if you have high expectations im sorry

Dating Diana and being Bruce’s sister would include...

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  • When you went to Wayne Manor to introduce your big brother to your new girlfriend
  • He was not expecting it to be his fellow Justice League member, Wonder Woman
  • “Wait, you’re dating Diana?”
  • “Do you two know each other?”
  • “I guess you could say that.”
  • You thinking that that meant Bruce had hooked up with Diana at some point
  • But, the night after, Diana cleared things up by telling you that she was Wonder Woman
  • “I’m sorry. I should have told you sooner.”
  • “You don’t need to be apologize. Who knows, I could have been evil.”
  • Bruce being EXTREMELY overprotective
  • “If you ever hurt Y/N, I will make sure that you never see the light of day again.”
  • “Bruce, you don’t have to worry. I love Y/N.”
  • After finding out that your girlfriend was working alongside your brother
  • You ending up spending a lot more time with the Justice League
  • Never working directly with them, but helping behind the scenes with Alfred
  • Bruce always staring daggers at Diana when you’re showing PDA
  • “Can you not do that in front of me?”
  • “Grow up, Bruce.”
  • Bruce always protecting Diana in battle
  • Because he knows that losing Diana will hurt you more than anything in the world

the leafs are an incredible team and i have always and will always believe in them just as much as any other fan would believe in their team. first or last, i expect their best and nothing less, and theyve given me that so far tonight. i love them for it and it only makes me believe in them more and makes my expectations that much higher.

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wow nice art and im new to your blog

Just in case for all newcomers

  • Please don’t have very high expectations on me!!
  • I don’t take requests (unless scifell or interesting, sorry) ww
  • I may try to respond asks with drawings of any AU!Sans as soon as possible (depends who and how I can reply back) but it’s mainly Sci, Fell or both more because they’re my favourite characters! (><;;)
  • I may not able to respond back to all asks (I can however reply back in private without drawings to make it easier though)… orz
  • Other than that, no pressure and thank you..! :’DD

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So I was reading the EW article today and the writer gave little snippets about all of the Stark's arcs for season 7 except Arya. He said that hers was too "top secret." I've read the leaks and I know they make it seem sort of impossible, but I was just wondering--what is the general feeling in the gendrya fandom? Could Gendry and Arya have a sweet reunion this season? ^.^ This is one of my favorite sort of "side ships." Always has been haha I just love them.

If that “top secret” thing doesn’t atleast involve arya and gendry meeting up and having all these reunion moments with arya punching gendry HARD for that m'ladyzoned scene and gendry slipping with saying “im so so sorry m'lady” and arya just punching him again for repeating that OR PLS THE ACORN HALL SCENE WITH ED SINGING FEATHERBED (lol jk im hoping too much) then idk anymore. but personally, i do believe they’ll have that reunion we’ve all been waiting for. It’s just that I try to lower my expectations on how it will happen on the show but i have such high hopes on the upcoming books. I’m so glad you love them too!! They’re amazing


I’m sorry I use Shoudeku bc it sounds cuter to me like kacchako ahhh im awful sorry


  • Everyone likes Midoriya. Shouto just likes him the most.
  • It’s one of those things where everyone kinda knows except for Deku. Naturally.
  • He stays the reliable friend all through high school. God is he pining though.
  • They both grow up as you’d expect. Shouto’s tall, broad, not quite as broad as his father, but solid. His hair is a little shorter, no more hiding his face.
  • Deku stays lean. He’s still not very tall, but it works to his advantage when people underestimate how strong he is.
  • They’re roommates for a bit. Not that Shouto really needs someone to split rent with, but he suggested it for Deku’s sake.
  • Not everyone’s got an all-star rich dad like you Shouto.
  • He’s only ever guilty about how underhanded he is sometimes. Like intentionally leaving a shirt or two of his in with Deku’s laundry.
  • Deku never pays attention and always puts them on without realizing they’re not his.
  • (Boyfriend shirt? Boyfriend shirt.)
  • He can’t help but get a little jealous when Deku hangs out with Ochako and Iida. He knows they’re friends, but…
  • It starts when Shouto first slips up and calls him Izuku instead of Midoriya. (As @saigennaku said, he’s always been in his head as Izuku, but never out loud.)
  • Deku’s somewhat conscious of him now with their cohabitation too. He has a habit of falling asleep on the couch, and will wake up with Shouto with him, either sitting at the other end of the couch or just hovering nearby.
  • But he sees the unexpectedly cute sides of Shouto too. Walking around with one sock only on his cold side, the fact that his stubble grows in uneven mixes of red and white. (Not that its ever there long enough, Shouto shaves meticulously.)
  • He comes home one day, and Shouto’s feeding a cat. In their living room.
  • They don’t own a cat.
  • Oh, well now they do. “I found her. She was being bullied,” he says.
  • That’s another discovery – Shouto’s fond of small animals. (gee I wonder why)
  • Deku likes the cat too, its friendly but much more attached to Shouto.
  • He doesn’t realize it has a name until he comes home to hear Shouto calling “Deku? Deku, dinner time-“
  • He’s cute. God Shouto is so cute and sweet and has nice abs – Deku (…person Deku, mind you) is completely enamoured.
  • Shouto’s amazingly affectionate. It’s not loud or obnoxious. It’s gentle, but ever-present. Holding hands in the car, leaning on him on the couch, tangled feet in bed.
  • He also likes to fluster Deku when he’s not expecting it. Coming just that little bit too close to steal a kiss, just enough for Deku’s heart to skip.
  • Deku’s adoring too, but in a different way. It’s a quiet reciprocation usually. Yeah, Shouto may take his hand in public without a word but he doesn’t jump away, not ever.
  • Not to mention he’s gabby the moment someone mentions Shouto. You think he gushes about All Might? See him talk about his boyfriend.
  • Oh yeah, they keep the cat. But instead of just ‘Deku’, it’s usually Ku-chan. Y’know, so nobody gets confused.
  • Deku makes a point of holding Shouto’s right hand rather than the left usually. For Shouto’s comfort mostly, but also cause he gets steamy-hand when he’s nervous or intense about something.
  • Speaking of Shouto’s temperature, he’s the ideal partner when Deku’s sick. They spend 90% of the time cuddling. Fever? Good thing he’s got a cold side. Chills? Mhmm, one 6’1 20-something-year-old hot water bottle at your service.
  • Shouto rarely ever gets sick, but when he does, it’s a disaster. The room is either iced over or burning hot, and beyond that, he’s somehow convinced himself that holding onto Deku will cure him eventually.
  • “How about some medicine instead?”
  • “…I’d rather you just stay here.”
  • dont talk to me about AU’s i’ll cry about howl’s moving castle shoudeku au


the weekend is all planned to go smoothly, his artists all gathering to celebrate another year of success but also to bond with each others. minsu believes in his brand, and believes in how much potential they all have. it’s just a matter of using it correctly, of knowing what pieces to move, how much value to give to each person and to just know what the audience wants. he’s proud, satisfied with how his business has evolved and proud to see what it has turned out to be.

of course, a weekend with this amount of people is hard to organize, and that’s why when he sees her, and a lazy smile shows up on his face. “i’m going to need for you to check the guest list one more time” he tells her, a bored tone as he instructs her. he’s not asking her to do anything, he’s commanding her to do just as he say. “and when you’re done make sure they all receive a bottle of champagne in their rooms along with the dress code for the party tonight and their invitations” he adds, hands and eyes on the screen of his phone as he checks what else it’s on his check list.

“and of course, make sure all of the agents are dressed appropriately of course, i have high expectations as you may already know”

People are so annoying. They chase after you for months only to leave you for their ex or something they think is better. And to top it all off they cut all contact with you like a coward, which drives me crazy. Making up some stupid bullshit lie when you find out they’re seeing someone else. And when they find out that that magical person isn’t as good as they thought or got cheated on, then they come running back. Like no. You have your chance with someone and if you wanna fuck that up go right ahead but don’t be coming back to me all apologetic telling me what a mistake you made. Because I’m not gonna be someone’s second choice. Oh they’re gonna regret this forever they say. Well good maybe it will teach you a lesson on basic human decency and not to leave your then caring girlfriend and cut off all contact with little to no explanation. If you want to leave someone try acting like a grown adult and have that conversation they deserve. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for second chances, but when you left me for another girl and dropped off the face of the earth and basically treated me like crap, Im sorry but no you don’t deserve a second chance for that in my eyes. I just wish people would just say how they feel and not try and replace you with someone else before leaving. People deserve an explanation. And you shouldn’t leave someone for a temporary high that you’re gonna regret, don’t expect them to forgive you after that.
—  Don’t be an asshole. That stuff sticks with people for a long time. || chapters of my life
Alive (Part 13)

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(Part 12) -> Part 13 -> (Part 14)


Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

***WARNING: Language, mild violence****

Sitting atop the frozen marble countertop of what was considered to be your bathroom, you found yourself in a similar state: still, cold, and almost lifeless as Jimin’s warm fingertips ran across your skin to check for wounds. His voice, like saccharine, was heard, but you didn’t listen to what he had to say as your mind hardly gathered up enough focus to contemplate of the scenario outside with Taehyung and Hoseok.

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Girlfriend (Joe Song Request)

There was no way you could be with him. He was far too good for you. He was gorgeous and funny and had millions of people that thought the same. He was confident and stupid and clever all at the same time. He was Joseph Sugg. The famous prankster. The crazily brilliant YouTuber.
And you were you. The girl that was friends with them all. Not a YouTuber but simply someone they had met and become great friends with. You were the equivalent of Lewis to the sidemen really. Though they didn’t know as much as they should about you. They didn’t know that your body made you feel sick. they didn’t know that you would be willing to go without eating to lose weight. You hadn’t yet. But the thought had certainly crossed your mind one too many times. Your stomach wasn’t toned, your legs weren’t long and tanned. Your arms were pale and your skin never flawless. Your hair always looked frizzy in the mornings and your insomnia filled nights made purple circles prominent beneath your greenish eyes. There was nothing special about you. Just a girl with a fear of herself. A fear of what people thought of her. A fear of failure.
There had been many occasions when your gaze couldn’t be snatched away from the reflection in front of you. Alone in your room, you would cry. Not in sadness. Mostly in anger. In anger that no amount of exercise or healthy eating could have any impact on your boxy. In anger that you had to look this way. In anger that you had to fall for him.
And no part of you could stop that. No part of you could drag yourself out of love with Joe Sugg. So, you suffered.
In fact, you would suffer even more by going out for lunch with him today. It was what friends should do and acting as normal as possible would be best for you to try to move on.
As the time neared, you made your way on foot to his apartment that was close to where you lived. Lucky for you.
The air was fresh for a London autumn morning and you were happy to reach the door and know the code to get in.
His door was left on the latch, meaning you didn’t have to knock though when you walk in. Things don’t look as they should be.
The lights aren’t all unnecessarily on and the curtains are still drawn leaving the room in a dark tone. There isn’t music playing or a loud Sugg to greet you instantly. There isn’t the sound of him vlogging or even him moving downstairs. As though he’s not even there.
“Joe?” You call but the words only echo with no reply.
You make your way through the room and to the stairs that would take you down to his room. There is still no movement except the padding of your own feet.
“Is this a prank or something?” You question with caution, seeing a lack of light even in this part of the apartment, “Joe I swear to god if you’re gonna jump out I will physically kill you” You laugh, trying to ease your own nerves more than anything.
The door to his bedroom is left ajar and the only light seems to stem from here so you take the opportunity to venture in.
What you find isn’t that he had slept in far too late as you had hoped. Or that he was going to jump out and surprise you which would even be better than what was actually there. Joe instead is sat at the end of his bed, leaning forward so his knees hold as a stand for his elbows with his head hung low.
“Joe is everything okay?” You frown, half expecting him to have simply been in a daze.
“Yeah yeah I’m fine I’ll be ready in a bit” He encourages but sniffs as he does and there’s a crack in his voice to tell you that tears have been shed.
“What’s wrong?” You question with genuine worry, stepping forward.
“Nothing man, I’m fine” He persists, turning his head away and dragging a hand through his mop of hair
“I’m not leaving until you talk to me Joe so we can stay here as long as you want” You mention and take a seat on the mattress beside him.
“Its just-” he begins after a while of silence, “Sometimes things get a bit much”
“In what sense?” You raise your brows, turning your voice to a more sympathetic tone in instinct.
“Just YouTube pressure” He admits, always being able to confide in you though never to this extent.
Usually it was that he wasn’t sure whether his video was good enough or whether a certain prank would be taking things too far. Nothing that made him cry.
“I tried to film earlier and I just couldn’t. I just sat here and I thought, there are over seven million people looking back at me all expecting another good video. All expecting me to make them laugh or make them smile and make it to their screens at 7pm on Sunday night. And in that moment, it terrified me.” He says, now looking up at the camera that still stands in front of him.
“Joe that’s understandable. I think it happens to all of you. People have high expectations of you but that’s okay because you never fail to impress them" You smile, resting your hand on top of his.
“Im not so sure that I do anymore” He looks down again, “How long till they realise there’s better YouTubers out there?”
“Never Joe, that’s never gonna happen because those viewers love you” You reassure, “You inspire each and every one of them. And you inspire your friends too. Always.”
He looks to you slightly and for a second you see a smile grow on his lips.
“I shouldn’t be crying” He shakes his head, trying to wipe his eyes, “Sorry”
“Don’t apologise” You mention, “Cry as much as you bloody need to”
“So you think I’m just being stupid?” He raises his brows, eyes now only red.
“No, I don’t think you’re being stupid. I think its completely normal for you to feel like this because everyone does. You just need to remember that its only you thinking it and you shouldn’t let it get you down” You smile.
“So have you taken your own advice?” He questions.
“I’m working on it” You sigh, “But this isn’t about me”
“No, please, I’d rather take the focus off my issues” He chuckles lightly, a croak in his throat, “Please?”
“I’m just not happy with myself” You sigh, knowing it was only fair for you to admit something too, “I look in the mirror and I hate what I see. And people tell me that I shouldn’t because there’s nothing wrong but- they don’t see what I see. They don’t see all the imperfections and the bits that stand out. But I do”
you look down at your hands and now find tears in your own eyes.
“Well (y/n), all I can say is that… I think its time you take some of your own advice” He smiles, “Because believe me, I think you need it more than I do”
“Looks like we both need a bit of help then” You chuckle and notice his fingers lace with yours.
“And when you do get a boyfriend, he’ll be lucky to call you his. And he’ll prove to you just how perfect you are (y/n) (y/l/n)” Joe comments with sincerity.
“And when you do get a girlfriend, they should be happy to have you cry in front of them and make sure to be the one to wipe your eyes when you do” You reply.
The pair of you sit in silence after that, both oblivious to the fact that you both wanted that person to be you…

December 31, 2015

How I’m spending the last day of 2015:

  • Went for a 3 mile marathon training run
  • Got breakfast with Megan and dad at Waffle House.  They accidentally put butter on my grits and toast but it was good and the coffee was good and it felt familiar.
  • Rn I’m making a pink and gold glitter banner for my dorm that says “uh huh honey” and I’ll show you all when I’m done
  • Writing lots and lots to finish up my journal from this year
  • Picking up more calendars from the print shop and half of them have already been sold ????!?
  • Getting ready with Meg and I’m gonna nicely ask her to curl my hair bc she does it best
  • Going to Al’s for a bit then we might go to a party or two.  I’ve been getting pretty good at doing my own makeup and I look forward to it every day so I’m extra excited to do somethin fancy with it tonight

How I spent the other 364 days or so:

  • Didn’t get accepted to my dream school and felt okay about it eventually
  • Graduated from high school even tho the last few weeks were hell???
    • SPOKE AT GRADUATION even though my school vp tried to kick me off stuco a week before grad
  • Made it to state with my lax team for the first time EVER in our team history
  • Did lots of things as class president that I was very proud of - most notably, worked my ass off to plan prom with my co-pres in spite of petty opposition from our vice principal
    • it was so good yall man you should’ve seen it
  • Won a few writing awards for pieces that I was incredibly proud of, finally accepted that I am a writer in spite of my self doubt
  • Made the wrong college choice, made (and am making) the very best of it while having the courage to find the best place for me no matter how hard and scary it is. 
    • Have made a bunch of incredible, lovely friends in the process
  • Got a 4.0 my first semester of college, became more certain than ever that English is where I need to be
  • Trained for a half marathon twice, finally ran one and DIDN’T INJURE MY HIP
  • Began training for my first full
  • Read a book every week of this summer
  • Survived the hardest month of my life in which I:
    • got kicked out of my house
    • had my best friend of nearly ten years end our friendship and deliberately isolate me from the rest of my friend group, nearly uprooting my life, eliminating my support system, and decimating my sense of self & self esteem
    • moved in with my dad thereby ending 18 years of abuse from my mom
    • rebuilt my life a little bit at a time and ended up having a really lovely summer. finally felt safe and happy; sought healthier, purer, and more productive friendships elsewhere
  • Celebrated another year with my favorite person in the universe.  Had lots of good times and got to grow together in ways I never imagined.
  • Got my first professionally commissioned illustration published !!!!!
  • Made lots of art and ran my own business for the second year in a row
  • Found ways to glorify in the little things and live the life I want regardless of circumstance.  Loved my job, grocery shopping, cooking for myself, playing with makeup, reading books, rediscovered myself as an artist, made myself at home at my dad’s and in BG, became a full-fledged PLANT MOM. 
  • Met Taylor (@hippieadvisor) who has changed my life in so many important ways
  • Went vegan and took care of my body and became so much stronger and healthier

I wrote in my journal that I hardly feel like the same person as I did yesterday let alone a year ago.  We talked a lot about the significance of a year in my English class in relation to Sir Gawain because G has to wait a year before completing his task - specifically how endings never reflect their beginnings and life is never a perfect circle.  This year I’m very, very grateful for that.  I’m grateful for where I am right now.  I’m reading journal entries from June that I wrote on nights that I wanted (and truly intended) to end my life.  There are suicide notes I wrote in October and September.  But even when I felt the most alone I’ve ever felt in my life, I had Alex and Hannah and Rachel who did anything and everything to make sure I was okay.  I’m really really fucking proud of myself for thriving this year in spite of it all.  I feel like I’ve healed.  Honestly it feels like such a victory to still be alive.

Heading into 2016, I’m filling out transfer applications, training for a marathon, replenishing a stock of sold out calendars, and planning lots of new art and writing projects for the coming weeks.  I’m very in love with someone who makes me feel safe and inspired and excited to be a person.  I love my class schedule for the spring semester.  I’ve got lots of new friends who I love to pieces waiting for me when I move back to school.  I’m happier and more sure of myself than I’ve been in ages.  I’m happy and excited to be alive.
(can I say that or is the cheese factor too revolting???)
Thank you all for the consistent encouragement and support.  Having an audience look up to me and actively hold me accountable for my attitude has made all the difference.  Y’all always say that you look up to me for being so positive, but it’s less that I’m inherently a positive person and much more that you all have set such high standards, expectation, and examples for me to react to my life with strength, grace, and positivity.  Thank you.  All of the compliments you give me are a reflection of you, not me.  Please continue to be such wonderful and vivid presences in the world.  Your efforts are not in vain.  Know that you have impacted at least one life this year in such a large and important way.  I love you and Im grateful for you.

Love always and happy new year,

Hannah xx


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REQUESTED BY ANON. im sorry this isnt even that angsty its just a mess omd i have failed you anon



SUMMARY: You weren’t expecting to meet him again, especially not like this, after what he did to you in high school.

20’s. Time to grow up and be an adult. Forget all those childish things that I used to do, like constantly swoon over random guys. Hopelessly fall for those I can’t have. It was time to stop that. I was a grown woman now, with a proper job. No more running away from problems.

It was the first day of my new job, it was an office job but I could deal with it. I entered the building and was greeted by several people, including my boss, who looked ever so familiar. An old classmate? An ex-boyfriend? I brushed it off and got to work. The hours were passing by ever so slowly, it was only 10am, I hated it. I couldn’t stop thinking of who my boss looked like either.

While I was messing about and lost in my thoughts, my boss tapped my shoulder. “___-ssi, could you please come to my office.”, he said with his face hidden. Damn, even his voice sounded familiar. “Of course, boss.”

I walked towards his office, he was opened the door for me and finally turned around to look at me. “Jisoo?”, I said, sounding a lot more shocked than I wanted to. “That’s me.”, he smirked. “I thought I told you that I never wanted to see you again. Nevermind work for you.”, I blurted out. “___, grow up. What I did to you is in the past now. I’m not that same teenager that ran around hurting with girls. I’m a grown man with a company now. I have responsibilities.”, he calmly replied. “I don’t care, I told you to fuck off.”


I was dating Jisoo, the school’s most prized possession. If anything were to happen to him, everyone would be bawling. He was a player, he was the worst but you couldn’t say anything, because someone would probably attack you. But you knew that you weren’t special to him, he was always flirting and messing around with other girls.

“Jisoo, stop.”, I said, he was smoking and drinking, he was a minor. I was just worried for his health but then again, why should I be? “You can’t stop me.”, he laughed. I smacked the bottle out of his hand, as he raised it to drink. The bottle flew out of his hand and hit my face, it hurt, there was going to be a bruise there for sure. “Look, what you’ve done now. You’ve hurt your hideous face.”, he chuckled. “You know what? Fine. Kill yourself. Smoke and drink yourself to death, because smoking and drinking is just so unbelievably cool.”, I shouted at him.

“Sweety, you’re never gonna get away from me.”, he smirked and threw the cigarette onto the floor before pressing his lips against mine. I tried my hardest to push him off but he was incredibly strong. “Jisoo, stop. This is disgusting. Do not touch me.”, I yelled. “I can do whatever I want, you’re my girlfriend.”, he laughed. “No, you cannot. It’s actually against the law to do things to me without my consent and I am not your girlfriend anymore, I don’t know why I was in the first place.”, I shouted before finally pushing him off. He bent down to pick up the bottle of alcohol, it was slightly shattered but he still hit me with it. It cut me in the same place I was hit before.

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it annoys tf out of me that just because I’m an astrology blog you expect me to be on my blog 24/7, answer all of your questions in one second, and do only what you want me to, yet, you disrespect me, my blog, my opinions/beliefs, and astrology in general?? get off your high horse, get the stick out of your butt, and gtfo cuz i don’t have time for your stupid, pretentious attitude.

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"i have so many opinions" Cass please share at least some of them w us :-)

i dont want tooooooo… it’s late and im sleeeeeeepyyyyyyyyy.. and honestly… im pretty over everyone running at you for actually having an opinion and stating it on this website… like fuck. what happened to good old fashioned speculation? like… i havent publicly speculated in a long time but thats because i couldnt really be bothered and was just like meh about whatever happened… but now it’s like when you do have a little theory on something… OH NOOOO THATS NOT ALLOWED BECAUSE THERE IS NO FACT OR PROOF BEHIND IT… i mean EXACTLY mate!! last time i checked thats what speculating meant… like, you gather the evidence you have and put some theories together about what you possibly think would happen and bobs your uncle theres a theory… but apparently these days you can’t do that unless you have 100% all the facts written in alphabetical chronological geographical colour coded order with little tabs and posts its on the parts which you specifically should outline as FACT… like fuck me drunk. no thanks mate… im just here to theorise about a boyband, talk about the business side of things, read some decent fic and reblog cute pics… i dont give a fuck if im right or wrong… im not gonna lose sleep over whatever happens… but apparently everyone else and their fucking mothers dogs auntys uncles sisters cousins goldfish will..

i know it’s a little shitty and annoying when people take speculations as fact and that causes them to have these high expectations about shit that may or may not happen in the future… but it’s not my fault if people take speculations and theories as facts… im sorry but we’re all grown ups. we all have our own brains.. so if you see someone speculating about something and you take that as fact and then you get disappointed that something doesnt happen because you based your emotions and expectations off that speculation, well please dont come crying to me… 

at the end of the day it doesnt matttttterrrrrrrrr if we all sit here and talk about stunts and non-stunts whatever else… it doesnt matter if we get it right or wrong. it doesnt matter if what one person says doesnt line up with how you see something… it doesnt matter if one person believes something and someone else doesnt… it really doesnt matter. because shit’s gonna happen anyway… so you can let everyone talk amongst themselves but keep your expectations at a level where you can control them or you can get all worked up if things are right or wrong and you can lose sleep over it… i know which one ill choose

The Final Problem?

Sherlock fans that think it’s okay to shit on writers of a show because you feel like you’ve been queerbaited.

Were you promised Johnlock? No. Stop calling me condescending because I have realistic expectations from a popular show. Stop calling it queerbaiting, because I’m pretty sure it was all just in your head.

Not everything has to have LGBT+ representation. And that’s coming from a pansexual trans man.

Also, don’t shit on others for having a different opinion than you/are happy about how the show ended/don’t ship Johnlock. That doesn’t make you a “true LGBT+ ally”, it makes you a dick.

PS: Didn’t the show already have canon gay characters? Irene Adler, Mrs Hudson’s married ones, the two guys that owned the pub in HoB, etc etc? What did you want? Them to fuck on screen for true representation?

PPS: I also ship Johnlock. This fanbase just disappoints me. Not all of you, just the salty ones. We’re all in this together. The show was good, right? Unless you only watched for Johnlock, which is exactly why you’re salty. I gotta say, you just hurt yourself with that one. Don’t have too high expectations. Times are changing, maybe next time LGBT representation won’t be such a problem.