if you have a job

Holy fucking shit.

Outlast 2 is hard to stomach.

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Holy cow ur art?? It looks really good?? I've been drawing seriously for like two years now, and I can clearly tell you put a lot of effort, time, and thought into it. It looks amazing!!

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my uncle (who also believes he's a confederate soldier reborn in another body but that's a level of weird i aint gonna get into) believes that trump's inevitable total ban on all trade from anywhere ever will be good for canada because "all the jobs will come back" lol. do you have any sources i can show him that say otherwise with facts?

U.S. tariff on softwood exports could cost upwards of 25,000 jobs in Canada

Trade is a huge job creator, and the USA is either our #1 or #2 trading partner, so cutting off trade or adding tariffs is going to hurt the Canadian economy.

Its also going to hurt the U.S. economy. Trade goes both ways. Donald Trump is an idiot.

the signs as things my boyfriend said while loopy from a fever
  • Aries: "one time i pushed a tree until it fell over"
  • Taurus: "what if goofy wasn't a dog. what if he was a bull"
  • Gemini: *laughter that turns into sobs*
  • Cancer: "he's dead jim"
  • Leo: "steve buscemi is good" spelled as "steve busch emo is god"
  • Virgo: "do i have enough toes?"
  • Libra: "there is a tiny sharp rock stabbing me. it's blue"
  • Scorpio: *evil cackling*
  • Sagittarius: (to my cat) "you could fix the economy. you're wise. you could be president. i trust you"
  • Capricorn: "one time we tied a friend to a tree and left her there and it started raining so she broke the tree"
  • Aquarius: "it's hard to get a job if you don't have enough toes"
  • Pisces: *softly* "i see souls"

HELLO EVERYONE! WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED IN BUYING A T-SHIRT WOTH THIS GOOD GOOD BOY ON IT? Over the top and bottom of him it would say the words I BELIEVE IN YOU ( not on the font it is now). I’m planning on making him into a t-shirt design and then selling it, but I would like to know how many people would be interested?

Please please reblog this if you are interested or even if you think that maybe someone who follows you might be because im a very small account and word isn’t gonna spread from me easy.

If I get enough interest then I will make an official post announcing it and send to the people who reblogged and/or you can check my page for announcements.

Thank you,
from a humble artist
(Btw, i dont have a job and this a great way to support me going to college next year 😅)

  • Weiss: "LET'S TAKE THIS MISSION!" SHE SAID! "IT WILL BE FUN!" SHE SAID! *Weiss Shouted over the roaring winds as she narrowing avoided a flying book and lamp.*
  • Ruby: OH COME ON WEISS! *Rudy shouted back, slicing multiple chairs coming at her from different directions.* I THOUGHT IS WAS JUST GOING TO BE A GRIMM EXTERMINATION JOB!
  • Blake: *Just then Blake landed in between the two, shooted tea cups and pot.* GUY! CAN WE PLEASE FOCUS AT THE TASK AT HAND!! *Blake demanded of the two pointing upward towards the fire dressed ghost in the center of the raging whirlwind, Howling and screaming.*
  • Ruby: YOU GOT TO ADMIT THOSE! IT IS AWESOME TO BE FIGHTING AN ACTUALLY GHOST!! *Ruby smiled to her Weiss and Sister in law.*
  • Blake: HERE IT COME! *Blake shouted as she and the other braced themselves as the ghost charged forward.* WHERE THE HELL IS YANG!?
  • ~Meanwhile in the kitchen~
  • Yang: Helloooo! Ruby! Weiss! Blakey! Where are you guys!? *Yang yelled out as she entered the kitchen before sniffing the air.* Guh, What is that stink? *Yang then looked towards the gas stove and noticed that the nob was turned on.* Huh? I'm surprise this place still have gas. Well better turn this off. Don't want the mansion to go up in flames again. *Yang shrugged while opening the window next to her before making her way to the stove and turning it off.
  • ~Meanwhile at the never second Yang turned the nob to off~
  • Fire ghost: RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-auh? *The angry spirted roared when suddenly the flames vanished revealing a woman matching a woman in a old portrait that falls to the ground along with everything else that was flying in the air.* At... At last... At long last... Thank you young woman. Thank you. *The spirit spoke as a light appeared from hole in the ceiling as the spirit ascended before disappearing*
  • Ruby: Eh?
  • Weiss: What's going on?
  • Blake: I... I think she just found peace? *Blake said as she and the other sheathed their weapon just in time as Yang walks in.*
  • Yang: THERE YOU GUYS ARE! I was looking every where for you. *Yang smiled moving close giving Ruby a hug and Blake a hug and a kiss before looking around.* Whoa. What happened here?
  • Blake: You wouldn't believe us if we talk you sweetie.
  • Ruby: We fought a ghost.
  • Yang: WHAT!? AW MAN! I WANTED TO FIGHT A GHOST! *Yang Pouted.*
  • Weiss: NO YANG YOU DON"T! IT WAS TERRIFYING! AND WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!? *Weiss Shouted as she covered herself with Ruby's cloak, making the young leader blush.*
  • Yang: In the kitchen looking for you guys. Someone left the stove on. *Yang stated, pointing to where she came in.*
  • Blake: Wait a'sec. *Blake mutter pulling out her scroll and searching on it before facepalming herself.* Of course that's what happened here out of all the thing.
  • Ruby/Weiss/Yang: What?
  • Blake: Says here in this old article that the woman that dyed here dyed from a fire that started in the kitchen because the gas stove was left on. *Showing her wife sister in law and Weiss her scroll.*
  • Ruby: Soooooo Yang freed this lady's spirit...
  • Weiss: By turning off a stove?
  • Yang: So Am I an exorcist now?
  • Blake: No babe. No.
  • Ruby: But we are ghostbusters right?
  • Weiss: Ruby n-
  • Weiss: Oh god. Blake stop you wife and sister before-
  • Blake: As long as I'm Egon. No.
  • Weiss: God help me.
Astrology blog asks✨💫🌊
  • In honor of 200 followers, I made this based on mutuals and blogs I really liked 💕 sorry I couldn't fit everyone there's so many of you.*asks are in random order lol*
  • ~Ask me anyone of these~
  • ~Capifreak /Name
  • ~Babygirastro/Age
  • ~Zeeastrology/City where you live
  • ~Geminni/Favorite book
  • ~Brightastrology/Favorite memory
  • ~Black pantherdick/Virgin or nah
  • ~AddictedAstrology/Why did you start this blog
  • ~Astrovibes/Have you been bullied
  • ~Sagattuausrising/Do you have a job
  • ~Astrologynigga/Music taste
  • ~Thenatalchart/If you could go to one place for 24 hours, where would it be ?
  • ~Astrolfae/Do you get along with your family
  • ~Aesethics-astro How was your HS experience
  • ~Capricicious/What your favorite subject in school
  • ~Hasleyxbabe/Have you ever failed a class
  • ~Moon-sextile-venus/Bad memory of a teacher
  • ~Aqaruian-madness Favorite astrology sign
  • ~Ninthhousemoon/Favorite sign from each element
  • ~Shyastrology/What sign would you date
  • ~Wizkhalibra/ What sign wouldn't work date
  • ~Astrolosagi/Crush story
  • ~Astrologyexplained/Favorite astrology placement combo
  • ~Ascending Venus/ Do you have a best friend
  • ~Astrolocherry/Do you have a favorite Parent
  • ~astrocelestial/ Race/ethnicity
  • ~Disneysteologie/ Favorite astrology blog
  • ~Geministero/Favorite part of astrology
  • ~Astrology101/Top 5 favorite bands?
  • ~Virgoassbitch/Top 5 favorite songs?
  • ~Zodiacgyspy/Biggest pet peeve?
  • ~Astrorhea/What makes you horny?
  • ~Astro-hotline/ You hate the smell of
  • ~Lulucute/Are you single?
  • ~Xocapaatrology/What cause
  • would you die for?
  • ~Astrologanize/How do you cope with your doubts and fears?
  • ~Zodiac spot/What are your goals for this year?
  • ~Hood-strology/Name one place in the world you would visit if you had the time and money.
  • ~Isastrobitch/What makes you passionate?
  • ~Astrolovecosmos/What is your proudest achievement?
  • ~Ascending moon/ What is one subject you find yourself absurdly educated on?
  • ~Darkstrology/ If you could have one wish without any foreseeable consequences, what would it be?
  • ~Lazodiacscale/ are you ever going to deleted your astrology blog ?
zip00198704 replied to your post: I now have a cell phone.

i was a late adopter too - my boss got his EA to get me a phone (it was a way to tether me to work)

I was really happy not to have a cell phone at the time I was still a waitress. I could always pretend I wasn’t home when they called last minute to ask me to come and give them a hand. When you have a cell phone, you’re expected to always be available. The job I now have is a 9 to 5 kind of job, so no stress to have this will ever happen at least…


As we hope most of you know, you guys do not get paid until the end of season. Also, we don’t fund any living expenses for y’all. If you read the contract, I’m sure it says something about you guys bringing your own money because we won’t be financing anything. With all of this being said, your first official assignment is to go out and get jobs! Yes, everyone has to get some type of job and you guys have until Monday to find one. If you would like to start up a business then please come see me.

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what sort of job do you have? are you a professional artist?

haha nahh… i work in an office setting. i dont necessarily enjoy the work or anything but my job is pretty damn ok for a im-only-working-here-bc-i-need-money job

Overwatch: *runs between 400-1200 ping*
Dad : nah must be blizzard yknow, cant be our internet lmao

Anything Else: *takes longer to run because of internet, internet can crash*
Dad : well our internet is ok so its fine, must be your computer lmao

Me: I want to do an apprenticeship next year! I’ll be able to get a degree after too so I can still go to University an-
Parents: If you don’t do second year (although its optional) you will be seen as unable to complete stuff!!! If you apply and then apply the next year then they will think you are messing with them!!!

Me: I want to get into a job/career, not even for the money, but for the experience after College.
Parents: You can’t get a job without university!! consider university!! make sure you complete university!! we cant have two job looking daughters at home!!!

This attorney wants me to research sovereign immunity for a park in another state that doesn’t have online auditor records when I have AN HOUR LEFT AT THIS JOB. Are you fucking kidding me.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

crawling out of pitioss dungeon like

Hey guys I’ve been asked this before (cos I mention them a lot) but here’s how my character sheets usually look! Some rough, consistent doodles, then I come back in an hour and whinge at myself for reference later. 

In other news, I’d really like an interesting Iron Man run sometime :(


“That’s brilliant, and I’m not just saying that because of the massive blood loss! …But maybe we should try it on Rohan, first.”

(The text in the first panel reads “take care.”)

The last(?) in a series of comics about stands and friends etc.  Also the last thing left in my scraps folder dating back to–yikes!–September. Time for new ideas!!