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Do you ever have that one perfect curl in your hair where you’re like


why can’t the rest of my hair embody this perfect ringlet, this flawless spiral of beauty,

why must the rest of my hair look like I just emerged from three weeks in the jungle while I have this SINGLE beautiful curl

and then you just sit there

holding it

Half of You and Half of Me (Jackson)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hello! Can I request a GOT7 Jacksonxreader fanfic about you being pregnant and going into labor with a flashforward at the end on how he would be with his child? I really think he would be a great father. If you can make the baby mixed (half black and curly hair i would appreciate it but you dont have to)

“You are so big now” Mark spoke as he poked your stomach lightly as you rubbed it. Jackson’s hand quickly grabbed Mark’s “leave my daughter alone. She’s going to have a stressful day within the next week or so” Jackson told him as you and Mark rolled your eyes. “Don’t judge me” Jackson told you both. “Noona do you think she’ll have curly hair?” Youngjae asks “I want her to have curly hair” “she’s probably going to look like a darker curly haired Jackson” you say as Jackson smiles. “She’s going to be named after the Chinese goddess Nuwa, little Wang Nuwa” he cooed looking at your belly.


Jackson had found himself pretty much rushing off after that to get you to the hospital. It seemed minutes after you got home you told him your water broke. “Don’t be calm” he spoke as he rushed to get a prepared bag for you all “are you really telling me to panic?” you asked him as he stopped “no no sorry” he spoke as he grabbed your hand and quickly guided you out.

“You’re gonna be able to deliver my daughter safely?” he asked the doctor before he had the chance to enter your room. You rolled your eyes at him as the doctor smiled “I’ve done this a lot in my career, you have nothing to worry about Mr. Wang” he spoke as he moved passed Jackson. “Jackson behave” you say as he comes over and grabs your hand “I just want our princess to enter the world safely” he told you as you smiled.

You were right. After hours of labor you pushed out a female Jackson. But it was very clear she was a mixed baby. Her skin was darker than Jackson’s, her hair was just peach fuzz at the moment but she was bound to have your curls. “Jackson let me hold her” you whine as Jackson hadn’t let her go since the moment she was set into his arms by a nurse. “This is important father daughter bonding” he spoke giving you a look. “I need to bond with her too” you say as he walks over and sits down beside you. He reluctantly passed her over to you.


Jackson was in love with his daughter. Since the moment he brought her home he had was very over protective. People were harsh and jugdemental and he wanted none of that for his daughter. But he knew he couldn’t keep her from hearing them in the future. So he began complimenting her everyday. Just to keep her confidence high.

“Nuwa I never want you to straighten your hair or let people make you feel bad because you’re darker than them” he told his now 4 year old. “Why daddy?” she asked as he put her hair up before wrapping his arms around her. “Because you’re allowed to be different. You don’t need to look the same as everyone else. Your hair is perfect the way it is. Your skin is just a perfect mixture of your mother’s and mine. You gotta tell people ‘I’m not gonna change myself because I’m perfect the way I was made’” he told her as she gave him a big smile.

“Also tell me if any boys call you names or pick on you. I’ll beat them up. No one should treat a person badly. Love your mom like I love your grandma because they gave you life and protected you” he would continue to tell her all different things like that to show her that the world is better with respect and love. “You’re smart daddy” she tells him as he presses a kiss to her forehead. “I’m very passionate when it comes to the women in my life” he explained “especially you my precious angel” he cooed as he quickly attacked her with kisses.

If you have curly hair, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you have a big nose, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you’re a bit bigger, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you’re a bit smaller, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you’re darker, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you’re lighter, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you’re an islander, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you’re not an islander, I hope you still look up to Moana.

If you’re a girl, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you’re a boy, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you’re brave, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you’re mixed, I hope you look up to Moana.

If you’re not brave, I hope you look up to Moana. 

You don’t HAVE to be and islander, you don’t HAVE to be a girl, you don’t HAVE to be a teenager. I just hope that Moana inspires you, regardless of size, weight, and color. 

As a half Polynesian girl, I’m so glad that we’re getting proper representation, but I also hope that this movie doesn’t divide us and instead brings all others together, and really appreciate the Polynesian/islander culture.

I hope the people who aren’t poly like us can step into our world and enjoy it. I hope those who are Polynesian take this opportunity to share our culture with others. 


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I'm not sure if ask are still open, and I'm so sorry if they aren't! how would the guys react to their crush having naturally curly hair? Like, kinda fluffy, they look like a monster sometimes (the struggle is real), their hands get stuck in it, etc.


He thinks it’s cute as hell.  He really likes curly hair anyways, and sympathizes with you with how bad of a bed head you can get in the morning.  He loves playing with it too, and even his hands can get tangled in it.  The more curly the better.


He complains a lot after finding millions of hairs everywhere, but he knows you can’t help it.  He does find it funny when you’re having a hard time brushing your curly hair, getting your hands stuck and just getting a laugh out of it.  You look cute with the curly hair; he’ll even help you brush it if you need it. 


He knows you love your hair but, he wishes there just wasn’t SO much of it.  He’ll find strands of hair over his things and know it’s from you.  He realizes it must be a pain at times, especially when you have to comb it.  But he also knows you want to keep your hair the way it is, no cutting or dying.  There’s just so much hair, so much stuff to maintain it with.  He wouldn’t be able to keep up with it.


ADORABLE.  You look like a little monster from Monster Inc. and he thinks it’s the cutest thing ever.  He loves burying his face in your hair, despite how weird that sounds, and he enjoys playing with it quite a lot.  HE LOVES THE FLOOF.

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ok ok ok but what about, afrotextured/natural haired alya that is all i really want in life,that's the only head canon i will fight for

Alya can easily have both natural curly and coily hair all you gotta do to swap em is some water, brushing and braiding 

Ships Passing

For the first night of Hanukkah, a Jewish-themed 221b!  :)


“What a surprise. Who knew a Chinese restaurant in Gdansk would be such a popular spot with supposedly dead British citizens on Christmas Eve?”

“What are you doing here?”

“Presumably the same thing you are: hiding out from people who want us actually dead.”

“I meant this restaurant. Tonight. Are you…? I’ve always wondered.”


“Curly dark hair. Intelligent. Vocal atheist. Not to trade in stereotypes, but…”

“Curly haired people prefer Chinese on Christmas?”

“You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?”

“I came here tonight because I’m alone, unsentimental, hungry, and it’s the only place open on Christmas. I take it these are not your reasons?”

“Some of them. It’s also a Jewish tradition. And I suppose I am sentimental.”

“God. How could I have missed that?”

“How could you have known?”

“Your last name, for one.”

“That’s not a dead give away. Plenty of gentiles share it.”

“Even so. Bit of a lapse for a detective. Well, then…. L'chaim?”

“L'chaim… Are—are you sure you’re not Jewish?”

“Would it make a difference if I were?”

“It would make my mother happy.”

“You really think your mother would be happy with a semi-employed, sociopathic, drug-addicted detective who is officially dead, as long as he was Jewish?”

“Her daughter’s a dominatrix. That lowers the bar for ‘nice Jewish boy’.”


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Unnecessary Jealousy- Ashton IrwinXReader

Summary: Ashton is very protective of you, and you don’t know why. You, coincidentally have a massive crush on the curly haired drummer and don’t know how to tell him. But when push comes to shove, things take a turn for the worst. Ashton hears you talking to Calum about a boy you like and he begins to feel like he has something to prove. He then finds an old friend of his to play the role of his girlfriend, to make you jealous. What he doesn’t know is that it won’t work out how he want its to, and both of you end up feeling pretty silly afterwards.

Hey guys! This is my second imagine, and I’m super excited about it. So, here you go. I tried to make this as open to male and female readers as I could. Also, if you identify as non-bionary I apologize in advance because I’m not sure how to write for you guys, sorry…. Enjoy!

XXX Michelle


I look up from my spot on the edge of the stage to see four very sweaty boys standing over me. Three of them wear smirks, the other, has a small frown on his face. Without hesitating, I grab onto Calum’s wrist and pull myself up, almost pulling the tall boy down on top of me. When I am up, we all head back stage to their dressing room. When we get to the fairly large room, Calum, Luke, Michael and I all flop on the couch as Ashton runs to the shower, as he is the grossest. I mauver so that I am curled up against the arm and I take off my hoodie. When I pull it off, immediately Luke laughs.

“Hey, isn’t that my shirt?” Calum asks. I just smile sassily.

“It was yesterday… Not anymore.” He just rolls his eyes and laughs.

“You’re impossible.”

“What? I need the full set. I already took Luke and Michael’s clothes, I just needed yours and Ashton’s.” I tell him with a sweet look on my face, trying to seem innocent.

“But you have our hats isn’t that enough?” Michael fake complains.

“Nope. Gotta have more. I have your beanie and Idiot shirt. I have Luke’s snapback and his Offspring shirt. And I have Calum’s pom pom hat and now his Maine shirt. I also have one of Ashton’s bandanas, now I need his shirt. Next I move to hoodie’s and then I have to steal each of your pics, and Ash’s drum sticks.” I say excitedly.

“Why do you need all of that stuff?” Luke asks, barely looking up from his phone.

“Because I need something to hold on to when you are gone.” I say quietly. “I don’t have anyone else besides you.” My voice cracks and all of them look up at me.

“What do you mean Y/N?” Calum asks.

“I don’t have anyone. I grew up in the system, never got adopted, and then I was never able to get people to stick around for longer than a few days. Nobody wanted to be around me, unitl I met you.” I explain. I’d never told them that, for fear that they would leave me alone like everyone else did. I feel an arm wrap around my shoulders and someone pulls me into a disgusting hug, but I need it so I let it happen. I pull back and see all of them looking at me. I immedaitely feel myself start to tear up. I feel tears start slipping down my face and I burry my head in my hands, still sniffing. This is the exact moment that Ashton decides to walk out of the bathroom. 

“What the hell did you do to her/him? Why is Y/N crying?” He demands, nobody speaks up. I feel Calum stand up and then the door to the bathroom close, and the he sits next to me. “Hey, shh. It’s okay. Whatever they did, I’ll kick their asses for it.” He hugs me, his wet curls dripping water onto my face.

“They didn’t do anything. It’s just something I thought of. I’m okay, really.” He looks unconvinced, but leaves it alone anyways. 

~~Time skip 2 hours~~

“But Calum, it isn’t that simple!” I say exasperated.

“Look I know you don’t want to hear this, but he is denser than a doorknob. If you want him to know that you like him, you have to grow a pair and tell him.” I thread my hands through my hair and sigh, tugging on the roots a little.

“But I don’t know how. I’ve never had to do this before.”

“First time for everything I guess.” The tan boy smirks and I glare at him. 

“I hate you.” I say in monotone.

“Oh you know you love me.”

“Not at the moment I don’t Hood. At the moment, I’d rather be talking to Luke and Michael. At least they might be able to help me.” He shrugs.

“Hemmings, Clifford! Get your asses down here.” He yells through the bus. Within a minute, Luke and Michael are standing in front of me.

“Please tell Y/N that if they want Ashton to know that they like him, they need to pull up their big girl/boy pants and just tell him.

“He’s right. Y/N, you should just tell him or he will never figure it out.” Michael says.

“Actually, there may be another way.” Luke says quietly. “You could make him jealous, force him to talk to you.” My eyes widen and I jump into his arms. 

“Great idea, thanks Luke!” I squealed.

“I hope you two are very happy together.” Calum says and Michael sniggers.

“Wait what? Me?” He asks. 

“Well it was your idea. Your plan, you play the part.” They say before running out of the room and to the ‘lounge’ area.

“Okay, so here’s the plan. We are all going to go out to a bar tomorrow. You and I will go together, and you have to pretend to be my boyfriend, don’t worry, you don’t have to kiss me if you don’t want to.” He just nods.

~~Next Afternoon~~

I am currently standing in the small bathroom of the hotel room that we rented to get ready. Luke and I are the only ones that aren’t already there. I am stood in front of the mirror looking down at myself. Since we aren’t going to a super nice place, but rather a small downtown bar, I am only wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a white tank top and Michael’s Idiot flannel open over it. I style my hair and wash my face. Then I slip on my converse and walk out. Luke is sitting on the bed, fiddling with his sunglasses, slipping them into a hole in his shirt. He looks up and smiles, then we leave. 

When we get to the bar, Luke wraps his arm around my shoulders and I place mine around his waist. He leans down when we walk in.

“I’m really sorry about this.” He says quietly.

“Why? I’m the one that wanted to actually do it. All you did was suggest it. I should be apologizing, not you. You’re clearly uncomfortable.”

“Listen, I’m only doing this because I know how both of you-” He immediately pales and falls silent. “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“What? Does he-does he like me too?” He hesitates before nodding. That’s when I see everyone else. Calum and Michael both have beers, and Ashton has some blonde girl on his lap. I choke up and feel Luke’s arm tighten around my shoulders. I curled into his side, plastered a face smile on my face and we walk over. Luke and I sit down and I curl into his shoulder, then we order drinks. For a little while the boys are all talking and I am trying not to jump across the table and strangle the blonde that is all over Ashton. I can’t help but be jealous. I haven’t said a word to anyone but Luke since we walked in. I lean up so I can talk to him quietly.

“I’m going to go get another beer, when I come back, I’m going to sit on your lap, just pretend to enjoy it. Is that okay?” He smiles at me and nods in understanding.

I stand up and walk up to the bar, order two beers, and walk back. When I get there, I take a seat on Luke’s lap, and wrap my arms around his neck. Laying my head on his shoulder, I sneak a look at Ashton, who is currently dancing with the blonde, I think he said her name was Mindie but I could be wrong. I see him looking over at me and I take things into my own hands, I need to know how he feels. Making sure he is still looking, I move to quickly straddle Luke and kiss him, hard. At least that’s what it looks like to Ash, in realite, I am stage kissing him, with my finger between our lips. He seems to get the message and acts like he is kissing me back. I look out of the corner of my eye and when I see him run out the door, I jump off of Luke and follow him. I find him sitting against the wall a few feet from the door, in the rain, with his head in his hands. I quietly walk over and sit beside him.

“Go away, Y/N. You are the last person I want to see right now.” His voice cracks a little at the end.

“Ashton, I’m so sorry.” I say as I reach out to touch him.

“For what? I was the one that was stupid enough to gain feeling for someone that is so far out of my league.” He still won’t look at me.

“Ash, please, look at me.” He does, “Look, what happened with Luke was fake. I wanted to figure out if you felt the same and that was the only way that seemed like it would work. I clearly went too far, and I’m sorry.”

“You-you like me?” I nod. He reaches over and pulls me into a hug, both of us still getting soaked to the bone, but neither of us caring. “Good, because MIndie and I aren’t together either. I asked her to act like my girlfriend to get you jealous too.” I laugh a little and so does he. 

“Well then, looks like we were both stupid.” He nods.

“Will you go out with me? Like on a date?” I nod and from behind us, we hear a chorus of ‘Well it’s about damn time!’ 

Hidden Beauty- Bucky Barnes

Okay, I’m in love with this one! Let me know if you want a part two!! Requests are open!


(this turned out a little bit different and very smutty, but I hope you enjoy it!)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1.7K

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of smut, Bucky jerking off

(Y/N)s POV

You were never the type of girl to care about her personal image. You didn’t hate the way you look, but you never cared about hair products or make up. You just can’t find your interest for those things. Besides, your job doesn’t allow you to wear a lot of make up or to dress fashionable. You are an Avenger, and you don’t have time to think about the way you look while you try to save the world.

In the five months you’ve been in the tower, no one has ever seen you with your hair down. You are always wearing a bun, basically because you have super long curly hair and it always gets on your face. Plus, every time you used to wear your hair down, the people that was with you was always wanting to play with it and it pissed you off, so you decided to always wear it up when you moved here. When it comes to the clothes, you aren’t into fashion. You don’t like it and you just can’t understand the purpose of it. Your closet is basically full of sweatpants, joggers, sweatshirts and over-sized shirts. It’s not that you don’t want to show your body because you don’t like it, you actually love your figure. It’s just that those pieces of clothes are the most comfortable things you have ever known, so you are kind of stuck with them for the rest of your life.

Nat and Wanda always tell you to put on something different, but you refuse. They plan always consist of going to the mall, and you completely and utterly hate shopping. You find it’s extremely boring and useless, because every time you have gone you always end up buying some pair of sweatpants and maybe some trainers. That are the only items you think it’s worth wasting your money in.

Tomorrow, the Avengers are going on a mission. Last time you went to a mission was last week and you got a bullet wound in your stomach. Luckily, Doctor Cho was able to remove the bullet from your body and stitch the wound. It still hurts a bit, but nothing you can’t handle. Still, Steve refused to let you go to this mission, saying that you are not fully recovered. You tried to insist that you were fine and ready to go back out there, but the Captain can be really stubborn about his decisions, and so you are staying in the Tower until he says otherwise.

All of you are having dinner while Steve revises through the details of the mission. They have to go into some Hydra base, but Cap says it should be easy. You are seating next to Bucky, admiring his concentration face while he listens to Steve. Since the first day you arrived at the tower, you have thought that Bucky is really handsome. Although you never thought that you would end up falling for him. Actually, you were sure he was going to ignore your existence, but he didn’t. He started to talk to you, and so you became really good friends. It was painful to know that was the only thing that you were going to be, friends. But still, it’s better having this friendship than having nothing.

After dinner, they all go to their rooms to rest for tomorrow. Bucky walks with you to your room, due to the fact that his is next to yours. You stop in front of your door and turn to him smiling.

“Good night, doll. I’ll see you tomorrow when we come back.”

“Good night, Buck. Please don’t get yourself killed.” He laughs at you and kisses your forehead.

You watch him disappear inside his room and then you enter your dorm. You strip from your sweatpants and the over-sized t-shirt that belongs to Bucky and change into your pajamas. Ironically, your pj’s consist of pink booty shorts and a white tank top. You have this weird oddity with your pajamas, you can’t sleep in sweatshirts or sweatpants. You don’t like it, so you always wear an over-sized shirt or booty shorts with some tank top. You let your hair down and lay in bed, the blankets hugging your body perfectly and fall asleep pretty fast.

When you wake up, you glance at the digital clock in your nightstand and your eyes grow wide when you see it’s 1pm. You groan and get out of bed. Your stomach does a loud sound and you decide to get up and go directly to the kitchen. You look for a moment at yourself in the mirror. Not having enough strength to change into your daily outfit, you shrug your shoulders and get out of the room.

When you arrive at the kitchen, you grab a pan and some bacon. “Hey, FRIDAY, can you put some music on for me, please?”

“Sure, ms (Y/N).” You smile and start to cook the bacon.

Back in Black starts to sound through the tower speakers and you smile while humming the song quietly. After your bacon is done, you decide to make yourself some coffee to wake you up completely. You dance around the kitchen to the beat of Highway to Hell, your long hair bouncing in your back. Suddenly, the music stops and before you can react, someone speaks.

“Who the hell are you?” You recognize Steve’s voice and turn around with your eyes furrowed.

Nat and Bucky are pointing their guns at you, Wanda’s eyes are already red, Sam is pointing red wing at you and Tony is with his hands up, ready to shoot at you. You put your hands up and see the big surprise on their faces when they realize it’s you. Everyone puts their guns down and look at you in silence.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). It’s just, uhm, you look different. Different as in a good different, don’t think I mean different in a bad-”

“What the Cap is trying to say-” Nat cuts Steve off smiling. “-is that you look awesome, girl. Why is this the first time we see you like this?”

You look down and play with your fingers, your cheeks are as red as possible and you bit your lip before answering anything.

“You know I’m just comfortable with the joggers and some old sweatshirt.” You laugh nervously, feeling everyone’s eyes in you.

“You look beautiful, (Y/N).” Wanda approaches you and runs her hand down your hair softly. “You should let your hair down more often, it’s awesome.” You smile widely at her.

Sam approaches the two of you smiling and reaches behind you to grab a piece of your bacon.

“Hey! That’s my bacon, Wilson!”

“Sorry, kid, I’m really hungry. If I tell you that you look beautiful, will you let me eat this bacon?”

“Complimenting me it’s not going to feed you, smart ass.” You stick out your tongue at him and he just laughs at you.

Eventually, everybody gets over the surprise of you being your natural self. You put on some joggers and an over-sized shirt, but you decide to let your hair down. It feels good and you enjoy the feeling it gives you.


Bucky hasn’t said a word since he arrived from the mission. He is still starstruck by you. He thought you were extremely beautiful with your bun and your sweatpants, but now that he has seen you in those  extremely tiny booty shorts that didn’t even cover your whole ass and that white tank top that made your boobs look ten times bigger, he thinks you are a fucking goddess. And let’s not talk about your hair. He wants to run his hands through it, he wants to cuddle with you and snuggle his face in your perfect long curly hair. But he can’t avoid his mind drifting away to how would it feel to tug at your long hair while fucking you. He groans, the memory of you in the kitchen blushing like an innocent girl at the compliments making his dick hard as a rock. He strips his jeans off and mentally thanks God that it’s night and everyone is sleeping. He closes his eyes, thinking about you, while his hand works on his member.

(Y/N)’s POV

You are about to fall asleep when a sound catches your attention. It sounds like a groan. Scared, you get up of your bed and go to the hallway. Bucky is probably having another horrible nightmare. Whenever that happens, you would get up and go calm him down. When you are in front of his room, you hear another sound, a moan. You furrow your brows and then Bucky says something.

“Fuck, (Y/N)!” He moans your name and you froze, your eyes wide open.

Part of you wants to go back to your room and act as if these never happened, but the other part wants to go in and help him with whatever he is doing. You open his door slowly and you bit your lip at the sight. Bucky is laying down in his bed, completely naked. His flesh hand is grabbing his dick, moving up and down quickly, while his metal hand grabs the shits. His head is tilted to the left, part of his hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. His eyes are tightly closed and his mouth is slightly open, letting out the most beautiful sounds you have ever heard. Biting your bottom lip, you feel your core already getting wet at the sight. He looks heavenly and you decide to help him.

“Bucky.” His eyes shot open and he has a scared expression while he sees you.

He doesn’t say anything, so you start to walk towards the bed. He is seating up looking at your body. You bless yourself mentally for deciding to put on one of Bucky’s over-sized shirts today and nothing else. You crawl to his lap, your legs on either side of him. His chest is moving up and down fast and his eyes scan your face. You smile at him and run your hand through his hair.

“I heard you moaning my name… And I think I can help you with that.”

o k ok, hear me out tho

imagine Jack with SUPER curly hair, and h OLY crap FRECKLES GALORE, but he really doesn’t like them because ‘come on, have YOU ever heard of an evil genius having curly hair and FRECKLES!?’ so he covers up with hair product and makeup, but one day Omi pulls a new attack on him and it WASHES AWAY THE HAIR PRODUCT AND MAKEUP AND THEN THE XIAOLIN DRAGONS ARE JUST LIKE “o NO HE’s aDORABLE” and chase is just like “WHO EVEN IS THIS CUTE LITTLE SHIT” and Jack is going “o shit o shit o shit” because hE THINKS HE LOOKS STUPID (which is impossible, jack is a sweetie pie)
idk, I just had a thought


You don’t really see many black girls with bangs -except for every now and then a celebrity will wear clip in bangs- so I figured I’d put up some pictures to encourage all my golden goddesses who are hesitant about them to do it! When I first wanted to get them, I was told not to because it would make me look “ghetto” but fuck that shit, I look fabulous! The double standard is real… 💁 any-who, they are extremely high maintenance if you have curly/kinky hair, so be ready for humidity and wearing headbands to the pool!