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Since there is so much evidence about what a scumbag Renly was why on earth would the show writers make him the best of the three Baratheon brothers? It makes no sense to me.

Because GRRM, in his tricksy wisdom, also made Renly intelligent, funny, and genuinely charming and then made his main opponents people who aren’t. 

When we first encounter Renly in Sansa I and Eddard III, not only is he a young Robert without the alcoholism and Targ-murder-boner, but he’s also making fun of the Lannisters who we’re being primed to hate even more because they’re trying to execute dogs. (Although if you think about it, isn’t it interesting that Renly comes off so well despite not lifting a finger to actually help?)

Then when we encounter him again in ACOK, he’s being contrasted against Stannis, who we’re also primed to dislike (so that the face turn works in ASOS). Remember, Stannis is introduced allowing walking empathy magnet Maester Cressen to be humiliated, and the next image we have of him before he meets with Renly is him joining a scary cult (another example of how priming wrong-foots people: Melisandre). And again, look at their meeting:

Again, on the surface, Renly’s the one with the better japes, the peach, and he’s the one who’s going to get horribly murdered so there’s the sympathy factor as well. 

The case for Renly falls apart when you step back, ignore all of the surface qualities, and ask yourself what has he actually done and what has he actually said. And that’s when you start to see all of the subtle thematic and character work GRRM has been doing in the background

My guess? Benioff and Weiss aren’t very good at literary analysis and simply missed that second layer. 

Leading Suspects

Summary: When an old friend in need reaches out to Katniss, she returns to the small town she swore she’d never set foot in again. Help Madge and then leave, she decides. But a murder investigation and one sheriff with stupid blue eyes and dimples all conspire to keep her where she thought she’d never want to be.

WARNINGS: RATED E for mentions of domestic abuse, character death, mild language to include racial slurs, an obscene love affair with coffee, and explicit sexual content.

This piece was lovingly crafted for my dear friend and beta, @peetabreadgirl, to celebrate her birthday. It’s based on a book I recently read and immediately had to Everlark because…well you’ll see. The book is Jed Had to Die by Tara Sevic. I am neither Tara Sevic nor Suzanne Collins and thus technically do not own the basic storyline or the characters. This is pure fun. Also, it’s multi-chapter, but they will be significantly shorter than my chapters usually are. Enjoy! Love you, PBJ! <3



There are few things a woman wouldn’t do for her one true love in this life. Maim, murder, wreck, and ruin. Because we all know that your one true love is reserved for that singular soul who inspires your heart and then protects it. Strong, dependable, forgiving, amazing. These are the qualities that garner affection. Especially at times when your love reliably comes through to rescue you from a horrible day. Enter Theo.

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7:30 Every Morning

Prompt: teenagers au

Genre: fluff

Warnings: swearing, very little homophobia

Shit, Dan was late. He was really late. He hadn’t realised how fast the time flew when he was listening to music, but the time was 8:24 and school started at 8:30. Being late was okay, it never really mattered - unless you were on your last strike of in-punctuality. Like Dan was. That meant meetings-with-your-parents serious, and detentions. Loads of them. So he did something he never thought he’d do.
Dan Howell ran for it. The school was in sight, but he couldn’t even see students milling around the front gate. Maybe he was even later than he thought? Out of breath, he stopped for a minute to check his phone. 8:29. He had made it, but… where was everyone? There was only one boy sitting on the steps in front of the locked gate. Raven black hair covered his face and Dan could see he was listening to music on his phone, using red earphones the same brand as Dan. Then he looked up, revealing piercing blue eyes and a defined, pale face. Dan recognised him as a really cute boy from a few years above, Phil. They had never spoken, but Dan definitely used to have a bit of a crush on him back when he had first come to terms with his sexuality. Holding back a blush, he tapped Phil on the shoulder, asking him for the time.
Phil frowned at Dan’s phone in his hand, but unlocked his own to pause his music and display the time, as well as the album cover for ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance. Dan grinned, until he noticed the numbers at the top.
“Seven thirty!? My phone is an hour late!” Dan was outraged. He knew it had to be his brother messing with the time zones on his phone. Sometimes, the average sibling rivalry was a lot more than he bargained for. Phil looked confused, but when Dan didn’t elaborate, he unpaused the song and locked his phone again.
Silence fell upon the two boys as Dan considered his next move. He didn’t particularly want to go back home and see Adrian’s gloating smirk at his fiftieth successful prank, and there was nowhere else to go since he didn’t have many good friends that would let him come over at this early hour. Listening to music was the best option, so he sat down next to Phil, pulling his phone out again and searching his pockets for his earphones. They weren’t there. Dan briefly remembered throwing them on the floor of his messy bedroom in a hurry to quickly get dressed and leave for school. He had even skipped breakfast! But, as always, the most important thing was his music, and, without annoying Phil, he couldn’t really listen to any.
So that sucked.
Just then Phil nudged him, seemingly getting what was going on. Dan looked at him questioningly, and as a reply, Phil offered on earbud of his earphones, which Dan happily accepted. Phil still hadn’t uttered a word, but he was very expressive through his eyes and actions - like right now he had a very kind face and and was doing a very kind act. Music is sacred, and there’s always that constant fear that people will judge you based on your music tastes and how loud you listen to it and so on. But it just so happened that Dan very much agreed with Phil that Muse was the best ever, that you could never go wrong with TOP, and that MCR, FOB and Panic! were the holy trinity. So when Phil smiled in appreciation, Dan did too - unknowingly, though Phil noticed out of the corner of his eye.
It was funny how the hour passed to easily after that. It was interrupted half-way by a teacher unlocking the gates at 8:00, but Phil wordlessly paused his music, picked up his bag and sat down on a wall, this time inside the gates, beckoning Dan to join him. And despite the homework he really should have been doing, and the test in the afternoon he really should have been revising for, Dan sat down with no hesitation at all.
That’s how it started. Dan woke up an hour earlier every morning - because who doesn’t need the extra half hour of their daily routine to straighten hobbit hair? His family was asleep, so he had the whole house to himself while he made breakfast and showered. It was peaceful, silence echoing around the deserted kitchen, and Dan was relaxed while he ate his cereal. Instead of listening to music while getting ready (to escape the noise of the people usually around him), he saved his eardrums for Phil, as they would always meet up at the same time and share music. With his own splitter and headphones, Dan would always be happy sharing Phil’s phone, since the music was no different to his own, and when Phil showed him something new, it was always something he liked - completely truthfully, their music tastes just… fit.
And when their knees brushed together, Dan blushed and looked away, the warm feeling spreading through his body making his cheeks fuchsia. He looked back, hopefully the colour gone from his cheeks, and Phil was smiling to himself, then to Dan when he noticed the brunette’s eyes on him. They locked eyes for a moment, Phil staring unbashfully while Dan doing the opposite. When a teacher came out - thankfully interrupting Dan’s mini heart attack - Phil stood up as always, pausing his music and taking his earphones out. This time, however, he offered his hand out for Dan. All Dan did was stare disbelievingly; Phil was standing and Dan was sitting on the steps, earphones in hand. He accepted Phil’s help, and was pulled to his feet by muscular arms. Not that he noticed.
They went inside the school gates, sitting down on the wall again. As it was the norm for them, Dan sat close to Phil in order to share his phone, but Phil made no move to play the music again.
“Dan, I feel like we haven’t talked at all and - well, I’ve always been here alone, but now you sit with me and I think I’m wasting an opportunity to get to know you.” Phil spoke, breaking the comfortable barrier of silence between them. Not that Dan minded at all, he liked Phil a lot and was somewhat excited to start a proper friendship with him - actual talking included.
“Yeah, you’re right.” Dan said, but Phil didn’t seem to expect Dan to agree, so he just looked surprised. “Anyway, why do you come here so early?”
Phil bit his lip, and Dan tried to ignore just how sexy that was. “My brother’s an asshole.”
When Phil didn’t elaborate, Dan prompted him. “Older or younger?”
“Older. His name is Martyn, and he doesn’t go to this school anymore. He still lives with me though, and ever since I… since some stuff happened, he’s been really horrible to me, so I avoid him now.” Phil didn’t look at Dan once when he admitted this. “What about you anyway?”
It was a feeble attempt to change the subject, and Dan noticed this. “Dunno, the idea of not being late anymore and listening to quality music without having to waste my own phone battery kinda appealed to me.” He said vaguely. There wasn’t really any importance to his story, Phil’s sounded a lot more troubling. “Ever since you what, though?”
The nervousness was catching, as Dan swallowed in anticipation. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt like if Phil was to say what was on his mind, it would be some massive confession that he’d only told his family. Phil cleared his throat. “Um, ever since, I, told them, um, I’m… uh, I’m gay?” He phrased it as a question, quickly broke eye contact with Dan. Though when he looked up, Dan was frowning.
“I can’t believe you have a homophobic brother! It’s not the Stone Age anymore, gay marriage is even legal in America! I’m so sorry you had to go through that Phil.” Dan was honestly extremely upset for Phil. He was bisexual anyway, and even though he hadn’t explicitly told anyone other than himself in front of the mirror, he didn’t really think anyone would be particularly bothered by it.
Phil peaked at Dan from behind his fringe. “You mean you don’t mind?” He asked.
“Of course! I’m not a complete dick. Nor a hypocrite.” Dan said, coming out as nonchalantly as he could. Phil eyes just widened, showing off that beautiful ocean blue.  
“You mean you’re…?”
“Bisexual, yeah.” Phi looked clueless, so Dan filled him in. “It means I like girls and boys. There are loads of different sexualities, you have no idea! The internet hobos - including myself - are extremely up to date with these things. Tumblr is a wonderful place, my friend!” Phil laughed at that, so Dan guessed he knew what he meant.
Conversation trailed off after that, but Dan didn’t mind. Phil turned on his music again, and as 'Sarah Smiles’ (P!ATD) played, he couldn’t help the happy, loved-up theme of the music get to his brain. Was Phil… glowing? Yes, his eyes were always bright and skin pale enough to be a vampire, but there was a new, happy glow about him that made Dan erupt into a grin.
“What?” Phil asked. Dan didn’t realise he had been staring.
He could kiss him right now. Dan could kiss Phil and Phil would kiss back, then they’d rest their foreheads together and sigh happily. But he didn’t.
The next day, Dan was late. He had stayed up late last night, going through Tumblr and Wikipedia and searching up different sexualities and how to come out and taking surveys to see which Disney princess he was (the result was Belle). This made him forget to set his alarm for 6:30, and due to his messed up body clock, he slept until eight and had to do the whole panic thing where he runs around finding clothes and grabbing books. Unfortunately for him, Dan had to skip straightening his hair, since he at least wanted to speak to Phil before school started.
Of course, it was a bit weird that he was only late to be early and meet Phil, so technically Dan was on time, but he didn’t see it that way. And neither, apparently, did Phil, as he definitely shot Dan a surly look his way. Dan wanted to go and talk to him, but the bell had rung and the two were in different years, forcing him to wait until break to look for him. However, he couldn’t find Phil anywhere; it was like he had disappeared. What he didn’t know was that Phil left school during both break and lunch to eat, as he didn’t have many friends and wasn’t really social enough to care. The annoying situation meant that, unless Dan was to stalk him, he wouldn’t get to see Phil until that next morning - if he wasn’t avoiding Dan.
Luckily enough, Phil’s brother was enough of a dick for him to not be able to bear his company at all, so Phil arrived at his usual time of 7:20 and put his earphones in. Dan, this time waking up at the correct time, joined him ten minutes later, sitting down besides Phil and hoping he wasn’t mad. To his surprise, Phil took out his earphones from the phone and held his hand out to him. Dan handed over his splitters. Moments later they were nodding their heads along to My Chemical Romance’s 'It’s Not a Fashion Statement It’s Death’.
Everything was going as normal, but Dan couldn’t help but to feel some… tension around the two. Phil clearly had something on his mind, but he didn’t look like he’d be updating Dan about it anytime soon. The brunette boy decided to break the newly-found uneasy silence around them, nudging the other with his elbow. Phil paused his music, watching Dan with curiosity and waiting for him to say something.
“Sorry I was late yesterday, I overslept. Wikipedia tangents are so unpredictable sometimes.” Phil chuckled a little a that, albeit possibly a little forced, but Dan smiled, happy he was getting through to him. “How boring was yesterday, without my company and all? Miss me much?” Dan asked cheekily.
Phil rolled his eyes, though he was smiling. “Meh, same old, same old. Me and the caretaker, though - I think we really hit it off yesterday. You were nowhere to be seen, and be is just such great company - you’re not really needed anymore.” Dan couldn’t tell he was joking until he broke into a grin, draping his arms around Dan’s waist in a friendly, laid back manner, drawing him close as one would squeeze another’s hand. There was nothing amorous or suggestive about it at all, Dan reminded himself over and over again as he leaned into Phil’s touch.
Peacefully, the boys stayed that way for what seemed like a very long time. Neither pulled away, nor did Dan or Phil turn the music back on at any point. Dan liked it like that. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on in his head, or Phil’s for that matter, but that moment of mindfulness was extremely welcome. Of course, the one thing that may have been definitely far better would have been for Phil to lean in, looking down at Dan’s mouth with lust and desire, then suddenly Phil’s lips on his, softly, sweetly kissing him with loving and tender care.
But that didn’t happen.
Soon, another week passed, and Dan felt like something wasn’t right. It was the weekend again, but this one was lonelier than most. He only saw Phil on schooldays early in the morning, and was almost… craving more. Phil was all that was on his mind, whenever he had a moment to his self, or just a bit of time where he could let his mind wander, it always returned to Phil’s crystal blue eyes and jet black fringe.
Of course, it didn’t come with the baggage it came with before; Dan was no longer questioning his sexuality, and had fully accepted it. But before he could even think to make any sort of move on Phil, it was best to be certain of the reaction of his parents.
Dan had never been afraid of what people thought of him - at least, never before. It never really bothered him. And now… it was about his family: mum, dad, Adrian. Thinking about Phil reminded him that coming out wasn’t always so easy.
When Monday rolled around, Dan decided on going to Phil for advice. He had already had previous experience with the exact situation Dan was dealing with, so it seemed the obvious choice.
Phil was already sitting on his steps, nodding his head along to the music, though when he noticed Dan he took out his earphones. “Hey.” He smiled, lighting up both his face and Dan’s.
Dan swallowed nervously. “I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?” He asked. Phil nodded, patting the space on the ground beside him and setting aside his phone.
“Whatever you need, Dan.” Phil smiled again, making Dan feel far more comfortable and reassured as he smiled back.
“I want to ask you about… coming out.” Dan looked at Phil nervously, and Phil stared at his lap somewhat guiltily for a few minutes before looking up and replying.
“I’m sorry, I probably scared you you about coming out by telling you about my brother. It doesn’t always go like that, Dan, and not everyone is a homophobe. Sometimes you have to take risks so you don’t hold back who you are and what you want; it’s better than pretending to be someone you’re not.” Phil cupped Dan’s cheek in the palm of his hand and Dan nuzzled into it ever so slightly. “If your parents love you, they will accept you.” As he said this, Phil removed his hand.
“Thank you Phil, really. I think… I may be actually ready to do this.”
Phil smiled at Dan, a proud expression on his face. “Good. And if you need any help, I’m here for you.”
Dan chewed his lip. He wanted to ask for one more thing but was unsure whether Phil would find it strange or not. “Maybe, um, you could help?” Phil’s response was to look at him quizzically. “I mean, you could, well-”
“Pretend to be your boyfriend?” Phil guessed. He had been thinking the exact same thing, though he wasn’t sure exactly how he had found the courage to say anything. Dan nodded sheepishly. “I’d be happy to do that, anything to help! I know how hard it is, when you’re so nervous of their reactions. And I’ll be there for you no matter what.” He took Dan’s hand and smiled.
“Would you, maybe, come over after school? My parents wont be home until a bit later, so we could just hang out and get our story straight?” Dan suggested, taking another risky leap into the unknown.
“Sure.” Phil smiled again.
The rest of the school day was just plainly irrelevant. Dan didn’t care about the area of a triangle using sine, he didn’t care what Shakespeare symbolised though his repeated use of verse, he didn’t care about the direction of blood flow through the heart. All that mattered was that Phil freaking Lester was coming over to his house. As if that wasn’t nerve-wrecking enough, they would be discussing their (fake) relationship. And coming out.
Dan wasn’t the loneliest kid in school -  that was probably Phil, at least before he met Dan -  he had a few mutual friends though seating arrangements and groups in classes. As long as he kept on good terms with them, Dan was fine with it. But now he really needed someone he was close to, that wasn’t Phil, so he could talk about Phil. And after school, Dan started panicking. Where would they meet? When? What would they talk about? Should they walk or take the bus? What should they eat? Should Dan change out of his uniform? How should he introduce Phil to his parents? Is the fake boyfriend thing a bad idea?
However, he saw Phil already waiting by the gate. He was staring off into the distance, so Dan jokingly waved a hand in front of his eyes, announcing his presence. Phil grinned, lighting up his whole face, and offered his hand out to Dan, who had to remind himself that it was all an act, and not a sign that Phil liked him. The two made their way to Dan’s empty house, walking the whole way and talking about the many mutual interests they had. Once they started on their similar music tastes, the conversation found it’s way to video games and movies, as well as tumblr and youtube. Dan led Phil up to his room, untidied and covered in band posters. The first thing Phil commented on was the piano, sitting on the stool and lightly brushing the keys.
“Do you play?” He asked, and Dan replied in affirmative. “Will you play for me?” Phil smiled cheekily.
Dan hesitated, but then grinned back and pushed Phil off the stool playfully to sit on it himself. Taking a deep breath, he placed his fingers on the piano and began to play 'Inguene’, letting the music wash over him. When he looked up again, Phil had his eyes closed and was leaning against the wall. The music stopped playing, and Phil opened his eyes, blushing at Dan’s amused stare.
“Shall we discuss details?” Phil changed the subject hastily. “That was beautiful by the way.” He added.
Dan’s blush was darker than Phil’s, but he stuttered “Thank you” and sat down on his bed, inviting the other boy next to him. “So, how long have we been dating? My mum’ll want the story of how we met.”
Phil giggled, and Dan almost died in shock at how cute that was. “Well, my mum always said that the best way to lie is to stay as close as possible to the truth. So why not just tell the real story of how we met, about a month ago, adding that we started dating then as well. That’ll also clear up where you’ve been disappearing early in the morning every day. Then everything’s sorted!”
“Sounds airtight to me.” Dan smiled. “Now I can focus my mind on worrying about how they’ll react.” Seeing how forlorn and nervous Dan looked, Phil scooted closer to Dan and wrapped an arm around him. Dan found himself leaning into his touch, unsurprised at his urge but very surprised at his confidence. Phil rubbed his hand up and down Dan’s arms, comforting him, and though he made Dan’s heart beat faster, it also calmed him down and made him feel more at ease.
“Don’t worry,” Phil murmured quietly, his breath hot on the top of Dan’s hair. “Everything will be fine. And if we don’t get the preferred outcome, I’ll stay by your side and help you through it.”
Dan looked up at Phil with eyes so full of innocence and worry and trust. “Promise?”
Placing a kiss to Dan’s forehead, Phil smiled. “Promise.” But Dan didn’t really have the time to silently scream about the deep blush flooding his face from the tingling spot on his forehead that the hottest boy in the world had kissed so softly but so lovingly, since from downstairs, he could hear his mother entering through the door while talking on the phone to his father.
“Oh shit, she’s early.” Dan whispered, looking at Phil while his stomach lurched. “Do we have to do this now?”
“It’s now or never Dan. We can wait for your father to come home first, but I think we should get it out of the way first. Okay?” Dan nodded. “So how do you want me to act? Should I call you by your name or a pet name? How should I address them? Do you want me to be touchy or not?” It then occurred to Dan just how nervous Phil was.
“You really don’t have to do this, you’re not actually my boyfriend. These strings aren’t yet attached to you.” He joked.
“No, I want to.” Phil argued.
Dan thought for a bit. “Well, in that case, just act as if you were really my boyfriend.”
“But if you were really my boyfriend and I was being introduced to your parents, I would have no idea how to act, so I’d ask you!” Dan chuckled at that. Downstairs, his mother was finishing her phone call.
“Dan, I’m home!” She called up the stairs.
“I’m going to have to go down now. And it doesn’t really matter what they think about you, this is all fake, and we’re going to have to 'break up’ at some point too.” Phil looked down, playing with his hands. “What?” Dan asked.
“It’s just… I do care what they think of me because… well, I want to be your real boyfriend someday, if you’d say yes of course.”
Dan gaped at him. “You… you really mean that?” When Phil nodded, Dan couldn’t contain his happiness. He flung his arms around Phil and embraced him tightly. “Yes. Of course I will be your boyfriend.” He didn’t want to ever let go, but from downstairs his mum was calling him again. “Coming mum!” He reluctantly untangled himself from his BOYFRIEND and called down to his mum. “At least I’m not lying to her any more. And to answer your question, be yourself and be comfortable with that. I’ve never brought anyone home before, let alone a boy, so I don’t really know how you should act, but that seems like the safest bet.”
Phil held out his arm as Dan opened the door, beckoning for Dan to hold on. “What a gentleman.” Dan commented, leaving the room with his boyfriend. “Mum?” He called out. “I’ve got someone here. Someone special.” Dan smiled at Phil, who only blushed. The two went down the stairs, letting go of each other when they met Dan’s mum in the kitchen. “Mum, this is Phil.” His mum gave him a quizzical look. “He’s my boyfriend?” Dan’s voice got higher at the end of the phrase, making it sound like a question.
Mrs Howell stayed silent for a minute, then raised the phone to her ear. “Didn’t I tell you, Howard? I knew Dan was going to come out, I said so! You just heard it with your own ears. I’m going to go now, come home soon! Love you.” She put the phone down. “Sorry, Sweetie. Your dad and I were having a disagreement on when you were going to come out to us. Phil, was it? Welcome to the family.” Phil, who was shifting uncomfortably before this, grinned slightly and and blushed.
“Thanks, Mrs Howell.”
“Just call me Katherine.” Phil’s smile grew. “You treating my son well?”
“Muum.” Dan moaned.
“Um, we haven’t really been going out very long… but yeah, I’d never do anything to hurt him at all.” Phil looked at Dan when he said this, giving him a sweet smile.
“Well that’s good. Do you go to school together? Is that why Dan keeps sneaking off early every morning?”
Phil looked sheepish. “Um, we don’t… we’re not in the same year, but we meet up every morning.”
“Aww, that’s so sweet you two. I expect to be seeing a lot more of you, Phil, but you can go upstairs now. Stay safe!” She joked.
The two boys went back upstairs, both blushing furiously. “I think that went quite well.” Dan said. Phil bit his lip.
“There is just one more think I want to do.” Phil said quietly, edging closer to Dan. Dan closed his eyes, easily guessing what was happening. Phil was taller, so Dan tilted his head slightly upwards, and their lips connected.


Anonymous said: how come you never do munday? :c

Ooc; **points @** aCTUALLY that’s a really good question? I think I have… Once? But that was like 3 years ago, LMAO. So, there you go!~ The result of a selfie session as I waited for the train home. <3

To the Anon


Yo, this is the Tea. I’ve been a Hetalian since 2014. I used to be an avid Kyo fan as of September of last year. An upsetting post was uploaded last night on Kyo’s main blog where an anon made rude assumptions with limited information. If something requires a tag, please IM me immediately. If the grammar is off you may also IM. If I’ve distorted the information I would like Kyo to correct me. Below is a list of topics that will be covered in the paragraphs. Below the cut is my response to the anon who had the audacity to write what they did.

  • Meddling Into Kyo’s Personal Life
  • Hobbies and Youtube
  • Dreamtalia: Pt.1 Find The First Episode
  • Dreamtalia: Pt.2 Story and Characters
  • Oc’s and AU’s
  • Kyo’s Past Rudeness
  • Imaginary Nightmares and Current Day Kyo
  • The Discord Chat
  • The Mun to The Anon

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so for the last, what, year? maybe two? i have been the absolute worst when it comes to replies. i respond to maybe one in every fifty, if that, and it sucks. i just want you guys to know i’m absolutely not ignoring you on purpose, it’s no indication of the quality of your comment, i’m not grumpy at any of you, i absolutely appreciate words of comfort or encouragement, and i’m not trying to make anyone feel unwanted or bad or anything like that.

i don’t know why or when it started, but responding to replies has become this horrible source of anxiety for me. it’s not that i cant think of things to say in response - i always, always do. everything you guys have ever said to me, i guarantee i’ve had a response raring to go. but when it comes to actually making the post, actually typing the damn words, i freeze up. i get anxious and scared and i dont know why, but it stops me damn near every time.

i dont know how to get over this nonsense, but i’m trying. i just wanted to let you guys know it’s absolutely not you, and i’m sorry if i’ve made anyone feel poorly over this.

Hello everyone, it is I, Ereribell, posting my first piece of art for this blog. And of course its ereri with puppybrateren’s Mer!Levi… i cant not draw these two constantly. its an obsession now. what have you done to me.

also i based this picture off of this one :3 i thought it was so cute-

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5. I dare you to post that charyu comic you showed me the other day & mention Jakei. :3 No backing out now~

@jakei95 just ignore this lololol

I did this when I was at Flor’s house. I was really bored and I wanted to draw, so I asked what should I draw to some people…everybody responded ‘’Charyu’’…I was like ‘’I don’t want to but I don’t have any other idea so okay then’’. And it was like 3~4 am when I was drawing it sooo I tend to just make whatever stupid stuff comes to my mind lolol (due to my horrible quality and handwritting,I’ll write everything down the pictures) (also this silly comic idea is kinda-based on something that Jakei said once on a stream lololol)

J: …And this…

J: …Is the studio.

J: This is where we record the scenes.
B: Oh! It’s so huge!

J: So…what do you think?
B: I really like it here!

J: I’m glad to hear that then!

B: Really?

J: Yeah! We spend most of our time working here. You’ll get to see us recording!
B: Really?! That sounds amazing!

J: Welcome to the underverse studio!
B: Thanks Jakei!

(omg! she’s looking at me f*ck f*ck f*ck helP! sh*t!! what do I do? aaaaa!!)

C: H…hi..! *shyly raises hand* (omg I must be looking so dumb rn why me?)

B: Heya! *excited waving*

C: (She’s too cute)

but lemme tell yall something,and it’s that cannon Charyu would actually go like this:

A.K.A. there’s no love,only an annoying blonde girl and a really pissed off ghost kid.

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For all the bs u talk about Canada who would have thought we'd be voted number two i mean its soooooo horrible here

*posts something bad about Canada*; anons complain

*posts something good about Canada*; anons complain

I’m really getting tired of this arrogant, dismissive attitude that so many Canadians have;

For all the bs u talk about Canada who would have thought we’d be voted number two i mean its soooooo horrible here

It is not bs. All these issues I’ve brought up, they’re all true. You may not be comfortable that these issues exist, but they do exist, and they do not cease to exist just because you don’t like them. And I have never said that Canada is horrible. I have always said that Canada does a lot of good.

But I’m really getting annoyed at this attitude of, ‘hey we’re doing decently so I guess we can ignore our problematic issues’.

Yes, Canada has Gay Marriage, but Gender Identity and Expression is not protected under law in this Country.

Yes, Canada has Universal Healthcare, but our healthcare system is ranked 10th of 11th in developed nations.

Yes, quality of life in Canada is pretty good, but for indigenous Canadians they are living in third world conditions without access to drinking water.

Yes, Canada has gun control but at the same time Canada’s police are militarizing themselves with military-esque assault rifles.

Canada is not all good or all bad. We have good AND bad, and we ought to pay attention to these issues. Even if some group says we’re doing pretty good, that doesn’t mean we should use that as an excuse not to care.

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I want to write a character that readers will want to hate but they just can't bring themselves to do it and end up loving the character. How do I go about doing that? Do I just make the character relatable or is there something else I can do?

One of the biggest motivating factors behind these types of characters is that you can understand their reasons for doing evil things, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them. 

Draco Malfoy has a domineering father. He’s pushed into falling in line with a long, dark lineage that he doesn’t necessarily want to be a part of. It’s no small wonder that people like him so much. 

Same with Severus Snape. He’s a cold, heartless character, but his love for Lily and the fact that he was bullied made plenty of people sympathetic towards him. 

Cersei Lannister is an absolute monster, albeit a beautiful one, but it’s easy to see why she seeks power in the way that she does. Jaime Lannister is slowly revealed to be yet another pawn in his father’s plans, a fact that makes the reader much more sympathetic to him - you know, if you conveniently ignore the fact that he tried to murder a child.

(Compare to Joffrey, who is an absolutely hideous little beast who does horrible, evil things for no other reason than the fact that he’s a spoiled, evil little jerk.)

In addition to all this, these characters have charismatic personalities. They can be charming when needed (or even, as is the case with Severus Snape, witty enough to be entertaining). They are complex, they are realistic, and they usually have *just enough* in the way of redeeming qualities to keep from seeming purely evil. 

In short, I think characters like these just feel very human, and while you’re glad not to know them in real life they are very interesting to watch and read about. 

Fanfic - Worst Valentine's Day -1/1

Title: Worst Valentine’s Day

Pairing: Westallen

Summary: Barry wants everything to go perfect for his first Valentine’s Day he’ll be celebrating with Iris. Except nothing goes according to plan.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3374

Today was the first Valentines day Barry was celebrating with Iris as a couple and it had to be perfect.

Valentines day had never been a holiday he’d been particularly fond of. As a kid his classmates excluded him from the candy and cards exchange, with the exception of Iris who always spoiled him chocolates and homemade cards covered in glitter. The older he got the more he grew to hate the holiday geared towards lovers. For most of his young adult life Barry had been woefully single while secretly pinning for his best friend. He wasn’t normally a spiteful person but even he found himself becoming resentful of all the couples parading their love while he stood alone on the sidelines.

But this year would be different. This year Barry was with Iris the girl he loved for as long as he could remember. This Valentines day had to be perfect.

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why don't you like eren's anime portrayal?

Because the anime makes him look like a sociopathic, violent asshole in which literally his only redeeming quality is his intense rage and abilities to turn into a Titan. I love the anime for SNK, but Eren’s character is by far the worst and most poorly translated when the anime was being produced. His character was butchered, and there is no surprise that he got a lot of hate when the anime came out. His character is just horribly unlikable and it’s really sad because I know if i had read the manga first, Eren would have been one of my favorites right off the bat.

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hey, can you maybe explain to my what is wrong with superwholock? Because..i really like Supernatural and Sherlock and Doctor Who and I don't understand why that is bad? Or am I missing something? What is wrong with liking all three?

No, there is nothing wrong with Superwholock. If you want to like Superwholock then please do, I’m not bashing that. It’s the way that people use Superwholock which is bad. 

The shows have problems in them. Anyone should be able to admit that the shows have problems. People have this tendency to glorify Superwholock in a way where they ignore all the problems within the shows and then refuse to acknowledge them. They idealize it and ignore some of the shittier qualities of it, like queer baiting, the treatment of females, and the lack thereof. There’s more, but I won’t go into it. 

So don’t get me wrong, liking a show is okay, but refusing to admit that there are flaws is not.

So we see this phenomenon within the fandom though where people refuse to acknowledge these flaws and get horribly defensive. To say anything against the show gets you swamped with hate and that’s not okay. It makes it so someone isn’t allowed to have an opinion against Superwholock that isn’t positive.

It also doesn’t help that a lot of the bloggers for Superwholock are young and send stupid anon hate when they get offended. It’s left Superwholock with a really bad rep on tumblr. You can like Superwholock, but when people refuse to admit that there are problems with how the show is, then there’s a bit of a problem.

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I am a bit miffed that people are always saying rats need to be in pairs. I have rats that are not in pairs, and they are completely fine. They are happy, well adjusted, they get play time, and they are still very sweet. Individual rats are not always going to be depressed or bad. As long as they get enough attention, love, and play time from you, then it is okay to only have one. It can be done successfully, and I can personally attest to it.

I am a bit miffed selfish humans keep insisting rats can be happy when deprived of rat company.

Sorry but that’s a load of poop. Most leading rescue agencies, vets and even LABORATORIES agree that rats shouldn’t be kept alone.

I can understand if you didn’t know rats should be kept in pairs and they were kept alone out of misinformation, but to purposely make a rat live on it’s own is cruel and needless.

They might have been happy, but I’m sure that’s only because they didn’t know any better. Rats are much happier when kept with other rats and to ignore that and keep them alone is just plain silly. Why would you purposely keep a rat on its own when you can keep it with other rats? I mean what is even the point in that? They might not get horribly depressed, they might not develop destructive behaviors but they won’t have the best quality of life and if you aren’t even going to try to give them the best quality of life then you shouldn’t have them at all.

I don’t care how much time you have or how often you take them out or how much love and attention you give them you are not a rat. You cannot possibly make up for the companionship of other rat, there’s no way you could. That’d be like you living your entire life alone with no human company and nothing but animals for companionship. Sure, you might love the animals, but you have a bond with your own kind that no other animal can replicate and the same goes for rats. Having also kept rats both alone, in pairs and groups I can safely say that I 100% believe rats are happiest when they have other rats to play with and I would never dream of making any of them live alone unless they absolutely had to.

I feel sorry for your rats if you are purposely keeping them alone. I can understand if they’re old and you don’t want to stress them out, I can understand if they’re aggressive and you don’t want to risk them hurting or killing other rats, but if you are purposely keeping perfectly healthy young rats alone for no reason then you are denying them the right to interact with their own kind. I hope you’ll consider introducing them to other rats for their own sake, let them live the best life they can.

Just got an ask about advice for a new reptile owner, so I thought I may as well post the answer I gave publicly:

First off, you will make mistakes, but thats ok. We are human. What defines your care is if you do your best to make sure those mistakes are fixed and put the animal before any pride.

Constantly research the reptile you have, the reptile hobby is a still learning and growing hobby and sometimes new discoveries are made that change the way we should be keeping our reptiles.

Research ANY advice you are given from breeders and keepers, talk to many and reach out for as many answers as possible. They can make mistakes too. Vets can be wrong. Herpetologists can be wrong.

An owner isnt more knowledgeable or doesn’t know better just because they have had reptiles for X amount of years, what matters is the health of those reptiles and how they were cared for. Don’t automatically take someone as more knowledgeable just because they have had them for 20+ years. Someone who has had reptiles for 5 months can know just as much as someone who has had them for 20 years.

Your reptile choice is yours alone, dont make anyone make you feel bad for where you get it and what kind you get. As long as you can provide for them and properly take care of them thats all that matters.

That being said though, do research whoever you buy from. There are shady breeders and flippers. I honestly dont recommend buying from petsmart/petco as they can have bad health issues and the chain generally doesn’t take care of them well, but that choice is up to you (I own a petco gecko). Also don’t feel bad if you don’t rescue a reptile. Rescues can need a lot of special needs care and veterinary care which is a lot of dedication and money not everyone has. Make sure if you do rescue you can find one that fits in to your life and financial situation well.

There is nothing wrong with having a “plain” or “cheap” looking tank as long as it meets the reptiles needs, you do not need a naturalistic cage to keep them happy. If you do want to make it naturalistic, just make sure you put the reptiles needs and type of environment it would be in first.

You will have people trying to tell you you’re doing everything wrong. There will be some people who get up in your face about it. Just research what they are saying if you haven’t heard of it and honestly just ignore them if they continue to harass you. People don’t need to be rude to be able to offer advise.

Have fun! Try not to stress too much about them (I know this is hard) and just enjoy them. And don’t be scared to share as many photos of them as you can, even if the photos are horrible quality :P 

Michael’s Girlfriend is a Dick (PART 2) - 3/4 (Michael, Luke and Calum)

Continuation of this imagine which you guys seemed to really like? Anyway, enjoy!

Requested: This Part was, the first part wasn’t

Triggers: None

You held your phone up to your ear as you scrolled through twitter on your laptop, “apparently, Tayla didn’t like her lime water,” you said to Luke, who had called you to tell you about the twitter storm you were currently in the middle of, and they’d only found out because Calum had recorded it and put it up. “The Fam is divided,” Luke said probably reading tweets from his own laptop, “some people are with you and others are with Tayla.” You sighed and shut your laptop, “to be honest, Luke, they’re turning it into a huge drama, this doesn’t really have anything to do them.”

Luke was silent for a bit before he replied, “I think they think your actions were an attack on Michael or something,” he said, “listen to this; @(Y/T/N) was that video fake or not? It was deleted pretty fast.” You listened to him read out a few more tweets, most of which were nasty, before you interrupted him, “hang on, did Cal delete the video?” you asked.

“Yeah, he didn’t mean to post it in the first place but someone managed to download it I guess.” Luke replied. You sighed, “it’s… whatever, I don’t mind. Tayla deserved it. I should apologise to Michael though… is he mad?” You bit your lip. Luke laughed, “nah, he told Tayla he was furious but he actually thinks she was out of line and had it coming, so he’s fine.” You let out a sigh of relief, the last thing you wanted was for Michael to be mad at you.  “Alright, anyway Luke I have to go my phone is almost dead.” You and Luke said goodbye and then you hung up and plugged your phone in at the wall. You opened up your laptop again, and saw that your twitter notifications were blowing up with people asking you various questions and throwing random insults at you.

You tapped your laptop before opening up your webcam, deciding it would probably be good if you made a video explaining the situation.  You positioned your laptop so that you were in the centre and began the video.

“Hey guys, sorry for the bad quality of this video, but I need to tell everyone what happened with Tayla. When I first met her, she was super sweet but something happened and she quickly became demanding and horrible. She would constantly put me down, tell me I didn’t deserve to be friends with the boys because I wasn’t ‘famous’ enough,” you made air-quotations around famous before continuing; “but every time I tried to call her out, she’d blatantly ignore me. I thought that she was only doing this to me, but apparently she’d been pretty rude to Ashton… But  I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to him yet. Okay, anyway,” you brushed hair out of your face, “Tayla quickly became demanding today, and she’s never like that in front of Michael and, as you saw in the video Calum accidently put up, I lost my cool and that was stupid but both of us are in the wrong. I guess… long story short, Tayla was getting on my nerves and I flipped. So… I’m sorry? I guess.” You shrugged and ended the video.

The video was less than a minute long in total, you uploaded it to YouTube and titled it The Tayla Situation… then posted a link to twitter. Quickly, people began to retweet the video and comment on it begging you for Tayla’s point of view or opinion of the situation. One tweet caught your eye:

@(Y/T/N) It’s fine to say you’re sorry, but do you mean it? How does Tayla feel?

You sighed and replied to them:

@spunkymuke I don’t know how Tayla feels, sadly I can’t read minds, but feel free to ask her yourself!

You closed your twitter tab, almost immediately your phone buzzed with a text from Luke:

You’re handling this pretty well, (Y/N). I’m impressed.

You sent a quick thank you back, but really it was nothing major, it was just people sticking their noses in where they didn’t belong.

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I think..

  the most annoying part about people hating your favorite character isn’t knowing someone has that feeling, I don’t think anybody will care much about the simple fact that someone out there hates their fav character.

I think what makes it a horrible experience, is that people who hate characters for very personal reasons will try to “justify” their hate, by finding more convincing reasons than just “I just hate this character”, “this character did this one thing that annoyed me” or any other reason that they don’t think is deserving of hate, and most of the time they have to dig for ‘better’ reasons from canon, exaggerating traits, taking actions out of context and sometimes just blatantly lying, trying to prove that said character is horrible, and trying to pass their hate as the ONLY reasonable thing to do.

what most fans don’t understand is, they’re allowed to hate a character without having to prove they are ‘the absolute scum of this world’, or striping them from their redeeming qualities to feel better about hating them, if say for example, a certain character killed your fav, you can hate them for that, simple. your hate will be personal but it’s still completely valid. 

trying to twist facts, IGNORE facts for this reason is not okay, especially if you’re constantly preaching your hate, making people who love said characters feel bad and uncomfortable to say the least. 

yes you’re allowed to hate a character, no you don’t need to make up complicated deep reasons, nor do you have to pretend you hate them because you’re fighting for a social justice cause.
you can save people a lot of anxiety if you can just be honest with yourself.