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What would your response be to ppl saying that Clarke betraying the Grounders in the last episode is exactly like Lexa leaving the skaikru in Mt. Weather? I haven't watched this season so idk all the details of what went down with that bunker business and my hunch is that those ppl (i.e. blarkes) are once again twisting/over simplifying things to demonize Lexa/prop up blarke (they think the purpose of the "parallel" is to bash Lexa and present Bell as the real hero who will "correct" Clarke)

My response would be filled with very impolite words but I’m not gonna do that. Instead, I’m just gonna explain how that parallel not only is wrong, but it’s nonexistent. People are so busy demonizing characters that they miss what the show has been literally screaming at us for a few episodes now.

So, if you pay attention, you’ll notice how evident it is that the parallel everyone is looking for isn’t with Lexa, but instead, with the Mountain Men.

But let me go in order. Throughout this season (and even before if we consider all the interviews on this topic) it has been made clear what Clarke’s approach to the upcoming apocalypse would be: try to save everyone. No more Grounders vs Skaikru, us vs them. She transcended tribalism, as it was repeated more than once. Now, while I do believe this is something Clarke already had in her (not as much as some people in the fandom seem to think, but that’s a story for another post), this progress has been shown as a consequence of her relationship with Lexa. Even ignoring the romantic aspect of it for a moment, they did change each other for the better, and Clarke witnessed Lexa’s vision of unity and peace. 

Now, we get to season 4, and not only Clarke is grieving for Lexa, she wants to honor her as well. Throughout the season, Lexa is mentioned multiple times in relation to Clarke, and in a positive light. To make some examples

– She and her legacy are recognized and honored even by past enemies. (x)

– Clarke wants to try to save not only just her people but everyone, as many as she can. Admirable aspiration, which is recognized as something Lexa believed in as well, something she would be proud of. (x)

– We’re yet again reminded of Lexa’s vision. She made the Coalition. She wanted unity because she wanted peace and safety for all clans. Also in this same scene, Indra mentions that if Lexa were there, the other clans might have followed her, and also that Lexa was the only reason a war hadn’t happened before. So, we see that Lexa’s presence could have avoided several conflicts and problems during such a critical situation. So again, a positive mention. (x)

Now, we’ve seen Clarke being very much in line with Lexa, which has been shown a good thing. But there is another scene Lexa is mentioned in that is worth talking about. The discussion between Clarke and Roan in 405. (x)

The first time in s4 we see Clarke possibly reverting back to tribalism, it is portrayed negatively. Roan literally calls her out. And yes, it was a backup plan, but Clarke’s face during Roan’s speech makes it pretty obvious that there is some truth about her in what he is saying.

Now, why did I mention all this? Because I needed to make clear how Lexa and her vision and her legacy are being showcased. Again, in a positive way. Because what Clarke chose to do in 410 wasn’t influenced by Lexa, it wasn’t a parallel to Lexa’s betrayal in 215. It was a parallel to something else, to someone else. Who?

Dante Wallace. More in general, the Mountain Men.

Honestly, it’s right there. Literally spelled out by the show, and more than once.

Clarke has good intentions. We’ve seen it throughout the season. But also the apocalypse is coming and the stakes are insanely high and she keeps on losing hope. We see how all this is taking a toll on her, how it’s literally eroding her, and the harder it gets the more she slips back into a “we have no choice” mentality. We’re not supposed to see that in a good light. We’re supposed to be disturbed. And here comes the negative parallel. 

First, episode 408. Clarke decides to test the nightblood and radiation on the grounder scavenger, finding some sort of moral consolation in the fact that he’s a horrible person who tortured Emori (she doesn’t know it’s a lie). When the truth is revealed, Emori is chosen as the next one to test/sacrifice. This time, Clarke has no excuses. Nothing other than humanity will die if they don’t find a solution. Now, what other people would have been doomed to death (by radiation nevertheless) without committing unspeakable acts in order to ensure their survival? That’s right. The Mountain Men. The parallel becomes even more evident when Luna refuses to give them other bone marrow and they knock her out, strap her down and take it by force. As Raven says (x)

In this particular case, the final outcome is less grim than it could have been. Clarke doesn’t go all the way, she decides to inject herself instead of doing it to Emori. Through the episode, we see her being plagued by what she is about to do. She can’t even look at Murphy, we see her doubting her own choice, meditating on it. And eventually, she chooses not to do it. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she ends up changing her mind after Roan mentions Lexa. Lexa is a reminder of what she’s been trying to accomplish, of who she’s been trying to be. At least, that’s how I see it. 

And once we get to Clarke injecting herself, she repeats Dante’s words. “I bear it so they don’t have to.” In doing what she does, she retains some of her morality, but also, it’s the first sign of the direct correlation being established between Clarke and Dante. When you think about it, she is doing what he was planning to do if his people had eventually left Mt Weather. He wanted to stay inside, to sacrifice himself. Here, Clarke is sacrificing herself as well.

And finally, we get to 410. Clarke’s “transformation”, so to speak, is complete. Now, I’ll try to make this as evident as possible going step by step.

  1. At the beginning of the episode, she’s still holding on to her plan/ethic (we have to try to save everyone). 
  2. Enters the threat of Luna.
  3. Jaha instills fear about the death of their people.
  4. Clarke initially ignores it and goes to talk to Roan but he won’t listen.
  5. Clarke makes up her mind and decides to steal the bunker.

This is 410. Now look at 215, from Dante’s perspective.

  1. Dante has been refusing to have any part in the killing of the 48, which means he’s holding on to his ethic. 
  2. Enters the threat of Lexa and Clarke, ready to break into Mt Weather with an army.
  3. Cage instills fear about the death of their people.
  4. Dante initially ignores him.
  5. Dante changes his mind and suggests a plan to save his people (deal with Lexa)

It’s so incredibly linear. Clarke and Jaha become a mirror image of Dante and Cage. And to make sure it’s clear, at the end of the episode, Octavia literally says

This is the parallel. This is the negative influence. Lexa is nowhere to be found here, if not in the fact that by doing this, Clarke, who wanted to honor Lexa’s legacy, is now literally betraying it. She has turned into what used to be the Grounders’ and Lexa’s greatest enemy. 

That’s it. This is what I think that scene and Clarke’s arc are supposed to mean. To analyze it further, we can only wait for next episode, when we’re going to see the repercussions of this choice and we’re probably going to delve into Clarke’s psyche much more.

In regards to Bellamy, again, I think the best thing to do is to wait for the next episode to air and then see.

But this is my answer. I hope I made my thoughts clear enough.

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HC where RFA+V+Saeran sees MC kissed by a foreigner but it turns out that the foreigner is her cousin and it's like normal gesture for him. (let's make V get his sight back) (The gang haven't confess to MC yet on this one) how will they react?? (Tbh imma slut for Jelly Gang)

Hello~ Ri had a bit of writer’s block with this request so Nao kindly offered her assistance :3

Ri was responsible for Yoosung, Zen, Jumin and Saeran, while Nao wrote Jaehee, Seven and V~!

We hope you enjoy~!

– NaoRi (our name for collabs ;))


  • He was already having a bad enough day after running into a V look-a-alike after school, and then he came home to see you with a stranger!
  • He figured that it was just your friend or something (although he was a bit irritated that it was a guy) so he left you guys alone to talk with each other
  • Of course, Yoosung lurked around in the kitchen, very clearly subtly keeping an eye on the guy
  • He’d be texting Zen as he anxiously watches
  • Yoosung: Zen!! There’s some weird guy in our house… He’s being a bit too friendly with MC, what should I do?? >_
  • Zen: Hah? I don’t think you should worry, Yoosung. MC didn’t even go for ME—ME, this handsome embodiment of perfection!
  • Texting Zen for help was even worse than not texting Zen for help.
  • AND SO, the MATURE, emphasis on MATURE, Yoosung endured.
  • But then that guy kissed you before he left. And you let him.
  • Yoosung stood up immediately, feeling hurt that you hadn’t even turned away from him. Tears were welling up in his eyes.
  • “MC… who was he? Do you… not like me anymore?” he whimpered.
  • You quickly explained that your cousin was visiting, and you were just catching up. You also mentioned that it was a custom to kiss where your cousin came from (he’d been studying in France for the last few years.)
  • Yoosung almost burst into tears again at the revelation. “I was so worried…! I wanted to act like a man and tried not to let it get to me, but I couldn’t help it… I got jealous again. I’m sorry, MC… A-are you disappointed?”
  • He looked so ashamed of himself but he was so adorable right now, you wanted to hug him to death.
  • You reassured him, “I’ll never be disappointed in you, Yoosung. I think it’s really cute that you’re jealous!”
  • “Cute?! I’m not cute! I’m a man!”


  • He’s never been the jealous type. After all, he has plenty of fans and they cause lots of misunderstandings, so he tries to be as calm as you do.
  • You had been waiting for him to finish a business meeting, so you had gone to a nearby café.
  • Zen was relieved to return to your side—he can’t help but worry about leaving you alone in public. What if fans attacked you? What if other men tried to flirt with you?
  • He was already paranoid about your safety, so when he saw you sitting with a blond, foreign man from the windows of the café, Zen SNAPPED.
  • In a flash, he had crossed the street, entered the café and SLAMMED his hands on the table between you and the foreigner.
  • “Get away from MC!” he shouted, not caring about his public image.
  • The foreigner was shocked at first, but his expression quickly morphed into understanding. In a cheerful, British accent, he said, “Oh, I see. So you’re the actor MC was talking about. I recognize you! Can I have an autograph?!”
  • Zen looked between you and the foreigner, wondering what the connection was.
  • “Zenny, you’ve got it all wrong! He’s my cousin!! But you should be careful around hi-“
  • Too late. The foreigner had kissed Zen’s lips.
  • What the-
  • Well, Zen had been attacked by fans before, so this was not uncommon. But it was just a bit… sudden.
  • “He’s gay,” you finished. “And he’s in love with handsome men.”
  • Oho~! So her cousin thinks I’m handsome!
  • Be prepared for a very intimate, narcissistic discussion between them


  • You went together on one of Zen’s musicals post Christmas
  • Jaehee had been fangirling about Zen’s new role in the play as you went inside the theater
  • You were so immersed in the topic that you bump into a tall, blonde guy and you fall on your ass
  • The guy turns to help you up
  • “I’m sorry, are you al……MC?!? My, what a coincidence, it is MC!!!“
  • “Albert? Ohmaygahd, it is you!!! I missed you so much!!!“
  • He helps you up and he kisses you in the forehead as you hang off him.
  • Meanwhile, Jaehee watches from the sidelines, feeling a mix of emotions.
  • They look so good together, he must be her boyfriend… she did tell me likes Eddie Redmayne, so her type must be British guys after all…?
  • You finally un-dangle yourself from Albert and you loop your arm with Jaehee’s
  • “Jaehee, I’d like to introduce you to Albert, my cousin. Albert, this is Jaehee, my friend…“
  • “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jaehee; I can call you Jaehee, right?“ he starts, as he takes her hand and kisses the back of it (smooth, dear cousin, VEEEERY SMOOTH)
  • You’ve never seen her blush this much, even when you watched “The Jalapeno topping was pretty spicy“
  • You sit between her and your cousin for fear of him snatching Baehee away from you


  • The two of you were visiting France for one of the C&R company’s biggest business partner’s party. He had taken you along to sightsee and let you experience true French cuisine.
  • He had bought you a long, elegant red dress to wear at the party, and he thought it made you look absolutely beautiful.
  • Maybe too beautiful, he thought, when he saw a couple businessmen approaching you.
  • You were laughing, hugging them and conversing casually despite the formal environment.
  • Jumin had his eyebrows furrowed deeply, a bit irritated that you were being over-friendly with them
  • One of the men leaned in for a kiss, and you returned it.

  • He swiftly walks next to your side, casting a cool gaze on the three French men in front of you.
  • “Qu’est-ce que vous faites avec mon amour? (What are you doing with my lover?)” Jumin asks, suppressing his displeasure. “Comprenez-vous que vos actions pourraient avoir un mauvais impact sur notre relation? (Do you understand your actions may have a bad effect on our relationship?”
  • “Jumin, silly!” you giggled. “These three are my cousins! They’re triplets. They grew up in France with their French father, although I never imagined I would meet them here!”
  • Jumin blinked, taking in the new information. The tension in his arms eased, and he nodded in apology towards the men.
  • Well. He’d be sure to stop assuming. He should just trust that you would make the right decisions.
  • “Je suis désolé d'avoir agi ainsi. Comment pourrais-je m'excuser proprement?? (I apologize for my actions. How can I properly apologize?)”
  • Expect an overly fancy dinner in formal banter—it was almost as if Jumin was trying to compete against them and appear brighter than them.
  • Dammit, was this guy still jealous?

Saeyoung / 707

  • The two of you decided to hang out for a movie and a round of games at the arcade
  • You notice a familiar Middle Eastern guy approaching you as you leave the cinema
  • Seven notices this too
  • Recognition dawns on you
  • “MC!!!“
  • “Faris!!!”
  • You run to him and share a hug and a kiss
  • He’s aware that kissing between a man and a woman in Arab countries are only limited to relatives and lovers, but you don’t look alike, so that leaves him with the latter option.
  • A lover, maybe? But…
  • He’s about to (miserably) slink away and just leave you a message as to his whereabouts, when you turn around and pull him towards the intruder
  • “Seven, this is Faris, my cousin and milk-brother…“
  • The rest of the sentence is drowned out the moment he hears the word cousin
  • Is so overjoyed that he excitedly throws his arms out to him and says, “Hello, 707, I’m Faris! kayf Haalak?“
  • Your cousin is amused, and he returns the greeting, along with a kiss.
  • “bi-khayr, al-Hamdu lillah“
  • After the usual courtesies, you both invite Faris to hang out with you.
  • You’re amused because they’re getting along well… maybe a little too well?


  • Was talking to a prospective customer during one of the RFA parties when you decided to roam around
  • Hears you squeal, but doesn’t mind it until he hears an unfamiliar voice.
  • “MC!!! Mi amore, it’s so nice to see you again!!!“
  • Turns in time to see a handsome male brunette happily give you a kiss on both cheeks
  • Observes the interaction from the corner of his eye
  • Why isn’t he taking his hands off of MC? Isn’t that longer than necessary?
  • Leaves the conversation without excusing himself
  • Makes his way to you, smoothly grabbing a champagne flute from one of the passing waiters
  • You’re surprised when he suddenly appears right beside you and puts a hand on the small of your back
  • ????
  • “I’ve been looking all over for you, MC. Mind introducing me to your friend?“
  • He’s smiling, but you notice how it looks a bit forced
  • “Oh, yeah, this is Alessandro, my cousin who just came in from Italy. Sandy, this is V…“
  • “…the sunshine to her moonlight,“ he continues, the tension visibly leaving his shoulders and he offers a relaxed smile as he extends a hand for your cousin to shake.
  • Sunshine to my moonlight?!? Eh? Ehh? EHHHHHH?????
  • You are a confused and blushing mess
  • “It’s so nice to meet you; MC has told me so much about you!“
  • “It’s a pleasure to meet you too, but I believe this is the first time I’ve heard that MC has relatives in Italy.“
  • V is surprised when your cousin doesn’t reach for the handshake and instead, gives him a kiss on both cheeks too.
  • But they’re hugging a bit longer than necessary???
  • When they finally separate though, you can feel huge waves of tension radiating from these two, even when engaging in a polite conversation.


  • The moment any guy even LOOKS at you, he glares at them. While he’s a softie around you now, he still has his gangster-like tendencies from before.
  • And he can give a good glare that scares people to scramble the hell away immediately.
  • It’s pretty handy when you have to wait in line for amusement parks, movie theatres and restaurant lines.
  • But you never expected him to glare that way at your poor cousin who jumped behind your back.
  • “Saeran, stop scaring my cousin! He’s a good guy,” you said in a worried tone.
  • Cousin? Ah.
  • Saeran puts on a friendly smile, reaching his hand out towards your cousin.
  • “Sorry about that. It’s a habit,” he mumbled, sheepishly rubbing his hand on the back of his neck.
  • Your cousin returns a relieved smile, “Well, I’m glad you’re able to protect MC this way. It’s all good.”
  • Then your cousin kisses your hand in appreciation for explaining the situation before he got killed by your scary boyfriend.
  • Speaking of which.
  • Scary Boyfriend Mode: Activated.
  • Saeran’s gaze turns sadistic, eyeing your cousin with irritation.
  • Cue the screams. Let’s hope your cousin had lived a long life already.

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I would love it if u shared some rubber-hose cartoons!! I haven't seen any in a long time but I used to watch em as a kid, mostly Mickey Mouse tho. But with this game I've kinda fallen fully for this style?? Lol


((Honestly my top favorite cartoon to watch is and i will ALWAYS recommend Flip the frog :( he is such a handsome funny toon <3  he last from 1930-1933 uvu but his late 1930′s design is the cutest and the most handsome ))

(( i made a playlist with most of his episodes available on youtube uvu you can find it HERE 


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can i has more cr sense8 au percy pls? (if your up for it of course)


“I’m still not certain we should be doing this.“

It was a meaningless statement even before he said it. With her arm in his, with the warmth of her against his side and the tinkle of her laugh fading in the air, Percy thought he would trust Vex to lead him down any icy path through the woods, with any blindfold on or off, even if he had never known her more intimately than he knew himself. Even if they had just met, somehow, one day, and she had smiled and beckoned, he would have followed.

Exaggerated gagging noises broke into his thoughts—Vax, visiting as almost always, making Vex laugh in the cold Northern darkness. The drugs all but gone from his veins, Percy could feel him again, that knife’s edge of sarcasm prickling over devotion deep enough to fill the sea.

Two (one? three?) months of isolation was turning him poetic. It was horrifying.

“It’ll be fine,” said Vex, tugging him forward. “Turn right—”

Percy followed her instructions obediently. “I don’t know where you get the confidence that she won’t be looking, just this one night. It’s not like the holidays have stopped them before.”

“Because she’s loony, Freddie,” Vax said with overwhelming fondness.

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Being Renessmee's Twin Includes
  • Rosalie: I'm naming her Bella. I will not allow you to butcher and mesh two more names. Her name is Carlie. Deal with it.
  • Carlie: Why can't I fight with you and momma papa? I want to show the Volturi that I'm not a scared little girl. Anyone threatens to kill my family, I refuse to run away
  • Bella: Carlie, how many times have I told you? No throwing knifes in the house. You could hurt Renessmee or yourself. Be more careful.
  • Emmett: C'mon kiddo. I'll teach you how to fight.
  • Jasper: *scoffs* It'd be best if I teach her. You get frustrated too easily Emmett.
  • Carlise: Carlie, your growth is more rapid than Renessmee's. Your genes must be slightly different from hers. It could be an attribution to a power we haven't discovered yet.
  • Esme: It's so sweet of you to help me make dinner for you and Renessmee. I feel like you and I hardly get any time together. Renessmee's always off with either her parents or Jacob and you keep to yourself most of the time. Just know that I'm here if you ever want to talk to someone sweetie. You are my grandbaby afterall.
  • Edward: Your mother and I don't love Renessmee more than you Carlie. We love you both equally. She just relies on us more than you. You've always been more independent than your sister.
  • Carlie: I'm more independent because you and mom are always with her and Aunt Rose takes care of me. But whatever. I don't care anymore. She'll be stuck here in Forks and you all will have to leave eventually and I will travel the world once I reach an acceptable age growth.
  • Bella: Where have you been Carlie?! You've been gone for three whole days! What on earth are you wearing?!
  • Carlie: *sighs* Relax mom. I went to Comic Con in San Diego and cosplayed as Harley Quinn. I went to have some fun. Geez, it's like your trying to keep me trapped with you forever since Renessmee started solely hanging out with Jacob. I bet you really hate that imprint now cause you finally have to pay attention to your other daughter.
  • Alice: Carlie, come shopping with me. We never spend any girl time together since you started buying your own clothes.
  • Carlie: But there's a Gotham marathon on today. How about I go shopping with you tomorrow then?
  • Jasper: *watching the Romanian aired teach you how to fight and use weapons from a window in the house because Bella and Edward forbid him from teaching her himself* I don't see what the problem was with them Alice. I have no urge to drink wither of the girls blood and I adore Carlie. I should be teaching her how to fight, not those barbaric two.
  • Alice: I know Jas. But she finally made some friends that weren't a part of our family. Renessmee has Jacob and that's all she needs. Carlie is free to expand herself unbound to anyone. We don't want to smother the girl by crowding her all the time.
  • Rose: I can't believe Bella never told you about periods. Oh wait, I can. Look Carlie, you have nothing to fear. It's completely natural.
  • Jacob: Why do you hate me Carlie? I never did anything to you.
  • Carlie: *rolls eyes and scoffs* Exactly. I hardly even know you and you're the guy my sister is bound to for life. You've hardly ever acknowledged me before. You've hardly ever spokento me and you have no interest in anyone but my sister. I don't like you because I know that the imprint you have with my sister isn't how you really are or were before my mom even started screwing with your life.
  • Bella: How can you say such a thing Carlie?!
  • Carlie: Oh please. Shut up mom. You know I'm right. You only support that imprint because now, Jacob will forever be within your grasp. Just because you chose not to have him all those years ago doesn't mean you get to keep him around when he's moved on with his life.
  • Renessmee: Will you be my maid of honor?
  • Carlie: I haven't seen or heard from you in nearly four years sis. And frankly I don't want to go to your wedding at all. You know your marriage won't end well. You're in love with Nahuel and whether you admit it or not, you don't feel the same pull if the imprint like you used to. Stop dragging Jacob along. Stop your relationship with him and decide what you want. God, you are worse than our mother. Make up your freaking mind.
  • Leah: I didn't think it would be possible, but I am actually best friends with someone who shares half her DNA with Bella Cullen.
  • Carlie: Oh hush. I'm nothing like my mother and you know it. Now shut up so I can hear Tom Hiddleston say "mewling quim."
  • Seth: Are you sure about this Carlie?
  • Carlie: Yes, for the thousandth time. I love you and I refuse to be bound to someone I met only once. I fell in love with you and that is what I've always wanted. To fall in love, not be bound by fate to become whatever my mate pleases.
On my own.- CH

“Was still getting used to being on my own.” He croaks out.

His eyes are drowning in yours and you are sure your legs are going to fail you any second. Two years since you had last laid eyes on him and yet here you are, outside the small bakery you would frequently visit with him. 

You know the line he just spoke, you would know the line anywhere. The line from the song he wrote for you when things had turned sour. The line from the song that put his band on the map worldwide, breaking down barriers that were seen impossible. The line from the song that filled arenas twice as fast and eventually stadiums.

You don’t have time to respond before you feel a familiar hand around your waist and a kiss planted on your forehead, the look of instant pain is painted across Calum’s face and yet you don’t feel any sympathy. He knew you had moved on, he knew you had started to build your life back and you knew he had as well. At first, you had watched from the sidelines as the girl with the wild hair and tattoo’s appeared next to him in pictures, being wary of her intentions and motives but time had told all she wanted was his heart.

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First fic on here! Hopefully it won’t be my last :V

Summary: Lance falls ill while accompanying Keith on a business trip, but Keith is too busy to take notice.

Prompt from here: http://sickficprompts.tumblr.com/post/157422627471/most-likely-an-over-done-prompt-but-still

“Do you want the window seat or the middle one?”

“Middle,” Keith answers without hesitation. “It’s closer to the aisle.”

“Okay.” Sniffling, Lance lifts his suitcase up and slides it into the storage compartments overhead, his arms shaking slightly from the effort. Then he slides into the seat next to the window, wiping his nose on the back of his hand.

Keith slips into the seat next to him. He has a meeting and an important speech to deliver in a different city, and the plane flight has already been delayed.

Biting his lip, he opens up his laptop and starts polishing the slides for his presentation. It’s a good thing he doesn’t get airsick. Excluding takeoff and landing, he’ll have a full four hours to work on this.

Lance shifts beside him, and Keith glances over at him for a moment. It was Lance’s idea to accompany him on this business trip, and despite himself, Keith is really grateful for his offer. He hates traveling alone.

“Thanks for coming with me,” he says.

He watches his boyfriend’s lips press into a smile, small but sweet. “Anytime.”

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Measure for Measure

Dean had imagined a thousand times what it would be like to see his little brother again, but not once had this particular scenario occured to him. Wincest AU where Sam never left Stanford. 

Sam/Dean, part ½

Dean was fairly certain he wouldn’t make it out this time and when the bulky police officer barked at him that he was free to go, he felt his jaw drop.

“I’m what?”

The officer’s mouth curled disdainfully. “Trust me you son of a bitch, I’m still convinced you murdered that poor woman in cold blood. But that fancy attorney of yours out there,” -he gestured angrily at the closed door- “has apparently managed to sweet talk your guilty ass cleared of all charges.”

Dean couldn’t help the disbelief that crept into his voice when he asked, “My attorney?”

The officer’s eyes narrowed. “Yeah, your attorney. Can’t see how scum like you can afford to hire someone like him, his god damn suit’s probably worth what I make in a month. Now get the hell out of here before I do something to you that’ll cost me my badge.”

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do you think destiel has a chance of becoming canon this season? I mean we haven't had a season this full of destiel (destielicious, if you may) since s8 and dabb seems really in favor of the destiel reading + there are two queer writers... i feel like we're so close to canon destiel but i'm afraid i'm just biased bc i want it to be canon. thoughts? btw ily and your content <3

Hey nonny, given that I’m so new to tumblr your last words are so sweet thank you! *hug* 

I am also massively biased of course, I would love for Dean and Cas to sort their proverbial crap out and snuggle on Sam’s bed watching Lilo & Stitch while Sam looks on from his chair in constant amazement with both a warm and sinking feeling in his stomach. Cos he’s so happy for them and his family is whole and content but guys, not on MY bed.

Where was I?

Imo it’s a tough one for the show runners and the network, they don’t want to rock the boat but also don’t want to be seen to be queerbaiting, as I said recently it’s poor show for them that when you google Supernatural an article on queerbaiting comes up on page ONE. Also I’m kinda not sure that Jensen is very happy about the idea, but I’m happy to be proved wrong by people who know better.

Thus imo it’s an endgame deal, which I’m sure you know if you follow my blog. I basically scream endgame Destiel every day. To the point that I feel like if it doesn’t happen I’ll just be. What? Like in shock for a few millennia. I keep telling myself that it might not happen and that’s fiiiiiiine…. but then get sucked right back in cos as you say - fodder much? I mean season 12 - what are you doing? Even throwing in so much gratuitous Drowley is glorious to me as if fantastically accentuates the Destiel what with the Cas/Crowley mirrors since their conception and I LOVE IT.

Imo they wouldn’t be chucking so many tropes, so much Destiel fodder at us if it wasn’t going SOMEWHERE as that would make the queerbaiting issue WORSE and the CW has other shows with queer representation so they must be well aware of this as a sore point.

They could easily calm down the Destiel and keep everyone happyish in the middle ground, not rock the boat and upset the Pro or Anti side by, idk, heightening the SASTIEL, allowing Cas and Sam to interact as brothers without it being via Dean, levelling all their relationships with each other to a real brotherly, equal style. Comparing Dean and Cas’s relationship to Sam and Cas’s and even Dean and Sam’s is key to me understanding Destiel, it makes the differences so obvious. 

Have Sam and Cas bicker about, idk, anything, Sam easily bickers with Dean so why not Cas? I mean they have common ground over Lucifer - but they hardly spoke about him at all one on one?
For that matter have we seen Sam and Cas have a real one on one conversation not about Dean since 9x11? I mean to me sure they care about each other deeply but they are portrayed as brothers IN LAW not brothers….nearly always either with Dean there as a buffer or talking about Dean. That one bonding episode in 9x11 is the only one I can think of and it stood out precisely because of that. 

Or have Sam call Cas once in a while, don’t have Dean walking off to speak to Cas ALONE so Sam can’t overhear…. Having Dean acting like a complete jealous husband over Crowley then like a WORRIED husband about Billie…. NOT having Sam clearing his throat, eyebrows into his hairline, mouth agape as a constant ‘third wheel’ to a married couple’s bickering or generally an audience mirror to Cas and Dean’s interactions….

Yeah these are choices they are making.

However there are other, many reasons why they probably won’t do it right now (plotline - generally, LBR the drama is at its peak when it’s dragged out right to the end; actors might not want to ‘go there’ on camera too much, certain producers might not be keen, they might lose some right wing fans which we know are numerous, even just fans who don’t see Destiel and would see it as just fan service etc etc etc).

So… things are kind of too good right now with Destiel which makes me worried as it isn’t the right timing imo. If we do get canon Destiel this season I would personally bet on either:

1. Both show their feelings (loosely, I’m not gunning for a double sided love declaration of anything but hey who knows) but they’re separated by *something* leading into season 13.

2. Cas shows his feelings even more clearly and Dean isn’t ready yet. I’m continually writing about the deconstruction of performing!Dean and how this season is particularly strong, but this part is gonna be a BIG deal and perhaps it’ll be one of the last to fall…. leading to perhaps Cas in a Romeo & Juliet style move going back to Heaven (as that now has conveniently become a potential option), thinking that Dean has rejected him (I wouldn’t put it past Dean to be outrageously harsh and hurtful out of fear and self loathing), again leading into season 13.

Basically no, I doubt by the end of season 12 we will have hand holding, waking up in bed together and getting coffee in their jammies Destiel. BUT I do think we will be getting deeper into their relationship and something big will happen cos man, it sure is leading to something….. so…..

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Hey Edo, which Voltron series do you think has the best antagonists both in terms of being an actual threat to the protagonists and being compelling and interesting characters.

it’s really not fair to compare all the older series to VLD since there’s such a huge difference in era/budget/target audience/general dynamic style; the new series is so good all across the board in those aspects that drawing up any comparisons is pretty much shooting all the other series in the neck right from the get go. 

that said, i’m going to cheat a bit and say Beast King GoLion is the best. it’s not strictly a ‘voltron’ series but it’s still the basis of everything, and holy shit is it violent and scary. the pilots escape from a cannibal slave ship arena, shirogane gets killed within the first stretch of the first season (and later his younger brother is also killed trying to avenge him), prince sincline is not funny/generally incompetent like prince lotor is, mutilated corpses are regular background filler, princess fala’s remaining citizens constantly get murdered trying to protect her from the galra, planet earth gets blown to pieces, and honerva/haggar is the most horrifyingly merciless villain of all the ones they face.

i think this kind of stuff becomes most apparent watching some of the episodes with chibi/pidge. the older pilots (mostly) do a better job of taking all the horror in stride but there are a few chinks (like losing the pilots, missing his home and his mother etc.) where you can see the extent of how things affect their youngest member and it’s not pretty. 

  • <p> <b></b> Michael POV<p/><b></b> "Man I didn't even really wanna go to prom, it was just a bunch of overly horny niggas and bitches that spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on one night that would be over before it began" I said as me and my bestfriend Metri sat at the food court in the mall. "Bitch shut the fuck up you know you wanna go, you just mad cause you don't have a date yet, and you extra salty cause Darrien ain't ask you yet" he laughed as he took a bite of his chick-fil-a sandwhich. He was right though I actually did wanna go but I only wanted to go with one person and that was him, waiting on him to ask me to prom was like waiting in line for new Jordan's to drop it takes forever. "Yeah whatever Bitch, he ain't gonna ask me so Im just over it, it's only a week an a half left till prom and I don't have a tux or limo shit I'm mad as hell I brought that $100 ticket" I said actually becoming mad a little. " Calm down Mike, you'll get asked and if you don't you can come with me and Travis" he replied trying to cherler me up. "GREAT!!, so I can be a third wheel, na I'll pass" I retorted honestly. We finished our meal and did a little more shopping as we were leaving I seen darrien and some other boy walking on I quickly grabbed metri and duck behind this big ass flower pot outside the mall. "BITCH, I'll smack the shit outta you bout to give me whip flash better be glad me and Jesus ace boon coons in this new year don't do that shit no more" he said but I ignored everything he said and said " Look, there go Darrien and some other boy going in the mall, do you know him?" I asked because my Bitch been around the block and up the street a few times. " Yeah that's Evan he got a big dick, Mmm.. A really big-". " Michael?" Someone asked from behind me and from the voice I knew exactly who it was. " He-hey Darrien funny running into you here haha" I say nervously beings I was just caught hiding behind a flower pot at 3 in the afternoon. " What you doing behind this flower pot, hey Metri" he said as he hugged us both. "Well I was-we were- he needed" I couldn't speak at all so like a true bestfriend my bitch quickly said " We were here looking at tuxs for prom, how about you guys and hey Evan!" He said as he gave Evan that look that make ya mom uncomfortable cause she no her son getting dicked down right. "Wassup Metri, still looking sexy as ever, you a stranger thou shawty, I see ya new nigga got you in lock huh?" Evan replied licking his lips and I'll admit I got alil turned on. "please don't get him started on niggas" I said as I pulled darriens so we could talk away from those two knuckle heads.<p/><b></b> Darrien POV<p/><b></b> I'll admit it Michael was looking so fine right now he had his hair I'm braids that led to a man bun and his ass was sitting right, I spotted him and Metri walking out the mall as soon as we got close to the steps o seen him duck down behind that flower pot and all that. "So why was you hiding again?" I asked him because I wanted a answer. " ok truth is I seen you and Evan and I didn't know him so I thought-" before he could finish I said " I was cheating, Oh okay, nah shawty I'm not going no where". " So if that's true why haven't you asked me to prom yet Darrien we only have a week basically to get his shit together, is cause I'm a boy and your parents don't know" he said and I could see the hurt in his eyes. " Come on man! Don't start with that, look I love you and I always will but I'm just not ready for my parents to know yet" I honestly said.<p/><b></b> Me and Michael been messing around since sophomore year and we are now seniors, I came out at school for him cause I really do love him I just haven't told my parents yet.<p/><b></b> "Don't do what! D, explain to the guy I love that I wanna be with him whole heartily I fucking love ya bigheaded ass and I just wanna spend this night with you" he said as tears rolled down his face. Before I could reply he grabbed Metri and left me standing there. "damn, bro you fucked up this time huh?" Evan said walking over as we watched them leave. " Man shut up nigga, I didn't do shit, he wanna go to prom with me but I haven't told my parents about us yet, don't get me wrong I love his ass a lot but I'm not ready yet man, what you think?" I asked him cause he was my boy and he keep it 100 with me. " I think that you should take his ass to prom, tell ya parents and move on if that accept you great if they don't go to college with ya man and start a new life my nigga, for to long we love for others because what they might think or feel bit what about us?" He said as we entered Zumiez " Since when did you become Mr. Knowitall" I said mushing his head. " Since I came out 2 months ago and my mom accept me but you know pops ain't wit it but he cool" he replied which made me think about my next move and how I was gonna tell my parents that there only child was gay and wanted to go to prom with a boy!! Damn.<p/><b></b> If you like this first little snippet of my new tumble story "Knight in shining armor" please please please #reblog and comment lemme know wassup I'll beposting updates every Wednesday and the chapters will be much longer this is just a tease!!<p/></p>
C’mon, C’mon.

Prompt: You and Sebastian are in a movie together, and you can’t wait for that special scene.

A/N: This is short but I wanted to get something out for y’all!! thank you for reading and much love xx

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“Kiss me,” you murmured softly, looking intensely into Sebastian’s eyes as he gazed back down at you, invitingly. 

He bit his lip, “But, we can’t. What about him?” 

“I don’t care about him anymore! I want you!” You yelled, exasperated and yearning for his lips on yours. 

“You’re so infuriating! Don’t you know he loves you!?” Sebastian screamed, the vein in his neck popping out. Whoa

“I only want you.” 

Sebastian grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to him, leaning forward. 

Just as you were about to finally feel his plump lips on yours, it was all ruined. 

“Cut! Alright everybody, that’s a wrap for today. We’ll pick this back up tomorrow.” The director called, causing Sebastian to pull away from you and scratch his neck. 

Sebastian smiled sheepishly at you, “You were great today.” 

You nodded, “Thank you, so were you.” 

It was so frustrating. Filming a new movie was the absolute worst thing when your co-star looked like a sex god and you were supposed to be his love interest. To say you were excited to be in this film would be an understatement, but with every chance you got to kiss him, it was ruined by one thing or another. 

He was so nice, extremely intelligent, and everything that you ever looked for in a man. Unfortunately he just didn’t seem too interested in you. 

You walked away from set, following the familiar path to your trailer, and plopped down onto the chair. 

“You were supposed to film the scene from page 32, how’d it go?” Your assistant asked you, knowing fully well you were extremely interested in Sebastian. You wiped your forehead, sighing at the perky blonde girl in front of you, “The director called cut just before the kiss.” 

“That’s unfortunate. It’ll come tomorrow, everything will be fine.” She reassured you, patting your thigh lightly. 

You couldn’t help but feel desperate. Every time you saw Sebastian, you licked your lips. You had chapstick on you all the time. It seemed sad, and by the look of pity your assistant gave you, you were right about that. 

“Whatever, I’m just gonna go home and sleep. Need my rest for tomorrow.” You winked, changing out of your on-set clothes and changing back into the comfortable leggings and sweater that you came in. 

You wiped off the makeup and sighed at your freshly clean face, pulling your hair back into a bun and walked out of the door. 

As you looked up, you ran directly into the strong chest of someone. Slowly your eyes traveled up the man’s body and you were relaxed to see it was only Sebastian. 

“Oh, h-hey.” You stuttered, hugging your chest. “Hey, (Y/N), I was just going for a bite to eat, you wanna come?” He said, his smile inviting and friendly. 

You grinned, “Sure.” 

He led you to a small cafe that was just outside of the set, the both of you sitting down and telling your beverage choices to the waitress. 

“So, I’ve seen some of your movies,” he started, “and you’re pretty damn good actress. I think the director made a good choice in casting you.” 

Your face grew red, “T- thank you. I’ve hoped to become as good as an actress as, say, Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor.” 

Sebastian smiled, “I think you’re already there. You did a pretty damn good job at looking like you wanted to tear my clothes off on set today.” 

A giggle bubbled from your throat, “Welp, that’s my job.” 

The waitress came by and took your orders, obviously interested in Sebastian. As she walked away you decided to change the subject. 

“I recently watched a few of your movies as well.” You said, not a bit more confident. 

“Really, what one?” He asked inquisitively. 

You bit your lip, “The Bronze. I think you really brought that character, what was his name,” you snapped your fingers, “Lance. You really brought Lance to life.” 

It was his turn to go red, his ears burning as he smiled sheepishly, “Yeah, that uh- that was quite a movie to… film.” 

“Oh it certainly must have been!” You laughed, throwing a peanut into your mouth and smirking at Sebastian who hid his face in his hands. 

The meal went on simply enough, the both of you talking about various roles you had and just getting to know each other in general. He talked fondly of his time on set in The Martian, talking of his love of space and his interest in astronauts. He mentioned it was something that he thought about a lot. 

You talked of your movie roles, laughing about the small role you had when you were just starting out and embarrassed about the sex scene you had to have. 

Sebastian followed you back to your rented apartment near the set, conversation not stopping as he skipped behind you with his hands in his pockets. He was animated and lively, something you had yet to see much of when acting. 

You invited him in, thanking him for paying for the meal and sitting on the couch with beers in your hands. 

“How do you feel about the scene tomorrow?” He asked suddenly, his eyes lit with mischievous thoughts. “Which one?” You asked once your lips popped off of the bottle. 

“You know,” he chuckled, “the one where you can finally plant one on me.” 

“If I’m not mistaken, you’re the one who kisses me.” You defend, shrugging your shoulders. 

“Fine, fine.” He murmured, his eyes brightening with his smile. 

Your hands ran over the condensation on your bottle, the two of you sitting in a comfortable silent. He studied your features while you looked away, his eyes moving to something else once he noticed you staring back. 

“Do you think we should… practice for tomorrow?” Sebastian asked. 

You almost spat out your beer. “Practice kissing?” 

He nodded, “Yeah. I think it would be good, really show our body chemistry on camera.” He explained, now sitting closer and your knees hitting each other. 

Without saying a word, he moved a hair out of your face and tucked it gently behind your ear. His hand rested on your cheek and he leaned forward. 

Every muscle in your body stiffened, the moment you had been waiting for forever finally happening. 

As his lips met yours, you sighed happily and relaxed into his touch. His lips tasted sweet, like cherries with a hint of the apple ale that he had been drinking just moments before. 

His tongue tasted even stronger of the ale, it cold against yours but every move he made only made you want to kiss him longer. 

After a moment he pulled away, his eyes meeting yours. You cleared your throat, “Yeah, that was good. You’re pretty good.” 

Sebastian threw his head back and laughed. A real, belly clenching laugh. He wiped tears away from his face, only to chuckle more once he saw your smile, “I’m sorry, doll. You just-” he laughed some more, “you’re so awkward. It’s lovely.” 

“Hey!” you threw a throwpillow at him, “don’t be a jackass.” 

Sebastian giggled quietly to himself, only to stop and look directly into your eyes. “I’m going to kiss you again, and this time it isn’t for practice.” 

Before you had time to process what he had said, his lips were on yours and your back was on the couch. Not for practice this time, do what you can! you thought to yourself, wrapping your arms around his neck and enjoying the sweet taste of cherries once again. 

His hands stayed on your hips, pushing you down onto the couch and his lips capturing yours once again. 

You pulled away, out of breath and watching Sebastian’s chest heave as he smiled. “Do you think we’re ready for tomorrow?” 

“I don’t know… maybe you should kiss me one more time to find out.” You murmured cheekily, leaning up to kiss him again.

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I've made a huge mistake. I decided to watch Popcorn Taxi again and I haven't seen it in a while and it was so AWFUL. I had to stop several times because it was too much, the ludicrousness was off the charts, my face hurt from smiling at the bouncing enthusiastic happy puppy that someone very irresponsibly gave a mic to. I'm so mentally compromised right now. Please help.

Ooohhh…bad move, little gray face.  That’s seriously one of the mostest ludicrousest things he’s ever done.  Everything is off the charts.  Like if he were a woman, I’d say he must have been ovulating.  Because seriously. So potent.  The hair and the suit and the whiskers and the sparkling eyes and the SAFness.  Just…UGH.  (Actually, Thor 2 Premiere Era Tom is a problem in general, but that’s a whole other discussion…)

His reaction to the comment from the audience about Loki just being evil, the sexiness question, the “show stopper” in his school play,  the indignation over “a cyclist, a fellow traveler, AN ALLY!!!!”…UGH.

Honestly, the bit about the officious air hostess is one of my favorite things. He just looks so incredibly offended.  

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And this…

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So, I’m afraid I can’t help you.  All I can say is watch it again.  Watch it again again.  Then yet once more.  Watch it until you are sick of it.  Then maybe you’ll be free of him.  And let me know if that works for ya, mm’kay?

In closing, I’ll just leave this quote here, from around 12:00ish in Part 1, for absolutely no current relevant reason whatsoever.  *cough*

“If I have one fear in my life, it’s a fear of wasting time.  I don’t want to look back at my life and think ‘God, I wish I had done all of this stuff that I always wanted to do!’ but I didn’t do it because I was afraid or because someone was going to take a potshot at me or because I might fail.  To me, that is the greatest tragedy, is to look back and say ‘I wish I had, and I didn’t.’ And I think, at a certain time, I just refused to let that be a factor - in anything.  But I’ve always been a very passionate person, I think.  I’ve always been quite honest about what I love and I what I don’t, I suppose, as well. And believe me, it’s really easy for people to take potshots at it.”

Popcorn Taxi Part 1/Part 2 for any brave souls!

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hey! I'm so glad your back! could you do headcanons for shiro with a bi s/o? like how he reacts when she comes out? does he joke with her or treat her different? pride month just ended but I haven't seen anything like this. i'd really appreciate it! thanks, love! welcome back!

ahh yes of course! thank you for the warm welcome back! Im surprised to hear that there isnt any content for such a prompt honestly ;; but i will gladly fill it so!


Shiro fell back onto the couch with a huff, towel still around his neck from his post training rinse. Resting his arms on the back of the couch the familiar scent of soap wafted to you. These days everyone on the ship used the same kind, and you faintly remembered times where that wasn’t common.

“Good practice?” The sarcasm was met with a chuckle from the man you swore to love and cherish. You glanced his way, all too aware of the ‘unnerved’ setting your mind was on since you woke this morning. Your eyes could never settle on one thing too long, always with a different thing on your mind, none of which were clear. The business of it was dizzying.

“You’re done with the training room, right?” Pidge suddenly spoke from the doorway to the dining hall, dressed in her work out clothes already despite asking. Your head snapped to her direction, noticing how soft the skin on her legs looked. Hairless or not, she obviously moisturized, a habit you didn’t peg Pidge of having, honestly.

“Yep, it’s all yours.” Shiro answered, not bothering to open his eyes, taking every moment to relax when he could. Such times were precious few. Returning her wave half way, you followed her with your eyes as she left the way she came, leaving view around the corner. Had she done something different with her hair? She usually pined it up with hair clips when she was training, and today was no different, but it just seemed different when you watched it sway as she left.  The unkemptness of her hair was endearing, you admitted to yourself.

Such thoughts continued as you tried and failed to continue your reading, you felt a gentle heat come to your checks as you imagined how beautiful she must look while doing her agility training…

“Do you have any idea when you’re going to finish that book? Coran asked me earlier if you had yet. He seems pretty excited to share it with someone.” Shiro spoke up, his hand moving from the couch to your shoulder as he sat up properly, rolling his neck like it had a crick.

“I’m not sure. Some parts gotta re-read cus the translations aren’t perfect. I don’t think he’s even started translating the next for me anyway.” Giving up on it for now, you tossed it to the end table, resting your elbows on your knees, subsequently making Shiro’s hands fall to your back instead. You weren’t invested in the book, as much as you wanted to be, for the entertainment if not for Coran. Today just wasn’t your day… What would Shiro think if you were more open with your orientation? You felt guilty for doubting, He was an honorable, altruist kind of person. it wasn’t long since you two had gotten more intimate, before then though you and him had grown to trust each other. But by nature and timing, such things as who your heart beat fast for never came up.

“Hey,” Shiro matched your posture, a pinch of concern in his gaze. Whatever he’d said before, you missed it, “You alright?” He always caught on fast.

“Yeah yeah I’m fine,” You said to assure him, and yourself, “Just thinking about stuff.”

“That much was obvious, wanna talk about it?” The way his knee intentionally nudged yours, as if asking if closeness was okay right now, brought the first smile of the day to your lips.

Deciding if you should be honest was harder than expected, especially when pressed. All you could do now was hope.

“I’m not sure if it’s something you’ll like hearing.” you emotionally prepared yourself, but resisted putting your guard up and potentially making things worse.

“Shiro, I enjoy the company of both men and women.” You spoke flatly, like this conversation were procedure, and in a sense, it was. You dared to make eye contact, and part of you was unsatisfied with how he simply blinked back at you, nothing more or less.

“Thank you for telling me.” His hands were tough and calloused, you noted, as they took yours. He always offered a hand to you, in this moment, it was him offering a kind distraction. During your friendship, and an unlikely situation, he learned a few ways that he could help you when you were feeling off kilter, and how to know when those times were. One of the more reliable ways was to just offer you his hand to hold, to examine, to just mess with; a distraction.

You accepted it wordlessly, staring at it blankly as you traced the lines of his palm, your brain being wracked with thoughts, worries and questions. Was that it? You were grateful for it not becoming a big dramatic moment, but still, you felt dissatisfied somehow.

“I’ve suspected for a long time ya know, it never felt like the right time to ask, even after… you know.” He shrugged and skootched closer, wrapping his other arm around your shoulders causing the top of your head to lean against his chest. If you focused, you could hear his steady heartbeat, and how it contrasted yours. When you didn’t respond, Shiro continued.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I’m pretty sure the others know too. We sorta live together, these things can’t be helped. I can promise you, that I, nor anyone else, give a damn.” His frankness made you chuckle, instantly raising your spirits a tad. In tandem, you wrapped your arms around his broad chest, fingers linking behind his back to tighten the embrace. You felt him inhale with you as you hid your smile in his chest.

You no longer felt like talking, so you simply hoped your gratitude could be conveyed through touch. Almost as soon as you thought this, he kissed your hair, and began scratching your back gently, letting you hold him for however long you wanted. You thanked every higher being you could think of for this man, and thanked them again for letting you love and be loved.

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I haven't seen anything about this yet, so hopefully you awesome folks can point me in the right direction. I was wondering what advice you have on traveling with your booth set ups? Does anyone do out of state or international cons that involves flying? If so, how does the shipping/baggage process work for that? If you don't fly do you use something like a u-haul? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thank you. Oh! Happy Friday. :)


  1. I fly Southwest.  Two free large sized checked bags, one backpack, one carryon.  Heavy con setup stuff goes in my huge checked rolling bags, books go in my backpack (make sure you are there EARLY, books always seem to set TSA into ‘must flip through every single book’ mode.

  2. I modify my setup when possible to exclude or limit those stupid metal grids.  I have a spare couple sets in Louisiana, I have a spare set in San Francisco.  I borrow grid sets from friends in the area if possible.

  3. I watch Slick Deals for deals on SouthWest- sometimes they have the Get Away rate, which helps me save money on tickets.

  4. I do not do out of state craft fairs, or shows that would require I provide a table or tent at this time.

  5. Sometimes I will order my books from CreateSpace and have them delivered to my convention address, to save on the cost of transporting books.  I ONLY do this if I know I can sell the books at the show.

  6. I have media mailed mini comics to hotels and convention sites.

  7. Pack knowing TSA is going to be rough with your luggage- they’re going to mispack it, they’re going to drop it.  I own small sterilite bins that I blue tape shut- important con stuff and breakables go in there.

  8. I carry my convention cash in a hidden pocket of my backpack.  Its far less than $10k, which is what I believe you have to declare if you’re flying out of country.

  9. I do not drive to cons more than 4 hours away- I hit a sign in rural West Virginia avoiding a deer at 3 in the morning after a long con.

  10. 10. I own a VW Jetta with a folding backseat, which has been a huge help now that I’ve started doing craft fairs.  Bonus: It takes diesel, so it gets great gas mileage and diesel tends to stay at the same price.


I don’t own a car and sadly, Washington state is a bit out of the way from many of my regular shows, so I fly a lot. Here are some flying-specific tips:

  1. If you’re in the US, enroll in TSA Preheck. It’s like $85 for 5 years and totally worth it to get in shorter security lines, especially if you fly through major (and more congested) airports frequently. It saves you lots of time and gives you a little more flexibility as far as arriving at the airport early.

  2. If you’re comfortable with credit cards, get one that allows you to redeem points for general travel-related expenses. I personally prefer this over airline-specific cards because I have no airline loyalty and always gun for the lowest flight cost, though if you do have a preferred airline, an airline-specific card may be preferable, especially if it gives you free checked bags, ‘cause those add up fast.

  3. I usually pack all of my heaviest things in my carry-on suitcase and my backpack because they don’t weigh those. (Checked bags have a 50 lb limit on most airlines.) I then check the carry-on at the gate, which they’ll almost always allow you to do for free due to carry-in space constraints and full flights.

    However: this does mean that you have to be able to lift your very heavy carry-on suitcase onto an x-ray conveyor belt and/or carry a very heavy backpack through security and to your gate – this might be fine if you’re physically capable, but it’s probably better to just pay to check heavy things if you’re not. I’m pretty sure I’ve exacerbated some of my back problems by saving money this way, so take this advice with a heavy grain of salt lol. <_<

  4. Consider how important certain display things are to you, especially if they’re heavy or bulky. Metal grids are heavy. Photostands are bulky. PVC isn’t as pretty as either of these, but they’re light and can be cut to size for luggage. Still, sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little more for a nicer display – there are photostands you can fly with, though I also know some people who just buy a new photostand every con, ship it to the hotel/convention center, then sell it or give it away to a local vendor at the end of the show.

  5. I avoid shipping things as much as possible. I don’t like the hassle of having to deal with it on top of figuring out flights/hotel/etc, and I don’t like depending on more third parties than I have to. But I also don’t normally sell books, which are some of the heaviest things to bring to cons.

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So I'm talking like post-everything they're in the avengers tower and these idiots still haven't admitted their feelings. Bucky doesn't feel like he deserves to be loved by steve and vice versa they're just dancing around each other. And this one night after a party steve is sitting on their couch and he's wrapped up in blankets and he still can't get warm and all he wants is for bucky hold him and have his way with him so buck comes in and see a shivering lil steve and can't help himself

Steve hated parties. In the past, it was because he felt insecure and out of place, people looked down on him and he hated the way he looked. 

Now, he just felt awkward, out of place and shy. He hated talking to people he didn’t know. He loved interacting and forming friendships, but he couldn’t handle the anxiety that came along with that. 

Tony was having one of his parties for a function and while everyone else was dancing and drinking, Steve stayed in his corner and watched. After a while, he got up and left. He wasn’t needed. 

And he couldn’t keep watching Bucky dance with women. He couldn’t keep watching as the man he loved slipped through his fingers yet again.

Later, Steve found himself on the roof of the Compound. His legs hung off the side and a blanket was wrapped around his shoulders. He felt the cold, not like the average person, but always in his hands. 

He was freezing. 

But it was better to be cold than stiflingly hot. 

The view from here was beautiful and if Steve closed his eyes, it was like he was sitting in his mother’s garden, listening to the world go by. 


Steve opened his eyes and turned, Bucky had fallen into the spot next to him. “Is somethin’ wrong?” he asked, somewhat bitterly. 

“Stevie, you left and - 

“Yeah, I left. Sorry. Didn’t feel like watchin’ you have a good ol’ time, while I sat there throwin’ back shots,” Steve snapped, angry that tears sprang to his eyes. “You act like you don’t even know me.” 

“Stevie, that’s not true -

“Oh, it isn’t?” Steve laughed harshly, “really? You barely say two words to me, you avoid me all the time. I feel like you’re not even here. I got you back, I’ve missed you so much. I woke up in this world with no one and when you were there on that bridge, I thought, I could be happy. But I guess not. Seen as you want nothin’ to do with me.” 

With that, he stood up and began to walk away, when Bucky grabbed his arm and turned him around, asking brokenly, “is that what you think?” 

Steve stared at him, “don’t you get it? I love you and you’re goin’ around like I don’t exist. I can’t - can’t keep doin’ this. It hurts, it hurts too much. If you want nothin’ to do with me, then fine. But can you just tell me, so that I can move on?”

“No,” Bucky growled, walking Steve into the wall, caging Steve against it, “no, I can’t. I won’t.” 

“Buck - 

Steve’s eyes welled up with tears, spilling over his cheeks and he squeezed his eyes shut, unable to look at his best friend. He was trembling now, feeling utterly helpless and small, he would let Bucky do whatever he wanted, leave and never come back, whatever it was. He wasn’t worth Bucky’s time. 

And then he felt Bucky’s lips on his skin. Kissing up his tears, kissing his eyelids, his forehead, his jaw, his cheeks, his chin, his neck and before Steve knew it, he was shaking apart in Bucky’s hold, sobbing into the warmth of his best friend’s arms. 

“It’s okay, Stevie,” Bucky whispered, hugging Steve to him. Steve buried his face in Bucky’s neck and clung on tight. “I’m here Stevie. I’m here and I’m never leavin’ you again. I love you too, I love you so much sweetheart. You’re so good and I didn’t want to be a burden, I ain’t a saint, doll.” 

“You’re not a burden,” Steve said between hiccups, “I ain’t a saint either. You’re perfect as you are. But you don’t need to lie to me. If you don’t feel the same - 

Steve was cut off by Bucky’s lips meeting his. It sang of love and all things sweet, a kiss to hold and protect. One that kept Steve grounded and present and made him feel alive. 

“I love you,” Bucky growled, kissing Steve’s jaw, then neck and sucking there, “I love your eyes. I love your smile. I love the way you laugh. The little frown you get when you’re angry or confused. 

I love the fact that you hate avocado but love guacamole, you smell like home and sweetness, like apples and safety. I love that you paint and express whatever is goin’ on in that big beautiful mind of yours. 

I love the way you care and feel for others, always tryin’ to do the right thing. I love you. Stevie, I do.”  

Steve broke down then, melting into Bucky’s arms and curled his freezing cold hands on Bucky’s chest, keeping them warm and safe there.

Right over Bucky’s heart. 

job woes
  • Manager: *staring pensively*
  • Host: *sits nervously with her best fake smile on*
  • Manager: *adjusts glasses* Ahem.
  • Host: Yes!
  • Manager: Just clearing my throat, dear.
  • Host: I love throats!
  • Manager: ...That's very interesting, dear.
  • Host: *internally* Why the fuck did I just say that, she's going to think I'm an idiot and I won't get the job now.
  • Host: Actually, I hate throats. Nothing worse than a fucking throat. Eep! *covers mouth*
  • Manager: ...
  • Host: *angrily storms out of department store angrily swinging her fists* What the hell is wrong with me!? Why can't I do anything right!?
  • *assorted people stare at her*
  • Host: The fuck are you looking at? Stop staring, you fucking normies. I'll beat the shit out of any of you.
  • Security: Miss, you're causing a scene. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
  • Host: I am leaving, fake fucking cop! Pig! Don't fucking speak to me! *storms off*
  • Host: What is wrong with me? Why can't I do anything right? That was the only place that would hire me in this burning shithole of a town. *clutches stomach* Oh god I feel sick. I'm gonna be homeless. I'm gonna die on the streets. I won't have any friends to help me. How did I fuck up so bad? *spots a lady digging around in a garbage can* Eh, maybe I'm not that bad yet.
  • Lady: Doggo, my doggo, are you in there? *climbs into garbage can headfirst* Hey, doggo, I know this garbage can is pretty small and I've seen the entirety of it, but if you're somehow hiding in some obscure nook unknown to all human knowledge - as that sounds like something you might do - please come out. I miss you so much.
  • Host: What are you doing?
  • Lady: *still headfirst in the garbage can* I'm searching for my doggo.
  • Host: What the hell is a doggo?
  • Lady: What do you mean? My doggo, my precious doggo.
  • Host: Is a doggo a sort of animal?
  • Lady: Yes, he's my... my pet dog.
  • Host: Then why don't you just call it your dog instead of being all twee about it.
  • Lady: *climbs out of the garbage can* Because he's special. He's my dog and he's the only friend I ever had. Haven't I seen you before?
  • Host: I don't know. Probably. Small town. *shoves lady back into the trash can*
  • Lady: What the hell!
  • Host: *rolls pushes the trashcan down a hill and watches it roll away with the lady in it*
  • Host: That didn't make me feel better like I thought it would. I think I actually feel worse now. *walks around aimlessly* Life was a dead end for me from the start. What the fuck made think it wasn't going to end up like this. I basically have no friends, my mom hates me, I'm not even smart or talented.
  • Host: *wanders onto a basketball court*
  • Little Boy: *throwing a ball against the wall*
  • Host: *catches it and flings it across the street*
  • Little Boy: What the heck did you do that for!?
  • Host: *shrugs* Free country, kid.
  • Little Boy: Jerk! I bet nobody likes you! *runs after the ball*
  • Host: *slumps on a bench* Yeah, like I care... brat.
  • Mysterious Woman: You most certainly do care, though.
  • Host: Who the fuck are you?
  • Mysterious Woman: Just your friendly neighborhood mysterious woman, young lady.
  • Host: Whatever, fuck off, creepy bitch. *walks off*
  • Mysterious Woman: *grabs host by the collar* Hold up.
  • Host: *flails around violently* DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!
  • Mysterious Woman: Goodness, you have quite of bit of aimless rage, don't you. No matter, you'll grow out of it, I was the same when I was your age.
  • Mysterious Woman: Calm down, I'm a government agent. My name is Baruna Pathak of USENID.
  • Mysterious Woman: *sigh* You've forced me to do this. *tazes host*
  • Host: *passes out*
  • *elsewhere*
  • Flesh Mass: *bolts from sleep*
  • Maid: *rubs eyes and wakes up from sleeping in the bed on the other side of the room* Does ma'am have a problem?
  • Flesh Mass: *staring blob of flesh sitting on the edge of her bed*
  • Blob: You've stayed in this form too long. You're becoming attached and the minds of you and the girl are becoming as one. It's time that you made a change.
  • Flesh Mass: No, I don't want to. I like this form. I don't want to change again.
  • Maid: Ma'am?
  • Flesh Mass: Shh.
  • Blob: Your nature is to change, and you will change. I will force you.
  • Flesh Mass: You won't force me to do anything, you shithead. *tosses pillow at the blob of flesh*
  • Maid: Is ma'am having a moment of mental distress? There's no one there.
  • Flesh Mass: *gets out of bed* I'm going out, don't bother me.
  • Maid: But master wouldn't like that.
  • Flesh Mass: You think I care what some furry freak thinks?
  • *elsewhere*
  • Mysterious Woman: *drags the host's unconscious body into the back of a van*

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You want some angst? Okay. I'm not sure if I already send this one, but just to make sure: Scenario where Hinata's been doing really bad at matches, and he's really frustrated, and his best femfriend (they like each other but haven't confessed) tries to cheer him up, but he's so angry with himself he gets rude, and vent all those horrible feelings into her, and ends up hurting her (emotionally. not physically) and she leave him alone, only making him feel worst.

It was kinda hard to give Sunshine Child Hinata angst because it’s so hard to see him sad. So if he’s OOC, sorry!

Kinda long so it’s under the cut!

Hinata loved the satisfaction of victory, no matter how much he didn’t like admitting it, he wanted to win every game.

You knew he loved winning, maybe it was because you were his best friend and you knew everything about him. The expression he makes when he wins a game, priceless.

“How was the game last night Hinata?” You asked cheerfully as he came into your class with a big smile, “We took the win! You should’ve seen it!” It was refreshing seeing Hinata so happy all the time, that’s what you liked about him.

“Sorry I couldn’t come, I was really busy helping my mom in the shop. I promise I’ll come to one of your matches one day though,” You say organizing your papers into your folder.

“Come to our finals game!” Hinata exclaimed, gently slamming his hands on your desk. Looking up at him from your seat, your lips curve into a side smile, “Finals? The prefecture games haven’t even started yet silly.”

“I know, but we’re going to go to nationals! I know it!” Seeing Hinata so worked up and determined always made you feel better, he had a goal and he always found a way towards it.

“Sure, when you get to finals, I’ll be there to support you.” You respond, rolling your eyes playfully. Hinata stuck out his pinky and looks at you with a serious face, “Promise?”

Glancing down at his pinky, you look back at him and lock his pinky with your own, “Promise.”

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