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Wait, you don't think camren r together rn ? Not trying to hate or anything just curious but I remember u saying multiple times that u think they're still together rn, when and y did u change ur mind ?

Tbh I think I’ve had the thought for a few weeks, I was just trying to lighten up the mood for my lovely followers - I’ve never clearly stated “they’re together right now for sure” I always said it’s a possibility, because it’s true, it is a possibility, we don’t see anything of their lives really. My delusional heart still makes up crazy scenarios about how they could be together right now but the reality is that seeing them in completely different places in their lives makes me believe that they’re at least taking a break. I don’t have a clear idea on exactly when they broke up, but I think it must have been somewhere in the middle of March, before the asian tour. You can tell by Lauren’s tumblr posts that something happened there, it’s like she’s in love with someone but she has to try to let them go because obviously it’s not working anymore  

And Camila’s reblogs at that same period are also very revealing, even if there’s not many of them (and radio silence since then) :

And that may also be explaining why Lauren shot back at the CS and denied Camren on twitter, maybe it was a way for her to have some closure or maybe she’s still very affected and got tired of seeing Camren pushed in her face after the break up (obviously I still think she’s lying).

Anyways like I’ve said before, don’t lose hope sweets - there’s a lot to look forward to 😊  #CC1 #Camilamakingclosetspace

A “Joy”ous Easter

Hey Joy!  I couldn’t help but notice that you’re hogging all the RTV Queue Time with reblogs recently, and I have but one thing two things to say to you. Thank you!  Oh and Happy Easter my dear friend.  I’m still working on my reply to your “It’s all about the hearts people” post from the other day.  

Love to all,
Mike <3

P.S.  She’ll probably tell me I’m an a**…again, and while that may very likely be true, today at least, I will do my very best to be a kind one.  Join me anyone?  :)


Hey hey, all you lovely people! First of all, thank you to all who liked and/or reblogged my last recording, it means a lot! I wasn’t expecting much of a reaction from Tumblr since I don’t have many followers, but I was very pleased to see that my post found its way to a fair number of you. And really, so long as what I do is useful or meaningful to at least one person, I’m happy :)

For the second recording of my project, I’ve chosen the Orphic Hymn to Artemis. I’ve been her devotee for eight years now, so this text is very close to my heart. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve tried to fix a few issues I had in the previous video, particularly the rhythm and the distinction between long and short vowels. Again, please let me know if you have any suggestions for further recordings!


Κλῦθί μου, ὦ βασίλεια, Διὸς πολυώνυμε κούρη,
Τιτανίς, βρομία, μεγαλώνυμε, τοξότι, σεμνή,
πασιφαής, δᾳδοῦχε, θεά Δίκτυννα, λοχείη,
ὠδίνων ἐπαρωγὲ καὶ ὠδίνων ἀμύητε,
λυσίζωνε, φίλοιστρε, κυνηγέτι, λυσιμέριμνε,
εὔδρομε, ἰοχέαιρα, φιλαγρότι, νυκτερόφοιτε,
κλῃσία εὐάντητε, λυτηρία, ἀρσενόμορφε,
Ὀρθίη, ὠκυλόχεια, βροτῶν κουροτρόφε δαῖμον,
ἀμβροτέρα, χθονία, θηροκτόνε, ὀλβιόμοιρε,
ἣ κατέχεις ὀρέων δρυμούς, ἐλαφηβόλε, σεμνή,
πότνια, παμβασίλεια, καλὸν θάλος αἰὲν ἐοῦσα,
δρυμονία, σκυλακῖτι, Κυδωνιάς, αἰολόμορφε·
ἐλθέ, θεὰ σώτειρα, φίλη μύστῃσιν ἅπασιν
εὐάντητος, ἄγουσα καλοὺς καρποὺς ἀπὸ γαίης
εἰρήνην τ’ ἐρατὴν καλλιπλόκαμόν θ’ ὑγίειαν·
πέμποις δ’ εἰς ὀρέων κεφαλὰς νούσους τε καὶ ἄλγη.


Hear me, queen, many-named daughter of Zeus,
Titanian, resounding, illustrious, arrow-bearing, holy,
visible to all, torch-bearing, Huntress Goddess who ensnares, presiding at birth,
assistant in childbirth and uninitiated into childbirth,
you with the undone belt, lover of madness, huntress, disperser of troubles,
fast-running, arrow-shooting, lover of the hunt, you who wander at night,
welcome at every door, liberator, shaped like a man,
Upright, you who hasten childbirth, divine nurse to mortal children,
immortal, chthonian, killer of wild beasts, good-fortuned,
you rule the mountain forests, tracker of stags, holy,
sovereign, queen of all, forever possessing beautiful youth,
wood-dwelling, protectress of dogs, Kydonian, ever-changing;
come, saviour Goddess, welcoming friend to all initiates,
to bring us the beautiful fruits of the earth
and pleasant peace and beautiful-haired health;
and may you send to the summits of the mountains sickness and suffering.

A few insights:

  • Artemis having an undone belt, λυσίζωνε, refers to her role in childbearing. In Ancient Greece (as in most cultures, I’d wager), women would loosen or undo their clothing while giving birth.
  • Orthia, Upright, is a Spartan and Arcadian epithet of Artemis.
  • while I translated ὀλβιόμοιρε as “good-fortuned”, it literally means “being assigned a happy fate” (ὄλβιος: happy, blessed + 
    μοῖρα: portion assigned by destiny). This term is probably used in opposition to θηροκτόνε, “killer of wild beasts”. Artemis has the power to kill, but she herself was assigned immortality.
  • in ἣ κατέχεις ὀρέων δρυμούς, “you rule the mountain forests”, the verb for “rule” can also mean “inhabit” or “preserve” (as well as a dozen other translations which don’t fit into the context). Artemis not only fills the forests entirely, but protects them and keeps them intact.
  • θάλος, youth, is a metaphor. In its original meaning, the word describes the freshness of a new plant, which I think fits nicely into Artemis’ imagery.
  • Kydonia is a city on the northern coast of Crete.

black-rainbow08  asked:

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I know I've said this already but I seriously love your writing! I love your fluffy prompts they just make my heart melt every time! and even though you believe your smut isn't very good, I love it sooooo much and it does some serious things to me *wink wink* I'm always creeping your blog for new posts and I've read every story at Least 100 times each and they still have the same effect on me *wink wink*. Keep up the good work hun!! I look forward to what you post next! ❤️❤️

Thank you soooooo much! Seriously, guys, you are too sweet, my heart can’t take it! 
I am so happy I can contribute something to this community and even happier that you like the (sometimes) bullshit I write. Like, really, you’re making my day with each like or reblog or comment! I appreciate each and every one of you, and even though I’m not good at keeping my schedule you are still here and that is just - hnnnng!

I love ya all to bits, my little smutlings!
Thanks for making my day (especially because I was sick the last night and felt horrible)  

How to watch SKAM correctly*

*a comprehensive guide by a SKAM addict

1. have a tumblr blog dedicated to SKAM

2. follow the SKAM tag on tumblr

3. bookmark skam.p3 on browser

4. follow skam update notification page on instagram. turn on notification for it.

5. bookmark skam translate blogs aka @shametv and @stormboxx on tumblr. turn on notifications for them.

6. check phone first thing in the morning after waking up to see if there are any notifications

7. check for update even though you have no notifications

8. proceed to incessantly press the refresh button and stare at the skam.p3 page for an update

9. be on the lookout for updates at 21:21 norwegian time

10. get a mini heart attack when you see an update

11. if it’s a text open tab “norwegian to english google translate”

12. after a while you don’t even need to type it all cuz google remembers

13. go to skam translate account bookmarked on browser to see if they posted anything even though you didn’t get any notifications

14. at least make one post on your SKAM blog about the new update. then proceed to reblog other posts about said update

15. if it’s a clip, rainbow heart the clip even before watching it

16. watch said clip trying to understand what is going even though you don’t understand Norwegian

17. search lyrics on song in the clip and listen to it on youtube. also make a cliche comment saying “skam brought me here OR isak and even forever”

18. check phone to see if translated transcript is out even though you didn’t get any new notifications 

19. when its out, read translated transcript visualizing said clip

20. go back to skam.p3 to rewatch the clip whilst remembering the transcript

21. impatiently wait for shametv to post the translated clip on google drive

22. keep refreshing bookmarked shametv’s google drive account to see if it is posted yet

23. when posted, watch clip. if that doesn’t work because of traffic, make a copy and download it

24. finally make emotional posts on tumblr about said clip until you calm down. then continue to reblog gifs of the clip from dashboard.

25. repeat above cycle daily

Hey, I’ve been off of tumblr for like a year or two, and need people to follow again.
E'yup, it’s another one of these things. My dash is simply a ghost town.

Anyways, reply to or reblog this if you post at least one of these things. I’ll take a look at your blog and possibly follow!

-Kingdom Hearts
-Steven Universe
-Final Fantasy
-Studio Ghibli (Especially if you post a lot about Nausicaa)
-Mob Psycho 100

Please DON’T reblog/reply if you post:
-NSFW stuff
-Hateful and/or super negative things

Thank you and have a fantastic day~ ^u^/


I have been inspired 😅😛😁😋

So I’m brand new at this but I want to just jump in and get the hang of things as soon as I can 😊.
The feeling I got when someone traded me my first shiny pokemon was amazing. I’ve been hooked on trying to catch them all for quite some time, but now I want to be able to give others that same experience.

This is my first attempt at this so bare with me please 😂 (constructive criticism is gratefully accepted)

I won’t receive my power saver until tomorrow but I’m so excited I want to try this out today lol

There will only be THREE winners on this first Give away. But on the next ones, everyone who wants one will be able to get at least one or more of each pokemon being given away 😋

The three pokemon I hope to rehome today are:

A Shiny Jirachi, Lv. 100, holding a Heart Scale

A Shiny Mew, Lv. 100, Pokérus, holding a Heart Scale

And A shiny Shaymin, Lv. 27, holding a Heart Scale

Since I’m just making things up as I go today, for a chance to win all you have to do is:
1.) Follow me (I always follow back 😁)
2.) & Like / reblog this post.
I will pick three names tomorrow morning around 5AM while I get ready for work 😋

Good luck!

Thank you!

Just wanted to let you guys know - I really appreciate all the little hearts and  reblogs you guys click! Though this blog is not as popular as my last one, it’s nice to know at least some wonderful people enjoy it :)

I only have time in the evenings now, as I’ve found a job, so I might post less. I’ll try to focus mainly on imagines for now and not spam you with more gifs you’ll never use :P

Hello CS Fic Writers!

I know some of you, I don’t know a lot of you, and I am one of you. I’ve been writing fanfiction since I was a kid and have been posting them for about ten years.

In the beginning and even now, I have highs and lows as a writer. It can be a stressful hobby. And I have seen so many posts from fellow writers, people who I know are fantastic at their craft, struggling through rough patches or feeling inadequate, whether because of a particular story or just in their skills in general.

Sometimes people will love a thing you wrote and you will wonder why. You’ll think it’s terrible no matter how much people gush over it. Sometimes you will be proud as hell of a story and barely get recognition for it, making you yourself wonder if it was worth all the time and effort you put into it. You will reblog yourself over and over to try and promote your work and it still might not see solid readership. Sometimes you will write fics that someone doesn’t like, for whatever reason. It happens. Not everything you write will necessarily be received well by everyone who reads it. And, just so you know, a couple people disliking your story doesn’t make it a bad story.

But I want to be absolutely clear here: it doesn’t make you a bad writer to have a story with few notes. It doesn’t make your story awful if few people like/reblog it. I know, god do I know, that it can be disheartening and leave you feeling like you’ve somehow failed.

Which is why I have decided to create this blog: CS Fic Promotions.

I want to read your stories, the ones that you feel no one is reading. I want to read the stories you’ve put your heart and tears into, only to feel disappointed when it gets 5 notes and no reblogs, or one comment on FF.net, or a handful of kudos but no bookmarks or comments on AO3. I WANT TO READ THE STORIES THAT YOU ARE PROUD OF. And I want to share them with others so they can read them, too!

So here’s the deal: starting January 17th, I will try to post at least one lesser known fic a day with my personal review of it. I will choose these fics based off of my own personal observations, from asks/messages that I receive from writers to please promote their work, and from readers who wish to see a fic they love get more attention.

DO NOT BE SHY ABOUT ASKING FOR PROMOTION. If you do not want others to know that you asked me to promote your fic, tell me so and I will keep that information to myself. I am serious about confidentiality. Anon asks are on and they will remain that way.

Rules and info for CS Fic Promotions can be found HERE

Please signal boost!

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Miraculers in need of heroes

Our network is literally crumbling! We only had 3 people who applied! We need help through promotion! Please, we need help from the popular Miraculers out there because all we really want is to bring people together and promote togetherness within the fandom. We want to create a safe haven, somewhere where people will be able to not only love ML, but find friends that can help them through their day as well. I know the fandom is amazing, but sometimes it’s tough to find a fellow miraculer out in the vast expanse ESPECIALLY those willing to talk outside of online life. The 3 of us have had a similar experience with the Kingdom Hearts fandom, and want to prevent people from feeling like they are floating on the outside of the fandom! Please help us! If you reblog our network post (which I will reblog again very soon) we will be insanely grateful, and we do welcome the popular blogs to join us as well. If you wish not to we understand and you can just ignore the post. Thank you at least for reading this.

@official-ladyblog @ladynoirotphell @a-drienette @miraculousubs @miraculousgifs @miraculously-marinette @ariaricx @aagreste @tails-and-wings @ladybugcatnoir @miraculousftw  @miraculous-noir-trash @miracoulousmiette @miraculousshipping

follow spree!!

ayy its me, yet again … swear i made like 5 of these before already lol :’). but yes!!! i just unfollowed a few inactives and my dash is already dead so i seriously need to follow more blogs. so yall know the drill reblog this post if you post at least 5 of the following and i’ll check out your blog!!

  • haikyuu!!
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  • pandora hearts
  • anime movies (eg. 5cmps, wolf children, children who chase lost voices etc.)
  • if you keep up with the season’s newest anime selections ((even if i don’t post them i might in the future after i’ve watched them))

it’d be nice if you had a tagslist and reblogged this containing your most reblogged fandoms. i have other fandoms i’m looking for too so please check out my tags to see if we have any similar. if my followers could signal boost this that’d be wonderful, thank you!!

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WILL YOU MARRY ME DENNY'S? It's just when I'm with you I feel a connection. I don't know if it's the juicy bacon, or the fluffy pancakes... But I don't want to ever lose you. You're freaking amazing and I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. So what do you say?

Charley Rose… I know it’s been some time since you spilled your heart to me, And I fear you may have taken my absence or lack of response as rejection. Please know that was not my intention. I needed time. Time to think. Time to gather my endless merry-go-round of thoughts and organize them so I could respond eloquently. Because you deserve the best Charlotte. You really do. You’re perfect. Everything about you. The unmatched kindness with which you reblog text only posts. You have a gift for words, or at least a gift for recognizing the beauty in others’ words. Even when you went through that phase where all your posts were black and white, I knew there was something special about you. Sure you post about Jennifer Lawrence like everyone else, but when you do it, it’s different. It’s magical. It’s real. I guess what I’m trying to say is… I love you Charley Rose. Unconditionally. Forever. And If I was more than just a foundation, support beams and building materials, you know I’d be all about it. But I’m not. I’m a restaurant. Named Denny’s. 

Hey everyone! With all this crazy news and a Japanese release date finally in sight, I thought it would be fun to make an appreciation week to celebrate and get hyped to heist with our favorite thieves! This Persona 5 appreciation week will begin Sunday, June 5th and will continue until Saturday, June 11th, just a couple days before E3. Every day will have a separate category to pay homage to the band of high school students who have stolen our hearts, and they are as follows:

  1. Sunday, June 5th ~ Favorite Male Character
  2. Monday, June 6th ~ Favorite Female Character
  3. Tuesday, June 7th ~ Favorite Trailer
  4. Wednesday, June 8th ~ Favorite Persona
  5. Thursday, June 9th ~ Students or Thieves?
  6. Friday, June 10th ~ What I look forward to most in Persona 5 is…
  7. Saturday, June 11th ~ Free Day!

To celebrate Persona 5 Appreciation Week, you can create graphics, gifs, draw, write, or anything else your heart desires, that is up to you. Also, make sure to tag your posts with #P5Week. I will be tracking the tag #P5Week, and I would love to see everyone’s beautiful edits and artwork! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me. Last but not least, reblog, tell your friends and spread the word about Persona 5 Week so we can all have a great time!

L E T   U S   S T A R T   T H E   G A M E    

hello hello! since tumblr deleted my blog a couple weeks ago (note: my former urls were futakuchi / tendou AND please be careful when deleting sideblogs!) i’ve decided to go on another following spree!!! so with no further ado, please LIKE / REBLOG if:

  • you reblog anime / are a multifandom blog 
  • reblog any of the following: haikyuu!! (my main fandom) / sports anime (daiya, free!, kurobas, yoi ect.) / seasonal anime / The Classics (inuyasha, sailor moon, dragon ball ect.)
  • you have a tagging system / at least tag posts

if you REBLOG this post please don’t be afraid to mention in the tags which series you’re mostly into and mostly reblog about!!!


  • you do your own graphics
  • we like similar things (such as memes, characters & otps)
  • you post aesthetic / photography / scenery / kpop / animals (especially CATS)
  • you already follow me

.  .  . and that’s about it! *to everyone who likes or reblogs this, i was to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your time to skim through this post and i hope you have a nice day! ♡ 

Hello everyone! I figured it was way past time for Riku to have his own time to shine, and what better way than to celebrate with a Riku Appreciation Week?! This wonderful week will begin on Monday, May 18th and continue until Sunday, May 24th, and every day will be a separate category to pay homage to all of our favorite things about Riku! The days are as follows:

  1. Monday, May 18th ~ Favorite Appearance (So which game do you like Riku the most in?)
  2. Tuesday, May 19th ~ Favorite Quote
  3. Wednesday, May 20th ~ Favorite Happy Scene
  4. Thursday, May 21st ~ Favorite Sad Scene
  5. Friday, May 22nd ~ Favorite Outfit or Physical Feature
  6. Saturday, May 23rd ~ Favorite Personality Trait
  7. Sunday, May 24th ~ Free Day! (Or just something to show why you love Riku!)

To celebrate Riku Week, you can create graphics, gifs, draw, write, or anything else your heart desires, that is up to you! Also, make sure to tag your posts with #RikuWeek! I will be tracking the tag #RikuWeek, and I would love to see everyone’s beautiful edits! Last but not least, reblog, tell your friends and spread the word about Riku Week so we can all have a great time!♥

And if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me!

So I’m back at the point where I have ten TSwift posts for every one post of something else, and while I love her, I need a bit of variety, so reblog or like if you post about at least one of the following and I’ll check out your blog.

Arctic Monkeys
Chris Hemsworth
Demi Lovato
Faking it
Glee (No Klaine blogs)
How to get away with murder
Kingdom hearts
Lost girl
Mad men
Once upon a time (+ in wonderland)
Orphan black
Soul eater
Steven universe
Teen wolf

From the blogs who reblogged the original promo post, the categories were divided as follows: YA themed-blogs (post 80 - 100% YA) and other YA lovers (posted YA at least once in their last ten posts). Any blogs who hadn’t posted YA in their last 20 posts were culled from the list. (This may have been bad timing, but I had to narrow it down to cut down those reblogging for a free promo.)

We have bolded the blogs we recommend heavily. (Note: because of our layout, you can only see the bolded links in a Tumblr dash / reblog / mobile layout.)

YA AUTHORS [click]

aftranya • alicemarvels • anothergenericbookblog • badandbrilliantbooks • bloggers-heart-books • bookaholicsanonymousblog • book-answers • bookishchatter • bookishlybritt • bookloverworm • booksandstarlights • booksydaisyreviews • boookishblog • cakeworm • dailyya • dandelionn-books • deuxlectrices • enchantingpages • endless-bookends • fairclary • fireflybooks • followthebread-crumbs • gatsbook • geekchicbooks • grangerandherbooks • greekcamp • historicalyoungadult • inkyopinions • jreadsya • laurenwritesstuff • library-heaven • library-paradise • lifeofanemotionalwreck • lovelyowlsbooks • lyamsdarlin • musingsofabooknerd • novelnoviceya • onlycoolkidsreadbooks • paperbackd • readingperks • seahuntress1267 • sittingonabookshelf • thebooknest • thefaultinourplot • that-bookworm • theyajournal • totalbooklover • tumblingbookshelves • valentinapoole • whispersofthesilentwind • wordybirdybooks • wovenwithwords • wordsandteabottles • yabookfanatic • yabooknook • yabooksweekly • yahighway yapages yasource • youngadultlityay

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Hey! so I hit my next k of followers and I decided to do a tumblr award thingy!! And also because I’m hella bored aka summer vacations hahaha. So yeah, I hope you join and enjoy!!


  • must be following me
  • must reblog this post (likes dont count)
  • I will pick up the winners from the people that reblog this
  • Tag which you’d prefer to win if you have any preference
  • this post must reach at least 200 notes or it won’t happen
  • I will choose the winners on January 25th


  • A follow from me if not already.
  • Promos whenever you ask till the end of February
  • Rebbloging your things for Taylor to see 
  • a page in my blog with every winner


  • We begin our story in New York: best theme
  • There once was a girl known by everyone and no one: most underrated blogger 
  • Her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay: best posts
  • They loved each other recklessly: best friendship 
  • They paid the price: best icon 
  • She danced to forget him: funniest blogger
  • He drove past her street each night: best silent mutual (a blog that I never talk to but always see in my activity)
  • She made friends and enemies: nicest blogger
  • He only saw her in his dreams: hottest blogger.
  • Then one day he came back: best come back (a blog that deleted and came back)
  • Timing is a funny thing: best edits
  • And everyone was watching: most popular blogger
  • She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything: best url

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