if you hate this colouring i don't blame you

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Benedict says he is a feminist and yet does and says things that indicate he does not fully understand feminism. Benedict talks about more opportunites for POC, but while calling them 'coloreds.' I have no doubt that Benedict means well and is not aware some of his behavior is wrong and offensive, and hopefully he is striving to be a better person, but he HAS acted sexist, racist, and transphobic.

So many men even don’t call themselves feminist. Some of them openly say they hate feminism or they don’t think the world needs feminism. I don’t blame him if he doesn’t fully understand what it is. The important thing is he supports it and talks about it.
He called POC ‘coloured’ once while he was trying to say there has to be more opportunites for POC in the movie industries, but then realized his mistake and apologized very quickly and sincerely. As a non-native Englinsh speaker, I even asked some British people about the word and got replies that ‘coloured’ was used be a PC word to call POC in the country. Yes, so I don’t blame him. Even the newspapers said he was ‘out of date’ but didn’t call him racist, I remember.
And where is the evidence that he hates trans? I’m sorry I’ve never seen or heard of that.
As you said, he’s striving to be a better person. I think it’s very very important.