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The muggle studies students convincing the teachers to let them set up a “muggle cinema” in one of the larger empty classrooms. After months of tinkering and experimenting with the technology, the students find a way to set up a projector and speakers. With the help of some tech savvy muggleborns or halfbloods, they get it all up and running pretty quickly. The teens and tweens that lived with their muggle parent(s) are happy they can finally show their friends some of their favorite movies. The purebloods and halfbloods are very curious to see the moving pictures that were created by muggles without the use of magic.

Some Hufflepuffs ask the house elves to supply everyone with popcorn, soda, and candy. Add in the new seats that were made to replicate a real theater and the thick curtains draped along all the walls and this old classroom is really starting to feel like a movie theater.

Sometimes they have movie marathons on the weekends. One week might be sci-fi, featuring the Star Wars and Star Trek movies. Another week might be dedicated to the classics and the next is all the best comedies. On the Disney movie weekend all the 1st and 2nd years of all bloodlines cuddle on the floor in front of the screen with their friends covered in blankets and sleeping bags brought in by the elves. All the kids that have grown up watching these movies say the lines along with the characters and sing along to all their favorite songs. Sometimes they all get up and dance, too. Meanwhile, behind all the youngsters are the older kids that watch the movies with just as much enthusiasm.

One weekend, some muggleborns trick some of the purebloods into watching the scariest horror movies of all time after curfew. Let’s just say some students will never look at a ghost the same way again and refuse to walk the halls alone.

Many of the students are happy they can finally understand all the references some of their friends are making and can now make references of their own. They encourage their muggleborn friends to show them more muggle culture.

All the students love the new cinema (except for those who were victims of the horror movie marathon), and the muggle studies teacher gave extra credit to all the students who take the class that had helped set it up and kept it running. There was some talk at the end of the year about keeping it set up for next year.


claire and i had an absolute blast at connecticon yesterday, it was awesome!! saw the voice of korra herself, and met lots of wicked cool cosplayers, and i can’t wait until next year!!

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Favorite Morphs and Aging

While I was at the reptile show, I saw this stunning Bee morph Ball Python.

It got me thinking about morphs, and which ones look best as they get older. The Bee above is one of the very few adults I saw at the show (most adults were normals who were het for a morph and were advertised as breeders.) Almost all of the gorgeous morphs were baby snakes.

Baby snakes are much brighter than adults, so the morphs usually show up best on young snakes. From what I’ve seen, many morphs get duller with age. Some of them change dramatically such as the color change on Highway/Freeway ball pythons as they age

Are there any morphs that you love on baby snakes, but don’t look as good on adults? What morphs look best on adult snakes?