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Saw your war winds won and stayed soundly made by the incredible  agnecce

(inspired by @rosesonmyshelf‘s fantastic fic to the bone)

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So i don't think i've seen you do this (i might be wrong so if I am, feel free to delete this lol) but headcanons of the paladins + reader as their best friend? (i haven't seen much non-romantic stuff for the paladins and. i crave it.) (also love your blog!!!)

I haven’t done this yet, so thanks for asking!! <3 I agree, there should be more platonic paladin x reader stuff! (these hcs include your bff memes)


  • you guys are workout buddies! you always go to the gym or on runs together
    • you hate working out/training tbh but he makes it fun and more bearable
  • when you guys can’t sleep you’ll text each other links to awful 80′s music videos and memes (which is often bc shiro never sleeps)
    • you send him this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrUN7mBonK0 all the time and he HATES IT but never fucking recognizes the link so he always sees it
    • “Massive Combing Robo” becomes your inside-joke with him and no one else understands it (see link above to understand)
  • loves giving u piggyback rides


  • you guys marathon 80′s mecha/fighting anime together no matter how fucking terrible they are
    • some shows include Star Blazers, Battle of the Planets, Combattler V/Combattra, Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troppers (lots of generic shogun anime tbh)
  • your favorite inside joke/meme with them is when you say shows that clearly aren’t anime are good anime
    • Pidge: “Blues Clues is clearly the best anime, it was voted #1 in Japan in 1999.”
    • You: “Um, ex-fucking-cuse me, Cory in the House is the best anime in history because it stays true to the manga.”
    • Pidge: “Please, everyone knows that even Johnny Test is better than that.”


  • every time you guys go to a new planet for stuff y’all need, you both go out of our way to find the weirdest “souvenir” possible
    • hunk likes to bring you weirdly shaped rocks and you love them
    • nothing you find can ever beat his weirdly shaped rocks
  • LOVES making super overly-complicated handshakes
    • similarly, likes making you do those weird patty cake games everyone knows from elementary school as a “good luck” thingy before missions (ex: “lemonade *clap clap clap* ice tea *clap clap clap* coca cola *clap clap clap* pepsi *clap clap clap*)
  • loves cuddling (platonically; tbh he cuddles with everyone but he loves cuddling with u the most!!! bc ur his bff)


  • You train together but you never get far bc u always bring up some awful memes/jokes that makes Keith lose focus and die laughing
  • can’t sleep? you’re ‘bout to send Keith about 10 new “We Are Number One” remixes
    • in response he sends memes of people getting slapped to the beat of “holla back girl” or the gamecube start-up animation followed by someone getting fucking punched
  • you made friendship bracelets for the two of you
    • Keith: “I’m not much of a jewelry person.”
    • You: “that’s fine, you don’t have to wear it-”
    • Keith: “no stfu I’m wearing it everyday for the rest of my life”
    • he wears it all the time he literally WILL NOT take it off, it’s super frayed and damaged but it shows he really treasures it


  • whenever you ride in his lion w/ him he tries to sing the thomas the tank engine theme
  • you created a secret handshake that involves a LOT of dabbing
  • you guys watch a lot of monster factory and game grumps together (you’d think Pidge would like them the most…but ur wrong…IT’S LANCE HE’S THE SECRET GAME MEMER)
  • you guys cry a lot together. just. crying.

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Are you worried that these POS Pure flicks movie are getting better and better and you won't have anything to criticize? I haven't seen The Case for Christ (never will) but I am surprised that it wasn't as awful as the rest

No. Christians should have good movies, the world needs fewer movies like Gods Not Dead and Old Fashioned. I can take the hit if it means if have to make a video out of something else :)


From the 2013 Catalan movie Barcelona - Summer Night (a.k.a. Barcelona - Nit d'Estiu).

On the night of the 18th August, 2013, Barcelona’s skyline was illuminated by the passing of Roses’ Comet, a spectacle that will not be seen again for several hundred years. Six love stories that occurred over the course of the evening are played out in the movie as the comet draws ever closer towards Barcelona. Over the course of the night, each character experiences the challenges that come with opening their heart.

In this video we tell you just one of these stories – that of Jordi and Marc, team-mates in a local soccer team. Jordi has been offered a lucrative contract with one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world. Should he accept it?

Please note that due to viewing restrictions requested by the movie distributor, this video cannot be viewed in Spain.

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dee, do you know user datjimily on youtube/twitter? she makes fmv of jimin and istg all of her jimin videos remind me of sin city agsjskl you should try to watch her videos if you haven't!

i’ve seen some of them and i’m obsessed!


OT3: Parker/Hardison/Eliot

Parachute fanvideo by twwing

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Hey, Tawna, You perfect cinnamon roll you! I have a message for you and cherryviolets. The dipper hat cake is pretty darn tasty, and not extremely difficult to make. I made myself one for my B-day, and blue velvet cake shape like dippin' dots hat? THE BEST. I can recommend it, and you can find a vid on how to make it (assuming you haven't already seen it).

Oh my goodness, hello Anon!! :D I think I’ve seen the video, I kind of want to make one just for the sake of having cake haha It sounds delicious!

Hey cherryviolets​, I think the hat cake would be pretty awesome too! My friends once made me this cake if you’d want to try something like it :

But it’s for your birthday so I’m sure whatever kind of cake you have it will be awesome! c:

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Dude, your phanart is barely a spoiler, I feel like that anon came off quite rude. I also haven't seen the show, but all you did was "spoil" one outfit that they wear in the show, not anything about the show itself or what that outfit might mean. Besides most people have already seen the pic of them in that outfit. Just wanted to let you know that what you did wasn't as bad as that anon made it sound :)

Thanks for your kind support!
But I do understand where the anon was coming from.
Dan & Phil did specifically say before every performance that “no photos or videos should be taken or recorded during the entire show.”
I also realise the post where I found the photos from, was taken down.

Anyways, to the anon that sent me this.

No. I will not delete it.
I will not be deleting my phanarts unless Dan or Phil personally tell me to do so.
As I have the full rights to do what I want with the content that I have created.

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So the video of BBW where Lauren is eye sexing Lucy is interesting huh? I haven't seen Lauren smile that sexy in a while...

I want to thank you for taking the time in writing this to me and sharing that lovely speculation. Like really, honestly thanks.

Also thanks for distracting everyone by proving It’s a beautiful friendship that everyone should acknowledge.I would kill to be like them, they’re best friend goals.  With that being said you have the every right to believe whatever you want.  But  just like you I can believe in whatever I want.

Side Note:

A little bird, that knows me personally, who WAS there, coincidentally saw that she was all over Camila in one of the performances.

So I’m over this whole LS vs. CS drama.


In case you feel emo, it’s okay phil will help


Duncan: Shoot him in the bum, Simon.

Simon: I’m not going to shoot him in the bum, Duncan. Can you imagine how angry Lewis would be if I shot him up the ass?

Duncan: He told me we should.

Simon: He did not tell you that I should shoot him up the ass.

Duncan: He did.

Simon: This is a trick. (x)

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Greetings. Just wondering whether you've seen a vid of Don't Forget Where You Belong from Johannesburg because Liam sings quite lovely in it. If you haven't, you should check it out. Here's a link if you're interested: www,youtube,com/watch?v=0P1iY3V9Z_U

Video link

Oh my GOD. No, I hadn’t seen it!! And thank you for linking me to it. BECAUSE IT’S JUST CRAZY AWESOME FROM START TO FINISH FOR LIAM. Like, it’s fucking DEEP DIVE time because this is the happiest I’ve been to hear Liam’s vocals in a whiiiile. (Which is saying stuff! Because I was just really happy about it like yesterday.)

I mean, he pretty much is singing the entire song? Like not lead, obviously, but I’d say he spends a good 75% of the time singing. And that’s always a bonus. His verse is great! Like always! But the first really kind of special thing about the video, IMO, is actually not Liam-specific. That first chorus sounds fucking amazing. Their blend in that chorus is crazy pleasing. I don’t exactly know who is singing what - I know at least on the second line, Liam settles into the typical high harmony (… I think Liam starts lower on the first line). And Liam’s harmony here is really just an accent, really smoothly blended on top of everything else. And I have no idea who is singing the lowest harmony but they’re doing an excellent job rounding out the sound in a way I usually miss when Liam is on a high harmony. It’s great. And it’s great that the song is quiet enough to hear it all work together.

Then, when Liam comes out of his falsetto while singing harmony over Harry in the second verse, there’s a really nice contrast in their tones. Honestly, I can’t think of a ton of times that Liam and Harry are singing together, and I’m pretty sure there are none when Liam isn’t using falsetto. Being able to hear both of their full tones playing off of each other, even if for a second, is kinda great. I kind of want to explore this further, to see if it’s just something I’ve been sleeping on. Basically, I would like to subscribe to this newsletter.

Then he does a little bit of sort of laid back vocal adlibbing at the end of the bridge, which is always a treat. AND THEN we get into the last few choruses and I’d like to point out here just how much Liam does here. First things - from the first chorus to this one, he’s gradually built up power. And I am all about dynamics in songs, so this decision is one I like a lot. 

But basically after this Liam just gets to PLAY. And he so rarely just gets to play because he’s usually somewhat bound by having to hold down a specific harmony or verse, where his room for improvisation is somewhat limited. And I don’t really have the wherewithal to explain why I so viscerally love it, but I’m guessing a lot of it just has to do with the total joy and brashness with which Liam jumps at the opportunity. He’s wholly committed to seizing the opportunity to actually play. It sounds great, it’s obvious he’s got incredible control over his falsetto and, almost as importantly, incredible confidence in his falsetto. And I just love that he gets this opportunity and has decided to start just crushing it.

And then everything about the ending is similarly lovely and smooth and emotive and I would just love to hear him sing to me forever.