal her from you”
  • Fangirling over the Marvel cast and Tom teasing you for it
  • Holding his hand all the time when he takes you out 
  • Giving each other nice little gifts like a bracelet, a rose, a necklace, your favorite candy, the blu ray version of his favorite movie, etc
  • Getting to know the world together

Come celebrate my birthday with me! (: - Jess xx

Bts reacting to a fan running on stage and kissing you.


Jin/Seokjin: He would have a shocked expression and probably be frozen, he would be so mad at that fan, for going on stage and kissing his girlfriend/boyfriend.Also would be mad at the staff for not having good enough security so his baby wouldn’t have to experience that amount of embarrassment.But he know it means nothing to you and be over it in 5 minutes or less. “Are you okay Y/N? Are you sure? Do you want me to scold the staff?” 

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Yoongi/Suga: He would have no expression or have any reaction but on the inside he would be furious and jealous. Would probably just look away so he wouldn’t have to see that fan kissing you. He would scold the staff for not having high security. “I just can’t Believe a fan would do that! I’m glad you’re okay Y/N, that’s the only thing I’m worried about” When you guys are in private he would hug you and kiss you to reassure you that you’re okay.

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Jhope/Hoseok: WOULD MAKE A HUGE DEAL OUT OF IT. Probably would try and find that fan and scold them. Would cover you in kisses still trying to make sure you’re his and would cuddle you all night once you get back home. Hoseok would joke about it a few months later and how about how he reacted. “THEY NEED HIGHER SECURITY. IM NOT GOING TO CALM DOWN, SOMEONE JUST KISSED MY GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND AND IT WASNT ME.”

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Namjoon/Rapmon: He would probably break something, and it wouldn’t be on accident. He would immediately run up on stage, ignoring the staff, just to make sure you’re okay because he doesn’t want his babygirl/baby boy being hurt. “Y/N, baby, are you okay? Are you sure? We can cancel this performance right now if you want.”

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Jimin: He would get super jealous, not only jealous but would be worried about his princess/prince. He would let you finish your performance but right after he would sprint to you and hold you as long as you could and drown you in questions like “Are you okay?” “Did they hurt you?“

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V/Taehyung: He would be sad that you had to go through that, and even had to finish the performance. Once you were done with your performance he would let you settle down for awhile but after awhile he would cuddle you and shower you in kisses constantly reminding you that you’re safe with him and that will never happen again. “You’re okay Y/N, don’t worry nothing’s going to like that when you’re with me. You’re safe”

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Jungkook: He tries to go and find the fan that had the audacity to do that to his girlfriend/boyfriend. He wants to fight them but you stop him because… yeah no. Jungkook would sit you on his lap and just hug you, not saying anything, just comforting you. He knows how crazy the fans can be. “Y/N, I know, the fans are sometimes crazy. But I’m here, I will never leave you. Ever.”


Cole Sprouse (ft Riverdale cast) | Introductions

Count of words: 773

Warnings: none 

A/N: I just really hope this is what you wanted to read . I FINALLY WROTE IT btw !!!!




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Can I ask for a Cole Sprouse imagine? where him and his gf (they met in college) are pretty much goals and everyone loves them together. she’s a guest star on Riverdale and the cast go crazy because they’re fans of her as well (she’s also a former disney star) what do you think?

More Cole please! I saw the request, “where him and his gf (they met in college) are pretty much goals and everyone loves them together. she’s a guest star on Riverdale and the cast go crazy because they’re fans of her as well (she’s also a former disney star)” Could you write that one next, it’s got new excited to see what you write for it xx

Dating Cole was never ment to be easy. You were aware of it since day one. After all he was an actor and you were an actress yourself, so crazy schedules were something you both had to get used to. College was taking a lot of your time, too, back when you both met each other, but lately there would be more and more time spent away from each other due to Cole’s hectic filming schedule for Riverdale. So, when the opportunity to become a guest star on the show came up you had no intentions on letting it slip away.

It was your first day of shooting with your lovely boyfriend and his amazing friends, something that brought bubbles to your stomach, but it all stopped when you stepped your foot on set. The cast seemed to be extremely friendly and they seemed to be total fangirl matterial.

Walking in with Cole by your side, everyone turned their attention to you after hearing the little room’s door open.As you entered the room you saw Lilly and Kj sitting on a big table rehersing their lines. You were shyly hugging Cole’s arm for comfort as the butterflies in your stomach were tickling your intestants. On the contrary your smile and posture radiated confidence something that made both Lilly and Kj looking at you in aw.

When they actually lied eyes on you their jaws dropped. For a moment you looked at them terrified expecting the worse but after Lilly spoke up your fear melted away. “Cole! You never told us you are dating Y/N Y/L/N!” She exclaimed as she looked at your hands around his strong arm holding onto it for dear life. “Well, I dodn’t think he had to,” Kj said looking at us and chuckling, “He has photos of her everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE!” he said emphasizing the word everywhere as he looked at you, still a bit shocked that you were indeed standing in front of them. “Uhm, right. I’m sorry. This is not a proper welcoming. I’m Lilly Reinhart, huge fan of yours!” She fangirled a bit sticking her hand out as you pulled her in for a hug. “First of all, I don’t do handshakes, I do hugs. Second, I know who you are, I adore both you and your work.” You commented as she turned to Kj fangirling silently. “She ADORES me!” She fangirled once again as you just chuckled lightly feeling the atmosphere around you warm up. Imediately after her, came Kj holding his arms open for a warm welocoming hug making your tiny figure get lost in them. “I’m K-” “ Kj Apa.” You finished his sentence as he looked a tad bit confused. “Cole never shuts up about you! Also I am a fan.” You said as he looked at you with wide eyes. “Can’t say the same.” He joked. “I only had like every episode of D/S/Y/W/I (disney show you were in) on DVD just because of your character.” He said making you blush a bit as everyone laughed.

After being introduced to two of Cole’s castmates, there came some more. It was the time of my first scene on the show. My charachter’s outfit was put together and my hair was looking amazing as well as my makeup. Now, I was walking down a hall towards the room my scene would be in as my black heels kicked down the marbled floor. As soon as you opened the door a black haired girl and a very familiar red headed appeared in front of you. Once again your stomach started bubbling with anxiety as you took a shy but also confident (if that makes sense) step inside. The black haired girl that you knew to be Camila had a shocked expression on her face as she shook it of and walked towards you. “Hello,” she greeted you, a beautiful smile plastered across her face. “I’m Camila Mendes! No, nothing to do with Shawn Mendes and no it’s not a shipping nickname for Camila and Shawn,” She blurted out pretty quickly, refering to people talking about that all the time, something you had noticed just the other day. Before you could speak up and introduce yourself Camila spoke up again. “I am a big fan of you since I was little and you were in D/S/Y/W/I. I swear I had so many posters!” She said giving you a hearty chuckle as you followed her actions. Wow, maybe introductions were not going to be as bad as you thought. 

I met Luke Harper at axxess last night, and when I tell y'all it is SO hard for him to not replace every fav I’ve got, I mean that! Lol. He was amazing. He gave EVERY SINGLE FAN the greatest interaction. Nobody was left out and nobody left not smiling and laughing. They had a huge thing of snickers beside his table and he grabs a handful and just throws them into his line of fans! He did it multiple times and the lady managing his line was SO cool too. She’d joke around and be like “Harper, quit throwing all the snickers out!” And he goes “what are they here for then?!” I mean they were a great team and he was so funny. Then she told him “harper we’ve gotta hurry up!” And he said to her “nah, I’ll be here past 10!” Saying he’d meet whoever wanted to meet him and he didn’t care about time limits. Then he goes “awww. Did you guys hear that? She’s mad at me!” 😂 it was amazing. Then he gave a handful of snickers to the ascension (they were beside us) and Konnor threw them out to THEIR line of fans 😂 So about my experience… I went up there crying. I love Luke so much and anyone who follows me knows the Wyatt family is everything to me. He sees me walk up crying and he gives me the BIGGEST hug and I’m just bawling at this point. WWE’s photographer took pictures so that’s great hahaha, I’m sure I was ugly crying! But he was so incredibly sweet to me and hugged me like 3 times bc I was crying. If you ever have a chance to meet Luke Harper, DO IT. He’s an amazing human. I can’t imagine what I’ll be like when I meet Roman, dean, and bray tomorrow!

boyfriend! ha sungwoon
  • sunshine???? and not just from the holy brightness radiating from his skin
  • he smol but would fight anyone who makes u upset
  • he doesn’t like waking up early like he’s the type who would naturally would wake up at like two in the afternoon and refuse for you to leave him in the bed by himself
  • probably doesn’t let you go to the bathroom bc of how comfortable he feels with you in his arms
  • you: babe i might pee on you
  • sungwoon, still half asleep: that’s…..fine……..
  • bonding time with sungwoon is playing video games together
  • at first he just let you win a few times but then you started taunting him like “wow sungwoon how many years have you played this game for??? and you lost to mE????”
  • sungwoon: mercilessly kicks ur ass and then treats you to dinner bc he felt bad
  • sometimes he takes you out to hang out with some of his celebrity friends like kai and jimin so he can look cool and be smug like “hey look I have a fiancé and y’all dON’T” but when you start fawning over his friends bc ur a fan he regrets everything and sulks on the way home
  • when u ask him what’s wrong he just dramatically sings the lyrics to downpour 
  • but can you imagine sungwoon singing a song to almost evERYTHING you say?? 
  • you: hey babe can you ask jimin if I can one of bts’s albums?? I’m a bIG fan u know—
  • sungwoon, with the hand movement and everything: never
  • texts you back with song lyrics too like stop this boi
  • his sister aDORES you and tbh the two of them fight for your attention
  • sungwoon is literally all about that pda and skinship like if u thought yoo seonho was clingy pls meet actual koala ha sungwoon
  • back hugs front hugs side hugs u name it
  • likes having his hand rest on your waist
  • during a soft and satisfying cuddling session he says things like “time I command u to stop” 
  • i say that sungwoon is soft but he can also be downright illegal if u think i’m lying pls watch the burn it up fancam
  • this is embarrassing but sometimes sungwoon really wishes he could be taller so he could that “i’m too tall for u to kiss” teasing
  • he’s super nice though?? the lengths that he goes through to make sure you’re happy are longer than guanlin’s legs
  • the reason why he’s boyfriend goals is that he’s always prepared for the worst like once the power suddenly went out throughout the neighborhood and u were panicking bc when is this shit gonna be fixed??? and sungwoon literally brought out a bunch of candles and flashlights from his own bag
  • you: why do you have these on you?? shouldn’t you have just clothes and your toothbrush?
  • sungwoon: I can never be too prepared!! I also have canned beans
  • his luggage is on the same level as doraemon’s pocket
  • imagine camping with him he can probably bring out an oven from his bag
  • allllllwwwaaayyyysss texts you after practice and updates you on what he’s doing and then asks if you’ve eaten
  • if not then he’ll literally order delivery straight to your place
  • he always insists on singing you to sleep and honestly can you imagine his godly vocals singing a sweet lullaby until you drift into the sweet of dreams
  • asks u to dye your hair the same color as his to be cute and cheesy
  • he takes a bunch of photos of yall on dates and snapchats them to the wanna one group chat to brag but usually he just gets his ass roasted
  • seongwoo: are u even tall enough to kiss them
  • seongwoo: hey look they were glancing at the cute waiter by the door 
  • seongwoo: according to a psychological study if your date has their legs crossed and facing the bathroom door they want to go
  • sungwoon, maintaining his sanity: I am the o l d e r o n e
  • he can’t really tease though sungwoon’s usually straightforward and direct abt what he wants
  • his kisses are like?? sloppy sometimes bc he can’t control how much he wants to kiss u and accidentally smacks his teeth into yours lmao
  • his lips are beautiful tho and are almost always soft??? u don’t even remember him ever putting chap stick on 
  • nicer kisses with sungwoon when he’s not as impulsive are cute bc when the kiss is slow and feels like it’s out of a drama he gets embarrassed afterwards
  • late night movie marathons with the skin care masks on and after every heartbreaking moment in a movie y’all would turn to the other and burst out laughing bc you both look ridiculous
  • sungwoon voice: riddikulUS, lus, lus, lus…
  • the more serious side of his occurs when you’re on the brink of breaking
  • whenever you’re vulnerable like that sungwoon calls you and doesn’t hang up until he’s by your side
  • and once he’s there he just doesn’t let you go like taehyun can spam his phone all he wants but sungwoon doesn’t leave until you’re better
  • he just talks endlessly and holds your hand and repeating the words “i’m here” and “it’s gonna be okay. trust me.”
  • he never goes into detail or depth about your situation because…..to him, the most important thing is not what happened, but your emotional stability
  • I mean later he’s probably gonna beat up whoever made u upset 
  • sungwoon is a living sun in your life because he’s always there wherever you are to let you see that light at the end of a tunnel

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Papa Winchester - Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader

Title: Papa Winchester

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 3,529

Warnings: None really

Prompt: YN and Jeffrey met on season 1 of SPn where she played his daughter(the middle Winchester sister) and have been together ever since,they'r married with kids by now, and the fans (specially the cast who’s her family) always makes fun of that during interviews and pannels,but it’s always cute because Jeffrey likes to surprise them ,specially when the fans are involved,and they all love and are very supportive of their relationship

A/N: Thanks RLS for proofreading this!

“Oh and your husband totally got married to your daughter a couple years later, but no big deal!” Jensen said with a shrug and wave of his hand.

Jared chuckled next to him “I seriously thought he was gonna say this, and you know what would be even more creepy? Him being completely in character!”

“Absolutely! Oh and let’s not forget the whole zombies thing!” Jensen added with a playful grin as both he and Jared burst into laughter.

“Hey mom, dad married our sister and she made you a grandmother in the meantime!” Jared said in a deep voice, mimicking Dean as they chuckled “That would be one hell of a blooper, how the hell did you miss that chance?” he asked the older man who just shrugged.

“Don’t know, I was a little into character I guess.” Jensen shrugged “But oh, with Jeffrey visiting the set so often to see (Y/n) we are so going to do something with Samantha for next season!” he wiggled his eyebrows as Jared shook his head.

“Well, you guys really seem to have fun on set, don’t you?” the interviewer chuckled “But I think we all can understand you, I don’t think there is a single person I have personally met that watches Supernatural and doesn’t love them as a couple!”

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Sana appreciation post Go!

Where do I even begin

Ok Minatozaki Sana is a straight up visual masterpiece. She is so beautiful. Have you seen Sana’s eyes?! God I could talk for years about how beautiful and kind her eyes are. She conveys so much love and pure goodness through a single gaze she’s so mesmerising

But oh my god her personality, Sana is an angel y'all she’s such a sweetheart. She’s an adorably affectionate human and she always shows support by hugging her members she just really likes hugs and kisses she’s so precious. 

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Get you a girl that supports you like Sana does I’m serious. She’s so kind and genuine, you know that one video of her and a female fan, I’m crygin over how sweet Sana was god I wish that were me. You can tell that she really cares about Onces, she’s such a pure soul. Here’s a video, don’t mind that the background music is BTS’s cover of Beautiful, just mute the vid if you like

ALSO, Sana is an adorable goofball. she’s so playful and she always tries to spread happiness. YES she’s also clumsy but honestly that just makes her fifteen times more adorable

AND ANOTHER THIng, Sana’s intelligence gets overlooked at lot because she’s not ‘conventionally’ smart and she says weird things all the time. L I S T E N  my girl is such a deep and emotional thinker, her intelligence is so unique and beautiful and she actually thinks and considers things a lot and she is so emotionally smart, DON’T SLEEP ON MINATOZAKI ‘GENIUS’ SANA

DO I NEED TO MENTION HER TALENT, honestly I think Sana’s vocals get overlooked a lot. She’s improved so much recently, and she has such a beautiful high range. DID YOU HEAR HER NOTE AT THE END OF THREE TIMES A DAY???? DID YOU???? BEAUTIFUL THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL. MY GIRL WENT FROM HAVING NOT A LOT OF LINES TO BEING GIVEN CHORUSES IN TWO TITLE TRACKS. Q U E E N

AND HER DANCING UM HELLO. AmaZINg! We all know Mina and Momo are the key dancers, but in terms of ranking Sana is right behind them and just as talented in her own right. She is a performer and she kills it on stage. 

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To conclude, I love Minatozaki Sana with all of my heart ok bye

❝ You saved a man!! ❞

Plot: You’re one of Korea’s top surgeon and there’s an accident in Big Hit Bulding and you’ve to perform an emergency surgeon in front of the guys. 

Words count: 2,3k+

Genre: “Real life”?? 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif aren’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

P.S. Y/N’s older than Jimin because she couldn’t be one of Korea Top Doctor if she was Jimin’s age. 

It was two years that you didn’t see Jimin, either because of his schedules but also of yours. You were dating for a few months when you were teenagers, but your crush hadn’t diminished over the years and despite the distance, you were left in excellent relationships.  

So when he asked you to see you, because he knew you were back in Korea after two years of absence because of your work, your heart had made a deadly leap and the smile had no longer left your face.  

You were older than Jimin, to tell the truth, was your younger brother the person who had made you know, but he had always been more mature than his age and it was for that reason that you had developed feelings for him.  

Despite the agitation of that day, you had decided in less than twenty minutes what to wear and you were extremely satisfied with your outfit. Nothing too sexy but not too chaste, yes you wanted to win him over somehow because you still liked Park Jimin.  By checking your phone you wrote a message to him, telling him that you were out of the building and that you couldn’t get in as they had perfectly made you understand it wanted the pass.  

You watched in the reflection of a showcase nearby, wishing to have put less lip gloss and wondering if those shoes matched the skinny jeans you wore at that time.  

“To Hell, I’m fine so…” You murmured when a hand tapped on your shoulder and his reflection in the showcase smiled at you.  

And that was another blow to the heart for you because you didn’t know how it was possible but he had become a thousand time handsome than you remembered.  

Slowly you turned and his smile became even more gentle and especially bright, as he opened his arms and allowed you to hide among them. It was a hug full of meaning, of words that didn’t need to be said. You laid your chin against his shoulder, with heels you could reach his height, forcefully clenching your arms around his waist and fully inhaling his scent that still had some effect on you.  

“You’re even more beautiful than I remembered!”  

“And you even more inclined to flirt.”  

Jimin burst to laugh, moving little to be able to look into your eyes while moving a strand of hair behind your ear.  The butterflies in your stomach have begun to dance, you can even feel your legs shaking and your hands, pressed gently against his back, tremble in the same way as your legs.  

“Can we g-go inside..? I wouldn’t want your fans to think anything strange if they see us… ”  

He simply nodded and loosened the grip on you, transforming the hug and leaving only a hand resting against your back in order to guide you. You didn’t remember that jimin so at ease, but you liked it because for once his shyness didn’t interrupt any kind of contact.  

You followed him quietly, observing the building and listening carefully to what he told you and remaining fascinated by the fact that they had just moved and the achievements they reached. Obviously, you know them, you’re a fan of BTS even if you never admitted it with him and at the bottom of your heart you always knew that they would achieve a worldwide success.  

Jimin continued to speak, without ever leaving your side and especially without moving the hand from your back when two people almost jumped in front of you, making you just wince.  

“YAH! JUNGKOOK-AH! HYUNG! ” Jimin screamed, covering your with part of his body almost wanted to hide you from two of his bandmates.  

The youngest smiled at you immediately, despite the slight redness on his cheeks made you realize that he was extremely embarrassed. While the other moved Jimin and took your hand, pretending a kiss on your hand and making you blush immediately.  


“Jimin-ah, you have so charming friends and you don’t tell us???”  

Namjoon smiled at his friend, obviously, it’s all a joke at that time and in his gaze, you noticed something different. The way he watched Jimin when he kissed your hand makes you realize that there is something you don’t know, something the latter hid from you, and curiosity was already starting to pop inside you.  

“Nice to meet you.” You murmured with a little bow, seeing Jungkook observing you with the same smile that Namjoon had addressed shortly before to Jimin.  

“Our pleasure, Noona. Jimin told us a lot about you! ”  


That confession could do nothing but please you, while you mentally began to dance a kind of victory dance. If he had spoken of you, there were extreme possibilities that your crush wasn’t one side type.  

Together with the other two, you started walking in the direction of the rehearsal room, where the other four were simply chatting as they had finished a heavy day of rehearsals.  

“Finally!” Yelled Taehyung, who you immediately recognized thanks to his characteristic smile, as he approached you and vigorously shook your hand with joy.  At that time you understood why him was so tied to Taehyung, they were practically two cupcakes disguised as sunbeams.  

“Guys, she’s Y/N.. My childhood friend, do you remember? ”  

The other three greeted with a nod of the hand and a huge smile, but suddenly a strange roar echoed all over the floor and caught all eight of them by surprise.  

“What the heck..” Seokjin and Yoongi murmured in chorus while screaming outside the rehearsal room began to make you realize that something had to have happened.  

Without waiting and ignoring the “where the hell are you going y/n?” by Jimin, you ran to the door and opening it you found yourself in front of a cloud of dust and smoke, while some people were screaming to call the rescue immediately. The building was new but apparently, a non-bearing column had collapsed, causing all that dust and maybe some injured.  

“Where are you going? We stay in the rehearsal room until the rescue arrives. ”  

Jimin’s voice was shaken, trembled and you could feel it perfectly but you weren’t instructed to remain helpless in those situations. You smiled to reassure him and you started walking in the midst of the smoke, knowing that he wouldn’t follow you because that of the unknown was a rational fear of every human being, and he didn’t know what was expected in the midst of that cloud of dust.  

Cloud that immediately began to dissipate thanks to the perfectly functioning ventilation systems, so your view was more facilitated in following the groans of some of the wounded. With a clinical look, you realize that no one seemed to have really hurt when a moan different from others took your attention.  

You paraded your shoes and ran towards that voice, biting your bottom lip forcefully when the boy who was looking for help was on the ground with a metal bar stuck into his abdomen.  

“Hey, I’m Y/N. I’m a surgeon and you’re in great hands.. But I’m telling you now that this bar will have to come with you to the hospital unless firefighters saw it. ”  

Your voice was sweet and kind, one of the first things they had taught you was to reassure the patient in any way. The more nervous the patient was, the more was the risk of aggravating any condition.  

A middle-aged man came up to you, coughing lightly, and you asked if the rescues had already been warned and his affirmative answer gave you more security and peace of mind.  

“What’s your name?”  

“Lu.. L-Lu.. ” He began to say but immediately began breathing with wheezing, almost as if he had something stuck in his throat.  

It was an alarm bell for you so you immediately bent your head backward and opened his mouth, recovering in the meantime from your bag a small portable flashlight. By making light in the oral cavity you noticed a huge amount of soot, caused by the fall of the column, and some pieces of concrete that obstructed the airways. And it was certainly not the best news for you at that time.  

“Don’t talk, try to stay conscious, all right?” You ordered to him, but his breath became every second ever more strenuous, while his heartbeat decelerated rapidly.  

He would be suffocated if you hadn’t intervened promptly. Luckily the bar in his abdomen, somehow, stopped the bleeding and wasn’t the main problem. You turned to the man next to you and ordered him to find any kind of knife and a lighter, causing an absolute confusion in man.  

“DAMN IT, MOVE!” You screamed, however, keeping the calm and the cold blood, while the man nodded and began to run in search of the objects that you had just asked.  

“Y/N what are you doing???” Jimin asked after reached you along with the other six, while you started poking around in your purse finding what you needed.  

You didn’t love vodka, but that little bottle found in your hotel room’s mini bar would have been incredibly helpful. With fast and precise gestures you would remove the tip and the barrel with the ink from the pen found in your bag, starting to pour over half bottle and thanking the man who had just returned with a small kitchen knife and the lighter. It had passed a few moments but no one could be wasted, so you took the knife and spilled the remaining transparent liquid on the blade and then repeatedly pass the flame of the lighter on it, trying to sterilize it as much as possible.  

“Is she going to do what I think..?” Hoseok asked, with a distraught tone, while Jimin was blocking your hand and observing you as if you were crazy.  

“Y/N; It’s not a movie. ”  

“Exactly and if you keep holding my hand, this boy will die. ” You hissed in a cold tone, the surgeon who was in you had just come out in the open, yanking gently your wrist and rid from his grip.  

With precise moves, you swipe your finger on his Adam’s apple, until you reach the cricoid cartilage. You had taken that action so many times that you could have done it even with your eyes closed. Two deep breaths, made by holding the pen ledge between the teeth, and you started practicing a small incision of an inch, pressing forcefully to make the cut as deep as its length.  

Immediately the cricothyroid membrane showed up in front of you, in all its horrible appearance, so effortlessly you practiced the second incision albeit smaller, putting without problems the straw of the ballpoint pen.  

The beating of the boy, you had tightened his wrist a second before, was slowly increasing and bending toward him you blew twice in the straw, hoping that he will automatically resume breathing. The compressions were not a useful action at that time because with the compressions you risked of moving the metal bar and aggravating his conditions.  

One, two, three, four, five, you were almost at the sixth second when the boy’s chest began, again, to rise and fall and a sigh of relief will escape you from your lips, while you are sitting backward.  

“What the hell is this, a Grey’s Anatomy episode..?”  




The voices of the six Bangtan arrived soon after, while your gaze rested on the boy next to you who hadn’t distracted his eyes from you even for a second. You were dirty with blood on your blouse, on your hands, and maybe even on your face, but he was looking at you in a way that could, incredibly, make you blush.  

“How the hell did you do it..?”  

“You never asked me what I did to live, Jimin..” You murmured with a smile, controlling in the meantime the young man’s heartbeat. It was slow but stable and luckily the rescues came right at that time.  

“Who has practiced this tracheotomy?” one of the men asked, observing you and then laying his gaze on your dirty clothes; “Who gave her permission, Miss? You could kill him. ”  

“I’m a surgeon.”  

Showing your badge made the paramedic open wide his eyes, whispering to his colleague “She’s Y/N Y/L/N, unbelievable…”  

“You should bring this man to the hospital right away, you’re not here to whispering silly things.” You hummed slightly annoyed and they immediately nodded, bowing with reverence and checking the boy’s vital parameters, deciding how to act because of the metal bar.  

In slow steps you walked away, going to slam against Seokjin who was watching you with admiration, though he hadn’t yet pronounced a word.  

“Noona.. Are you a surgeon?? ”  

“Yes, Jungkook.. I was abroad to take a specialization, but let’s say I graduated very early. ”  

“Daebak” all seven murmured in chorus, making you blush slightly.  

“Y/N.. You opened that man’s neck. ”  

“He couldn’t breathe jimin..”  


“GUYS IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL” You exclaimed, embarrassed because of their looks when all of a sudden, all seven encircled you, hugging you with a loud screams of pure joy.  

“G-Guys, I can’t breathe!”  


“Hey, let her, you can’t touch Her!” Jimin almost seemed to smoke with jealousy while he was pushing them away, who began to tease him jokingly and pinching his side.  

“May I ask you something, Y/n?”  


The wait wasn’t one of the things you loved most, but knowing him you knew that however shyness was part of him so maybe you had to give him time to formulate the phrase in the best way.  

But without saying anything he leaned towards you and grazed your lips with his, for a handful of seconds, leaving you completely shocked. The whistles of approval arrived almost immediately, while two of their managers came running to tell them to leave the building but your gaze couldn’t move from Jimin’s, who was blushed as much as you.  

“Will you give me a date, doctor?”  

“Surgeon, please. And yes, I waited all these years only for this. ”

Thiam fluff headcanons

Hope you like em @thiamkey  

When they can’t see eachother for days/weeks for some reason how do they greet eachother when they’re finally reunited?

They’re a fan of the big dramatic run and hug/kiss. It evolves over time. The first time they don’t see each other for over a week after they’ve started their ‘thing’ it’s due to hunters and they haven’t even begun talking about what they are yet so both of them are a bit nervous. The pack doesn’t know about it yet. They just know that they’ve become…sort of friends, who seem to argue a lot. But then they’re meeting and Liam is storming towards Theo his fist clenched and his jaw locked and Scott’s starting to move, ready to step in front of Theo and find out why exactly Liam looks like he wants to kill him this time, because whether he likes it or not Theo’s a weird extension of the pack now. Still not pack, but, well, he’s helped enough that Scott’s okay with him being around. He kinda feels like he’s the groups Spike by this point. But then before he can get between them Liam’s there, grabbing at Theo’s neck and yanking him down into a kiss that leaves the whole pack blinking and eventually wandering off uncomfortably when the moaning begins.

By now it’s honestly quite painfully adorable to watch. The two grinning the moment they spot each other. Theo actually picks Liam up in a hug when they finally reach eachother, burying his face in Liam’s neck and whispering words too quiet for even the werewolves watching to hear, Liam smiles brighter than the sun and the pack finds themselves strangely happy that Liam got Theo out of hell.

Who takes the other an “apology pizza”?

Theo. Liam’s parents will laugh whenever he turns up at the door with a pile of pizza’s looking sheepish as he asks if he can see Liam.

Who says to the other how beautiful he is first?

Theo. The second the words come out of his mouth he’s kind of hoping for his sister to appear and rip his heart out because he didn’t mean to say it. He’d been waiting at lacrosse practise for Liam and Liam..Liam’s amazing at lacrosse, not that Theo really cares about it but he does like the swagger Liam gets when he’s just proved he’s the best at something. Liam walks over grinning from ear to ear, eyes literally sparkling and really, it’s just unfair, and then he’s talking to Theo lips twisting into a smirk and the words just kinda…spill out of Theo’s mouth. Liam turns as red as a tomato and stammers out a thank you. Mason just looks at Theo likes he’s grown two heads. Sure he knew they were together but Theo’s reverent whisper of 'fuck you’re beautiful’ wasn’t something he’d ever expected to hear.

What’s the first gift they give each other for valentines or their first anniversary?

They’ve been 'dating’ for all of a week before their first valentines together so neither’s really sure if they’re even meant to get the other presents. Liam eventually settles on getting Theo an air freshener for his car. It’s not romantic, but he wraps it nicely. Theo didn’t see fit to get Liam anything, so he just takes the sticky bow off of his present and sticks it to his chest.

“Wanna open your present?” Theo asks with a wink. Theo doesn’t finish unwrapping his present until the next morning.

For their first anniversary, Liam’s too preoccupied to really notice it’s coming. It’s his senior year and he’s fretting over colleges and exams he’s soon going to be taking. He remembers the night before and runs out to the shop. He ends up getting Theo a strange assortment of gifts from the all night garage he found after a half hour of panicked searching. Theo doesn’t seem too upset with his haul of random chocolate bars, soda’s and $2 cuddly toy.

Theo gives Liam a key to his car. “I figured it’ll do until you work out where you’re going to college. Hard to find a key to an apartment when I don’t even know what state we’re going to be living in.” Theo says with a shrug like he hadn’t just asked Liam to move in with him, or more told him that they were going to be living together next year.

voltron band au

band au bc???? i fucken wanna ok 


  • shiro is the lead singer n he has one of the most velvety voices ever?? and everyone is like holy shit ma n,,, like holy fuck. he used to just sing in choirs and stuff but he eventually put that aside once befriending the rest of the band. his folks back at his small hometown weren’t exactly happy with his choice of music, but they’re proud enough. but not only can he sing, he can play the guitar too. shiro stans are constantly talking about his sharp handsome features along with his muscles. out of the band, hes the most collected of them all but has a bit of a goofy side that the fans freak out over. 
  • keith plays lead guitar and is a fucking beast at it. everyones a fan of keith’s guitar solos. his electric guitar is colored red and is named the Red Paladin. keith has been playing the guitar since age 8 when he was first put into guitar lessons. additionally, keith adds his own vocals at times and sometimes sings solos in songs. keith stans are attracted to him for his emo-like persona and a few jokingly refer to him as gerard way (which keith doesnt mind until the rest of the band begins calling him that too) and a lot of the fans are attracted to his ~mysterious~ personality. despite looking the scariest, hes actually a puppy at heart and is probably the dorkiest of the group 
  • lance plays the bass and plays it like a god. his rhythm is smooth and constant and everyone’s got a thing for his bass solos. he owns a blue bass that he calls the Blue Paladin (a mirror to keith’s guitar). he first self taught himself the guitar at age 12 and then further on taught himself how to play the bass. he too provides vocals and the group all agrees that he harmonizes best with keith. to the fanbase, he is revered as memelord and king of shitpost. hes the one whos constantly dabbing and making awful jokes at concerts. lance stans love him for his charisma and oozing confidence. he is one of the funniest and light hearted of the band. 
  • pidge plays the keyboard and can play at such a fast rate it rivals sonic’s speed (lance’s words). when shes playing the keyboard she is completely in the zone, eyes trained as her fingers glide across her instrument. in between songs at concerts though, shes always ready to provide a joke at the expense of her teammates (all in love ofc). shes also the one in charge of the effects that go on during concerts (aka how lights will go, whats on the monitors, etc). the smartest of the bunch, pidge is also considered the most savage and wont hold anything back. pidge stans love her for her fiery personality and just maybe bc pidge is adorably tiny 
  • hunk plays the drums and is phenomenal. hes always so enthusiastic to play and has the most energy to play during a concert. his beats are the backbone of their songs and as a member is the heart of the band. he began playing the drums at a young age and was always fascinated by music. he lovingly refers to his drum set as the yellow paladin and he insists pidge call her keyboard the green paladin but she finds it ridiculous. he is also the one they depend on to fix their instruments and equipment, seeing as hes rather handy with those things. hunk’s fanbase loves him for his kind personality and humor. along with keith, he too is a bit of a puppy and the fans l ov e it. hes also the most hard working of the band, always the last one to leave the studio bc he just HAS to get this right. 
  • allura is actually a solo artist herself and was the one who discovered them. she saw them playing at one of their small gigs one time and decided that they needed to tour with her. she is the daughter of alfor altea, owner and creator of Altea Records. allura offers the band a recording label there, to which they agree to gladly. as a solo artist, she has a large following. her voice is known in the business for being so powerful with her barely trying. she serves as a mentor to the band and helps as much as she can. 
  • coran is allura’s manager and works for alfor at altea records. as allura’s manager, he also doubles as the band’s manager too. very quirky and a bit of an oddball, coran always has ideas and is the best when it comes to PR. he too is known by the fans as manager and often stars in the band + allura’s social media. this gains coran a few fans that hes awfully proud of and thinks its the best thing in the universe. (he also lowkey totally has a crush on alfor but as if hed ever act on that but in reality alfor is trying his best to make it known to the redhead that his feelings are reciprocated) 
  • um ofc the band’s name is Voltron what did u expect 
  • shiro and keith were the first ones of the band basically. keith convinced shiro that his voice was fucking good as hell man and that he should quit choir and maybe start up something new 
    • they end up meeting pidge, lance, and hunk after performing at some open mic night bc lance decided hed insult the song they performed (which keith wrote) it was eventually settled when lance admitted that shiro’s voice was amazing though and that keith’s guitar playing was pretty good
      • “not too good of course”
    • after a week or so when shiro first learns that the others play instruments, it hits him that theyve been whats missing all along and eventually they all come together and form voltron 
  • despite originally clashing, keith and lance actually make a pretty good team and write some of the best lyrics together 
  • shiro is constantly acting as a buffer for each of them, often at times having to cross out inappropriate lyrics or song choices
    • “for the last time, pidge, we’re not gonna write a song about birds fucking”
    • “its a perfectly good song and you know it" 
  • hunk coming up with the best beats and rhythms and all out of nowhere just because he was randomly tapping his hands against some object 
  • pidge playing pranks on them during concerts and one time steals shiro’s mic when he’s occupied on a different part of the stage 
  • um yeah ofc the fans ship #klance and the two blush and get flustered over it every time its mentioned but they get together eventually bc honestly everyone saw it coming 
  • the top two things people look forward to in meet and greets: touching shiro’s bicep and getting to experience one of hunk’s bear hugs 
  • fans know about hunk’s passion for cooking so they like to tweet him about it. some even go as far as gifting him food and its honestly the sweetest thing ever
    • hunk sends out a personalized thank you tweet to everyone who gives him food
  • keith is constantly being asked by the fans to wear eyeliner
    • emo style bc they already have shiro wearing winged eyeliner
  • the band going through the the internet to see what fans are saying and being simultaneously overwhelmed with happiness and also confused as to what the hell theyre going on about
    • “why are they calling me daddy? am i a fatherly figure?" 
    • ”…im a sinnamon roll”
    • “wait who the fuck just called me a rip off pete wentz”
    • “why are people making so many memes of keith but not me?? the actual memelord??”
    • “someone just called me a cinnamon roll?? thats the most adorable compliment ever"
  • allura constantly having to Stop them from posting awful things on their social media 
    • “shiro i dont think #dicksoutforharambe is the social movement you want your name tagged onto”
    • “but lance said it was for a good cause”
  • everyone in the band realizes that coran is head over heels for alfor and finds it both hilarious and endearing but also sad bc?? hes so oblivious?? its so obvious alfor likes him back smh 
    • except for lance though. he isnt even aware until hunk makes a joke about coran and alfors’ wedding 
  • their fanbase being called paladins bc why not
    • (sorry im not letting it be called quiznaks. i cant let us be called fucks i just cant)
  • band selfies more like “pidge i understand its difficult for you to be seen but you dont have to stand on the table–no dont argue its not safe”
  • pidge can secretly rap hella good and decides to showcase it one time in lance’s snapchat story
  • lance wont stop making lance bass jokes and no one knows why exactly
  • o god hunk driving all the fans wild when he throws his drum sticks out to the crowd at the end of a concert and is smiling widely in all his sweat filled glory
  • also shiro totally always purposely wears sleeveless shirts at concerts bc Oh Yeah
    • o and also shiro still has a prosthetic arm in this au just saying 
  • hunk and pidge fucking around with the stage equipment and stuff for shits n giggles
    • until allura and shiro find them n tell them to stop
  • one time lance is told to do the opening to one of their songs at a concert and he just strums his bass idly before saying “anyway, here’s wonderwall”
  • oh my god keith answering interviewer’s questions impulsively without thinking
    • “what part are you from?”
    • “my mother’s womb part”
  • they all adopt a black cat as their band mascot (irl they just wanted a cat) named voltron who constantly wears a multi colored sweater (red,blue,yellow,green) which was knitted personally by lance.

,,,,,,,,, b an d a u

Brendon Urie x Reader : Periscope Predicament

A/N: Sorry! I always try to keep all my fics gender neutral but this one was particularly tricky to do. This one is set for a female reader, my apologies! If any of them are not x gender neutral reader fics, I will be sure to add an author’s note at the top! I’m so sorry guys! Anyways, enjoy reading… This was a fun one to do. :) This one is a bit lengthy too, sorry. But it’s a fun one with a longer plot/story. It involves all of Panic!, which means Dallon, Kenny, Dan, and Zach too. I hope you guys like it! (also a reminder that I am taking requests, it would help with my writer’s block, so feel free to message me pls)

You walked into the room, smiling and happy, until Brendon’s eyes met yours. You immediately caught something was wrong. “I’m ‘scopin,” he announced. You caught the cue and left the room, sighing in defeat and walking down the hallway when Dallon stopped you.

“Hey,” he greeted with a grin.

“Hi Dallon,” you gave a half smile.

“Why so low, y/n?” he wondered, concerned.

“Brendon’s periscoping again,” you groaned. You had been dating the singer for going on two months now, and the only people who knew were the other band members, the security, crew, and Brendon himself. He had told you he wanted to keep it private, not tell the fans and the public until it was the right time, and you agreed with him hesitantly. I mean, there was nothing you were ashamed of and you loved Brendon with all your heart. You wouldn’t care if people hated you or the relationship was ridiculed. You had been together for two months now, and it was actually a miracle nobody found out. The rules were strict but simple. You couldn’t show displays of affection while in public settings, no social media interaction with both of you at the same time, and deny every question someone would ask. It was hard to do. At first, you thought maybe it was because Brendon didn’t love you. You thought maybe he was afraid of telling people you were his girlfriend, embarrassed to be around you, that he didn’t want anyone to think he actually liked you. But the more time you spent with Brendon, you realized that it wasn’t the case at all. He did truly love you and he thought you were beautiful, and he was proud as could be. He just didn’t want you to get hurt. He wanted to protect you, and he couldn’t bear the thought of someone hating on you or saying mean things. He didn’t want you to be just another girl. He wanted you to be his girl.

“You’ve been together for two whole months,” Dallon argued. “He should introduce you already!”

“I know,” you sighed. “But Brendon’s not ready.”

“Will he ever be?” Dallon threw his hands up in the air angrily. “This has been going on forever. He’s being a diva! He needs to grow a pair and stop hogging you all to himself! You think Breezy and I just stayed in the shadows constantly? Huh? No! We had to go through the same things every other couple does! If Brendon thinks he can just escape it, he’s damn wrong. Okay? It’s not something you mess around with. If he’s serious about the relationship, he needs to man up and tell people about it. Because as soon as the press and the paparazzi even notice you and him together, believe me, the rumors they’re going to create will become your worst nightmare. So come clean now or prepare yourselves for a major curveball. I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long.” You stood there, speechless at Dallon’s words, not knowing how agitated he was with the entire situation. Though the more you thought about it, you kind of felt the same way too. This was getting ridiculous. Brendon needed to tell people. You had waited long enough.

You nodded your head slowly and then looked up at Dallon. “You’re right,” you agreed. “Can you talk to him for me?”

“I will,” Dallon reassured. “Sorry for getting so heated, I just… That really needed to be said.”

“Yeah, I get you,” you understood. “Thanks, Dallon.”

“No problem, y/n. Get some sleep, it’s kind of late. I’ll be sure to tell Brendon you’re already on the bus, okay?” he decided.

“Yeah,” you replied. You walked to the tour bus and went to your bunk, sliding under the sheets and dozing off to sleep.

The next morning you woke up and saw Brendon on his Twitter, scrolling through his timeline. “Hey,” he mumbled.

“Hi babe,” you greeted, giving him a kiss on the cheek. You caught him frowning. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he shook his head. “It’s nothing, I’m fine.”

You stared at the bowl of cereal in front of him, untouched. “You haven’t even started eating yet,” you murmured, stirring around the spoon. “Come on, honey. You got to eat something.”

“I already fucking told you y/n, I’m fine!” he slammed his fists on the table, making you jump. You’ve never seen him so angry.

“I’m um, I’m sorry…” you stammered, nervous and afraid.

Brendon took a deep breath and then shook his head. “Look, I’m sorry,” he sighed, his voice softer. “I’m sorry. I just, I’m sorry.”

“What’s wrong Brendon?” you asked, cupping his cheek with your hand. “Look at me.”

“I just need some alone time,” he grumbled, pushing out his seat and grabbing his phone, walking off of the bus.

You bit down on your lower lip, just now noticing that Kenny was sitting across from you both, speechless and shocked. “What’s up with Brendon?” you whispered.

“Nothing,” Kenny shook his head.

“Don’t tell me it’s nothing,” you glared, taking a seat by Kenny.

“You really want to know, y/n?” Kenny raised an eyebrow.

“I need to know,” you dug your fingernails into the edge of the table. “It’s driving me insane.”

“I don’t think I should tell you,” Kenny mumbled. “I don’t think Dallon or Brendon would like it.”

“Please, just tell me,” you begged. “Come on.”

“Okay, okay,” Kenny sighed. “Brendon was periscoping last night and Dallon walked in really angry and told Brendon to get off the damn phone and said he needed to talk to him.”

“What?” your eyes grew wide.

“There’s more,” Kenny added. “So Brendon was confused and Dallon kept yelling at him and so Brendon disconnected the Periscope and the fans started getting really wild. They already knew Dallon was angry at Brendon and so they’ve been coming up with all these rumors.”

“Rumors?” you narrowed your eyes.

“Yeah,” Kenny drew in a sharp breath. “They think Brendon’s getting a new bass player and firing Dallon and that he never told Dallon and Dallon just found out on his own. Another one says that Brendon had a one night stand with Dallon’s wife, Breezy. Another one says that Brallon is a real ship and that they’re breaking up. There’s a lot of ridiculous rumors. Brendon and Dallon are trying to let them die down before they release anything on it, but they’re really nervous for the meet and greets and the show tonight. The entire fan base is going insane. They’re demanding answers.”

“This is terrible,” you hid your face in your hands.

“There’s even been a trending hashtag since last night, #BrendonsPeriscopePredicament or something like that,” he groaned. “It’s terrible. We’ve been told to stay in the bus for the morning until the crew tries to sort it all out. It’s just rumors, but what happened on the Periscope can’t be denied. It’s on YouTube too.”

“Oh Kenny,” you closed your eyes tight. “This is all my fault.”

“It’s not,” he reassured. “Dallon just got a little too angry and Brendon overreacted. The fans are just a blowing things out of proportion. They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“I just feel awful,” you complained. “I feel so guilty.”

“Don’t,” Kenny put a hand on your shoulder. “Trust me, this isn’t your fault.”

“But poor Dallon, everyone must think he’s lost his job. And they’re misjudging Brendon, he doesn’t deserve that reputation, both of them don’t,” you ran a hand through your hair, trying to think of something to do, how to help, or just to make it stop.

“Calm down y/n. We’ll get it all solved,” Kenny promised.

They did their meet and greet and nothing went wrong. It seemed as if the fans had enough dignity and respect as to not mention the problem. During the show, everything went smoothly, and it was as if nothing had happened. However, Brendon and Dallon both avoided you all day long, and so that’s how you found yourself in your bunk, sobbing into your pillow, thinking everything was your fault. There was a knock on the door, and you gave a muffled, “Come in.”

“Hey, you okay y/n?” a voice asked.

You lifted your head from the pillow, a tear stained face looking at Dan, the band’s drummer. You groaned and then sunk your face into the pillow again. “I’m sorry,” you mumbled. “This is all because of me.”

“No, it’s not,” Dan sighed. He sat down on the edge of the bunk, flicking your ear and making you glare at him. He smiled. “There she is.”

“I just don’t know how to fix it,” you wiped away your tears, pulling your legs up and hugging them near your chest, as if you were curled up in a ball.

“You don’t need to,” he reassured. “It will die down eventually.”

“I don’t know, Dan. This is different,” you sniffled. “I just feel like I’m the reason Brendon has to lie to his fans.”

“He’s not lying, he’s just not telling them,” Dan explained.

“That’s kind of lying,” you shrugged.

“Look, you don’t need to throw a pity party. You’re better than that. This isn’t you fault, so wipe off your tears and cross the damn bridge already. Okay?” Dan crossed his arms. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t need three silent treatments. Two is plenty.”

“Okay,” you giggled, wiping away your tears. “I’m sorry, I was probably being ridiculous anyways.”

“You’re fine,” he shook his head. “It’s Brendon and Dallon that I’m worried about.”

“What do you suppose?” you wondered.

“What do I think?” Dan asked. You nodded. “I think it’s time Brendon just tells everyone what he’s been hiding.”

That night, Dan suggested that you talk to Zach, who managed most things within the band. You were hesitant at first, but after a small discussion and a quick hug, it was decided that you would talk to Dallon and apologize first thing tomorrow morning, working things out with him, and then meet Brendon and have a discussion with him too. But for now, Zach advised that it was best for you to get some sleep, and then approach the situation tomorrow morning. The next day, you had figured out that Dallon had escaped to some coffee shop, so a call was necessary, but Brendon was just roaming around the bus, probably still grumpy. It was important you talked to Brendon face to face, in person, and a serious discussion. However, you assumed Dallon would understand the circumstances, and you wanted to get this done as soon as possible. You pulled out your phone, took a deep breath, and then searched in your contacts for Dallon’s number, saying a silent prayer in your head as the phone rang. It didn’t take long before he picked up. “Hey,” the voice spoke.

“Hi Dallon,” you cleared your throat. “It’s um, it’s me. Y/n.”

“Oh,” he mumbled. An awkward silence filled the void of the phone call.

“Look, I’m calling to say that I’m sorry. All this chaos and confusion, it was unnecessary and stupid. Brendon and I should’ve just told everyone from the beginning and left it at that. We never meant for all these rumors and speculation. It’s already died down mostly, so you shouldn’t have to worry. I’ve talked with Kenny, Dan, and Zach, and they’ve all said that it’s about time Brendon and I make the announcement and settle things. I’m sorry you got angry over it, and I’m sorry Brendon overreacted, and I’m sorry the fans made all those rumors,” you explained. “I never meant for any of this.”

“I know you didn’t,” Dallon replied. “I just think Brendon made a bad decision and he’s still stalling after all this time.”

“What did you say to him?” you asked cautiously.

“I was just really mad, and I shouldn’t have yelled at him on the Periscope like that. I’m sorry. I get why the fans were like that,” Dallon sighed. “I calmed down and I told Brendon he had to make a choice and tell people you guys were together or accept the fact that one day you’re eventually going to get found out. I tried telling him what I told you. He wouldn’t hear it though. He’s stubborn.”

“Of course he is,” you chuckled. Dallon gave a soft laugh, and you relaxed, instantly knowing he was okay.

“I just think it’s all a bunch of drama. Brendon needs to learn to fix his mistakes,” Dallon admitted. “Because it’s now or never.”

“I’m going to talk to him soon. Anything you want me to say?” you inquired.

“Let him know that I’m not angry at him, and that I’ve tried to talk to him, but he always walks away,” Dallon told you. “And please tell him that when he’s ready, I’m here to talk.”

“Thanks Dallon,” you smiled.

“If you ever need anything, I’m here for you y/n. You’re a sweetheart,” he answered. “I’m glad Brendon found someone like you.”

“I’m glad too,” you whispered.

“See you later,” Dallon laughed. You hung up the call and then decided to go find Brendon. It was about time you two worked things out. You walked around the bus and finally went outside, finding him smoking a joint and leaning against the bumper.

“Hey, Brendon?” you got closer and he turned his head towards you, taking off his sunglasses and sighing.

“Hi y/n. Can we talk some other time?” he asked, blowing a puff of smoke and leaning back against the bus again.

“No, we should talk now,” you insisted, sitting next to him and putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Okay,” he took a deep breath and then another long drag, and looked at you. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” you shook your head. “This was all ridiculous.”

“No, don’t tell me not to be sorry. I am. I was stupid, and Dallon’s right, and I should’ve just told them from the beginning. It shouldn’t have turned into something like this,” Brendon sighed. “I feel like sometimes I don’t think when I make decisions.”

“Don’t say that,” you gave him a quick hug. “I love you so much, and you didn’t do anything wrong. We all make mistakes.”

“I know,” he nodded, taking another long drag. “But lately I’ve been making a lot of them.”

You stared into his eyes for a second, and then smiled, kissing him softly and pulling back, a grin on your face. “Does that help?” you wondered.

“Yeah,” Brendon laughed. “It does.”

“So when are you going to tell them?” you asked.

“Well…” Brendon put out his joint and took his phone out of his pocket, opening up his Twitter and showing you something he had tweeted not too long ago.

“Dear fans,” you read aloud. “Please stay alert for an upcoming Periscope. :) There’s something important I need to tell you all.”

“What do you think?” he inquired.

“Well let’s see what they think,” you scrolled down on the comments, saying them out loud. “Beebo marry me, you’re my daddy, Ryden is real, why did Brallon break up, who leaked Bohemian Rhapsody, who wrote the milk fic, give us Pirate’s Booty… It’s all just a bunch of bullshit.”

“It’s not bullshit,” Brendon glared and then snatched his phone. “It’s inside jokes.”

“What?” you wondered.

“My fans and I are like best friends,” he explained. “The stuff you just read might not make sense to you, but it makes sense to me. It makes me smile, makes me laugh, it’s special.”

“Are you choosing your fans over me?” you inquired, and Brendon chuckled.

“No,” he laughed. “I’m just defending them. Because what they say might sound dumb or stupid or nonsensical to others, but it makes me happy. Because just like me, they’re a little crazy too.”

“I love you Brendon,” you sighed, leaning on him.

“I love you too y/n,” he replied, giving you a kiss on the forehead.

“So when’s the periscope?” you raised an eyebrow.

“This evening,” he answered. “And I need you to be there.”

“I will,” you reassured. “Trust me.”

That evening you tried to look your best. Not so much as for Brendon, but for his fans. You knew how much this meant to Brendon, because his fans are his everything, and he loved them almost as much as he loved you. You hoped everything would go okay. After all, you had messed things up once, and you didn’t plan on doing it again. You found Brendon in the dressing room, smiling and patting down the seat next to him. “This spot is reserved for a very lucky lady by the name of y/n. You happen to know her?” he joked.

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Where’s Dallon? Isn’t he supposed to be here?”

“I’m over here,” Dallon announced, signing posters on a table beside Brendon.

“Sorry, didn’t see you there,” you cringed.

“It’s fine,” Dallon laughed.

“Well here goes nothing,” Brendon grinned. He lifted up his phone and began the Periscope, tweeting it out to his followers, and waiting for the connection to begin. All of a sudden, his face took up the screen, and you smiled knowing there were already 4k people watching. He scrolled through the chat for a little bit, seeing all the anxious fans and how excited they were to find out the suprise. When it reached about 4.8k he started talking. “Okay guys, you all know me, Brendon. Today I have a little announcement to make, but before that, I better clear some things up.”

“Yeah!” Dallon chimed in, leaning on Brendon’s shoulder and putting his face on the screen. “Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but I’m not getting fired.”

“Nope,” Brendon shook his head. “I love that buddy way too much to let go of him. Dallon’s staying for a while guys.” He chuckled as he read a couple comments in the chat and then shook his head. “But I want you all to meet someone else that I love. I wish I would’ve told you all sooner, but I was an asshole and decided to be jealous and keep her to myself.” He stifled a laugh. “I’ve been dating a very special girl for a long time now, about two months, and I think it’s time that you guys meet her. Her name is y/n and she means the world to me, so please be nice.”

“She’s a sweetheart,” Dallon added. Brendon smiled at the responses on the chat and then turned the camera to you. Nervous at first, you gave a hesitant wave, but as soon as you read the couple compliments on the screen, your face brightened up into a huge smile.

“Hi guys,” you giggled. “I’m y/n.”

Brendon moved the screen so that both of you were in the picture, and then began to read the comments aloud. “She’s really pretty? Yeah, I know she is. You like her outfit? I bought it for her, that’s why. I like buying her things. I think it makes me happier than it makes her though,” Brendon teased. “How did we meet? At a concert. How’s Penny and Bogart doing? They’re fine. They’re doing good.”

“They’re really sweet,” you whispered in his ear.

He looked at the screen in silence, smiling at all the questions and the compliments directed towards the two of you, and then he looked at you. “See? Nothing to worry about. They love you already,” Brendon announced.

“I love you guys too,” you replied. The chat started going pretty fast, and Brendon decided it was going to quick to read any comments, so he decided to talk about the whole Dallon incident and clear that up. Then he talked about tour, how things were going, and then somehow turned the conversation back towards you again. You answered questions about your favorite color, food, music, and other things, and then Zach came in and told Brendon it was time for the meet and greet.

“I’ll see you all later. And don’t worry, I’m sure y/n will be around for a very long time. You’ll be able to get to know her better too,” Brendon reassured. “See ya. Stay safe, stay happy, you guys are the greatest.”

He disconnected and then put the phone in his pocket, letting out a heavy sigh. “I’m so glad that went well,” you grinned.

“I’m so glad I found you,” he responded. He kissed you on the lips and then pulled away, closing his eyes shut for a moment. “I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.”

“Okay, okay, that’s really sweet but we got to move guys,” Zach groaned. “We only have half an hour to make it to the meet and greet.”

“Sorry,” you and Brendon chuckled as you raced out the door. Brendon held your hand, squeezing it softly as you guys walked to the parking lot. Sure, dating Brendon was sometimes problematic, but it did come with it’s perks. Much less, Brendon was the sweetest boy in the world. Even though he was sometimes stubborn, egotistical, a bit thick headed, and a massive diva, you loved him so much and he made you the happiest girl in the entire world. You wouldn’t want to fall in love with anyone else. Brendon Urie was your perfect match, and you planned on staying with him for a very long time, no matter how many hashtags, Periscopes, or crazy fans would get in your way.

guest star | cole sprouse

Originally posted by jugheadbest

request: can you write something about the reader being cole’s girlfriend and she joins the cast of riverdale as a guest star and because she’s a disney star too, the rest of the cast are ‘fangirling’ over her because they can’t believe she’s on their show? xx

a/n: y/n = your name | l/n = last name | y/d/s = your disney show

dating someone like cole was never meant to be a breeze, it was something you just knew since the first day you met him. after all he was an actor since pretty much birth, and you well, you started acting when you were a young girl.

your schedules were beyond crazy and it was taking an awfully long time to get used to, but you did eventually after long nights and long distance for awhile you seemed to work around it, coming out on top, stronger than ever. for four year your whole life was consumed by college and it’s all you seemed to worry about, study, study oh and more study.

that was until you meet him, it was during your first year and it was one of your first ever college partie, your friends had dragged you out of your dorm and you were pleasantly surprised when you seen cole in the exact same dilemma not wanting to be out but being forced to socialise.

you started dating shortly after and you spent just about every day & night together, in the last year you lived in a small apartment right in the heart of new york. it was a challenge in itself but it turned out to be the best last year you could’ve asked for.

cole made the decision to leave new york to pursue an acting career, his manager managed to get him an audition to read for a character in the new cw’s hit series riverdale.

it was supposedly a mix of twin peaks & gossip girl, don’t get yourself wrong you were so proud and happy for him for choosing to return to acting after the long and needed hiatus you took but somehow you felt like you were somewhat losing him.

you both had been living in your own little bubble for the past four years and the next thing you knew cole had landed the role and was practically all set to fly vancouver to shoot for six and a half long months.

now it was just you alone in your shared apartment waiting by the phone for cole to have any spare time to talk with you, but he barley had a chance to breathe for himself

when he wasn’t shooting his was practicing his lines and when he wasn’t running his lines he was catching up on sleep or eating and when he wasn’t doing that he was doing table reads and the list goes on and on

you knew this from experience but you couldn’t help but feel hopeless and fearful of where your relationship was headed, that was until you received an incoming call from your manager about having the opportunity to become a guest star on the show.

you marvelled at the opportunity and didn’t waste anytime flying out and learning more about your character and the her story, not to mention you could finally see your boyfriend after 4 long months.

after a whirlwind week you find your stomach flipping as you enter the set on your very first day of shooting, you were beyond nervous but you knew once you saw him you’d be fine

cole had bragged about how amazing the cast was and how close they all were to each other, they all sounded like high quality friends and it made me feel more at ease not to mention that they were supposedly fangirl material

you walk into set hand in hand with cole right by your side giving you a small tour before heading toward a small blue room where alot of what i assume our the actors seemed to be hauled up, scripts at the ready

cole pushes the door further open holding his arm out “m'lady” you giggle, blushing furiously as your boyfriend follows in suite standing next to you as he greets his friends.

you notice two familiar face spfrom photos, kj & lili. the blonde was sitting cross legged on the table, paper in front of her as the tall red head stood reading aloud

you unleash a huge smile tryin to disguise your thumping heartbeat, you were shyly hugging cole’s arm as he awakrdlt clears his throats to get the pairs attention, i tut him instantly feeling embarrassed

“cole they’re rehearsing we can come back” they share smiles and cole shakes his head, you glance over to the pair their jaws hanging open.

“guys this is (y/n) (l/n) my girlfriend” you smile brightly at the two

“kj apa” he steps forward giving you a small hug “nice to meet you”

you smile back politely “likewise”

the blonde steps forward a wide smile on her face “lili reinhart, cole you never told us you were dating (y/n) (l/n)!” she pinches the raven haired boys arm before enveloping you in a tight embrace.

you wrap your hands around his arm again, feeling somewhat safe in his arms, more at ease.

“i didn’t think he had to” kj let’s out a laugh glancing to the two of you before back at his co-star “he has photos of her literally everywhere” he emphasises on the word everywhere"

“not to mention he literally talks about her every day” the boy continues to ramble the blonde coming to realisation “see that does make more sense- i just thought it was some crazed obsession” she teases

“god would you two stop- and you’re staring, so you know you’re staring” you place a reassuring hand on his chest to let him know that it was okay, you were used to it anyway

“uh you’re right, im sorry- we’re sorry! we’re really big fans of yours” you chuckle as she rambles glancing to the tall boy next to her for some back up

“no introductions necessary, i know who you are, both of you, i adore you both and your work” you comment blushing they seem to lose control of their sense for a brief few minutes.

“she adores me!” she exclaims excitedly jumping up and down on the spot

“and you know what kj, cole never stops talking about you, like ever” you state straight faced causing the whole room to burst into laughter.

“god im also a huge fan of you- im pretty sure ive watched every single episode of (y/d/s), mainly because i just loved your character”

you blush and cole raises his eyebrows “easy there tiger" cole steps forward wrapping an arm around you as he’s friends ogle at you.

after a short conversation with two of cole’s castmates i was whisked away into the hair and makeup trailer to prepare for my shift scene

lili had entered the trailer aswell getting her infamous blonde pony tail prepped, she was still flabbergasted at the fact you were sitting down in the chair next to her

after makeup you moved toward the costume trailer and changed into your characters clothes, last minute check up with hair and makeup before im was pushed on my way out onto set

cole was waiting, dresses as jughead. he looks me up and down wolf whistling at you, you laugh playfully pushing his chest as he leads you down a small hall to the set you’d be filming on today

my black heels clicked against the wooden floor, hand in hand with your boyfriend as he leads you into a room that looked like it was the student lounge inside the high school.

two girls stand in the far corner, a raven haired girl stood next to a red head scripts in hand. your stomach started churning with anxiety but you walk if with confidence, your man with you ever step of the way

you walked toward the raven haired girl who you knew as camila, a shocked expression made known on her face “hello!” she greeted you a smile wide on her face “im camila mendes, nothing to do with shawn mendes and camila cabello” she rushes out

before you had a chance to reply to the young girl she spoke again a nervous twitch to her words “im a really big fan of yours, ive been watching you since i was little on (y/d/s) i swear i had so many posters” she gives a cheeky laugh

you blush trying to disguise your low chuckle “oh no- not with my horrible 90’s haircut and style, i cringe knowing that there’s still posters like that floating around” you joke letting out a giggle

“are you serious?! i begged my mum for bangs and three waiter jeans just because you wore them” the red head speaks, her red lips brought together in a closed mouth smile.

“im madelaine petsch and you guessed it, huge fan” you step forward hugging the girl, pulling away to see a wide smile on your boyfriends face

“you’re hair is mesmerising, it’s beautiful” you compliment, the girl absentmindedly playing with the long luscious locks, a blush covered her cheeks within seconds, turning her speechless.

the director wonders over calling you for a scene, you wave goodbye to the two girls and cole, placing a kiss on his lips as you follow the lady down the hall and into what was your character ‘house’.

turns out today wasn’t going out as bad as you thought.

Barcelona (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

A/N: A long ass random imagine where you meet him at Barcelona. Inspired by recent current events in SHawn’s life haha

« Bye babe. I miss you. » Shawn sighed into the phone.

“I miss you too babe. I’m flying in tomorrow though, remember? You’re gonna see all of us.” Y/N replied.

“I know, I know. I can’t wait. I haven’t seen you in a month.”

Y/N smiled softly. She can practically hear the small twinge of pain in his voice. Of course this was his dream, this was what he always wanted to do; but it wasn’t easy being apart from your loved ones nevertheless.

“Oh okay I gotta go, we’re driving to the airport. I’ll see you in a couple hours!”

“I can’t wait to see you Y/N.”

“You sure you don’t mind coming to pick us up at 1 am? You got a show tomorrow, we can just Uber to your hotel.”

“No no I want to come.”

“Mkay, I’ll see you Shawn.”

“See you love. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You hung up, a smile on your face. You had that fluttery sensation in your body again, really excited to see him again.

“Ready Y/N?” Aaliyah called.


You had gotten along very well with Shawn’s family at this point, they had welcomed you very warmly. You often hung out with them, so flying to Barcelona with them was no problem at all.

You dragged your suitcase into the living room to find Manny, Karen and Aaliyah waiting for you.

“What is up with these huge suitcases girls? We’re there for four days.” Manny chuckled.

“Dad us women have lots to bring.” Aaliyah retorted. You nodded in agreement, laughing.

“Happy birthday Manny! Almost forgot to tell you that before leaving.” You said all of a sudden.

“Oh thanks Y/N! And you birthday is coming up too right?”

“In three days.”

“Nice, nice. What can I say, Tauruses are the best.”

“Yep.” You said, high-fiving him.

“Alright alright, let’s go shall we? The flight leaves in 2 hours.”

You guys drove to the airport, you and Aaliyah hanging out in the backseat, taking random selfies on Snap and making stupid Musical.ly’s.

“Shawn’s gonna see these and piss himself of excitement.” You laughed.

“Hahahah I’ll call Geoff and tell him to record everything if that happens.”

You guys got to the airport right on time, with a couple minutes to kill.

“Oh my god are you Shawn Mendes-“

“Yes.” You and Aaliyah both said.

You looked at each other, about to burst out laughing.

“Sorry what were you gonna say?”

“Girlfriend. Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend.”
“Oh then that yes.” You answered.

“And me definitely not.” Aaliyah replied.

“Oh my god aw, you guys are going to visit Shawn?”

“That’s so freaking cute honestly.”


“Oh my god I gotta tell my friend in Barcelona-“

“Um we kinda wanted to keep this private- oh okay bye then.” You weakly ended as the girl ran away without listening to you.

“Well shit.”

“Well shit. But you know what do you expect, people will obviously recognize us.”



“JESUS Aaliyah, you woke up the whole plane.”


All of a sudden all of the drowsiness left your brain as you perked up. Indeed, on the small screen it said you had less than twenty kilometers till the airport of Barcelona.


Shawn checked his phone for the umpteenth time. 12:30 AM. Okay, that was a reasonable time to leave at right? For the past two hours, he had been checking the time and wondering when he should leave for the airport. He ordered a taxi big enough to fit 5 people, and was on his way.

Getting there, his smile of anticipation never left his flushed cheeks. He sped walked to the Arrivals section and waited.

Shawn: You guys landed?

Y/N: Baggage claim!

Shawn: Aah see you soon!

Y/N: real soon x

He put his phone into his pocket and stood there waiting, fidgeting and tapping his foot.


“Alright got everything? Do we have everyone now? Aaliyah, Y/N.. Hahah Y/N jetlag is hitting you huh?”

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna go get a quick coffee. I’ll meet you guys at the exit kay?” You yawned.


Shawn’s eyes lit up as he saw his mom, dad and sister. Aaliyah ran up to him and hugged him tightly, Manny and Karen following suit.

Shawn stood back to the door as he reunited with his family.

“Where’s Y/N?”
“Turn around sweetheart.”

He turned around and saw his beautiful girlfriend, hair up in a messy ponytail and wearing a Harry Potter hoodie with leggings. She spotted him and her face lit up in a huge goofy grin.

He ran to her, catching her and hugging her tightly as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

After what seemed like a long time, he let her back down.

“Haha sorry I smell like airplane.” Y/N grinned up at him.

“I missed you so much.” He bent down and kissed her cheek. “And I like this sweater.” He said, pinching her waist, causing her to giggle and writhe around.

They both started laughing rather loudly, kissing each other everywhere on the face their lips could reach.

“Okay, okay you want me to throw up in my mouth?” Aaliyah came in between them.

Shawn just couldn’t stop smiling, and pulled her in a tight group hug with Y/N. He was so inexplicably happy.

They eventually made their way out the airport and into the hotel.

“And yeah it’s two double beds?”

“Yes sir.”

“Alright perfect, thank you.” Manny said, leaving the reception desk with two hotel room keys. He joined Aaliyah, Karen and Shawn with his arm around Y/N in the lobby.

“Well, Aaliyah Karen, room 426. Y/N, we’ll leave you with Shawn.” He said with a small wink.

“Sleep well kids.” Karen waved, before going towards the elevator.

Shawn turned his head towards Y/N.

“Whatcha smirking at.” Y/N said.


“Alright let’s go, its 2 AM.”


Shawn yawned, sensing consciousness approach. Turning around, he saw Y/N; remembering the events of a couple hours ago.

“Helloooooo.” He whispered playfully in her hear.


He chuckled, almost forgetting what it was like waking up next to Y/N. He moved her hair out of her face.



“We gotta go to my dad’s birthday brunch.”


“It starts in half an hour” He sing-songed.


“It’s a really good Spanish food place.”

“MHMM fine.” She said, sitting up. She yawned and stretched her arms.

He smiled at her, hugging her waist.

“I’m only joking it’s in 2 hours.”

“Ugh Shawn.” She groaned and threw her pillow at him.


“Well. Now that I’m awake Mister Mendes, why don’t you show me around Barcelona before this lunch thing?”

Y/N and Shawn walked down the streets, hand in hand; soaking in the sun. Shawn couldn’t keep his eyes of his girlfriend. His eyes wandered from her braided hair, to her sunglasses, to her flowy dress.

“Will you quit staring, you’re making me feel self-conscious.” Y/N giggled.

“You’re freaking beautiful.”

Y/N blushed, smiling stupidly back at him.

They had breakfast at a little café.

“I love this place. And ooh free coffee on your birthday!”
“Which is in two days.” Shawn pointed out.


“Don’t worry, I have a bunch of stuff planned.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow.


“Of course! I asked around about what to do in Barcelona and made a list of things you would enjoy.”

“Aw.” Y/N smiled. “Thank you.”

“There’s no need to thank me! I want to do this. Stop feeling like you owe people something, Y/N. You are worth so much, you just can’t see it. But I do.” Shawn looked at her.

“Thanks. I love you Shawn.”

“I love you too.” Shawn took her hand on the table and rubbed her thumb softly.

They spent the rest of the morning walking around, poking around in shops.

Shawn had missed being with Y/N, missed witnessing her crazy self.

“Aw a street act! Let’s go see.” She took her hand and dragged him to the next street.

It was a violin trio, and spotting the couple, they started to play the melody to “Mercy”.

Y/N laughed and started singing, quite off-key but neither of them cared.

They wandered around a bit more before approaching the street they were supposed to meet Shawn’s family.


Came a bunch of screams. You both turned around, spotting a flock of girls running towards you.

“Hey guys, so I have to go and be with them.” Shawn gestured towards you and behind you. “But thank you, thank you so much.”

He came and held you by the waist and led you inside a colorful restaurant, dodging the accumulating camera flashes.

“Sorry about that.”
“What? Oh it’s fine, I love your fans.”

“I do too, but sometimes it’s just so much.”
“I understand. But hey- why why do you look so down?”

“Well it’s just I don’t know, I love them believe me; but sometimes I just- I don’t know I just need-“



“That’s totally understandable, Shawn. It’s hard being a celebrity and having everyone know who you are. But at the end of the day, you’re living you dream and you’re surrounded by people who love you. Including me.” You whispered that last sentence.

“I love you so much Y/N.” He hugged you.

“I love you too.”

Man it felt nice being together again.

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After I saw that one panel of fat gum.. All I had this one thought lolol like what if someone just ran and tackle hugged fatgum bc you know.. Squish X3 but then suddenly the squish is gone and.. and then he's slim and ya just sdfghjkafgls ^\\q\\^ bc he's too much and fatgum is just panicking bc what just happened? I don't think fatgum realizes how cute he is

^//q//^ such a nice thought aah
panic and confusion at first but then open arms and a big warm embrace right after from the hero– he just really gives off tht friendly mascot kindda vibe

even if he doesnt realize, he’ll have them other hundreds of fans to remind him lolo
just thinking about how happy he’d be or flustered gives me butterflies– 

“Wait, are you jealous?”// Ethan Dolan Imagine

A/N: Finally Saturday and I slept in till noon, gosh do I feel energized today. School is truly killing me. 

CAN SOMEONE WRITE SMUT FOR ME? lol I suck at writing smut and I sometimes want to add it to my stories but gosh do I suck at writing it. If can write smut please let me know. I will give you credit to your writing and will appreciate  you so much. 


Feedback would be highly appreciated xx

Your boyfriend and you were out walking through the busy sidewalks of the Grove. Everyone was busy chatting with their friends or out with their partner. Ethan would get stopped here and there when someone would recognize him. You didn’t mind taking their pictures and letting Ethan spend time with his fans. You understood that this was something that would always happen whenever the two of you would go out. After your third date together you started getting used to it. You weren’t going to deny that you didn’t get annoyed when it happened, because you did. 

Walking hand in hand with Ethan you began to swing your hand back and forth as the two of you made your way to your favorite pizza place. 

“Babe, do you have my phone?” Ethan asked you as he began to pat himself down searching for his phone. 

“Yeah,” you responded while reaching inside your purse and grabbed his phone. Handing it to him he thanked you and unlocked his phone. The two of you soon walked inside the pizza parlor and ordered your slice. Ethan found a table that was hidden by a large plant so the two of you would have some sort of privacy from his fans. 

That didn’t seem to work because before the two of you even got your food a group of girls approached the table looking nervous. 

Giving them a kind smile you lightly tapped Ethan’s arm so he would look over at the fans waiting to grab his attention. 

“Hey guys, how are you?” He asked them with a smile as he set his phone down on the table to give them his full attention. 

“We are doing great. We were wondering if we could have a picture with you? Sorry for interrupting your date but it would really mean a lot to us.” One of the girls spoke while glancing at you quickly and then looking back at Ethan. 

“Babe, is it fine if I go for a few minutes? I promise I’ll be quick,” he asked you. 

Nodding your head you gave him a small smile and told him it was fine. Soon he walked away with the group to talk and take pictures. Sighing you grabbed your phone and started scrolling through your twitter. Liking and replying to a few of your friends you laughed when you saw Grayson tweeted out that he was feeling lonely since the two of you left on a date. 

@ GraysonDolan: E and his girl went out for pizza and left me home all alone :( 

@ Y/U/N: Gray we asked if u wanted to come along and u said no I don’t want to be the 3rd wheel.  

“Here you go,” the waitress spoke while setting the slices down on the table. 

“Thank you, umm may I please get a re-fill in my drink?” You asked her politely while she looked over at the seat across from you probably wondering if you were just ditched. 

“I’ll be back in a minute,” she smiled before walking away back into the kitchen. Running your hands through your hair you decided to just eat without him knowing he took forever with his fans. 

“Y/N?” You heard someone ask you. Looking up you quickly swallowed your food and wiped your face with a napkin. 

“Oh my gosh Josh how are you?” You asked him while getting up to hug him. Wrapping your arms around him for a quick hug you pulled away. 

“I’m doing great! I just finished my first year at UCLA,” he happy stated. 

“Oh my gosh congrats! I’m so proud of you. How’s your mom?” 

“She’s doing great. I’m actually going back home to visit them in a few weeks. She keeps telling me about how your mom and her love going out on their girls day,” he laughed. 

“Yes! My mom was telling me about that a few nights ago. Oh and congrats on being a new uncle,” you smiled at him. As the two of you chatted Ethan looked inside the restaurant to check up on you. 

When he saw you were talking to a boy he excused himself from the fans and walked inside. 

“Oh my is my little niece the cutest thing ever. That’s another reason as to why I can’t wait to get home,” he excitedly exclaimed. 

Suddenly you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. Looking up you saw Ethan glaring at Josh. 

Amused you gave Josh a smile while rolling your eyes at your boyfriend. 

“Hey babe, how was it meeting the fans?” You asked him trying to grab his gaze. 

“It was fine,” he answered only glancing at you once before looking back up at Josh who also looked amused. 

“Your food is here, you can sit and eat while I talk to Josh,” You said only making his arms around your waist tighten up. 

“No I’ll be fine. So what are you two talking about?” He asked while forcing a smile on his face. 

“Actually I think I’m going to head out. I have a flight to catch tomorrow and need to rest. I’ll see you soon Y/N,” He smiled at you as he started walking past the two of you. 

“Bye Josh, take care. Tell you family I said hello.” 

Soon he was out the building and Ethan and you sat down to eat. 

Ethan would start picking at his food while you happily ate yours. 

“Aren’t you going to eat?” you asked him as you took a sip out of your drink. 

“Lost my appetite. Are you done we can start heading back to the apartment. Grayson and I have to film today.” He said in a monotone voice. 

Furrowing your eyebrows together you nodded your head and grabbed your bag. 

“Don’t you want to take that home?” You asked him as he left a tip on the table. 

“No it’s fine,” he spoke while getting up and letting you go in front of him. 

As you two walked to the car Ethan grabbed your hand, pulled you into him, and then proceeded to warp his arms around your waist. 

Looking around you saw Josh was chatting with a few friends. This made you realize what was going on. 

When the two of you guys got inside the car and shut the door you turned to look at Ethan. 

“Wait, are you jealous?” You asked him while he put the keys in the ignition. 

“No,” he bluntly responded but the rise in his voice told you otherwise. 

“Oh my gosh you are! Ethan there’s nothing to be jealous about,” you softly spoke while resting your hand on his. He was currently clenching the steering wheel while not once glancing at you. 

“Listen Ethan, I love you okay. I love you and nobody else. Look at me Ethan Grant,” you spoke with anger laced in your voice as he refused to look at you. Finally growing annoyed you grabbed his face and forcefully made him look at you. Keeping his face squished in-between your fingers you continued to reassure him. 

“You are the one whom I fall asleep next to, the one who makes me smile, the one who makes my heart race by just living, and the one who has my heart. E, I will never ever cheat on you with anyone else.” You honestly spoke while letting go of his face and rested your hand on his upper thigh. 

“I just can’t help it Y/N. I’m scared I’m going to lose you to someone else. Someone who doesn’t leave you in the middle of dates to go talk to other girls. Someone who is always home and doesn’t always travel out,” he rambled making your eyes soften. 

“Ethan I will never leave you for those reason. Those girls are your fans and without them you wouldn’t be able to tour the world. You traveling makes me so happy because it is what you love to do. Ethan I need for you to understand that I love you and will forever be supportive of you. You have no reason to be jealous,” you smiled while leaning down to press a soft kiss on his lips. 

His large hands soon cupped your face as he pulled you in closer. Your lips moved together in a soft yet harsh kiss. Ethan kissed you with as much passion as he could muster and as did you. 

Your hand rested on his thigh while the other one was tangled in his hair. Pulling away from him once you became breathless you stared into his dark eyes. 

“Home now,” you demanded while pulling away from him and putting on your seat belt as he fumbled with the steering wheel. 

Let’s just say that the rest of the day you two got enough exercise. 

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What A Feeling #3 - New York, New York

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*Mid-End of July 2017

You had been in New York for a few days with your friend Harry Styles. You two were alone in his apartment watching a movie and sharing a bowl of popcorn. Harry kept looking over at you and all he could think about was kissing you. He told his friends and family that you two were just friends and nothing more, but he mostly telling them as a reminder to himself.

“Is there something on my face?”  You asked randomly.

“What? No, why?” He asked.

“I don’t know, you just keep staring at me, so I thought maybe I had popcorn on my face or something,” you said.

Harry blushed. “You noticed?”

“I did,” you laughed.

“S-sorry,” he said.

“It’s okay,” you smiled. “Want some popcorn? I’m kinda hogging it all.”

He laughed. “Yeah,” he said getting a handful of popcorn and putting it in his mouth.

A few minutes pass by as you both are watching the movie. You look out of the corner of your eye and see Harry’s gaze remaining solely on the movie. You had to admit that being there with him made it hard to just be friends with him. Especially since he walked around shirtless most of the day. You shook your head to clear your thoughts when you got an idea.

You waited a bit before you put your plan into action. You grabbed a few kernels of popcorn and threw them at him hitting him right in the face.

“What the fuck?” He laughed looking over at you. “What was that for?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said innocently.

“Oh, so it’s going to be like that then?” He laughed grabbing some popcorn and throwing it at you.

“Hey!” You laughed throwing more at him.

Pretty soon what was left in the bowl was now scattered all over the couch and room. Since he ran out of popcorn, Harry took it to a different level. He brought his hands to your side and started tickling you.

“Ah! Stop it,” you laughed trying to get away.

“You started it,” he smirked hovering over you.

“I threw popcorn, I didn’t tickle you,” you laughed looking up at him.

You both went silent for a bit as you stared into each other’s eyes. You don’t know how it happened, but soon Harry’s lips were on yours and your hands wrapped around his shoulders. When he realized you weren’t pulling away, he deepened the kiss and ran his hands up and down your sides.

It didn’t take long before both of your shirts were laying on the floor and his lips were making their way down your neck and chest. You were moaning his name over and over again and he was barely touching you. He smirked at the thought of what would happen once he really touched you.

“Harry!” You shouted. “Hello, Harry!” You laughed shaking his arm, which confused him.

Harry’s eyes widen as he woke up on the couch. He looked around and saw you sitting there, fully clothed with the bowl of popcorn in your lap. The movie was still on and it was then he realized he had fallen asleep and dreamed the entire thing.

“About time you woke up,” you laughed. “You were mumbling something and snoring. I couldn’t hear the movie.”

“S-Sorry,” he blushed. “You didn’t… You didn’t hear anything did you?”

“Besides you snoring?” You asked. “Nope.”

“Sorry for falling asleep,” he said. “I’m not a really good host am I?”

“Eh, you’re alright,” you joked.

“Hey! I take offense to that,” he laughed.

“You asked,” you smirked.

He shook his head laughing. “I know we’ve been eating popcorn for like the last hour, but I could use actual dinner. What do you say?”

“I could go for food,” you nodded.

“Do you want to go out or order in?” He asked.

“I don’t mind going out,” you said. “Just let me change really quick.”

“Okay, sounds good,” he said.

You smiled getting off the couch and walking into your room. You picked out something out and started undressing when you heard a knock on the door.

“Hey, Y/N, uh, I just talked to Jeff and Glenne and they wanted to know if we’d want to meet them at this club after dinner,” he said through the door.

You opened the door holding your shirt over yourself. “Um, sure I don’t mind,” you smiled.

“Are you s-sure?” Harry asked trying to keep his eyes up when he realized you weren’t wearing the shirt in your hands.

“Yeah, it could be fun,” you smiled.

“Okay, great, I’ll let them know,” he said.

You smiled and nodded before closing the door. Looks like you were going to find something else to wear for the night.


You arrived at the restaurant with Harry and they seated you two at a private table towards the back of the restaurant. It was a booth, so you two were seated quite close to one another. Even though this wasn’t labeled a date, Harry could’t help but imagine if it was a date. Would you have said yes? Would he be able to hold your hand and would you let him kiss you?

Being around you was weird for Harry. He never had problems talking to girls or flirting with anyone he liked or didn’t like in that manner, but whenever he was around you he was beyond nervous because he didn’t know how to act.

“So, what are you going to get?” you asked looking at the menu.

“Probably just a burger,” he said shrugging. “What about you?”

“I’m thinking pasta and a salad,” you said.

“Sounds good,” he smiled.

The waitress walked over and took your orders before leaving you two to yourselves.

“Are you enjoying your trip so far?” Harry asked.

“Yeah,” you smiled. “Thank you for inviting me.” 

“Anytime,” he smiled. “What does your schedule look like after this?” 

“Um, I’ll be back in LA for a bit to rehearse for upcoming appearances in the next few weeks and for the VMA’s,” you said. “What about you? I know you have a big tour coming up.” 

“Yeah, I do,” he smiled. “I’ll be going back to London soon to rehearse with my band and get everything finalized for the tour.” 

“Are you excited?” You asked. 

“I can’t wait. I’ve missed touring, even though it’s exhausting and we literally toured for like five years straight, I’ve rested enough and I’m ready to get back out there,” he said taking a sip of his water. 

“Touring and writing are my two favorite aspects of our “career”,” you nodded. 

“Mine too,” he smiled. “I’ve always loved performing even when I was little.” 

“I’d love to see any videos or pictures of that,” you giggled. 

“Oh no, those are in the vault and never coming out,” he laughed shaking his head. 

“Oh come on, I bet you were cute,” you laughed. “And I’m sure Anne would show me if I asked her.” 

“You two did seem to hit it off,” he smiled. 

“She’s really great,” you nodded. “She reminded me of my Mom.” 

“Maybe we should introduce them. They could become best friends,” he joked. 

“She’d loved that honestly,” you said. “I mean she has a great group of friends, but when my brother and I got our break into the industry, none of her close friends really knew what it was like to have their kids traveling around the world and being away from home. They all told her it was no different than if we were off to college or something, but it was different. It was totally different because hello, I was sixteen and my brother was seventeen. She’d love having a friend that know what it was like.” 

“Yeah, me leaving when I did was hard for my Mum too. Especially since my sister went away to school within the same year,” he said.

“Do you ever regret getting into the industry so early in life?” you asked. 

“Yes and no,” he said. “I love getting to do something I love to do and I get to meet all these different people and travel the world, but sometimes it did get a bit overwhelming being that young and I did miss getting to do certain things with my friends. The thing is though, I had not went to that audition back then, I probably would be where I am today.” 

“As in with me or in general?” You joked. 

“Both,” he laughed looking at you. 

You laughed as you looked over at him and before either one of you could say anything your food was placed onto the table. 


You and Harry had arrived to the club where you would meeting with Jeff and Glenne as well as some other friends of Harry’s. Harry helped you out of the car and walked beside you with his hand on your lower back as you walked through the crowd. 

“Do you want something to drink?” Harry asked leaning against your ear. 

You felt yourself shudder a bit when you felt how close he was. 

“Yeah, sure,” you said. “Do you want me to go with you?” 

“Oh, no I’ll be okay, they’re right up there  if you want to go meet them,” he said pointing to a little section of the club. 

“Okay,” you smiled before walking towards the area. 

However, you got stopped by someone. 

“Oh wow, you’re Y/N right?” The guy standing in front of you asked. 

“Yeah, I am, Hi,” you smiled. 

“I’m a huge fan!” He said. “Do you think I could get a picture?” 

“Sure, I don’t know if it’s good lighting it in here though,” you said. 

“Oh, I don’t mind,” he smiled. 

You smiled wrapping your arm around him as you two got closer for the picture. After the guy snapped a few photos, he hugged you and you smiled. 

“I can’t believe I met you,” he said. “Thanks again for the photos.” 

“You’re welcome, but if you could just, if you plan on posting them, could you wait a few days or so?” You asked. 

“Sure thing,” he said. “I hope I didn’t bother you.”

“Not at all,” you smiled. “Enjoy the rest of your night.” 

“You too, Y/N,” he smiled giving you one last hug before walking away. 

During this entire exchange, Harry had been watching from afar. His hands were gripping onto the bar and he was getting a bit annoyed. He was jealous and usually he’s not the jealous type, but in this instance it was more because the guy was practically all over you and he was right where Harry wanted to be. 

After he got your drinks, he tried to calm down with everything. He was sure that guy was just a fan and say hello and he had left by now. When he got up to the booth, you were already chatting away with Glenne and Alexa. He smiled a bit at the thought of how well you got on with his close friends and his Mum. 

“Oh there you are,” you smiled. “I was starting to get worried.” 

“Yeah, there was a bit of a line,” he said sitting next to you. 

“Thanks,” you smiled taking the drink from him. 

“You’re welcome,” he smiled. 

After a few minutes of small talk, you all went out onto the dance floor and started dancing around as a group. As the night went on, you and Harry had a few drinks and what started as dancing as a group with lost a space in-between, you two had somehow moved closer to where it was just you two dancing. His arms were around your waist and yours were around his shoulders. 

The entire night as you were dancing, you wanted nothing more than for him to kiss you, but he never did. 


The next day was interesting because even though you and Harry had a few drinks running through your veins, you still remembered what happened last night and what didn’t happen. 

It was raining outside all day, so you all decided to stay in the apartment and just have a lazy day inside. You were wearing some yoga shorts and a hoodie with your hair up in a bun. Harry was wearing some athletic shorts and a white t-shirt. You and Harry were sitting next to each other as you all played a few games of scrabble. 

A little while later, Jeff decided to play a new game. 

“Okay, so basically this game is like truth or dare, but with a twist,” he smirked. 

“What are we twelve?” Harry laughed rolling his eyes. 

“Shut up, it’s a good one,” he said. 

“It could be fun, Harry,” Anne smiled. 

“Okay, okay, what is it?” Harry said. 

“Well, we have cards for truths and cards for dares. If you choose truth, you pick up a truth card and answer the question or if you chose dare, you pick up a dare card and do whatever the dare says,” he stated. 

“And if we don’t want to either?” Harry asked. 

“Then you’re just a poor fucking sport,” he smirked. 

He rolled eyes eyes. “Okay, let’s get on with it.” 

You all went around in a circle starting with Anne, who had to do the chicken dance for a minute straight, then it went to Jeff, who had to answer a question about his first kiss, next it was Glenne, who had to answer a question regarding if she’s ever gone streaking. 

After Glenne it was Harry’s turn and he decided to pick a dare card. Jeff smirked picking up the card on top of the stack and looked over at Harry. 

“Your dare is to kiss the next person on your left,” Jeff said staring right at Harry. 

He immediately blushed and sat up. “It doesn’t say that!” Harry said. 

“Yes, it does,” Jeff said. 

“It’s okay,” you laughed. “If you’re worried about it, it’s a game right?” 

Harry looked over at you. “Yeah, it’s just a game,” he said. “Are you sure though about the kiss?” 

“Yes,” you smiled. “We wouldn’t want you to lose the game would we?” 

This was not how Harry imagined his first kiss with you. In front of his friends and his Mum all thanks to a stupid ass dare game. But this was it, if he didn’t kiss you, you might think that he doesn’t want to kiss you, but if he did kiss you, would he be able to pull away fast enough to not make it obvious that he had feelings for you? 

Well, he was about to find out. 

You turned to face Harry and were waiting for him to kiss you. You were nervous and wondering if anyone noticed. Harry faced you and leaned in towards you. His lips finally met with yours and while it only lasted a few seconds, it confirmed there was definitely a connection between the two of you. 

Harry made sure to pull away from the kiss quickly because he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to stop if he made it last any longer. Everything he had been feeling towards you these past few weeks, the longing, the want, the need, the butterflies were awaken even more at the touch of your lips. Now, he knew it was going to be even harder trying to hide his feelings for you. 


After the kiss, the game didn’t last all that much longer. You weren’t sure if it was because there was a bit of awkward tension in the air or what. It had stopped raining for a bit, so Glenne, yourself, and Anne decided to go and grab some coffee at the small cafe right next door to the apartment complex, leaving Harry and Jeff to themselves. 

“What the hell was that game about?” Harry said. 

“What? It was fun,” Jeff smirked picking up the cards from the table. 

“Is that what you called that?” Harry mumbled. “Wait a minute, this is the card that was for my turn, wasn’t it?” Harry said picking up the card for the table. 

But it didn’t say anything about kissing, it said something stupid like talking in weird voice for the rest of the game. 

“You made up that fucking dare didn’t you?” Harry asked. 

“Yeah, I did, but I did it for you,” Jeff said. “It’s obvious that you both have feelings for each other, but you’re both too stubborn to act on them. So, I thought maybe if you two actually let yourself have a little bit of a physical moment together, you’d realize that you need to grow some balls and ask her out already.” 

“If and when I decide to ever ask Y/N out on a date is my decision and whenever I’m ready. I don’t need you trying to force me into a relationship,” Harry said annoyed. 

“I’m not trying to force you into anything. It’s just I’ve known you for a while now and I’ve never seen you like this around anyone before. I don’t want you to possibly miss out on something this great,” he said. 

“Have you and my mother been talking?” He mumbled. 

“A little yes,” he said. “But only because we care about you.” 

Harry sighed sitting onto the couch. “What if she says no? What if she only sees me as a friend?” 

“But what if she doesn’t?” Jeff said. “It’s your life and it’s ultimately your decision, but wouldn’t it just be better to get the what if’s out of the way?” 

Harry sighed running his hand over his face. Maybe Jeff and his Mum had been right. Maybe it was time for him to figure out what was going on between the two of you, he just hoped he didn’t later regret the finding out. 

the signs as people i’ve met part II

- crybaby cry
- sexually very frustrated till the grave
- you talk constantly so ppl won’t notice when you actually say something important
- your music taste is surprising, not at all what people would expect of you
- you have a wicked way of convincing people to do the dumbest shit

- less deep and more ordinary than you set yourself out to be
- you can’t stop getting more pets in the house
- you cheat at board games 
- your house has one of the best yards ever, everybody loves it there
- chill on the outside, on fire on the inside

- lmao (laughing my anxiety off)
- god forbid you admit you’re wrong
- you express your emotions in a thousand different ways but none of them are really working out for you
- you can actually do math and taxes
- you have an incomprehensible amount of sneakers

- k-pop fan (don’t fight it)
- you definitely should pick up your damn phone more often
- you’re a fast walker
- your friends feel like they know your family just by the funny stories you tell them, even if they’ve never met each other
- you like to have dinner and dessert at the same time on the same plate

- sometimes you feel inevitably lonely and dependable
- you collect whatever you are passionate about or whatever makes your room look good
- you daydream about being taken certain places
- you always take pics of yourself hugging your cat
- you go overboard on emojis

- big time stalker yet all your crushes suck
- you have a hard time looking people in the eye and prefer to stare intensely when they’re looking away
- you have strong goth tendencies
- you can’t stand having ppl mad at you, even when u screw up big time
- you will remain to be as entertained watching the same movie for the 17th time as you were in the 1st

- you make it seem like your biggest achievement is nothing so ppl can hover over you
- you love fruit, you bring them everywhere
- your cellphone password is 0000
- you push people to talk more just to see how far they can go, often regretting what you get
- you feel the need to make friends everywhere you go

- you say you’re not gonna study for a test but let’s be honest u can study for hours and always try really hard
- you do many other things when you’re driving such as cursing people on the streets and other fellow drivers behind their backs
- you get very mad when people ignore you
- you mean what you say and say what you mean
- everybody comes to you for advice. no wonder

- you accumulate loads and loads of shit bc you think you’ll need it / miss it later
- you will scream at strangers if necessary
- you crave the aux cord. a carefully made playlist also works
- you do things unintendedly and then pretend as if it was part of the plan all along
- you feel really, really sad before you fall asleep

- you are able to scare people off, for better or worst
- you’re quick to acknowledge when you’re wrong and apologize
- you’re sassy AF, especially when drunk
- your mind runs in all caps
- you genuinely do watch the 8 minute youtube video your friend just sent you

- legit like when people throw shade at you, it makes you feel important somehow
- a lover of soft things
- wherever there’s weed there you are
- you can never get enough of bath bombs
- you enjoy a good outdoor hike

- you can go so quick from loving all your clothes to madly hating them in a second, back and forth
- reality for you is what you make of it
- you need to be told and told again
- you are more avaliable on text than irl
- all you need out of life is a hot shower and willpower