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Hey! I don’t know if you’re still taking art submissions, but I just recently discovered you and I absolutely love love love your work!!! And I was wondering if you would be up to doing Louis in a crop top and flower crown? I would be so blessed.   And again, I just love your art. You’re so amazing and you’re so sweet!! 💖💖   

How could I ever say no to crop tops and flower crowns tbh?? And thank you so much, you’re a sweetling yourself 💕🌸

I drew Yui in her Lost Eden outfit~ Should I draw her in her in uniform, too? I think I’m getting better at drawing Yui… But I’m not so sure XD

I’m looking forward to see how this game’s plot develops. I’d like to see how the demon world, others demon races, and how our favorite characters fit into all this. World building, ho~!!!

AS ALWASY, Let me know if you have request or suggestion and I’ll happily draw it for you~ IT’S FREE~ Or if you just wanna chat about otome, i’m down for that as well. Feel free to hit me up!  ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

Sneaky Peeky!

Hi there! So as you know I’ve been working on that Steve x guardianangel!reader au and I’ve written some of it. I’ll be posting the first chapter pretty soon but for some reason I can’t control myself with this fic and I have this need to share it already. So here I am, succumbing to my weakness and thirst for approval, giving you guys a little sneak peek of the story. 

(Let me know if you like it or if you have requests on how you want the story to go or suggestions! I’m all ears dolls xxx) 

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Meet Up

I’ve been trying to write more of my series but then I had this idea in my head for a while and kept on blocking any new ideas so I had to get it out.

Summary: As a group’s therapist you get to bring the confident side of Bucky, but then he asks for your help in meeting new people - you suggest downloading an app.

Warnings: Innuendos. I have tried to keep this light-hearted and funny.

Word count: 3.9k

A/N: I hope this makes you laugh? Any feedback is always welcome!

Originally posted by eatalotandsleepalot

You and Sam met working at the DVA. After losing his partner, Riley, Sam suffered from a lot of guilt-ridden nightmares and anxiety. That’s when you stepped in. One day you picked up a leaflet in a café which offered free meetings, where one can talk about any personal issues in true confidence and find some help and support. Being the curious person that you were you decided to go. You were studying psychology at the time and you figured any extra experience that can be gained from going to one of those meeting can only help your development, right?

Fast forward a few years – you were now with a degree and a solid friendship with Sam. So strong was the relationship, that he offered you a ‘position’ on the Avengers’ team. The superheroes struggled with their own demons and insecurities, just as much as anyone else, and needed professional support every now and then. Confident in your abilities Sam had arranged for you to move in the Tower and serve as the team psychologist.

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@chimchim-cheree hi! sorry to bother you, but i just started getting into monsta x through listening to all their music but idk where to start for getting to know them. do you have any suggestions? thank you 💕 (i totally forgot your url i’m so sorry this is me at 1:30am LMAO) 

i just re-read your message and i completely read it wrong oml and i accidentally deleted the ask i’m sorry! 

however what i do recommend is deokspatch which they have had since predebut (during NO MERCY shooting) and they had subsequently had two more seasons after that called deokspatchX and deokspatchX2:

deokspatch: ep 1* / ep 2* / ep 3* / ep 4* / ep 5* / ep 6* / ep 7* / ep 8 / ep 9 / ep 10 / ep 1** / ep 2** [*: without I.M / **: filmed a year after debut]

deokspatchX: ep 1 / ep 2 / ep 3 / ep 4 (jooheon was missing in this ep) / ep 5 / ep 6 / ep 7  / unreleased 1

deokspatchX2: ep 1 / ep 2 / ep 3 / ep 4 / ep 5 / ep 6 / ep 7 / ep 8

if you also want to watch NO MERCY (personally i haven’t watched all of them because my heart can’t handle it but if you’re up for the challenge): ep 1* / ep 2* / ep 3* / ep 4* / ep 5* / ep 6* / ep 7* / ep 8 / ep 9 / ep 10 [*: without I.M]

then they also did another variety show called right nowep 1 / ep 2 / ep 3 / ep 4 / ep 5 / ep 6 / unreleased: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

and then of course monsta x ray which is their most recent variety show in vapp: ep 1 / ep 2 / ep 3 / ep 4 / ep 5 / ep 6 

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So, my ex best friend just called off our friendship and removed me from everything so that they could start dating the person who abused me for over half a year... Do you have a prideful suggestion for that?

good fucking riddance. leave the trash with the other trash, in the past where they don’t belong. now you are rid of them, you can move on unburdened.

Lie To Make Me Like You


“Phil Lester.” Dan supplied. “He’s my plus one.”

Charlie raised an eyebrow, eyes darting between the two of them suggestively. “Oh? How long have you two been together?”

Dan blanched. “Sorry, we’re not…actually–”

“A little over seven years, isn’t it Dan?” his mum piped up cheerfully. “I remember the first time you stayed over at Phil’s. You still haven’t stopped talking about him.”

“Maybe the next Howell wedding will be yours,” Mae teased, flicking the end of his tie.

Dan shot a look towards Phil, panic rising. Enough awkward socializing had made them fairly fluent in speaking through eye contact and minute gestures, and as their eyes met Phil smiled lightly as if to say ‘I’m okay with it if you are.’ Dan, being the incompetent, horribly introverted idiot he was, latched onto the idea and ran with it.“Yeah,” he said, laughing in a way that he hopes comes off more as fond and less what the fuck did I just get myself into. “Maybe.”

Notes: This was written for alittledizzy as part of Fandom Trumps Hate using the following prompt:

-Someone assuming Dan and Phil are a couple who doesn’t recognize them and Dan and Phil letting them assume that and enjoying being able to act like a couple.

I had a lot of fun writing this and getting to work with you; thank you so much for bidding on my writing and I really hope you enjoy it :))

Word Count: 2302

    For the most part Dan tried to keep his personal and business lives separate. He wasn’t very close with most of his family, and enough encounters with viewers who didn’t quite grasp the concept of boundaries only served to reinforce this decision. Aside from his immediate family he rarely saw the rest of the Howell Clan, and so it was a bit of a surprise to receive an invitation to his cousin Mae and Charlie’s wedding.

    He vaguely remembered Mae–a precocious eight year old with a habit of pulling his hair, and the smiling woman on the front of the card bore a passing resemblance. To be perfectly honest he’d forgotten she existed; he didn’t think they’d spoken since they were children and he’d never heard of Charlie. His mum had wanted him to go, though, so naturally he’d forced Phil to come and suffer with him. While Phil might have had reservations about taking Dan to the Lester family gatherings, he had no such qualms about taking him to the Howells.

    His parents loved Phil, and even Adrian had a grudging respect for the man. Besides, Phil was better at tying ties, remembering general wedding etiquette, and covering Dan’s social ineptitude so there was that, too. The wedding ceremony had been quite long, but the food had more than made up for it. Dan had finished dinner feeling so full he felt a little like throwing up, but based on the heaping pile of food on Phil’s plate it didn’t look like the feeling was mutual.

   “It looks like you took half the dessert table,” he noted, taking a bite of the cake–some sort of lemon with vanilla frosting.

   Phil made a satisfied noise, popping another biscuit in his mouth. “It’s not my fault, I’m a growing boy.”

   “You’re pushing thirty.”

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foraoise-airndeal  asked:

Hi, our town is full of thieving people and I have recently had a few things stolen from me :[ might you have any spellwork you could suggest that would be useful in this situation?

Hi honey, sorry this took a bit to get back to, I needed some time to hunt these down! Here is what I found —

I hope this was helpful! (:

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do you have any suggestions for how to make sure people use your pronouns + correcting them, when you're nonverbal most of the time? because i recently came out and when people call me she/her or my birthname i struggle to correct them because i can't really talk to anyone but my close family and gf and when im anxious (like when talking about pronouns) talking becomes so much harder :/ and people tell me to correct them if they get it wrong but i cant

wear a pronoun pin!!! they are easy to make, or u can buy them!!!

or, you can write “my pronouns are _______ and my name is _________” on your hand

or (i have a shirt like this so yes they do exist) get a shirt that says your pronouns!!!! this is a little risky bc u cant really…. take ur shirt off depending on the situation you are in (for example, at a church or mosque or temple), but if you are confident and feel safe, go for it!!!

-mod tabby

What is #actuallydivine? What is #divinekin?

Big Big Big Disclaimer: These are my own definitions, and my own understanding of other folks’ definitions. If you have any information that I missed, edits you would suggest, or corrections to what I have said, please do not hesitate to let me know!

If you agree with this post, I’d love a reblog, but don’t feel pressured to use these same definitions that I do. I’m just like, a little tired of people (Antis? Sealions?) asking the same questions over and over.

In his post, I’m going to address two types of terms: actually_______ and _______kin; within these groups I will address actuallydivine, actuallyangelic, actuallydemonic, and actuallydeific/actuallydeified — as well as divinekin, angelkin, demonkin, and deitykin/godkin.

This is a really long post, by the way. It’s sort of an essay and it’s like, over 2k words. There’s a pretty tongue-in-cheek tl;dr at the end, but you can probably absorb most of the information by skimming it.

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shelikesyourshirt  asked:

Hi!! I really love your blog!! Do you know any good worship songs that don't gender God? Maybe something in the style of needtobreathe?

I’m sorry, I don’t! If you find any, let me know because I’d love to hear them. The only thing I can think of is music by The Oh Hellos though that’s mainly because they’re less specifically religious – they’re Christian-based songs, but not specifically labeled “worship music.”

Followers, do you have any suggestions for songs that don’t gender God?


It doesn’t feel that long ago that we were reaching 1, 2, 3, and 4 thousand followers. Thank you everyone for the amazing support over the years. We couldn’t have asked for a better family.
We’d love to do something in celebration, so if you have any suggestions just send us a message!

anonymous asked:

Batfam, specifically Dick Grayson stuff. But the others would be cool too

Well for batfamily in general, I enjoyed Batman Eternal (as mentioned in another reply). It has a lot of batfamily members as major characters, although I don’t Dick is not one of them.

As for Dick Grayson specifically, I’m not sure I have a suggestion for you. I’m reading Grayson now, but it’s not really my thing. I certainly don’t dislike Dick, but most of my batfamily comic choices have been influenced by whether Jason is in them.

Maybe another follower can recommend you something Dick Grayson centric to start with.

Conventions 2017


I got confirmations for three conventions this year:

If youre at any of these let me know and maybe say hi!
(I miss hanging out with you guys ;-;!!)

If you have any merch requests/suggestions feel free to drop them as a comment💕

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I'm really bad at dialogue. Do you have any suggestions for some dialogue between two people. One who doesn't know how to express their feelings to the other person but is a really good flirt so they use that and the other is very upfront with their emotions but can't flirt for the life of them? Thanks!

Hope this helps!

1. “You know, I’m not a photographer but I can picture our life together.”

“Well maybe I should buy an photo album then…”



2. “I don’t really have a type, just someone who I can be compatible with. Who gets me, you know?”

“I get you.”

“What…what do you mean?”

“No I was just…you know…someone like me, not me I wasn’t saying that…just…yeah.”

If anyone has any other prompts feel free to comment! :)