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Scalia- your thoughts?

Okay, this is going to be the one answer I give in regards to Sc/alia, and it’s not going to be overwhelmingly positive, but before I start, I want to make something very clear: I do not hate Scott and Malia as as ship. In fact, I have crack shipped them since s4. For a long time, I’ve said that Scott treated Malia better than Stiles did and that he could really help improve her as a person. But, with that in mind, I never actually wanted it to happen in canon, and now, in the context of canon and the fandom… I like it even less. 

Problem #1: Personality

Shelley and Tyler have great chemistry, but just because they do, doesn’t mean the characters belong together. You know this, and I know this, but characters aren’t the actors. If they were, we would hate them. I just don’t think Scott’s and Malia’s personalities are conducive to a long term relationship. I personally think he’d constantly be “coaching” her and it would be great for a friendship, but not for a romance. Scott’s incredibly patient– but does that mean he should have to be a parent to his partner? Not in my view. And does Malia even need to be with someone who would be teaching her forever? Maybe at the beginning of her story, yes, but now? I don’t know. 

Problem #2: Kira Yukimura. 

I just rewatched the scene in 5b where Scott and Kira share their final moment together, but in case you’ve forgotten it (it’s short), I typed up a little transcript for you: 

[the camera zooms in on them kissing from a wide shot]

SCOTT: You don’t have to do this.
KIRA: I made a deal with them. And I need to. It’s not for my parents. It’s not for you. It’s for me.
SCOTT: How long is it going to take?
KIRA: As long as it takes. [KIRA reaches into her pocket and hands him her Tail, which is one of her nine lives as a kitsune. It is the equivalent of handing him her soul] Keep it for me. Keep it safe. 

[they kiss]

[End scene]

Where in there do you see a breakup? I… I do not see a breakup here. I see an implied someday in this scene. And then, Scott decides to go date Kira’s best friend. When, in my view, he’s waiting for Kira and Kira is waiting for him. 

I know that people date their friends’ exes, but that is just… not cool with me. The fact that she gave him her tail means that she intends to come back and collect, to me.  

And side note– Kira’s only been gone since winter of senior year. It’s been, like, nine months. It’s been less than a year since Kira left. 

Problem #3: Arden Cho’s treatment. 

From the moment Malia stepped into the scene, Kira’s screen-time went way down and Malia was, essentially, a replacement. Despite the fact that Kira was the love interest of the main character and had been on the show longer than Malia, in s4 and s5 Malia had far more screen-time, backstory, and promotion. In s3, the order was as follows: Allison. Lydia. Kira. In season 4, this is what you would expect it to be: Lydia. Kira. Malia. Instead, it was Lydia. Malia. Kira. And is it honestly worth it to kick the Asian romantic lead off the screen just to make way for another white girl? Kira was shunted to the side for Malia and you can love the hell out of Malia’s character and still acknowledge that fact. 

Problem #4: Malia’s use as a love interest 

Throughout the series, we’ve been complaining that Malia has been used as a love interest. I’m not going to pretend that I’m okay with her being used as “girl who main character gets with” just because the guy that she’s getting with isn’t Stiles. A lot of the fandom likes Malia better when she is single, and although I hope we love the way she is written this season, that doesn’t invalidate me wishing that she won’t just become a prop in Scott’s storyline. 

Problem #5: Lydia being isolated 

Someone pointed out on twitter, and I agree with them, that Scott and Malia being together is only going to serve to isolate Lydia. It’s possible that we’re going to see something very similar to what we had in s4, with Lydia going off by herself and never getting one-on-one time with the other mains. 

We literally see it in the synopsis for the second episode– Lydia is going to Eichen House by herself because Scott and Malia are spending the episode together finding out who shot the bullet. Lydia has gone through some of the worst moments of her life in Eichen House. In 5x05, there’s an entire scene dedicated to Stiles saying “Hey. You’re not going there without me. You’ve been through some shit there and I’m not letting you feel alone.” Even though Lydia has Scott and Kira for protection. Stiles is telling Lydia he’s coming with to emotionally support her because he understands that Eichen House is a place f trauma for her, and for him as well. And that was before Lydia got put into a coma by Theo and then stuck in said coma in Eichen House by her mother and then tortured in Eichen House by Doctor Valack and then accidentally murdered Doctor Valack in Eichen House while she was being saved by Stiles. Lydia almost died several times in Eichen House.

So. Yeah. Lydia going there without someone in the pack? Makes sense. (/sarcasm) And yes, Lydia’s constantly being isolated from the pack in the series, and I’m not expecting her to romantically be with Scott, but she’s dating his best friend and she’s a main character so I don’t think it’s too much to ask that she gets one-on-one scenes with Scotty, one of her closest friends. Like… why is this so hard?

Problem #6: Inter Friend-Group Dating 

Okay, this is a personal thing and it is really small and doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but think about how weird and mixed up the pack is getting. Not only is Malia one of the only shapeshifters left in Scott’s pack, just like he is (I mean, Hayden’s leaving, Kira’s gone, Isaac’s gone, Lydia and Stiles and Mason aren’t shapeshifters, Corey is barely pack, leaving… Malia and Liam), she’s also the girl to whom Scott’s best friend since childhood lost his virginity. 

So you’ve got Scott whose best friend is Stiles, who is dating Lydia, who is good friends with Malia, who used to be in a long term relationship with Stiles, whose best friend is Kira, who used to be in a long term relationship with Scott who is now dating Malia.  

Like… that’s a lot. 

If you’ve had sex with every person a person you’re having sex with has had sex with… the whole pack’s banged each other. Orgies for everyone.* 

*Note: this is sarcastic. Sarcasm is my only defense. 

Problem #7: Rick Riordan Syndrome 

Let me explain. (Spoilers?)

Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series, has a Percy Jackson sequel series called the Heroes of Olympus. In this sequel, there are seven main (Girls: Annabeth, Piper, Hazel) (Boys: Percy, Jason, Frank, Leo), and there’s ten characters who have POVS. All of these characters range in age from 13-17ish.

Out of these nine, only two don’t end up with someone, and one of these girls is the Oracle of Delphi so therefore she isn’t allowed to be with someone. 

All of the main characters match up with each other, and if they don’t have a matchup, Rick creates one for them. So, Percy and Annabeth are together, then Piper and Jason start dating, then Hazel and Frank start dating, then Leo is a crazy third wheel so he falls in love with Atlas’ daughter who was doomed to spend her life on an island, then Nico is in love with Percy but can’t get Percy so he gets to be with a way older guy named Will. 

One single character. Out of ten. They’re middle and high schoolers. 

Not all characters need endgame. Sometimes you’re sacrificing the integrity of your plot and characters to give everyone an Ultimate Matchup. It’s just not necessary, and frankly it feels a little sloppy. To me, it tarnishes the credibility of the writers. It just does– that’s how I feel.

I’m attempting to reserve judgement until I actually see the season, and I’m trying to keep an open mind, but I think my concerns are valid. Scott is one of my favorite characters in the series. I really enjoy Malia, I enjoy her scenes. Shelley and Tyler have incredible chemistry. Aesthetically, this couple is awesome. Scene-wise, I know they’ll kill it and I have lots of hope for their dialogue too. They have the capacity to be both hilarious and extremely romantic. But my problem with this ship is something deeper than the surface, and it’s the thing that kinda irks me overwhelmingly, to the point where I’m not sure that I’ll be able to be impartial when it hits my screen. 

However, I’ll try. 

||Whose side are you on?|| *Part 4* Final Part

(Liam’s P.O.V)
“(Y/N)!"I screamed as soon as the elevator doors shut.
I kept banging on the doors until I heard a gunshot.
"No!"I yelled, punching the door.
"I didn’t even get to tell her that I still loved her."I muttered as I leaned against the wall. I slid down as I began to tear up, I never stopped loving her but she didn’t know that. Hayden was only wearing my jersey because I spilled the school lunch on her shirt. I didn’t even know I didn’t have my necklace on, I accidentally dropped it in my room. What do I do now? The last words (Y/N) said to me played back in my mind. I have to find Scott.
(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
I ripped the last ghost riders head off its body before dropping it on the floor. I smashed my foot against it, making blood splatter.
"Good work."I mumbled, panting as I leaned against the wall.
"Did you have to be really so gory?"Theo asked as he walked over to me.
"Was that too gory for you sweetheart?"I asked, folding my arms.
"And I thought I was heartless."Theo muttered.
"Don’t you have two hearts?"I asked.
"I was speaking figuratively-”
“I know, just fucking with you."I cut him off.
"We should probably go check up on the pack."I suggested.
"Yeah, wait though."Theo muttered as he stepped closer to me.
He grabbed my face and wiped blood off of my mouth with his thumb.
"You should teach me how to rip people’s heads off."Theo said as we started walking outside.
"So you can kill Scott again? Yeah, no thanks."I muttered as I hopped into the drivers seat of the ambulance.
"I just sacrificed my ass to help Scott and save you and Liam, I think I earned your trust."Theo argued.
"You earned my respect, not my trust."I explained as I started the ambulance.
"I’ll take what I can get."Theo shrugged as I slammed my foot on the gas pedal.
"You actually earned my respect the moment you came back."I spoke up as I speeded towards Beacon Hills Highschool.
"And that’s why you kicked me in the face?"Theo asked.
"No, you just really needed someone to shut you up that day."I answered, making him laugh lightheartedly.
"But seriously, you kept fighting once you got back from hell. You obviously suffered a whole lot, yet you’re still fighting. That takes a lot of guts man. I also know why you didn’t want to go into the morgue, you’ve been having nightmares recently-”
“How do you know?"Theo asked.
"Well every night that I spent at Scott’s house to watch over you, you’d whimper and start whispering stuff. I noticed you were in pain those nights so without you knowing, I’d sit next to you and caress your hair as I held your trembling hand. After a few minutes, you’d be fine.’‘I explained.
I looked over to see Theo looking at me with an unreadable facial expression.
"But you hated me for trying to kill Scott?"Theo asked, shocked and confused.
"No one deserves to go through the pain you’ve gone through."I answered.
"So whenever the nightmares stopped and I started sleeping peacefully, it was all because of you?"Theo asked in disbelief.
"My mom always said that there’s nothing a little love and affection can’t help."I shrugged.
"Thank you (Y/N)…"Theo whispered.
"No problem."I answered before parking the ambulance in the parking lot.
"You see it too, don’t you?"Theo asked as I noticed the train tracks on the concrete floor.
"We don’t have a lot of time (Y/N).”
(Liam’s P.O.V)
I was currently upstairs of beacon hills high school, standing by the railing. I looked down at the horse and shivered, I hate horses. Right as I was about to jump off, I felt someone pull me back. I looked up to see a ghost rider dragging me as he pointed his whip at me. Out of nowhere, Theo popped up behind the ghost rider and wrapped his arms around the ghost riders neck. He quickly snapped it and smirked once the ghost rider dropped to its knees.
“(Y/N) taught me that."Theo smiled proudly.
"Theo?"I asked, confused.
"If I can survive hell, I’m pretty sure I can handle a few ghost riders."Theo explained.
"What about (Y/N)?"I asked.
"She said she’d take out as many ghost riders as she could.”
(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
“Not the face!"I yelled, ducking as a ghost rider aimed their whip at my face.
I turned my head slightly to see another ghost rider with a gun.
"Perfect."I whispered, smirking.
At the exact moment the first ghost rider aimed their whip at me and the second ghost rider pulled the trigger, I jumped in the air, doing a backflip. Right before my feet hit the ground, both ghost riders disappeared in thin air.
"Ha, idiots."I snickered.
All of a sudden I picked up Scott’s scent and the sound of someone struggling. I dashed in the direction of the sounds and scent, until I saw Scott behind held down by three ghost riders as the fourth one held him at gunpoint. I let out a beastly roar as I jumped onto the fourth ghost riders back. I tackled him onto the ground ,grabbing his gun as I shot two of the three ghost riders that were holding Scott.
"Wrong move pal."I muttered as I raised my claws in the air.
Right as I stroked down at the ghost rider, the ghost rider grabbed my wrist to keep me from slashing its throat. Once it’s hand came in contact with my wrist, a flash of images flashed through my mind.
"Dad?"I asked, realizing they were memories I had with my dad.
The ghost rider kicked me off of him and grabbed a whip from its belt. As soon as I saw the whip racing towards me, I pushed myself up and tried jumping out of the way. I was still fazed at the fact that the ghost rider was my dad, meaning my reflexes had been slow. I screamed in agony as the whip slashed a deep gash into my side.
"You’re not my dad, not anymore."I muttered through tears as the whip was tangled around my wrist.
With one pull, I was teleported into some place that seemed creepy. I groaned as the gash in my side started to burn worse.
"Go, go, go!"I heard Liam yell.
I turned my head to see Hayden, Mason, and Corey jump onto a horse.
I ran into the room they ran out of and found Liam struggling as two ghost riders who had their whips tangled around his leg and wrist. As soon as I grabbed one of the two ghost riders neck, a flash of images raced through my mind. This was my mom.
"I’m sorry."I whispered before biting the ghost riders neck.
I pulled with my teeth roughly and quickly, making the head tear off the body. I wrapped my hands around Liam’s wrist as I quickly untangled the whip from his wrist. I pulled on the whip, the whip cutting my palms. The ghost rider quickly took its gun out, aiming it at Liam and I. Grabbing Liam, I jumped into safety as the gun went off.
”(Y/N).“Liam breathed as he watched me.
I rose to my feet and front flipped in the air as the ghost rider fired at me this time. I roundhouse kicked the ghost rider, making it fall to the floor. As soon as my hands came in contact with its face, another flash of images raced through my mind.
"Adam."I whispered, clenching my jaw as tears welled up in my eyes.
I closed my eyes as I snapped its neck, Adam was my first boyfriend. He was the best first love any girl could ever ask for.
"Gah!"I screamed as I felt a sharp pain on my back.
I turned around quickly and noticed another ghost rider with a whip in their hands. As the ghost rider raised its whip again, Liam tackled it to the ground.
"Wait!"I screamed as Liam was about to drag his claws against its face.
I ran over and placed my hand over its chest. Just like I suspected, a flash of images. Katherine, my younger sister.
"Katherine."I muttered, the tears now spilling.
I poked my fingers through the holes of its face where the eyes should be and started to pull my hands apart. Slowly the ghost riders face ripped apart.
"You can rest now."I whispered.
"Who’s Katherine?"Liam asked he noticed my tears.
"My sister, I just basically killed my family. First my dad, then my mom, then Adam, and now my sister."I muttered as hot tears fell down my cheeks rapidly.
"Graaah!"I screamed as the gash on my back and side burned terribly.
”(Y/N), what’s wrong?“Liam asked, scooping me into his arms.
"I got hit twice by two whips, I-it’s burning and throbbing!"I whimpered as I started panting.
He ran out of the room as my eyes drooped. The amount of people I had killed today, ghost riders I killed today really took a toll on me. What really affected me though, were the gashes. It’s like when Argent was hit by a whip, I don’t even know if he’s alive right now.
”(Y/N), keep your eyes open. Look at me, I’ve gone through too much with you to lose you like this. I thought I lost you tonight, I’m not going to let that happen.“Liam muttered, running as fast as his legs could carry him.
Suddenly everything went black.
(Liam’s P.O.V)
"So she saw her family again, but in the ghost riders?"Scott asked.
We had defeated the nazi werewolf and the ghost riders left town, now all we were waiting for is (Y/N) to wake up and heal with the magic herbs Melissa, Argent, and Mason said would help.
"Not all of them, only certain ones. I think they really were (Y/N)’s family, I mean they did get turned into ghost riders."I answered.
"Fffffuuuu-mmmm!"I heard (Y/N) scream.
Scott, Theo, and I ran through the doors and saw the gashes start to smoke.
"Mmmm!"She screamed as Peter, Argent, Malia, and Lydia held (Y/N) down.
"We’re gonna need you to be a little quiet (Y/N)!"Stiles yelled over her muffled screaming due to the towel Stiles shoved in her mouth.
"Be quiet, why don’t you shut the fuck up while I rip your flesh apart!”(Y/N) yelled audibly enough for us to understand her.
“Scott, Theo?"Stiles yelled, now worried for his safety.
Even with four people holding her down, she was still managing to slowly wiggle out of their grip. Scott and Theo helped them hold her down as she kept screaming. Once her screaming died down she stopped shaking, and calmed down.
"It took 6 people to keep you down on a bed?"Stiles asked in shock.
’'Stiles as much as I missed you, I really don’t want to hear your snarky little voice."She spat as she let out a shaky breath.
"Watch that mouth (Y/N)."Lydia warned playfully.
We all looked at their hands locked together as Stiles smiled goofily down at her.
"No.”(Y/N) whispered, a smile creeping up in her face.
“Yes!"Scott yelled, throwing his fists in the air.
"Finally!"Scott and (Y/N) yelled.
"The ship has sailed, I repeated, the fucking ship has sailed!"She yelled, drumming her hands on her hospital bed.
I stared at her adoringly as she shook with excitement and joy.
"Oh I’m gonna cry."She muttered, fanning her eyes.
She looked over to me and smiled , staring back at me with the most softest eyes I’ve ever seen.
"Everyone out!”(Y/N) barked, scaring everyone.
“Just for one minuet."She begged.
"Fine."Theo muttered as we all started walking out, even Melissa.
"Not you Dunbar!"She yelled, making me turn around.
She hopped off her bed and walked over to me.
"Ask me whose side I’m on."She said, smiling up at me.
"What?"I asked, confused.
"I said, ask me whose side I’m on."She repeated.
"You wanted to know whose side I was on, so ask me again."She whispered, gazing up at me with adoring eyes that shined bright.
I sighed before chuckling, giving in.
"Whose side are you on?"I asked.
She walked away from me and started to walk around quietly, as if she was ignoring me.
"Sorry Eugene, you weren’t looking directly into my eyes. I can’t answer that until I’m sure we’re making an actual human interaction."She sighed, making me roll my eyes.
"You’re such a tease."I scoffed, making her smirk.
She walked over to me and interlocked our fingers together.
"Now, ask… me… again."She whispered as she brushed her lips against my ear, making the hairs in my arms and back if my neck stick up.
"Whose side are you on (Y/N)?"I asked, looking down at her as she neared her face over to mine.
"I am on your side Liam."She answered.
"I’ve always been on your side."She whispered before grabbing my face and smashing her lips against mine.
Our lips moved in sync as her fingers ran through my hair and my hand ran down her back, stopping at her waist.
"And I always will be.”-
Hope you all enjoyed my first imagine, thank you for taking time out of your day to read this!

Declaration--A Billie and Chris One-Shot

(Author’s Note–I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything but this idea randomly came to me and I figured what the hell LOL. I just hope everyone enjoys it. And there’s no real warning excepts talks about babies and a bit of miscommunication. Well there is a brief mention of sex, but nothing too graphic. And for the Billie and Chris timeline this happens a few months after LUCKY CHARMS, which I know I need to finish)


Although a horrible storm system had attacked the Upper East Coast, Billie and Chris were determined to salvage their Fourth of July weekend. They invited their family over for an indoor cook-out, and afterwards their friends were coming by for a big shindig which would include an epic fireworks show if the weather permitted.

And Billie was extremely ecstatic that her BFFs Nicole and Ethan were staying for a few extra days.  In fact she had spent most of the morning setting up the guest room. And after she added fresh sheets to their beds, she called to see if they were on their way.  

“Please tell me you guys have left Brooklyn!”

Nicole put her on speaker phone and said that they would be there in Massachusetts in approximately 3 ½ hours, depending on the traffic. And Ethan said that they would have left sooner if she hadn’t spent so much time in the bathroom.

“Well you know Nikki likes to hog the mirror.”

“More like hogging the toilet.”

“Babe! You weren’t supposed to mention that!” Nicole yelled as she smacked his hand.

Billie asked if everything was okay, and Nicole modestly revealed that she was four weeks pregnant. But she wanted to keep it under wraps for the time being since she was still at risk for miscarriage.

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Starting of this blog and explaining somethings!

Hi there! I suppose you’re wondering what this blog and and why you’re here, well… this blog based all on the idea of Scott’s (one of the admins) AU.

There will be three admins on here: Joey (they/them), Edd (he/him), and me, Scott! (He/him). We have all mutually agreed to run this blog together in harmony, but as I cannot tell the future, I can’t tell you if there will be any changes of admins or such.
Now surely you saw the title and description, which can make you think what the AU is. Well, let me explain that! It’s gonna be lengthy so buckle in for the ride.

The Monochrome AU is an alternate universe that everyone is bright and happy, except for the ones who have depression or mainly bad moods.

The ones with depression are full on greyscale with no colors at all, anything they touch will turn grey except for living beings around them. If they owned anything, it would all be grey.

There can be a middle though. If someone has faded colors, they are either slowly slipping into depression or a dark mood that’s going to last for a while. There’s also a positive side to it; they might also be recovering from depression.

The bright kind of people are kind of self explanatory. They’re your normal and happy people that have sad/bad moods, sure, but they don’t turn grey as long as it doesn’t last more than five days.

You’re wondering who is grey, faded, and colorful in this AU right? Well, I’ve made a greyscale to tell where everyone is!

Edd - bright and colorful.
Yuu Tan - just a little faded.
Matt - bright as well.
Hellucard - bright.
Paul- a little faded.
Pat - bright and happy much like Edd.
Tom - faded but not fully grey/
Tord - full on monochrome.

Also a few little pointers in this AU:
The End has NOT happened yet here. So there is no reason to bring up giant robots, robot arms, etc. you can ask about Red Leader and see what sprouts from that. 👀

Tom and Tord only hate each other a bit, kind of like a sibling rivalry. Except they don’t consider each other siblings. They just get along for the most part but an argument will start every so often.

Unless a monochrome can find the one object or certain someone(s) that make them truly happy, they cannot go to colorful. Sure they have good moods but they won’t be colorful for it.
There is a few exceptions for this but this is the set rule.

Shipping can be allowed but we have no set pairs for this yet. (Yes, we even allow poly relationships due to Scott having one himself.)

This is a safe place for any Eddsworld fan, we do not spit hate or anything. You can even come to us if you need help or comfort, we don’t judge at all. We also do not want any hate coming from our followers. if you have a problem with anything, just please try and keep it to yourself.

Our art tag is Eddsworld Monochrome AU, keep track by that if you want!

I believe that’s all from I can remember, please be patient as we cannot focus our whole entire lives on this blog.
See you all while blogging and please do ask the guys somethings!

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Naomi Scott is not white and we shouldn't blame her for a role that she was specifically cast in. "Hating" her will not get you anywhere. Also, people of brown descent can be lighter in color. I have a friend who is practically pale but she is not white, instead she is brown.

I have no problem with Naomi Scott, I have a problem with her casting. I also didn’t say she was white, I said she was white passing. Meaning people will look at her and genuinely see her as white - my mum actually asked me why they’d cast a white girl as Jasmine. Also, I am brown, so please don’t insult me and my intelligence with “people of brown descent can be lighter in colour” - I am fully aware of this. Point is, not all brown people are the same, not all brown people should be used as substitutes for other brown nationals. India isn’t in the Middle East. There’s plenty of talented actresses of Middle Eastern descent that could have been cast, and instead they went with a white passing girl who is a quarter Indian - this isn’t a problem with Naomi, this is a problem within the industry. And a almost bigger problem is people excusing this rather than pushing for the industry to do better. 


The first time you were called to help they wouldn’t have known that you and your friends were even there had you not had to literally cut Peter down, you’d hoped that the arrows would have been enough and they did a substantial amount of damage but yu had to jump in when you realised that he was not going down with just arrows.

The second time you were called you pretty much 100% won the fight after the Kanima was ordered to kill them all you, Jace and Izzy had managed to keep its attention until Alec and Clary managed to get Lydia there. “Who are you?” were the first words that the soon to be alpha would ask you.

“(Y/N).” You answered.

“What are you?” The Mundane asked.

“I’m something you’re going to love to hate.” You answered before you and your friends were gone.

The third time you weren’t called by your uncle you were called by them, your uncle had explained what you were, what you were and that was all they needed for you to be there go to for all their supernatural problems. “Are you sure about this?” Stiles asked.

“We don’t have a choice we need to save our parents,” Scott answered.

“So you need us to find your parents?” You asked. “We can do that as long as you give us one possession of theirs.” 

You found their parents but they still did something stupid because 2 out of the 3 people involved didn’t trust you.

The fourth time that you were called Stiles was not Stiles. You walked into Derek’s loft and you ears were immediately assaulted with yelling so you yelled louder “Okay everyone shut it!”

“Ah… the shadowhunter now you are a worthy meal.” The Nogitsune smirked.

“Hmm hmm” You hummed as he moved closer, you pulled your Seraph Blade up to stop him from moving but he only smirked pressing Stiles body onto the Blade.

“I dare you…” was all he said and you looked at him pressing the blade firmly to his chest cutting through the shirt but not piercing the skin.

“You see you looking at the wrong person if you want some kind of inner turmoil because my whole life there has been nothing more important than the mission and the mission is killing you” You explained as the sheriff pointed the gun at you. “It just so happens that there is a spell that we can use to separate the spirit from the body and save the Mundane. Magnus.” 

The warlock entered the room and began chanting, Clary had used a glamour and drawn the pentagram around the Nogitsune which you had kept still and since the Nogitsune was looking through a Mundanes eyes he couldn’t see past the glamour either. Soon you saw to identical bodies standing in the pentagram you grabbed to one that was Stiles and pushed him in the direction of his father while Alec helped Magnus. You twisted your head to the side as you looked at the Nogitsune. “You think you can kill me?” he asked.

“No… I know I can kill you but seeing is believing.” You mumbled stabbing him in the stomach with the Seraph Blade and watching him turn to dust. “Alec you need to get Magnus out of here that spell will draw the Oni…” 

“Hey!” Alec called over to Allison as he threw her his bow and quiver. “Shoot them with those and they will die.” It took about 15 - 30 minutes but you managed to kill them and then you all stuck around to be normal teenager for a little bit before going back to New York.

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More than this – Stiles Stilinski {part 2}

[part 1]

A/N: So I decided to go with (y/n) instead of OC, I just thought it would be more fun to read.  Also be aware that in this story, there is no supernatural. So it’s basically AU.  Please make sure to let me know if you want a part 3 (I plan on doing one but still <3) and if you have any wishes/ideas considering the other characters. Sending love to whoever reads this. :)

Warnings: None, maybe in future chapters.

Sitting down, I placed the tray with my sandwich and a little water bottle on the table. Stiles and Malia sat next to each other in front of me, still deeply engaged in their conversation. Why did he wave me over if he wants to talk to Malia so badly? Idiot.  Wait? Why am I thinking this? Am I jealous? Since when do I get jealous over something so stupid? Damn it (y/n), get it together.

“Earth to (y/n), are you still with us?” Stiles asked. Shaking my head at my own stupidity I gave my attention to him again. “Yes, I’m sorry, my head is just somewhere else today.” My best friend laughed at that. “That, I noticed. What’s up with you? I was just asking if you’d have a problem with Malia coming to our movie night. “ He looked at me expectantly and I could sense how important it was to him. Wow he must really like her. “Yeah sure! The more the better right?” I tried to say it casually so Stiles couldn’t see how so-not-okay I was with the idea of Malia joining us, but it came out like a nervous laugh instead. I was already mentally facepalming myself for being such an Idiot today, but he didn’t seem to care. Malia on the other hand seemed like she noticed my odd behavior and she sent me an knowing glance.

For the rest of lunch break I mainly listened to the two of them talk while I was eating my food in silence, trying to shake the constant feeling of pain off that I felt because he was flat out ignoring me.

It was my last lesson for today and even though I was listening to the teacher, his words didn’t seem to reach my head. For some reason I just couldn’t really focus. I was doodling little figures in my notebook when I suddenly felt someone poking my arm. Turning my head to the left, it was Stiles passing me a note.

Is everything okay? You seem off.  It said.

Seeing the teacher wasn’t paying attention to me, I quickly wrote I’m fine. on the little paper and passed it back to my best friend.

With an disbelieving look he mouthed You don’t look fine . Now I was angry. The fact that he just couldn’t accept that I obviously didn’t want to talk about it was strangely pissing me off.

“I said I’m fine dammit!” I snapped, a little too loud, which caused the teacher to turn around. “Miss (y/l/n),  do you want to stay longer today to write about what you learned in this lesson?” “No, I’m really sorry Mrs.Martin.”  “Good. Then pay attention, would you?” “Of course.”


Back home I decided to quickly write Stiles a text to apologize for snapping at him. Hey, I’m sorry about earlier. I really don’t know what’s up with me today. I typed into my phone and sent it. Hearing the little notification tone a few minutes later, I read It’s okay, I’ve been friends with you since forever, I can handle you and your moods ;) xx His text instantly cheered me up and for whatever reason the kisses at the end of his message made my heart skip a beat.  

A look at the time told me that I still had 3 hours until we would all meet up at Scott’s house. Kira was probably freaking out right now, stressing over what to wear and how to act in front of Scott. So I called her and suggested that she can come over before we were heading to his house, I just figured it would calm her nerves a little bit.

We were currently laying on my bed, it was pretty big and was positioned to my huge front window that had a really lovely view.  “What’s going on between you and Stiles by the way? Lydia told me you had an argument in Mrs.Martins class today.” Kira looked at me with a worried expression.

“It was nothing serious, really. He was just getting on my nerves, that’s all.” I shrugged.  “Well if you say so.” She didn’t seem to quite believe me, so I changed the topic to her and Scott.

“You like him, don’t you?” sending her a smirk, I noticed the blush that decorated her cheeks. “Yes, I guess. I mean he is really funny and sweet.” “Aaaaand hot , and you just wanna grab him and –“ “Okay okay, stop!” Laughing, we went over to my wardrobe to get ready.

“Wait so you’re saying we’re going to wear pajamas?” she asked in disbelief.  “Of course. It’s movie night, duh.” I responded, holding back a laugh at her shocked expression.  “But I didn’t bring one. I just have what I’m wearing right now!”  “It’s fine, you can borrow one from me.” I pulled a simple white Shirt with fluffy pajama pants out of my drawer and handed them to Kira, and grabbing a black big shirt with pink short pajama pants for me. “That means you’re spending almost every weekend with Stiles, dressed in these short pants, possibly even sharing a blanket and you’re telling me nothing has ever happened between the two of you?” Kira smirked.  “Kira, we’re just friends! And it’s not like we’re alone in his room or anything, Scott is there two!”  “Yes, but he can’t see what’s going on under the blanket.” I threw my pajamas at her “Oh my gosh, stop! You have such a dirty mind!” She just laughed at me and continued to change.

After buying some more snacks and packing up our things, we we’re heading to Scott’s house in  Kira’s new car. Unfortunately I didn’t have a license, so I always relied on other people or the bus. But most of the time Kira or Stiles drove me, so I never really had a problem getting anywhere, even though I hated it. I felt like a child that couldn’t take care of herself.

When we arrived at Scott’s, he happily opened the door and greeted me with a hug. His face lit up when his eyes fell on Kira. She was wearing the clothes I gave her, and she had her long dark hair down, falling gracefully over her shoulders. She was naturally beautiful, and I admired her for that.

Shortly after, a pair of strong arms wrapped around me and my eyes met light brown ones, the ones that belonged to Stiles. ”I see you’re not punching me or pushing me away and you’re even smiling, so does that mean your mood is better and you can be my friend again?”  he said, smiling widely. “Yes that means I can be your friend again.” I replied, my smile as big as his.  “Good.” He ruffled my hair which made me giggle.

“Are you two lovebirds coming or do you want to get a room upstairs?” I heard Malia, who I hadn’t noticed before. It was supposed to sound like a joke but suddenly I felt uncomfortable being so close to Stiles, so I loosened myself out of his embrace. “Jealous much?”  Kira mumbled behind me, but Malia heard it. “No, it’s just annoying when they are all over each over in the middle of the room.” She snapped, which earned her a warning look from Scott.

Oh man, this was going to be an interesting night.

[part 3]

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hey! hey! hey!! could you lovely please upd8 the dark stiles tag?? <3

I can. I can. I got you, boo. - Anastasia

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we are death by nezstorm

(1/1 I 288 I General I Stiles/Nogitsune I Horror)

“We have not come for you,” the shadow spits as it reforms, over and over again, the voice an echoing boom.

Dark Gaurdians by TheAngelsCryInBlood

(1/1 I  584 I Teen I Jordan/Stiles)

A short one-shot of Demon Stiles and his Hellhound Jordan dealing with Chimeras

Sweater Weather by WhenItsDarkOut

(1/1 I 1,123 I Teen I Sterek I Angst)

Stiles loves Derek too much and Derek loves him too little.

This little piggy by Fox_Pause

(1/1 I 1,206 I Explicit I Sterek, Scisaac I Mafia AU)

The pack is the Mafia of Beacon Hills.

The Things We Do For Memories by makingitwork

(1/1 I  1,240 I Explicit I Steo I Murder Husbands)

Theo gives Stiles to the Dread Doctors

the scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls by Lovehatress

(1/? I  1,539 I Mature I Petopher, Jordan/Sheriff, Sterek, Scallison. Cora/Isaac I BAMF!Stiles)

The sheriff lost both his wife and soon to a car accident ten years ago. Then one day a stranger came to town. This stranger turns out to be the sheriff’s nephew. His nephew brought the fire of hell with him and it was all inside of him but little did people know this stranger would set the town a flame for good for once.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday by UnstableIntention (BeneficialAddiction)

(1/? I 1,558 I Mature I Steter I D/s)

It might be about power, it might be about praise, but more than anything it’s all about control.

Never Underestimate a Fox by the_wolfie_from_the_glade

(1/1 I  1,678 I Not Rated I No Pairing I Void!Stiles)

Wait for a better time. Wait for an easy opening. Just wait. Stiles had been waiting, forced to watch Theo rip his friends and pack away from each other. Although Scott knew, nothing was done. They were simply…waiting. Well Stiles was done waiting. He wanted Theo to pay for what he had done and if he had to awaken a dark fox spirit from his past to do it, then so be it. ~One-shot~

Your Darkness Enraptures Me by Mysenia

(1/1 I  2,085 I Teen I Steter I Bottom!Peter)

Stiles’ darkness comes to the surface and Peter gets to experience it first hand, it enraptures him.

For His Prince by places for badwolfbadwolf

(1/1 I  2,379  I Explicit I Sterek, Steo/Sheriff I Rape)

Prince Stilinski acquires a new slave and breaks him in.

The One You Feed by ladyazura

(1/1 I  2,522 I Mature I Nogitsune/Stiles)

“What did we say about foxes? We’re tricksters. We tricked all of you.”

Let Me In Again by just_really_sarCAStic

(1/1 I 3,198 I Teen I Sterek, Liam/Hayden, Scisaac, Jydia I Nightmares)

“Scott, it’s Deaton. We have a problem. The jar with the nogitsune fly in it? It’s empty.”

Cold by Are_you_ever_not_going_to_fall_for_that

(1/1 I 3,401 I Teen I No Pairing I Vampire!Stiles)

Scott and his pack hunt down a dark creature of the night.

Ripped Open by space_punk

(5/? I  5,517 I Mature I Steo I Angst)

Stiles hates Theo. Hates him. He has done too much and hurt too many people to ever be forgiven. But Theo is patient. He knows that to get what he wants-everything Scott has- he has to bide his time. He has to earn trust, manipulate where he can, until he has Stiles right where he wants him.

Well, almost.

How to Starve a Demon by PenPatronusAooO

(1/1 I 6,270 I General I No Pairing I Nogitsune)

Scott, Derek, and the rest of the pack try to exorcise the Nogitsune, werewolf-style, from Stiles.

Getting The Message by MidNightStories

(4/20 I 7,225 I Mature I Sterek, Peter/Isaac, Scallison, Jydia, Berica I ABO)

Derek could never understand how Stiles feels and Stiles knows it. He would never understand how it is to be human, to be living with the anxiety of never being good enough. To live with the guilt of just breathing while everyone else is going through the motions. Derek would never understand how it feels to have a mere bat as a source of strength. Or how it feels knowing no matter how strong you think you are, with one little push, you start crumbling away. Derek would never understand and Stiles knows it.

So why is he still trying to explain?

Marks On My Skin by murpymurpwriter

(6/? I 7,313 I Mature I No Pairing I Angst)

Derek is human once again. This may or may not have something to do with Stiles’ improved health.

Eat me. Don’t mind if I do by SmutHorn 

(8/? I  7,418 I Explicit I Sterek, Stiles/OMC I Rape/NonCon)

Stiles is upset Derek and Scott wont let him come to meet the new baddies. They argue then make up sex. Repeat the fight and then Stiles goes dark side.


Symptoms of Insanity by DBCovers1

(3/? I  7,686 I Mature I Stackson, Scallison, Scira I Major Character Death)

Stiles and the Pack have a new enemy to face, but the problem is the enemy bears a familiar face one that has everyone reeling and afraid for what must be done. The question isn’t how do we kill? But rather how do we save a life? Jackson sees the boy beneath the beast and must do everything in his will to save him but where does the line begin and where does it end, because to save one all are willing to risk it all. Darkness befits the harrowing tales for the beast of a legend will soon break the humans veil.

The Devil Within by NeverTrustAFox

(12/? I 10,202 I Teen I Steo I Post Nogitsune)

The smile on Stiles’ face was predatory and that was enough to make Theo uncomfortable. He hadn’t seen this coming, this hadn’t been part of his plan.

The Dangers Of An Evil Mind by madnessiseverything

(8/? I  10,207 I Not Rated I No Pairing I Human AU)

They tried hard to forget, to hide. And they succeeded admirably. That is until one day a man with startling blue eyes and a smirk uncovers their secret with frightening ease.
“It’s a funny thing, guilt. Some feel it more than others. Some people get consumed by it, others would barely call it an itch. The four of you show different stages of guilt and it’s quite entertaining, really. But I have to give it to you, your acting skills are fantastic. I am sure nobody else suspects a thing. Hat off, kids.”

Here’s Not Here by theroguesgambit

(1/1 I  10,374 I Teen I Sterek I Wolf!Stiles)

Stiles is different today.

they will know us by the trail of dead by cywscross

(4/? I  13,698 I Teen I Steter I Mates)

True mates should never be torn apart. Let this be a lesson to the world.

The Escort and the Cage by The_Hollow_Bones

(2/? I  14,502 I Teen I Stallison I Angst)

Some things were a constant. Truths that remained unchanged, no matter what. She didn’t know why. Fate, maybe.She didn’t want to believe any of it.But the look in his eyes scared her. Because he believed. And that made her believe, too


Why y'all hating on her. She’s such a great person I love and admire her latina/ hispanic ethnicty. I think her soprano voice his amazing. Did you see the way she was concerned about Tracy before she dug her claws into her wrist. lol. But I honestly love Hayden. I respect her 100%. Just because Victoria Moroles is playing Liam’s love interest doesn’t mean she should get hate from you. She’s just simply doing her job/part. She’s taken so you don’t have to keep worrying about her and Dylan getting together. I’m just really tired of you guys calling her out. Liam is basically in Scott’s shoes, because as we all know Scott starting liking/dating Allison when he was a SOPHOMORE. And guess what guys Liam a sophomore now!! He’s at that age where he’ll start getting feelings for girls and asking them out. I don’t see the problem there, it’s just how life is. We all start developing feelings sooner or later. Liam’s getting a love interest whether we like it or not. I ship it. I got Hayden/ Victoria’s back on this cause I think she’s alright for Liam, and they would make a really cute ship/ couple on the show. Stop throwing hate towards her, seriously get a life. Lol jk love you. But no It’s teen wolf guys, come on, anything can happen. Liam x Hayden. 

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why do you hate Corey??? share your thoughts share your thoughts share your thoughts LOVE IT WHEN U SHARE YOUR OPINION ur always right.

Why We Hate Corey: A List By Rongasm and @itsalwayslydia

Warning: SALT AHEAD!

  • Not Brett but still thinks he should date Mason???? Where did that come from????
  • He’s just shady man, who is Corey? 
  • Whiney. Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. 
    • Like honestly do you know what’s happening to Lydia right now? She’s trapped in Eichen House getting a hole drilled into her head, shut the fuck up you have no problems
  • Also his powers are so evil, he uses them for bad, not for Scott McCall. 
  • Treats Scott badly btw. Is a total dick to Scott. 
  • Meant to replace Danny. 
  • Is not good enough to replace Danny. 
  • Did he ever thank Malia for siphoning an intense amount of pain for him and saying his life? Um. Probably not. Because he feels like he’s entitled to it. 
  • Was dumb enough to grab the arm of someone who he knew is a hellhound. *slow clap it out for the genius* 
    • And then, when he was burning up and Parrish was throwing him, he landed on STILES AS HE WAS GOING TO SAVE LYDIA and that meant that Stiles couldn’t get Lydia because he was too busy throwing off this bitch’s body. And you know, Lydia killed a man with her scream and will probably suffer a ton of PTSD and guilt and fear from that moment. Which literally wouldn’t have happened if not for Corey. 
  • Instead of helping he just snooped around the McCall pack invisibly and Scott literally only knew he was there because he heard him breathing. 
    • Like, what was your goal, Corey? Haunt them and then go search out Mason himself? 
  • Another white cis male? Groundbreaking. 
  • How did he never get murdered he makes so many stupid choices. 
    • He was literally on fire in that trailer and I was like “YESSSSS COREY’S GONE!” and somehow he lived and I’m just sitting there like… what? WhT?ALKTl;s!?!?!? 
Liam Dunbar Imagine~Perfectness (Awkwardness III)

Liam Dunbar Imagine~Awkwardness

Liam Dunbar Imagine~Nervousness (Awkwardness II)

Requested by: Anon

Request: Yes! Yes! Yes! I need part 3.

Can you please do a part 3 of awkwardness ? 💖

part 3 of awkwardness please please please. Cute and awkward Liam it’s my favorite Liam

A/N: Awkward Liam is everyone’s favourite. Even if Liam isn’t your Freebie. None of the gifs are mine.

Warnings: Cute/Awkward Liam

Words: 2.279

All Of My Imagines


Pairing: Liam x Reader

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Liam’s POV.

I run upstairs to Lydia and she is already standing with the clothes. “Take a shower then you put these on. When you are done I do your hair. If you mess up one thing I’ll kill you,” she says. “That is totally not frightening,” I say. I take a shower and I start to feel really nervous for what is going to happen. I don’t want to ruin her date. I dry myself and I put on my clothes. I wear black jeans with a white t-shirt and a black jacket. Lydia said that it would look classic from the black and white but also really modern and not too tuxedo-ish thanks to the jean and also the shoes but I put them on later. They are just sneakers. “Lydia!” I yell. She walks in and she puts my clothes in the right position. She thought it was just an inch too much to the right. “Don’t move because you will ruin this,” she says and she starts doing my hair. I don’t like others messing with my hair but it is all for y/n and she is worth it. I know the day that I fell in love with her really well.

Brett is today at our school and I hate him! Tonight we have to play against Devenford Prep. I tried to act nice to him but he said he would break me in half. I know I am a werewolf but when a ridiculously tall guy says it to you, you feel threatened. I told Stiles and Scott about my I.E.D problem and Lydia brought some clothes because she had a free period. My hair is still a bit wet from the shower but that isn’t such a big problem. I walk to my class and I sit down in my seat. “Good morning, class. Today we have a new student,” mister Yukimura says. There walks a girl into the classroom and she is beautiful. I can’t stop starring at her and at her perfectness. I lean on my arms who are leaning on my etui. She has beautiful y/e/c and y/h/l (your hair length), y/h/c. She smiles and you can see her perfect white teeth. She puts her hair behind her ear and she steps forward. She has beautiful legs with a leather skinny jeans. She has a black with red blouse. You know those with black and red blocks. It is open and under it she has a white shirt. She has black boots and her bag hangs over her shoulder. Suddenly my etui slips away under my arms and my arms fall off the table. Because I leaned on them I also fall and I fall hard. Everybody starts to look at me and mister Yukimura looks up. Some people are laughing and I see the beautiful girl chuckle. “Liam, are you alright?” mister Yukimura asks and I nod. I see the girls looking at me and my face starts to get red. I climb back on my seat again. “Well, this is y/f/n y/l/n. Have a seat,” mister Yukimura says. When she walks by me she looks at me again. I get this weird feeling in my stomach and I feel my heart racing like an idiot. I panic! Maybe I will transform in the classroom! Suddenly I smell a great smell and I realise it is y/n’s. It smells so great! So soft but it has something with pit. I don’t know how to explain it.

“Liam! Stop daydreaming!” Lydia says. “Sorry, I am just really nervous. I don’t know what to say to her,” he says. “We discussed that. Just be yourself but try to be a bit less awkward,” she says. “And if it goes wrong it can’t be because of your looks,” she says. She takes a few steps back and she scans me. I look in the mirror. Not bad. “What now?” I ask. “We are done! Everything is set up!” Scott says and he walks in. He is under the mood and he has a lot of leafs in his hair. Stiles follows and he looks terrible too. “What happened?” I ask. “Well, there were a few animal traps. We fell in a few holes and hang around in the trees but I think every animal trap is gone now,” Stiles says. “And everything is perfect. It looks beautiful,” Scott says. “Thank you!” I say. “Well, everything is better than your daydreams about her or your normal dreams. Hearing you talk about her. Or you sniffing her,” Scott says. “How many times do I have to say that it calms me down when she makes my heart go crazy,” I say. “Then it is time for you to pick your girl up,” Lydia says and she pushes me downstairs. Kira pushes a basket into my hands and Lydia pushes me to my car. “Everything is in the basket,” Kira says. “And I know exactly what to do,” I say. “Really?” Malia asks. “I know what to do not what to say,” I say. “That sounds way more logic!” I say. “Malia, you only make him more nervous. I can already smell it from a mile away,” Scott says. “That isn’t helping,” I say. “Here the keys of the car,” Lydia says and she puts the keys in my hand. “Now go and get your girl!” Scott says and I get in the car. Hearing them being so confident in me helps me to get rid of my nervousness. A bit then. I put the keys in it and I turn them around. I can hear the motor start and I get nervous again. I drive slowly to her house but fast enough to be on time. I get out of the car and I step on her porch. I walk to her door and I want to ring the doorbell but I don’t dare to do it. I don’t want to ruin this. But I do have to. This is maybe my only chance. I don’t want to lose it. I push the button and I can hear the doorbell ring I take a step back and someone opens the door. It is y/n. She wears a red dress with a silver belt. Red heals and a black leather jacket. The one she wore the first day  that I saw her. The day I fell in love with her. She smiles to me and I put a smile on my face too. “Ready to go?” I ask and she nods. She closes the door and I walk to my car. She walks in front of me and she looks beautiful. Her eyes sparkle and her smile shines. I want to open the door but I trip and I can hold myself onto my car just before I fall. “Are you alright?” she asks and I get back up. “Yes, I-I am fine,” I say. It just went well and now this! I open the door for her and she gets in the car. I walk to the other side and I climb in the car. I start it and I drive to our picnic. “You do have something with tripping and falling, don’t you?” she asks. “Well, normally I don’t fall that much it is just that distract me with your beauty and I wasn’t supposed to say that,” I say and I face palm myself. She chuckles and she gets a bit red on her cheeks. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” I say. “I know but it’s cute,” she says. “I thought you would think it is stupid,” I say. “No, I think it is adorable. Lots of girl do,” she says and I chuckle. “Do you want to tell where we are going and what we are going to do?” “I want to but I won’t,” I say. “Can you give a hint?” she asks. “Again, I can but I won’t. It is a surprise. But I can assure you that you’ll love it,” I say. I stop the car and I get out. I open her door and she gets out. “You really are a gentleman,” she says. I get my basket when she doesn’t look and I walk to her. I put one hand over her eyes and I slip my other one in hers. I lead with the hand that is in hers. “We are almost there,” I say. When we are here I take my hand away from her eyes.

Y/n’s POV.

Liam has one of his hand over my eyes and his other hand in mine. He is maybe the one who has the awkward/cute actions but him giving me his hand gives me a warm feeling. He takes his hand from my eyes and it is beautiful. “Oh my gosh! I love it!” I say. It is really beautiful. I look around and I just don’t know what to do or to say. He walks forward and he puts the basket down. I didn’t even know that he had a basket. There is a beautiful black blanket lying on a sea of red rose petals. It is so beautiful. The sea of red rose petals is bigger than the blanket so it is coming under it. There are standing lanterns in the trees. You would say that it is really light but it is in the middle of the woods and it isn’t that light today. “Are you coming?” Liam asks and I look at him. He has set everything ready. There are plates with food and cups with drinks. Liam takes my hand and he brings me to the picnic. I kneel down and so does he. “I didn’t know what you liked so I have different things,” he says. He has sandwiches, pancakes, fruit salad and much more. “It is amazing,” I say and I look up into his beautiful blue eyes. “Y-you think?” he asks. “Yes, it is perfect. Did you do this all on your own?” I ask. “I had a bit help of my friends,” he says. “But I don’t really want to hear about your friends. I want you to tell me something about you,” I say and I take some of the food. This is good! “Well, I love playing Lacrosse,” he says. “I saw at the games and I did watch some trainings of you. You are really good,” I say. “You watched my trainings?” he asks. “Well… Yes, you are not the only one who acts different when they like someone,” I say. “Y-you like me?” he stutters and he accidentallly drops a cup with the drinks. I jump back and he jumps up. “I am so sorry!” he says. “It didn’t came on my dress so it isn’t such a big problem,” I say. “But it did came on the blanket.” “I think it can survive it,” he says. “I didn’t mean to scare you like that. It slipped out,” I say. “Normally I am the one who slips out things,” he chuckles. “Well, it is good to change the roles sometimes,” I say. Suddenly I feel raindrops. “It isn’t starting to rain, is it?” he asks. I hold my hand up and there fall a few raindrops on. “I think it is,” I say. “This isn’t supposed to happen,” he says. “You can’t control the weather,” I say. He puts the food in the basket and I get the blanket. “It’s a waste for the petals,” I say. “Come on. Before we are getting wet,” he says. “But first.” He puts his jackets about my shoulders and we start to walk to the car. It is starting to rain only harder and we are walking faster. “I don’t think we are getting it to the car in time,” he says. “Maybe we can hide under a tree. It will clear up soon,” I say. We stop walking when we are by a tree. The tree doesn’t catch that much rain so we have to stand very closely to each other. But I don’t mind. “I am really sorry,” he says. “You can’t do anything about this. Like I already said you can’t control the weather,” I say. “But I should’ve seen this coming. I ruined our date. This had to be the perfect date and now…,” he rambles but I cut him off with a kiss.

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 I put my hand on his cheek and our lips move in sync. His lips are warm and soft. I break the kiss but I rest my forehead against his. “This date is perfect for me,” I say. “Didn’t you have good dates with those other guys who asked you out?” he asks. “I don’t have that much dates,” I say. “Tons of guys have asked you out. I-I mean I heard that,” he says. “Did you heard that I turned them down?” I ask. “No, I stopped listening by the previous part,” he says and I chuckle. “Why did you turned them down?” “Because I had my eyes already on someone else,” I say and I smile. Now he is the one who kisses me.

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“I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats.” Steter with Stiles adopting the cats, maybe calling Peter about it when Peter's away for work or Stiles is away at college :)

A/N This did not go quite the way the prompt asked for. Also I went away for the weekend for Hyper Japan and based all the cat occurrences off of my friend’s cat Dixie, who did in fact sit on my head and purr for two hours whilst I was trying to sleep. 

It starts with a ginger tom. Stiles isn’t quite sure how it gets into the apartment but there it is, stretched out on the awful beige carpet in a patch of sunlight. Stiles pauses, bottom lip just touching the rim of his Wonder Woman mug. He doesn’t take a sip of coffee due to the presence of well, a ginger cat. It’s mystifying to say the least. He puts the cup down on the coffee table and proceeds with caution. He stands over the cat, nudging it gently with his foot. The cat flicks one beady eye up to look at him and evidently thinks Stiles is not worth his time because the eye closes and it continues to sleep on peacefully.

“Scott,” Stiles hollers, “Did you bring work home with you again?”

“What?” A bleary eyed Scott yells back as he stumbles into the living room, yawning and scratching his belly where his tank top rides up. He wanders up to Stiles, snagging the Wonder Woman mug off the coffee table and downing it. Stiles points at the cat that has taken up residence on their carpet.

“That’s a cat,” Scott says. Stiles resists the urge to roll his eyes.

“Yes Scott.”

“We don’t own a cat.”

“Congratulations Scott, you win the prize for the most pointless statement at 9.30 am.”

Scott punches him in the arm, which with werewolf strength hurts more than it should.

“Ow,” Stiles grumbles, shoving Scott playfully. “Seriously though, did you save this kitty from the vet clinic?”

“It’s not one of ours.”

Stiles expression is skeptical.

“Scott you have a habit of bringing home injured animals. Remember the Yorkshire terrier with the broken paw.”

“His owners were mean to him,” Scott whines, pulling out his trademark kicked puppy face. Stiles has only really just developed an immunity to it. Only just.

“Or the duck with a broken wing. The pregnant Great Dane, which gave birth in our bath. And my personal favorite, the porcupine in the laundry. I had quills in my lacrosse shorts for two months.”

“I said I was sorry. And I’m telling you I didn’t bring this cat home. It’s probably a neighbors that got through the open window,” Scott says, pointing to the window before meandering off to the kitchen.

“Well excuse me for jumping to conclusions given that previous evidence shows that your soft heart has lead to our apartment becoming an impromptu animal sanctuary,” Stiles retorts. He glares at the cat, and nudges it with his foot. It refuses to budge. Stiles is a little more forceful. The cat simply rolls over.

“Go home,” Stiles mutters. The cat yawns and flicks its tail lazily. “Get out. Vamoose. Skedaddle. Shift it.” The cat does not move.

“Scott come be the alpha and get it out,” Stiles demands.

“Not a chance,” Scott replies.

The cat, which Stiles calls Cat due to lack of originality and care on his part, decides not to mosey on home and continues to lounge around the apartment like it belongs there. Scott is thrilled to have a pet and ends up bringing home all sorts of food and toys. Stiles however, hates Cat with the burning rage as it has a habit of sleeping on his laptop keyboard when he’s trying to write essays for his Psych 101 class. Cat is a menace in Stiles opinion and he’s fuming because no one wants to claim the bloody animal. Scott, reluctantly, put up flyers in the Animal Clinic with Cat’s picture on them whilst Stiles went to the police station and around town.

“Why can’t we keep him?” Scott asks, his eyes taking on a shiny, pleading quality.

“Because,” Stiles grumbles, wrestling his t-shirt away from Cat who is using it as a sunbed, “It doesn’t belong to us. Somewhere out there is a grief stricken owner who – give it here you little shit – is heartbroken over the loss of their little angel.”

Cat is malicious and conniving and needy. Stiles does not like him one bit. Cat however, seems to adore him. Cat rubs himself up against Stiles legs, winding his way through them. He sleeps in Stiles bed and by sleeping, Cat climbs onto Stiles head and purrs loudly for at least two hours. He curls up on Stiles chest when Stiles is lounging on the sofa. Stiles has unwittingly gained a tiny ginger fan. Scott is a little heartbroken, seeing as Scott feeds and plays with Cat but Stiles puts this down to the fact that Scott is a werewolf and Cat is just racist.

“Do we really want a racist cat in this household?” Stiles points out over Vietnamese takeout one night. Cat is curled up on Stiles lap and no amount of shoving will remove him. “It that what we want to promote, species inequality.”

Scott tries to look less mournful but still eyes Cat with the sort of longing he used to do to Allison. And Kira. And more often than not Isaac.

Unfortunately, Cat has friends. Four friends that he brings home on the weekend that Scott is spending at Kira’s apartment. Stiles, who is shattered from doing essays on Sirens for his mythology class, wanders out to shove day old macaroni and cheese from the fridge into his mouth like an animal when he spots them in the living room, curled up on the leather sofa. Two tabby, one ginger (Cat), one black and one white. It’s a freaking epidemic.

“Excuse you,” Stiles says, addressing Cat as if Cat is a person or as if Cat really cares, “I don’t believe that you were permitted to bring home friends. You aren’t even a resident here. You are a pest, a parasite. Possibly a homeless man who we let stay on the couch for one night but now has overstayed their welcome by weeks. You are not supposed to even be here, let alone bring cronies. Out the lot of you.”

As expected, the cats ignore him.

“Great,” Stiles grumbles, “Why not invite the whole neighborhood? I’m sure there’s tons of space. We could start a freaking home for abandoned cats while we’re at it.”

When Scott gets home the next day, Stiles is smothered in cats. Cat sits on Stiles head, purring merrily whilst the others have taken up resident on his chest and thighs.

“I hate cats,” Stiles says venomously, spitting out cat hair.

“No,” Stiles says, arms folded and gaze hard, “We cannot have pack night here, I refuse.”

“But I’m the alpha,” Scott replies, confused as to why Stiles objection is so strong. Stiles gestures to Cat, Feline (white), Gatto (black), Kot (tabby) and Muca (tabby) who are all lounging around the apartment in various patches of sun.

“Our little C-A-T problem,” Stiles says, as Gatto rubs himself against Stiles legs.

“So?” Scott asks, his confused puppy expression coming out to play.

“The cats dislike you,” Stiles says slowly, “Because you’re a werewolf and they are racist. You are bringing werewolves, a banshee and kitsune into this apartment. Do you not see the issue?”

Scott clearly doesn’t because he shrugs and invites everyone over anyway. Stiles glares at the cats and threatens them bodily harm. They don’t care or even acknowledge the threats but at least Stiles feels slightly better.

The cats hate everyone. Stiles is buried beneath them and they hiss angrily like a many headed hydra any time the pack gets too close. Liam, Isaac and Derek have all been clawed violently. Kira, Scott and Lydia have had the sense to stay far away, on the opposite side of the living room.

“I told you this would happen,” Stiles, laments, his voice muffled by Gatto rubbing himself against Stiles cheek.

“I didn’t think they’d hate the whole pack,” Scott replies mournfully. Kira pats his arm comfortingly whilst Liam uses Scott as a human shield in case the army of cats decides to attack.

“I hate cats,” Stiles grumbles, attempting to fold his arms and failing. After struggling for several minutes, Stiles gives up being gentle and stands up, allowing the cats to slide down his body. They plop to the ground, Gatto landing on top of Feline’s head and Muca landing upside down. Stiles wrenches Cat from his head, dropping him on the nearby sofa. Cat yawns and stretches before curling up. Kot, Muca and Gatto clamber up onto the sofa to curl up beside Cat whilst Feline takes the armchair.

“Great, now we have nowhere to sit,” Isaac says, eyeing the cats angrily and rubbing his hand though the cut has long since healed. Stiles goes to reply that none of this is his fault when the doorbell rings. Stiles rushes to answer it, giddy with the feeling of being able to walk without being tripped up by cats.

Peter is lounging in the hallway when Stiles opens the door. Sometimes Stiles forgets that he’s actually on their side now and isn’t a raging megalomaniac with a thirst for blood. It’s difficult to remember seeing as Peter’s solutions to supernatural problems usually involve heavy bloodshed.

“A pleasure to see you as always,” Peter says as he passes Stiles. Stiles grumbles under his breath, mumbling something that sounds like ducking glass mole. He follows Peter but nearly walks into him when Peter stops at the entrance to the living room.

“Well, well, well,” Peter says, voice thick as honey but not as sweet, “What is going on here?”

“What are you?” Stiles mutters, shimmying past Peter, “A British cop from the 70’s.”

Peter ignores that comment, instead gesturing to the sleeping cats and nervous wolves.

“We accidently adopted five cats who have a problem with werewolves,” Stiles replies, “And Scott wouldn’t let me take them to the animal shelter.”

Peter chuckles, wandering over to the sofa to inspect the collection of kitties. He reaches a hand down to run his fingers over Muca’s head.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Liam says from his hiding spot behind Scott. Peter ignores him, stroking Muca with a gentle touch. And to the surprise of everyone except perhaps Lydia, Muca purrs, arching up into the touch.

“Of course they’d like you,” Stiles says, “They’re malicious little devils, they recognize that you are basically Satan in a V-neck. You are evidently their master and as their master you should really take them off our hands.”

Peter continues to stroke Muca, ignoring Stiles proposal.

“Well as fascinating as this is,” Lydia says, flicking cat hair from her cardigan, “This meeting is reconvening in the sushi bar down the road. Stiles, you join us when you don’t look like a walking fur ball.”

Stiles looks down at his hair covered clothes, shocked to discover that his jeans now look like a pair of ugly furry trousers. He curses the cats, slapping the hair from his jeans and flipping Peter off when he hears him laughing.

Peter ends up visiting every weekend to see the cats. Scott ends up spending more time at Kira’s, which leaves Stiles to deal with Peter. It’s actually surprisingly easy. Peter arrives, curls up on the sofa with a book and the cats and leaves after a few hours. Stiles potters around the apartment, doing work or cleaning and sometimes he’ll join Peter on the sofa to read. Peter ends up staying later and later, allowing Stiles to pick his brain over supernatural queries. Peter will occasionally cook for Stiles, constantly berating him for the lack of fresh ingredients in the cupboard. Stiles likes to point out that he is a lowly college student whose funds are spent on books and his jeep, not organic produce. Peter ends up bringing his own ingredients after that.

“You don’t think it’s weird?” Scott asks. They’re both using the college gym, although it’s not like Scott really needs to. Stiles wipes sweat from his forehead.

“What do you mean?” Stiles asks in return, filling up his water bottle from the tap.

“That he keeps coming to the apartment to hang out with the cats,” Scott says, “He’s never wanted to spend this kind of time with us before.”

“Correction, spend time with me, you are otherwise occupied engaging in the horizontal tango with Kira.”

“Dude I’m serious.”

“Hello serious, I’m Stiles.”

“Dad jokes really?”

“Don’t knock the classics Scotty. And stop making that face, Peter is mostly harmless. Yeah occasionally, he has that glint in his eye which usually signifies that he’s thinking about murder but apart from that he’s fine.”

Scott looks dubious but drops the issue.

It hits Stiles in the middle of an exam. It’s the most inopportune time and he makes a mental note to think about it later because you know, exam, good grades future, but the fact is, he realizes why Peter is hanging around with the cats so much. It’s because they like him, they don’t shy away from his touch. They enjoy his company and stroking and generally like to climb all over him the same way they do Stiles. This knowledge fills Stiles with a strange sadness or at least pity for Peter. Then he mentally shakes himself because Peter doesn’t want his pity.

Stiles starts small, a gentle brush of fingers when he hands Peter a mug of tea, moving marginally closer to him at the dining table, looking straight at his face with he’s speaking. Once Peter is comfortable with these interactions, Stiles steps up his game to lingering touches on the arm when they make dinner together and clapping a hand on Peter’s shoulder when Stiles leans over to look at Peter’s new book. If Peter knows what’s going on he doesn’t say anything. He eats up the attention, returning the soft touches and moving closer into Stiles space. One night, he kisses Stiles cheek as he leaves. Stiles cheek tingles for hours afterwards.

Stiles didn’t mean to fall for Peter, it just sort of happened. Between the talks and the touches and the meals, it happened. And maybe, just maybe, Peter feels the same way too. Stiles isn’t entirely sure, it’s based off a gut feeling; a gut feeling that he plans to follow through. He invites Peter over for Friday night, makes sure that Scott is out with Kira and the rest of the pack is otherwise occupied and sets up the living room with soft candlelight, using electronic tea lights instead of real open flame. He cooks a proper meal, even using some of the money he was saving to get the Jeep a new paint job to buy fresh, organic ingredients. He even wears a nice suit, no tie and shirt unbuttoned slightly. He even manages to force the cats into wearing tiny bow ties, much to their distain.

It leaves Peter almost speechless. Almost.

“All this for me,” Peter says, arm curling around Stiles waist to pull him close, “Am I being wooed?”

“100% yes,” Stiles says, pressing his cheek to Peter’s and scent marking him, “All the wooing. I am a wooing master.”

Peter laughs. They kiss, a soft, sweet, slow kiss that leaves Stiles lips tingling and his heart pounding.

“Well then, woo away.”

Some Ao3 stats:

There are currently 66,170 fics in the Teen Wolf section of Ao3.

Of those, 35,496 don’t have Scott tagged as a character in the fic at all.

(By contrast, only 10,945 don’t have Stiles tagged as a character).

There are 23,635 fics that have Stiles tagged as a character, but Scott not tagged as a character in the fic.

There are 2,465 fics that have Scott tagged as a character, but not Stiles tagged as a character in the fic.

For the record, this last part is the thing that bothers me. Obviously I have my feelings on fandom’s erasure of Scott and glorification of Stiles in general, I’m not shy about that. But people have the right to write what they want to write. I’m never going to say there’s no reason for people to be fans of Stiles and for him to be the character they want to write about.

But my problem is the fact that there are literally TEN TIMES as many fics with Stiles without Scott as there are fics with Scott without Stiles. Now granted, these are basic numbers and there’s no way to know how many of those fics are Stiles centric as opposed to him just being present.

But still. Compare that to the less than 2,500 fics where the reverse is true.

In a fandom of over 66,000 fics, only 2,500 fics write about Scott without Stiles needing to be factor. Over ten times as many fics posit Stiles as a character without needing Scott to even just be along for the ride.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t write Stiles, I’m not saying people shouldn’t write about Scott and Stiles as friends or in a relationship. I’m just saying, THIS is why when I propose fan events promoting Scott-centered fanworks, I try and encourage people to explore Scott’s relationships with characters other than Stiles.

Because as often as parts of fandom say that they love Scott and Stiles’ friendship and it’s so important to them, it’s hard to imagine one without the other, they’re basically linked in peoples’ minds….it’s just not true. Look at those numbers again. Over ONE THIRD of the fics in this fandom value Stiles as a character worth writing about without his canon best friend being present. Only 2,500 think that there’s even an occasion to write about Scott without Stiles being included as a package deal. THIS is what I have a problem with. It’s not about how many of those fics are Sterek or Stydia, it’s not about me hating Stiles, it’s not about not wanting Stiles to be in fics….

It’s about Scott being a character in his own right, not half the Scott-and-Stiles package combo. That you can’t have the one without the other, when the reverse isn’t true. That Scott-centric writers get comments on our fics all the time asking ‘where’s Stiles’ and ‘yeah but what about Stiles’, like how dare we leave him out when Scott is left out of over half the fics in fandom, period.

Anyway, this is just me venting a little and explaining why all fanwork events I try and organize will always encourage works that don’t rely on Scott’s relationship with Stiles as a core dynamic of the fic. It honestly has nothing to do with trying to exclude Stiles or erase his presence in Scott’s narrative, it’s simply about exploring Scott more as a character that isn’t treated as helplessly co-dependent on another character by fandom. 

Asking for more of something in Column B isn’t actually asking for LESS of something in Column A. It isn’t a zero sum game. 

(PS, I will be going through the @scottmccallfanworks blog soon and posting a master list and archive of all works created for the Scott McCall as Primary event. I want to thank everyone who participated, there were some really great works created and I hope everyone found something to enjoy there. Work got a little crazy right around then and it was my first time organizing an event, so I dropped the ball a bit, and I apologize for that, guys. But again, SO appreciative of everyone who signal boosted, created stuff, or just enjoyed it. I will be organizing more Scott-centric events, this time with more lead-time and more focus based off this experience, and hope you all come out for those as well!)

The Final Problem

So there was a lot of…er…different reactions…to that episode of Sherlock. However, hate it or love it, I think we can all agree that it was just the best thing when Andrew Scott jumped down from that helicopter to Queen. I mean, the whole show is going to hell in a psychotic hand basket and all this motherf*cker has to do is show up and everybody goes off it. Loved it. Love love love and no, this is not the end. If it was, do you not think Moftiss would have let us know before now?