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How do you find time to parent, work and fandom? I just had a baby in Jan and I haven't had time to *read* fic, much less write it!

Okay, so IMO the first year totally sucks!  And then–spoiler alert! - the second year also totally sucks!–which I personally found shocking because I thought, oh, it will get better, and then, no, it didn’t. And then there’s all sorts of despair that sets in. And you think, my god, nobody told me there was so much fucking manual labor in this, I did not go to school for for my whole fucking life and get all these degrees just to be carrying an enormous stroller with a kid in it down three flights of stairs, ow, my spine!  And I am covered in bruises! And then maybe you start to drink, you know, just a little, to deal with the colossal, colossal boredom of watching a small person lurch around from thing to thing because it is OMG SO DULL and yet you know for a goddamned fact that should you, say, look away for TEN SECONDS or try to read a page of writing they will KILL THEMSELVES and it will be your fault. (Ask me about how my son managed to hurt himself with a salad spinner.  No, don’t ask me. I still have PTSD.) Anyway you live like Alex in Clockwork Orange with toothpicks holding your eyes open, captive to the dullest show on earth. You will go on vacation and realize, no, this is not a vacation, this is just about watching the small person even more than usual because they are in new situations that can kill them, many of them now involving water. (Ask me about–no, don’t.) Your nerves are in shreds. And you think, wow, I will never get out of this and plus this child is getting heavy and still pooping himself, and I still have to lift them up onto the goddamned changing table. 

And then just when you’re about to give up, somewhere in the next year, between 2-3, they suddenly figure out the toileting thing and begin to say things like, “hey, can I have a bagel?” and honestly, from that point on it is more or less smooth sailing in my experience, at least comparatively. Once I wasn’t having to cart around formula and weird toddler meals and food and jars and diapers and wipes and all that stuff, fencing everything in, gates everywhere; once the kid could use the bathroom and ask for a bagel, it was like, okay, I can cope from this point on.  

Then there is what me and my friends call the five year facelift, because all of a sudden people go, “Hey, wow, you look great!”–because around year five they suddenly go to school for a big chunk of the day. And suddenly you can take a real shower and get your hair done and go to the gym and wear a shirt that’s not covered in baby spit and/or that you haven’t slept in, and your skin clears up.  

Your mileage may of course vary! I am told that many people really like small children and prize the early years, blah blah, baby smell. I am not one of those people. Things are to me infinitely better now that my son is a young hedonist with a sophisticated palate who shares my love of travel, who I am teaching to play cards with me as the mark of a civilized person, and who I am waiting to be old enough to bar-tend and clip for me from the London Review of Books.

Vis a vis work, I was pretty tired and there is a 2-3 year publishing gap on my CV, where I made a person, you know?  I missed deadlines for the first and only time in my life, which made me feel horrible. Vis a vis fandom, I now and then go back and read my Sherlock stories, which were the ones written during those years, and I am surprised to find that they’re quite good, considering that in my memory I clawed them out of my eyeballs word by agonizing word while screaming. The writing came back, though, like it did after I quit smoking (the other time I thought, yeah, I’m done - but I wasn’t done then either.)

I’m sorry, what was the question?

The Children Are Fighting
  • Me: heads over to Youtube, bout to watch me some pancake scene for the 90th time (today) and-
  • Lift Kiss™: but you haven't watched me in a bit
  • Ice Wall Snuggles™: do you even remember what I look like
  • One Time Thing™: I know you watched me a lot last week, but I still crave ur love and affection
  • Pirate vs. Toddler™: Mirror mirror on the wall I'm still the cutest of them all
  • Storytime™: you used to watch me on the reg. What hath I done to forsake you
  • It's You™: I was literally The Most Important in your life for so long. I don't blame you for what you've done, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt :(
  • Proposal 1.0™: HEY BITCH. REMEMBER ME.
  • Proposal 2.0™: stfu, 1.0™. First is the worst, second is the best.
  • Proposal 1.0™: Me stfu? I don't see your viewcount rising too quick anymore either, buddy.
  • Proposal 2.0™: .....</3
  • Maybe Just This Once™: c'mon, I deserve a watch. It's been a while, and I'm so good at making you cry.
  • You Traded Your Ship for Me™: I have to side with The Elevator™ here. #1 Saddest Scene™ goes to The Elevator™. #1 Happiest Scene™ on the other hand goes to yours trul-
  • 25 Cheek Kisses™: Noooooooo no no no no no. It is I who provoketh the must numerous tears of joy. My viewcount proves this. Don't even try to fight. That award belongs to me.
  • Everyone: Omg, so true. So true. Deadass Truth. 25 Cheek Kisses™, you are truly the best. Or you were, at least, until Pancakes™ came along.
  • Shellphone™: guys, GUYS. Focus here. This isn't memory lane. We're trying to get her to watch us, remember?
  • You're Impossible™: I miss being watched :(
  • Boat Safety™: I'm seriously so cute, how could you forget about me already? :(
  • Red Leather Jacket Kink Reveal™: I used to be so loved :(
  • I'm Not Proposing™: Guys I'm not even relevant anymore :(
  • Wanna Come in and Have Coffee™: I thought you loved all your children equally?
  • Know More About Your Beginnings™: We just want a *tiny* bit of attention. Like just for an hour? Spend an hour with us?
  • I Can't Lose You Too™: Your old friends?
  • Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation™: to quote myself, COME BACK TO ME!
  • Melty Popcorn™: I feel like I was never even truly appreciated for who I am
  • I Would've Done The Exact Same Thing™: Ditto, Melty Pop.
  • Middlemist Horsey Ride™: Guys, we've lost her.
  • Music to This Pirate's Ears™: We haven't just lost her. We've lost them all, the whole fandom :(
  • Sexy Barwench™: They're never coming back to see us :(
  • Move in With Me™: I guess our viewcounts have reached their max :(
  • Pancakes™: ....guys :(
  • Pancakes™: I'm really sorry like I'm actually so sorry :(
  • Pancakes™: I didn't mean for this to happen to you guys :(
  • Pancakes™: and for what it's worth, I wouldn't be where I am today without each and every one of you. Especially you, Move in With Me™.
  • Move in With Me™: Fuck you, Pancakes™.
  • Everyone: Yeah, fuck you.
  • One Time Thing™: Shove your rising viewcount up your (undeniably adorable) asshole.
  • 25 Cheek Kisses™: and YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US.
  • Me: *sighs* Please don't fight, children...
  • also Me: *unpauses the pancake scene*

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supercorp prompt (slowburn oneshot): they both like the other but haven't fully realised it yet and take each other's subconscious flirting as friendship/banter, then one day after Lena is injured by some villain before SG saves the day, Kara feels guilty and worried so goes to patch her up, but Lena has to get partially undressed (eg shirtless) or sthing and Kara gets flustered (bc Kara) & Lena eventually picks up on it and teases her/flirts, scene ends in them kissing Please please please 💖

so, several things, anon: thank you for this absolutely wonderful prompt. and I would like to apologize for taking three or four weeks to get to this. because I couldn’t help myself and accidentally turned it into a 20 page, ten thousand word monster… enjoy? (i really am sorry it took this long, though)

They start out having lunch every other week or so.

It’s normal, it’s what friends do, Lena tells herself. God knows she’s spent long enough without someone genuinely interested in being her friend, so after the first few meetings with Kara, Lena throws herself into it with a passion. Besides, it’s nice to spend lunch breaks in the company of Kara, who’s always ready to talk about everything except the business at L-Corp, which is a relief, and who seems determined to make sure that Lena’s always eating more than enough.

A little into this arrangement, there’s one week when Kara ends up swinging by more times than usual. Three times, early in the morning and late in the afternoon, apologizing profusely but quickly following Lena’s gesture to sit down and pull out her notepad to ask Lena’s opinion on whatever ridiculous piece Carr’s assigned her to this time. And four times, when Kara shows up with arms overflowing with bags of food from whatever new take-out place she’s fancying (normally Chinese, Lena notes, carefully filing away that information) and fills Lena’s office with warm conversations and stories and laughter, and Lena loves it.

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Perfect (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Can I request a bucky x reader where you bring bucky to your parents home or they come to visit at the compound or wherever you live and they bring pictures of you as a baby,pre teen and high school

Words: 1,337

Warnings: Nope

Tags: pabegay1 i-am-mina frolicsomefawkes thyotakukimkim happelu970 annadier Shamvictoria11 spookass

Literally I was cringing just thinking about my preteen awkward pictures as I wrote this. I hope my boyfriend never finds those…..hahahaha

“I miss this.” You sat down at you and Bucky’s kitchen table. Your grandma was sitting across from you, a cup of coffee in front of both of you. Your hair was off your face, being pushed back with a couple bobby pins and hair sprayed to avoid it from coming loose.

“So have I, but it’s not like we’re necessarily right around the corner from one another anymore.” Your grandma chuckled softly, and placed both hands on the sides of the cup. You hummed in agreement and blew on your coffee to cool it down. Although you knew you weren’t really helping it cool down.

“I wish we were.” You admitted. Your grandma made a tsking sound and looked around your kitchen and dining room area.

“But you like it here, especially now that you live with that handsome man of yours.” She nodded to where your mom and Bucky were in the living room. Your mom and him laughing at something one of them said.

“I’m lucky.” You laughed softly, turning around to face your grandma again.

“That you are.” Your grandma agreed with you, a sly smile crossing over her red stained lips. “And so is he. You two are perfect for each other, never have I ever seen such a beautiful couple. So young, so in love.”

“Thank you?” You giggled, playing with the locket hanging from your necklace. You heard Bucky’s laughter erupt from the living room and you turned around quickly to see what had caused it.

“Mom? What’re you doing to him?” You scrambled up from your seat and made your way into the living room where your boyfriend and mom were looking through photos in an old photo album. “You brought that?”

“It’s for you, Y/n. I thought you would like to have pictures of your childhood around in your new home.” She looked up at you with a sly smile on her face, and you simply rolled your eyes and laughed.

“Scoot over then. I wanna see.” You sat in between your mom and Bucky. Your mom laughing at where you chose to sit, and placed the photo album in your lap.

The pictures started off sweet. They were from when you were just a little baby or toddler. Your outfits were adorable and awkward at times, but nobody can harsh on a little baby with pretty eyes and a silly smile. Bucky cooed at what you looked like all those years ago and you giggled softly, you cooed at yourself several times as well.

But then the pictures began to move on to when you became older. There was one when you were eight and were overly mad at the time the picture was taken and it was obvious by the look on your face. You knew what was coming, but you didn’t freak out until you saw the pictures that had been erased from your memory.

Your preteen years.

“Oh my god, no!” You tried to shut the album but both Bucky and your mom stopped you. Your preteen years were filled with awkward as all hell pictures. Horrible hair choices and purposely ugly faces every time a camera was pointed your way. Your fashion choice was awful and you cringed just looking at it.

“That’s you?!” Bucky stiffened a laugh. “You’re adorable.”

“No I wasn’t!” You blushed, reaching up to cover your cheeks with your hands as you cringed. “I don’t know what I was thinking, okay? God, shut up, okay!”

Bucky wrapped an arm lazily around you and pulled you closer to his chest as he chuckled at pictures of twelve year old you. You could feel the warmth radiate off his chest and scrunched your nose as his chin dug into the top of your head. You mom watched the two of you with heart eyes, she adored the two of you.

“I love you.” He murmured into your hair, although you could still hear the tease in his voice and the stiffened laughter.

“Whatever.” He squeezed you closer to his chest and you laughed. His scent swarmed your senses and your heart beat a little faster.

The pictures moved on from your preteen awkward years and moved on to when you were in High School. Your fashion taste were way cuter, and your hairstyles were way more stylish. You actually started looking like yourself, unlike when you were twelve. There were pictures of you with your friends, some who you were still friends to this day.

There was a picture of you when you first started learning how to drive and from all the times you went to sports games at your High School. There were pictures of you in Homecoming dresses and at school events. As you neared the end of your High School years, Bucky stared in awe as he saw you in your Prom dress from senior year.

You felt at ease when the album finally shut, and Bucky could feel it too since you slouched back into his chest again. Bucky chuckled once more and your mom grabbed your hands, pressing a light kiss to them and grinning at you.

“I love you, Y/n.” Your mom placed the album on your coffee table for you.

“I love you too, mama.” Your mom stood up and went into the kitchen to where your grandma still was. You tilted your head all the way back against Bucky’s chest and kissed under his chin lightly. He looked down at you, a grin still covering his handsome features.

“Is it too soon to tell your mom I love her?” You couldn’t help but laugh, moving your head back to facing forward. Bucky’s arm wrapped around your shoulder and hung lazily in front of your chest and stomach. You played with his long fingers with your much smaller ones.

“Feel free, she already loves you.” Bucky’s whole face lit up although you couldn’t see it, you just knew.

“When did she say that?” He sounded eager and excited, he adored your mom and her approval of him being with you meant the world to him.

“A while ago. She said you’re already family to her.” Bucky grinned more, and wrapped his fingers around yours before bringing them up to his mouth and pressing a soft kiss on them.

Bucky fell silent for several minutes. You could both hear your mom and grandma mumbling a conversation in the kitchen but neither of you could understand a word they were saying. They both adored Bucky to the moon and loved how he was with you.

“You’re so perfect.” The words came out of his mouth softly and his voice was only just above a whisper. Your heart skipped a beat and you froze for a second while playing with his fingers. You wrapped your fingers around his metal thumb and squeezed it tightly.

“You’ve always been perfect, doll.” He shifted his fingers around so that they were holding onto your hand instead. The coolness causing chills to run throughout your body. “Even when you were a dork.”

“Hey!” You giggled, your eyes closing softly and staying closed for several moments. You opened them and looked down at the your hand intertwined in his. The metal feeling of his fingers never failed to cause a rush of butterflies in your stomach and electricity to run throughout you. He gave you a sense of life.

“You’re perfect, Bucky.” He didn’t say anything. He only squeezed your hand softly, careful not to hurt you. He was always worried about his arm around you, he always thought he would snap you in half if he wasn’t gentle. For the longest time, he wouldn’t let you touch his arm.

You told him you loved him, every last bit of him. You told him you loved his arm, you told him that it wasn’t scary to you. It was a part of him, and you loved everything about him.

“I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, Bucky.”

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Hi! Anon from earlier asking about angst requests, thank you for answering so promptly! I was thinking about the hypothetical situation I proposed aaaand I wound up liking it better than what I originally had in mind. So, could we get the TFP autobots reactions to getting their human s/o back after the decepticons have held them captive for while? Assuming the decepticons haven't bothered to take proper care of the s/o? (lack of water, etc) (P.S. I adore your blog it's my favorite ever!!)

Aw thanks darling! I’ll do the main 5 so it doesn’t get too long.

Optimus Prime

  • He’d lead the rescue mission to get you. He’s never been so enraged in his life when he finds you in a cage- a cage, like some sort of animal- shaking and crying out to him. Careful not to harm you in the process, he rips the bars off the cage and reaches for you.
  • Very nearly cries when you cling to his servo. Megatron will be dealt with later-  oh, he will be dealt with. But right now you are first priority, and Optimus calls for an immediate groundbridge.
  • He wants to hold you during your medical examination, and Ratchet doesn’t have the spark to tell him no. 
  • He’s drowning in guilt as Ratchet reads off your chart “malnutrition, dehydration…” the list goes on. Optimus smooths a digit over your head and curls you closer.
  • For the entire time your bedridden he sits next to you. He just can’t tell you how sorry he is for letting you get hurt. 
  • The morning after you’re brought back you wake to Optimus kissing your head. He gently tells you to go back to sleep. As you doze back off you see him leave through the groundbridge and hear his vow to kill Megatron.


  • Usually he doesn’t go on missions, but nothing could make him stay behind on this one. The ‘Cons are sure he’s back on synth-en as slices through enemies and demands to know where you are. Nearly removes Starscream’s head for his smart mouth.
  • Your chains are nothing to him. He’s able to get them off without hurting you with his surgical instruments. He’s ever-so-gentle as he checks you over.
  • Isn’t even trying to hide his anger as he reads your vitals. He’s cursing the cons with every breath until he realizes your distress. Then he apologizes and quiets himself.
  • His bedside manner is a lot better after that. He lovingly encourages you to eat and drink slowly, praising you and petting your head as you take slow sips of water. He tells you how much he loves you and that he missed you.
  • He’s extra crabby to everyone else,though. He constantly scolds people when they’re too loud and shoos them away from the medbay. 
  • He sleeps in the medbay while you’re bedridden in case there are complications or you have a nightmare. 


  • Is extremely quiet and hyper-focused on the rescue mission until he finds you. Then he frantically asks you if you’re okay and cuddles you close.
  • He feels like absolute slag. First Raf got sick and then you got captured; why can’t he protect the people he loves?! He switches between anger and depression.
  • He’s going to kill Megatron- he is. After Tyger Pax and Raf and you, does anyone else have more of a right to the warlord’s life?
  • Is extra affectionate with you. He nuzzles you and constantly tells you how much he loves you. When you’re feeling up to it he cuddles you while you watch your favorite cartoons.
  • He gets jumpy and protective of you. When you cough he immediately calls Ratchet in a panic. Bulkead will be too loud and he’ll angrily buzz at him to hush.


  • The Cons put you in Arachnid’s “care” to specifically piss Arcee off. She wasn’t allowed to kill you, but you weren’t in the best shape when Arcee found you.
  • Arcee returns to the base with you and a few long, spindly appendages she “collected”
  • At first she switches between being possessive and distant. Ratchet tells you it’s because she’s so scared of losing another partner. She’ll come around.
  • She does come around after awhile and ends up mothering you. Did you drink plenty of water? Take you medicine? Do you need another blanket?
  • She kisses you goodnight and holds your hand while you sleep.


  • Even scares his team on the rescue mission. He’s going full-blown Wrecker style, and he’s frighteningly emotionless as he tears Cons apart.
  • He finally returns to his old self when you’re in his servos. He holds you protectively and orders Ratchet to open the groundbridge and prep the medbay.
  • He freaks out over every injury you have, even if it’s just a bruise. Begs Ratchet to be extra careful with you and gets sent out of the medbay until your examination is over.
  • The IV you have to have unnerves him. It reminds him how fragile and small you are. It keeps you trapped in the medbay. It’s keeping you alive right now because those slagging ‘Cons didn’t give you water.
  • He gets you get-well soon balloons and ice cream and even a big fluffy teddy bear to cuddle when he’s away. 
  • At night he gives you kisses and tells you stories (happy ones of before the war) as you fall asleep. He camps out in the medbay so he can be close to you. 
Kiss Cam

A/N: So, this is a year old one shot I wrote for @fairyghibli, but @illustraice asked me to post it here….

Summary:  Allura was excited for her first basketball game, but was she about to get more than what she was expecting?
Words: 1383

Read on Ao3

Today was the day.

The day that Allura was dreading the most.

It didn’t start off that way, no. The morning had been fairly pleasant, it was hard for her to contain her excitement. Her boss gave her a pair of basketball tickets for helping her close a huge deal. This was to be her first experience at a basketball game and she was extremely excited. She was ready to see what it’s like to actually be there in the stands surrounds by enthusiastic fans. After all, they didn’t have basketball where she was from.

But her friend cancelled on her.

Allura was upset, but her determination didn’t waver. Until her fiancé found out about the tickets…

She loved him, she really did, but the spark was slowly dying. He never did things with her anymore, always out with his friends or busy working at his dad’s company. She was tired of being his trophy. When he showed interest in the game, Allura wasn’t sure if she was scared or excited. She wanted to use this opportunity to rekindle the flame, go out with him, have a good time together, but she was scared that this would backfire.

Her fiancé, Roger, was the one driving. As the wind flew through her silver locks, she couldn’t help sink lower and deeper in the seat.

Roger looked at Allura from the side of his eye. “Babe, what are you doing?” He turned his attention back to the road.

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I want to get a labradoodle because two of my dogs have passed away recently but my dad says no. He says it's too soon and very expensive (I haven't called the breeder but I'm guessing around $500). I want a puppy though. I have researched and will care for the puppy, the only thing is my mom and I are going on vacation for a week in July so he will have to watch any animal we get. Can you help me convince him? Or at least give advice? Thanks!

I’m very sorry for your loss. Considering this would be a family dog and not only you would be responsible for it, I would take a step back and respect your dad’s feelings. It might be hard to realize but your dad may still be grieving this loss, and if he tells you he isn’t ready, I wouldn’t push him. Especially if he is the one that has to pay for the puppy and care for it while you’re away.

The best thing you can do for a dog is wait until you have a stable environment to raise it in. I know it is tough to live without a dog, but you have other factors in your life right now that you have to take into consideration. I would wait until after you’ve returned from vacation to bring it up again.

*Also, just did a quick google search and in my area doodles are $2,500+ So adopting a shelter doodle may be a better option for your family.
  • Sun: Okay I'm here! What's up you guys?
  • Blake: Thank you Sun for coming.
  • Yang: Yeah Man. You have no idea how important this is to us.
  • Sun: Hey no problem. That's what friend's are for. So What do you need... me... to... *Sun then realized that they are in front of a clinic for artificial Insemination.* ... Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up a second!
  • Yang: Huh?
  • Blake: What's wrong?
  • Sun: Look Blake. Yang. I am flattered and honored that you would think of me for this, really I am. But This isn't something you just spring on a Guy!
  • Blake/Yang: Eh?
  • Sun: I mean I now that you two have wanted kids for a while now but I feel as though you should ask if I was okay with this.
  • Blake/Yang: What?
  • Sun: Don't get me wrong! I would love to help!
  • Blake: Sun.
  • Sun: But If I'm going to help you two make a baby then I have to be in that kids life. As their dad and not an uncle or something.
  • Yang: Sun!
  • Sun: Plus, you don't have to waste money doing it this way. It's not like we haven't had a threesome be-
  • Blake/Yang: SUN!
  • Sun: Huh?
  • Blake: We aren't asking you to be a donor.
  • Sun: You're not?
  • Yang: Yeah man. Sorry to give you a heart attack but I just need you to drive Bumblebee home. *Yang said tossing him her keys.*
  • Sun: Wait Really?
  • Blake: Yes Sun. You are our top pick for donors but we knew you would want to be in the baby's life and we couldn't do that to you since you live so far away. Me and Yang can't drive after our procedures. Which is why Ruby is going to be driving us home afterwards. *Blake explained while pointing to Ruby as she pulled up in her car.*
  • Ruby: Hey Blake. Hey Sis. Hey Sun.
  • Sun/Blake/Yang: Hey Rubes.
  • Sun: So hang on. You are both getting a bun put in the oven then?
  • Yang: No. I'm getting the bun in the oven.
  • Blake: The doctors are going to take one of my eggs along with some of my dna and cerebrospinal fluid to make an artificial sperm.
  • Sun: Oh. That sounds... Painful.
  • Blake: Yes. Yes it does.
  • Yang: We can switch if you want?
  • Blake: No. No. Your sister and Father insist you carry our bundle of joy. *Blake Smiled as she kissed Yang.*
  • Sun: ... SO Yang is going to have a-
  • Yang: Watch it.
  • Ruby: BUDDHA BELLY!! *Ruby cheered hugging her sister, sister in-law, and Friend.*
  • Sun: Okay then I guess I'll be-WHA!? *Sun Started as he started to walk away only for Yang and Blake to pull him back.*
  • Yang: Oh no you don't.
  • Blake: We want you to be here for for emotional support as your future god-daughter coming to be.
  • Sun: ... MY GOD-DAUGHTER!?~ *Sun smiled happily with tears in his eyes.*
  • Ruby: Uh, who is the emotional support here?

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(1/3) hi hey, so, i don't know anything about comics, haven't read a superhero comic book in my 20 year old life, but i do watch the movies, all the Marvel and DC ones, and this is going to probably be a really stupid question, but i've been wondering about this for a long time and i just found your blog, and it has been very enlightening and hopefully you won't make (too) much fun of me for asking it?

(2/3) the Marvel world map is like the real world, with cities and countries we know, with the occasional creative license for made up places like Wakanda… how does the DC one work? we of course have Gotham, Midway City, Star City, etc, but do we still have other real life american cities? is New York around? or the whole map is made up? please feel free to face palm this question, i know it must be painful for a real fan, so i’m sorry, truly

(3/3) but the DCEU never make this clear for me, and i was wondering how the geography works in the movies. thanks for reading this stupid ass question and also don’t mind my english, it is not my first language! x

back in the 30s some of the fictional cities like metropolis, gotham, central city etc were meant to be substitutes for real cities but as time went on, they ended up existing alongside (and sometimes near) them. coast city is usually between los angeles and san diego, central city’s in the middle of the country and about four states from detroit… in the comics, new york is sometimes being referenced as an actual place you can go to, like a cleaner/safer gotham city, and i still see some people make it sound as if gotham city is new jersey but it’s more accurate that gotham’s near/in new jersey as opposed to flat out replacing it

in the dceu (and in some comic iterations even though it’s not always consistent) metropolis and gotham are neighbors, so it’s safe to say metropolis is probably placed somewhere in delaware or new york and gotham in the new jersey area. i’m not sure whether we ever got a canon confirmation for BvS, but geographically it fits for metropolis to be in delaware because the only thing that separates it from gotham is a bay like it was portrayed in the movie

generally, even though real cities exist in the dcu, they’re not mentioned as often as the fictional ones, giving the impression the superheroes’ cities have generally played a bigger role in the way the world works (both because they house superpowered beings and because gotham’s crime life makes new york city look like you can walk at night with wads of money on display and only receive kind looks instead of getting robbed on the spot). the modern dcu is basically the real world plus fictional cities that usually take center

i haven't got a sister so it's fine

prompt: ‘i haven’t got a sister so it’s fine.’ 'i know but if you did i’d take good care of her, i just want you to know that.’ but little did josh know that y/n bradley existed and she was ready to come out of hiding.

note: i’m so sorry for the lack of writing on my account. i’ve been so busy with school i haven’t had a chance to write anything decent hence the quality of this..holidays are 2 weeks away so i will try to improve the quality and frequency of imagines until then i wanted to say a huge thank you to the 300 of you who have clicked follow xx


“y/n what’s wrong?” your roommate queered as you let out an exhausted sigh.

“i’m sick of the lies, the secrets and the deception” you groan whilst tugging your headphones from their jack port. “i just want to have a normal family.”

you’d just finished watching josh’s newest video, released onto his ever-growing channel zerkaa. watching josh’s videos made you feel a combination of both proud and depressed, for reasons more tangled then a spider’s web.

“head up kiddo, you know that none of this is your fault so why do you let it get you down?” your flat mate who doubles as a lifelong best friend responded.

“because i expose myself to bullshit like this, he literally just said and i quote 'i haven’t got a sister so it’s fine.’ hate to break it to you mr famous youtuber, but i’m real and we share DNA!” you exclaim whilst waving your arms to express your point.

“chicky” you cringe at the nickname appointed on you. “either you speak to your mum about patching things up, or you let this crap go. and i’m talking videos, twitter, the lot. even if you’ve never met him, it’s not healthy to stalk your brother and his mates.”

she’s right, you just don’t want to admit it. you contemplate your options, two very different extremes you’ve got lying on the cards.

“fuck it” you reach for your phone tucked away in your purse “it’s been long enough.”

as the phone dials, the a million and one possibility of this going wrong race through your head. this could bring up so many different emotions for mum, josh mightn’t agree to your proposal, dad might overrule everything.

“hello sweetie, what’s up?” her gentle tone travels through the receiver.

silently praying the following words don’t ruin her mood you initiate the conversation. “mum i’m ready. i want to meet josh.”

i hold my breath while awaiting her response. after a draining couple seconds of utter silence she speaks in a voice so quiet that the sound of the kettle boiling would cover it completely. “i knew this day would come, i had been preparing for it. i’ll see what i can arrange with Josh and your father. but please y/n prepare yourself for the worse.”

“i will mum, and i won’t go through with it if you don’t want me too.”

“you’ve waited long enough, and i’ll support you through every decision you make.”

“thanks mum, i’ve got to run. love you.”

you pick up the piece of toast, placing it between your teeth and leaving the plate in the sink for later. you wave a goodbye to y/bf/n who’s head is buried in the morning paper before jetting out the front door.

work is the perfect excuse for you to forget about this mornings events and the video you desperately wished wasn’t etched into your cerebral cortex.

while picking at your salad during lunch hour you receive a text. a feeling ascending from the pits of your stomach told you exactly who had sent the anticipated message.

from: mum
'good news, i spoke to josh and he’s agreed to meeting you. be wary that this is all new information to him, and that he’s still coming round to the idea. he said i can give you his address and if you want you can swing by sunday afternoon about 3 pm. love you sweetie, ring if you need xx’

sunday it is, you thought as another text came through with Josh’s address.


you could literally see the nerves bundled inside just by watching your shaking fist make contact with the large wooden door of Josh’s home.

taking an awkward step back you glance around the neighbourhood subconsciously thinking if you should make a run for the car and pretend you were never here.

you can’t help but think how your life could have been so different if it were not for mum’s 'whoring’ around. it’s a thought that crossed your mind constantly even before you had notified Josh that you exist.

you even imagine what growing up with Josh would have been like. maybe you and Josh would have bickered as children, or maybe you’d have dated one of his friends resulting in him getting protective and annoyed at you. maybe you’d even have that unbreakable sibling bond and people would assume you were twins. but i guess we’ll never know.

“ugh” the dark skinned boy who opened the door stood speechlessly scratching his almost bald head. “we, um. we don’t take fans at the house” he moves to shut the door behind him.

“wait” your hand reaches for the crack between the door and it’s frame, not caring if it gets broken in the process. “please hear me out! i’m a relative of josh” you blurt out without thinking.

“i’m sorry love, i think i’d remember if josh had a hot cousin or something. please leave the premises befor-”

“jj, stop! that’s my sister” you instantly recognise josh’s voice just as you had jj’s due to many hours spent watching their videos online. only this time it’s real. in the flesh, in front of your very own eyes stood your older brother.

well shit. it’s too late to back out now.

“sister?” jj along with josh’s other roommates nosely inquire as they exit the kitchen, one with a mouthful of food.

“haha funny story” josh scratches the back of his neck. “so this is my little sister y/n” he ushers me in the door directing me to the sitting area while the three clueless boys trail behind.

“i’m sorry, what?” vik exclaims whilst rubbing his eyes as if he’s trying to escape a bad dream.

maybe this isn’t vik having a bad dream but instead what’s about to be a nightmare of your own…


was looking for this to be longer but like i said, i haven’t had the time. hoping this will suffice x

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(1) Hi! Okey... that will be weird question.. but i am so confused right now, so many weird things in my head.. i can't got answer to all questions what i have in my head.. i feel really weird after i watched that V live where "Jimin hiding in Jungkook hotel room" Actually i am realistic person and i have been in Kpop about 10 years... so i know really well about those fan service things. I never shipped anyone.

(2) But Jikook i another story:) I am army since Dope era. First when i saw all those posts in my IG of Jikook i was thinking “another shipping shit” but then i saw a lot videos of them and i was kinda in shocked because they really seemed like they have thing to each other. I have been many times in relationship sooo there is things that i can see, but of course i wasn’t 100% 

(3) And now i ship them so badly, they seems so in love and so real, but today i watches that V live where “Jimin hiding in Jungkooks room” i saw a lot posts about that V live and analys was kinda thinking “ ou really, if he is hiding there that mean that they really have something, because just friends will not hiding in room” and today i saw post in your profile where anon i telling that Kookie is actually saying “Jim” so i was so happy and i watched that video first time

(4) when V left Jungkooks room i clearly heard girls voice not Jimins and i was like"… maybe i heard wrong" then when someone came of room and whispered V to turn off. First i thought that it was girls voice but after i replayed it 1000 times it sounded like Kookie and when V was turning off i CLEARLY heard girls voice saying “Jimin” and at that moment i just fucked up😂

(5) i thought about it some much and only think which came to my head was that Jimin was with girl in his room, and Kookie also was with girl in his room because clearly in Kookies room was someone, it make sense and at the same time it don’t make sense because i don’t think that V did not knew that they was with girls and even if he did not knew after he went to room of course he understands that there is girl and i don’t think that they will risk so much. Sorry for my English🙂

first of all Taehyung didn’t end up going to jimin’s room , he went back to his own room.. he actually locked himself out. so people claiming that they could hear a “girl” screaming jimin is not only “irrational” because first of all i hate to break it to you but it doesn’t work like that in real life . people don’t just “scream” out loud as if they were some kind of animals when having sex, especially when the doors are in no mean soundproof, 

second of all taehyung wasn’t even standing in front of jimin’s door, he was literally standing in front of his own room that he locked himself out of .

so jimin having a girl in his room isn’t an option right now.

this whole thing actually brings us to actually ask ourselves why would taehyung bring up visiting jimin’s room when it wasn’t his intention to actually do it. maybe it has to with him trolling both jungkook and jimin who was hiding in the latter’s room. 

this makes sense, because at the end of the vlive you can hear two “dudes” sounding like they’re planning to kill a man . also the next day when they did a vlive they both weren’t taking non of taehyung’s shit. they were being lame with him with no apparent reason so there’s that.

also after taehyung brought up “visiting jimin’s room” ,it was clear that jungkook panicked , the poor guy was rooted to his place.

at exactly 14:00 after taehyung left jungkook’s room, you can literally hear jimin’s voice . put on headphones in order to really hear it )

so it was indeed jimin who was inside jungkook’s room. 

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"I'm sick" for the Bradleys, if you'd like to do that!

sorry for the slight delay anon! i wasn’t really sure what direction i wanted to go in for a bit and every idea i played around with didn’t seem right. i hope you enjoy this!

warnings: pride thinking violent thoughts

It’s the little details, he thinks as he examines his complexion in the mirror, applying the facecloth to his cheeks again. He grimaces a little at the pain – the facecloth isn’t hot enough to blister his skin, but it is just enough to make him obviously flushed and unnaturally warm to touch.

Existing as a homunculus in a world inundated with humans has always presented itself with a plethora of problems, but those are multiplied even more when you’re posing as a human child. It had been easier in his other lives – where he wasn’t quite as close to the chain of command; where his act didn’t need to be quite so enduring and consistent – but now they are in the final stages of the Promised Day and Pride cannot afford to slip up and give his mother any reason to be suspicious.

So here he is, locked in the bathroom down the hall from his bedroom, carefully applying not-quite scalding facecloths in a bid to act naturalunnatural, in a bid to act human.

Carefully, he pats his face dry, watching as the bright red flush begins to recede. Too much and she’ll think he just wants to get off school – of course he does, he has learnt his timetables for the eighty-ninth time and he isn’t sure how much longer he can keep up this façade of the ‘bright young boy’ without stabbing precocious Eloise Hamner the III in the eye with a colouring pencil.

If he can manage to keep her attention for the rest of the night, his brotherfather can slip out undetected and Mama will hardly bat an eyelash in her husband’s direction. Pride shrugs his shoulders and pulls out the plug in the sink, and watches the steaming water drain away, the vapour curling and evaporating before his eyes.

He has perfected the wail now – the volume, the tone, the timbre that begins it and the gravelly tinge that warbles towards the end. He knows exactly how to present himself – a little teary, exhausted and smaller than the vibrant persona he has to be every waking second of his not-life. He unlocks the bathroom door and turns off the light.

MAMA!” the call travels easily down the hallway and there’s a pause before he hears the familiar rustle of her dress as she rounds the corner, her eyebrows pulled together.

“Selim?” she asks, kneeling down and running her hands over his shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

He sniffs a little, and rubs at his eyes with his arm. “I don’t feel good,” he answers, making the intonation on feel a little higher than normal. She raises the back of her hand to his forehead and her expression softens, pulling him swiftly into a hug.

“You’ve just got a little fever, that’s all dear. Let’s go get some medicine, and I’ll call your teacher tomorrow.” Her voice is warm and soft and she carefully gathers him up into her arms. Mama smells of bergamot and honey and he curls his arms around her neck.

As she walks in the direction of the kitchen, her fingers absentmindedly stroke at his hair. Pride closes his eyes, trying to ignore the warm sensation settling in his chest.

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monster. | jaehyun

member; jaehyun / jung yoon oh - nct x fem!reader
genre; angst, bad boy!au | tw; blood, violence, suggested (emotional) abuse
word count; 2k+
prompt; “would you remember me?”

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Inhale. Exhale.

He didn’t understand.

Inhale. Exhale.

Deep breaths, Yoon Oh.

He didn’t realize he was clenching his jaw so fiercely until his teeth began to ache, lips cracked and the scent of iron seeping into his peripheral, the taste heavy on his tongue and assimilating itself into the smell of alcohol that hung in the air.

He couldn’t tell if it was his or theirs, or a mix of both.

Cold fingers curled and uncurled, unable to thaw in the pitch black night, the orange glow of the street lamp doing nothing but illuminating his act (as if showcasing his sins, finalizing the position he had taken).

It was mocking him.

He took in sharp breaths, suddenly feeling terribly constricted in the silent atmosphere where he couldn’t hear anything but the gasps that tore out of his throat. Tilting his head up into the starless, empty sky, finding no difference in his vision when he closed and opened his eyes, he desperately tried to rid himself of the spinning world around him.

Deep breaths.

He shook his head to rid himself of the nausea, legs wobbling, stumbling, as if trying to get him away from the scene in front of him.

In a blind rush of shock at his actions, the back of his hands were rubbing against his jacket in a furious frenzy, but the red on his hands only appeared to be of a lighter and lighter shade, never quite disappearing.

The black color of his jacket only grew darker, like a stigma marking him guilty.

His eyes, the right side of his face, his abdomen, his shoulder - everything - burned, and before he knew it, he had turned around, and his legs were running, running, running; because no, he didn’t, he didn’t do anything wrong.

So why did he feel so nauseous?

The icy air cut against him in a weak attempt to push him back, his shoes growing heavier and heavier against the asphalt.

And in the midst of it all, he never stopped to wonder.

Why was it that he didn’t regret anything?

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JxHQ: Take Me In

Joker x Harley AU - Work in progress. Suicide-Squad-verse. Rated Mature.

You press the knife
Against your heart.
And say,
“I love you, so much you must kill me now.”

The room was encased in shadow, only a small pillar of light fell upon the rectangle resembling a bed in the middle; a mess of crumbled up sheets.

Joker growled quietly and rolled over, shielding his eyes from the burning daylight. A thick lump in his throat had woken him up, a terrible itch. It worsened when he took a slow breath, the smells of the room rushing into him.

His other hand reached out behind him, instinctively searching for another body behind his. One that was warmer than his own, yet cold like a corpse. His muscles tightened when he felt the soft skin, and her sugary smell washed over him, mixed up with the metallic that she had. Dried blood - his mouth salivated.

Harley whined sleepily when she leaned over and started gnawing on his shoulder, not daring to actually bite without his permission. Her small, yet razor sharp teeth rubbed lovingly against his skin. His own need was growing thicker in his throat, it felt like he had emptied a bucket of sand in it. His fangs pressed against his grill. His lower abdomen tensed in anticipation.

She was so close, pressing her body against his, whining and whimpering. He shoved her away.

“Please, Puddin’…”

He ground his teeth. He was hungry, but she wasn’t well-fed either. As much as he wanted to devour her piece by piece, let his jaws sink into that heavenly soft flesh, he had had no other meals in a day or two. She’d be weakened for the next day or two. When he hunted down other people, Harley always threw a fit – you can only drink from me! she had declared with tears in her eyes and a gun pointed at his head.

So then it had to be her. He only wanted her. His Harley-pie was better than heroine, the only one that could fully restore him, and he wanted to take more than one slice. He had nearly sucked the life out of her a few times, until she lost consciousness for days, and he saw no point in resisting.

He turned over, closing his eyes to shut that annoying ray of light out, and settled next to her, letting his hand run up and down her chest. She shivered in anticipation, eyes wide open.

Just like Harleen had been, begging him with her eyes and body, take me and make me yours. Change me. Just let me into your world. Please. 

She had purple shadows underneath her eyes that were unusually sunken into her head. She was hungry, he could smell it and feel it, but she always let him feed first. He would rarely return the favor, hating to be left weak after someone had taken from him, and instead let Frost bring her food – henchmen that weren’t pulling their weight, hostages, and other criminals. Seeing her in her deadly, sadistic dance with them was enough to make his blood boil with rage and desire. He often ended up killing her dinner despite her loud protests: Dead food is gross, Puddin’!

Now she bared her pale, perfect throat, and he stroked some pink strands of hair away. Her pulse was dancing for him, teasing him, and he growled. She arched her neck in the same teasing way she always did. Her enlarged pupils almost swallowed up her blue eyes and her mouth fell open. 

He let his mouth hover above her neck, her scent overflowing and enveloping him in a firm hold, his body locked in place.

“Say it,” he mumbled, letting his tongue sweep across her skin.

“Pretty, pretty, pretty –“ Her voice was getting more slurry, he couldn’t determine if there was a hint of fear there. She shut her eyes, but he grabbed her face a bit harsher than he had intended. Her eyes opened and she stared right into him for a few seconds.

Their gazes met. Deep, endless, looking into each other’s darkest place. Her blood was already eager to leave her body and flow into his, turn into his strength.

“Please,” Harley mumbled with a smile, her hands latching onto his bare torso and burying his nails in his skin.

He groaned and then let his teeth find the warm, pulsating vein. His metal grill made the bite harder, and a thick river flowed into his mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he held her upright, cradling her, as he sucked.

Strongly concentrated euphoria caressed his throat and tongue, every gush of fluid making his body tense. A faint taste of something acidy flowed along with vague pictures and memories that he didn’t care to delve deeper in.

Her grip around him grew weaker and her arms fell down limply by her side as his grip tightened around her. That part inside of him wanted to devour her whole, her flesh and bones, and it was most powerful like this. Just one harder bite would do it.To make her one with him.

She was already deathly pale, and his bite had been messy, causing the blood to run down across her purple gown and his hands.

Her eyelids fluttered shut and her body became limp in his arms. With a growl he pulled away; he had torn violently into her but the skin was already coming together again, soon there’d be pink flesh and a scar there; the cicatrization had already started.

Her cheeks seemed to have sunken into her skull, leaving protruding cheek bones.Fresh poison filled his mouth together with the remains of her blood, he swallowed it down and purred, then kissed her. 

Satisfaction spread across his insides, he was full for the moment, his strength had returned. He carried her  out of the bloodied sheets and placed her in the bathtub, then let the water run and wash it all off her as she weakly came to her senses again.

When she opened them, her pupils had dilated and almost swallowed up her entire eye. The wound in her throat was healing, and he could see her ribs poke out of her dress. He could physically see the blood-thirst travel through her body, her eyes were alert like a predator, following his every moment. Her teeth was bared. She was too weakened to get up by herself, but if he came within reach he knew she would try to kill him.

He didn’t mind, as he watched the last remains of blood go down the drain.

He didn’t mind at all.

Moana Au

A Moana au that I couldn’t get out of my head for Malec. Thought it would be nice to share. Moana is Isabelle. Maui is Magnus. Te Fiti is Alec.

There once was a god who saved a mortal. That mortal was cast away by his mother when his eyes glowed gold and sparks appeared at the wave of his  hands. She threw him into the ocean but the god saved him and taught him how to use his powers. The mortal was bestowed with immortality and became the world’s heroic demigod. With both beings immortal, it gave them limitless time so with the power of the god and the powers of the demigod, they created the world that before was only sea and one small island. The two made more islands, seasons, and food. The demigod battled the evil beings, protecting and providing for humans while the god remained on it’s land always there waiting for the demigods return as they gave life to the world.

With time and care the two fell in love. It was said that their first kiss caused an explosion of stars as the world glowed with their love. For a millennia they loved and cared for humans but the more they helped the more humans started to request. Now the humans believed that the love of the two could create anything imagined and those with hearts of black sought to take it for themselves.

One human, the evilest of them all, created a spell that made her able to control the demigod and made him steal the heart of the god. With the god’s heart stolen a great lava demon was created and now guards his god’s resting place as the world started to decay. The great demigod was free’d from the evil humans spell when he felt his lover’s heart break, now heartbroken and devastated by what he’d done.

He exiled himself and cast his lover’s heart away, now lost and broken with the love of his life gone. More monsters and terrifying creatures were left to swim free and far, the demigod no longer there to protect humans. For centuries the heart was lost, being carried and protected by the ocean who waits to find the one who can return the heart; the one who can help start to heal the broken world.

The ocean has always called her, sang to her, whispered for her to come. Finally she answered.

Isabelle knew what to do, what needs to be done. “Let them come to me please.” The ocean parts and then the lava demon is crawling to her, digging and scrambling. “I know who you are.” The words are whispered through the air. She begins to walk to them and the ocean lifts her up onto a high rock. The lava demon is a mere foot away from her when they start to slow, stopping before her as the two stare. Isabelle smiles and closes her eyes as she leans her forehead to theirs. “I know who you are.”  The creature’s molten hot skin cools and blackens as their foreheads touch and then Isabelle lifts the glowing red stone to fit perfectly into it’s chest.

Magnus gasps far behind them from the rock he collapsed on as he watches the menacing being begin to blossom and change. What was once an immense being of lava and anger was now a smaller but tall man finally whole in a Sarong that bloomed with life who kneeled before Isabelle on the rock they stand on. The man pulls back and stands causing Magnus to let out a sob. “Alexander.”

“Magnus.” The god smiles, a small sad smile as he turns to see his love. The ocean gently rises around Isabelle and the god to carry them to Magnus. The god slowly walks the short distance on the large rock to the man he loves, Isabelle remaining where she was put down to give the two some semblance of privacy. The demigod has his eyes squeezed shut with tears freely falling as he lays on his back shaking with silent fear. He doesn’t want to face the love of his life who he hurt, who he betrayed. He doesn’t think he would survive.

The god sighed fondly but still sad knowing the harmful thoughts his love has running around his head. “Magnus it-” Magnus shakes his head violently. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! If I could rewind time and end that evil woman’s life I would, I would do anything to never have done that horrendous and unspeakable thing! I could never ask for forgiveness my lo-” he chokes on the unfinished word and his arm is thrown over his face for some form of cover.

Magnus can feel his love near him, his gaze almost a physical presence on him. It makes his throat tighten as if he’s being strangled, his heart in agony that’s still broken but hopeful. He deserves this. “Just say the word and i’ll leave you in peace. I’ll stay as far away as possible to keep you from any further harm I could cause you.”

The god sits with his legs crossed near Magnus’ head, the action causing Magnus to flinch away but his head still twitches trying to turn and get closer to the familiar warmth that he thought was lost to him forever. “Well that would be counter productive my soul. Leaving would be the most harmful thing you could do. Dramatic as always.” Magnus shakes his head again in refusal. It can’t be this easy, so quick to be forgiven. “Why do you deny this? You knew I always ached for you when you were not by my side. I missed you, have still missed you even now just as I still love you.” The god lets a hand gently brush away some of Magnus’ tears away then moves to stroke his cheek. Magnus has always been weak to his touch and presses further into the gods palm.

“Now please let me see those lovely eyes I missed and let go of the past we cannot change.” The god curls forward to rest their foreheads together. “There is no need to ask forgiveness when there is nothing to forgive because this was not your fault. This I will remind you until the universe ends if I must.”

When Magnus finally gains enough courage to open his eyes as he latches on to Alec’s hand; his Alexander, his love, his soul, his heart. Magnus lifts himself up to cry into Alexander’s neck as apologies, I love you’s, and I missed you’s spill from his lips.

The two remain close together finally reunited after so long apart; their broken hearts slowly healing as their love grows and strengthens. Isabelle watches in awe as the desolate place the god Alexander used to rest is restored by green lush plants that sprout like a wave washing over it. The dark feeling of decay is replaced by warm life; the world is at peace again.

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any headcanons of lavi, tyki, and allen when they're jealous of their crush, but haven't even confessed to them yet?

Phew~Finally got the time to sit down and do this. Gearing up for the other requests. 

Sorry about the weird headcanon-scenario-ish format though. 


✤ He was somehow everywhere you went. Well, except for bathrooms and rooms cause that would be absolutely awkward. But you would always bump into him around and about. He’s stubbornly claiming it’s a coincidence but he knows that he’s lying.

✤ It had been quite a long time since the two of you met and it was getting harder and harder to avoid the feeling he gets when he sees you or when he’s near you. 

✤ It was like a delicious forbidden fruit that keeps whispering him to take a bite. 

✤ He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. But he absolutely wants to. 

✤ The feeling absolutely astounds him. He had thought that he had locked up his feelings long ago but you were unravelling it thread by thread just like his friends at the Black Order. 

✤ So in the end he accepted the fact that he loves you but he was still on the fence on making a move. It was a big decision. One that could get them both in trouble, especially with Bookman. 

✤ So he was content with just watching you afar and talking to you every chance he got…until he saw someone flirting with you and you flirting back. (He was confused, were you flirting or were you being kind and courteous kind of flirting? But it really hurt him that you were treating this person with the same treatment as him.)

✤  He almost want to walk away. But then you caught sight of him, “Lavi? Is that you?” He had no choice to backtrack and walk up to you, pulling on a cheery face and rubbing the back of his neck even when his chest felt painfully light and his heart wavering. 

✤ The other person gave him a once over and (for that moment, Lavi felt uncomfortably bare) a triumphant smirk grew on the person’s lips. It was almost as if they felt that he was no competition and for some reasons Lavi did not like that. 

✤ Especially when that person stepped closer to you in front of him. Lavi’s smile tightened. It was just a step, he would deal with it, wait, they’re reaching out their hand to brush your shoulders and your ears while complimenting your ear piercings? Oh hell no. 

✤ Lavi grabbed your hands pulling you away, “Hey__________, I have something interesting to show you.” The other person tried to protest “Welp, it was nice meeting you.” And the two of you were gone. 

✤ It was around then when he decided to confide his feelings for you. Whether you accept him or not, it was your choice. 


✥ He had his eye on you always. Whether he’s reading or crossing the hallways or from windows, his eyes seem to search for you like opposite poles of the magnet.

✥ He always catch himself whenever he did that, almost alarmed by the growing feeling in his chest. It was warm, like the feeling he had when he spent his days his three human buddies but this was different. It was mildly uncomfortable like he had reached down into his own heart and squeezed it.

✥ He had talked to you once or twice, all in teasing terms and before he knew it, he was lingering more and more and became a constant in your life. 

✥ But he dare not declare his feelings for you but let it slip out in doses of affections from winks to teasing remarks, all which you brushed off as merely jokes. And it secretly vexes him. 

✥ But nothing vexes him more than standing there and watching as you stood there laughing with another person. 

✥ His blood was practically boiling as that person (with obvious intentions) reached out to brush your hair from your face. 

✥ “Tyki?” Before he had even realised it, he was there right next to you, with one arm over your shoulder and the other hand tightly gripping the person’s wrist. He glare was sharp and blazing, “Would you mind keeping your hands off what’s mine?” 

✥ Your suitor would be flustered and run off stuttering. 

✥ Tyki let them go even if his entire instinct was hell bent one causing bodily harm on the suitors. 

✥ The worst part was that it kept happening over and over again. He knows that you’re attractive in your own little way (you charming little thing) and it pleases him that others likes you too but can they stop trying to hunt his prey? (You were already his, you just haven’t realised it yet.) 

✥ And every single time he rescued you, you would always brush it off as something a friend will do. 

✥ But this time he had enough. 

✥ When you laughed, his fingers wrapped around your chin, the tips brushing against your cheeks and a smirk curling at the edges of his lips. “Will a friend do this?” He closed the distance between your lips. 


✦ He had met you years ago. And he’s still astounded by your ability to show your kindness despite how dark people can be. When the going gets tough, he kind of thought back to you and how you grit your teeth and go through it with patience, and he felt like he could get through this too. 

✦ He tries to show up whenever he could which was not often but you always send him a welcoming smile that made him feel as if he was home. He realised, that you were his home. 

✦ And the the 14th happened. It was a blow to him and everything he stand for vanished leaving him lost in the haze of confusion. In that spilt moment, he had ditched Link and went to seek you out. 

✦ But you weren’t there in the place the two of you usually meet. Uncomfortable emptiness filling his hollow chest. He didn’t want to give up yet. He didn’t want to go back to the Order yet, where eyes roam towards him with varying mixture of pity, wariness and fear. 

✦ He went around town, searching through the shops and the crowds, hoping to catch side of you. Just when he was about to give up, he spotted you. Joy flickered to life in his chest as he pushed forward, getting closer to your silhouette with every step. 

✦ “_____-” His voice died in his throat as he caught sight of another figure standing too close to you, with arms wrapping around your waist. The ache intensified as the two of you giggled. 

✦ Normally, he would feel a dark prickly feeling of annoyance building on the inside and would smoothly slipped into the situation, separating anyone that tried to get handsy with you. 

✦ But today wasn’t a normal day. He only felt a thousand needles punctured his bleeding heart as realisation after realisation slammed into him like a thousand bricks. 

✦ You were better off without him. A person that could die at any time, a person that couldn’t be with you all around the clock and a person that may have a monster trapped in his body and a person that probably didn’t have a future. 

✦ These bitter realisations sat at the base of his throat as tears pricked at the edges of his eyes, brimming but never falling. In that moment, he almost wished that he was normal, like that person. So that he could be by your side always, so he could laugh with you, so that he could…confess without feeling guilty. You didn’t deserve him, you deserve them. 

✦ “Allen?” You were suddenly in front of him, he could barely see through the wall of tears, “Are you alright?” 

✦ He tried to muster a smile. He couldn’t even do that properly. The tears start falling. “Oh my god, Allen, you’re crying. Here.” You reached out with your handkerchief, wiping away blobs teetering at the corner of his eyes and the angry trails down his cheeks. 

✦ He realised that he never want to see you in the arms of another. 

✦ He gripped your wrist gently, warmth spreading into his clammy hands and by an act of pure selfishness, the words “I love you.” tumbled from his lips. 

silver and gold

Summary: The summer of Crown Prince Will Solace’s tenth birthday, he stumbles upon a boy on the beach who turns out to be a little more than he first appears.

The summer of Will’s tenth birthday, he gets lost on the beach.

The water is the color of sunlight, the sand burning hot under his bare feet by the time he realizes he’s lost track of the knobby, stone-gray turrets of the castle behind him. He can already feel the itchy heat on his neck that means a sunburn, his mind helpfully supplying the exact lecture he’s sure to receive from his father when he finds his way back.

William, I understand the impulse to wander, but you have to understand that, as heir to the throne, you have a responsibility to take care of yourself.

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Dear sixteen year old me

I’m sorry you feel like you do right now. I’m sorry that I can’t time travel to be your friend and hold your hand through these tough times. I wish I could, god I wish I could I know how badly you need me right now. But you are so strong and you will be okay.

I’m sorry you feel as if your life is suffocating you. I know it feels like everyone, including your parents, are against you. Though the mean kids at school may be “against you” they are irrelevant and in 5 years you won’t even remember their names. I promise your parents only want the best for you, try to be kind. They will be your best friends one day. I know, seems impossible right?

I’m sorry you feel like you have to be a size zero to be beautiful. I’m sorry you have been mutilating your body on the daily because you just can’t find your place. I’m sorry discovering yourself and fighting who you really are has been so hard. I promise you’ll find love within yourself for your body. You will thank it everyday for what it does to you. You will love yourself so much one day. You will come out and you will be so accepted and loved.

That girl that your girlfriend is dating at the same time as you? Be her friend. Be there for her. Comfort her. Say goodbye to that girl who broke your heart and be this girls friend because your girlfriend will hurt her as much as she hurt you and she needs someone to understand her. Tell her it’s okay and that it’s not her fault that she got betrayed and hurt. It’s not your fault either. The two of you need each other right now and a beautiful friendship will bloom out of this situation. You will be okay.

You haven’t fallen in love yet, you haven’t laughed so hard that you stopped making noise. You haven’t fallen in love with yourself or with the girl you will marry. You will. You will fall in love so hard and your heart will be shattered. And then you will fall in love again and it will be so beautiful. Never stop loving. You haven’t had your own cats that are basically like your children yet. You haven’t travelled with your family and loved it. You haven’t screamed your favourite songs with your favourite people with the windows down. You haven’t discovered your love for coffee or for lipstick. You don’t know what your favourite book is or where your favourite spot to watch the sunset is.

If you leave this world too soon you will miss all of the amazing things you have yet to experience. I know there will be so many times you feel like you have truly lived the best life you could but it’s just not enough. You haven’t. Everything you get through will lead you to this moment. Life will always be a climb but the view from the top is worth it.

psiioniichearts  asked:

I love your Mystic Messenger headcanons! If you haven't already, I was wondering if maybe you could do one with the RFA dating the MC but they see them irl and find out the MC is a guy? I played the game and loved it but well ^^;; funny story, I'm a guy. Thank you!

thank you so much for this request, i like it a lot! it’s long so i put it under a cut c:

~headcanon requests closed for now~

Seven thought it would be like, the prank of the century! just tell every MC is a girl, it will be SOOOO funny when they all find out! but, um….he had no idea they were all going to fall in love with MC

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