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What Is In A Name!

She used to dream of her lover and never knew his face. She used to dream of her home but before she could take it back she was suddenly met with a different path.

Daenerys chose to look North. Daenerys chose to fight the real enemy. It costed her Viserion. It costed her and her dear friend Missandei, Greyworm and it almost took her. All her life she bled, she gave, she suffered, she withstood, she ran, she walked, she crawled, she breathed a life not befitting for a daughter of a King. As mad as her father was she was still a princess.

Home is not just an architectural vision anymore, it is in her husband. It is in her family. She remembers the fateful day he came to her shores. She remembers the moment she came to seeing his face in the cave. In the dimmed tunnel… his face like a passing shadow. Like the lover in her dreams. Even before she willingly allowed herself to at least weigh the odds of finding romance amidst a war albeit her heart had already chose. Her heart had already sought the face of her once dreamt lover and found him to be infinitely more than just a vision himself.

Aegon is his name. He did not like it. He used to say it reminds him of the lies.

“Your real name … is Aegon Targaeryan. You were never a bastard.”

 "I sure felt like one. I lived like one. I did as one. I breathed as one. I ran, fought, crawled, walked as one. That name to me,“ he spat, "is worthless!A Targaeryan? It will never conjure up to the real life I lived. What?! A prince of Dragonstone?”

“And what of the Northron Lords? The moment they hear the truth they will drop their loyalties and walk away, and maybe even kill me first.”

Arya tugs on the hilt of her Needle before breaking in to say, “I’d like to see them try!”

All awhile Sansa leaned back into her chair, her hand clasped around her mouth with disbelief.

“He lied to me! My fathe- Uncle lied to me! All those years he never spoke a word! He lied!” Jon ended with exasperation his voice shaking. The grave realisation of who he really is dawning upon him, the father he thought was his, the love he thought he deserved, the cruelty that was brought upon him he believed he deserved. All a lie. Ned Stark is a liar.

“He lied.”

Pairs of eyes drifted across the room towards the silver haired Queen. Sansa and Arya by instinct peeked up to protect their late father and even Bran who was known to be rather … bizarre drifted his attention towards the Dragon Queen.

“Even so, you would ignore the measures of which your uncle went, to even have you breathing still? Do you ignore that if it weren’t for his promise to your mother, to protect you with his life, giving part of himself away as a Lord and as a man to his wife, the Usurper would’ve killed you? Do you ignore the principles he has taught you, to be noble, true to your word and honourable? Everything that man did for you… taught you, is it all for naught then Jon?”

The Stark siblings exchanged glances, surprised at the Queens avow on their father. Yet Jon was livid.

He turns to face her before bellowing, “I was raised a bastard. Or did you forget that Your Grace? I was spat on, I wasn’t allowed to sit with my half brothers or- cousins it doesn’t matter I was looked down upon. Catelyn Stark hated my guts even if I breathed half a mile away from her she hated it. He lied to me. All my life I thought he was my father, and yet I can’t bear, that now I remember everytime he looked at me he would’ve been reminded that it was my fault I tarnished his reputation… my fault I tore him away from his wife, my fault I bruised his family! You wouldn’t have survived what I survived!”

“He wouldn’t do that Jon. Our father loved you like you were his own, and you are our own! You have the blood of the wolf and the blood of the dragon. You are a Stark-” and before Bran could finish his sentence Jon turns away and faces the firepit in an angry stance not willing to have anymore of what the three eyed raven had in say.

Silence fumed the air despite the whole party gathered around the dull room. Bran, still, as emotionless..

Sansa and Arya, glanced at each other remembering the survival they thought the other wouldn’t have survived. They’ve had this ‘conversation’ before and it proved to be meaningless.

Sam stood by the fire undecidedly choosing who to look at Daenerys or Jon, twiddling his thumbs reevaluating whether this was a great idea after all.

Tyrion sporting a glass of wine after the reveal of Jons or is it Aegon now … whichever Jon sees fit for himself, true lineage.

If the Night King knew cold, then her orbs were a furnace.

She narrowed her eyes and without notice for shaken weight beneath her feet she slowly but briskly walked her body up to him. And in a low voice, “You wish to diminish my ability to have gone through what you went through when I have never done such to you with my history. Yes I am a woman and you a man. We may not be the same, but I am just as capable. I am just as worthy. I am just as important, and in my own conviction I am just as strong. I will not try to undermine your past by repeating my own. My reputation serves enough of it.”

“Yes the Targaeryan name has its own weight and yet I will choose to not conform to the maddening ways of my past ancestors. Why? Because I know better.”

After Viserys she always thought she was the last to carry the Targaeryan name, and when she reminisced the heated arguments of her succession with her Lord Hand, she never thought the name would still continue. Tyrion looked up to the Queen he chose and realised that no matter the odds of their romance, if they levelled each other, in spite of all the stupid decisions they’ve made, the two had a chance in surviving anything.

The Targaeryans were known to marry within their own blood, to preserve their links to their dragons, the blood of Old Valyria.

Sansa finally spoke but with a heavy heart she pushes on to say, “ You maybe half Targaeryan, but you are still my brother. Then, now, and always!”

Arya follows after her and she looks to Bran who in turn nods his affirmation. She had always and even despite her mothers cruelty towards Jon, Arya had and always will, side with him. She loved Jon like he was her own brother, and there was nothing that could make her love him any less. Not even a name.

Across the room they are still locked in an impassioned gaze, their breaths catching the vapour of the cold. He clenches his jaw and finally looks down, head bent while Daenerys follows him searching for his brown eyes. She takes his calloused gentle hands in her own. The dragon inside him needs to awaken. It’s been dormant far too long. It wasn’t surrender that overcame him, and she did not accept defeat. The blood of her blood and the blood of the dragon needs to wake the dragon within, not in rage or fits of anger, but to finally accept that dragons were always meant to take Fire.

To take flight.

She curls her hands with his between their chests and whispers, “We can’t bear to lose to this when we know what is coming. You can’t run away Jon. We can’t bear to waste any more time and we will figure out later the fight with Cersei on the Iron Throne-”

“I don’t want the throne-” “

I know,” she softly assures him.

“Jon if there is one thing that I have learnt in all the lessons that I’ve been taught, that it is our choices that condemn us. You wonder why he lied, he chose to love you as his own, condemning his own life, but I imagine it would have been a joy to see you grow into more than everything your mother never lived a day to witness. The least you could do is honour that.”

That night comes and goes in memory whenever she looks at the Starks. What a man their father might have been, their mother was also lied to and it was not in anyone’s candle light to hold her to her actions. Catelyn Stark felt what any other wife could’ve felt. Her brother Rhaegar may have been foolish, blinded by love and lust, driven to annul his dutiful responsibilities for the realm and chose love. Love costed themselves and the realm. Love costs.

But Gods be damned if her husband were to take another woman. What hypocrisy that is it doesn’t matter though she knows her husband is noble and too fair and too just to act on such lust outside of their love. A man of honour in his heart. She still can’t help but wonder whether she would still be enough, even when her hair is greyed out, if anyone could tell, or even when her bones become too frail.

The door closes behind her and she feels a warm embrace around her torso. His face coming to rest beside her neck laying open kisses behind her ear.

“Have they gone to bed?” she asks.

He lets out a chuckle and continues to plant gentle caresses with his mouth while saying , “Daeron wasn’t happy, and Ned only went to bed with a promise to ride Visenya tomorrow and Lynaera wants to ride with Ghost.”

He playfully squeezes her hips and moves his hands behind her starting to unravel her gown, resting atop her bum. With every deft movement of his fingers he never fails to let his mouth leave her neck. She smiles, humming with content full in her heart and turns around to face him resting her palm on his naked chest, his lips halting but his hands never stopped.

“You promised our 4  year olds a ride with a dragon and a full sized direwolf? The dragon I can forgive, Visenya is not that large yet but Ghost…. that I can’t my love,” she protested with a gleam.

All the while he had already finished dissembling her dress before him and pushes it down her body leaving her nipples to harden in exposure. So was he. With anticipation for his Queen.

His palms rested on her wide hips and pulls her closer to his body. He smooths his hands down along her backside and pulls apart softly at her cheeks bringing her up and even closer to him making her moan her pleasure.

“What’s wrong with Ghost?” he murmured softly with a hum and touched her forehead with his, their breaths mingling with each other. “Hmm?”

“He’s far too large and the pups aren’t big enough yet for riding-”

“I don’t know if you can tell my queen but I am rather large for you beneath my underpants if you would like to participate in this riding.”

She gasps with surprise before letting out a laugh bringing her arms up to hold her husbands back pushing him down, closer to her skin. His shaft, truly… hard against her stomach.

“Mmm you got undressed rather quickly my King,” she drags her palms from under his shoulder blades across his chiseled chest and down towards the edge of his britches. Her sex grows slick with want and wetness and she wants nothing more than for him to take her into his arms and ravish her in more ways than she could count.

She pulls at the waistband and slips her soft touch towards his cock before taking the precum at the tip with a swipe of her finger and rubs it onto her slick folds.

Like a trickling hourglass Jon watches her wanton actions with hot breath escaping his mouth finding moisture on her top lip and then the sands of time gives in at its last grain. He growls like a mad wolf beneath his lungs and takes her lips in a heated battle of tongues. His hands pulls and kneads at her arse cheeks, pushing her up against his body grinding his body against hers. They’ve done this countless times before.

It should be simple and easy now and yet it was just as core shattering as the first time they laid together. In a muttered gasp she breathes out, “Jon! I want to feel every ridge of your cock inside me,” and pushes his britches down exposing his hard rod, and wraps her hands around the base of his member.

He doesn’t let her continue with anything more lest he gives in so he gathers her in his arms and carries her to their bed, her lower back just shy of the edge. She opens her smooth legs and he looks down at his beautiful wife.

Her lips inviting, her eyes a fury furnace, her tits with her pebbled nipples and probably still full of milk and he reminisces the time she had let him thirst on her rosy teats with the taste of milk on his tongue. Her chest rising and falling with hums of gasps, her curved waist and birthing hips are where he loves to handle her while pulling her up and down his shaft when she rides him. Her thighs are firm from all the riding on her dragons or on his dragon and finally her glistening cunt. A cavern he loves to get lost in and the one place he would spend to drink himself to a state of stupor.

He bends down eye level with her slick wetness and notices the mix of both their juices between her pussy lips and if rock was hard, his dick becomes pressed diamond. Her puckered clit stands out into the air and he leans down to sniff at her invigorating scent moaning loudly and licking his lips before fingering her clit between his middle and ring finger. Her body jerks at the touch and shudders at the feel on her sensitive spot.

“Jon please!” she begs and thrusts her hips upwards under his fingers.

“I love your body! Your eyes, your lips, your ears and that sensitive spot on your neck that has you shaking when I dress my lips to it and your tits when I press my tongue on your nipples sucking them into my mouth!” he whispers, her swollen lips catching his hot breath.

“I love the noises you make when I am making you feel this good, your legs and your thighs squeezing me while I make love to you my Queen.”

She gasps loudly and sits up on her elbows watching her husband feast his eyes and touch on her swelling pussy. She almost came right then and there.

“I love your pussy my love!” she lets out a whine at the words before grabbing his chin to face her and whimpering a, “Its yours my King.”

To feel love come in at his eyes, coming inside of her, or love in his gentle touch, or even when he takes her from behind. Pushing and pulling her warm snatch over his rigid cock taking her every breath.

“Please Jon,” she pleaded while he continues to play with her clit nipping at her thighs and starts moving closer to where she needs him to be and he gives her a final graze of his teeth on her puckered clit.

But he goes back to kissing her thighs. She huffs out her frustration and reaches down to his dark locks pulling at the soft tresses of hair she finds.

Finally, her abdomen tightens, and she can’t withhold her pleasure anymore. It slowly turns into bearing pain when he still skips over where she wants his mouth to be and right when his gaze catches her watering eyes she pleads once more with a shaky gasp, “Please Jon!”

He licks a stripe from the bottom of her cunt and flicking at the knob and her body clenches in a tight coil within her and she lets go. He is quick to slick his tongue inside her tight hole coaxing her juices into his mouth and the move alone has her shaking on her back.

He presses both his fingers inside tucking it agonisingly slow in and out of her pussy and shifts his attention to her nub sucking it into his mouth, holding it lightly between his teeth and flicking it with the tip of his tongue. She screams her pleasure and tightens around his fingers as he moans his lustful savour of her sweet cunt. He laps up her juices between his fingers and finds that she is about to cum again.

She struggles to push away from Jons assiduous mouth at first and finally she pushes at his chest with her feet and topples over onto her front taking in gasps of air. Her pussy, still aching, clenches at nothing and she yearns for the push of his hard rod to bring her to utmost pleasure. She rises up on her knees and hands before looking behind her at Jon with his dick in his clenched fist, breathing heavy. She moves around facing him and he moves forward to meet her, placing one knee on the bed and with his other hand caressing her face, he pulls her mouth into his. He bends down and pulls a nipple into his mouth and groans deeply before running his hand down from her face behind her to her arse.

“Turn around.” Before she goes to follow her Kings orders she grabs his hand from his cock and places it on her belly looking deep into his eyes. When love overcomes, words have no purpose. He pulls her back in for a passionate kiss and places his forehead against hers stammering under his breath.

She slowly nods her head in assurance and swiftly turns around to bare her waiting pussy for Jon. There’s no need for words in what she or he wants.

He surges forward and finally teases the head of his member on her swollen clit, sliding back and forward until he inches his cock inside her. He starts to groan and piston his cock slowly, but surely inside her. Her gasps are loud and wanton with every push inside her walls, she climbs closer and higher to release.

There is no rush to the end. They have all the time in the world. But even all the sands of time could not measure to the eternal desire to be by his side beyond forever.

“Sex joins two bodies, but making love joins two souls.”

 "Fuck Dany!“ he moans in pleasure and pulls at her cheeks, pressing them apart to behold the view of his shaft pressing in and out of her tight cunt, as she feels her own warm snatch grab at every inch of his rod. The sight enough has his spent tightening and all it takes is Dany moaning to be filled with his spent that has the both of them undone. He spills his seed inside her but he doesn’t stop.

 I love you.

He says with every push.

I love you.

She says with every tug at her cavern.

I love you.

He feels with every tightening of her cunt.

I love you.

She feels with every ridge of his shaft.

I love you.

He knows with every shattering breath.

I love you.

She knows with every whisper of her pulsing veins.

She loves him… And he loves her.


idk. Something like this. Lol. As promised a fanfic!

Thank You @flammafumoestproxima for encouraging me to finally write again! I think I did too much! But oh well aha!

Inspiration and quote comes from "Sex/Love” by Chrissie Pinney.

Songs I listened to while writing this: Bathing Beach EP Album by NOVO AMOR (The whole EP is awesome! There’s only 4 songs but oh goodness it was on repeat! My fav is Embody Me!)


make me choose meme: olennatyrrell asked cat/ned or cat/ned’s bones

           ↳ “Your fatherdidn’t love me when we married. He hardly knew me or I him. Love didn’t just happen to us. We built it slowly over the years, stone by stone, for you, for your brothers and sisters, for all of us. It’s not as exciting as secret passion in the woods, but it is stronger. It lasts longer.”

anonymous asked:

For someone who claims to be a Jon fan you post a lot of Catelyn. She hated him and was awful to him. Why the fuck do you post a character who was a bitch to one of your 'favourites'

Wow, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to post whatever characters I like. I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to like certain characters just because they don’t get along with other characters that I like. By your logic then, I shouldn’t like Jaime Lannister because of the awful thing he did by crippling Bran, a character that I love, but Jaime is one of my favourites too. Should I not post any Jaime related posts? I don’t judge whether I like characters based on their relationship with other characters, I like them for themselves. I love both Jon Snow and Catelyn Stark, and completely disagree with the amount of hate Catelyn gets from many fans. Catelyn is a character who has among the best morals in the show/books and there are many other characters who have done much, much more awful things than she has. I don’t think I need to list them. To be honest, when the worse thing you’ve ever done is ignore the product of your husband cheating on you, you’re not really that much of a bad person when you consider how the other characters murder each other.

First of all, I can post whatever characters I like, if you don’t like what I post, you can unfollow. I post a variety of characters and fandoms, and they’re not always going to be everyone’s favourites. I love Catelyn Stark and I think that she is a fantastic character. The show massively cut her role down, but she was still great in it, Michelle Fairley was very good at playing her, and I loved her POV chapters in the books.

Second of all, one of the biggest misconceptions is that Catelyn hated Jon. She never ‘hated’ Jon, she resented his presence at Winterfell and hated what he represented. She hated Tywin Lannister, Cersei and Walder Frey. That’s what it means to hate someone and Jon Snow certainly does not fall in the same category as those people to her. Jon represents a threat to her children, that’s why she resents him. History is filled with bastards who try to usurp their trueborn siblings (Blackfyre Rebellions for example), and she worries for her children, something all mothers do. Deep down she probably knows Jon won’t do anything to prevent Robb from inheriting Winterfell (even if she won’t admit that), but no one can know about his potential children and grandchildren. She also says that she doesn’t care that Ned has a bastard, she mentions that he could’ve had many so long as they were fostered elsewhere, as is the custom for bastards. Seeing Jon everyday must’ve really hurt her, even as the years went by and she and Ned came to love each other, every time she looked at Jon, she probably had doubts about Ned’s love for her, and it’s painful being in love with someone who loves another person more than you. In regards to her being awful to him was whilst she was grieving. Bran looked like he was dying and she said it in grief. It wasn’t right what she said, and it really hurt Jon, but it wasn’t something that happened everyday. We all say things we don’t mean in grief. She never abused him, she just ignored him, which probably did scar Jon because he would’ve seen the five Stark kids have the love of their mother when he got coldness, but she never laid a hand on him. I know the show added in the scene where she says she prayed for his death and then stayed by his side whilst he was ill, and that was awful (a beautiful scene though), but beside that and the scene in Bran’s room, she just ignored him. 

She could’ve made Jon feel even more excluded at Winterfell by poisoning her children with words of the evils that bastards can pose. She could’ve told them from when they were talking that bastards are evil and turned them against Jon, but she didn’t. She allowed Robb to eat with him and play with him. She never forbade any of her children from being with him. Yes, Sansa picked up on her problems with Jon, but I think Sansa was getting to an age where she realised what Jon being at Winterfell meant for her mother. And she loved and admired Catelyn so Sansa would’ve realised how much Jon being there hurt. And I’m sure, despite the fact that Robb and Arya loved Jon, there will be a part of them that feels for their mother and what she has to go through being forced to see Jon each day.

Yes, Catelyn’s treatment of Jon was not good, but it certainly could’ve been worse. Imagine if she was Cersei, Lysa, Selyse or even Olenna or Margaery. None of them would tolerate their husband’s bastard in their home, threatening their trueborn children. In fact, when Robert was considering bringing Mya to court, Cersei told him the city was not safe for her, implying that she would harm her. Cersei would’ve had Jon killed the moment he arrived in Winterfell. Did Catelyn ever harm Jon? No, she didn’t. Jon’s treatment by Catelyn is far nicer than what any other woman would’ve given him. Jon’s childhood wasn’t the best, but in comparison to other bastards, he got very lucky.

Take a look at the other bastards we see on the show: Gendry had absolutely no idea that his father was the King. He has a better claim to the throne than Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella but he didn’t know about it because Robert didn’t even bother to claim him. Ramsay is only brought to the Dreadfort after Domeric dies because Roose has no trueborn sons and, at that point, no wife. Otherwise Roose would’ve left Ramsay with his mother and Reek. Neither grew up among family, whereas Jon did, so in that aspect he is very lucky.

I’d also like to point out, that Jon was not the only victim of Ned bringing him to Winterfell and naming him bastard. Catelyn was also a victim in this choice. She was wed to a man she didn’t want to marry and didn’t know, but she still did it. She would’ve been under a lot of pressure to produce an heir considering House Stark had only two living males, one about to go to war and the other very young. But she did that, gave her husband the male heir that House Stark needed. And then she gets to Winterfell after birthing a child while Ned fights a war, she finds that Jon is already there. That really hurt her. Furthermore, he looks more like Ned whereas Robb looks like her and she worries that the Northerners will see Jon as more of a Stark than Robb. Then, when she begins to make a bit of peace at Winterfell, she calmly asks Ned about Jon’s mother, which she is within her rights to do, and he shouts at her to the point of frightening her, probably making the situation worse. Ned was only looking out for his nephew’s wellbeing, but he could see what his choice did to both Cat and Jon and chose not to tell her the truth, making BOTH Jon and Catelyn the victims.

In a modern day society, if this happened, she would’ve divorced Ned, as most other women would. A husband/boyfriend coming home with another woman’s baby and forcing you to live with it would definitely make you leave, but she doesn’t have that potion and instead has to see Jon everyday so it’s a massive slap in the face to her.

I realise I’ve gone on a lot here but I just have a lot of feelings about this and I’ve probably repeated myself but it just annoys me when people hate Catelyn for this one thing and can’t see what an amazing, well-rounded character she is. Yes, she has flaws, and her ignoring Jon is one of them, but I love characters who have flaws, it’s what makes them human. That’s why Catelyn, Theon, Sandor etc. all appeal to me. So, yes, I do love Jon but that doesn’t mean I can’t love Catelyn too. This post might make me receive hate since Catelyn is hated by some fans but I just wanted to explain why I love her in spite of the Jon Snow situation, and explain that I can post about whatever character I want.

anonymous asked:

but why you call someone dumb? people can have different opinions I love Cat but I don't call people dumb just because they dislike her It's like spreading more hate between got fandom and this fandom already has somuch hate and fight

“Disliking” someone is not the same as “criticizing her as a mother” which is what I said in the tags. You can dislike her as a character. But if someone criticizes Catelyn Stark as a mother, I stand by the opinion that the person lacks the intellectual ability to correctly interpret text because she is an incredible mother. And the real problem with this fandom is people posting sexist crap about women like Catelyn and Sansa, so I’m going to call it like I see it. Now I’m going to turn off anonymous because it seems like that kind of day.