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2017 so I’m gonna say it again!

You are allowed to unfollow me if you dont like my content or me as a person!

I will not get mad at you!

I will not ask you why you unfollowed! I won’t pressure you for an answer! I don’t even check my follower numbers that often or pay attention to when I gain or lose and I CERTAINLY don’t check to see who left! 

I don’t take it personally!

I want you to have the best experience for YOU!  

If I’m an annoyance or a problem for you, I encourage you to unfollow!

look i know this may be hard to hear but drag belongs to the LGBTQ+ community, no one else. it’s not for 14 year old straight girls who think they somehow belong in the queer community because they find some drag queens hot. and now i’m seeing so many of y’all getting butthurt about Trixie saying she didn’t start doing drag to fraternize with children, but guess what? she literally didn’t. and those of y’all acting like you’re the reason she’s making money are mostly underage and unable to actually go to her shows, where she makes her living. y’all following her on twitter, blogging about her on tumblr, and buying some of her merch ain’t doing shit. 

and i’m guessing if she’s used that “joke” so many times it’s probably because it isn’t a joke. and the other half of y’all trying to act like you know everything about drag have been watching drag race for what 2-3 seasons?? have never been to a drag show, only know of drag queens who have been on drag race, and only stan queens you find hot out of drag. 

the straight people in this community/fandom are always the ones i see be the most vocal which is absolutely insane to me. some of y’all should just keep blogging about your favorite queen and stay silent some times. it’s not always necessary to add the input of a straight teenaged girl. 

Guide to Borderline
  • How to figure out what a borderline means in texts;
  • Nevermind, it is not important: It really is important as fuck but I am afraid that you are not gonna get it and I won't be able to explain.
  • x
  • Ok. : I am pissed off to the point of one more wrong text and you are out of my life so quick that you are not even gonna notice it for a week.
  • x
  • Do you really think so?: Stop joking and tell me what you really think in honesty this is important.
  • x
  • I am fine: I feel shit like usual but to explain you that I usually dont feel good so that is my default setting is gonna take shit ton of time so I am lying.
  • x
  • No I am not mad, just a little hurt: I cried my eyes out and probably still crying and blaming myself for everything even though you are the asshole.
  • x
  • You don't have to: I would love it if you do the thing but I am scared that you secretly don't want to do it so I am giving you an escape. But please don't take it I will get sad.

Johnny Depp may have been through a lot of things and may have problems but he’s still there, going to events, meeting with fans and being nice to children. He has difficulties speaking in front of an audience and he still does interviews. And after being through so much this past year, he looks healthier than a year ago. He has more than 10 projects in the next 2-3 years.

And all of this gives me so much strength to deal with my problems (personal and speaking in front of an audience), you have no idea how important this is to so many people. 

It does not make you a bad person if you only ship one pairing in the entire fandom. 

I personally have written multiple pairings, but my true one is Harry/Eggsy. I know people who thrive on multi-ships, polyamory, one OTP, or none. (which, come on, why do I see only ten kudos on some fantastic gen works on A03??) All of those, to use the tumblr speak, are all valid. 

As a disclaimer, I will never kill off Tilde or rewrite her into some massive bitch, but there’s nothing wrong with having them mutually split up or one of them deciding that the other isn’t the right person for them in the end. They’ve already canonically had a conflict about Eggsy’s job and what it means for their future, and I don’t think it just gets dropped after that, even after they marry. It’s a huge adjustment to being an average civilian to a super spy to a prince. If Eggsy has had no reservations or internal conflict about that, ever, I’m calling bullshit. If Tilde has never worried about their relationship while Eggsy was a spy or even how Eggsy is transitioning into a future ruler of Sweden, I’m calling bullshit, too. 

Will I write Tilde leaving/Eggsy leaving/them mutually breaking up in order for Harry/Eggsy to happen? Yes. But it doesn’t make me a shitty person. 

You can dislike a ship. You can wish it was better written or didn’t happen all together. You can, and please do, use tumblr savior or some other software to never see a certain pairing again. Control your fandom experience. 

HOWEVER, we must be aware of the misogyny and implications when we make or consume art. This happens quite frequently in fandoms, usually with minorities. There are a lot of better posts/academic and news articles that can explain this better, but bottom line: no fridging or demonizing. Shit happens in relationships without having to resort to extremes. 

Relationships are like this. People stay together. People drift apart. People discover that what they want or even what they need isn’t with that person. Even when wedding bells ring and decades of marriage happen, the problems are not over. No relationship is perfect and unproblematic—in real life or in fiction. No person is simply either an Unproblematic Ray of Sunshine and an Utter Garbage Trash Bag. 

Let people write, draw, or consume what they want. It’s free anyway. 

Munday Asks: Salt Edition
  • 1. How salty are you feeling right now?
  • 2. What are your unpopular opinion(s) of the fandom you’re rping in?
  • 3. What rp trends are you so over and can’t wait for it to die?
  • 4. Have you ever made a call out post or wanted to?
  • 5. A ship everyone in the fandom you’re in loves, but you can’t stand?
  • 6. Have you ever sent something to one of those burn book blogs?
  • 7. Has someone made you unfollow/block them without a second thought because of a petty reason?
  • 8. Are you good at dealing with personal problems?
  • 9. What’s your opinion on duplicates?
  • 10. Any fandom(s) you don’t want to rp in or crossover to?
  • 11. Are you for or not for purple prosing?
  • 12. Has someone in the rp community ever made you upset/cry?
  • 13. Ever told someone not to follow/rp with a particular person because something that happened to you in the past? 
  • 14. Ever knew someone that everyone loves but you can’t stand?
  • 15. Have you ever done something out of spite?
  • 16. What would you say to the one who hurt you in the past?
  • 17. What are your opinions when someone makes negative posts constantly on their rp blog?
  • 18. Do you hold grudges for long?
  • 19. Wild card: ask the mun any type of salty asks.
  • 20. If you’re feeling salty right now, this ask gives you a free reign to pour out your frustration.
Hey so I think I have a great solution to a problem that everyone can get on board with

Me: *scrolling through dash*
Me: *see’s something I don’t like*
Me: *scrolls PAST it*


Me: *scrolling through dash*
Me: *continuously keeps seeing someone reblogging stuff I don’t like*
Me: *clicks unfollow button*


I know this isn’t as big a problem here as it in on Instagram or whatever but I’m just going to say it once and for all: don’t fucking ship the IT cast members. Fillie is a horrible ship which was denied multiple times and made both members uncomfortable, and I don’t want any kind of IT equivalent, be it Fack, Jyatt, Sophia and Wyatt, Jaeden and Jack, or whoever. None of those kids are dating first off, people who say otherwise are in denial. Second off, it’s bad enough that you are shipping real life people but fucking KIDS? Leave them alone, they aren’t fictional characters with headcanons and AU’s, they are real people who deserve respect and privacy.  They aren’t your friend, you don’t know them and they don’t want to be harassed by strangers online to get together with their FRIEND. Fack pisses me off the most because poor Finn has already endured this shit but all the ships are dehumanizing, rude and plain disrespectful. If you actually cared about the actors, you wouldn’t do something like that. The same logic applies to Stranger Things cast but that ship clearly sailed a long time ago. I’m saying this now because I don’t want another Fillie situation and if you have a problem with it, you can unfollow me.


Anyone reblogging that post about Chaol and how to have sex with him in a wheelchair without criticism, or as though it’s funny, is likely to get an automatic block from me. It’s vile, it’s disgusting, and I really hope I don’t see any mutuals reblogging it. It is not funny and if you think it is, we have less in common than I thought.

If you’re reblogging it to call it out, that’s different, but I seriously feel sick every time I see it on my dash so let’s not overdo it? 

anonymous asked:

I hate that mindset of you can't do anything its an excuse. Some people have diseases or are immobilized and can't move and so that idea that if i cant do something its so toxic. Some people literally can't do things and I dont know why you would reblog something like that?

I know this from the first time I reblogged that Greg Plitt post but I dont care I’m about to answer this.

First things first my sympathies and empathy to whatever hardship you are personally going through if you have an ailment keeping you from moving or a disease alright i’m sorry life isn’t going well again empathies 

But heres where I’m gonna get Tough Love on you by coming at me on my blog.

I’ll Reblog whatever I want if it pertains to my interests or I find it entertaining, understand?

I reblogged it because it keeps me from being lazy! If you have a problem with that then leave and unfollow cause like I said in my last posts 

I can’t stand when people have a defeatist attitude and take their personal issues out on other people because like i said I used to be that way! 

And in the post it isn’t necessarily about training cause I know first hand SOME PEOPLE can’t train but EVERYONE CAN EAT HEALTHY

You can make an excuse and say no cause 

  1. I dont buy my food, 
  2. I dont cook my food, 
  3. I dont have money, 
  4. healthy food is gross. 

Stuff like that when you can easily get cheap healthy options and seasonings to make foods healthy. You can lose a ton of weight and get healthier by changing your food choices.

If you dont buy your food ask the people who do to buy healthier options
If they don’t then use the portion size method and eat less

If you don’t cook, THEN LEARN HOW TO COOK there are entire sites dedicated to helping you cook. If you just use GOOGLE

If you dont have enough money there are tons of cheap foods like beans, rice, tuna and spinach and seasonings you can get to make your foods cheap and tasty.

Healthy food doesnt taste as good, then that is straight up whining and you need to Fortify and find out what you really want in life cause ya can’t help people who dont wanna help themselves.

At the end of the day its your life and you can make a change if you dont want to then YEA that is making an excuse.

So whatever issues you personally have I sincerely wish you the best but don’t take your bad days out on other people. I have no patience for that


Finn rant

Okay, here goes. I wanted to take the time to summarize everything that I hate about the Star Wars fandom and it’s treatment of Finn. This is all stuff that has annoyed and in some cases offended me that I’ve had to look at for well over  a year since joining this fandom. This is also everything that I’ve felt like I had to keep my mouth shut about because it seems like most people in the Star Wars fandom have no problem whatsoever with.

If you disagree with me, that’s great, and feel free to message me why. If you feel offended, then unfollow me, because that’s what I’ve been trying to do for over a year.


So the other day, a dear friend of mine told me that the finnreyfridays one-shot we were working on was sexist. Like actually sexist. Do you know why they told me it was sexist? Allow me to answer the question for you.

They told me it was sexist because the plot included Finn saving Rey. That’s why. I didn’t turn Rey into a helpless damsel-in-distress, I didn’t write Rey as a slutty scavenger who flirts with every guy she sees.

I wrote Rey as a skilled Jedi who was ambushed by Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren on a mission, and simply needed help. That’s it. It’s not an unrealistic situation at all, and Rey still got the upper hand on Kylo Ren. She was in danger and outnumbered, and Finn showed up and helped her.

And it’s became very clear to me that it offended my friend for one reason. That reason was that by simply because my having Finn rescue Rey, I apparently shattered Rey’s character and turned her into a helpless damsel-in-distress….

A few weeks ago there was photoset made by @shropshiregirl79 for finnreyfridays. It was a daily planet au with Finn as superman and Rey as Lois Lane. One of the pictures showed Rey in danger and Finn rescuing her, carrying her in his arms. Someone got mad about that and said they made Rey into a damsel-in-distress. 

Another situation arose where someone posted artwork of Finn and Rey as an old-style movie, with Finn a detective pointing a gun at someone while Rey clung to him. Once again, someone got mad and said it turned Rey into a damsel-in-distress. 

It’s become so taboo in this fandom just to have Finn saving, or even protecting Rey without people (probably white feminists) getting mad at it. Why is that? Is Finn’s only role only to be put in peril for Rey to rescue?

And if you’re one of the people who gets mad about that, let me ask you a question.
Would you be mad if it was Finn?


Here’s the deal. I joined the fandom well over a year ago. I can safely say I’ve read about

thirty to forty fics

where at some point,

Finn is inevitably captured or put in peril, and rescued by Rey or Poe.

I’ve seen

finnrey shippers

who supposedly love and appreciate Finn, joke around and call

Finn a damsel-in-distress (or trooper-in-distress)

and talk about how Rey does nothing but save him over and over, and everyone laughs and jokes about it.

I’ve read fics where on the off-chance that Finn does risk his life to save Rey, he gets criticized for it because he was being

RECKLESS and Rey HAD IT UNDER CONTROL. Seriously? Finn can’t even save Rey without it involving him being stupid or catching hell or it? 

It’s always, “Finn why did you do that?! You could’ve died!” instead of “Wow Finn thank you for saving me, I’m glad you’re okay. That was pretty brave.”

But nope. Can’t even have that. 

I’ve read fics where Finn is flat out tied up and gagged.

I’ve read a fics where Finn is captured, beaten, stripped down and hosed and left in a cell shivering in the corner helpless, wishing that Rey or Poe was there to save him (but it’s okay because ta-da they come to his rescue).

I’ve read a fic where the entire thing was just worshiping Rey. Literally. It’s Poe’s pov during a battle, and Finn is basically getting beat up and dragged away by stormtroopers, by the way that’s his entire role in the fic, just to get his ass kicked. He doesn’t do anything else.
So Finn’s getting beat up, and the rest of the fic is Poe being completely ENAMORED left in AWE by Rey’s amazing flawless skills fighting through the stormtroopers and kicking ass left and right and looking SOOO beautiful and graceful with her lightsaber and she rescues Finn and Poe thanks her and thanks her over and over again. 

That’s the entire fic. Kissing Rey’s ass and kicking Finn’s. And guess what? The readers ate that shit up. They loved it. 

So let me sum it up again. Finn can get beat up by stormtroopers, captured thousands of times, stripped, tortured, hosed down, and left shivering in a corner basically crying for Poe and Rey like bait, and people say that they appreciate Finn’s character for this? This is okay to everyone?

Yet if I write a one shot where Rey is outnumbered, defeats Kylo Ren but is then outnumbered and Finn comes to save her, then I’m destroying Rey’s character? Then I don’t appreciate her character? Then the entire one-shot is sexist garbage based on turning Rey into a damsel in distress?

Apparently so. Thanks fandom. 

Again, I’ve been putting up with this for over a year, and it took a lot of time for me to actually muster up the courage to rant about it. If this offends you, you’re probably apart of the problem.

Finnamon Roll?

Okay, another major trend I’m sick of is the constant EMASCULATION OF FINN. 
Let me sum up Finn’s character.  He suffers from trauma. He was taken away as a baby and raised to be a ruthless killing machine. He endured 20+ years of brainwashing, propaganda, and conditioning. He had no friends whatsoever (SLIP WAS NOT HIS FRIEND). He was the best stormtrooper cadet in his unit. He almost never missed a shot with a blaster. He was an outcast, and constantly criticized for having a heart.

In TFA, he suffers from trauma, is still an expert shot with a blaster, rescues Poe, keeps Rey from getting shot by stormtroopers, makes a tough decision to leave Rey because he knows what the First Order is capable of, and even begs her to come with him. He comes right back into the fight after seeing Hosnian Prime get destroyed, and is witnesses Rey get kidnapped by his worst nightmare. 
What does he do? He decides to help the Resistance, gives them vital information that only HE knew, volunteers to go to SKB. Captures Phasma and forces her at gunpoint to lower the shields, helps Rey escape from SKB, witnesses Han’s murder, watches Rey get slammed into a tree, before making the final decision to stand up to his worst nightmare, knowing he might die just to protect Rey. His last line in the entire movie is “Come get it.”

After summarizing his character, how come all I see on tumblr is “awwwwww look at my cute smol wittle Finny. He’s so harmless and adorable!!!” Like…excuse me? Is that all tumblr was able to get from that movie? So let me get this straight. Because Finn isn’t a cold-blooded murderer, he’s suddenly nothing but a squishy pile of hearts and flowers and sugar  who couldn’t hurt a fly? Really?

How come in most highschool aus, Finn’s portrayed as an overly-meek or powerless nerd? If anything, Finn would probably be a pretty strong guy who gets straight As and stands up for his friends no matter what. But that doesn’t mean he’s a bully either. 

This is what the fandom does with his character, instead of exploring the endless possibilities with his backstory and trauma. AND on the off-chance that someone writes an actual Finn-centric fic based on his backstory, it’s always just Finn and his stormtrooper buddies having a romance or exploring sex for some reason. We can’t even have a Finn story without it circulating around people he knows. It’s always about someone else at the end of the day.

What’s heartbreaking is that most of the things I’m complaining about happens in the stormpilot and finnrey ships (this is where I expect people to unfollow me). Like come on guys. I could see r/eylos doing this, but not you guys. You’re so much better than that. 

Space Prince Finn (More Emasculation)

Look, when I first heard the idea of Finn being a lost Prince, I was stoked. I was blown away. My reaction was,”Finally! This fandom’s actually given Finn something of his own! He could be royalty! How dope would that be!”

But…of course, this fandom has to take that amazing concept and uh…

Well, we ruined that too. We basically turn Finn into a jewelry stand, and a makeup model. Of course, I’m not saying men can’t wear what they want. If a man wants to wear makeup or wear jewelry, that’s completely fine and I encourage that. But here’s the issue. 

We constantly idolize Princess Leia and Queen/Senator Amidala because they are figures of royalty who can fight and take care of themselves, as well as look badass while they do it. 

So why is it that when we have Prince Finn, he’s once again, emasculated, put in dresses and given nail polish, lipstick, doused in glitter, and turned into a damsel-in-distress who not only needs constant rescue once again, but this time needs Rey/Poe as a bodyguard to protect him?

It’s a double standard. I’m sorry but you can’t praise Leia and Padme for being badass royals who don’t need protection, and turn around and make Finn the opposite. 

And again, it’s something that the fandom eats up for some reason. We’ll shun the Hutt-Slayer bikini (rightfully so. it’s disgusting), make it a point to make fun of the hutt-slayer bikini and constantly criticize it, yet draw Finn in it and everyone thinks it’s cute and hilarious. This is the shit that I’m sick of. 

Look at T’Challa, otherwise known as Black Panther. He is royalty, but he’s also very powerful, knows how to fight, is an amazing fighter, and is taken seriously. Very seriously. He is strong, brave, serious, and intimidating, yet he’s not a bully or a stereotype. 

THIS. THIS is what I expected Prince Finn to be. This is what Prince Finn would be if it were canon. He’d be a strong leader, handsome, noble, powerful, and intimidating. And he wouldn’t need constant protection from Rey and/or Poe. Especially not this constant emasculation and woobifying. 

We live in a day and age where Princesses are being portrayed as stronger and stronger, and are told that they can rescue themselves. So why is Finn being treated the opposite? Why is Finn being treated like he’s just there to look pretty for commissions and make out with Poe? Why does he need all-powerful Rey to always protect him? Why can’t he be taken more seriously?

I want you to think about this.


Okay. This was a lot to cover, and it’s something that’s been nagging at me for a while now. Look. I look up to Finn. I really do. He’s my hero. He’s the first main black lead in Star Wars, and that means the world to me. I want to see him grow and be appreciate and given an epic role moving forward, and I feel like the Star Wars fandom isn’t the place I’m going to find any of that. 

Not a day goes by where I’m not tempted to deactivate and walk away from the fandom entirely. There’s just too much shit Finn is put through that drives me insane. There’s too many things that I look at or read that make me feel like this fandom will never actually appreciate Finn the way the he deserves to be appreciated. Even the people who say that they love Finn tend to do this.

So I wanted to write this rant in case I ever deactivate because of this fandom. Just so you, the readers, can know why.

Thanks for reading. Means a lot. If you’re still wondering when the One-Shot is coming out, probably next week. I have to finish it on my own. 













anonymous asked:

Hey could you please explain why youre not an anti? Im not trying to be rude or anything its just that as a teenager the same age as the paladins i dont see how a seven/eight year difference can be good

Short version: It doesn’t matter.

Long version: Sigh. Without getting into a whole long diatribe on this whole age discourse thing, I’ll just sum it up by saying that no, a gap of 7-8 years is not a big deal. There are plenty of RL couples with gaps that big that are perfectly healthy and happy. The difference between a teenager and an adult can be a bit of a maturity issue, sure. The power dynamic between a leader and a subordinate can also make relationships tricky to navigate. But this is fiction. It’s easy to fix. Just age one character up or the other down. Or assume that they are all ACTUALLY teenagers, as multiple “official” sources have stated. (No, the Guidebook is not especially reliable. The show writers had nothing to do with it.)

Even if it WAS a problem, it still doesn’t matter. This is fandom. People are allowed to have unhealthy ships, not that I’m saying that any ship with Shiro and another paladin is unhealthy. It’s fiction. It doesn’t matter. This is not a moral issue. You are allowed to be squicked by ships you don’t like, for any reason, but that doesn’t mean that you have a moral mandate to oppose them, vocally or otherwise. Nor does anyone else. That is not your job.

If you don’t like what someone is doing, unfollow them. Download xkit and block the tag. If me NOT being an anti makes you uncomfortable, even though I don’t reblog or create fanwork with ships, unfollow me. It’s okay. I won’t be upset. Do whatever you need to do to protect yourself and make sure you’re comfortable. You are in charge of your own experience, especially in a fandom setting where lots of people make an effort to tag and add trigger warnings all over the place so you don’t have to be exposed to anything you don’t like.

What you can’t do is police the fandom. You can’t convict other fans of thoughtcrimes because they don’t feel the same way you do about a ship. Not only is it a very unhealthy and unproductive road for you to go down, it’s literally impossible. There will always be people out there who ship things that you don’t like and find problematic. The sooner you learn to accept that fact, the better off you’ll be.

Pharm and r76 (and a few other ships really) are prime example of ships that started out strong, had a lot of momentum, had a lot great and cute works for it… But then just tanked because white fans don’t know how to write/draw anyone that isn’t white.

God forbid you go into the ‎Fareeha tag to find content of just ‎Fareeha without Angela being thrown in, but the Angela tag, it’s just her. Too many r76 fics that center around Gabe will be him with dealing his boring and mundane life, or him suffering from PTSD but it all goes away until he looks into the eyes of Jack. But at the same time y’all have all these headcanons for Jack and Angela that don’t involve Gabe or Fareeha, proving that you are fully capable of writing characters who can stand alone outside their ship. But Gabe and Pharah? Good luck trying to get a few sentences out without someone mentioning the boring cookie cutter whites.

Both Fareeha and Gabe are constantly drawn as hulking beasts despite canon that they are the same size to as their partner. That or their both 10 skin tones lighter than they really are. Both of them are always shown to be tripping over themselves in love, bending over backwards to impress their white partners, or just putting them on this pedestal, all while Angela and Jack just laugh and do absolutely nothing to return the favor, nor even tell them to stop.  

Constant racist depictions of Gabe of being a scary, abusive, controlling/possessive, rapist, monster. Every other word out of Gabe’s mouth is the only few Spanish words y’all know. Fareeha is drawn as Angela’s pet/servant. (Don’t get me started on some of y’all continue to push the whole indigenous person falls in love with a white colonizer trope with these two). The endless white savoir fics. And this is all written as sexy.

But you can’t bring up any criticism of either ship without the fans accusing people of hating wlw or interracial relationships. And to me that was the major downfall for these ships. Is the fans not being able to be critical of the shitty content being produced. The fans playing victims and acting like any ship with Fareeha and Gabe that doesn’t involve Jack and Mercy is the actual problem. (i.e. Look at how the r76 fans are reacting to Akande/Gabe).

By no means is any ship perfect or exempt from having it’s shitty fans. Or it is ALL of you. But how the rest of us deal with those shitty people, is the most important. Don’t just blindly accept bad content or ignore legit problems simply because you like past works from a content creator. Like who cares how pretty their art style is or how nicely worded their fanfics are, if they did some racist bullshit either talk to them or unfollow/block. Letting it fester and allowing ugliness to go uncalled out for so long, brings the whole ship down. Again these aren’t the only ships with problems but they are top most popular next to McHan (which has its own problems entirely separate from these two).

anonymous asked:

How is it racist when someone says Hermione wasn't black? So what? I don't imagine her as black i never did and never will. Why the hell is everything racist these days?

It’s not racist to not imagine Hermione as black (I didn’t for most of my life, but I’ve grown fond of the headcanon in recent years) and nobody ever said that. It’s racist to assert that she could only be white.

If you have a problem with “political correctness” and whatnot, I suggest you unfollow, because this blog won’t be to your tastes.

meeperstein101  asked:

Don't you hate it when Cami won't shut up about a bunch of hand picked, obscure comments rushing her to make glitchtale?

Lol I wish those were handpicked! You can go yourself to my latest video and start reading the newest comment and easily notice I don’t “handpick them”

I don’t want anyone’s pity, I was just venting out. And I’ll do it as many times a day as I feel like doing it.

If you don’t want my problems in your dashboard or if you don’t care about me as a person, unfollow me and feel free to stand next to the people from the youtube comments I get everyday, they have the same ammount of empathy as you.

Harry Hook - “Secret Kisses”

Originally posted by caitlinsnowqueen

Originally posted by stylinskam

Request: “Any chance you could do 256 and 130 with Harry hook x male reader”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Heavy making out I guess?

A/N: Yes this is a boy x boy imagine if any of you have a fucking problem with it I really don’t care you can unfollow because I’m part of the LGBTQ+ community and love writing these imagines for EVERYONE

You moaned quietly as Harry’s soft hands tangled in your hair, pulling ever so slightly.

His lips moved in sync with yours as you felt him lightly bite your lip and you let out a louder groan.

“Shh Y/N, you’re gonna get us caught.” Harry chuckled pulling away for only a quick second. You took the opportunity to admire his appearance.

His dark hair was in all different directions, hat hair at its finest.

Those blue eyes that you loved so much were filled with desire as his usual smirk played on his pink lips, begging to be kissed.

“What are you looking at?” Harry smiled as his faced etches slightly in confusion.

“Beautiful.” You mumbled placing soft kisses on his sharp jawline sweetly. He leaned his head back on the brick wall you pushed him against and moaned lightly.

“You’re gonna be the death of me.” He breathed attacking your lips with yours hungrily. Harry had recently been on Uma’s duty more and more, meaning that your secret meetings were short and far between.

“Already am, Hook.” You smirked against his tan skin. “Harry! Where are you?” A voice boomed from the docks angrily.

You huffed in annoyance as you pulled away from Harry’s neck hesitantly and saw his equally upset expression.

“I’m sorry, I gotta go.” He sighed placing his pirate hat back on his head quickly. As he began to leave, you pulled him by the collar, attaching your lips for a split second and let him go.

“Here, midnight.” You stated walking the other direction of the alley, leaving him stunned.

Making your way back to Curl Up & Dye, you greeted your younger sister Dizzy as she continued to sweep the loose hair on the floor.

“Hey Dizzy-Bear, how’s my favorite creative genius?” You smiled ruffling her hair lovingly. She giggled and attached her arms around your waist tightly.

“Hi, Y/N! I missed you.” Dizzy smiled looking up at you. Being Drizella’s oldest, you protected your little sister with your life.

Even though you had already moved out, being a part of Uma’s crew, you made sure Lady Tremaine never treated her like a slave.

Dizzy was the light on the darkness of the Isle, and you trusted her with anything. “How’s Harry doing?” She asked sitting on one of the worn out salon chairs.

You hadn’t noticed her smirk as she said the statement and answered, “Great. Just saw him before I came here.”

“Wait, w-why do you ask?” You stuttered running a hand through your hair nervously.

“Oh please, Y/N. It’s obvious you two are a thing.” She chuckled patting your shoulder.

Your eyes widened as the words left your mouth.

“And how do you know this, Tremaine?” You questioned folding your arms over your chest with a fake glare.

“I saw you guys kiss last week outside the salon, we do open at midnight you know.” Dizzy answered smiling widely.

Your face paled as she said this. “So, are you okay with it?” You questioned as your voice quieted.

“Of course, Y/N. You’re my brother and I love Harry, he’s actually a sweetheart.” She said wrapping her skinny arms around your neck and hugging you.

You smiled softly and hugged the short girl, kissing her forehead sweetly. “You’re such a gem, Diz.” With a smile, she said, “Basically everyone knows already, Y/N. You should just go public.”

You debated her suggestion, maybe you would have to have a talk with Harry about this.

Later that night…

You nervously walked to the alley, where Harry was leaned up against the wall in a white tank top and usual training gear.

He held a watch on a long chain in his right hand as it moved from side to side. “12:02, you’re late.” He growled pulling you into his chest roughly.

Harry placed a soft kiss on your lips tenderly as you just stood there. “Y/N, there something wrong?” He questioned seeing your tense stature.

“I told Dizzy. Or rather she told me, she saw us last week outside the salon.” You admitted a faint blush appearing on your cheeks.

Harry’s expression turned to slight shock, but he smiled. “She’s a smart kid, I’m not surprised.” He chuckled kissing your cheek.

“I think we should make it public. It just feels really shitty, to be the secret boyfriend.” You blurted out, afraid to see his reaction.

You felt your head being lifted as Harry moved your chin so you stared into his crystal blue eyes.

He attached your lips, wrapping his hands around your neck as an attempt to pull you even closer than you already were.

Once it became even more heated, you failed to notice that there was another person in the alley.

“Ahem, boys.” You jumped apart from Harry as you nervously looked up at your Captain, Uma, standing there in all her threatening glory.

“Next time, try to keep quiet, everyone can hear you.” She smirked adjusting your pirate hat to make sure it was semi-presentable on your head.

“We have training tomorrow, so early night.” She commanded and sauntered away from the scene.

“Do you remember when you use to think you were straight?” You chuckled as the two of you watched her leave.

“Yep, used to think I was so in love with her.” Harry said intertwining your fingers with his as he began to walk with you back to the ship.