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I find it funny when I see a post or whatever saying “THIS IS NATIVE AMERICAN” and I’m like okay? What kind of Native American? Cree? Nisga'a? Haida? Mi'kmaq? Blackfoot? Mohawk? Tsimshian? Ojibwe? Dakota? (These are all groups I named off the top of my head)

I know it’s hard to wrap your non-native minds around this but we’re not all one people.


tumblr is not doing good things for me. well, that’s a lie. I’ve talked to some wonderful people and made some lovely friends. I’ve learned a lot and laughed a lot…..but the cons outweigh the pros. to me and my adhd, tumblr is basically crack. completely addicting. it’s interfering with my life and I’m not getting stuff done. being surrounded by posts about mental illness and discrimination in the lgbtq community and politics and stuff like that….is exhausting really, especially for someone with mental illnesses and disabilities like me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that adhd (and anemia cause that’s a way bigger problem than most people think) is a huge force in my life right now, and I need to save my spoons and take care of my self. I can’t lie on my bed and hyper focus on my phone for hours everyday anymore. so I’m taking a break. or at least a partial break. I’m mainly on mobile, so I’m deleting this damn app as soon as I finish this post and I’m gonna go do my makeup and go have some fun with my friends. I’m not staying home tonight, not again. I’m not missing out on life because my energy has all been drained reading negative posts on the Internet. I’ll keep up my queue and talk to my mutuals on my laptop, but I’m turning off my asks. (however submissions will stay open and will be greatly appreciated in order to keep my queue up) if I unfollow you, please don’t take it personally, I just need to keep myself from getting distracted and I need a dash that is free from shitposts and discourse. anyways. thank you for being such amazing, caring, understanding, patient and beautiful followers. and thank you for putting up with lil ‘ole me and my disabled ass. maybe when I get better I’ll be more active again.
xoxo, lots o love,

Someone in the spuffy tags is using Spike’s behavior in AtS S5 to demean his and Buffy’s credibility as soulmates.

Joke’s on you, we already know the ship is a hot mess. Soulmates? HA HA HA! WHAT IS THAT. We’re just here to enjoy it until it crashes and burns.

A Question to My Followers

Would you like me to work on the next chapter of A Short Quiz right now, or would you like me to continue writing that Valentine’s Day fic I put off to make that picture that got basically no notes? Both will be made and posted eventually, but I’m asking what you want me to work on right now.

I want you guys to make an informed decision, so I’ll give you a little information about both projects. 

The next chapter of A Short Quiz (Chapter 12) will mainly focus on Amy and Cream, and that is all I’m willing to say at the moment. The Valentine’s Day fic is a Sonamy two-parter based on a moment in season 2, episode 11 of Sonic Boom. 

So, leave a comment on this post about which you’d prefer me to work on right now. If you have problems making a comment, just send me an ask telling me which one you’d prefer. The most popular choice is what I will work on and post first, and I’ll let this post sit for a day before I start/continue my work. (I’m still working on something in the meantime, just not a fic)

A couple notes: If I continue to work on the Valentine’s Day fic, I cannot guarantee that I’ll have the next chapter of A Short Quiz posted by the second of next month, which means it will have been more than a month between the chapters being posted. Also, if the Valentine’s Day fic is chosen, I will post the next chapter of A Short Quiz before I make part 2. 

So, which one would you prefer?

[a rant because reasons]

I got my practice of scientific grades yesterday and it’s 4.5 and that’s great because assuming I passed biology of plants with the lowest possible grade of 3.0, my semester average will be 4.16. 4.16 is not huge, but it’s not bad either, like I’d be happier if it was close to 4.5 but I knew it was unrealistic because of my Polish language level. Besides there’s always that subject that you just don’t get despite a lot of studying which messes up your average and this semester I had two of those.

But I’m not ranting about that because I’m okay with my result, it’s what I was expecting to get. No, what bothers me is that I get absolutely zero emotional support from my parents, especially from my mum. All semester every time I had problems and needed to complain, or even expressed negative emotions, she would tell me to stop whining and get back to work. And I did, most of the time, and got mostly good results. But did I get any words of affirmation for that? Not at all. I’d say “oh great I got an A!” and my mum would reply with, literally, “whatever”.

And yesterday she was talking on skype with her aunt and the aunt asked her how I was doing in uni so my mum told her that I mostly got As and Bs for exam and only got a C for protection of intellectual property and the aunt, not knowing I was in the room, said “that’s good! that’s a good result”. And my mum was immediately like “oh don’t say that she’s in the room, she will get ideas!” (just hearing “she” already makes me wanna scream).

And like… what the hell mum? What kinds of ideas will I get? That I mostly got good grades on my exams? Like she knows I have zero self-esteem but she is convinced that giving me praise will somehow turn me into an overconfident asshole. But that wasn’t even praise! “That is a good result” is not praise, it’s a fact! It’s not even “you did a great job” or “you should be proud of that result”, it’s a confirmation of the fact because “4” means good and my average is a “4”. That statement carries no emotional baggage whatsoever, its not complimenting me on my talent or hard work, it’s a simple fact that “4” is considered a “good” result.

Well her aunt did think it was kinda not okay to say that so she added, now knowing I am in the room, “but it’s a first semester and in a foreign country so you should tell her she did really well” and my mum kinda laughed and dismissed it. And you know, I don’t wanna make any comparisons, but my mum told me herself that she wasn’t an A+ student at uni at all and even failed math three times before she passed it. So not to be an asshole but I am actually doing better than that so far.

And like, I am an only child of my parents and an only grandchild of four grandparents so I am in the center of attention which I hate and I hate that every time I get a grade they immediately need to make two skype calls to my grandparents to notify them of my results so I feel like I’m on big brother or something, like the pressure to perform well is so high and yet I never get any praise for good results. It’s like they are expected and if I don’t get at least a B then I’m somehow responsible to my entire extended family.

Why am I still surprised that my self-esteem is so low and my anxiety is so high cause this explains pretty much everything…

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roachpatrol isn't a pedophile or an apologist. Not every callout post is a) true, or b) well-intentioned

I appreciate this message and i get what you’re saying but the fact of the matter is that i don’t really know who they are, and i don’t really care to involve myself in this discussion? I have no intention of looking into them or researching this myself. I’d just rather play it safe, and if i’m reblogging from someone that makes some people uncomfortable then i don’t have a problem with deleting the post; 

Okay, looking at the lolilo tag in the aftermath of AFTERMATH, a lot of people seem to be thinking of Balthazar as like perfect or not having any flaws but… i disagree. a lot.

I think the responsibility that Balth feels for peter is a Major Flaw. That is not healthy. that is so not how to have a friendship. ultimately Peter is responsible for himself, and while it’s okay to care about friends, it’s really not a good thing that Balth feels guilty about and personally responsible for Peter.

Let’s also not forget that Balth is non-confrontational to a fault and doesn’t sit down and talk things out and actually address problems.

Now this is not me hating on Balth at all, I love him as a character and I think he’s a very interesting character, but he’s certainly Not Perfect. In fact, one might argue that the point of LLL is that Nobody is Perfect.

I know that people often fall into dichotomous thinking that there is “Good” and “Bad” characters, or people, or whatever. But I’d like to encourage people to consider that stories, the world, characters, other people, etc. are a lot more complex than just “Good” or “Bad”.

As always, all dichotomies are false dichotomies. Putting someone (even a character) on a pedestal is one of the worst things you can do to them because they will inevitably fail to live to your expectations of them.

I guess this is why I never take days off...

I had a sub today. I left detailed plans. I prepared the kids. I met the sub at my classroom door at 8:00 and explained to her what they would be doing. And tonight I get an email from a parent saying his son came home upset because another student got on the Internet during class and showed him a video of someone being stabbed to death. I am so so so so so angry I’m in tears. I am literally fuming. I actually don’t think I am going to be able to sleep tonight because I’m so upset.

WHEN was this kid allowed to freely browse the Internet, WHAT was he supposed to be doing at that time, WHERE the hell was my substitute when he was doing this, and WHY THE FUCK am I just hearing about it from /another parent/ a good 12 hours later????

I give up. I can’t even take a day off because clearly if you don’t put “snuff films are not allowed to be shown in my classroom” on your sub plans, the adult who is being paid to watch your students will allow it and will leave you a note that says “everything went great”. Fantastic.

Sidney Crosby.

I personally don’t see why people are still upset with this whole Crosby stuff. The Pens are out of the playoffs so I don’t see why he still comes up in conversation. I myself, am not much of a “Crosby fan” but I’m also not going to sit here and bash on him on a daily basis. If you don’t like the guy, then you don’t like him. Believe it or not, people actually do like him for multiple reasons, but you don’t have to talk negatively about him every single time you see his name. We all have our own opinions. And if you feel the need to talk in a negative manor every time you see something about him; a picture, a paragraph, a sign, etc., then honestly, you’re looking for nothing but trouble because you know damn well the fan that posted something about him, is going to defend him. So feeling the need to bash on him every time you see something about him even if you absolutely hate him is just immature. Not liking him is one thing, feeling the need to talk negatively about him all the time is another.

And as goes to Crosby fans. I understand those immature imbeciles talk negatively all the time about him, but must you really say everyone that doesn’t like Crosby is a “hater” and what not. Because not all of us are like that. I personally respect Crosby in a way because he for a fact is a good player. Some people may not like him and say he cheats and whatever, but look at his stats and tell me those aren’t good stats for someone that was gone with a concussion for a long time. For him to make the come back the way he did was remarkable. And you don’t have to sit there and say if we had him on our team, we would love him and whatever. You learn to love the people you hate, yes. Especially if they work well on your team, but honestly, no one would take him in my opinion. 1. I guarantee the asking price for him would be way too high. 2. I couldn’t imagine him on any other team than the Pens. 3. I can’t imagine him without certain people on the Pens team like Geno. They just work so well together.

So I’m just putting this out there, the Crosby stuff is getting old. Love him or hate him. It doesn’t make a difference to him, so you’re all just either wasting you time, or looking to get into an argument with someone knowing neither person will win because you will both stand by your opinions no matter what.

important; please read.

so, i’d like to address something that i came across today that sickened me to the core. so much so that i felt the need to make this post - and the topic in mind is ONLINE BULLYING. someone i hold dear got heavily humiliated today by people who were their supposed friends, this for a reason i’ll keep private as that’s not really the concern here. the problem lies in the fact that no matter what anyone says or does to you on the internet - it does NOT give you the right to publicly humiliate them in front of their friends. it does NOT give you the right to ruin their image. it does NOT give you the right to HARASS and BULLY them. these are PEOPLE we’re talking about. there is an actual PERSON sitting behind that screen, being fed these inhumane comments about themselves by YOUR hand. the right you do have is to BLOCK and DELETE them; no one can take that from you, abuse it as you please. but for christ’s sake, act like people. why would you go in for hurting someone so badly here when the option to simply block them out of your life is right there? why would you do that? we’re all here to distract ourselves and have fun - why would you try to take that opportunity away from someone by purposefully going out of your way to RUIN their reputation? why? just fucking tell me why. i’ve seen the comments and i was disgusted; absolutely disgusted at how cruel people here can be. an update which humiliated my friend got thirteen likes on aim. thirteen. thirteen people thought bullying was funny - or maybe witty, or maybe they agreed - it’s all the same, and it’s making me sick. 

look, i’ve plenty of people i wouldn’t mind hanging out in public for the things they’ve done; but you know what? i know that’s not what you do to people. that’s what the two-dimensional villains in k-dramas do, not actual real people. just, please stop. block and delete them. don’t bully people. what the actual fuck, people. what the actual fuck.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: wHAT is up with the ladybug schedule? we thought it was going to come out in september, but now apparently it's october?? now all we're getting is slightly re-edited versions of the same trailer when some people have been waiting ACTUAL YEARS for this show to come out like guys what the fuck? the show has a lot of potential from a character and story perspective but we won't ever see that if you kEEP PUSHING DATES BACK JUST GIVE US MAGICAL PARISIAN SUPERHEROES ALREADY SHEESH WE CAN ONLY SURVIVE SO LONG WITH THE SAME DAMN FOOTAGE

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marleau is overrated hes fuckin old now and isnt as good as when he was younger im a sharks fan dont get me wrong but marleaus just not good for out team anymore its time to hang up the jersey patrick....

Lol you silly anon. What person in their right mind can say they’re a Sharks fan but completely diss Patty? He’s nothing CLOSE to overrated? You know who’s overrated? Sidney Crosby. And Patty’s only 32 though? So if he needs to hang up the jersey so would Thornton, Boyle, Murray, White, Vandermeer, and Handzus. And sure Marleau may not be a fucking “superstar” or whatever the hell you want him to be, but Marleau’s a bloody great player. I’m pretty sure everyone who follows me and likes the San Jose Sharks would completely disagree with you, so why don’t you come off anon you bloody imbecile.

Besidesss, who can deny THIS face?

     I’m sorry Blues fans, I’d like to point out one thing. Your statements “Sharks suck.” , “You’re a Sharks fan? I didn’t even know those existed.” , “The Sharks are stupid if they think they have a chance.” and whatever else it is you guys tag us in, is an invalid statement. Why? Because if we “sucked” as bad as every one puts us out to be because we’re what most people call the “underdogs” of the NHL, we clearly wouldn’t even be in the playoffs or been put above LA in conference. But we made it and yeah, we can CLEARLY see how shitty we’re doing right now, but like you guys, we will stand by our teams no matter what so there’s really no need to point out every five seconds “JDSFHSDKJHFKJDSH, AHHAHHAHA. SHARKS SUCK. YOU GUYS ARE DOING TERRIBLE AGAINST US OMG.” blah whatever.

     And as for other teams fans, would you shut up about us never winning the cup? We’re not the ONLY team that has never won the cup. BLUES, Sharks, Kings, Blue Jackets, Canucks, Coyotes, Panthers, Sabres, Predators, Capitals, Jets ( i think ), and Wild have never won the cup either. So it’s not like we’re the only ones. A few others haven’t either. So just stop.

I meant to write this earlier but was kinda lazy. Lol..

But about that whole “Talbot being a traitor” and whatever else it is some of you “Pens fans” are calling him. I don’t understand? Would someone please explain why people are saying this?

I understand you’re upset that the Pens didn’t extend the series and possibly make it to the second round, but why hate like that on someone who was once your own?

I know you guys are probably going to say “You don’t understand.” and what not, but for what it counts for, in the middle of the season, losing to Minnesota, where Dany was traded to, like we did, was sorta a huge slap in the face.

And I guarantee if we were in that situation with Ginner and especially if Ginner got the game winning goal (which yes I’m aware Talbot didn’t make a single goal 6th game) we wouldn’t blow up on him and give him all this hate? Well I can’t really speak for our entire fanbase, but most of us I believe wouldn’t. We sent nothing but good luck to Ginner. I don’t see how when Talbot signed with the Flyers, he became an enemy. I’m pretty sure none of the Pens think of him that way. And I honestly don’t care what the rival is, if Talbot is doing good on another team, you should at least respect the fact that he’s actually doing good.

But honestly, I actually would like to hear your guys’ reasoning on why you all think of Talbot in this huge negative way…

I hate when I try to be calm and mature about something, then some idiot goes and says immature crap and it just ruins my point of being calm and mature because i tend to not stand to deal with idiocy.

Oh especially when you say “I don’t deal with minors”

I’m 14, you’re 21. Therefore I’m still a minor which ruins your point of not dealing with minors.

Who do you think should be the more mature one?