if you haven't watched this movie you should

I was watching focus on netflix a couple days ago (the movie with margot robbie) and all I could think about was a karmagisa au, because every con-artist romance makes me thinks of them. It’d be so perfect too, with nagisa as jess and karma getting hung up on him for years but nagisa being unable to trust him and using his own tricks against him and eventually a con (planned by karma) nearly gets karma killed and nagisa realizes how desperately he wants him to live and that he loves him


So, I went down in history as the first kid in our school to come out. But, I definitely wasn’t the last, because as it turns out the closet and high school are kind of the same thing.They’re both something you can’t wait to escape, but are scared to death of what lies beyond. They both make you kind of insane, cause you to take on a secret identity, or make you confused… or mean… or crazy horny even. When you’re in, every little thing just seems like the hugest deal, but once you’re out, well, you wonder why you ever made such a fuss. And while things still suck every once and a while, when you finally leave both the closet and high school, everything just kind of… sucks less.


So, I was in the Gulf last year. I was doing this thing. Anyway, I came up over this dune and I saw the ocean, and it was on fire. I mean, the whole thing, it was beautiful, and I just sat down and I watched it burn. And I got the sneaking, dark suspicion that maybe there was meaning to life. You know, a point, like an organic connection between all living things. I don’t know. God, Yahweh, a higher power, whatever you wanna call it.

  • Me: *watches scary movies*
  • Daddy: Haven't we had a talk about this before? I don't think you should be watching those
  • Me: *is a brat* I'm not a kid, daddy! I like to be scared!
  • ~come bed time~
  • Me: daddy~ ;w; *tugs on his shirt, trembling*
  • Daddy: What?
  • Me: I skeered...come bed with me ;w;
  • Daddy: *sigh* I told you scary movies aren't good for you

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Hello! Have you seen Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, yet? It's not a great movie by any stretch but I LOVE it so much. And it's mostly because of the shipping aspect, I can't even lie. Their relationship is so adorable and tragic and unexpectedly layered and they're a perfect team. I just wish there was more of it to watch! If you have seen it I would love to read your thoughts on it. If you haven't, I hope you do because I would love to read your thoughts on it :D

I finally did see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and actually it was long enough ago that I’m already starting to forget things. It’s really too bad that it wasn’t a better movie but liking movies/shows for the shipping is TOTALLY valid in my opinion. I mean, who is to tell you why you should like something? As long as you enjoy it what does it really  matter?

Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton make such a good-looking pair. They obviously had great chemistry. I’m sure they’re at least partially responsible for all the shippers, especially the ones (unlike me) who didn’t go into the movie expecting to ship it.

But I think everyone has got to admit that a lot of the shippability of Hansel and Gretel comes from the writing. It’s like you said - they have this complicated relationship that based on the tragedy in their history, but they also have a very simple relationship because they understand each other so well and it has just been the two of them for so long. The best part is really how they’re the perfect team. Not just their success, but the ease with which they work together. So much goes unsaid because it doesn’t need to be said.

But they also have some fun banter and exchanges, like when she tells him that she hates him and he says she looks like shit, or when she hits him over the head. That all just makes them that much more adorable. I think it shows there’s enough energy in the relationship for a romantic/sexual side of it to be realistic.

And then let’s not forget shipper witch who writes fics between spells. I mean, this was probably an attempt on the part of the filmmakers to lampshade any accidental incest vibes but I feel like it only drew attention to this latent sexual tension between them.

And how about this:

I mean, come on!

And this:

And yes, they were sleeping on bunks, but they were sharing a room. And she reaches down and he takes her hand and tucks it under his arm! It’s just so sweet but at the same time a little suggestive.

I was disappointed that they ended up spending so much time apart, but the fact that Hansel’s love interest died really made up for that. Nothing against her, of course, but since most incest ships will never be canon, “competition elimination” is really the best we can hope for. It ends with just the two of them, once again.

I wish I had more to say, but it just feels so unncecessary, you know? It’s like it’s just all right there for everyone to see.

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I haven't even watched Treasure Planet but I know you would do an amazing cosplay for him.

aaaaa thank you (  ∕  u ∖ )

I found a photo in which I kinda look like him 

also you should watch it! Its one of my favorite movies 8D

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i have a crush on thranduil and i haven't even read the hobbit nor watched the movie. it's just literally your blog's fault. I came here for diva legolas months ago and I ended up going through pages of Thranduil after that because I thought he had pretty hair. something went wrong along the way send hELP /// (actual question; do you think I should read or watch the hobbit first?)


It’s such a glorious book it needs to be experienced before you watch the movies trust me you won’t regret it 

also since u have a crush thrandoololoo here u go im grateful i am the cause of this 

That one time when..

You are watching ‘Just Friends’ and suddenly remember this…

Is Benny

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6 degrees of Supernatural strikes again?

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I was wondering if you've seen Carol? It's a great movie, and if you haven't I think you should give it a try! 💜💜

Yeah we saw it at Christmas and the Rose and I watched it again on the plane on the way to Singapore! It’s SUCH a cute movie, I love it sooo much! If they could release a lesbian romantic movie every year at Christmas that would be amazing <3

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Hi ya Thomas! I was wondering, have you ever seen any Studio Ghibli movies? If you haven't, you should REALLY watch Castle In the Sky and Princess Mononoke. They've got beautiful art and such moving emotion put towards it. I think you'd really enjoy it!

I am a huge fan! I’ve watched those and love them! My favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle, with Spirited Away being a close second. Although Princess Mononoke,
I think, had one of THE best female heroines I’ve ever seen in a movie. I still need to watch Ponyo!

Movies you should check out on Netflix (if you haven't already) before their big purge
  • Brick
  • Being John Malkovich 
  • Man on the Moon
  • Capote
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Inside Deep Throat
  • Flashdance (duh)
  • Troll II (watch this one drunk with friends)