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Wonwoo High Cut Interview

Q: I saw “Bi-Ni Acrostic Poem” video that you made. You said “I miss you when the rain falls”, right? You also made Jeon-Buk (Jeon Wonwoo, bag of luck) I think you have a good linguistic sense & sense of humor

WW: I like books since I was young. I like writing too. I like writing rap lyrics too. I’ve always want to write a fiction since I was young.

Q: You look lively in video, but you are actually calm

WW: I’m an introvert. When I see Mingyu, Seungkwan, or Dokyeom.. I feel envious because they’re lively and can lift up the mood. But I have silent/calm charm that they can’t have

Q: If you weren’t a singer/idol, what do you think you’ll be doing?

WW: I’m freespirited so I think I will be going here and there. I can’t really travel a lot but if there’s an opportunity, I want to go to the Niagara falls

Q: If you can bring one of the member when travelling, who will you bring together with you?

WW: That’s very hard. Umm.. (puts his arm around Vernon who’s sitting next to him) Vernon. He’s calm but freespirited too so I think he match well with me.

Q: The member who you’ll never bring to travel together with you?

WW: Woozi. During tour, Woozi only enjoy the hotel’s facilities. I like going outside and went around. We don’t have a bad relationship, it’s just that he doesn’t match with me as a travel buddy.

Q: You’re preparing for the 2nd album right? Is there any point (about new album) you want to tell/show to fans?

WW: Umm.. spectrum. I think we can show various type/genre of music & performance so I’m looking forward.

trans uygnim

“So, that went well.”

Rhys snarled some form of a response, that I didn’t quite catch while I was trying to hold in my laughter. This girl, this girl, if you could look beyond the broken parts, she was perfect for Rhys. She didn’t see him as a High Lord, she saw him for the arrogant prick he is.

Rhys sat in the arm chair closest to me, he looked exhausted and was beginning to rub his temples. I had learned centuries ago that he always did this, when he felt that he had lost control.

I chuckled, “The Mother does seem to have a sense of humor.”

Rhys looked up at me, I almost broke at the sadness in his eyes. He barely whispered, “Mor, I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know it was this bad. I didn’t know. I swear I didn’t know, I would have called the bargain in months ago if I had known. She is literally half the girl from Under the Mountain.”

I hesitated, “I know Rhys, but you cannot blame yourself. Plus, if you would have called in the bargain months ago, they would have planned the wedding around your bargain. If you would have called it in earlier, she would have married Tamlin and she would be forever trapped.”

I wanted to kill Tamlin. He was no better than Eris. Feyre was just a prize to him, an expectation.

Rhys broke our silence, “How do I help her?”

I was shocked, shocked that he could not see the obvious. “Rhys, is she all that different from me? She needs to be free, free to make her own choices.”

His eye widened at the simplicity of it, but I continued, this girl was broken in so many ways and needed more than just choices. In her I saw all of us, our group of dreamers.

“Is she that different from Az?  She will need a purpose. You told me as a human, she took care of her family, she had a purpose. Is she all that different from Cassian? Starvation and survival has been the majority of her life, she will need a family. Is she that different from Amren? She is made and will need time to adjust to this world, her new body. Is she all that different from you?  She sacrificed her life for love. She needs to heal and no longer feel alone.”

Her dear cousin just nodded as he gazed upon the stars. She hoped all his dreams came true.

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i feel like my blog is copying your sense of humor.. I was doing some things w comic sans and sassy toddlers, then i found this blog and was like oH SHIT AM I UNORIGINAL??!11

i didnt create the comic sans stuff trend LOL i actually got inspired by other simblrs to do this, so u aren’t being unoriginal you just have a similar sense of humor as me and others :0

hi Taylor!! I’m Ashley. I discovered your music in 2009 when I was 7 years old, when my sisters and I got the fearless platinum edition cd for Christmas. We listened to it for hours on repeat while playing in the basement and I quickly memorized all the lyrics and fell in love with your songs. since then my love for you has only grown. you have been such a big part of my life and who I am. I am so thankful for your advice, and for your example of strength, kindness, and independence. you have taught me not to worry about what others think of me. I have so much love and respect for you. you have the greatest personality and the greatest sense of humor and SO. MUCH. TALENT. I love you so much, thank you for everything you’ve done for me and the wonderful impact you’ve had on my life.

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“Im mexican”
You’re still a racist ass cunt who enjoys stripping people of their fucking agency, i mean shes mexican too, yet youre calling her racist to her own race. hypocritical fucktard.

“Shes obviously a Trump supporter”
Even if she was, doesn’t make her white inside, she wore a fucking costume and it was fucking hilarious youre just bitter no one loves you and you have no sense of fucking humor.

“i guarantee she wishes she was white”
No, you wish she wishes that so you dont have to admit other mexicans have values different than yours. if they don’t agree with you, their opinion is invalid and theyre actually white.

“Mexican kids get bullied by white kids” yeah and all groups bully everyone of other groups. I was bullied by blacks for a whole year at a majority black school, doesnt mean i get to go around calling the the N word and shit.

“white pride” literally no one talked about white pride except for your dumb ass.

“You’re white on the inside”
Yeah, thats just code for “You disagree with me so im stripping you of your agency as a Mexican.”

“youre triggered”
By racism? who wouldnt be? you stupid ass beaner bitch. dont like it do you? triggered by me calling you a beaner? But its okay because im mexican, right? so that means i can say what i want about my people and not be racist right? just like you.

TLDR, you’re disgusting and racist because you strip your own people of their fucking agency and you deserve the lowest of the low in life.

what i love about aquarius

  • you can practically spot them from a mile away. they are so unique and have memorable personalities.
  • they always have some sort of cute or quirky habit. their interests may even seem uncharacteristic of themselves, but they are truly three dimensional people.
  • they may not smile as much as others, but when they do it’s so beautiful. i love to see them laugh and figure out their sense of humor.
  • sometimes it can be hard to follow their train of thought because they’re always thinking of something new. or they’ll expect you to understand obscure jokes. either way, it’s endearing.
  • similar to gemini, they’re a great friend to just fuck around with, but they can also be quite serious.
  • though they don’t seem like the most emotional partners, their deepest feelings come out through quiet acts, like touches or favors or gifts.
  • they seem deep and intimidating but let me tell you rn……..they have a guilty pleasure. probably reads x reader fic or unironically likes emo quotes from 2010
  • they do care about love. it can be hard to tell where you stand with them at times but if you like them, find the courage to say so. if they don’t like you, they won’t pretend to. sometimes you have to take initiative with this sign, but don’t come on too strong too soon.
  • once they are attatched, they will become very protective of you and pay attention to small details about you. because of this, they are great gift givers and romantics at heart.

David Tennant and that GRIN!!
…or perhaps it’s an impish smirk

Normally my dad and I’s senses of humor are pretty different but today I was going home from school and wondering aloud what I was gonna have for lunch and he mentioned that there were some beans in the fridge and I was like “ok cool” and pulled out my phone and he said “are you texting the beans” and it completely fucking blindsided me

since some people are being ugly about this 

implying that the fact louis dressed preppy and wore skinny jeans while in 1d and never called himself a chav because he was working through the limits of a boyband image is somEhow proof that he’s “lying” about his current image for whatever reason, i’d just like to quickly show some pictures of louis wearing sweatpants(plus general athleticwear) on his time off from 2016 all the way back to 2012  just like he says.

yes, he has always dressed this way. he hasn’t pulled a 180 with his image or style. he’s dressing the same and acting the same. he calls himself a chav as a joke, because he fits the stereotype for liking athleticwear and having such a strong personality. it’s not demeaning. it’s him, it’s his sense of humor, it’s his image, it’s him presenting himself the way he wants as 25 year old man. it’s disrespectful to pick apart everything he wears and tell him what’s the honest way for him to dress himself just because you’re unhappy he isn’t dressing the way you want.

if you associate a working class image and urban-wear as a negative thing then that’s your problem, and a very shameful one at that.

the signs as friends

aries: they will be direct about how they like you, but they’ll roast you to compensate. “i love you…. you dumbass.” when you first befriend them, their humor may come across as bold or inappropriate. the future of your friendship essentially depends on if you laugh or find it stupid. and if you do laugh, there will be plenty more where that came from. but when you need help, their serious, emotional side will emerge to support you.

taurus: taurus can be moderately social and gets along with many, but you will know if you are one of their close friends. they will find activities you both enjoy to spend time together. hell, they’ll even find activities only you like and take an interest to make you happy. they listen to your stories, even if they see pointless or silly and give sound advice any hour of the day.

gemini: gemini wants a friend who isn’t afraid to get in trouble or try new things. they’re the friend who always has something for the two of you to do, as long as you’re game. while they’re not much for staying in or having a quiet night, outings with gemini are often memorable and worth the trip. though at the end of the day, they’re willing to slow down and make sure you’re doing well. their advice may not be the most logical, but they know how to cater to your emotions and cheer you up.

cancer: you know you’re a cancer’s friend when you share a hoard of inside jokes. if they care about you, they tend to remember little details about you that you may not remember telling them. cancer and their friends will share sarcastic banter and teasing jokes. until the day you’re upset-then they’ll put their usual antics aside and be there for you. cancer is sensitive and will detect your true feelings, especially if you are close.

leo: leo loves a spontaneous friend, like gemini. friendship with a leo likely involves many fun outings. these probably include activities you would’ve never found had it not been for them. that being said, leo is often content to sit and talk for ages when you have a connection. just be sure to remind them of their importance to you, and they will be a generous, long term friend.

virgo: once you are close, virgo may take on the role of mom friend. they will joke with you, but also look out for you. whether you are hurt physically or emotionally, virgo will be there, often with verbal support. at times, they may seem like a lecturing elder, but it’s only because they care. you may have to encourage them to relax once in a while, but once they do, they are just as fun as anyone else.

libra: libra often take a liking to many people, though from afar. if you approach them first, you’re likely to get a friendly response. if you’re close friends, a libra will be grateful to have someone to open up to and laugh with. they can become someone to count on and share ideas with, no matter how silly your thoughts may seem. they are also genuine, kind listeners. as long as you give them the same in return, libra will be a sweet, caring best friend.

scorpio: scorpio needs a friend who probably likes them more than vice versa- at least at first. their sense of humor can be similar to that of aries, though they may continue to tell their brand of jokes even if you don’t like them. they are unabashedly themselves, and they need a friend who accepts that. and if you do, scorpio may view you as one of their closest companions. scorpio develops a deep love for their friends and would defend them in a heartbeat.

sagittarius: sagittarius often attracts friends rather than approaches them. potential friends may admire their sense of humor or independent spirit. though they seem independent, they always have room for friends in their life. they may not verbally communicate their appreciation often, but you will notice it through their texts or time spent together. if a sagittarius wants to befriend you, they may compliment you, or even seem jealous at first. (take this as a compliment too, and return the gesture. soon, you’ll get along just fine).

capricorn: this sign has two levels of friendship. you are either an acquaintance, or a treasure in their life. capricorn may seem to use friendliness as a means of social climbing, but when a friendship is real, they will give you all they have. this is why they usually only have a few close friends. if a capricorn shares a secret with you or looks to you for advice, it means you’re definitely doing something right. if you are a capricorn’s best friend, they may not say it, but rather show how deeply they care for you through gestures.

aquarius: aquarius probably considers anyone who hasn’t overtly offended them as their friend. that being said, there is a difference between their friends and the people they spend time thinking about. to be an aquarian’s close friend means being someone they may secretly admire. they love someone that can impress them in some way, but they are not superficial. their best friend must be able to support them in their vulnerable times, as rare as they may seem. in return, you will have an unconditional friend.

pisces: again, a sign that seems to love everyone. pisces is like a puppy that just wants some time with everyone around them. if you are on a deeper level with pisces, they will always be sure to let you know they love you, oftentimes verbally. they may be tactile and enjoy hugs/hand holding etc more than the other signs. a pisces friend is a friend for life, even if you do not speak for a while. they will remember your connection, though be sure not to take advantage of this and please remind them how you love them too.

Accidental Stabbing (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: You tried to stay out of trouble, really you did. But while running from Henry Bowers, you bump into the only group people who seemed to have noticed you since your arrival at Derry. One particularly stupid boy in thick glasses catches your attention as you ‘accidentally’ stab Henry. 

Warnings: Cursing, stabbing someone (I mean… duh), blood, mention of assault, mention of cult activities (it sounds worse that it is, but holy fuck I sound satanic).

Word Count: 1,312

Being a resident of Derry officially sucked ass. Seriously. You glanced behind you as you ran and saw that Henry Bowers was still close behind, shoving little kids and adults alike. Your head snapped back to face front and you prayed that your legs could carry you just a little bit more. Ever since moving here a two months ago, there were a specific group of people you knew to avoid, even if it meant always being quiet and keeping your head down. Not that you were quiet in real life, but it was best not to trigger the anger that you kept locked away. Henry shouted something about you being a slut, his voice louder and closer. Your throat was growing tight and dry but the adrenaline kept you moving, sprinting through the town, ducking under people’s arms, sidestepping old folks, trying not to trample toddlers… All because the Patrick kid from Henry’s gang thought your shorts were too small. Well he can go fuck himself. You think, pumping your arms and legs faster. Fuckin’ pervert.

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Robert Small ~ aka Bad Dad/Knife Dad

(All info is culled directly from in-game references; gif was made by me - if you want to use it in something else, please ask &/or give me credit.  Thanks so much!  <3)

~ Background Canon ~

  • Seems to have little/no respect for people who sleep around and/or put sex before other, more important things
  • Was (possibly) in the Army
  • Has a Boston Terrier named Betsy (likes to pretend she’s a pit bull)
  • Likes to tell elaborate (and sometimes graphic) stories. (Are they true? No one but Robert knows.)
  • Knows how to fake people out (i.e. good poker face?)
  • Sends texts/messages like a teenager
  • Believes hitting a child would be despicable
  • Insists on watching movie credits to the VERY end
  • Has a daughter named Val who lives in Brooklyn; she works for some ‘news media online magazine thing’ and makes a lot of money doing it.
  • He’s unsure of Val’s age, but thinks it’s maybe 25 or 26
  • He refers to Brooklyn as ‘home’ (…so what does that make Maple Bay?)
  • Carries a fully-stocked first aid kit in his truck
  • Has an unconventional sense of humor
  • Has a tendency to say exactly what he means…and then pretend like he didn’t mean it
  • Not the most talkative of people, generally speaking
  • Thinks River has an ‘old soul’
  • His wife’s name was Marilyn; she died in an ‘accident’.
  • He has a ‘long, wicked scar across his pecs’ (supposedly from a bike accident with Val)
  • Has a tattoo on his left hand, shaped a little like a compass rose
  • The mention of cannibalism reminded him of the last time he went skiing. (Just another ‘story’?)
  • Claims his leather jacket has been in his family a long time, and that it’s ‘cursed’
  • Seems to have done a lot of thinking about killing someone.  “It’s not just their life, you know.  It’s their hopes and dreams draining away.  Every memory and experience they’ve ever had…gone.”
  • This guy may not look it, but he’s smart!  Knows who Hemingway is, has heard of capybaras, is a classic film buff, knows random Bible verses by heart…
  • Robert’s hands are calloused and covered in little white scars.
  • Got stabbed in Louisiana…or was it Kentucky…?
  • Isn’t a ‘sore loser’
  • Drives a VERY old red pickup truck.
  • House is filled with sleek, modern appliances; a big flat-screen TV; and shelves upon shelves of DVDs

~ Likes/Dislikes Canon ~

  • Has at least a mild interest in sports of some kind and a preferred team that he roots for
  • Likes Paranormal Ice Road Truckers, but isn’t a fan of TV in general
  • Likes war documentaries
  • Doesn’t like small talk
  • Doesn’t like being called Rob (…or Bobert) - ‘buddy’ seems to be okay?
  • Likes to go camping (but hasn’t been after what happened last time)
  • Digs old movies from the 30′s and 40s
  • Takes the creation of movies VERY seriously
  • Likes Tom Waits and Santana
  • Likes to whittle and is pretty good at it
  • Smokes like a chimney (if all the ashtrays in his house are any indication.)
  • Enjoys the Criterion Collection

~ Food/Drink Canon ~

  • Likes whiskey… A LOT - especially shots
  • When it comes to alcohol, rarely takes ‘no’ for an answer
  • Likes white zinfandel because it’s delicious, fruity, and refreshing
  • LOVES pineapple on his pizza
  • Enjoys bar-hopping
  • Thinks Jim and Kim’s is the best bar in town
  • Occasionally hangs out at The Coffee Spoon

~ Sex/Romance Canon ~

  • Talks dirty…very dirty
  • Enjoys leaving hickeys…lots of them
  • Rough enough in bed to leave a person feeling sore and ‘creaky’ afterwards
  • Enjoys biting
  • When his lover says ‘no’ or ‘stop’ he takes it seriously
  • Recognizes that he’s an emotional wreck/emotionally unavailable…and is honest about it

~ Memorable Quotes ~ 

  • “The key to being cool is acting like you don’t care about anything, but actually care very deeply about everything to the point where it’s debilitating.”
  • “Too many people think that they have to fill the dead air with noise.  Personally I think they’re afraid of the silence.  Or they’re afraid of what the other person is gonna think of the silence…learn to be comfortable with silence.”
  • “I respect your opinion.  And I will fight with my life for your right to say it.  But where’s your sense of adventure? Where’s your sense of taste?  Why won’t you love yourself?”
  • “The juciness of the pineapple paired with the tanginess of the sauce is a flavor combination that everyone should experience at least once, if not a thousand times more. Pineapple on pizza is one of the few things in life that I genuinely and thoroughly enjoy.  Please.  Please just do this for me.  No - do this for yourself.”
  • “That popcorn-ass drivel the mass media is shoving down your throat will only make you dumber and sadder.  You of all people should strive for a higher standard in the art you consume.”
  • “Are you kidding me? I would never hit a child.  That would be despicable.”
  • “This is my Thinking Bench.  I have to get a solid two to three hours of brooding per day.  Filling quotas…A lot of people underestimate the senses of a man who broods.”
  • “I’m so many levels of irony deep that I’ve forgotten what humor is.”
  • “I was so busy chasing after all of these things that I thought would make me happy that I didn’t think about anyone else.  All I cared about was myself.”
  • “Maybe I’m just built like this.  Or maybe I do it to myself.  Maybe it’s my own choice I’m as unhappy as I am.”
  • “I’m working on my relationship with existence.”
  • “Long live the king, baby.”
  • “I spent my whole life only taking, and taking, and taking.  And now here I am, an old, broken man sitting on top of a pile of everything I’ve ever taken.  Alone.”
  • “I spent so much time chasing after things I thought were gonna make me happy that I ruined my only real chance at happiness.”
  • “You know, every day for me is a battle against my own self-destructive habits.”

The Signs as Friends

aries: they will be direct about how they like you, but they’ll roast you to compensate. “i love you…. you dumbass.” when you first befriend them, their humor may come across as bold or inappropriate. the future of your friendship essentially depends on if you laugh or find it stupid. and if you do laugh, there will be plenty more where that came from. but when you need help, their serious, emotional side will emerge to support you.

taurus: taurus can be moderately social and gets along with many, but you will know if you are one of their close friends. they will find activities you both enjoy

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Zodiac Signs as teens

 Aries : Aries teens charismatic traits is Athletic body, youthful attitude, a need to take the lead, aries teens tend to dislike  Inactivity, delays, work that doesn’t use one’s talents, some aries teens are lazy depending on there chart, but aries teens tend to like comfortable clothes, taking the lead, physical challenges, individual sports. Aries teen tend to have courage, determination, self-confidence, enthusiasm. Aries tend to get Impatience, silly arguments, allowing fear to limit choices, activity is the key word for ‘’Aries’’ so we most likely be seen doing pretty much anything active. Aries tend to have a lot of friend’s, or usually talks to everyone. Quick and easy to get along with, an Aries native makes an incredible amount of connections in a lifetime. Aries style seem more edgy laid back like hoodie, jacket, and skinny jeans some converse to throw on it. Chill with almost everyone in the school,and out. Stay’s away from harsh drama but somehow get caught in it.

Taurus : Taurus teens are very actively creative,and dependable, patient, musical, practical, and Stubborn, uncompromising, possessive. Taurus teens like gardening, cooking, working with hands, music, romance, high-quality clothing. Th best to be around in my opinion. Values surrounding family are usually strong and fixed to the point where the young Bull will do anything to protect them no matter what. Taurus style seem more chill you can guess they dress so good but yet so chill stylish, like some vans will do or what not. Does not wan’t get in to drama at all.

Gemini : Gemini teens have a lot of curiosity, and ability to share ideas, adaptable, affectionate, kind. Gem teens likes music a lot, magazines, books, blogs, chats with nearly anyone, short trips around town. They don’t like Repetition and routine, being alone, being confined. Geminian teens are social and love spending time with friends and family. There will be times when this outgoing sign would want to go bungee jumping, and there will be times when sitting at home playing cards will suit them. Soo the gemini style is usually  more chill, and urban. 

Cancer : So cancer teens are usually compassionate, emotional sensitivity, fierce protection of loved ones, tenacity. So Cancer charismatic medium build, round face, prominent chest, a tendency to take charge. Cancer teens are very relaxing near or in water, art, home-based hobbies, a good meal with friends, helping loved ones.Have no problem helping people out on homework or anything.

Leo : Leo teens of course likes warmth, humor, pride, joy, creativity, passion, generosity, and even the theater, being admired, taking holidays, fun with friends, expensive things, bright colors. By far the most generous of the zodiac, Leos teens make loyal and giving friends. They’ll go out of their way to help even when it conflicts with their own schedules.

Virgo : Virgo Teens are very practical, loyal, hardworking, analytical, kind,and really like cleanliness, animals, healthy foods, books, nature. Virgo teen’s tend to worry, shyness, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play. A Virgo teen is a helpful friend to have indeed. They are excellent at giving advice, and they really know how to problem solve.

Libra : Libra teens are Social, fair-minded, cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, they really like harmony, sharing with others, gentleness, the outdoors. Libra teens really dislike in there generation Injustice, violence, conformity, and loudmouths. Un-loving and willing to help out, the Libran makes an excellent friend. Even though they can be late and indecisive, once they’re on the scene, they’re ready to go. Libra’s tend to spread some gossip though, but use there charm, and prettiness to not get heated up.

Scorpio : Scorpio teens are very passionate, stubborn, resourceful, brave, a true friend. Scorp teens like Truth, facts, being right, teasing, longtime friends, a grand passion, a worthy adversary. Sincerity and truth are strong components of the Scorpio’s friends. It can take some time before really close bonds are formed, but once done, the Scorpio teens will remain dedicated and loyal. Witty and intellectual, they prefer companions who are humorous and easygoing. Suspious of people in school, and stay away from the fake as well, wan’t no part in stupid drama as well. Tends to expose a lot of people of their lies, and fakeness, sometimes in drama.

Sagittarius : Sag teens have great sense of humor, idealistic, generous, and Travel, being outdoors, freedom, philosophy. Sag teens are very culture aware. Whether it’s stimulating conversation or a hike through the mountains, you can expect this sign to be surrounded by friends. Sagittarian teens are a ton of fun and downright wacky at times. They love to laugh and to get everyone around them going. Sagittarians teens make friends from around the globe, enjoying the various takes on life and culture.

Capricorn : Cap teens are responsible, good managers, disciplined, self-control, dark sense of humor. Cap teens really like family, tradition, quality craftsmanship, understated status, music. Cap teens are chill but weakness is Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst.  Cap teens Combining a strong wit and a love of humor, the Capricorn teens makes for terrific company for those they choose as friends in, and outside school. They will surround themselves with people who are honest, loyal, and like-minded when it comes to working values. Hates gossip most of the time.

Aquarius : Aqua teens are fun with friends, fighting for causes, helping others, intellectual conversation, a good listener. Aqua teens usually have Good looks, beautiful eyes, angular faces, thin build. Aqua teens are can be activist for this generation, they are very progressive, original, humanitarian, independent. Aqua teens tend to be very shy, and quit. Even though Aquarian teens are great with groups of people, it takes a bit when it comes to making close friends. Deeply sensitive and cautious, closeness means vulnerability to an Aquarius, and this is not something to be taken lightly. Aqua teens are very good role-models for this generation, Being visionary types, Aquarians teens love to engage in careers that aim to benefit humankind in the long-run. Aqua teens tries to break up the drama.

Pisces : Pisces’s teens like Spiritual themes, time alone, visual media, time to sleep, romance, music, swimming. Pisces teens are Soft, sometimes frail to medium build. Face easily shows emotion. Pisces teens like on or near water, especially the sea. The movie theater. Pisces teens weakness are can be a victim or martyr, fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality. Piscean teens are gentle Pisceans make some of the best friends there are. In fact, they often put the needs of their friends ahead of their own. Loyal, dedicated, supportive and compassionate, no problem is too big for the Piscean to take on.

Thank you, Teen Wolf

Melissa McCall taught me that you fall in love more than once and relying on yourself is sometimes the best thing you can do.
Chris Argent taught me how to take no shit but still have a heart.
Stiles Stilinski taught me how to keep a sense humor even when times are bad. It’s okay not to be okay. People make mistakes.
Scott McCall taught me the importance of friendship and forgiveness.
Derek Hale taught me to never judge a book by its cover or even reviews.
Allison Argent taught me that it’s okay to be afraid but to never let that stop me.
Malia Tate taught me that it’s okay to be a little different than everyone.
Kira Yukimura taught me that sometimes sacrifices are the hardest but best decisions to make.
Sherif Stilinski taught me to trust my mom and just how imporant a relationship with a parent is.
Isaac Lahey taught me that I can overcome bullying and abuse with time.
Ethan taught me how to be kind.
Aiden taught me to stay tough and hold my own.
Lydia Martin taught me to never play dumb for anyone. If they can’t handle my intelligence, they aren’t worth my time.
Peter Hale taught me to think about the coincequences before hand.
Liam Dunbar taught me how to control my anger.
Theo Raeken taught me that people really can change, even if it takes them a little longer expected.
Coach Finnstock taught me how to laugh even when my heart is breaking.
Jackson Whittmore taught me the imporantce of dealing with my problems instead of bottling them up.
Danny, Corey, Ethan, and Mason taught me that I can be comfortable with my sexuality.

Teen Wolf taught me to follow my dreams.
Teen Wolf made me believe in myself.
Teen Wolf showed me self-love and for that, I will be eternally greatful.

Its been a great run. Remember, if you’re going through hell, keep going.

The drunk you

This also applies to any planets you have in the 12th house!

🍺Aries 12th house: It does not take much for you to get drunk, and when you do it takes a lot to rein you back in. With alcohol you become a ball of energy moving off instinct and the desire of fun. You’ll be the first on the dance floor, loudest in the place and last to get tired.

🍸Taurus 12th house: When you’re drunk you might easily become the bull in a china shop; the clumsy yet charming oaf. You’ll be stubborn about what you want; knowing exactly what will make you happy. You’ll be more reserved than usual, yet louder, and much harder to anger or frustrate.

🍹Gemini 12th house: When you’re drunk you end up the life (or death) of the party. Speaking with anyone in arms reach and making friends easily. You’ll charm and flirt with those you’re attracted to and will probably go home with them; just don’t end up with what you thought was a 10 but is actually a 2!

🥂Cancer 12th house: When you are drunk you become like the weather; one moment sunny and warm, the next black skies and a tornado just touched ground. Cancer energy is released and you as well as the people around you are at the mercy of your moodiness. But you sure are funny!

🥃Leo 12th house: The clear stereotype of a drunk person most-likely describes you under the influence. Once drunk you can create a party anywhere. You’ll wield the passionate, exciting, over the top energy of Leo with gusto. Beware though; Leo has a dark side (like every sign) and can easily turn boastful, egotistical and emotionally selfish/unstable. These various degrees of Leo are a part of you, drunk or sober, and it is better to get acquainted with them in a fit state of mind as to avoid disharmony later.

🍷Virgo 12th house: When you’re drunk you can actually pull it together much faster than the people around you who are just as drunk. Your brain starts to run off common sense; with red flags popping up anytime you’re getting into obvious trouble. You’re still drunk though. Virgo does like to perfect, and this energy mixed with alcohol can cause you to build a very high tolerance. So don’t get addicted!

🍾Libra 12th house: When you are drunk there is a strong sexual influence released in you. An influence much lighter and more playful than what Scorpio represents. The Libra influence wants to get to know the people around them, trust and give of themselves for an experience of love and sexual release; a meeting of the minds and heart. Under ‘the influence’ you are flirtatious, chatty and can connect with no strings attached (*Wink*); just try to bring this influence into your life everyday without the alcohol.

🍻Scorpio 12th house: You are a special case when it comes to drugs and alcohol. These substances are dangerous, taboo, and confusing; this all means they are a part of who you are. These substances are no longer ways of entertainment or avoidance; these substances for you are tools to dive into your deepest inner depths. Soul journeys, and things like them, that include consumption of drugs will be extremely potent for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first people to discover the esoteric power of drugs had Scorpio in the 12th house.

🍺Sagittarius 12th house: When drunk you come into your own and find your niche quickly; or you’re off to do so! You’ll simultaneously turn on the charm and shut off your filter. You’ll be a breath of fresh air as you gain popularity with your humor and honesty, but also quickly gain enemies with your tactlessness. You’ll sense when they’re more haters than fans and move on quickly and with pride; the party is where you are so no reason to look back or regret.

🍸Capricorn 12th house: When you are drunk there is a reverse effect with your Capricorn in the 12th. Alcohol will have you cut loose to an extreme; you’ll throw inhibitions to the wind and really party. You’ll regret it in the morning, probably for some of the good reasons, but don’t regret that feeling of carefree; it’s healthy for you!

🍹Aquarius 12th house: When drunk (and within your limit) you exude cool, hip, chill vibes. You might find yourself surrounded by the cool eccentrics of the party, or approached by who you’ve had your eye on all night. Aquarius has an unconscious cool factor to its energy. You will also wake up with a list of people’s skeletons they let out of the closet just for you; people will want to tell you all about themselves, and you will definitely not stop them.

🥂Pisces 12th house: When drunk your personality becomes fluent and changeable. You’re not the most likely to be drunk often, and pot is more your speed. Experimentation with drugs is seen with this placement as well. When you do get drunk you are at the mercy of the energy around you; you go with the flow and feel your way through a party. If a party or club has a bad vibe you feel it first and are quick to remove yourself from the area.