if you have not seen this movie i don't like you

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to inform you that I saw The Handmaiden last night and it instantly catapulted into my top ten movies list

If you like

  • lesbians
  • HAPPY lesbians
  • (I know that’s a spoiler but IT’S IMPORTANT)
  • absolutely gorgeous visuals
  • and costumes
  • and music
  • not a single white character because the setting is 1930′s Japan-occupied Korea
  • lesbians
  • absolutely gorgeous visuals that vaguely reminded me of Hannibal, because of the very deliberate cinematography and the attention lavished upon the DEEPLY DISTURBING and the fact that pretty much every scene has a very tense thread of eroticism
  • Eroticism that sometimes purposefully REALLY SHOULDN’T BE THERE, OH DEAR GOD
  • a plot that folds in and around on itself like a fucking origami
  • and that is explicitly about how the exploitation of women is awful
  • and that made my jaw hit the floor at least four different times, somewhere M. Night Shyamalan is sobbing in the corner
  • no seriously, I need to watch this at least once more because THE TWISTS, SWEET JESUS, I WAS RIVETED
  • lesbians
  • who are smart af and also ADORABLE SCHMOOPY NERDS
  • villains who get what they deserve
  • obligatory sexy corset-removing scenes
  • obligatory sexy bathtime scenes
  • obligatory explicit sex scenes that are really the only beef I have with this movie because was that really necessary did the camera have to linger that long
  • literally being able to make all the handmaiden and feudal lord jokes I know you guys love
  • Gone Girl if everything was much prettier and 500% more gay
  • literally gay

you need to see it. 

Probably twice.

Warning: Rant

Ok…if you don’t like rants then just skip over this post because I’m going to rant. 

Has anyone else seen the adds/trailers for the movie Split? I have. And I’m disgusted. 

Short summary. The Split is a movie about a man that has multiple personality disorder (aka split personalities or Dissociative Identity Disorder). One of the personalities kidnaps three girls and the girls go through their kidnapping dealing with the other personalities and trying to escape. The last personality is supposed to be this psychopath killer and the girls are trying to escape before he comes out. 

My problem with this movie? Well…I think it’s kind of obvious. Film makers took a mental disability and made it evil. They’re telling people that having a mental disability, like DiD, makes you unstable and more likely to kill people. This isn’t the case AT ALL. Yes some killers were found to have mental disorders, but the vast majority do not. 

Dissociative identity disorder, previously called multiple personality disorder, is usually a reaction to trauma as a way to help a person avoid bad memories. Dissociative identity disorder is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality identities. Each may have a unique name, personal history, and characteristics.Treatment is talk therapy.  

As someone that was diagnosed with DiD as a child and went through all the therapy and medication this movie sickens me. You know what my 2 other personalities did? One was the comforting motherly type that protected and loved. The other was strong willed and loud and would not let anyone hurt them. That’s it. I wasn’t violent, I didn’t kill people, I didn’t go on any rampages. 

Back when mental institutions were the big “cure all” for mental disabilities people would spread rumors and stories of how violent people with these disabilities were. We are finally in an age where disabilities are being treated as legitimate and are being treated properly. Movies like this? They will send us back into the times of hysteria and mental institutions might start popping up again. We’re already being threatened with gender therapy and sexual orientation therapy to “fix” the lgbt community. For the bigots, idiots, and uneducated people that control this country it isn’t a big leap from one “problem” to another. 

Hollywood needs to take a step back and stop feeding fuel to the fire. 

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Why would you deny yourself like this? Come hang out with my, anon. I have all the extended edition versions of the movies. I’ll get the necessary amount of snacks. It’s time to show you a whole new world of awesome.

(And then I’ll rec you the fanfic Sansûkh, which in my humble opinion should be required reading after watching all the LOTR and Hobbit movies.)

actually the other day when I was transcribing some Hello Dolly! lyrics my mum was like “wow I knew basically what Hello Dolly was but this is wild” so I played her some of Pearl’s stuff, and started explaining why I love her and Carol

and I was like “can you see why Carol and Pearl make such good Dollys, but then why Barbra Streisand… not so much” assuming she’d seen the movie at some point, but she was just like “They cast Barbra Streisand in Hello Dolly??? Why??? Why would they do that???” even though she’s literally never seen the show, she still thought it seemed like a bad idea…

…like father like son…

I kind of really wish I’d stop seeing the phrase “feminist movie” or “feminist book” applied to any piece of media that does a better than usual job of handling it’s female characters.

Feminism is not the absence of sexism, it’s a word for the movement dedicated to raising awareness of and eradicating institutionalized sexism.  A feminist movie would be a movie ABOUT the feminist movement, or a movie that directly identifies and addresses issues of structural inquality between genders.

Just having a female character you don’t sexualize in a piece of media doesn’t make it a grand stand against the patriarchy.  It literally just makes it a little less sexist than most everything else.  It doesn’t make you a feminist film director for making it, it just makes you not a fucking asshole with his head so far up his ass he can’t see the way the world is actually built.

Is SW:TFA a feminist movie?  No, not even close, not even a little tiny bit at all.  The movie’s not ABOUT gender or related struggles, ideas and philosophies.

But is it a movie that respects its female characters, gives them usually-limited-to-men levels of agency and power over the plot, makes sure there are women in the background of shots, and doesn’t sexualize them?  Yes, abso-fucking-lutely yes.

SW:TFA is a movie feminists will like (at least parts of it), it is a movie that demonstrates some of the basic, basic things Feminism wants from media, but it’s not a feminist movie.

It’s just not really sexist.


“Oh my god, Y/N,” Dean said, covering his mouth as he laughed. “Is this what you do when we’re away on a hunt? Such a dork.”

You gave him a turn so he could see your full costume, smiling wide though he couldn’t see it.

“Not too shabby,” you said.

“Not too shabby? You look friggin’ amazing.”

“For a dork,” you added. Dean smiled gently, walking to you and wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Well,” he said with a small shrug. 

“Don’t act like this is news to you,” you said, giving him a nudge.

“I do have one complaint.”

“You want me to make you one, too? You’d look pretty good in a skin tight suit,” you teased. He laughed again, his eyes bright.

“No, no. Sam would burn his own eyes out; I think I’ll leave the latex to you. I just don’t know how the hell to kiss you with this thing on.”

x x

Imagine Dean Coming Home to Find You Decked Out In Your Deadpool Gear

More gif imagines!

Fun fact: pretty much any fucked up killer, serial or not, has a mental disorder. They just do. Any horror movie with a fucked up killer, probably has a mental illness as well, because hey, the writers are writing based off of actual killers.

I’ve seen plenty of movies with killers who have the same illnesses I suffer with, and yes, everything is over the top and dramatic. You know why? Because it’s fictional. From a writing perspective, a fictional psycho killer without any mental disorder, is the most boring one dimensional killer I’ve ever imagined. If we had a bunch of movies with killers like that, I guarantee everybody would be disappointed, and the horror genre would be almost non-existent.

Everybody complaining about horror/thriller films being poor representation of mental illness, really need to calm down. Movies with characters that have these illnesses aren’t diminishing our progress; not talking enough about mental illness, is. And if you’re waiting for a movie to come out with a fucked up killer to talk about mental illness angrily, I feel like you shouldn’t even bring the movie into your argument to begin with.

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Flynt/Kepp, #5

5. things you didn’t say at all

The last time he’d said the words ‘I love you,’ they’d been choked by the exhaust of a California-bound sedan as it accelerated beyond the flashing red glow of a broken traffic light. They’d become as lost as the jumble of letters and numbers on the license plate that bid him farewell in lieu of a little boy with curly red hair who couldn’t be seen thanks to the boxes piled high in the hatchback. Once he’d been able to recite what had been on the license plate of the car that took his best friend away, just like he’d once been able to say three simple words with ease.

Kepp couldn’t tell anyone now. Not his mom or dad, not even Avery. He could give love a thousand and one different names. He could fill pages of notebooks with other words for love. His favorite movies and books and songs all had love at their core and for the longest time he wished for nothing more than love. Romance, familial, companionship, it hadn’t really mattered.

He’d call himself obsessed, or fixated at the very least. Drawn to something he didn’t have in him to give. Love.

He’d thought that maybe, once he could feel the warm blanket of love tucked around him, he would be able to say that little sentiment once again. That was all he had to be missing. How could one love if they didn’t feel loved?

However, now that he had it and had accepted it - companionship, familial, and romance - it seemed he was still broken. You too, was the best he could do when his own mother told him, “I love you.” Letting Avery stay up an extra hour after bedtime or kissing a bandaged scrape better was his way of expressing affection to his little brother. Going to Tess’s basketball games and sharing his earbuds with her while listening to his mixtape, or letting Trevor ramble on about baseball stats for an hour at a time without making fun of him, or going shopping with Isabel so someone could give her an honest opinion on what earrings she should get to go with her bracelet seemed to be all he was good for.

And with Flynt, his own boyfriend, the guy he’d dreamed of marrying one day… he choked on the words instead of returning them, just like the exhaust had nearly a decade ago. There was an empty space between them that couldn’t be filled until he said it, and it broke something inside him just a little bit more each time it went unspoken. Surely Kepp was just as broken as Flynt claimed to be if he couldn’t tell him as much.

He could tell him a minute kissing pear-plump lips could feel like a blessed eternity, but an eternity spent in one another’s arms passed by like minutes draining through an hourglass. He could lie beside him and gently trace each fair freckle and crease over his hands and his face, committing each to memory so he’d never forget where each one fell on the map of his skin. He shared his writing with him, the most private, personal part of him that only Avery had really seen before him.

Kepp could and would give Flynt everything, in a heartbeat, except for three, simple words.

“You caught me like a fisherman would a rare fish, scales glistening like stardust in the ocean light. Something unique and all their own to keep, but instead you gazed upon me and though you’d wanted me for your own, you unhooked me and let me go. Upon the waves, you sailed away, and left me for another day. But in your wake, you cast your line, trailing after you for me to find. I followed where it led, miles across an endless sea, a mirror that reflected how futile my task might be. Until one day I found the shore at the end of your fishing line, and in your harbor I chose to stay and live out the rest of my days. Not as your catch, but as your seeker. Just as you had once sought me among the waves, I sought you. I wanted a soul as rare as yours, in the same way you had wanted mine.” Kepp closed his notebook, though not completely, his finger holding his place as he slouched against the brick wall of his bedroom. “I told you it was stupid. There’s nothing romantic about fishing. I don’t even know why I picked fishing, I don’t know anything about fishing.”

A pair of pear-plump lips pressed a soft, chapped kiss to his cheek and Flynt pressed against his side as they sat sideways atop Kepp’s bed, grinning at him. “I love you, too.”

Kepp couldn’t meet his gaze as a dark blush flooded his cheeks, but he met each kiss Flynt offered with one of his own, in hopes that they might make up for what he couldn’t say. “How do you always know?”

“Because you babble.” Flynt tapped his lips with his finger as they turned into a pout. “And always use more words than you actually need to get your point across.”

“Yeah, but how do you know that’s what I’m trying to say?” Kepp pressed.

“Because you’re my Kepp.” Flynt kissed him again.

The color in his cheeks deepened as he bumped his shoulder. “That’s not an answer.”

“It’s a great answer,” Flynt defended.

“It’s your answer to everything.”

“Which is just proof of how it’s a great answer.”

Even Kepp couldn’t help matching his boyfriend’s grin, letting his notebook fall from his lap in favor of wrapping his arms around him, his weight forcing them to topple onto the bed. “You’re impossible.”

Flynt held him close, just as caught as Kepp was as he laughed. “I love you, too.”

One day, Kepp would have the words. One day he wouldn’t choke on them or say too many instead of just enough. One day would come, but until then he’d tell Flynt in all the ways he could.


I finally finished your prompt ;P I’m sorry if Flynt doesn’t sound like Flynt, lol, but I tried xD

@ririthereader replied to your post: Me: *googling how big a very particular animal can…

I did some googling for you. The wiki article is generally clean and has descriptions of boars in different regions. If you keep scrolling though, you’ll get to 2 tigers attacking a boar, komomo dragons eatin, and of course, the hunting industry. (There’s also a single image of parasites on the jaw of a boar but I didn’t look). In general though, they seem to be about half the size of the boars from Princess Mononoke, if you’ve seen that Ghibli movie. I hope that helps!

Ooooooh thanks for the warnings on the wiki, that helps me a bit :’D I’m…usually pretty okay with seeing stuff like that but…today was not a good day for it, y'know? but aaaa thanks for going through for me, and comparing it to Princess Mononoke!! I love that movie!! …there’s some unsettling imagery in that one too, but it’s animated and I can generally handle that better O.o Half the size of the boars…that actually really does help, since I can grab lots of refs with characters next to them/near them (I have the movie <3) so that’s a great point of reference, thank you so much!! <3

things I overheard at MAGIC MIKE XXL tonight

“WHO ARE THE MEN WHO MADE THIS MOVIE” —carrionlaughing, to me, the second the credits rolled

“I’M OVERCOME” —me, in a daze

“I’M OVERWHELMED” —post-coital woman in the bathroom

“OMG XXL” —another post-coital woman in the bathroom

“CHAAAANNING TAAAATUM” —post-coital woman on the subway

“I really thought Jada Pinkett-Smith stole the movie” —middle-aged men sitting next to us, thoughtfully (??????????????????????)

You’re Worth Melting For

For snowflake anon & Dr. Anon:

Imagine a pocket-sized you getting inspired by the famous Disney movie Frozen and wanting to make your own Olaf. Standing outside in the freshly-coated yard bundled up head from toe, you stare back at the snowman, who is the same height as you, in its button eyes and place the baby carrot where its nose is supposed to go. The snow crunches under your boots as you step back and smile at your pocket-sized Olaf. He smiles at you with his square teeth (you used a square-shaped piece of gum), and with a satisfied sigh, you turn around to tell Namjoon and Hoseok you’re ready to go inside, but you stop yourself. Hoseok holds Namjoon’s hands in his and have them close to his mouth blowing on them to get them warm because Namjoon forgot his gloves (he didn’t think you’d be out in the cold this long). Clearing your throat while gaining their attention, Namjoon pulls his hands away from Hoseok’s embarrassed. Acting like nothing happened, Namjoon asks if you’re ready to go inside. Biting your lip to keep from smiling, you nod your head.


“First rule of magic: always he the smartest person in the room.”

Now You See Me 2 the settle to the surpringly good first movie is directed by Jon M. Chu (Step Up 2, GIJOE 2) and written by Ed Solomon (Bill & Ted, Now You See Me, Men in Black, Charlie’s Angels, Super Mario Bros). Let me get this out of my system now… It should have been called, Now You Don’t! But I understand that would completely fly over any audience members who haven’t seen and like the first movie. Well, for those of you who haven’t seen it, it is essentially a comedy action thriller about a group of performance magicians (like Chris Angel and David Blaine, Lance Burton, etc.) who are paired together by a mystical calling. Each one possess their own style of magic, and together they form this apparently magical super group called, The Four Horseman. The mystery element is actually quite a fun and exciting caper, with quite the ridiculously good ending reveal. There’s no way you will catch the “tell” throughout the movie, and by the end, it’s so crazy you might not have expected it. It is a fun time, with likeable characters, I highly recommend it. I own it on Bluray, if that means anything. The sequel picks up 18 months after the ending revelation of the first, as The Four Horseman are now underground, on the run from government activity and suspicion. There demand and popularity among the public are at an all time high in success. There is one casting replacement from pretty Isla Fisher to the attractive Lizzy Caplan, as apparently Isla’s character left in the movie. The rest remain the same. It will be difficult to reveal certain plot points or criticisms without spoiling it, but I’ll do my best. An old enemy comes back into their now continued successful lives, and the magical mystery begins unraveling once more, as they need to band up with new friends to discover the secret.


- Woody Harrelson (Natural Born Killers, True Detective, Zombieland, No Country for Old Men, Seven Psychopaths, Triple 9, Out of the Furnace, Defendor, The People vs Larry Flynt, Kingpin, The Thin Red Line, Semi-Pro, 2012, Rampart, Hunger Games, *War on the Planet of the Apes)

- Mark Ruffalo (Collateral, Zodiac, The Avengers, Spotlight, Shutter Island, Brothers Bloom, Foxcatcher, Begin Again)

- Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Zombieland, The End of the Tour, American Ultra, Adventureland, The Double, BvS, Rio, *Cafe Society)

- Lizzy Caplan (Cloverfield, Mean Girls, The Interview, Masters of Sex, The Night Before)

- Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, Horns, Kill Your Darlings, *Swiss Army Man)

- Dave Franco (Neighbors, 21 Jump Street, Fright Night, Warm Bodies, *The Masterpiece)

- Morgan Freeman (Se7en, Shawshank Redemption, Unforgiven, Gone Baby Gone, Bruce Almighty, The Dark Knight trilogy, Amistad, The Bucket List, Oblivion, Lucky Number Slevin, Olympus/London Has Fallen, Robin Hood, RED, Lucy, Outbreak)

The biggest problem I had with this accepted sequek was that it became to incomprehensible and wacky that I lost some respect and admiration. Wherein the first movie actually gave reasoning and showed parlor tricks, giving us a hint of how things occurred, a plausibility (like a magician), the sequel was blown out of proportions. Although I will give director Chu credit with infusing his Chinese heritage in placing the story in Macau, as well as giving the movie elements of Ocean’s Eleven panache and flare, the plot was very convoluted. Every magic trick has three parts as we learn in Christopher Nolan’s best film, The Prestige: the pledge, the turn, and the prestige. Now You See Me 2 succeeds in the pledge, it falters towards the end of the pledge by not allowing us to get insight and wonder, and it fails in giving us the magical Prestige. No matter how cool and suave the acting and tricks were, I was pulling at air to understand how some of them were even possible. It seems as if the universe of the movie became full on magical, and I’m okay with that for the future, I was just expecting the movie to continue its theme of Robin Hood-esque playable explainable tricks and illusions over unknown magic.


+ Main Cast

+ Woody Harrelson

+ style

+ Special Effects

+ Security check heist sequence


- Daniel Radcliffe

- Plot

- Ridiculously ludicrous at times

Although the plot was very convoluted, bouncing around the world, literally, I had a entertaining time. I feel like I had a funner time watching this movie than Warcraft. I still recommend watching the first movie, as I feel it is superior to the sequel in both strayed and style. But yes, even with a crazy very mixed character wise plot zooming from China to US, to London, etc. the actors did very well. I really liked the group as a whole, as their comraderie was very prevalent and led their pursuits. Individually they have their string suits, and together they form a much more cohesive and slick moving unit. The one downside in the acting of the man group was that they did not get the single moments to shine. The sequel does give you a 5min intro summary to catch up, but it also expects you to already be familiarized and welcoming of the Horsemen. The first movie gave them their moments to shine alone, but that’s because they had to be depicted as selfish and isolated to get the inevitable unlikely heroes banded together vibe. The rivalry between Eisenberg and Harrelson was still present as they play around with each other, mirrored to Franco’s greenhorn rookie fitting in. New entry, Lizzy Caplan does a good job at jumping in on the already close knit group. She serves as the comedic relief, and I’d say she pulled it off rather well, along with proving to be independent in no need of the men to back her up. Each of the Horsemen have their magical specialty whether it be hipnosis or card tricks or more, and each element is thrown in. On the supporting side, Mark Ruffalo brings his A game once again, proving that he can bring heart, emotion, and intensity to any role he chooses. Opposite him, Morgan Freeman surprisingly does not phone it in, as his smooth talking, one step ahead type character was legitimately fun to hear and watch. I was a hit disappointed with Daniel Radcliffe and the lack of Harry Potter inside jokes haha. His character served as the sort of antagonist billionaire baddie with infinite resources and thugs. There were elements of a lackluster Bond villain if he were to be much younger. Radcliffe didn’t really convince me, nor did he impress really. Once again, it is the Four Horsemen you want to watch, and I’d say they deliver in the entertainment field.

Some other aspects I thought note worthy, we’re the action and special effects. They looked both stylish and very cool, but like the tricks, when questioned, you don’t get an answer or possibility out of them. Some of the scenes were so out there that you just had to role with the punches this sequel preps over the initial movie. Don’t get me wrong, when the Horsemen did their acts and magic tricks, although they were legit magic at times, I had fun watching it occur (especially the card tricks). Where all these effects and magic seem to be headed is in the direction of a full out magical element underneath our known world. At this point, it seems like The Horsemen are actual magician sorcerers who can bend rules of reality. So if the likely third installment unveils the curtain and shows us the trick underneath completely and magically, I think they’d be accepted. Continuing along the path of saying they are merely illusions is not going to cut it anymore. Just go ahead and bring us the real magic, and hell, a evil sorcerer villain. It’ll be perfectly acceptable, as Dr. Strange is going to bring us back to some magicians on screen.

Overall, I had a good time with this lengthy magician comedy heist. I definetly think it is worth a watch, preferably after you watch the first movie. There are elements carried over from the first movie, but nothing that will leave you in the blind from not seeing it. Of course, you will miss the inside jokes, group mentality, and big plot twist by not seeing the first, but it is not mandatory. I’d say that Now You See Me 2 fits into the universe of the very style over logical substance of the latter Fast and the Furious. Once again, where the first movie actually allowed us to wonder and believe soon of the tricks were real, the sequel blows out all the windows and settles for anything is possible, nothing needs to be explained. With all that said, it is exciting, fun, Las Vegas cool, and has a very likeable group of characters.

7/10 & B$A


fandom asks
  1. What are some fandoms you’re apart of that we may not know about?
  2. Have you ever participated in online roleplaying for any of your fandoms?
  3. How many tumblrs do you have dedicated to which fandoms?
  4. If you could go out drinking (or hang out) with any fictional characters, who would you pick?
  5. In what form did you experience _____ fandom first? (Books, movies, comics, etc.)
  6. If you could be any character for a week, who would you pick?
  7. Pick your favorite character.  Which Hogwarts house would they be in? (Because every fandom has a Harry Potter crossover)
  8. If your favorite character could be a Disney character, who would they pick and why?
  9. Of your fandoms, which crossover would you want to see/read most?
  10. Have you ever written fanfiction?
  11. Will you post some of your fanfiction?
  12. If you’re a fanfiction writer, will you give us a sneak peak at something you’re working on?
  13. Have you ever created fanart?
  14. Will you post some of your fanart?
  15. Link to your DeviantArt page?
  16. Do your friends *know* how into your fandom you are?
  17. Have you ever visited a con?  Which one?
  18. Share three of your ships and why you ship them
  19. Why do you love _____ fandom?
  20. We’ve all daydreamed about being a part of one of our favorite fictional universes.  Share one of yours?

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Chris Evans had been one f your best friends for quite a while now, more than five years. But through those five years you’d ended up doing something dreadful, you’d fallen in love with him.

You could remember the exact moment you’d fallen in love with Chris. He’d come round to comfort you after a rather bad break-up. The guy had dumped you rather harshly over a text message and you’d spent half of your day crying over it. But then Chris had called you for a quick chat, and after hearing your hoarse voice he rushed over to comfort you, bringing alcohol and your favourite candy with him.

It didn’t take long before he was in the front room pacing and calling your ex-boyfriend ever insult under the sun And then, in a drunken spur of the moment, he’d begun to list how he’d treat you if you were his girlfriend.

He’d cook for you, even if you didn’t like his cooking, he’d do it anyway just to show you he cares enough to do so. He’d celebrate every day he was your boyfriend because even just having you as a best friend was a gift. The first thing he would do in the morning and the last thing he’d do at night would be explaining how much he loved you.

After that he went on to make a revenge plan, which included sky diving, shark wrestling and a pool full of jelly. You laughed so much that night and by the end of it you had the sudden realisation that you liked Chris more than a friend.

That was three years ago and by now you were simply fucked. It’s Valentines Day and all you could think about was Chris, Chris and more Chris.

You’d just arrived home after an hour of supermarket shopping that just reminded you of how alone you were. You unlocked the door to your apartment, stepping through and grumbling to yourself about how much you hated your heart for choosing the wrong guy to fall in love with, a guy who will never be yours-

You blinked, practically blinded by the large amount of red roses that covered your apartment. There had to be ten thousand vases covering most of the floor and pretty much ever surface, and stood leaning against the counter in your kitchen was none other than Chris Evans.

You didn’t know how to react, so you giggled. “Gosh, only ten thousand roses, you need to step up your game, Evans.”

He let out a chuckle, shrugging his shoulders. “I’m sorry, I forgot how high your standards are.” You put a hand over your heart and let out an ‘ouch’. He began to walk closer towards you, holding out a single rose (as if you needed any more roses). “Even so,” he began, “I was hoping that maybe, you might like- I mean, no pressure you can say no - that you might like to be my valentine?”

You blinked, expressionless. You’d impressed yourself by being able to keep the inner fireworks that were going off in your heart from him. “Well, y'know, you did go to all this trouble.” You tried to act nonchalant but that quickly went through the window when you threw yourself at him, his lips eagerly connecting with yours.

I’ve seen comments about how Wonder Woman is the best part in BvS (no arguments here) and that some people would have preferred it if she had been given more screen time so that “they could have cut out the useless Lois sub-plot”.

Ha. Hahahahahahaha. Haa…

Ya know, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why people would say this. Why would people want more of Wonder Woman, an extended cameo character who was essential in bringing down the Third Act villain, at the cost of Lois, a main character who’s investigative skills shown throughout the movie led to her to evidence putting Luthor in jail, along with her being the reason Batman doesn’t kill Superman for triggering him with his mother’s name? Why would people want more of the physically active Wonder Woman, a woman who spends most of her screen time fighting, over Lois, the only truly average hero in this film, who does her job investigating and contributing to the main plot? Are these people saying that in order to merit screen time, Lois should have been kicking ass and taking names instead of acting like a journalist? Are they saying that by virtue of needing saving from gunpoint like a regular person, Lois doesn’t merit the screen time she gets? Hmm, watch out. We’re straying dangerously close to the Strong Female Character, where now it’s the audience that confuses punching things as superior character action.

Look, maybe it’s not so much a desire to cut Lois out of the movie she’s the female lead of. Maybe people just really wanted to see more of Wonder Woman because we only got little glimpses of who she is as a character. You’re not alone, my friends: I, along with many others, also want more Wonder Woman to grace my movie screen. Congrats! Lucky for all of us there’s a Wonder Woman movie coming out in June 2017! All your questions should be answered then. We didn’t have to cut anyone’s screen time because most of it will now belong to Wonder Woman. Everyone wins.

But then there are people that didn’t like Lois by virtue of her being human. By virtue of her needing saving in the impossible situations she finds herself in. And last time I checked, it’s not really damseling if concrete pillars fall on top of you; after that it’s just needing help. Kinda like when a Kyrptonian abomination is about to blast you with its eyes and you’re stuck in your jet: I think some super Amazonian help is warranted there too, don’t ya think?

So to those people: y'all can sit down. Lois isn’t going anywhere. Maybe you should figure out why seeing a human act like a human in these superhero movies bothers you so much, or why you feel the need to pit one woman’s screen time against another’s.


me entering captain america civil war unsuspecting

this cannot be happening !! NO NO NO NO NO ….JUST NO!

wtf marvel are you out of your mind ? have you ever seen a pepperony pizza go on a break even RDJ uttered that scene out like if it was gibberish

how dare you mess around with THE OTP of the MCU the king and queen and in same breath you squash my iron baby hopes wtf dude wtf 

i couldn’t even focus on the rest of the movie after that , can’t a fangirl catch a break my tv otps are giving me whiplash and now this , somebody needs to fix this stat , i ain’t going to watch that movie again ,stab my heart grab it and stomp on it and it would hurt less than this ,i’m pissed off 

you know what until you fix this i’m gonna watch iron man trilogy and pretend this didn’t happen

but really i’m just hurt , heartbroken really! why can’t i have just this one thing that is constant in my universe A HAPPY SUPPORTIVE OF EACH OTHER PEPPERONY , i feel like

but for tonight i’m just gonna hide under my sheet and forget the world fiction and real ,ya both haters of true love

Ok but J.a.r.v.i.s. seemed actually excited about being “transferred’ into Vision’s body though. Like when he says "I think it’s worth a shot” he just seemed excited to me. Like he wanted to actually “be” someone. To have a body and experience the world like humans do. 

Just imagine what jarvis might have been thinking when tony and Bruce were talking about putting jarvis in a body. He could touch and feel and experience things in a whole new way. It just makes me really sad to know that Jarvis in a way sacrificed himself to help the avengers to save humanity.

 Jarvis has been there since the beginning and he’s grown through the movies. We’ve seen how important he is to not only Tony but all of the avengers. They were all devastated when they saw what Ultron did to him in AOU. And then when Vision is ‘born’ one of the first things Steve asks him is “why do you sound like Jarvis?”. Jarvis is such an important part of MCU and is probably one of the most underrated characters.

Okay, I’ve seen a whole bunch of “oh man, this movie is awful but go see it, it’s great” posts about Jupiter Ascending, and I’ve got to disagree.

This movie is great and you should go see it because you will love it.

Yes, it’s cheesy scifi with a space wolf and there are weird plot points about bees and it’s got more world-building than they could possibly fit into a single movie. It’s rushed and it feels like it was adapted from a novel that you haven’t read, which is weird because it’s not adapted from anything. Yes, it’s about a space princess and it’s an old plot and yes, it can be predictable and cheesy as fuck.

It’s also a girl movie. As in, it is what every girl fantasized about when she was a teenager. I’ve heard people saying that it’s the novel that every girl wrote at fourteen, down to the fact that her space werewolf love interest has pretty angel wings at the end. What I would like to know is why that’s a problem.

This movie is the Chosen One plot—the ordinary orphan child finds out they are Special and is thrown into a new world that they have to save from the Big Bad. She even decides to make a heroic sacrifice! It’s also a Disney princess movie—the ordinary girl who dreams of something more finds adventure and love along the way. It’s a coming of age movie, in which the main character tries to find themself and their place in the world. It’s everything that girls should have in countless stories the way boys do… and it’s more than that, too.

It’s a movie that explores ideas about destiny and fate and choice—and it does so while confronting the very real problem girls have about people’s expectations of her. Each of the film’s characters want to control Jupiter—from her cousin twisting her arm into donating her eggs to the Abrasax brothers manipulating her to gain the wealth she has inherited. The Abrasax children want her to be their mother, her mother wants to protect her by keeping her from dreaming. Everyone wants to force something on her… and in the end, she chooses to remain in her old life. In the end, she chooses who she wants to be, choosing to defy Balem, choosing to return to the life she once hated– and being happy in it, knowing that it was her choice.

It’s noteworthy that her defiance comes in these words: “I am not your mother.” Kalique said that she wanted another chance at a good relationship with her mother. Titus claimed he knew he could trust her, because he knew his mother so well, he knew her, too. Balem… well, Balem has a whole host of mommy issues, but in the end, it seemed almost as though he wanted her forgiveness—his mother’s forgiveness. Each of the children tried to force her to be what they expected, to be the woman they knew as their mother.

There are a whole host of interesting themes they could have chosen to explore. I wish they had the time to explore them, to be honest—but I am glad that the one they went with was about finding yourself in the face of everyone’s expectations of you. It’s a movie I needed, it’s a movie so many girls need.

So please, for the love of god, stop focusing on the problems it has. Go see this movie because you’ll enjoy it—if nothing else, enjoy the costume and scenery porn and the very pretty cast, several of whom end up naked or shirtless. Enjoy the pretty wolf boy and his fluffy angel wings. Enjoy Balem being over the top. Enjoy the ridiculous action sequences. Don’t make excuses about enjoying a terrible movie, don’t pretend you can only love it ironically. Go, see the movie, and let yourself enjoy it sincerely.

almost two months after i’ve seen bvs i’m still in this state of being like someone comes at me to list reasons why bvs was not a Good Movie and even if they are legitimate and sound reasons about the movie’s flaws and not just one big mcu circlejerk i’m still like