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Hello lovelies! How about some feral!stiles recs (either shifter or human)? Thanks!

Here you go!  Emmy

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First Doctor’s Visit by hellbells

(1,121 I General I Complete)  *no pairing, peter hale, baby nogitsune!stiles

Talia was beginning to understand that she was unlikely to separate the Kit and Peter. Still she was not irresponsible - they would have to go and see Deaton. Just what will he make of the situation?

Polish by Rrrowr 

(3,201 I Teen I Complete)  *steter, feral human!stiles

Peter found him on accident. He was far away from Beacon Hills — had been for months — and hadn’t even been aware that Stiles had been missing. It was rotten luck that Stiles landed in his lap at all, to be honest.

Hold Me Tight and Don’t Let Go by Nocturnalnightmare 

(4,263 I Not Rated I WIP)   *sterek, omega!stiles, rape/non-con, kidnapped!stiles

Stiles spends majority of his life trapped and treated like a slave. But on night that all changes. Can they help him or is the damage too permanent..

The Beekeeper and the Honey Loving Fox by pizzz_10 

(5,403 I Not Rated I Complete)  *sterek, fox!stiles, human!derek

Derek is a beekeeper, who sells honey at the local farmers market. lately something been getting In the back yard and messing with his hives to steal honey. Derek was expecting an  animal doing this, but he’s wrong.

New Pup by MadnessofVoid 

(15,636 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, shifter!stiles, fairy!stiles

Derek wrinkled his nose and listened. It wasn’t human. Definitely an animal. A fox, to be exact. Weird…foxes didn’t come into these woods because they sensed the supernatural species that lived around or in them (aka werewolves). Foxes and wolves don’t get along, either. At all. Unless it was Kira. She got along with just about anyone. But normal foxes? They hated wolves.

So how did one wind up in the woods of Beacon Hills?


A feral Stiles fic that my friend sort of conned me into doing

Wolf Blood by VoidSterekOTP 

(27,527 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, magic!stiles

Its been 3 years since Stiles Stilinski disappeared. He was merely 14 when he was drugged and taken away from his omega friends and his Father.  The whole town searched for him for months on end  in a desperate attempt to bring the young boy home to the Sheriff, but to no avail. When the Towns searches began to dissipate that is when the omegas really got involved, they followed every single lead possible and were on constant alert in hopes that they would catch the stilinski boys scent.

THE SEQUEL IS NOW UP: Wolf Blood-Where you belong

What is More Beautiful Than Blood by Handsofred 

(44,642 I General I WIP)  *sterek, kidnapped!stiles

He loses it, he shouts and he yells towards the building, begs for it to bring his family back, to not take them away from him in such a cruel fashion.

He feels his heart being ripped out of his chest, the way it seems to beat less and less, the pain which replaces the joy and happiness inside of him. He doesn’t feel as his eyes watch the flames eat away at his home, his body is numb as he gets dragged away from the scene.

He knows the moment he is allowed to leave the station he got taken too that he isn’t alive anymore, he hadn’t felt alive since he had seen the flames burning away the trace of his family trapped inside his home.

Death had taken his love away and death had taken his life before his time.

Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter 

(61,036 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek

Derek Hale finds a feral human on his pack’s property.
Humans are supposed to be extinct.
But then, Stiles is full of surprises.

 How to Tame Your Human by Moku 

(119,609 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, alive hale family, werewolves are known

“Maybe I should collect leaves and dump them in the closet?” Derek asked his sister after the first restless and mostly sleepless night with Stilinski. The werewolf had never shared his room with anyone before, not even his siblings and he was uneasy knowing someone else was there now. Especially when it was some weird brat, who behaved like an animal and whose presence he could neither hear nor smell.

“I think he’d like leaves,” Derek tried to reason. Cora paused her game, skeptically looking him up and down, probably trying to figure out if he was serious. “You know, for his nest?”

“Derek, he is not a real animal.”

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Okay okay I'm all for Dean slowly realising that Cas is in danger and going to rescue him but how the FUCK would Dean not know from the previous convo that that wasn't CAS? I mean, Cas left the previous convo really bizarrely that Dean dropped everything and his hurried to the bar in a frenzy. And now CAS says he's fine? Really?

I’m not saying he doesn’t know something is fishy but really all I’m doing is saying I’m not gonna go mad if the next ep starts with him like hm that was weird, sam being like dude he’s a grown angel don’t coddle him so they move on.

It just seems a wasted opportunity not to have Asmodeus masquerade as Cas some more given it’s a big season theme so far you know?! And he can’t do that if Dean already KNOWS. Suspects is one thing but knows means asmodeus doesn’t even start off with potential?! I just think that’s lame and doesn’t work story wise! Why set this up if not to use it?!

The Summoned

This was originally going to be a very short Thanksgiving writing with a tongue-in-cheek feel, but as I continued writing past the opening, it evolved into something with much more depth and personal meaning. Fair warning for the reader that the subject covered herein is somewhat stressful: coming out to your family.

“Are you…quite certain that this is your wish, my summoner?” The demon crouches in the summoning circle, enormous and powerful, far too tall to stand upright due to his height.

You nervously fidget with your hands and glance over at the book you’d borrowed from a witch friend of yours. You had been practicing this ritual for a few days, but you hadn’t quite gone through with it until today. You’d been really desperate for this, but now that you’d actually gone and gotten this demon here, you realized how pitiful your need seemed.

“I, ah, that is, um, if you’d rather not-”

“Summoner.” The demon leans down to your eye level and tries to catch your gaze. You avoid looking for a moment before meeting his black and green eyes. He smiles softly. “I would be more than happy to fulfill your wish,” he says, and you hear a sort of fondness in his tone you weren’t expecting.

“R-really?” You stare up at him, dumbfounded.

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hat auf dein Foto geantwortet “cutthroatbouquet:”

See, this is why I advocate for Hartmann-whistle barrel-porting. If correctly tuned, each shot would be accompanied by an intense high-pitched and far-carrying sound, likely significantly louder than the report.

Taking this concept further, a muzzle-device, like the polar opposite of a suppressor, could be designed to allow for further tuning of the tone by imparting different mechanisms of sound-production, such as corrugation, flow damping or splitting, and resonance effects. If this hasn’t already been done I’m going to find a way to make it so

Add some keys and you’ll have a perfectly interesting musical instrument. 

I’m going to ask you something in all honesty: If Finn turns out to be the Skywalker, would you think it was fine for the storyline so far to take place how it took place and for Rey to spend all of this time with Finn’s father in TLJ instead of him? And for Finn to go onto a mission with Rose instead of at least being with his aunt? Bc personally I’d have a huge problem with that and I’d forever wonder why they would do this. Just for another bait and switch? 

So Mark hasn’t uploaded and no explanation has been given thus far and the only interaction Mark has given us today is this tweet:

Now normally, I’m all for charity streams but I’m very confused as to why we’re having a stream so suddenly.

Now i was originally holding off mentioning this in hopes of the “more details” that were promised but, as you can see with the 6 hour time stamp on my screenshot, no such information has been divulged.

so this gives us a few options and here’s what I’m thinking is the deal:

Mark is up to something and while i don’t want to condemn the promised stream just yet, it is rather odd that we’ve had no prior warning and with everything going on, I’m starting to think this will be no ordinary stream.

Secondly, on the matter of the disengagement today, i have a theory that Mark will upload stuff in the opposite of his regular schedule.

What i mean by that is,following the logic of the “dark” approach he’s taking, he will upload them at 12 hours later than normal, respective to his regular upload times.

Now in order to test this theory, that means staying up to match his upload time within our personal timezone.

so guess whose staying up till 3 am to see what Mark’s deal is

NaNoWriMo Encouragement

Last few days! Finish up strong if you have the time! If you don’t, that’s okay too! You’ve made it this far, whether or not you’re going to finish. Continue working on it even after November ends! There’s nothing that says you can only ever work on it in the same month. There’s always more work to do!

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Sleep tight (My Nightingale)

Hi! I should really be doing some of the requests but I am in the mood to write something else so the birth of the ‘Sleep tight, (My Nightingale)’ series is born. It is going to be a series of drabbles featuring DC characters that I feel like writing. So far, I have only written Damian’s and half-way writing Arthur’s. (If you have a character in mind that you want to see me write for, leave your replies down below!)

Hopefully, these drabbles would not be too long! (Partly the reason I wanted to write this is because I just want some cute in my life so hopefully, these will be enjoyable to read!). As usual, mistakes are here and there.

Damian raises one of his eyebrows as he stares blankly at you. “Am I correct to assume that you want me to partake in this napping thing?” He shakes his head. “I see no point in taking a nap when I could be out and about, taking down villains.” Damian turns around and heads toward the door but before he can slip out of your room, you grab on to his wrist and he abruptly stops to stare at you.

You roll your eyes at his antics. “Come on, Damian. You need to rest!” You pull him back towards the bed. Technically, Damian could just pull his hand from your grip quite easily but having you pampering him like this is stroking his ego.

“Sister, I will be fine without no rest.” He eyes your bedroom – why you chose to bring him to your bedroom instead of his is beyond him.

You shake your head. Damian is almost as bad as Tim when it comes to neglecting rest. As the official medic in the house, you are constantly on their health and unfortunately for Damian, he has pulled the wool over your eyes too much because you managed to catch up to him before he left the manor earlier and thus, here he is in this predicament.

“What is going to happen if you get hurt because you momentarily lose focus due to exhaustion?” You furrow your eyebrows at him. “You just need to take a nap – thirty minutes at most.” You compromise and Damian contemplates your offer before nodding his head.

You grin at your youngest brother and head over to your bed. Pushing your covers to the side, you crawl on to the bed and lean against the headboard. “Come on.” You pat the space beside you and Damian resists the urge to roll his eyes before flopping beside you. The grin on your face grows bigger when Damian, without being prompted, snuggles up to you.

“If a word of this reaches Grayson or worse of all, Todd, I will revoke all of your snuggling privileges!” Damian huffs and you had to bite the inside of your cheeks so that you wouldn’t laugh. You clear your throat and nod your head.

“Of course, Dami.”

You lightly run your fingers through his hair and at first, Damian furrows his eyebrows for a bit before he lets you be. Damian must have been satisfied with your answer because he quickly falls asleep soon after. You smile quietly to yourself – now, if only the rest of your family members were as pliant as Damian.

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Do you know of any good South Park ask blogs? Or if you don't, do you know anyone who might know some good ask blogs?

oh i know so many!!
@ask-bracket-boi is a craig ask blog and it’s super good and fresh so it’s easy to follow!
@ask-forgotten-sp-kids is super good and features the kids that the fandom tends to ignore
@ask-highschool-south-park has super good art and is so far really good!!!
@ask-tuckerandtweak is super good and is in a really cute part right now
@askcreek-craig-and-tweek has amazing art and is easy to go through and they have small little themes occasionally
@ask-stanandkyle has real (beautiful) people and it’s really good and ugh i love u sydney and maru thank u for blessing me with this blog
@askcrxig has mostly text responses but it’s still really quality and is really in character
@askrubykarenfirkleike has such amazing art and it follows the younger siblings and it’s just the best

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Hey babe, I... Had to reject a guy tonight, and I have a feeling he's not going to take it well. Historically, I have NEVER been able to let a guy down without hurting their feelings or having them react in a bad way, and I just know this is probably going to end up the same. It's either going to be hugely awkward between us until we can no longer stay friends, or he'll be angry and lash out at me. Do you have a way to make me invisible maybe? So that I don't have to do this anymore??

* oh fuckin’ hell, darlin’, i’m sorry… stars, i can’t begin to commiserate enough, can i…?

* i don’t have a way to make you invisible, much as i wish i did…

( Grim sighs, looking to the distance for a few moments, deep in thought. )

* … listen. guys are dicks far too often. pretty damn literally, obviously, but - point is… much as they’re always goin’ to be that way, you’re always goin’ to be you. and you know what you are?

* a goddamn treasure.

* you’re strong, ‘n carin’ towards those important to you. you put your mind to somethin’ even when the goin’s rough, and damn if you don’t do your best even in crap circumstances. you’ve got one hell of a sense of humor, ‘n i know for a fact that you bring a smile to a lot of faces on the daily, even if you don’t always see it.

* whenever it gets tough ‘n you’re put in this situation - which is not your fault, byy the way, no matter what society may be whisperin’ or yellin’ at you - just remember that you are wonderful. ‘s’why people are attracted to you, even if it doesn’t go well for one reason or another. ‘n if they’re reactin’ badly, then clearly they’ve got their own issues that are not your burden to bear - and on top of that, they aren’t seein’ all of what makes you wonderful… because they’d find a way to respect that ‘n make it work or peacefully part ways if they did.

* … ‘n if people go givin’ ya grief over it… i’ve got your back.

* funny how a bout of forgetfulness’ll reorder someone’s day.

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Why is phan "nasty" ??

I’m very very VERY against shipping real people. Phan has gone so far to where people will actively harass the actual youtubers and get in the way of them having an actual life or finding a partner. Dan and Phil really can’t go anywhere or do anything without someone turning it into an opportunity to ship them. If people were constantly nitpicking at your life to the point where anything you did could somehow equate to you having feelings/being in a relationship with a best friend of yours you’d kind of be upset, right? Keep shipping in fiction and only in fiction.

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Outta curiosity, is there some people at the Casino's crew who got their driving license or so? I'd be curious to see what Mic'd drive x3 Also I'd like to thank you. So far, with your aesthetic and your characters (especially Mic), you gotta be one of the artists that influenced me the most over those past 2 weeks or so. And for that, I thank you, a lot. You do a great job here (and DAMN is Mic handsome xD)

Actually! Mic doesn’t have a driving license - he never did had the time to go take the test. Plus, he prefers walking anyways.

As for the crew, all of them probably knows how to drive bc knowing King Dice he would have made them get a driving license at some point individually if they hadn’t already. But to get someone to drive is another thing entirely? And do you really want Pip and Dot or even Chips to take the wheel pffffft

Also Mic gets teased mercilessly for not being able to drive lmao he gets his revenge in other ways. He makes it a point to never get his Drivers license just to spite KD

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Honey, I'm so sorry to bother u w/ this. I am so lost and I just ... I need to tell someone. I am in therapy & on meds, but I want to die. I feel like my future is so hopeless. I just don't want to be here anymore. I feel so guilty sending this, I don't know where to go or what to do. I can't eat & I've done for two days is sleep. Have you felt this way? Do you know of any little things that can help? I'm sorry for taking your time. I think you're a beautiful, kind person, I hope you're well.

honey honey angel doll, i’ve been there…. too much. far too many times. far more than i even care to share. i feel guilty often, and i know how unhappy of a feeling that is to experience. however, i only want to praise you, because i truly do feel like you deserve it: you are in therapy, and that is *wonderful.* that means that, even ~despite~ being in therapy and taking medication and still feeling awful, there is still a flicker of light within you that yearns for a happier way of being, that has faith in itself to keep shining. i spent all day in bed the other day, and before going to sleep, felt utterly drained and alone and hopeless. but i promise that not everyday will be like that. this darkness may go on for days, weeks, months… but that is why we keep fighting it; fighting it with the flame that still burns within us. i know these are but simple words, but i really, really hope for you to take them to heart because i believe in you. i do! so much! you deserve all that you long for, and more. you deserve to fight your battle and see the end of it, never looking back. i urge you to keep seeking help for yourself, to keep finding the things that make you smile, even the small things - especially small things! when i feel especially blue, i let those small things find me. be it in the form of a simple poem or a film that i’ve never seen that just resonates with my soul. these are the sorts of things to stay alive for. love is so worth it. especially love for yourself. i’m working on it, too… none of us are there yet, but that’s why we must keep each other company on this path. no matter how long that path may be. find mantras that speak to you, and embody them. live them. once you realize that you are more than capable of being who you want, than self-love and the building of the soul will become your best, most healthy addiction. 😌💕 i believe in you. you *can* do this.

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Hello, I'm jewish and I consider myself an atheist but open minded to other religions and if I do this become a Lokean it's a big deal for me and I swear I think Loki is sending me messages, and there's a part of me that wants to become a Lokean because I want to be closer to him. So my question is, is there a process I must go through?


Pre-Christian Norse religion didn’t really have any kind of conversion process as far as we know. The baseline assumption was that there were a bunch of different gods that different peoples worshiped, and so adding more was less of a big deal than it is in a monotheistic religion. If you wanted to start worshiping another, you just added them to your prayers and household shrine and continued going about your business.

We even have accounts of families adding Jesus right alongside their Old Gods, as much as that kind of misses the point of orthodox Christianity.

Today, there’s not really any widespread formal process either. Partly because of the historical mentality, and partly because our religion is really decentralized. There’s no single organization that runs all of Heathenry. Some groups do require an initiation of some kind, but that tends to be very specific to the individual group. And it often deals more with your relationship to that set of people than your relationship to the religion as a whole.

So it’s mostly down to you and satisfying your individual spiritual and intellectual needs. Our reading list, particularly the “General Heathenry and Norse Myth” section, links to a bunch of suggestions for solid books and articles where you shouldn’t have to deal with any white nationalist garbage. And our FAQ walks you through some spiritual stuff you could consider experimenting with if you feel you’re ready for that. (You’ll need to be on desktop to open those links.)

Heathenry doesn’t demand belief in the gods as real personal beings. There are a significant number of Heathens who treat the gods as personifications of natural forces or as Jungian archetypes. I’d probably even label myself as agnostic if pressed to spell out my beliefs. So no one’s going to come after you for experimenting with ritual without 100% believing in the gods you’re calling upon.

You could also search for a local group to help walk you through things. Social media, Witchvox, Meetup, and your local UU church are all useful places to look. But due to the aforementioned white nationalist problem and widespread anti-Loki sentiment, it’s not really something I’d recommend that a Lokean or a Jewish person try before feeling pretty confident about what red flags to look for. For safety’s sake, always vet the group’s website and/or social media page, and try to meet in a public place when meeting them for the first time.

Best wishes! If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch again.

- Mod E

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I am curious but.... what happens now? Do those of us that ordered Bullseye still get to actually receive our physical copies? Or are those lost to us now? And more importantly, what is the best way to support the artists and writers from this point?

As far as I know people are still going to get their copies. Shipping is going to take forever. Evidently Lynn didn’t know how to do bulk shipping. Everyone should get them.

As for the artist and authors they made their own blog after all this mess. There you can find all the work that has been posted for the Zine so even if you don’t have the hard copy yet you can see what’s in it.

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I used to think all I wanted was t and MAYBE top surgery, but recently I've been determined to do hrt, top surgery, that one kind of bottom surgery that looks realistic, and have the not guy organs removed. Has anyone else experienced this change in how far you wanna go transition wise?

I have. In the beginning I didn’t want to have bottom surgery, but now I do.
It’s something very different for everyone and its okay if it changes -Matt

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Hey Tink ! Good morning ! Have you a streaming link for the last episode? Possibly with English subtitles ? The French sub team gave up because they don't like the way the season is going so far * sigh * I am not good enough in English to understand all the dialogues without subtitles. It's frustrating. Thanks

Try watchseries.is / .do there’s subtitle options on my iPad when I use that

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In Sakura Hiden, When Sasuke returned to the leaf village Sakura welcomed him back and he replied "The thing is..." what do you think he was going to say?

As far as I’m aware, that didn’t happen at the novel’s conclusion. Instead, there was a scene which may or may not have been a glimpse into the future where Sakura welcomes Sasuke back home, to which he replied “I’m Home, Sakura”.