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Hollstein Fanfic Rec (Feb 22 - March 27, 2017)

*Listed chronologically by last updated


  • Distant Worlds - MMORPG AU.  Smut
  • The Mediator - Ghost Smut ayyyy.  Laura can see the dead.
  • Common Ground - Laura and Carmilla are assholes to each other upon meeting.  Hate/Love.  Smut.
  • August to November - Another hate at first sight.  
  • i know your face all too well (still i wake up alone) - Her AU with a promise of Hollstein end game.  Mild smut.
  • All Or Nothing - Carmilla and Laura are ex-wives who find themselves remarried after a wild night in Vegas.  Smut.
  • Night Out - One-Shot.  Hollstein are thirsty for each other while out for dinner with Laf and Perry.  Smut
  • hold me by the heart - One-shot.  Canon compliant for episode 3.22.  Smut.
  • In Every Universe - “After Carmilla dies unexpectedly, a distraught Laura receives help from the gods and goes on a mission to make sure that they meet and fall in love in every universe”
  • Tempest - One-shot.  Domestic married Hollstein.  Smut.

Recently updated fics I’m still reading since last rec:


Soukoku 540 x 960 wallpapers

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I knew that look dear
Eyes always seeking
Was there in someone
That dug long ago
So I will not ask you
Why you were creeping
In some sad way I already know

So I will not ask you where you came from 

I would not ask, and neither would you

Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips 

We should just kiss like real people do~

Hozier’s Like Real People Do played through my head the whole time I read this scene 

This is it. this is the scene that wrecked me. I haven’t even finished reading this fic…. 


forever gravitating towards the random old asshole mage elves with precious little information about them i’m done go on without me

Chatstronaut’s Just Keep Sinning Fic-To-Read Rec

Anon made me do it. 

These are SIN fics that have been rec’d to me and are on my to-read list, some of them I have started reading, but I haven’t finished.  Just keep in mind, I have yet to read these completely, but being honest the kudos and comments on these fics speak for themselves. Feel free to rec me more fics if you haven’t seen them on either of my sin lists [Previous SIN Rec List

…OR if you want to rec me non-SIN fics, please feel free to do so! save me from the sin [Regular MLB Fic Rec]


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Josh/Mike Fic Rec.

Fuck Josh by magnetos (1/?? - 728 - rated T)
“Josh just moved in across the hall and disturbed Mike’s beauty sleep with Bon Jovi. Mike is angry until he realizes how adorable his new neighbor is.”

It’s comforting by magnetos (1/1 - 1,067 - rated T)
“Josh survives and returns home with the rest of his friends. But he can’t forget what happened, and Mike doesn’t want to let him go.”

Wake up, sleepy heads! by magnetos (1/1 - 771 - rated T)
“Chris wakes Josh up to find that he’s not alone.”

Underneath the mistletoe by magnetos (2/2 - 1,841 - rated M)
“It’s Christmas and Mike surprises Josh with the best gift of all after he follows him out of the party.”

Tossing Salad and other Fun Tricks by snowmangrif (1/1 - 3,009 - rated E)
“Josh and Mike sneak off to a private room during a party.
literally just smut, 0% plot”

Mike x Josh Collection by AmateurAuthoress (2/? - 1,147 - rated M)
“A collection of my Mike x Josh one-shots.”

7 Minutes in Heaven by nutm3g (1/1 - 1,360 - rated M)
“Is Mike straight? Josh can help him figure that out.”

Head by nutm3g (1/1 - 2,129 - rated M)
“Mike Munroe is definitely not straight.”

Give Into The Moment, Feel It Now by LemonTwister (1/1 - 12,889 - rated E)
“Mike had been hit on by dudes before but this was different somehow. Josh’s words were doing more than just irking him. He closed his eyes, tried to count sheep but he kept picturing Josh instead. Or,Josh makes Mike an offer he can’t refuse.”

They Don’t Teach This in Chemistry Class by skilfulwolfman (skybluemullet) (1/1 - 5,460 - rated M)
“One moment on the verge of tears because of a misunderstanding, the second making dirty jokes and rolling around; Josh is truly a force of nature.Drunk or not, he’s amazingly relentless.”

We’re Up All Night For Good Fun (We’re Up All Night To Get Lucky) by shellfishDimes (1/1 - 7,653 - rated T)
“Those are the rules, aren’t they?” Mike says. He takes a quick look at Emily, who takes another drink, shrugging like it’s none of her concern who Mike does or doesn’t kiss. “Sure, I’ll do it. I mean, Josh, if I had to pick a dude…” He leaves the sentence hanging in the air and raises his eyebrows suggestively at Josh, and there it is again — the smile is back on Josh’s face, spreading into a grin that shows his laugh lines.“Ugh, finally,” Jess says. “Honestly, you expect girls will make out with each other for guys’ attention, but when it comes to two guys making out for us, it’s like, Ooh, no, I’ll get my man card revoked! It’s ridiculous.”

Fuck you, but first of all, Fuck me by Yamazaki_Senpai (1/1 - 1,162 - rated n/r)
“I have sinned.” (Sam and Jess’ wedding. Chris and Josh fuck with Mike’s speech. Mike punishes Josh for it.)

Christmas Spirit by neglectedjosh (1/1 - 2,697 - rated M)
“After the power goes out on Christmas Eve up in the lodge, Josh decides that it’s a great idea to play spin the bottle with his friends. Mike honestly doesn’t know what’s worse- having to kiss Josh, or realizing that he enjoys it.”

Spin the Bottle by Mhoram (1/1 - 480 - rated T)
“Josh proposes a spin the bottle game.”

  • 'can you dig it?': an awesome yet seldom used phrase. instantly induces elation and a feeling of victory. should be said in a dramatic sports commentator voice for maximum effect.
  • 'can you dig elvis?': basically the rudest thing you could ever say to someone. mean as fuck. avoid at all costs or risk physical harm.