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The signs as lines from John Mulaney’s “The Comeback Kid”

Aries: This is an on-fire garbage can…could be a nursery


Gemini: I like having a puppy that’s a bulldog, cause it’s like having a baby that is also a grandma

Cancer: I am very small, and I have no money. So you can imagine the kind of stress that I am under.

Leo: No one wants to applaud the penis of a 32 year old weirdo

Virgo: You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair

Libra: aHHH! One feels like a duck splashing around in all this wet! And when one feels like a duck, one is happy!

Scorpio: Anyone who’s seen my dick and met my parents has to die. I can’t have them running around.

Sagittarius: Sometimes babies will point at me, and I don’t care for that shit at all

Capricorn: Eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs

Aquarius: Sometimes he will watch a movie on TV, even though he already owns that movie on DVD. Pointing this out to him confuses and upsets him.

Pisces: My vibe is more like, “hey, you could pour soup in my lap, and I’ll probably apologize to you”

Okuyasu & Josuke’s Great Bizarre Adventure!!!

I’ve been meaning to draw Josuke and Oku as Bill & Ted for a while; dunno if anyone’s done it already ??? This will be up on Redbubble in a few moments. (I’m terrible, I have print designs to finish and end up drawing new ones instead OOPS)

The ‘Cowch’ by Hans Zimmer (from The Holiday BSO)

(yes, I listen to very random music)

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OMG! I just found behind the scenes footage of Interview with the Vampire. It shows mostly Tom Cruise, a little bit of Anne Rice and a little bit of Brad Pitt. The video was uploaded by WalrusRider and the video is called Tom Cruise - "Interview With a Vampire" On Set Footage. Not sure if you've seen it already but if you haven't check it out.


It’s so fun to see at least this shot from the other side of the door, lol…

I’ll transcribe it somewhat for y’all:

The narrator is all about the *~secrecy~* like of course Tom Cruise wanted to keep the secrecy of his costumes and makeup and whatever, so as not to spoil the surprise! We have closed sets all the time these days and back then. I don’t think that was just Tom, I think everyone involved in making the movie wanted that secrecy.

  • The narrator pronounces his name the way AR prefers, not the way it’s pronounced in the movie
  • Claudia at 0:15!
  • Makeup touch up!

^X Bruh. 

Hit the jump for more, cut for length.

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(forgive me if this has already been said before but I haven't seen it anywhere so) As I was rewatching "Be Our Guest" from the new movie and couldn't help but notice how many maids Adam must have had that turned into feather dusters. And yes, you can tell which one is Plumette in the scene, but could you imagine what it was like when they were first cursed? That despite all the other feather dusters, Lumiere was still able to tell which one was her.

(don’t worry, it hasn’t; at least not to my knowledge)

Okay, the obvious answer to this would be that of course, Lumiere’s devotion to her just runs that deep, but you brought up a really intriguing thought to my mind.

Plumette doesn’t have a special job in the castle.  Cogsworth is the majordomo, Lumiere is maitre d’, Mrs. Potts is the head housekeeper, Cuisinier is the head chef, and Chapeau is Adam’s aide.  Those jobs are specific, and there can only be one of each.  (I mean, you can bet that she gets a promotion after the curse breaks, though.)

Plumette is a maid.  Probably a more well-known one, but a maid like all the other maids in the castle.  And yet to Lumiere, she stood out more than any other woman in the entire castle.  There were probably several times when other maids tried to flirt with Lumiere, but he only had eyes for Plumette, who at first glance was probably no one special.  But to him, she was the most beautiful thing in the world.

So even after the curse hit, and she looked the same as all the other maids, Lumiere could tell by voice, mannerisms, even the way she held herself despite the transformation who she was.  He was able to find the love of his life in an ordinary feather-duster.  That is the best and most rare kind of love…good thing Lumiere’s an expert on it.

  • Mom: It's family movie night what movie do you want to watch?
  • Mom: Let's watch a movie you haven't watched 600 times :))
  • Mom: *puts on a movie we've already seen*

I feel so bad for Dakota Johnson. That damn movie is going to be hung over her head for the rest of her life, and her entire career will be reduced to that. Every time she’s introduced with some stupid joke related to it, you can see her wince if you look hard enough. You can tell she regrets ever becoming involved in it. Her actions are speaking louder than words - in a way, she’s already apologized for it. So please, hate on Fifty Shades all you want, but let’s leave Dakota Johnson out of it.

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Hello! Have you seen Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, yet? It's not a great movie by any stretch but I LOVE it so much. And it's mostly because of the shipping aspect, I can't even lie. Their relationship is so adorable and tragic and unexpectedly layered and they're a perfect team. I just wish there was more of it to watch! If you have seen it I would love to read your thoughts on it. If you haven't, I hope you do because I would love to read your thoughts on it :D

I finally did see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and actually it was long enough ago that I’m already starting to forget things. It’s really too bad that it wasn’t a better movie but liking movies/shows for the shipping is TOTALLY valid in my opinion. I mean, who is to tell you why you should like something? As long as you enjoy it what does it really  matter?

Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton make such a good-looking pair. They obviously had great chemistry. I’m sure they’re at least partially responsible for all the shippers, especially the ones (unlike me) who didn’t go into the movie expecting to ship it.

But I think everyone has got to admit that a lot of the shippability of Hansel and Gretel comes from the writing. It’s like you said - they have this complicated relationship that based on the tragedy in their history, but they also have a very simple relationship because they understand each other so well and it has just been the two of them for so long. The best part is really how they’re the perfect team. Not just their success, but the ease with which they work together. So much goes unsaid because it doesn’t need to be said.

But they also have some fun banter and exchanges, like when she tells him that she hates him and he says she looks like shit, or when she hits him over the head. That all just makes them that much more adorable. I think it shows there’s enough energy in the relationship for a romantic/sexual side of it to be realistic.

And then let’s not forget shipper witch who writes fics between spells. I mean, this was probably an attempt on the part of the filmmakers to lampshade any accidental incest vibes but I feel like it only drew attention to this latent sexual tension between them.

And how about this:

I mean, come on!

And this:

And yes, they were sleeping on bunks, but they were sharing a room. And she reaches down and he takes her hand and tucks it under his arm! It’s just so sweet but at the same time a little suggestive.

I was disappointed that they ended up spending so much time apart, but the fact that Hansel’s love interest died really made up for that. Nothing against her, of course, but since most incest ships will never be canon, “competition elimination” is really the best we can hope for. It ends with just the two of them, once again.

I wish I had more to say, but it just feels so unncecessary, you know? It’s like it’s just all right there for everyone to see.

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hey! i don't know if you already watch Doukyuusei, but in case you haven't i really recommend it. i'm sure you'll love it. it's a short movie about two boys. :)

I just saw the trailer and this must be the purest thing I’ve ever seen, thank you for the rec, I’m gonna watch it for sure!

plus it premiered the day of my birthday, it must be fate *-*

p.s. here’s the trailer if someone wants to check it out too :D

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cass if you haven't seen it yet i'd def recommend escape plan!! i'm watching it right now & it's very entertaining (it also has schwarzenegger haha) stallone is 67 already but he still looks good imo 😅😀 i know ur watching the chronologically sorta but at least u know this one will be worth ur time?? hope ur having a good weekend xx

I DID WATCH ESCAPE PLAN!!!! Stallone looked SO GOOd…… that movie was fun! Stallone & Schwarzenegger’s characters were really boyfriends… :/….!

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Hi I haven't seen much of it so Im sorry if you already know this, but funko whitewashed their pop of seraphina harry potter who is played by carmen ejogo

Ok so here’s the funko pop character

and the much darker Seraphina Picquery from the movie poster.

This whitewashing is heinous and you should all tweet about this!

mod m

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Ok your TL5Y comments have made me curious :) If you haven't already and wouldn't mind doing so, I'd love to hear more about specifically what Cathy did that you feel put her at fault (partly). I've seen the stage show and heard from others before and I'm not really one-sided, but I'd like to hear your perspective, especially because I feel like the movie tipped me even further in Cathy's favor, seeing more of her at Jamie's events along with feeling neglected and misunderstood and worse off?

I would like to point out before I write all of this, because there’s going to be a lot, that I don’t entirely blame Cathy. Jamie also did horrible things. I just think it’s very easy to see Jamie’s faults. So, now that my discretion has been put up, shall we?

In my opinion, I think the movie really did make Jamie out to be the enemy. For example, every stage production I’ve seen has never had more than one girl with him in bed at the end, and viewing him as a serial cheater in the movie really makes it seem much worse. I also personally think they pushed A Miracle Would Happen a lot farther than it needed to go, especially with the alcohol. I think that Jamie has always been a very big story teller, he’s got a very creative mind so sometimes, as writers do, he exaggerates things. But the movie does things that the stage production never does: shows him eyeing SEVERAL girls at the bar, going to strip clubs with his friends, and imagining other girls in their underwear. We would never see these things in the stage production, and we usually laugh a lot during this song, just like we do during A Summer in Ohio. I also don’t personally agree with JerJor’s choices in If I Didn’t Believe in You to get as angry as he did, because once again, it makes Jamie seem very condescending. Usually when I listen to that song, I can barely hear it over my heart breaking for how much Jamie really loves Cathy.

Now, anyways, on to Cathy. Or rather, comparing Jamie and Cathy.

“Here’s a headshot guy and a new Backstage, where you’re right for something on every page.” -Jamie
“Isn’t he wonderful, just 28? The saviour of writing.” -Cathy (sarcastically)
“I am so proud of you, baby, you’re doing what you never got to do before” -Jamie
“Jamie needs his space to write since I’m obviously such a horrible, annoying distraction to him.” -Cathy
“If I didn’t believe in you, and all of the ten thousand women you are.” -Jamie

Jamie was always very supportive of Cathy in her career, or rather, her lack of it. Even when things weren’t going well, Jamie wanted nothing but to see her succeed in what she loved doing. Cathy, on the other hand, resented Jamie’s success. And I think Jamie’s line in Moving Too Fast, “Some people can’t get success with their art, some people never feel love in their heart, some people can’t tell the two things apart, but I keep rollin’ on” really portrays Cathy in that moment. I know you’ve all seen the gifsets of him singing this line and how it pertains to Cathy. Jamie found success in his art, and Cathy didn’t. Jamie very much loved Cathy, although I do think that Cathy very much loved Jamie too. The difference was, though, that Cathy couldn’t tell those things apart in him. She thought all he loved was his work, and not her. “I’m a part of that, aren’t I?” And her resentment of his success was a huge fault.

“I will not be the girl who gets asked how it feels to be trotting along at the genius’ heels” (Climbing Uphill) / “I tend to follow in his stride, instead of side by side, I take his cue.” (A Part of That)
“I want you, and you, and nothing but you.” (I Can Do Better Than That) / “You can’t spend a single day that’s not about you, and you, and nothing but you.” (See I’m Smiling)

We all know Cathy was very contradictory. We’ve seen gifset after gifset of her saying one thing at the start of the show, and something very different at the end. I think it was hard for her to know what she wanted, because she swore to wanting something only to hate it afterwards. Although I didn’t quote it, the one that made me personally very upset, is in See I’m Smiling, she has a very unsuspecting personality. She starts off saying that she’s happy that Jamie could come and they could work on their relationship. But, once Jamie says he can’t stay, she gets upset with him. Jamie attempts to comfort her, but she pushes him away, and then at the end sings “And see I’m crying, and not do anything at all.” because I don’t know about you guys, but if a girl is pushing me away when I try to physically comfort her, I will not continue to do so. I think it was unfair of Cathy to be upset that Jamie wasn’t doing anything when she had already shown signs of not being wanted to be comforted. Now, I know a lot of you point out that it was awful of Jamie to leave her on her birthday, but this is one thing that I will fully support Jamie on. I don’t think he wanted to abandon her on her birthday. No one wants to leave their s/o alone on their birthday, that’s just a shitty thing for both of you. Plus, as a pilot’s kid, I can tell you that sometimes flying can be tricky, and if Jamie couldn’t make it back to New York the next day, what else was he supposed to do? If he had missed that party, I’m sure it would have looked pretty bad on him.

“Jamie is probably feeling just fine, and I’m still hurting.” -Cathy
“I’m not the only one who’s hurting here.” -Jamie
“Once the foundation’s cracked.” -Cathy
“You never saw how far the crack had opened.” -Jamie
“Maybe I’d see how you could be so certain that we had no chance at all.” -Cathy
“It’s not about another shrink, it’s not about another compromise” / “Some people analyze every detail, some people stall when they can’t see the trail, some people freeze out of fear that they’ll fail, but I keep rollin’ on” / “So we could fight, or I could wait, or I could go” / “You never saw I’d run out of rope.” -Jamie
(Just all of Still Hurting) -Cathy
“I made a promise and I took a vow. We wrote a story and I changed the ending, Cathy just look at me now.” -Jamie

I basically made these quotes in two. I gave Jamie a lot on the third one for a reason, but I’ll get to that as I go through these. First one I think is important. Jamie knew that this was going to hurt both of them, he was more than aware that this divorce would shatter Cathy’s heart. And of course, he was also breaking his own heart as he did it. I always say that I believe Cathy was very selfish, and I think that this is a prime example of it, in that she couldn’t see past her own hurt and pain to think for a moment that Jamie once loved her for five entire years, and that getting a divorce wouldn’t kill him. Alright, second one. I think this one just speaks for itself, that maybe Cathy wasn’t quite aware of just how broken everything was. She thought everything was going fine, that the foundation had just been cracked, but Jamie points out that the crack was open pretty far. Of course, they could be talking about different times, but remembering that Still Hurting and I Could Never Rescue You happen within 24 hours of each other, I think it’s important that these are the distinctions that are made. The third one, Cathy constantly believed that things could be fixed. She was a very hopeful girl when it came to the relationship, thinking that things could be fixed, but I gave Jamie all these quotes on this last one for a reason. The first quote states that it’s not like they’d never tried to fix things, they’d tried compromising and seeing shrinks, but as the last one says, Jamie just ran out of rope, and could no longer keep trying. The middle two sort of go hand in hand, although one might feel a little out of context seeing as it’s from Moving Too Fast, I think it’s important. Jamie couldn’t stick in a rut. He hated being caught standing still, and that’s probably how he felt at the end of the relationship. They could keep fighting and keep compromising and seeing more shrinks, but to him, they were standing still and running in circles, and he needed to move on in his life. In the end, I do think it was very mature of Jamie to leave Cathy, although I fully would agree in saying that it was awful of him to have to wait until AFTER he cheated on her to divorce her, I think it was smart of him to do so. Cathy would have never done that, because she kept wanting to try to fix something that never should have happened in the first place, to quote Jason Robert Brown here. Finally, with our last two, I think Cathy was very selfish. During all of Still Hurting, the entirety of the song is made up of “Jamie is ______”, constantly putting the focus on him and blaming him. He’s decided it’s time to move on, he thinks it was Cathy’s fault, when in reality, looking at the second quote, we might think different. Jamie also sings, “Facts are facts.” When he’s cheated on her, and he knows what he’s done is wrong, and he can tell that he’s done something awful by doing this. He made a vow to Cathy to always love her, and he changed it, and he lied.

I’m happy to write out other things, I guess. I will very much admit that it wasn’t all Cathy’s fault. Jamie was also a very faulted person. They were both faulted people who should have never been together. They ruined each other’s lives.

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I'm one of those people who stopped watching Hannibal midway through this season. I found season 2 boring and almost quit at that point but gave it a second chance after the strong season finale. When everybody but Abigail survived I knew I was pretty much done with the show. I watched until they started the red dragon stuff and turned that episode off half way through and haven't gone back.

You really haven’t missed much. At it’s best moments, this arc is just a staler version of Manhunter and Red Dragon. I keep drifting off during episodes because I already know this and have seen it all before. My mom gets annoyed the times I watch the episodes live cuz she’s like “I THOUGHT YOU HAVENT SEEN THIS??” and I say “Yeah, I haven’t… but this is all book and movie stuff.”

I try to gif the better moments, things that are unique or funny. but those moments are getting fewer and fewer.