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Jon and Dany’s theme though the GoT soundtrack in season 7

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Lemme Smash Starters

‘ this is a nice stick. ’
‘ I like sticks. ’
‘ lemme smash. please? ’
‘ no, (name), go find (name2). ’
‘ you want sum fuk? ’
‘ no, (name), I don’t want sum fuk. ’
‘ I got you blue. ’
‘ hey girl. you want some tail ? ’ 
‘ (name), your tail is small. ’
‘ wot? ’
‘ swiggity swooty? ’
‘ you want yellow? ’
‘ she doesn’t want yellow. ’
‘ blue and yellow? no. ’
‘ (name), I’m leaving. ’
‘ no! wait! lemme smash! ’
‘ what has my life come to ? ’
‘ (name) thought my tail was big. ’
‘ (name) used to let me smash. ’
‘ but (name) is smashin (name2). (name2) is a hoe. ’
‘ fuck this nest. fuck (name)! ’
‘ I need you (name)! ’
‘ (name) lemme smash! ’
‘ I’ma get that bitch a stick. ’
‘ bitches love sticks. ’
‘ stick stick stick stick stick stick stick. ’
‘ need stick? got stick. (name) I got stick. lemme smash. ’


i’ve tried to stay silent on this whole thing and i always try to avoid the chris antis because i can’t be bothered with them most of the time but this has gone way too far and i’ve had enough and this is all i’m saying on it.

this is dedicated to EVERYONE who is dragging chris wood and calling him a homophobe because of a quote that is going round that has been taking out of context and failed to actually post the whole quote. WATCH the video before calling him out because i’ve seen and spoken to so many people who have “cancelled” chris wood just because of the quote that is going round and then when i’ve showed them the video they’ve said “oh… he didn’t do anything wrong”
did he say the quote that’s going round? YES. but was that all he said? NO. he said it in a sarcastic tone and then said it was sarcasm (with the intention to be sarcastic when he said it, not just say something shitty and then blame it on sarcasm or say it was a joke) it was OBVIOUSLY sarcasm, he OBVIOUSLY disagrees with what he said which is why he said it SARCASTICALLY, he was mocking the fact that some people actually think they have the right to tell people what their sexualities are. You are ALL agreeing with him. his point is still valid just because it was done sarcastically.

he didn’t interrupt katie at all and she actually laughed at the comment (again, watch the video, that’s just a fact) and then she later made the same point that he had previously made except she didn’t do it in a sarcastic way. they both made exactly the same point!!

as for the song video… people saying shit like chris was singing along or laughing his ass off, WATCH THE VIDEO (not the one above but it’s the recap video on MTV’s youtube, idk if some of y'all know that seeing as most of you haven’t even seen the video you’re just going on what people say) which isn’t fair because this fandom is BIASED to hating everything chris does and have since he first appeared on SG.

chris was THE ONLY cast member to not laugh during the song. THE ONLY one. katie laughed (she was in fact laughing her ass off that she was practically crying), david laughed, odette laughed, mehcad was singing along and obviously it was jeremy and melissa who sang the song. he looked uncomfortable for the whole part of the song about supercorp.

if you want to hate chris just because you hate him or because he doesn’t hate karamel or because he said once that mon-el was a good guy or because he sang (along with most of the cast) a song about daxam, if you really want to hate him because of any of those reasons then just fucking own up to it. don’t call him homophobic because you think that justifies hating him more than the reasons listed above.

i’m not going to make this about why chris shouldn’t even be hated because that’s a whole other thing. ive tried again and again with people and at the end of the day people just want to hate chris. i’ve actually seen people ADMIT that chris didn’t really do anything wrong but “oh well i’ve never liked the guy” so let’s post this out of context quote and call him a homophobe so everyone who isn’t in the sg fandom hates him with us

also to all the people i’m blatantly going to have coming at me i am NOT saying anything about the other cast members or what happened with the song this is solely about chris and what actually happened, and the video proves it so this isn’t for a fight.

Some of My JJBA Faves as History of Japan Jingles
  • Joseph (also kind of works for DIO): ~how bout i do *anyway?*~
  • Avdol: ~spiritual~
  • Jotaro: bye
  • Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi: Good Friends*
  • *Rohan: now there's ~more art~
  • Kira: m o r e

The 100 + The Walking Dead crossover – Blake siblings (weapons and outfits borrowed from Daryl and Michonne)

edit: on this note, check out The Prisoner and The Cure by PaintedGhostOrchid, awesome The 100/TWD crossover fanfic.


10.03.2017 | tsurezure children bujo layout ❣╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯❣

My very first b+w bujo layout! I’m in love with it! 

song: gogo - bts 

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I may be proven wrong in the crossover, but I think the Musicmeister wouldn't be able to take the Green Arrow. A big deal was made about Barry and Kara losing their powers and that being the reason they have to play along, but everything that makes Oliver dangerous is knowledge. I mean unless he can take away his skills and his physique, dude's gonna get suckerpunched mid-song and threatened with a broken bottle until he lets Oliver go. I'd watch the hell out of that deleted scene.

This is like the inverse of that @comickergirl comic where Kara and Barry kick ass while Oliver’s just like “…what do you mean you took care of it already?” I’d watch the s%^* out of Oliver Jonas Queen going to town with nothing but his fists and whatever absurd and scarcely weaponizable props they’d give him. I wanna see Oliver take down the Music Meister with nothing but pure rage and a squeegee.


There really was an alien living on Earth. The little green boy that Dib had been telling him about for years was really from outer space. Membrane had constantly dismissed the idea, thinking it nothing more than a childhood fantasy. After all, Dib didn’t have any friends, so his imagination was the only thing he had to really keep him company (besides his sister). But this… this proof was impossible to ignore. This was proof coming from a fellow scientist he trusted. This was coming from a person he knew had only been wrong once in his entire life, and it wasn’t about anything scientific! That person was none other than Steep N. Hocking. Membrane’s mind whirled as he began trying to process all of the information at once. One thought came to mind over and over again, and he couldn’t ignore it.

Go collect him. He needs to be studied. We need to learn everything about him.

Membrane decided to do just that, and he decided that a subtle approach would be key. He recalled how his son had told him on more than one occasion that he was afraid of scientists cutting him open. He was afraid of white coat-clad men barging in and hauling him away. So he wouldn’t suffer that. Membrane wanted Zim to be willing to cooperate. Uncooperative subjects were more likely to die by accident. He formulated a plan and headed out of his lab downtown, stopping by Zim’s house on his way home. He approached Zim’s door with caution, activating his goggles’ electromagnetic scrambler in the hopes it would disrupt any harmful surprises lying in wait in the small yard. If there even were any.

He knocked on the lopsided door and waited for someone to answer.


favourite lovers: part 3. robin hood / lady marian fitzwalter

I’ve nothing to offer you but a life of hardship and danger, but we’d be together. //  Because I love you, Robin, I’d come. Even the danger would mean nothing if you were with me.

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I just watched a video of a person ice skating in that T-rex costume (If you haven't seen it please go watch it omg i was laughing so hard i couldn't breathe) I can see Yuuri losing a bet or something with Phichit and he ends up having to skate in the t-rex costume. Phichit records it of course, it goes VIRAL, and Yuuri is glad that no one can see his face because THE EMBARRASSMENT IS REAL

I’ve seen it and I actually cried laughing!


Martin Freeman | Casualty

Playing a 19 year old chav.


Martin discussing his epic performance on You Have Been Watching:

At the time it was the biggest thing I’d done on telly, so I took it very seriously. I took it like it was my gig.  I sort of thought I’d be walking up Bethnal Green High Street the next day and people would be going [pointing] “it’s him”.  Funnily enough, they weren’t.”


  • Baby Holmes: ...
  • Baby Holmes: *swallows* Daddy?
  • Sherlock: *stops pacing* Yes?
  • Baby Holmes: *bows his head* Will the new baby like me?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I don't know.
  • Baby Holmes: *lip wobbles*
  • Sherlock: *lifts his son into his arms* I don't know if she'll like me either.
  • Baby Holmes: *mumbles into his dad's shirt* Do you think our chances are good?
  • Sherlock: *worried* Yours are better than mine.
  • Baby Holmes: *sad* I want her to like me.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Me too.
  • Baby Holmes: *looks up* What are we going to do if she doesn't like us?
  • Sherlock: *hugs his son* We'll have to go, Hamish. Just the two of us. Mummy will be forced to raise the baby and we can live with Uncle John and Aunt Mary. Mummy could see us at weekends.
  • Baby Holmes: ...
  • -5 minutes later-
  • Molly: *holding her stomach* Right, I've got the bag-
  • Sherlock: *holding his crying son*
  • Molly: *exasperated* What did you say to him?
  • Sherlock: *cuddling his son; hurrying downstairs* Just get in the car.

anonymous asked:

I haven't told about this to anyone and I think I need some help now. This sounds really bad, but I'm addicted to porn. I feel like I'm slowly watching harsher and rougher porn as time goes on. I really want this to stop, because afterwards it grosses the hell outta me. I don't know what to do, so please help me.

This isn’t gonna be easy. Like any addiction, you need to go cold turkey. Stop watching porn TODAY. 

Block porn sites from you computer/laptop/phone. 

Use safe search. 

Take a break from tumblr (Porn is way too easy to find on here).

Distract yourself when you have urges (like leaving the room that has the technology you can use to watch porn and go read a book/play with a pet/walk outside). 

Take a break from masturbating (being in an aroused state will weaken your will and also avoiding a sexual state of mind can be really helpful)

If possible and you feel strong enough, erotic literature can be your substitute. As long as you aren’t reading stuff like kink, then you should be good. 

If you get the urge, remember what porn is. It’s rape. You have no idea who consented or not. You have no idea if they’re trafficked. You have no idea if they’re underage. That is definitely a mood killer.

And if possible, seek professional help. They can give you techniques to avoid porn all together.

Anon, I wish the best of luck to you. Porn is insidious on both ends. No one here will think less of you. No one blames you. If you want to do this, you will and you can.

Do any followers have other suggestions for anon?


Now stand aside, worthy adversary.
-‘Tis but a scratch.
A scratch? Your arm’s off!
-No it isn’t.
What’s that, then?
-… I’ve had worse!