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Gillovny Video - Music: Without You cover by Boyce Avenue

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Inspired by “The Girl Who Cried Wolf“ from 5 seconds of summer.

“ Look at me in the eye, is anyone there at all?
Is anyone there at all? I’m not dreaming
Look at me in the eye, is anyone there at all?
Is anyone there at all? Cause I’m not leaving…

a little bit of angst

If you want to listen to songs and think about Malec and the immortality issue(aka one of them dying, aka malec angst) here is a good playlist:

  • birdy - not about angels
  • evanescence - my immortal(i mean c’mon THIS SCREAMS MALEC ANGST)
  • arrows to athens - used to be
  • flyleaf - all around me
  • 3 doors down - here without you
  • radioact - me n myself
  • birdy- skinny love
  • birdy - wings(ok this isn’t about one of them dying exactly, but those who have read CoLS-CoHF can imagine it after the incident, aka p511)

I can guarantee instant pain, crying and painful death if you listen to the songs while thinking about malec. it’s been tested, i’ve felt them on a personal level

have angst fun~

So I went to see Hidden Figures and there’s so much in this movie that made it even better than I had expected.

The way that women (and black women at that) were given opportunities and looked up to, in contrast to the way that society viewed them.

The way that the solutions were made possible through a relentless struggle to achieve more and let nothing stand in the way.

The way that men were not seen as the primary antagonists, but that the movie portrayed the times so well that even elderly women and younger women shied away from people of color. And Dorothy’s line that said so much about how they may not see themselves as “racist” or “privileged” or “better than”, but that’s the way society has told them to be and they’re simply going with the flow.

The way that Katherine was never afraid to stand up for herself, and never afraid to tell her girls that anything is possible.

And the way that people in power sometimes took the initiative to step back and realize just how jaded their point of view was, and then made the effort to change things to give others the opportunity to shine where it meant the most.

I mean, I could go on and on about the symbolism of the chalk, the “darker ink”, the people standing together in the streets, the love and support and joy shown throughout this movie, but I would fill up my dash and keep going, so I’m just gonna recommend you see the movie yourself. Go out to the theater if you can, buy it on DVD when it comes out, or even wait until you can watch it on the TV. The sooner the better, but either way this movie is worth waiting for.

niwry  asked:

I rarely cry, last time I cried was 2 years ago and before that 5-6 years ago, i never believed in Santa and always assumed nobody does and it's just this thing we all pretend to make each other happy (i was like 5) (also: i also learned English by watching yt videos!)

hats off to you, learning english via youtube is incredible!!! i cried today because i was watching a really moving film, and when i was little i used to write letters to my dollhouse’s resident fairy and leave out pink smarties for her (her name was “sparkle” and she used to write back except sparkle was actually my mom and she used to get my dad to eat the smarties because she got sick of them)

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If you love me in any way…
—  Do we need more proof that Whouffaldi is canon?

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