if you have a brother

Just something I doodled to get back into the swing of things. Also, something to upload while I work on part 2 of my other comic.

I didn’t know maid Ritsu was canon. I just thought people were drawing him in a maid outfit cause why not? lol 

Living with big brother Prussia 

A.K.A. Do you have any idea with what I have to deal with every day? 

((I dunno, just something random to pass the time. I love the things we record together and I miss her. As you see, it’s so difficult to stay serious around her, haha, she’s such a dork <3 but so am I.))

APH Prussia: @askawesomepreussen
APH Germany: @ask-the-german-commander

Being a Winchester Headcannon

Being a Winchester would involve:

  • Being the middle child
  • But both of your brothers still look out for you
  • Being like a mother to Sam, much like Dean is a dad to Sam
  • Dying at least once, and your brothers bringing you back
  • Dean teaching you how to drive in the Impala when you were 16
  • Not getting any special treatment from your dad because you were a girl
  • Helping Sam with school if he ever needed it
  • Telling off Sam’s bullies
  • Always looking out for your brothers.
  • The three of you being very codependent on each other
  • When you were younger you and Sam would fall sleep on each other in the back of the Impala
  • You still fall asleep in the back of the Impala today, most of the time waking up with one of your brother’s jackets over you
  • Having the same antipossesion tattoo as your brothers
  • Being the only one along with Dean, who can call Sam “Sammy”
  • You and Dean constantly annoying each other
    • Sam being done with your antics
    • Sam being the mature sibling
  • Getting dragged in the middle of your brothers fights
  • Being badass
  • Forehead kisses from your brothers
  • Bearhugs
  • Hair ruffling
  • Bickering
  • Pranks
  • Generally being a step ahead of your brothers
  • When your with just one of them you get mistaken for a couple
  • Making fun of Sam and Dean when they get mistaken for a couple
  • Charlie being your first real girl friend, and you quickly become best friends.
  • Drinks with your brothers
  • Bobby being more like your dad than John
  • Cuddling between your brothers while you watch movies
  • Having to settle their arguments over the appropriate movie food
    • Having to settle their arguments over any food
  • Them coming to you when they have a problem with each other
  • Having some type of alter ego like Demon!Dean and Soulless!Sam
  • Always trusting them
  • Being very close with them
  • Reminding them that you love them and that they’re special when they need reminding (because Chuck knows they need reminding)

I’m a grown ass man in publix wearing a karamatsu hoodie while my eleven year old brother keeps fucking dabbing like you ever have those moments where you think like. “im the kind of person people write tweets about. I’m The Weird Guy someone sees in a store”

anonymous asked:

Do you have headcannons for Azusa's appearance? pretty please? :'D

Sure thing love!

O Azusa’s skin is pretty good, not too dry nor too damaged.

O That being said he does have to moisturize around his scars though.

O He is freckle free and a little disappointed, he thinks freckles are just adorable and sweet looking.

O His hair is extremely soft and doesn’t take to being tied up into a ponytail well since it tangles around the hold and just tangles all together.

O He is tender headed but he’s not telling you that. “Hey, Eve… will you… brush my hair?”

O I like to headcanon that he does have a septum piercing but Ruki won’t allow him to wear it often.

O Azusa cannot wait for a tattoo, if we let him run free he will be covered in them just to feel the pain of the needles and to be covered in pretty pictures. If his S/O is good at art they will have sketchbooks dedicated to his love of tattoos. Which is why Ruki does not allow it.

shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.

will I ever do a proper clotheswap? probably not, but we can get this instead winks saeran covering BOTH shoulders, while seven seductively shows off his shoulder

part 1!

hanzo is all guilty and angsty over having killed genji but can we consider for a second that whatever hanzo did resulted in genji having to be reconstructed as 90% robot? what the shit did hanzo do to the poor sod??

“I am sorry brother,” hanzo said solemnly as he held onto genji’s ankles and slowly fed him head first into an industrial meat grinder