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hi i love your writing so much and was wondering if you had any fic recs to hold me over until your next update 😭


I’m just gonna throw out whatever comes to mind ok and its probably mostly all smut cuz I’m a perv sorry (wow this ended up being way longer than i intended IM SORRY)

@jiminniemouse is the queen of threesomes so take a look into her profile but some of my favorites is:

Crave (Yoongi smut), Taste (Hobi smut), Making Him Jealous (ima call it a jikook threesome let me live), and her ongoing series Purple Jewels!


@jungblue ok anything from this girl is gold G O L D i love all of her fics but if I have to choose then

Future Hearts (Jimin/Jungkook love triangle), I Hate You I Love You (Jungkook smut/angst), and Control (Jimin smut omg i am still having chest pains thinking about this one)


@seokvie This girl has got a whole fucking load of fics it’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow smutland wonderland your vag will cry in joy and pain

Costume (Hobi smut MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FIC I L O V E IT), View From 4-B (Hobi smut), basically all her Hobi smuts, Show Off (Wonho smut), Paradise (JB smut), JUST BINGE READ ALL OF THEM (i am also excited to read her new fic with jimin and assplay and lets just say my ass is ready but I DONT HAVE A KINK FOR ASSPLAY OK LET ME LIVE)


@jungkxook yes yes yes everything all of it just do it

Pour Up (taekook threesome), Hiraeth (zombie apocolypse au)


@war-of-hormoan‘s For You (Tae angst) killed me about 40 times


@kimvtae‘s Fall For You (Jungkook smut) series and Couples Costumes (Hobi smut)


@minsvga‘s Philophobia (Jungkook/Jimin smut/angst) series, Taking Risks 101  (Jimin smut), Children of the Night (Jungkook/Tae smut) series


@yoonminnings‘s Lace Casualties (Jimin sugar daddy)


@trapmonster‘s He Didn’t (Yoongi smut/angst), Bite me (Jungkook smut), Silent Treatment (Jungkook), Nerd (Tae), Toxic (maknae line)


@btssmutgalore oh my god all of her fics ALL OF HER DAMN FICS LETS JUST SAY SHE SERIOUSLY OWES ME A NEW PELVIS OK FUCK but my favorites so far are

Nude (Tae), Lightweight (Jungkook), Business (A FUCKING TWO PART TAEKOOK THREESOME GOD), Lollipop (Jungkook), Forbidden (Hobi)


@ellieljade‘s Apologies (Tae smut/angst) is one of my favorites and honestly just read all of her masterlist as well i cry (out of everywhere)


@kookingtae‘s Experimental Error (Tae smut I fucking died), The Switch (OT7 Smut holy hell this was one of the first bts smuts ive read and wow now you see why I really love them), Falling Into You (Jungkook smut GOD I LOVED THIS SO HARD) + the rest of her masterlist


@floralseokjin oh my goodness ok i cant believe i havent discovered you sooner I fucking love your writing pls

Buzz trilogy (Yoongi smut & O       M       G), Playing with Fire (Jungkook smut) i havent read anything else yet BUT I JS SAW SHE POSTED A NEW FIC YOU KNOW WHAT IM READIN TONIGHT


@onlylovekpop basically all her Wonho smuts and drabbles killed me k i l l e d me but my fav is Bad Behavior


Other people you should def look into is @kittae (cat fics yes) @seoulscapes (an amazing demon wonho au) @helloblamebts @seokline @kstopping @imaginethisbts @kainks @jeonins @baeseoul (p r o t e  g e)

Im so sorry I’m still sick and I’m getting tired and lazy so I just had to bunch up the rest HAHAHA but I hope this helps anon! And you will def not be disappointed in any of these ok they are amazing and beautiful and amazing and everytime I read their stories literally

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What are your top 10 tumblr blogs?

I really love @myetie’s blog. She’s an amazing artist with a wonderful art-style and is drawing a lot of mystic messenger fanart.

I also really like @askull4everyoccasion’s and @askmicrowaveayem’s blogs. They are great writers and have written amazing undertale stories like AYEM (a year every minute). You should really check their stories out!

@heavenfell-au is definitely up in my ‘top 3 favorite blogs’ and they are an amazing writer and artist!! They have this story called “their wings” and if you havent read it, you really should! I believe they also draw something for every chapter of “their wings” they upload, so you should look at that as well, it’s awesome!

@indulgenceahoy also writes some really really good undertale fanfiction and is a great artist with a nice art style I really like!

@rsfoster is a really good artist as well! They draw a lot of undertale fanart and i love how their traditional art looks, the coloring is just amazing!

@bossmonsterbani has an unique art-style that I really love. They are also making great animations!

Another Blog I really like is @eaavan-bimyou’s blog. They are a really nice person with a beautiful art-style and really good art. You should really check their Blog out!

@mysticdaddies is also a Blog I really like. They are writing some awesome mystic messenger stories and headcanons (and also some great nsfw stories like “Bang!”, just so you know)

@seek-victory is a good yuri on ice art blog that you should check out if you love yuri on ice and 'victuuri’ as much as I do.

And the last two Blogs i really like are @littlemissweaboo and @toggy001. They are amazingly nice people and are really good artists. They draw a lot of undertale fanart and have really nice blogs. You should Check them out as well!

There are of course way more Blogs i really like, but these are my favorite ones I think. Oh, and these are in random Order btw. And sorry that I turned the 'top 10’ into a 'top 12’ ^_^

i think tumblr is fucking up again??? please tell me if we were mutuals and i’m not following you anymore,, i’ll definitely follow you back again!!

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I adore your blog. Help a desperate freebatch fan in need of freebatch fics. They're so hard to fiiiiiind. Actually just any good blog or write up about how freebatch may actually be real. 😭❤ Pliiith. Thank you

<333 Thanks for liking this blog =) it’s has some cobwebs but it’s still running, one tries dslkfad ♥
Some freebatch positive blogs: fyeahfreebatchwelovethebeekeeper, freebatcharchive, watsonsdick, fuckyeahshockblanket,  wearitcounts (check her ao3) of course, darlingbenny, love-in-the-mind-palace, unapologeticocdsufferer 

Regarding fics i have some on my ficrecs page (look for freebatch of course), also you should check out fyeahfreebatch’s fyfb recommended reading for reading material in the form of ficlets or fics on ao3! ♥

Random bios (mega post) || #awesomepacks || da créditos a @iconnftheader

infucknity ∞

i dont fucking want this anymore

make me stay

im not strong

die like a paradise

be strong because im not

ilysfm ☠

so what¿

☛ hi bbys ☚



☯ love me like you do ☯

☼ youre my sunshine ☼

where are my fucking fans?

☹ basic as fuck ☹

♡ im single ♡



✿ whats bio? ✿

♡ heartbreakers ♡

fake ☯


grow up dude

”i hate people i love pizza”

she can fuck u but i can fuck u better

nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all and i can fuck u too

why i’m so sad

xoxo, gossip girl

you’re only a depressive bitch

this bitch actually thinks i care 

silence is better than bullshit

i shoud have made you mine

a kiss is just a kiss until it is with someone you’ll truly miss

i call him the devil cuz he makes me wanna sin

stop romanticizing things that hurt

cause you dont destroy people you love

you’ll always have a special place in my heart

you’d leave me anyway

cause your heart deserves a whole lot more than a broken girl 

did you ever think about the promises you made?

you hurt the only one who would never hurt you

i trusted you. my mistake, not yours

sadness is a drug

cause who would love a girl with scars

you were the first love i lost

to the moon and back, remember?

you cant break a broken heart

its like you ripped my heart out

break my heart and i’ll break your x-box

my nightmares are about losing you

we are unapologetic

△ live fast die young ▽

waiting for someone to save me from me

life is beautiful, really, it is, full of beauty and illusions



perfect boys only exist in books

i didn’t know i was lost

everybody dies but not everybody lives

i trusted you. my mistake, not yours

that’s people, we arrive, consume what we can, then leave

time heals nothing, it just replaces memories

zombies eat brains, you’re safe

stars can’t shine without darkness

happiness will find you when you stop hiding

what is essential is invisible to the eye

mi ruberete tutto ma non il sorriso (me roubaste tudo mas não o sorriso)

someone once told me your eyes are the only truthful part of your body

our minds are troubled by the emptiness

soulless people

middle fingers up

some scars are ment to stay

one big school full of fake bitches

to love, is to destroy

if your eyes could speak what would they say?

dark circles has stories to tell

too vogue for you

in their last moments people show you who they really are

all monsters are human

are you living your dream?

no matter how good they are, some memories need to be forgotten

not expecting nothing from no one anymore

thanks for acting like you care

it’s not because i listen to weed i smoke miley cyrus

i was an angel looking to get fuck hard

i’ve been waiting yo meet you

stop pretending like you care, i know you dont

we get crazy every friday night

come on baby light my fire

too busy being yours to fall for somebody new

do you belive in angels? i’m yours

sorry i’m not like her

i’m suicidal, remember?

only know you love her when you let her go

why’d you let her go?

i do belive in true love, dont you?

you know you made my eyes burn

read this, thanks, now lets have sex

he’s my sun, he’s my moon

if i’m not with him, i dont wanna be with anybody

hold me tight

where was that love you used to give to me?

why is my heart broke?

we are unapologetic

love yourself first

love is keeping the promise anyway

one sick love story

i begged him to stay

i loved him, i loved him and i still love him

i’ve got red dress on tonight

dont you ever say i just waked away

when you say you love me, know, i love you more

and i love you more than i did before

my boyfriend went out with his litlle bitches, ops friends

clothes are boring, walk naked

live slow, die old

i shipp myself with pizza and coca

we live like rockstars

fucking hell

i wish i was dead

love me fuck me

dream to live

call me ice and suck me

give me a fuck

☼ pizza is my happiness ☼

welcome stalker

me aka fab

✞ i love bad boys ✞

my middle name is fab

✖ take a wish be a bitch ✖

♡ i love you more than i love pizza ♡


trust me you are a bitch

» im a white nigga «

☯ live slow die old ☯

my argument is invalid

✵ this is my life so shut up ✵

take my lollypoop


♡ pizza aka life saver ♡

cool story bro ✌


☾to the moon and back☽

♡ lol no ♡

”why so serious?”

let ♡ it ♡ be

i hate being sexy, but someone has to do it

shy in the streets, sexy in the sheets

your body is a wonderland

✝lets be nothing, I heard it lasts forever✝

△take every risk, drop every fall △

act like a lady. think like a boss

badboy, good lips

you and your heart shouldnt feel so far apart

she thinks that singing on sundays gonna save her soul

my dear, dont be sad

you are not alone

i never meant to cause you trouble

i lost my head

we believe in love, love doesnt believe us

i hate you all

i dont wanna be ugly anymore

just go with the flow

how fucking interesting tell me more

Living in the past will only fuck you up

help me, im dying

wishing to be perfect

“who says you are not perfect” “eu cachorra"

very, very gay

dude, i dont like you

no matter what, we party tonight

your smile is the best porn

who are you?

religion: pizza

♡ just hide the pain with a smile, it always works ♡

ice cream was my first love

what is it like to feel worth it?

call me baby and let me suck her tits

I was here all the time just you havent seen

suck me with black halls

hitler was evil because he cant know their idols

all people are some shit

i think i wanna fuck you

up the bitches

idiots, idiots everywhere

sleepy approved

i love your lips, they should meet mine

burning desire

dont do love, dont do friends

i breathe ddl

u only live once

you are so london

im lying at the cold hard ground

you make me sick

hashtag believe

free hugs

look at here

read this, thanks, now bring me food

thanks for reading the bio

please don’t go away

if you scared you better run

no one knows who you are

the only way i can escape is loving you

what’s up bitches

all we need in this world is some food

you have a twitter! what a loser

i dont know what i’m doing here

follow me and you will love me

i knew you were gonna come to me

don’t make me your enemy

there’s no going back

break my heart and i’ll break yours

show me yours i’ll show you mine

how dare you follow me?

the twitter ain’t big enough for both of us

not your fandom not your problem

no fc no opinion

all i need to understand is why you dont follow me

i follow rivers and you follow me

dont be a pussy

do you like my twitter? i love it

do you like my idols? i love it

i’m ready for your follow

mom help, there is people following me

the only thing i need it’s not you

i love you.. ok that is a lie

i love you hahaha ok next joke

what happends on twitter stays on twitter

there is no love for you

is anybody reading this?

i’m everything you wanted

what the hell are you doing here?

still better than you

pizza is my valentine

i have more followers than friends

you’re always on my mind

lonely hearts club

congrats for being such a asshole

i speak fluent sarcasm

show me your butt

dont be a dick

save your heart for someone who cares

where i can buy an ed sheeran? 

there’s someone in my head but its not me

i’m limited edition

i’m prada you are crocs

it’s time to leave feelings behind

i forgot my bio omg

sorry for being a queen

my butt my rules

i hope your mom disconnects your wifi

#1 most awkward human being on this planet

i’m surrounded by idiots

you keep my heart busy

you’re silly

loser in real life

love stinks

oh no, its you again

nobodys read my bio

and she smiled through the pain

dont let others influence your thoughts

dont give up on yourself

this is not wonderland and you are not alice

nothing hurts when you are dead

too young too dumb 

my illusion my mistake

sad teens with happy faces

  • symbols for u:

ღ ♥ ♡ ❤ ❥ ❦ ∴ △ ∞ ☆ ★ ✖ ®™☏℡゚✤ ♔♕♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟ ❝❞✥ ✦ ✧ ✩ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ✱ ✲ ✳ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽ ✼ ✻ ✺ ✹ ✸ ✷ ₪ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽ ✼ ✻ ✺ ✹ ✸ ✶ ✵ ✴ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❇ ❈ ❉ ❊ ❋ ❖ ▲▼△▽⊿◤◥ ◣◥●••● ❣ ✐ ✎ ✏ ✍ ✆ ☎ ✄ † ✞ ✝ ✛ ✙ ރ ▧ ▨ ▦ ▩ ۩ ஜ ಌ ஜ ๑۩۞۩๑ ஜ ஒ ண இஆ ௰ ௫& ૪  ◎♫♭♪♯♮♫♯♣♥♪♫☼♀♂♦ ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ ● ☼ ⊙ ℃ ℉ °  ϟ ∞ ზ ♪♫♩♫♭♪♯♬♮♫♩♫♭♪♯♬♮♬♪♫ ☹☺ ☻ ت ヅツッシ Ü ϡﭢ ♥ ❤❥❣❦❧♡ ۵ 웃ღ♋ ♂ ♀ ☿ ⚥ ❢❣⁇ ‼ ‽⁈ ¿ ¡ ⁉؟ ﹖☩☨☦✞✛✜✝✙✠✚ † ‡♪ ♫ ♩♬♭♮♯° ø ✐✎✏✑✒✍✉⌨ † ☨✞✝☥☦☓☩☯☧☬☸✡♁✙♆Ⓐ☮✌☪ ⚔ ✡☭✯卐✆✉☎☏✁✂✃✄⋆✢✣✤✥❋✦✧✩✰✪✫✬✭✮✯❂✡★✱✲✳✴✵✶✷✸✹✺✻✼❄❅❆❇❈❉❊웃ღ ♥ ♡❤❥❦∴△ ∞ ☆★✖。◕‿◕。®™☏✤❝❞✥✦✧✩✫✬✭✮✯✰✱✲✳❃❂❁❀✿✾✽✼✻✺✹✸✷ ₪ ❃❂❁❀✿✾✽✼✻✺✹✸✷✶✵✴❄❅❆❇❈❉❊❋❖ ▲▼△▽⊿◤◥◣◥●••●❢❣✐✎✏✍✆☎✄ † ✞✝✛✙ރ⌚▧▨▦▩۩ ஜಌஜ๑۩۞۩๑
ஜஒணஇஆ௰௫& ૪

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(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ (✿◠‿◠) ◑‿◐ ✖‿✖ ✿ ♥‿♥ (◠.◠) (◕‿◕✿) 。◕‿◕。 ⊱✿◕‿◕✿⊰(◡‿◡✿)(◕〝◕) ◑▂◐ ◑0◐ ◑︿◐ ◑ω◐ ◑﹏◐ ◑△◐ ◑▽◐ ●▂● ●0● ●︿● ●ω● ●﹏● ●△● ●▽● ⊙▂⊙ ⊙0⊙ ⊙︿⊙ ⊙ω⊙ ⊙﹏⊙ ⊙△⊙

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So I know I've said it before but I just felt like I should say it again. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this blog, being able to easily read about two women I highly look up to makes my bad days so much better. Thank you :)

Thank you so much! Honestly it means the world to me that you guys like my blog. I try so hard to keep it up for you guys and I still dont feel like its enough. Sorry I took so long to answer this, I havent had a very good day. But you just made it so much better. ♡♡♡

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Ohhhh it's me!! Someone who has left comments and kudos on almost each of your fics!! I havent read them all but i'll comment on those soon enough XD i honestly love your writing!! "Better date than never" had me in tears with the puns!! It's very... Humerus if you will XD anyway idk how to end this ask! Love u take care bye!!

Holy shit I actually can’t believe it! A nice anon I don’t know!!!! Aw thank you so much this has made my day. :3

“Better Date” is one of my favourite fics because of all of the puns I get to look up and think about. I actually REALLY should update it – at least get through their date before I pour my focus elsewhere. I only ever write an update when I’m at my lowest since it always cheers me up, but I’ll make an effort before I go back to school.

Again, thank you so much for this! :D

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hi uh... it's like 1AM here and I just randomly started crying all of a sudden and i just really hate myself right now and i feel awful do you know what i should do to cheer up? i havent cried in a long time and i just feel like my self esteem has hit rock bottom...

Hi darlin’,

I’m sorry I was asleep when you sent this, but I’m here now and I hope you’re feeling better.  <3

When I need to cheer up, I often look for funny things on the Internet:  autocorrect fails, stupid cats, the video of that squirrel trying to hang on to the spinning bird feeder… I think of things that have made me laugh in the past, like that story I read here on Tumblr where someone was stressed out and they reached into their bag and felt what they thought was one of those stress squeeze-ball thingies, and so they squeezed it and it was actually a pear and they crushed it and they got even more stressed out and I know it was an unfortunate moment for them, yeah, but when I read that story I laughed until I could barely breathe.

When I don’t have the Internet to brighten my day, I think of some of the stupid things I’ve done that are hilarious in retrospect, like the time I had a bathing suit malfunction on one of those rafting water slides and fell out of the raft and pretty much slapped my poor brother-in-law in the face with one of my boobs.  Just one.  One boob.  I uni-boobed him.

(Sorry, David.)

Darlin’, you’re awesome.  No matter how dark things look right now and no matter how much of a failure you think you are, there are lights coming to throw their shine on you and things will get better.  There will be delicious food for you to eat, and you will laugh again, and maybe you’ll be riding a raft on a water slide next week and someone will uni-boob you too.  The future is full of promise.  Never, ever forget that.


Direct Message Part 6 - Requested (Calum)

Hello, this was requested by a couple of poeple, if you havent already read the other parts, then you should, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5. ENJOY!!

You open your eyes, rubbing them as you role onto your back, you glance to your side to see Calum is still sleeping, looking as adorable as ever, you ca hold down the smile that pulls on your lips as you place a hand on your belly, looking up at the ceiling you let yourself reminisce on the last five years. That direct message that started it all, your strange conversation on the first night, meeting him two months later in the coffee shop, then seeing fans with him before meeting the boys for the first time, a year after talking you we friends, so close you remember the silly things you did together, then Paris and him getting jealous of Ashton, the Eiffel tower, that was the highlight, one of the most romantic places on earth and you and Calum managed to argue, but that was they day you became official, then six months later you met the family, god that was horrible, Mali acted as though she hated you, but not your best friends, wow that was a strange day.

Then two years later you bought a house together, but only six months later is started to go downhill when you started getting pictures in the post, they were heart-breaking and once he finally got home and you talked it out you thought it was then, that was it, but you love the idiot too much to leave, and he proved himself, you know you mean the world to him, which is why its five years today you have been together. And today you have a huge surprise for him, something you’re sure he isn’t expecting.

‘What’s so interesting up there?’ Calum’s rough voice asks, you glance to him noticing him also looking up the ceiling. ‘I was just thinking’ you tell him, ‘About?’ he asks groans closing his eyes again. ‘Us’ you tell him simply, he moans a little moving to hover over you, ‘Happy five year beautiful’ he whispers before pressing his lips to yours, his hand skimming up your shirt.


‘Have you told him?’ Mali asks as soon as she answers the phone making you smile a little, you watch your lips turn up in the mirror. ‘No, I’m nervous’ you tell him, taking in a breath. ‘What do you mean no, go tell him. Where is he?’ she asks, ‘Gone to look for John or something’ you tell him wanting to get off the subject.

‘Do you think he will be happy?’ you question, feeling the butterflies erupt in your belly, ‘Hell yeah, I’m fucking excited, I’m gonna be an Auntie’ she squeals, which makes you laugh a little, ‘I said him’ you correct her.

‘(Y/N)’ she dead pans, you widen your eyes a little, ‘Mali’ you reply, ‘How can you even fucking ask me that, that boy loves you, he literally kisses the ground you walk on. You mean the world to him, I mean god if I had a guy that looked at me like he looks at you I would…that sounds really weird talking about my brother, but you know what I mean’ she tells you, taking a breath, ‘Babe just go tell him already’ you tells you, you smile at yourself a little nodding.

‘Yeah, yeah okay, I know, he’s gonna be fine, I can do this’ you pep talk yourself hearing Mali laugh a little, ‘Exactly, now go, and call me later’ she tells you before hanging up not giving you time to thank her. You walk out the bathroom just as the main door to the hotel room opens.

‘Babe you ready?’ Calum asks, ‘Actually could we talk for a minute?’ you tell him, his jaw drops a little, ‘No, no we are gonna be late come on’ he whines making you laugh a little, ‘Calum I’m sure whatever it is it’s not gonna up and leave’ you tell him, to which he just gives you a flat look, you roll your eyes walking over to him, after closing the door he entwines your fingers. ‘You look beautiful by the way’ he tells you as you walk down the corridor to the elevator. ‘Oh wow a little late but I’ll take it’ you laugh.’Sorry babe, I live you though’ he gives you his puppy eyes making you laugh a little. ‘Yeah you better’ you joke making him laugh. ‘Wow babe, live you too would have been nice’ he pouts.

‘Did I forget to mention, I’ve only been with you the last five years for your cooking’ you tell him looking straight ahead. 'Wow romantic’ he mutters.

'Oh because your Mr Romantic’ you tease, 'Hey, we are in the same city I asked you out in, that’s sweet as hell’ he defends, 'So your telling me you organised for us to be here on this date?’ You ask knowing the answers; he rolls his eyes as he drags 'wellll’.

'Exactly’ you state, 'Okay stop beating me, I have a romantic day planned’ he tells you, you nod patting his shoulder. 'I know, the Effie tower is very romantic babe’ you agree. He gasps 'how did you know?’ He whines making you laugh.

'Babe your so predictable’ you tease 'You know what I give up trying to be romantic, you don’t appreciate it’ he tells you sulking. 'When did you start?’ He teases making him glare as you step out of the elevator. You reach up and kiss the corner of his lips. He stops walking grabbing your waist and pulling you to him crashing his lips down to your. You feel his tongue against your lips.

'SHOULD THAT COME AFTER?’ You pull away stepping back into Calum’s side when you see Luke and Ashton. 'After what?’ You ask, Luke’s eyes widen his mouth opening and then closing. 'After….erm after…’ He stutters making you frown lightly.

'After you date’ Ashton rushes in, Luke realising a sigh and you laugh a little. 'Bye’ Calum calls to them pulling you out of the hotel.

'Wow, I don’t think even twenty years could get me used to those boys’ you laugh a little. 'You! I’m still trying to get used to them, weird’ Calum tells you dramatically. 'Oh because you’re so normal’ you raise an eyebrow. 'Well compared to you Michaels normal’ he hits back, you gasp, your jaw dropping making him laugh. 'I love you though babe’ he tells you 'you and your weirdness’ he wiggles his eyebrows as you climb in the taxi.


'Its beautiful up here’ you half whisper as you look out over the city of love. 'Babe it’s the same as the other hundred times we have been’ he laughs at you a little. 'Way to be romantic babe, and it’s only my third time, unlike you rock star, I don’t travel ninety percent of the year’ you tell him, he groans a little, ‘I knew you were jealous of me’ he teases.

‘Yeah, kinda like you were jealous the last time we were up here’ you remind him with a smirk tugging your lips, ‘Oh we are doing this?’ he asks and you nod, ‘You were flirting with him, you were in his bed that morning’ he states making you laugh, ‘I hate to say it baby but Ashton is a better cuddlier’ you tell him, he gaps. ‘Wow, okay low blow, you know I like being the little spoon’ he jokes making you smile a little more, ‘I know Cal but I’m just not big enough to get my arms round you’ you continue making him laugh, the pair of you laughing as you lean into him a little more.

You hear music starting, and spin to see three men in suits and two pretty women in dresses, the five of them making a small string orchestra. You can’t contain the smile as you glance around looking for the couple. ‘Cal, I think someone is pro..’ your words get lost in your mouth when you turn back to Calum only to have to look down as he is kneeling in front of you.

Your chest tightens as he smiles up at you, you feel you jaw slacken, your eyes watering as you get absorbed by is deep brown ones.

‘Five years isn’t long enough, I want you for god babe. I want you today, tomorrow and yesterday, your it. I can hit ten cities a night, twenty crowed a day and never, never get the buzz that you give me. I love you (Y/N)’ he takes a second, the corner of his eyes crinkling like they do.

‘Ask me the question’ he tells you, you let out a short laugh, ‘It’s that your job?’ he asks confused and hear a couple of chuckles from people watching. Calum smiles too, shaking his head, ‘Not that, the other one’ he tells you, your lost, completely lost, this wasn’t a time your mind wasn’t functioning properly, and then it clicks.

‘If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?’ you ask, he smiles more, ‘I should say world peace’ he tells you dramatically making you laugh a little, ‘But I would love to change your title to Mrs Hood.’ You let out a breath, holding back the tears.  ‘And id be the happiest guy in the world if you would agree to be my wife?’ you let out a huge sigh, nodding your head as he takes your hand in his, standing, ‘Holy shit yes’ you almost scream, his arms wrap around you lifting you from the floor and spinning you a little, you are reminded by the people watching when you hear claps and cheers, making you laugh a little into Calum’s neck. He puts you down taking out the ring, his eyes fixing on yours as he slides it over you finger.

‘I love you’ he whispers, his forehead against yours, you nod a little, glancing down at the ring but only for a second before looking back to him, ‘I love you too’ your lips move together, perfectly like they have so many times before, and you realise, this will never get old.

‘Romantic enough?’ Calum asks a smile stretching his perfect lips, ‘Maybe you do listen every once in a while’ you tease making him laugh. ‘I have something to tell you’ you tell him, taking his hand in yours. You hear a couple of gasps and mumbles and glance to the side noticing people are still watching you; this only makes you smile more.

‘You’re gonna be a dad, Cal’ you tell him, he’s blank for a second, before the biggest smile takes over with a short laugh, ‘I’m gonna be a dad?’ he huffs in disbelief and you nod, he turns to the people and shouts, ‘IM GONNA BE A DAD’ they laugh and cheer as he turns back pecking your lips and placing a hand on your belly. ‘That direct message’.

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