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(why am I posting wintry-themed Cap art in spring?

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Christmas time 1938 vs. 1943

  • Gryffindor: The moment you guys sit down you open the page you're writing on, Spotify or some kind of music, three different social media accounts, and another blank tab just because. You will multitask with all of these tabs and finish with five other tabs opened. Two of those being YouTube videos, one is online shopping, and the other just being memes or something. Basically, you finish your writing and manage to keep your social life alive.
  • Ravenclaw: You always have a music tab open. You have a music tab and a "research tab" along with your writing page, but we all know that after a thousand words or so your research page really becomes your "let's sit and do nothing for a long while" page. But you do get a lot done, probably a bit more than what you set out to do.
  • Hufflepuff: You tell yourself you are going to write a couple hundred words then give yourself a five-minute break or something. This works really well and you get a lot done, although the revising process slowly kills you inside so you just choose to not do it, or do it really fast so that it takes like 0.1 seconds. The next day guilt eats at you so you have to go back on, and as you revise you change literally everything you wrote, but you only get halfway done because what started out with you trying to figure out the proper use of the word 'subjunctive' turns out to be three different tabs. One that has really corny jokes, another one of those websites with Personality Tests and stuff, and a YouTube video of 'Honey Badger Don't Care' or one of those 'Try Not To Laugh' videos.
  • Slytherin: This can go one of two ways, but it's usually the later. Either you just get it out of the way, or you turn on your music and try to make it interesting. You open a YouTube for your music which is mistake #1. Then, like a paragraph in, your listening to your music and you realize you haven't seen the music video for this song and then go on a hunt in YouTube to find it, eventually looking at sewing or cooking tutorials even though you can't do either of those things.
  • Character A: Why should I feel guilty?
  • Character B: I'm not saying you should feel guilty. I'm just saying you should feel something. You did love me once.
  • Character A: Yeah, I loved you once, but we haven't talked or seen each other in over a decade. Then you up and die, and now decided to visit. Forget You! What do you want me to say, that I hate that I still love you. Well I do. That I hate that you're gone! Well I do. That I can't do anything but hate right now. Are those the feelings you want!? Even in death, you're still freaking selfish.
  • Character B: I'm sorry.
  • Character A: It's a decade too late for sorry.

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Dafuq why do you think they were together in 2016 and 2017? It's obvious that they were not just simply not together but they weren't really friends at all. We haven't seen a single one interaction from them in about 2 years, how the hell would they be together? Im just curious, cause i really can't understand how your brain works. Also, they couldn't break up this year again, that time Laucy was happeing, and Camila was in the studio neing in love with her microphone probably.

Once again, I’m putting out those videos, I said I would do it as many times as needed for the people who don’t take the fucking time to check their facts and come talk about a ship they don’t know anything about.

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…Of all the (non-fanmade) stage musicals that I’m a fan of… Wicked. Les Mis. Phantom. Into the Woods. Legally Blonde. Matilda. Jekyll and Hyde. All the ones based on Disney movies, you get the idea.

All of those…. and THIS is the one I automatically do a fanart of. And I haven’t even seen it yet.

That’s how low I’ve sunk, people.

( @kashimalin​ made me do it!!!)

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Oooh, interesting. Why Diana over Selina or Talia?

wonderbat was just one of those special things that stuck with me from my childhood days of watching them on Justice League, you know? i always loved their charisma and bruce trying so hard to be broody and aloof when he actually cared so much for diana.

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aaaa omg its so nice seeing new people in the SNS fandom!! I've never had the talent to draw/write/make gifs or videos, so I've never been able to contribute much, even though I've always wanted to. Welcome!!

contribute is a very subjective word. I do love our artists and writers and gifers and editors and such, but there are also those who do not fit in any of these categories yet they pretty much tie the whole sns fandom together.  And I think for a community to thrive we need all types and variety of people. you know, the rocks, and producers, and omnivores, and protectors, and oxygen, all of those biosphere things. Whether people are a silent or outspoken part of our community, it’s heartening and reassuring to know they’re there.

Nothing to Lose

JILY CHALLENGE | @roseweahsley​ vs @expectoepatronums
 🌠 Muggle AU: ‘Uh-oh I’m dating my boss’ child and had no idea until I took them as my date  to a work function’

Jack: “Where to, Miss?”
Rose: “To the stars.”


Prongs, for the last time, hurry up!“ Sirius stands a pace in front of the doorway to the Mahoutokoro Museum on Hogsmeade Street. (No one ever just calls it ‘Mahoutokoro Museum’. It commands respect. Strange, that.) 

James is lagging by about 10 metres. A few more seconds and Sirius thinks he might have to cross his arms and start tapping his foot for dramatic effect, and James knows how hard Sirius is to stop once he gets going.

"At this rate they’ll have given the position away before you even get there, and I’m not doing any more sucking up on your behalf,” Sirius calls impatiently.

“Mate, I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this, but you look so much like a puppy when you frown,” James quips as he approaches Sirius, ducking the half-hearted swipe that follows. “It’s a compliment! Most people look awful with their face all screwed up like that.”

“Get in, you brat,” Sirius mutters, ignoring James’ comment. “I go to all this trouble to get my best friend a fantastic job-”

“Part-time,” James points out, helpfully. “Also low-ranking and barely-paid.” He pushes open the heavy door and holds it for Sirius, allowing him to continue his monologue as they enter the building.

“Right. Like I was saying, a fantastic job with loads of potential for growth, and you don’t even show up on time! Do you realise how many people would kill to work here?" 

James holds out an arm halfway down the hallway and moves to stand in front of his best friend. He places his hands on Sirius’ shoulders, to make it even more meaningful. "Are you finished?”

Sirius swats his hands away, but he’s smiling. “Yeah. Come on, you’ll love it here.”

James adjusts his glasses and, just to spite him, places his hands firmly on Sirius’ shoulders again, steering him down the carpeted corridor. They continue on in companionable silence (if 5 seconds can be called that), towards the tall, brown-haired boy waiting on the other side of the sliding glass doors.

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hi! Can you please do a scenario where you are Baekhyun's girlfriend (the fans don't know) and you haven't seen him for a while so you decide to go to his fan sign and surprise him? Please make it extra fluffy thank you so much ❤❤

I know, really random, but I read this and got inspired to write a piece on it. Sorry on the delay, but I hope you like it!

This is a secretive Baekhuyn piece, fluffy, and medium in length

Enjoy everyone


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The Best Date

“Do you ever get sick of those things?” You were feeling yourself dozing off as he was feeling just the same.

“Fans can actually give really really cool things, like fan art and good. A lot of fans are really good at heart, you just have to get past the bad eggs.” He looked off in the distance, probably thinking about every time a bad egg came up in his life, like he was scarred.

“I bet they can be. Too bad too many bad eggs made the fan meets less personal. They made it too hard to trust strangers.” You made a point; he told you all of the horror stories that came asking with being famous. The nerve of some people.

“The next few will be at high schools, then one at a mall. It’ll be fine, I promise.”

“It just gets annoying when you promote. I never get to see you.”

“They don’t plan on promoting us for too long, as Girls Generation is coming back a few weeks after us. We can make it work, I know we will.” He was anyways so caring, always thinking about you and what you were thinking. And he was right, when they boosted in popularity, he was almost impossible to get still for five seconds, so if you tried making it then, you sure as hell could now.

“Only because you’re worth the effort.” You went over to smooch him before you pulled him into the bed. It was quite rare, but you could sleep in the same bed for a few days, and you held him close trying to savor every second. You tried to turn so he could hear you better as you felt him drift away into slumber.

“I really do hope we can squeeze some time in together, or I just might have to make time for us.” You didn’t even really mean that, but his head shot up, with dazed eyes trying to register your words.

“What is that supposed to mean?” His groggy voice always had an effect on you, but you giggled to yourself as you turned back over.

“You’ll see.”

Days went by, and hardly anything. Weeks went by, hardly anything. His promotions were over, but he got another job acting on a show. So with not only was he shooting, he was on other shows to promote his own. This only tacked on even more fan meet a for Exo to do. It was getting to the point he couldn’t even read your messages he was so preoccupied. You felt so left out. You knew it wasn’t his fault, it was just the lifestyle. But, you heard he was having a fan meeting at a shopping plaza that a lot of people go to. You saw it as your opportunity to surprise him, to keep that promise you made.

It was time.

You realized as you looked that you had too much professional clothing; you hardly had anything casual to wear out. When was the last time you bought a pair of jeans? You shifted through the items to find almost nothing. You found a pair of jeans and an old sweatshirt from your old college. It was a nearby college, so you wouldn’t seem totally out of place. It seemed convincing enough, so you went to lay it out. You went to see if you could find a certain purse he wouldn’t recognize and you felt like you had the normal college girl look. He wouldn’t even see it coming. You looked around and tried to find something for him to sign that would make it really obvious it was you. The managers get really predatorial, never knowing what a fan might do. So, it had to be something inconspicuous. You looked and found it. You shoved it in your purse, wondering what his face would look like when he sees this object, it made you giggle before you even knew what was happening. Were you really going to do this? Were you really going to have your relationship be discovered all for a joke?

Yes. Yes you were.

You tried to sit in the back so Baekhyun wouldn’t recognize you, but you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him. The artists really did him well, and his blue contacts did make him look good despite his protests. The girls in front were all squirming and couldn’t sit still because the loves of their lives were about to come out. You never even met the other members, Baekhyun was that secretive. He always spoke highly of them, or at least never really said anything bad about them. So, now was your chance to meet them and he didn’t even arrange it. They took their seats and opened with their words of appreciation for their successful promotions and other positives to their fans. Then, the guards said they could start lining up by the front row, going all the way to the back row where you were. The girls in the front grabbed all of their fan items and walked up. You noticed Baekhyun sitting on the very edge, so your little surprise would be the very last. You waited your turn, calmly as the other girls couldn’t stay still, wriggling in anticipation. You probably seemed uncharacteristically still for one of these things, but they could probably tell it was because of the age difference. You had to wait, seeing him interact with the fans. You weren’t really the jealous type, so it’s not like you were thinking that way. You just hated that he had to be there for the fans more than for himself and his family. You knew it was SM’s choice, you just wish you had some way to change it. It had been too long for your liking. It felt like seconds before you were gestured to get into line. You then really started to notice how this would work out. Everyone got a few minutes with each person, so they could let each person have a fair amount. It seemed about right, giving every fan their shot. You saw your opportunity and took the object out. It was an old phone case of him, with his favorite number on it. Before you went up to the first member , you switched the cases, hoping to get a reaction. Suho was the first member, as expected, and he waved and said his greetings. He was asking you about if the wait was long, seeing you were the last one, but he looked down at your phone on the table and studied it a bit.

“Is something wrong?” He looked a little surprised, but began to shake his head.

“No, no, it’s just, that case. It looks really familiar…..” You already had the story already figured out.

“Yeah, I saw Baekhyun had this phone case in public a few weeks ago, and I thought it was really cool, so I got a case customized to look like it.” You held it close, trying to give off the innocent college girl act, so Baekhyun wouldn’t recognize you from all the way down. Suho picked up your phone, and looked at the case more in depth.

“Oh wow, it’s almost exactly the same! It looks really close. Good job for accuracy!” He held the phone up and started to mention it to the other members nearby, stating how he needs a phone case like it.

“Well, I was wanting it to get it signed by him, seemed appropriate.” His eyes lit up a little bit, I guess he was having a bit of fun, but kept having fun. He then chose to interrupt Baekhyun with his fan.

“He totally will! Baek-hyung, you need to sign this case. I demand it!” He looked over, confused, but he got bug eyed when he saw the case. You and Suho starting laughing, but you couldn’t help it. He noticed, but you hope you didn’t make anyone think the dorms were broken into, as he still slept there sometimes. But, the other members were finding fun in teasing your boyfriend, and you couldn’t help but enjoy the environment. You would not get your chance to see them more often until maybe years later, but this sneak chance to see them in person, rather than Baekhyun’s words, it was relaxing for when it would inevitably would happen.

“I’m going to hold him to that now.” You both had a final giggle and hi touch before you moved onto Sehun, and as you went down the line, they all made similar comments, making their own jokes and whatnot, delighting you each time as you went down the line. Then, it was time for your man. The manager starting talking over the mic as you were talking to him, as they needed to speed along with their next schedule.

“So where is this identical phone case?” He was smiling, even though it was nothing but teasing for the fans, but you tried to remain undiscovered for the time being.

“It’s right here. I don’t need a name or anything, just your signature would be perfect.” You smiled and looked around at everyone else in the crowd, wondering what they would think if they knew what was really going on here. You didn’t want to do that to him, so you kept your mouth shut as he signed it.

“This is actually really close to mine. Where did you get it from, again?” You noticed it was a moment where the managers were announcing and the members were listening to the managers, so you could get a one liner in before you walked away.

“I helped you choose the it in the first place, remember?” You took the phone case, and walked down the steps back to your seat. You looked back and he seemed confused and with his mouth open. You smirked back at him and turned around. You wouldn’t get to see him for a few more days. Guess he would try more in his endeavors with you later on. You walked out of the place and checked to make sure he wasn’t trying not to follow you. Or any of his guards. You just walked out and was thinking of his reaction when you would see him next. You looked at the phone case and saw his signature. Today was more fun than most days lately, and you got to meet his fellow members and have fun with them without even really trying. You walked away with a smile and wish you had intruded earlier. You looked at his signature and hoped you could see the real thing soon.


“You think you’re so smart, aren’t you?” He walked through with such a smile on his face, smiling as he saw your case. You never had it outside the apartment, trying not to cause any problems, so you never decked it out.

“I do. I could only imagine you missed me so much, thought showing up would be a nice surprise.” He scoffed and walked over to hug you. He held you a lt closer than he ever did before.

“You know how bad I wanted to do that when I saw you? To kiss you and tell you my struggles always being away from you? I wanted to tell you everything. To turn the table over and have you in my arms again. That was both an amazing and torturesome moment.”

“How was it both?”

“It was amazing to finally see you after all these weeks. It was torturesome to not be able to do anything about it. I want it all the time, but just in better circumstances…..” You smiled as you looked him in the face.

“Don’t think I didn’t feel all of those things. I wanted to hug you too. Kiss you. Tell you about my bad times at work. To feel normal with you for a little bit.” You give him a quick smooch and held him closer.

“Well, I know I can’t give you normal, but I hope I’m worth sticking with through all of it.” You dragged him down with you on the couch.

“I wouldn’t have shown up to your fansign if I didn’t feel that way, would I? Besides, I’m sure you’ve had worse dates before, right?” He kissed your forehead in all of the affection he wanted to give you all of this time.

“It was the best date I could ever ask for.”


Well, it feels good to get a piece out. I know it’s been too long, and I feel somewhat good about this piece, so I’ll get it out tonight, maybe some people will see it in the morning. I know it’s been a while, so if you liked the read, follow for more content. More stuff is in the works. I’ll probably try to get a lot of ships out as those have been piling up. So, if you ever sent one in, I’ll get as many out as I can. Until next time, I hope you liked this scenario and I hope you have a god day,

Ask my muse questions their canon wouldn’t normally allow them to answer!

Whether by timeline or third party circumstances, there are some questions you just can’t ask a character without arising their confusion. Now those restrictions are lifting! Want to ask them about something they canonically shouldn’t know? An event that happens later on in their timeline? Perhaps even after their death?

DO IT. It’s crash-canon hour!

  • Erbluhen Emotion: So yeah... I'm not sure how they're going to face each other anymore. I feel like I'm in a war zone.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: By the way, what is this tea? It's not as bitter as the one from the other day.
  • Royal Guard: It's Darjeeling. It's less astringent and thin-bodied... Kind of like you.
  • Erbluen Emotion: -spews out tea-
  • Royal Guard: Sure. Well, they say it's more layered and complex than your typical green tea...
  • Erbluhen Emotion: ...
  • Erbluhen Emotion: -wipes self and table-
  • Erbluhen Emotion: ... I really don't want to go home but who knows what will happen if I'm not there all the time to make sure a war breaks out.
  • Royal Guard: Huh.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: ... What.
  • Royal Guard: Sorry, I just found it... interesting that you're able to understand the two ends of a spectrum so well.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: Well, you know, I'm not named Erbluhen Emotion for nothing.
  • Royal Guard: Yeah, but... What about you?
  • Erbluhen Emotion: ... What about me?
  • Royal Guard: They say a dancer recognizes a dancer... an artist recognizes an artist... How can you understand their pain so well if you yourself haven't been through what they have?
  • Erbluhen Emotion: ...
  • Royal Guard: I've seen some people get bogged down by the tragedies of the ones they care about, without looking after themselves. I just hope that's not the case with you.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: Haha, who knew there would be a day when I hear those lines from a half-demon?
  • Royal Guard: Haha... Yeah, life's pretty great, isn't it.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: I'll be fine, but I do appreciate your concern.
  • Royal Guard: Well, just letting you know I can always lend an ear if you need someone to talk to...
  • Royal Guard: -sips tea-
  • Royal Guard: Because we all know those two aren't capable of doing that.
  • Erbluhen Emotion: -sigh-
  • Person who knows no asexuals and has never once looked into asexual oppression and does not know shit about L.G.B.T.+ history or its pointless divisions as it has grown: "Asexuals don't belong in the L.G.B.T.+ community because ace problems aren't gay problems!"
  • Me: "Hey, that's the same thing with which gay people booed trans people off the stage! 'Trans problems aren't gay problems!' Also, L.G.B.T.+ leaders have an obligation to know the oppression that afflicts ALL non-cis/het identities. The Ace community has been your comrade in arms. We've been fighting for L.G.B.T.+ representation as hard as you have, and we haven't just been fighting for ace representation. We've been fighting for gays and lesbians and pansexuals and bisexuals and transgenders and genderqueers and all non-cis/het identities and accepting victories in stride, even if those victories don't include representing us. We've been on your side since the beginning, and we've always seen ourselves as part of the community. You'll be making a big mistake if you decide to kick one of your biggest allies to the curb. And if you still don't believe we're part of our community, that we don't suffer from oppression (which, I promise you, we do), then you're throwing away one of your supporting allies and utilizing the same divisionary bigotry and elitism that gay people used to use against trans people, that homophobes still use against gay people. You are making a huge mistake."
It’s weird how when you’re gone for a long time, the things you left behind are exactly how you left them. I know that doesn’t sound like it’s weird, it’s just what you’d expect from inanimate objects, but it actually happens. It’s weird.
You think about the you that left those things in those places, and everything that’s happened to you since, and it doesn’t track. It doesn’t feel possible, even though it’s not just possible, it’s unavoidable. You will always live in the remnants of the life you’ve led up until this point, making do with whatever you’ve left for yourself.
—  Alice Isn’t Dead, Part 1 Chapter 9: Go Home Again
The Little Mermaid Sentence Meme
  • "I haven't seen this in years, this is wonderful!"
  • "In my day, we had fantastic feasts, when I lived in the palace."
  • "This will be the finest concert I have ever conducted."
  • "You can just stay here and watch for sharks."
  • "You could have been seen by one of those barbarians! By one of those humans!"
  • "Do you think I would want to see my youngest daughter snared by some fish eaters hook?"
  • "I'm sixteen years old. I'm not a child anymore."
  • "The child is in love with a human. And not just any human. A prince!"
  • "I set certain rules and I expect those rules to be obeyed."
  • "Contact between the human world and the mer world is strictly forbidden. You know that! Everyone knows that!"
  • "Come in, come in. We mustn't walk in doorways. Its rude. One might question your upbringing."
  • "Well, angelfish, the solution to your problem is simple."
  • "That's what I do. Its what I live for, to help unfortunate merfolk, like yourself, poor souls with no one else to turn to."
  • "What I want from you is your voice."
  • "Leave no shell unturned, no coral unexplored, and let no one in the kingdom sleep until she's safe at home."
  • "Now I am ruler of all the ocean! The waves ovey my every whim!"
  • "I'll see him wriggle like a worm on a hook!"
  • "Will you get your head out of the clouds and back into the water where it belongs?"
  • "You're not getting cold fins now, are you?"
  • "The human world is a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there."
  • "It looks just like him. It even has his eyes."
  • "Life's full of tough choices, isn't it?"
  • "Teenagers. They think they know everything. You give them an inch, they swim all over you."
  • "Don't be such a guppy."
  • "The prince is marrying the sea witch in disguise!"
  • "You are hopeless, child. You know that. Completely helpless."
  • "Gee, you must have really been through something."
  • "When I find the right girl, I'll know. Without a doubt, it'll just-bam- hit me. Like lightning."
  • "Far better than any dream girl is one of flesh and blood. One warm, and caring, and right before your eyes."
  • "So much for true love!"
  • "Why don't you go tell my father? You're good at that."
  • "Somebody should find that poor animal and put it out of its misery."
  • "I lost her once, I'm not going to lose her again."

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UR WRITING IS SO GOOD IM CRYING u should do one where you haven't seen CALUM in like four months and when you do you're in his shared apartment w ash for like a week straight so no one has heard from you guys and the fans are getting worried until one day ashton is doing a twitcam or something and Ashton thinks you guys are sleeping so he goes to wake you up and he ((and the fans)) find you guys with his head between your thighs or something along those lines pls I will die

ok let me just tell you i got this request and i was so fired up to do it and today i found it at the bottom of my inbox and im happy i did bc i like this one (and pls i will die right along with u)

Having a boyfriend who’s a member of a famous band was a challenge. Not just for you, but for him as well. He’s home after six months for a week or two and then he leaves again. It’s rare you two ever got to spend any time together, which is why you always either flew to wherever he was or had him come to you.

Of course, the arrangement was far from perfect. You and Calum had wanted to move in together, but the lease on the apartment he shared with his bandmate, Ashton, wasn’t up. He was stuck on the other side of town from you with no way out. Things got incredibly awkward when you were over and Ashton was still home. It was even worse when you and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Bryana were both over. You could tell the four of you were all struggling with the lack of privacy.

“Alright, Ashton’s doing a twitcam and he thinks I’m taking care of you because you’re sick.” Calum came into the room, slamming the door behind him. He quickly removed his shirt as he approached.

“You should probably make an appearance on that. Your fans must be worried.” You sat up “I can wait. Neither of us have posted anything since you got home. It’s been a week.”

“So what? I’m spending time with my girl.” He shrugged. Sighing, he threw himself onto the bed. “C’mere, baby, I wanna kiss you.”

“We’ve been doing this for a week.” You groaned, but still leaned over to peck his lips “Not that I’m complaining, we just need…”

“To do more, I got you.” He nodded eagerly “You know, we’ve only had that quickie while Ash was out at his car since I’ve been home. I miss you.”

“I miss you, too, Calum, but we can’t.” You shook your head “Not with Ashton here. You know that boy can’t mind his own business for shit, and you know we’re not quiet.”

“I’ll try if you try.” He put a hand over yours, interlacing your fingers. You have him a sympathetic smile.

“Cal, I still don’t know if that’s a good idea.” You sighed. He let out a loan groan of discontent and threw his body on top of yours. “What are you doing? I told you no.”

“I can tell you want it.” He teased “Come on. Please, Y/N, I promise I’ll be as quick as I can and I’ll try not to make any noise. I just really, really need you right now.”

His bulge rested against your thigh, moving slowly as he squirmed in discomfort. You sighed, looking up at the pouting boy hovering above you.

“I can take care of that, you know. That would be quick.” You offered. He shook his head, trailing his fingers down your jawline.

“Please? I just wanna make love to you. I’ve been away for so long and-“ He cut himself off with a sigh “I’ve been horny for the past four months. Please let me show you how much I missed you.”

“We have to be quiet, though.” You told him, easing him off of you. He watched carefully as you slid your sleep shorts off. “And if we hear Ashton, you stop immediately.”

“Okay,” He nodded eagerly, sitting up “Are those your only requests?”

“Don’t take your time, okay? Save that for another time.” You straddled him. He gulped, wrapping his arms around your torso. “I really missed you, y’know.”

“Oh, baby, I think I know.” He smirked, placing a delicate kiss on your lips “I missed you, too. You need to visit me more on tour. I can’t go four months without my baby again.”

“You know I’m always up for it, it’s just a matter of you inviting me.” You reminded him. He shrugged, rubbing his hands down your side. “I told you to be quick. This isn’t quick.”

“I’m getting there,” He mumbled, attaching his lips to yours. His hands settled themselves on your hips, guiding you against his thigh. A content sigh passed his lips. “Mm, it’s so good to be home. Missed you so much.”

“Babe, c’mon.” You groaned “You said you’d be quick.”

“You anxious or something?” He raised an eyebrow, his smirk only growing “Desperate for me, aren’t you?”

“Maybe a little.” You admitted. He shook his head, placing a quick kiss to your lips. Calum hopped off the bed, kneeling at the foot of it.

“C’mere, beautiful.” He patted the mattress in front of him. You scooted forward as much as you could, legs dangling off the side of the bed. He smirked, hooking his fingers on the waistband of your panties. “Don’t think we’ll be needing these.” He mumbled to himself before removing the lace. His hands gripped your thighs as he moved you forward.

“Cal,” You whined, able to feel his breath on your sex. He looked up at you innocently as he licked a stripe down your folds. You, determined not to give him the reaction he wanted, kept your eyes locked on his and stroked his dark curls.

“You like that?” He raised an eyebrow. You pretended to consider this for a moment before you shrugged.

“I don’t mind it.” You twirled a lock of hair around your finger “And I wouldn’t mind if you kept doing it.”

“Good.” He smirked, diving back between your thighs. His tongue ravished the folds, producing crude slurping noises. You pushed his head closer to your body.  

“Calum,” You groaned, throwing your head back. He gripped your thighs tighter, dipping his tongue into a hole he knew all too well. You gasped as his tongue swirled inside you. He pulled back with a smirk, licking his lipsm

“So tight, baby.” He murmured, running his thumb down your slit “Gonna need to loosen you up before I can fuck you, hm? I bet you’d like that.”

“I would.” You breathed. He nodded absentmindedly, lazily rubbing circles into your clit.

“Normally I’d make you beg for it, but today…” He looked up at you through his lashes. The corner of his mouth twitched upwards. “I think I can make an exception.”

“You promised me you’d be quick.” You reminded him

“I know what I said.” He chuckled “Doesn’t mean I can’t take my time making you feel good.”

“Actually, I think it means exa- oh, fuck.” He cut your protests off, slipping his thumb into you. Calum was the type who always liked to get his way, and the bedroom was no different than anywhere else. If he didn’t want a quick round, then there wasn’t going to be one

“That’s what I thought.” He said, looking more than pleased with himself. His fingernails left red marks on your thighs as he guided you against his face. After what you felt was much too long, his lips found their way back to your swollen clit. He hummed as he sucked against the folds of skin. His tongue was heaven compared to the vibrator you’d been making do with.

In the other room, Ashton was happily chatting away to an audience of 600,000 on Periscope. That was the thing about him; if no one was available for him to talk to, he got bored very easily. Luckily for him, the fans were always there to listen.

“Keep sending in questions, guys.” He said to the camera, scrolling through Twitter on his laptop “Yes, we’re really enjoying our break, but we also can’t wait to get back out on the road. I miss seeing you all every night.”

He continued scrolling through his mentions, occasionally stopping to answer a question or two. Most of the comments consisted of either dirty requests, pleas for follows and people asking if Calum was okay. Caught up in the happiness of being back with you, the Maori boy hadn’t posted anything in a week. As far as the fans knew, he was dead.

“A lot of you seem concerned about Cal. I promise you he’s okay, he’s just with Y/N. Actually…” He looked down the hallway at Calum’s closed door “They’re home right now. I should ask him to come say hi.”

The comments began flooding with positive responses, all urging Ashton to put his roommate on camera. He ran a hand through his messy, curly hair before standing up.

“Alright, they said they were gonna go take a nap a long time ago, so they should be awake.” He switched to the back camera. Slowly, he turned the doorknob to Calum’s room. “Let’s see what they’re up to.”

He opened the door, camera pointed straight in front of him. Before he could process what he was doing, Calum eating you out was broadcast globally to over half a million people. The brunette between your thighs looked back at his roommate.

“Do you know how to knock?” He scoffed “Wait, what the hell, are you filming us?”

“I didn’t know-“ Ashton stuttered, dropping his phone as he stumbled backwards

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Calum was pissed. You didn’t blame him, as you would be the same way, but you were more embarrassed about being exposed.

“I swear I didn’t know what was going on.” Ashton defended himself. Calum walked towards uim, driving him further out of the room.

“Sure you didn’t.” He scoffed. The tanned boy bent down, retrieving the phone. “This is just great, Ashton. It’s fucking live. Everyone’s already seen it.”

“I am so sorry.” Ashton rambled

“Sorry’s not gonna erase the fact that you basically just leaked a sex tape.” Calum rolled his eyes. He threw the phone at its owner. “Get out. I don’t want to be a part of your livestream, and I’m sure my girl doesn’t, either.”

Your heart couldn’t help but flutter at the possessiveness of his voice. Though you couldn’t see it, you could tell his jaw was clenched. You sat up in his bed, burrowing under his sheets. Nobody needed to tell you that you weren’t getting any farther with him than you already had.

By now, Ashton had already scurried back into the living room, trying to figure out how to recover. Calum shut the door behind him, leaning against the door jamb. He ran a hand through his tousled hair.

“I’m sorry about that, babe.” He sighed, taking a tentative step towards you. You patted the side of the bed you’d left open for him.

“Shit happens.” You assured him

“It’s not okay, though.” He groaned, dropping himself on the bed next to you “I haven’t been able to spend time with you since I’ve gotten back. I just wanted a couple minutes to ourselves, y’know?”

“We’ll find time eventually.” You put a hand on his arm. He looked up at you through his lashes, waiting for you to go on. “He’ll probably go running to Bryana after that incident.”

“Right,” He bit down on his lip, looking as if he were concentrating hard on something. You traced random shapes into his bare skin. “So, just as confirmation, I’m not getting any tonight, am I?”

“Probably not.” You laughed. He shook his head, letting out a loud, over-exaggerated huff.

“Dammit, Ashton.”

Zootopia Sentence Starters (Part Sixteen):
  • "Look, you probably can't read."
  • "The sign says "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone", so beat it!"
  • "That's the truth."
  • "He would never just disappear."
  • "Our detectives are very busy."
  • "I will find him."
  • "Hi! I love your dress!"
  • "She's the bunny that saved my life yesterday! From that giant donut!"
  • "Put 'em down."
  • "Just when I thought someone actually believed in me, huh?"
  • "Probably best if you don't have a predator as a partner."
  • "He's my friend."
  • "I am proud to announce that my mammal inclusion initiative has produced its first police academy graduate."
  • "Make room, will ya?"
  • "Let's see those teeth!"
  • "Lumber delivery!"
  • "What's with the color?"
  • "Uhh... It's red wood!"
  • "Okay, you're the boss."
  • "I'm gonna hit the pause button right there."
  • "Haven't seen him in a couple of weeks."
  • "You know, if I wanted to avoid surveillance because I was doing something illegal, which I never have..."
  • "Someone's here!"
  • "Great! We're dead! That's it. I'm dead, you're dead, everybody's dead!"
  • "I love you! Bye! Bye!"
  • "Complementary de-lousing once a month."
  • "Don't lose your key."
  • "You kiss me tomorrow, I'll bite your face off!"
  • "I stood up for you, and you lied to me. You liar!"
  • "It's called a hustle, sweetheart."
  • "You didn't happen to catch the licence plate number? Did you?"
  • "I'm not in the system yet."
  • "Actually, I just remembered, I have a pal at the DMV."
  • "So... things do get to you?"
  • "Oh, I mean, not anymore."
  • "I was small and emotionally unbalanced like you once."

cxbiczirconia  asked:

“Where did all those bruises came from?”

RP starters concern

“Work. Kids I’m teaching wanted to show me what they could do.”

It was a lie, though. Garnet’s students didn’t get that rough unless she really was demonstrating something that required it. No, she’d gotten herself into a rough situation. She’d had to walk home that night because Amethyst needed to borrow her car. As a result, Garnet had gotten into a fight. She’d walked away from it all right, but she was bruised as could be.

Her pride wasn’t letting her admit that she’d gotten as hurt as she was. Garnet tried to walk past the concerned individual. Whether he let her do so or not was another matter.

Love, and who knows it

Fundamental truths of Sherlock: Sherlock loves John, and John loves Sherlock. That is simply true, and there is no counter argument. You can (if you like) get into the finer details about what kind of love and what it means, what specific desires it implies, but the fact of it (love, mutual) is not in question. So, within this narrative so far, does John know that Sherlock loves him? 

Is there any possible way that he doesn’t already know this? 

John has learned a lot about Sherlock’s feelings in the last year or so. There was the whole faked death situation (not good), but since then, Sherlock has both inadvertently and deliberately articulated his feelings about John to John. 

When John asked Sherlock to be his best man, John got a look into Sherlock’s inner workings: for all his ego, Sherlock had no idea that he was John’s best friend. Would anyone guess that Sherlock Holmes required that kind of explicit conversation to understand the nature of his most critical relationship? So what did Sherlock think had been going on on this time, John must have asked himself. I’m not sure he’d come up with an easy answer.

You could comfortably say, because of that profound misunderstanding, that it would be difficult for John to be certain that Sherlock loves him.  John has a lot of questions about Sherlock (99% of which are about his sexuality and romantic inclinations) that Sherlock has never answered.

But then there was that speech Sherlock wrote and delivered. And it was pretty clear from his speech that John is the greatest thing Sherlock’s ever seen, greater, even than crime solving and drugs. Sherlock expressed his love for John in that speech, so much so that John and the entire audience had a cry. Is it a surprise to him at that point? I think it is. Is the surprise that Sherlock feels these things at all, or is it that he was (finally) willing to say so, and that he said so in front of an audience? Or all these of those things? In any case, there it is: Sherlock loves you, John.

If, by some chance, Sherlock’s speech failed to communicate to John that Sherlock loves him, Sherlock goes ahead and makes the point it a few more times.

John most definitely sees the look on Sherlock’s face at his reception, post pregnancy deduction. That is the face of a man with a broken heart. Is there any way John doesn’t know what he’s seeing? I don’t think there is. He ducks away from it. He jokes his way out of it, badly. If there’s one moment where John has to unequivocally confront Sherlock’s feelings about him, that had to be it. And Sherlock walks away alone.

Sure: Sherlock lies to John about his fake heterosexual relationship with Janine just to watch jealous steam rise out of his ears, but it’s possible John was in no state to process that little tidbit as the passive aggressive bullshit it is. And sure: Sherlock comes back to life for love of John. But John doesn’t know that, only we know that. Sherlock then risks his life again and ends up in an ambulance with a cardiac arrest so he can unmask Mary because John is in danger. But John doesn’t know exactly why Sherlock did that, either. John wasn’t in Sherlock’s mind palace with us, so he won’t know those details.

But Sherlock’s more overt emotional demonstrations continue. He throws his life away by putting a bullet in the head of the guy threatening John’s future. Oh, but that was for Mary, I hear you saying. Well, okay. That sounds fake, but okay, I’ll give you that. Even if you say that’s for Mary, there’s yet another moment that’s pretty undeniable.

What do you think John is expecting Sherlock to say on the tarmac? I don’t know if John’s ready to hear it, but do you think it’s possible that he isn’t expecting a love confession in that moment?

Sherlock hasn’t said so in those precise three words to John before, but I’m pretty sure John already knows that Sherlock loves him.

Just thought this would be useful to consider as context. Who knows what might happen next.