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OC/Scenery Concept Art - “JIVE”

Finished up that concept piece for the characters I came up with yesterday!

(I said as much last night, but these guys seem very video-game-y, so I really went all out with this piece to reflect that, haha. It was fun to try out this new technique of building on top of a stock photo collage for the background– it still takes ages to get done, but it really helped give the piece that extra bit of detail and outline-less style!)

[Click for full view!]

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1212; the most beautiful book

anonymous asked:

That's a little invasive, don't you think? I understand that you might not agree - your blog, your rules and all. And I like your blog but this is an odd direction to go in. I know you actually haven't posted any photo's of his family but you may attract the wrong sort. Snake was criticized for pulling in his family but that's kinda the same. His sister is not our business. Any photo's you received of her/family is kind of morally questionable. Kinda thing Team Snake would do.

🙄. All the anon said was his sister had a damn baby- that’s not some huge secret info or invasive- I asked for proof so as not to spread a lie and it was provided and that’s the end of it. People put fucking announcements in the paper when babies are born- it’s not a big fucking deal. Can we all unclench??

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First of all thank you for your wonderful blog this fandom is truly the best! So I came across photos of Marlene Dietrich in a tuxedo and haven't been able to recover. She looks sooo much like a gender bender Yashiro and I dont know what to do with my feelings. I just really need to fangirl over this and hopefully looking for companions lol (I wanted to link the pictures but Tumblr wont let me, sorry.)

holy shit you’re right, anon, *breathes heavily* GOOD FIND.

anonymous asked:

This is a really cool blog! Do you guys identify minerals/crystals? Because I recently got a few but haven't been able to identify them

Thank you so much! We will absolutely try and identify them for you :) Just be sure to send clear well lit photos and if we’re not sure, We’ll post it and our lovely followers can have a guess at it as well.

Alrighty, so my flight to China is tomorrow morning. 

Not sure I’ll be able to post here while away, but my brother is going to make a blog on another platform for updates, and I’ll try to post the link to that before we leave. (if not, i’ll have to wait til i get back to share photos and draws) 

But I will see you all in 11 days! Take care everyone =D

Oh, and happy early Canada Day! 

Jimin: Yoongi hyung, a-are you sure this looks okay? I-I mean, it looks like something an idol would wear…

Yoongi: *hides photos behind him* whaaaat? An idol? Oh Jiminnie, you give me far too much credit. 

Admin: I just,,,, had to draw jimin, he’s the only hybrid I haven’t drawn yet

if you like faceless photos, or are looking for photos where the person’s face is hidden/not completely show to use on your graphics/blog/rp/etc, take a look around facelesssnaps. the blog has 6836 photos published, all properly credited/sourced, and 20/30 new ones are added every day. i’ve recently changed the way i tag things so i’m still working on properly tagging all posts. i try to keep the blog as organized as possible, and update new photos regularly. feel free to follow, link back, and spread the word ❤

mockeryd  asked:

Hello! Loving your blog. I'm writing a story that one day i hope to get published. However, I haven't written in a while, I'm a bit rusty. Do you have any exercises that could help me or any tips?

One way to get into the swing of things it to try writing prompts and free writing. There’s a lot of tumblrs out there that you can follow for them!

You can also experiment with different types of writing - poetry, songwriting, etc - to stretch your writing muscles a bit. Joining a writing group or taking part in writing exercises can help a lot too! You can find writing exercises at:

Other ideas: create a daily notebook, free write for fifteen minutes a day, try writing about your favorite characters, pick an object in your room and detail its history, etc. Pretty much anything can flex your writing muscles, as long as you try it!


I can finally show these off! @sai-shou sent me my commission (with a little bonus thank you tag!) and a sticker of her Emo-Rock-Tale AU’s Frisk (now chillin’ on the side of my speaker). I couldn’t show them off until I got the perfect copper photo frame!
Sai-shou, thank you once again for this incredible piece of art! I will always cherish it~

Insomnia explained
  • Body: It's been a long day. Time for bed.
  • Mind: But...Rickyl
  • Body: We can't do it. We can't stay awake all night writing, reading, chatting and blogging about these two dudes!
  • Mind: But... Rickyl
  • Body: We haven't slept in three damn days!
  • Mind: But ...Rickyl!
  • Body: Well, you do have a valid argument. Grab the cell, let's see what's happening on Tumblr.

anonymous asked:

Hahahaha. It's so hilarious you re blog pot related stuff and you haven't even smoked before. You're the epitome of a poser..

Damn guess that means I can’t reblog photos of humans because I haven’t done any of them either.

anonymous asked:

I'm not saying you haven't replied. It just most people I've tried messaging. Maybe it's my looks? Cause I have a selfie as a profile photo. Idk. I just stopped cause I've messaged about 20 people that say they're nice and they always reply. But only 2 have messaged me back ever. And then stopped talking to me after like a day. I'm not rude or anything. So idk why that happens. It kinda just fuels my depression and anxiety. Which isn't good so I've stopped.

Oh sweetie I don’t know what happened on other blogs and I can’t really control that. I can only speak from the experience I have and that is writers are a friendly bunck. I am sadden to hear you have learned differently. 

Again I can only speak from my own expirience. Some people IM me and I talk to them just once (not for any paticular reason - just that they don’t message me again and I kinda suck at remembering to reach out again unless it is people I talked to a bunch of times so with me you kinda just have to keep at it - it is not that I don’t wanna talk I am just forgetful!)

One thing I can say is I never ever decide on if I wanna talk to someone based on a selfie. I could care less how you guys look. I just care how you act and you seem like a friendly person so I am sorry that is what you have been met with. 

I gotta say that two of my best friends on here are followers that 1) started tagging me in stuff all the time @harley7509 and 2) that started sending me asks and IMing me out of the blue @tia58 

I got a lot of other friends on here but I don’t really remember how those friendships started - they just did :) 

If you ever decide to talk to me of anon I promise you you will meet no hate! 


supercabsy  asked:

Hi - I am a jean person and never wear skirts... I have one short skirt in my wardrobe which is above the knee. How would you wear it? With thick tights and heavy boots or fine tights with heels or flats. I haven't got a clue! If you could blog any photos I would be grateful. The skirt is Pierre Balmain and has a snake skin design (colour is mainly black and white and is made of stretchy wool material. Thank you.


Well, I don’t know where you live, but here in NY the colder-weathered days are minimally numbered (I’m crying into my keyboard right now about that very fact), and a wool skirt doesn’t seem to be the most appropriate item for the imminent warm weather. With that said, spring is the perfect time to mix heavier and lighter fabrics into one outfit. I guess what I would do is (if you’re comfortable with it) not wear any heavy tights at all and wear a pair of cute high heeled sandals or d’orsay flats. Something that helps offset the heavier material skirt is a spring/summer shoe. As for a top, anything that can be worn when the weather is nice and sunny during the day, and also when it drops a bit into chillier temperatures during the evening. Maybe like a button down, or a loose blouse, or you can tuck in a simple graphic or plain t-shirt and bring a cardigan, blazer, or a large chunky pullover sweater for later. Accessories help with the look too, either a spring scarf, a felt or woven hat, and jewelry. Whatever floats your boat.

Try Zara. They have great ideas, as always. As per request, I’ve attached a few examples that I thought might offer a little inspiration for styling and silhouette ideas. In my opinion, Kate Bosworth, Taylor Tomasi-Hill, Ashley Olsen, and Christina Centenera know what they’re effin doin’.

Hope this helped!

Also, check out my #mini skirts on my site, there are plenty more style options!

anonymous asked:

There's a real sense of arrogance that comes across in your post about set pic/set photos. You use Larry's photos as an example of not cropping. I purposefully don't give notes/likes to posts containing his notes because of his abhorrent behavior on set. Be a responsible consumer and understand set photos are just that, and not the actual show. Besides haven't you yourself posted "insider" information that has later been proved to be incorrect? Maybe you should take your own advice.

You are free to be a responsible consumer and find another blog to read.  I’ve talked about Larry’s behavior.  I also posted the sources on all those pictures.  I don’t like Larry’s behavior but he’s also not intentionally misleading the fandom which is what that post is about.

This ask reeks of someone who doesn’t like someone pointing out that the fandom is being intentionally misled by resorting to the assumption that everyone knows that the set reports are biased.