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(( I know this blog has been open for a couple months now, but I’ve been wondering how big the MLP roleplay fandom actually is, and how many people are willing to roleplay with Snowdrop anyway… A lot of you guys are hecka quality and I have no idea how to interact with any of you. The fandom seems really really large, and I feel like I’ve barely seen any of it.

Would you mind liking or reblogging if you’re willing to roleplay with a Snowdrop roleplay blog? I’m sorry if this seems strange, I’m just curious as to who would actually be willing to roleplay with a potato like me anyway… ))

Hello Pixelberry Fandom

Hi everyone!

I’m not sure how many new fans the game has gained thanks to the Lea Michele thing, but if you’re starting to check out the tumblr fandom, hi! It’s generally a very welcoming place, however a few words:

A large proportion of the fandom doesn’t like the Lea updates. For most people, it’s not because of Lea. Of course some people won’t like her, but please know that that’s not the reason for the backlash. These games have always been accessible to people who don’t pay real money, but this content goes against that. That’s why a lot of people are angry; it’s not personal against Lea, it’s about the fact that there’s a huge amount of content now that’s only available by paying. Additionally, people don’t like that the focus seems to be shifting away from the main characters and the player’s character.
I’m so sorry if people are hostile towards you because you’re a fan of Lea and/or joining the fandom because of her. The games are amazing in their own right, so there are loads of us who have been playing them for months or years, so I hope you come to enjoy them for their original content.
My blog and inbox are open for you if you want to talk, and WELCOME TO THE FANDOM!!!

To the current fandom members: please be nice. I don’t even know what else to say. You have no reason to be hostile to anyone. Make fans of the games feel welcome.

Reasons Yukako Yamagishi is amazing:

Everyone tryin to make callout posts on my girl BUT HOLD UP LEMME TELL YOU SOME STUFF

  • Yukako’s entire character is based on the fact that around the time moe was the prevalent archetype and Araki didn’t like how “perfect” these girls were so he set out to make a statement that someone of any gender can lose their temper and be terrifying
  • SO YEAH SHE DOES SOME SHITTY STUFF IN HER FIRST STORY ARC I mean she’s a minor villain what more do you want, other minor villains do stuff just as bad, BUT
  • If you’re not reading the manga then major spoilers but this is Yukako’s other story arc, and even before this arc we’ve seen her a bit and she seems to have learned and changed a little HOWEVER THE CINDERELLA ARC IS A BIG STEP FOR HER
  • She’s still desperate for Koichi’s love but she’s much more considerate of Koichi’s feelings and is genuinely sorry for what she did
  • Aya gives her that special makeover and maybe that’s what caught Koichi’s eye when he saw her again and they spend time together and genuinely enjoy each other’s company and we later learn it wasn’t even the makeup, it was Yukako herself that Koichi enjoyed which is why he helps her when things go wrong and Aya removes her face
  • Yukako is learning to control her temper and has done tremendously well at this point! Presumably she’s apologized because now Josuke and Okuyasu are her friends too

So man, I’m just sayin, her first arc is not the whole story. Look deeper than that. And don’t pretend some of your faves haven’t done worse.

If anyone wants to add more facts to this pls go ahead