if you have read this far congrats you can have a cookie

Chapter One

Age difference between Sammy and Gabriel where Gabriel pretends to not want Sam because he’s not becoming a total creep for lusting after his best friend’s little brother.

“I’m a creep. I’m such a creep.”

That has become Gabriel’s motto ever since he met his best friend’s little brother. His name is Sam and everything about him was just yes. He’s tall, smart, and when he laughs, God, Gabriel loses his mind. When they first met, Sam was 15 and annoying but in that awkward teen-dork sort of way. Endearing more than anything. But two years later provides Gabriel with a smart 17 year old puppy-dog cute teen. He isn’t sure when it all changed but he doesn’t like it.

He doesn’t like it one bit.

You see, Gabriel is in his third year of undergraduate school getting his bachelor’s degree in business management and culinary arts. He’s double majoring for the benefit of starting his own little shop in uptown New York. He has already completed the majority of his start up plan- which is rare for a 21 year old still in college, but harboring natural skills takes people far in life if utilized correctly.

But none of that is an issue for him. The current cause of his sleepless nights, dozens of chocolate cookies, and stressed induced episodes were due to the fresh out of high school bright eyed and bushy-tailed teen standing right in front of him. Sam. Sam is going to be the death of him.

Gabriel just knows it.

“Are you even listening?” Sam asks, going through the bowl of skittles, picking out all of the green and orange ones since they’re his favorites. “I mean, you’re just staring off into space again. Are you having an inner Gabriel montage or something?”

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Maril Davis Twitter Q&A (it’s very long)  | Dec. 9, 2016

MARIL DAVIS:  Mini-Q and A anyone? @Outlander_STARZ

FAN: Tiny questions or short time period?
MARIL:  hahahah. Short time period

what are you most excited to begin working on?
you mean outlander scenes?

yay!!!  How many rehearsals are needed before filming a scene?
depends on what kind of scene it is. Some take extra rehearsals while others don’t take too many

how far along is S3? Lots of time on a ship?
we’re almost halfway through

Sooo… Do you think you’ll have a “welcome back to Scotland” party from the cast and crew?
LOL, no. I go back and forth way to often for it to be a big deal!

where are you bringing in the new year?
I’ll be in Scotland when 2017 rears its head!

What’s you favourite place in Glasgow? (nearly asked everyone now )
hmmm. Hard to say. Most of my favourite places are restaurants! (I like to eat!) But I ️love Glasgow university and that area

have all the new characters started filming?
no. We will continue to add new cast as we go

What block are you up too?
we are about to start block four

Everyone is excited about the print shop scene. What are YOU excited to see on scene in Season 3?
Print shop is probably right up there for me too

Will you be going to South Africa when they film there? When r they scheduled to move filming there!
yes, I will. Just not sure when yet. And we will not go until next year

What is your favorite outlander scene and why?
I can’t possibly pick one scene. Too many.

What are you shooting in Block 4 ?
lol. Can’t tell you.

are you going to South Africa as well?

We’ve recently seen @SamHeughan sporting Seattle football. How do us Oregonians get him to wear Portland hockey?
Not sure I can help. I ️love sports but not a huge hockey fan. If he’s wearing anything it should be DUCKS gear!

how much longer until we might hear word of a premiere date.. any new casting you can share?
I don’t know. Starz usually decides on timings of announcements.

what are you especially excited about for Season 3?
hmmm. Print shop and stuff on the ships. And the start of the season is fab

did you get the special nougat related little something from @OutlanderFrance
I didn’t but I’m just returning to Scotland 

How much of Jamie below decks will we endure?
not sure how to answer this. You want a percentage? :P

Given the scope of S3, was it harder than previous seasons to find locations?
every season seems to get more challenging!

How long does it typically take to film one ep, incl rehearsals, table reading, etc?
every episode takes 12 days to shoot on average

How fun and amazing are the 1950s and 60s scenes?
I love the ‘50’s and '60’s stuff.

When should we expect some promo to start?!
no idea although we just did our first publicity shoot!

What is your favorite wintertime activity?
lately it’s sleeping!!

Are your  packed for South Africa?
not even close. Still have time

How has your life changed since #Outlander? 
I’m ten thousand times busier and I travel ten times as much! :P and I’ve obviously met a lot of great people!

What will be your focus during this trip to Scotland?
the last two weeks of shooting (before the holidays)

what has been your biggest adjustment to living in Scotland?
the cold and the food.

Were the same writers taking care of both time frames, or were they divided up ?
we have different writers for every episode so everyone will get different stuff. We divide by script not by time periods

Christmas time- real tree or fake tree?
no tree. I celebrate Hanukkah

Casting has been brilliant - but who of the new cast for season 3 has really exceeded your expectations?
they’ve all been amazing but not all of them have been shooting regularly. So we’ll have to wait and see!

You stuck mid travel and bored? How is the weather on your side of the world?
I am mid travel. Have not reached my destination yet

well you should sleep but will we see Williughby?

What are the warmest boots for wearing on the set?
honestly that’s still something i haven’t figured out in 3 seasons. But I wear Columbia bugaboots

what is your favorite #outlander episode so far??
can’t pick a favourite. Plus I’ve only seen a couple in finished staged so far.

has there been any prep for S4?
we’re definitely starting to talk about it. We have to. No break this year. Just roll into the next season

Is @SamHeughan still the biggest slacker on set?
lol. No, he’s an incredibly hard worker (Sam-you can pay me later)

How many times do you fly across the pond in one year?
I seem to be on a month in LA, month in Scotland schedule at the moment

Print shop anything you can give fans even a word??
i think it’s going to be great

binge watching anything?
just finished @TheCrown Loved it!

Pleased with Dailies?
yes, very

any casting news ? HAL? Still waiting on that from episode one lol
Hal was cast a while ago I think they just didn’t release the news! He’s great BTW

favorite Outlander book?
Favorites are the Original and then A Breath of Snow and Ashes

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Baltimore Recap

THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. So I’ve been a fan since 2012, but I’ve never been to a show before mostly because I knew I would get irritated by some of the fans. Which was very true. I’m glad I went though. Here’s a list of things I remember and observed, not in any particular order:

- So many Larry signs! During Icona Pop I saw the Always in my heart tweet, a “he got the dagger” sign, a Parma ham sign, a “I’d snog Louis - HS” sign. The girls next to me were booing the Larry signs and then they made fun of a rainbow flag they saw and I reallllllly wanted to go off on them.
- Liam reading signs…he read not one but TWO Larry signs. The first was “investigate Wellington” and I actually gasped. He was basically like “what? I’m very confused” but tbh I don’t believe him for obvious reasons but also just his tone was funny. Then he read “Harry’s six pack was trending.” Liam is such a dark Larrie…Niall is definitely no longer captain.
- Louis threw some kind of rainbow object at Liam toward the end of the show.
- Harry danced with a boa at one point.
- They were all pretty sweaty and Louis said they aren’t used to our weather. Then he called Niall his “fellow Irishman” lol.
- So many Lilo moments. A few Nouis moments too, but a TON of Lilo flirting. Water guns and some water bottles of course…Louis didn’t get that wet but Liam was destroyed.
- The first time Liam spoke, he said he wasn’t feeling well but would try his best and that he wanted us to sing very loud for his parts. You could not tell he was off voice-wise AT ALL so I was very surprised. Then at the end of the show he said we made him feel better.
- Because of the break starting tomorrow, they told us they wanted us to bring it out with a bang.
- At one point Louis was spraying Liam (I think) with the water gun and he nailed Harry in the back. He may have been aiming for Harry but it was hard to tell from my angle. Harry didn’t acknowledge it though.
- Harry received cookies from a little girl and her mom in the audience and talked about the cookies a lot. It was really cute - definitely watch a video of it if one is posted. He asked the mom if she wanted the Tupperware back (she didn’t) but later he brought it out empty and tossed it to her (and missed).
- I think it was during Drag Me Down when Harry was on the screen and he almost got hit in the face with something small but dodged it. Stop throwing things, people. It’s not cute.
- Harry pointed out two dads in particular. He told the first one he was “muscly” and looked very strong and scary and said he kept getting intimidated when he walked by him. He asked the daughter if she had a BF and when she said no, he was like “I’m not surprised. No one will get near you with your dad around” or something along those lines. The second dad was also strong looking apparently and Harry said he looked like the hulk. He was quite flirty with the dads.
- A fan near me threw water on Louis and he flipped her off (lol good).
- I’m not sure about 18 because there was a poster in the way but I thought Louis was looking at Harry a bit during Night Changes. I’ll have to watch back videos to make sure.
- Louis wore that tank top (i thought I was going to die, he looked that good) the entire time until the encore when he changed into a white tank. I think Harry wore the white shirt the whole time. Liam changed once I believe and I wasn’t paying attention to whether Niall did or not.
- Liam looked…so good. Like his hair looked amazing and he had his shirt unbuttoned quite a bit at the beginning and damn. He looked great.
- HAHA I almost forgot. There was this sign saying something like “congrats on your pregnancy Harry” and it was visible on the screens a few times, but the first time I saw it, the camera was showing Louis from behind on the B stage with that sign in front of him kinda haha it was amazing.
- LOUIS. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He’s so tiny and curvy and beautiful. His cheekbones and jawline look amazing even from far away. I was so so so happy he had the fringe. He also seemed to have a lot of fun - no weird moments. He left stage a lot though…like at least 6 times. I adore him. Also he sounded AMAZING. Didn’t have an off moment with his voice and he nailed his Fireproof solo.
- Harry was really amazing with crowd interaction as usually. He was very camp and danced around and was generally just very cute. Very entertaining and he sounded amazing.
- Niall was very typical Niall. Definitely had a ton of fun during Act My Age. Louis sprayed him in the ass with the water gun during Little Things (I think…don’t hold me to that).

It was really an amazing show and they all seemed very grateful and had a lot of fun. I love the boys so much and my parents actually came and sat up high in one of the sections and they said the boys put on a great show and they both had a lot of fun and were thoroughly entertained. That’s difficult to do with my dad in particular so kudos to them.

Also…for fans with signs, it’s so disrespectful to the other fans to hold them up the entire show. Especially when the boys wouldn’t even be able to read them because they’re so far away. I couldn’t see Louis (who was the one I really wanted to watch) a bunch of times because of fans holding up their signs for no apparent reason. Just be respectful so everybody can have a great time.

Anyway, that’s what I remember off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll remember more later and I’m sure there are much better reviews of the show that will sprout up on tumblr, but basically… I love these boys and tonight was a fabulous night.