if you haven't seen it go see it now

  • Molly: John, have you seen Sherlock?
  • John: No I haven't. I thought he was with you.
  • Molly: Well if you see him, let him know I'm looking for him.
  • John: *Smiling* I can help you right now, actually.
  • Molly: ...
  • John: *Raising his voice* What's that, Molly? You're going on a date with the surgeon from the cardiology ward? He's a n-
  • Sherlock: *Bursts though the door, Superman dives onto one knee* MOLLY,WILLYOUMARRYME?!?

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I haven't even seen Logan Lucky yet and even I know that the lack of fics or HCs on Clyde is a disgrace. Where is the love for my one-handed, bartending hubby-bunny!??

first off, go see logan lucky ASAP. you MUST.

second, i… happen to have a huge stockpile of clyde hcs that i haven’t been given a reason to post. now, if someone were to, for example, send in a request for him…

just kidding i’m going to post them right now because i know no self-restraint and because i am in Love with clyde logan (but do send requests for him since i adore him so much)

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Fairy Tale Beginnings- Prince Niall AU

“The 50th birthday ball for the king will be a grand event, Everyone in the kingdom has been invited. Having the whole kingdom involved says a lot about the king, it shows he really does think of us as family …” the tv went into a dull silence, as I continue to do the dishes.

Our king was turning 50 so he wanted to throw an event the whole day, in the day would be a festival in his honor and at night is more of a party scene. At the moment the whole town was getting ready for the festival you could feel the excitement in the air.  I whipped my hands down with a rag and turned off the tv and continues to my room so I also can get ready. The royal family has been good to us; no war, no poverty so in short terms we have been the best we can be.

While I was walking up to my room, I was my little siblings getting ready as well, I smiled and went to help my mom with them.

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hi! i'm the anon who sent you that ask about d coming out/acs that you just reblogged. the optimistic one ;) since it's going around again i wanted to chime in. (this will probs be long lol) first of all, i've been around since 2010, so i've seen it all. i know how bad it's gotten/could get. i haven't always been optimistic. but saying that things are unlikely now, just bc they may have been in the past, assumes that all influencing factors remain the same. imo, they aren't. (part 1)

pt 2: i know the arguments against thinking fox/RM would support a coming out, & there aren’t unfounded. but i see indications that their position has shifted. that they now see d as potentially more valuable (& more profitable) as an out actor than a closeted one. this isn’t the case for every celeb, i actually think it’s very rare. i think it’s the case for d, bc he made it that way. he made certain choices, in his limited power, to make fox/rm willing to support him (pt 3 coming up! haha)

part 3: …bc it would benefit them as well. i could be wrong, it might not be as soon as ACS promo. but i believe it’s coming up sooner than most of fandom thinks. and i have yet to see an argument that convinces me otherwise. anyway, just wanted to back up the positivity with some reasoning. i do have lots of both! :)


Hi Anon, so happy to hear from you again and I feel like a miracle has occurred as all 3 parts arrived in my inbox in 1 try. Seems like a rarity these days.

I honestly have nothing to add.  A lot can change over the course of 7 years (way too long).  What seemed like the right strategy during Glee can majorly shift, especially considering the roles D has continued to chose for himself. Ones that do not require him to be the straight teenage dream marketed to young girls.  As he grows in his career and choices, the imagine that needs to be projected to the world can dramatically shift as well. I see this as nothing but positive and I predict an amazing career trajectory for him as we move ahead.

I have nothing but optimism and hope for 2018 whether the truth comes in January or later in the year tied to something else. I feel Darren (and Chris) has waited this long, (and fandom too but we are honestly completely secondary as it is not our lives), that anytime in 2018 seems so close that we can touch it.

Here is hoping you and I are correct in our thinking. I have this crazy feeling we are:)

  • Naruto: Hi, Sasuke!
  • Sasuke: Hn?
  • Naruto: Does Sakura-chan breastfeed Sarada?
  • Sasuke: *chocked on drink* W-What!?
  • Naruto: Well, Hinata breastfeed Boruto. So I thought Sakura-chan does the same with Sarada.
  • Sasuke: ..... I don't know....
  • Naruto: EH!?!? How can you not know!?
  • Sasuke: Because I never saw Sakura do it in front of me...
  • *Sasuke got home with Naruto behind him*
  • Sasuke: ...... Why did you follow me home....
  • Naruto: Because I want to see Sakura-chan! You are hiding her from me again, aren't you?
  • Sasuke: ............ No. You already have a wife so leave mine alone.
  • Naruto: You really are hiding her!
  • *Naruto searches the house, ending with going to Sarada baby room*
  • Naruto: Sakura-chan Are You Here!
  • Sakura: Eh? Naruto?
  • Naruto froze up and Sasuke came up behind him to see what happen. He face turn red. Sakura was breastfeeding Sarada. She was practically half naked even without a bra. Sarada was still sucking her Mama breast milk with everything going on. Sasuke grab Naruto by the neck and kick him out of his house. He went back to the room but waited outside.
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun? Is something the matter?
  • Sasuke: This the first time I saw you breastfeed....
  • Sakura: Really? Why did you kick Naruto out. I haven't seen him for a while?
  • Sasuke: Because.... You are practically naked right now. He saw you like this before me.....
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun, are you jealous?
  • Sasuke: W-What!?
  • Sakura: There nothing to worry about. Hinata have a way bigger chest than me. Naruto gets to see that all the time. You must feel disappointed Sasuke-kun for having a wife with a small chest. *laughs*
  • Sasuke: You don't have a small chest.
  • Sasuke get up and enter the room. Sakura was finished with Sarada and put her back in her crib to sleep. Sasuke spun Sakura around and cup one of her breasts.
  • Sakura: E-eh? Sasuke-kun?? What are you doi-
  • Sasuke shuts her up by giving her a deep kiss. Sakura let out a small morn with Sasuke playing with her breasts. He started sucking them like their child did. Sakura knees start to get weak; collapsing in Sasuke arms.
  • Sasuke: Everything about you is perfect.
  • Sakura: *heavy breathing*
  • Sasuke: *he pick her up* I will show you.
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun, where we going?
  • Sasuke: To the bedroom. Right now, you are mine. We might make another Uchiha while we are at it.
  • Sakura: Eh!?

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Hc's for all the paladins+Allura and Coran (except Shiro) when shiros s/o tells them that they have a bad feeling about Shiro ever since he reunited with the team ((sorry if you haven't seen season 3))

A/N: Season 3 was awful and I wish I could erase it from my brain. The paladins deserve nothing but happiness AND WHY CAN’T PIDGE JUST FIND MATT. That is all. 


  • gives Shiro’s S/o a weird look
  • “There’s nothing going on with him. We just got him back, [Name]. Why don’t you enjoy it?”
  • Then he low-key starts watching Shiro, just to see if his s/o is right


  • reacts with anger
  • “He’s already been through a lot. I thought you, of all people, would be more understanding and sympathetic.” 
  • he’s more protective of Shiro now, and comes to his defense more
  • lowkey glares at Shiro’s s/o when they pass each other in the hall


  • he also thought Shiro was acting a little weird
  • but he thought it was because he was getting used to being around the team after being missing for so long
    • Who knows what he went through?
  • he silently agreed with Shiro’s s/o


  • thought something was up when Shiro undermined Keith’s authority
  • she’s very concerned, but also relieved that someone else agreed with her


  • was suspicious of Shiro to begin with
  • you don’t just disappear for months and just appear out of nowhere with nothing wrong with you
  • he was just too perfect when he came back


  • *twirls mustache* As I suspected. You’re suspicious of him too, eh?”
  • “That’s what I just said, Coran.”
  • “Exactly. Now let’s go find the real Shiro.” 

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hello. i was wondering how fantastic beasts is whitewashed? I'm actually generally curious because i haven't seen it yet (although i was planning to) and i want to know if i should still go because now I'm not so sure. whats wrong with fantastic beasts? you don't have to answer this if you don't want, thats ok :)

reasons not to go see this shitty movie:

  • Fantastic Beasts is whitewashed in that it takes place in 1920′s New York (during the Jazz Age) and features a cast that is more than 80% white. It profits off of black culture and history by using it as a setting, but whitewashes it by casting white people as extras and leads. Many parts of the movie take place in Harlem, but look like this
  • The movie also cast Johnny Depp, a violent abuser, so paying to watch it is basically supporting him and the assholes who thought it was a good idea to cast a man who beat his wife in a Harry Potter movie and then not tell the fans about it, to make it a “surprise.”
  • This is made worse by the fact that the movie has a storyline where an abuse victim is turned into a monster and then killed (full trigger warning)
  • The major plot of the film is an allegory for racism with a white cast. The villains of the movie argue for wizard supremacy, saying that it is “for the greater good,” and that Muggles as well as goblins, elves, and other magical races are better off under the rule of wizards. Just like the original Harry Potter movies (which had poc speaking in 0.47% of it’s runtime) the major villains are meant to make the audience think of white supremacists, but racism allegories that only have white people are boring and lazy. Doing this is essentially locking POC out of our own stories.
  • Still no canon LGBT characters, with the (possible?) exception of Depp’s role as Grindelwald, which is worse than nothing.
  • The movie also has a character who is born with magical powers and a family who is extremely anti magic, represses them and then meets a man who he has an odd amount of sexual tension with who manipulates him by making him feel better about his powers. The storyline both draws parallels to LGBT experiences and perpetuates unnerving stereotypes.
  • It’s probably going to be boring shit anyway tbh 
  • It’s pretty obvious at this point that JKR wants ally points for things like casting Hermione as black woman in the Cursed Child and revealing that Dumbledore was gay, without actually having to bother with giving her stories real diversity. She described Newt Scamander as “swarthy” last year, only for him to be played by a man who is the exact opposite, and the story she wrote in preparation for this movie, History of Magic in North America, showed her lack of understanding of Native American culture, and North American history in general.

tl;dr: it whitewashed 1920′s New York, has Johnny Depp in it, and it capitalizes off of LGBT themes, black culture, and abuse as a storyline while treating POC, LGBT people, and abuse victims as invisible or worse.

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okay dude, so if you haven't seen Spider-Man Homecoming yet, GO SEE IT, it's just a giant be more chill au and (aside from that) amazing


If you haven't seen Dreamworks Flushed Away you are missing out on one of the best movies known to man

Even after seeing this movie a million times I just now realized that one of the suits Roddy (played by Hugh Jackman) holds up is the Wolverine suit.

 Also that one of the frozen rats is supposed to be Han Solo

And don’t get me started on the slugs through out the whole dang movie!!!

Seriously if you haven’t seen this movie go see it now!!!

Obnoxious shipping behavior
  • Me: I'm not a fan of A/B, but each to their own, I guess.
  • A/B-shipper: You just haven't seen enough of it. Here, let me tag A/B posts with A/C, B/D, D/F, Character C, D, E, F, the actors of said characters and their dogs. Now you can't go anywhere without seeing the awesomeness of this pairing.
  • Me: Okay, so now I hardcore notp A/B with the fire of a thousand suns.
actual conversation i've had before in a skype chat
  • me, komahina shipper: hello nice to meet you. i'm alli, and i ship komahina in the dr fandom. how are you guys?
  • person 1, non-komahina shipper: ew what no you ship that? why? there's no proof of it, and it's ridiculous how there's so many people out there who ship it. i mean damn, really? you just lost all respect i've had for you egh. go away please now, just get off this chat and go.
  • person 2, junkomaeda shipper: seriously? komahina? the fuck? there is nothing relevant in the game about komahina at all. komaeda even states that he loves junko. there's nothing whatsoever that shows komaeda has feelings for hajime in the slightest. haven't you even seen all the games yet?
  • person 3, komanami shipper: there's even more proof that chiaki and komaeda are together than hajime and komaeda tf are you thinking?
  • me: wellll i can see i am not welcome here okay bye
  • me:
  • me: by the way, there is actually a lot i could rebuttal with but you know
  • just gonna leave this here for you all
  • http: //myreadingmanga.info/zcc-zakiko-hi-ga-kurete-super-danganronpa-2-dj-eng/
  • have a nice day fuckers
  • me: leaves
  • Sora: All right, this is gonna hurt. But I'm gonna get you through it. (looks at the wound and gasps) Oh my God, I'm gonna throw up into your cut. (turns away) Oh, I saw inside of you. How are humans alive?!
  • Riku: Okay, uh, I'll do the surgery, and, uh, you just breathe, okay? We'll get you through this.
  • Sora: Okay. (Riku pulls out the pipe, producing a "squish" sound) What was that sound? I did not like that "squish" sound.
  • Riku: The pipe has been removed. Now I'm sewing myself up. Okay, this is almost over, you're doing great. Just keep talking. Keep talking.
  • Sora: Talking about what?
  • Riku: Uh, tell me about Kairi, hmm? You must be excited to see her.
  • Sora: Very much, you know. Oh, God, what if it doesn't go well? We haven't seen each other in a while, and (turns to Riku) what if it's weird? (sees Riku's wound and gasps, terrified, and turns away)
  • Riku: Keep going, keep going. You're doing so well. Why would it be weird?
  • Sora: I don't know, I don't know. I mean, maybe we've grown apart. Maybe she'll be repulsed by my spikier hair. I was gonna despike them before I saw her for the first time.
  • Riku: I'm sure it will be magical when you see her. Aaaand (pulls needle and thread up) guess what?
  • Sora: What?
  • Riku: I'm done, I've sewn myself up.
  • Sora: (turns towards Riku) Huh.
  • Riku: You did great, buddy. I'm proud of you.
  • Sora: (grins) I can't believe I did it. I'm so strong.

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Hello! I was wondering if you would do a quick prompt based on GM High School Part 1 (if you've already seen it) if you don't mind. Could you do a one shot where Riley says something along the lines of "Congratulations Lucas, you got what you wanted...I've given up seeing the good in people" or something like that? If you haven't seen High School Part 1 then u don't have to.

I don’t know that this is exactly what you were hoping for anon, but here you go! Putting it underneath a cut for those who haven’t seen it yet. There might be some minor spoilers.

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The Little Mermaid Starters
  • I haven't seen this in years, this is wonderful.
  • It's stuck!
  • Oh my gosh, my father's gonna kill me!
  • Yes. Hurry home, princess
  • In my day, we had fantastical feasts, when I lived in the palace. And now, look at me.
  • Wasted away to practically nothing. Banished and exiled and practically starving!
  • I'll give 'em something to celebrate soon enough
  • Nothing happened.
  • How many times must we go through this?
  • You could've been seen by one of those barbarians
  • They are dangerous! Do you think I want to see my youngest daughter snared by some fish-eater's hook?!
  • I'm 16 years old! I'm not a child anymore!
  • Don't you take that tone of voice with me
  • But if you would just listen!
  • Teenagers.
  • Do you think I was too hard on her?
  • I set certain rules and I expect those rules to be obeyed.
  • Is it true you rescued a human from drowning?!
  • Contact between the human world and the mer world is strictly forbidden!
  • He would've died!
  • One less human to worry about.
  • You don't even know him!
  • I love him!
  • Have you lost your senses completely?!
  • If I become human, I'll never be with my father or sisters again.
  • Life's full of tough choices, innit?
  • The prince is marrying the seawitch in disguise!
  • Are you sure about this?
  • Have I ever been wrong? I mean, when it's important?!
  • Children got to be free to lead their own life.
  • Then I guess there's just one problem left.
  • What a lovely little bride I'll make
  • I'll look divine
  • Things are working out according to my ultimate design.
The most INTP thing I've done in a long while
  • INTP ran into an acquaintance at a meetup event.
  • INTP: *recognizes the acquaintance*
  • INTP: (Thinking: Oh! It's that guy, Erwin! Haven't seen him for a while. I should say hi.)
  • INTP: Hey! Long time no see!
  • Him: Hello! Good seeing you again.
  • INTP: How's your educational app going?
  • Him: It's progressing. I've been thinking about how to keep the quality of the content high...*talks about this for a while* So, what are you doing now?
  • INTP: I've been working on my own app, also. I think I've mentioned it to you *shows him the app on her phone*
  • Him: Yes, I remember. I'm glad you're working on the idea since we last met.
  • INTP: Yes, it's almost finished.
  • Other people came to join the conversation---
  • New person: Hi, what's your name?
  • Him: I'm Brian.
  • INTP: (Thinking: What!? Brian? Isn't his name Erwin? Is he using his middle name or something?)
  • Him: *turns to INTP* Do I have your contacts?
  • INTP: Yes, I have you on facebook. (Thinking: He doesn't remember? That's how we've been talking...)
  • Him: *searches his phone* Your name seems to escape me.
  • INTP: It's Taime. (Thinking: What? He really can't remember my name? He even introduced me to his daughter and we all went out to dinner together...) Anyway, do you come to this meetup often?
  • Him: Used to, but I didn't come for a while. I went back to the US for a month.
  • INTP: Did Dahlia* go with you? (*name of his daughter)
  • Him: I'm sorry?
  • INTP: Did Dahlia travel with you?
  • Him: *looks confused* No, I went to see my family there.
  • INTP: I see.
  • Him: I can't seem to find you on facebook. Can you type your name?
  • INTP: Okay... *types name* (Thinking: Oh, we're not facebook friends...that's weird)
  • INTP: (Thinking: Oh wait...this guy has a totally different name...)
  • INTP: (Thinking: OH WAIT OH CRAP....I'VE BEEN MISTAKEN 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE AS THE SAME PERSON ALL THESE TIMES.................................................)
  • Note: They are both guys in their 60s, look very similar, both from the US, same body shape, work in the exact same field, and I first met both of them on the same day at the same event...how was I supposed to know?
  • Note2: I told The ENTJ this and he was laughing pretty hard.

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Thundercracker looked up as his door cycled open. He hadn't been expecting anyone, but... "Sideswipe?" He sat up, setting his datapad aside and tilting his helm. "That's a new paint scheme." And a frame change. Well he was happy so see him regardless and he stood to cross the room and hug his... now silver sports car he presumed. "Haven't seen you in a while."

Sideswipe hadn’t meant to go through the door.

He had been exploring. Looking for someone? He was lost, and confused, and searching for a familiar face.

Maybe Vibes? Or a handler who could tell him where he was supposed to be.

Even Hala-


Well. Maybe not Halatrix.

He and his brother had split up to cover more of the strange, burnt orange colored ground and Sideswipe came up to a sealed door. Not sure how to proceed he just kind of…prodded at the pin pad.

For a good long while. Until it clicked open.

Because the universe favors Sideswipe with dumb luck sometimes.

<<Hello?>> the silver new build peered in.

Not a astro second later a gigantic, blue mech, winged but not a shuttle,  a frame type he had never seen before, was making a beeline for him.

The flier took long strides, spoke strange words, and then he was ducking down, and-

grabbing Sideswipe.

Sideswipe squeaked <<w-what is-?>>

  • Stanley: Without Ford, I was just half of a dynamic duo. I couldn't make it out without him, and now thanks to that dumb collage I was going to lose my brother forever
  • Stanley: What! Stanford tell him he's being crazy... Stanford...? ...Don't leave me hanging... High six...?
  • Stanley: Thanks to one mistake, I had no home, no brother, no nothing
  • Stanley: You haven't seen your brother in 10 years... its okay, he's family, he wont bite...
  • Stanley: YOU LEFT ME BEHIND YOU JERK, YOUR RUINED MY LIFE... some brother you turn out to be... you care more about your mysteries than your own family!
  • Stanley: Fine! but in one condition, You stay away from the kids, I don't want them in danger because as far as I'm concerned their the only family I have left...