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The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

My James, Your Bucky (One Shot)

You’ve had it way too sweet and fluffy from me for a while now, so I’m gonna bring you right back to the pit of despair and angst with this one shot.

Something tells me this is something @sebbys-girl would particularly enjoy;)

Summary: You and Bucky live together in Bucharest. One day you come home to find your flat completely trashed.

Word count: 2.3k

Warnings: angst, aggressive behaviour.

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It was shaping out to be a great day – it was still pre-noon and you had an extra spring in your step as you walked through the cobbled streets of Bucharest. The city you fell in love with, it had it all – alleys lined with tall brick townhouses and red roofs, atmospheric cafes and bars, an impressive market square – where you stopped to pick up a box of plums from ‘your guy’. That’s how you wanted to celebrate, with a cheeky nod to how you two first met.

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The Weasley Twins teaching you how to play Quidditch for the first time

Tease (M)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: one shot, angst, fluff and a little bit of smut

Word Count: 3,298

Request: for @shesdreaminginoverdose :  Hi author-nim can I request 33 with Baekhyun fluff and a bit smut (*´艸`*) 

Summary: (33- “Bite me” “If you insist.”) Ever since you moved next door to Baekhyun, you have been the victim of his teasing and you had enough. 

A/N: Hey everyone, this is my first one shot from the prompt list I posted a couple days ago. I will try to post the other requests soon (btw I didn’t proofread so sorry if there are any mistakes). Enjoy!

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You run into school late, your hair everywhere and your breathing rigid. It’s your first time being late, your alarm clock not ringing for some reason.

Thankfully, you get to class before the teacher arrived. You walk into the chaotic classroom full of rowdy students talking, laughing, and throwing things around. You walk to your seat in the front of the classroom, planning on just studying when suddenly a body steps in front of you.

“Hey Y/N,” smirks Baekhyun.

You roll your eyes, not wanting to deal with him so early in the morning. “Move Baekhyun.”

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In what way is Taka not the Perfect team?










              AND THEY ARE FREE


Title: Curiosity

Genre: AU, Platonic, Teenagers

Word Count: 12, 928

Warnings: Brief blood mentions and speculations of paranormal activity

Description: In which Phil is an amateur urban explorer/photographer/YouTuber who encounters Dan, an amateur graffiti artist, in an abandoned hospital by surprise. They decide to explore together and find a lot more than just empty rooms and random chairs, if you know what I mean.

Author’s Note: Told in first-person perspective. Sorry, I just found this interesting side of YouTube recently and decided to write about it and exercise my sensory imagery skills. Also, finally back on schedule, hopefully. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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What are you doing here?
Putting an end to this.

Hungover || R.M.

Originally posted by ryan-coogler

Word Count: 643

Pairing: Reggie x reader

Summary: After a night of clubbing, you are left hungover in Veronica’s apartment. On your way home, you want some coffee, but you left your wallet at Veronica’s. Reggie steps in to pay for it and says a cheesy pickup line.

Warnings: mention of alcohol, underage drinking (?), like one cuss word, cheesy pickup line

Requested: nope me just being the reggie trash i am

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.:Imagine Hux finding out you were a part of the resistance:.

Request for anon:
“Relationship head canons where Hux’s s/o is part of the resistance”

GIFs not mine (but damn does he look pretty 💕)

Ok so I know you had requested headcanons but I wanted to write a one-shot instead bc like wow feels. Plus I can go more into detail :) (Hope you don’t mind)

This really hurt to write btw

Requests are open :-)


How could he not have noticed? It was staring him right in the face.

When you first met, you immediately attached yourself to him. You asked him so many questions.
He enjoyed your company very much. How could he not?

You were the most beautiful person he had seen in a long time. He felt so drawn to you.

Eventually he began to fall for you.

And he fell hard.

Those nights where you’d come in after sending something off from your data pad, and curl up into his arms. You did it every night, and he couldn’t help but wonder exactly what you were doing.

You were very secretive, you rarely talked about yourself. He couldn’t help but want to know more about you.

You spent most nights with him in his room, with him stroking your hair, and talking. He loved those moments.

On the fateful day when Starkiller base was attacked, he found out. He found about how you lied and betrayed him.

“Commander L/N, this is General Organa, do you copy?”

With all the hell that was going in around him, he still had heard those words that made him want to scream.

You had turned around, and threw your earpiece to the ground. “Armi…I can explain.”

He just stared at you. Hate and sadness in his deep green eyes that you had fallen for.

“I didn’t want to fall for you, but I did and fuck-I hate myself for it.” You covered your face with your hands out of shame. “I love you so much and I really wish it didn’t.”

He looked down at his black boots, his own tears starting to form. “Go.” He said. “Leave now L/N. Don’t ever come back. Don’t think of me ever again.”

He was letting you go. It was protocol to kill a traitor but, he couldn’t. There was no way he could.

You left.

He wanted to chase after you, to take you away with him away from everything.

He was on the Finalizer, sitting at his desk when he received a message on his data pad. It was from unknown but he knew it was you.

“Thank you.”

That’s all it said, but those two words made him mess up his hair, throwing everything off his desk, hearing the pad crack and various items flying everywhere. He didn’t care.

He let out hoarse cry, he wanted you back so bad.

But you were never coming back.


Smut between the reader(or any og character you choose 😊) and Spencer Reid? Any setting or prompt will do!! Thanks 😘

I’m feeling some smut this weekend.  I can do this, and I hope you enjoy it.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

It had been a long day.  An absolutely exhausting 12-hour day.  You knew you were in for long days and short nights when you opened your boutique, but you had never planned for things like vandalism.

So, when you had gotten a call at 3 AM from the police with Spencer laying right beside you, you knew that it was the store.

It had to be the store.

“How bad is it?” Spencer asked as he slid a glass of wine your way on the counter.

“Well, the good news is I could afford some serious insurance on the place,” you sighed.  You took the glass as Spencer eyed you up and down.  He always did when you didn’t feel like talking.

“It’ll take everything to rebuild and replace, won’t it?” he asks.

“I honestly don’t know if I will,” you sigh into your glass.


Spencer knew your sighs.

He knew their different tones and connotations.  He knew their places and wants.  He knew their goods and bads.

He was very familiar with your sighs.

“Why wouldn’t you rebuild?” Spencer asked.

“Because,” you sighed.

He could see how tired you were.  How your words blurred together with air as your half-lidded eyes lobbed closed in the middle of drinking your wine.  He saw how sad you were behind the Y/C/E irises of your eyes.  He saw your defeat in the slumped posture of your shoulders.

How he wished he could change the connotation of your sighs.

“Talk to me,” he urged as he took your hand and led you to the couch.

“More wine,” you grumble as you drop down onto the couch.

“I know,” Spencer chuckled as he filled your glass up.

“Bless you,” you sighed.

Another sigh.

A relieved sigh.

He smiled as his ability to change the connotation of your sigh.

“What happened?” he asked as he sat down close to you.

His body heat was comforting as you leaned into him.

“The glass is broken.  Items have been stolen.  Looks like they took a baseball bat to some of my displays.  Register was cracked open.  They tried starting a fire in the back…”

“Jesus,” Spencer muttered into his wine glass.

“Yeah,” you sighed before taking another drink.

Uh uh.

No no no.

Not that connotation.

Not if he could help it.

“Come here,” he said as he took your wine glass.

“Nooooo,” you whined lightly.  “I like my juice.”

“Turn around,” he motioned with his hand.

You sighed in frustration as Spencer furrowed his brow, but quickly sighed in relief when he began massaging your shoulders.

“Oh, yeeeees,” you groaned, much to Spencer’s enjoyment.

He massaged your shoulders with his thumbs and prickled at the skin on your neck.  His hands glided down your back, maneuvering one vertebrae at a time as he slowly worked his hands around your sides and splayed them out over your ribcage.  He found his thumbs in the small of your back, pressing down deep as you groaned lowly in your throat.

And then, he leaned in to kiss your neck signaling that he was done.

And you sighed.

But, not just any sigh.

And he really recognized this sigh.

“Spencer,” you breathed as you leaned your head back.

And he didn’t have to be told twice.

He wrapped his head around you and locked his lips with yours, and as you laid yourself into his lap, he cradled your head like a precious gem as his other arm snaked around your waist and held your upper body close to his.  He felt your tongue press through his lips, desperately searching for his as he moaned into your mouth.

He wanted to feel all of you.

He wanted to make you feel better.

He wanted to make you sigh.

You laid in his lap as his hand slowly traveled down your front.  His hand slowly slid over your breasts before descending to your stomach, and as his hand inched up your shirt, your skin prickled underneath his touch as your arms tightened around his neck.

“Mmmmmm,” you hummed into his lips, and it made Spencer smile internally with joy at the sounds he could elicit simply with his fingertips.

Up and up and up he traveled, and when he slipped underneath your bra, his dexterous fingertips began pinching and tweaking your pert nipples.

You gyrated in his lap as your sighs ballooned off of his lips, and he let you loose as he began peppering your neck with kisses.

“Spencer,” you sighed.

“Oh, yes,” you sighed again.

He loved your quiet noises.  The ones at the beginning of the throes of passion when it was still just a secret between the two of you before you decided to clue the neighbors in.

He loved that secret time.

His hand began to travel downwards…down towards your belly button to the hem of your pants, and as he slips his soft skin underneath the fabric of your pants and finds his way underneath the skimpy fabric of your underwear, you begin to roll your hips into his hands as he bites down lightly on your breast.

“Oh, god,” you groan as his fingers lightly part your petals.

Round and round his fingers went, slowly and tortuously.  He nibbled and he sucked and he peppered your breasts with marks as you dug your heel into the cushion of the couch.  You wanted him to go faster.  You wanted him to go harder.

But he kept soft, and quiet…like a secret he didn’t want the neighbors to know just yet.

“Spencer, please,” you sighed, begging for your release as he smiled against your skin.

He loved hearing you beg.

“Please,” you choked out as your leg began to tremble.

“Have mercy,” you sighed.

And that was his cue.

Sitting you up and he removed your hand, he began unbuckling his belt as you slipped out of your pajama pants.  But, when he looked over at you, you weren’t laying down, but standing up.

You straddled his knees as he shifted his pants down to his thighs, and you watched his erection bounce proudly as he stared up at you.

Silently, you placed both of your knees on either side of his hips, and his body trembled in anticipation as he lined himself up with your entrance.  Slowly, and tortuously, you slid yourself down onto him.

And ever so slowly, you heard his sigh.

His wonderful, relieving sigh.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as you began to roll your hips into his, and you laid your foreheads together as your silent sighs and light groans intermingled in the same air you both breathed.  His hazel eyes stayed locked onto you and your eyes stayed locked onto those beautiful plump lips, and when he realized you were staring, he locked you into a furious kiss.

A kiss that always did away with the sighs.

Spencer grabbed your hips as he held you tight, and he girded his loins as he began thrusting into you.  His balls bounced against the couch and his legs gyrated with every pump, and your breasts bounced in his face as your sighs gave way to moans, and your moans gave way to cries.

“Spencer!” you choked out as the couch rattled on the floor.

“God, Y/N,” Spencer grunted.

Skin hitting skin.  Breath stealing breath.

Lips locking lips.  And bodies riding bodies.

You buried your face into Spencer’s neck as you felt the burning in your pelvis begin.  Spencer could feel it with the flutter of your walls, and he bit into your shoulder as you whimpered and moaned into his skin.

“Yes.  Please.  God, please,” you begged.

And then, he gave you one last thrust upward, throwing you over the precipice as your body shook and pulsated in his lap.  You could feel his dick give way, twitching inside of you as he filled your cavern with his essence, and when he was done you could already feel it leaking back down his shaft.

But he didn’t care.

Because when your body finally gave out, folding into his as he cloaked his arms around your back, both of your bodies heaving for air, he did the one thing  he had wanted to do since that very first frustrated slam of the door when you finally came home that afternoon.

He changed the connotation of you sigh.

And oh, how it was music to your ears.

“Whatever you want to do, I’ll support you,” Spencer murmured lightly into your ear.

“I love you,” you sighed into his neck.

And he smiled with delight as he ran his fingers through your hair.


You had only been in bed for a measly 2 hours when a harsh wave of nausea hit you once more and you bolted to the bathroom connected to your room. The soup you had sipped down earlier that afternoon made a gross reappearance as you vomited in the toilet, shaking slightly at the force. You hated throwing up, almost as much as you hated needles, but you’d take the flu any day if it meant you didn’t have to let some shaky handed doctor stick a needle in your arm. The vomiting ceased and you leaned back and groaned. Getting up on extremely shaky legs, you wobbled to the sink and began to brush your teeth. 

It was like the virus had knew exactly when you’d be alone and vulnerable, because the second your parents left for their anniversary vacation and Edward left with his family for an extended hunting mission, you fell ill with a nasty strain of the flu. You’d been throwing up steadily for 2 days and had dealt with the intense migraine and body aches for 3 and you honestly just wanted it all to end. You finished rinsing your mouth and half crawled back to your bed. Wrapping yourself once more under the mountain of blankets, you closed your eyes and attempted to once more gain some shut eye. 

What felt like seconds later, you felt the harsh wave of nausea. You attempted to sit up and climb out of bed, but between your weak muscles and tangled blankets, the task proved much too difficult. Tears built behind your eyes and your situation, but suddenly hands were moving quickly to unravel you and carry you swiftly to the bathroom. You didn’t have time to understand what was going on as bile rose and you leaned over the toilet. There wasn’t much left in your stomach, so it was mostly painful dry heaving that left you breathless. You whimpered as your stomach clenched again and tears pricked your eyes. Firm hands rubbed at your back and moved the sweaty stands of your hair out of the line of fire. A familiar voice soothed your cries and took you into their arms as your heaving stopped. 

“How long have you been sick?” Edward implored as he procured a hair tie and tied your hair back. 

You cuddled more into his arms despite the coolness of his skin, finding comfort in his presence. “Since you left.” You mumbled out. You moved to stand up so you rinse your mouth again and Edward helped you stand. 

“(Y/n) why didn’t you call me?” Edward grumbled, “I could have stayed with you.” 

You were shaking your head before he could finish his sentence, “I know how much you wanted to go, and you haven’t been hunting with your family in so long.” You grabbed a bottle of mouth wash, too tired to scrub at your teeth again, and swished it around. 

“My family would have understood, love.” He said softly. You finished up at the sink and, with Edwards help, shuffled back to bed. He helped swaddle you in the blankets and vanished out of the room before coming back with a plate and several bottles of medicine. 

“Have you ever had the flu shot?” Edward asked as he set down the plate that you discovered held sliced bananas and dry toast. 

You shuddered at his question and shook your head, “You know I don’t like needles.” 

He gave you a disproving look, “(Y/n), you need a flu shot.” 

“I’d rather have the flu.” 

He rolled his eyes and helped you sit up as he helped you swallow one of the pills. He followed it up with a slice of banana that you begrudgingly swallowed. You didn’t bother telling him you didn’t like bananas either. 

The next 24 hours was spent with Edward adorably doting on you as you wore out the rest of your sickness. By evening the next day you could finally hold down solid food without it coming back up later. You spent the rest of your time snuggled up in bed watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix. 

The next week, Edward finally guilted convinced you to let Carlisle give you a flu shot. Your hands were shaking slightly and nerves made you feel like you were going to throw up, but you were trying to keep it under control lest Emmett make fun of you again. You sat down in the chair Carlisle set aside for you and fidgeted. You could see Edward was holding back a smile. 

“I hear a single chuckle out of you and every single relationship privileged you have shall be revoked indefinitely.” You growled at him. He pursed his lips and grabbed your hand, pressing a soft kiss to it. 

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Edward said. Carlisle walked over then, holding some antiseptic and the dreaded needle. “Hey, look at me.” Edward said, tilting your chin towards him, “It’s okay love, just look at me.” 

“Don’t worry (y/n),” Carlisle said, “I have a very steady hand and it will be over before you know it.” 

You could smell the antiseptic as Carlisle wiped down the spot on your arm and you let out a shaky breath. Edward leaned forward and pressed his lips to your temple, rubbing a cold hand up and down your arm. 

“Just focus on my voice (y/n),” Edward said soft, “Just a second and it will be all over and then we can do whatever you want to do for the rest of the day.” 

You let the hypnotic lull of Edward’s voice sooth you, to the point where you barely registered the slight pinch of the needle. 

“There, all done.” Carlisle said he smoothed a band aid over the area. Edward moved back and you blinked a few times before you glanced at your arm.

“Really? Your done?” You said incredulously. 

Carlisle smiled, “Yep, that’s your flu shot for the year. I’ll have to give you another one next year if you’re still human.” 

You grinned at him and gave him a quick hug in thanks before hopping down from the chair.

“All the more incentive for you to change me then, Edward.” 

No Pain-No Gain

Request:  I’m not sure if you do like one shots or stuff but I had an idea for a soulmate au where someone’s soulmate can feel there pain. Like a a person breaks their foot, their soulmate will feel it to, just not have a broken foot. Image how Clarks soulmate would react with all that stuff. I think it would be cute, but could be kinda angsty. Just an idea. Idc if you do it or not, just thought it was cool. Have a nice day.
Word Count: 9636.
Pairings: Clark Kent/Superman x Reader
WARNINGS: Lots of swearing. Mentions of: low self-esteem issues, traumas, bullying, weakness complex. Angst (personally, I don’t consider this very angsty but, you need to be warned). Also, I’m sorry for any typos since this was not edited and english is my second language.
Author’s Note: Hope this isn’t to cheesy and that you will be able to enjoy it. Also… NINE THOUSAND WORDS IN LESS THAN A WEEK?! That’s a record for me! Anyway, hope you enjoy this and that the anon who requested it isn’t disappointed.

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Originally posted by amancanfly

Yes, I totally needed three gifs of Henry Cavill. You did too, don’t deny it.

I hate my soulmate, that’s for fucking sure. I totally hate him (or her, you never knew) and I don’t give a single fuck if I haven’t met him. Also, no, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest and yes, you can hate someone you haven’t met, thank you very much (and yes, even if it’s your fucking soulmate, especially mine).

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Best Friends (Jungkook one-shot teaser)


You’ve had so many dirty dreams about Jungkook already. So many dreams that felt so real. That’s why when you reached over and touched his arm, you almost fell off of the bed.

You jumped up, dragging the sheet with you to wrap around your very naked body. It was as if he was a complete stranger you woke up next to by the way you backed up and away from the bed. It was worse than that.

It was your best friend.

The memories were foggy, but they were still there. Of course they were still there! How could you forget that you slept with your best friend? You can’t put your finger on all the steps that lead to you tumbling around in his white sheets, and drunkenly grinding onto each other. You can’t remember what caused the first kiss but you can remember how it felt. Like magic. Imagine how good it would feel if you weren’t drunk… actually, don’t imagine that! It was a one-time thing. He’s your best friend, remember?

Sure, you had a crush you denied for months, but that doesn’t mean things should change between you two. Your friendship is just too good to ruin. But how can you pretend to not like him when you’ve felt his hands all over you? Given, they were roaming your body very clumsily- but, still, his touch was blazing. Thinking about the way his slender fingers caressed and tugged at you only made you imagine how good it would be if you were both sober. Seriously, stop thinking about that! It’s not like he would do anything with you if he weren’t drunk. He even said so himself, there were no pretty girls at the party last night. He was drunk and you were better than nothing.

That’s all it was.



Requested by mira-mage-mira

You cursed the contraption around your neck, and you cursed the person who put it there. Of course, not out loud. The man controlling you would hear and give you a painful shock if he knew you were being disobedient.

From your perch on the top of a skyscraper, you could see most of San Fransokyo.

“Your target is right below you,” your handler told you through your earpiece. You unfurled your wings and dove off of the building. You ignored the screams of the people below, only focusing on the man you had to stop. One you were within range, you shot a bolt of lightning at the man. However, some sort of ball hit the man first, and it encased him in some kind of substance that dispersed the electricity.

“Sorry, sir,” a tall woman apologized. She broke another colored ball over his head, which melted the goo. “I figured you’d rather be covered in stuff than electrocuted.”

However, before you could try again to go after your target, a boy riding what looked like a large red robot stepped in front of you.

“I have some concerns,” the robot commented, his hand held up like he was saying something important.

“Yeah, so do I,” the boy stated. “Why are you after him?”

“It’s not-” you started, though you were cut off with a scream as the collar sent a shock through your body.

“Patient is being electrocuted,” the robot commented.

“We need to get that collar off of her, Hiro” another male voice added. You couldn’t tell where it came from. “I don’t want to try to laser it off.

“On it,” the boy, Hiro, stated, jumping off of the robot and going towards you. He looked closely at the collar, as you just watched him, afraid to say anything for fear of another shock. “It’s some kind of electronic lock.” He started poking at the collar, and after a little bit, it opened up and fell to the ground. You were free.

“Thank you!” you exclaimed, pulling your savior into a hug.

Hiro laughed and hugged back, patting your back. “Don’t mention it,” he replied. The rest of his team was gathered around now, looking at you. Hiro introduced each of them for you, and you introduced yourself in return. “So, uh, why do you have wings and electricity powers?”

You shrugged. “Science?” you replied. “Experimentation.”

“Ha! Knew it!” Fred exclaimed. He pointed to Honey Lemon. “Told you.”

“Where do you live? We can take you home,” Hiro offered.

“With the guy who did this to me and put that on me,” you replied, pointing at the collar.

“Okay, well…” Hiro said, trailing off to think. “I’ll take you to my Aunt Cass. She might know something we can do. And at the very least, there’s, uh, a spare bed for tonight. Baymax will be able to monitor you to make sure there’s no after-effects of the shock and everything.

You smiled at the team of heroes, especially Hiro. He was very well named. “Thank you so much, really. Let me know if there’s anything I can do in return.”

“Well, I’m sure H-” Gogo started with a smirk, cutting herself off when Wasabi elbowed her with a glare.

You had just gotten out of an abusive relationship this past year; you ex broke your heart into bits and took a part of you that; the part of you that made you smile and be happy at life. Now you were this gloomy, dark, twisty girl; afraid to to trust men. Ironically, you are currently sitting in the couch of your best friend Finn. You are both drowning in tension as neither one of you know how to communicate; ever since your break up.”So how was your day?” He breaks the tension.”Dark and twisty, like every other day.” You respond; your eyes refusing to meet his. Your gaze slid to the side. He pulled you against his chest. His nose tickled your ear. You let out a tiny gasp and squirmed uncomfortably. You didn’t like being so intimately handled. She felt his lips softly graze the top of your head. Your face heated. You summoned enough courage to meet his gaze. His green/blue eyes twinkled. He knows! He’s trying to make you feel like this.”You don’t have to be afraid anymore y/n. I, on the contrary from that sad excuse of a boyfriend you had, won’t hurt you. If you just gave me the chance, I’m positive I can help you out of that dark twisty world that you are in.”
Raeken and Dunbar

Can we just take a minute and think about how my first smut got 100+ notes, and I just now reached 200+ followers and I’ve had the blog for less than a month??? YOU ARE ALL SO GREAT NOW ENJOY SOME MORE SMUT THIS IS ALSO HELLA LONG WHOOPS
Request- Hey! I literally just read your smut imagine/one shot of Theo Raeken (I think you had also mentioned it’s your first smut imagine) and I love it! I don’t know if you’re taking requests but if you are (I know this is probably too fast for you) could I request a Threesome with Theo Raeken, the reader and Liam Dunbar? I really think that you’d do an awesome job! ♥ :-) I really love your imagines by the way! And I’ll totally understand if you can’t do it, I won’t blame you. Again, love your imagines
I was never the kind of girl to think that I was hot shit, literally never. I always thought I had nice features but nothing that would make boys fall at my feet, I was right up until Theo and Liam started acting like I walked on water. Ever since we all came back from summer vacation it was if I was the hottest girl in the world to them. Sure, I got a little tan over the summer, my hair got longer, like most girl’s hair do in the summer but that’s really all that’s different. I didn’t know why they were acting like this and I know that I should pick one of them or let them both down easy, but truth be told I didn’t know how I felt about them, let alone which one I liked more than the other. I was sitting on the bleachers outside as the guys were all practicing for lacrosse and writing my essay for English. I looked up for a second, chuckling as Coach yelled at Greenburg, like always. Coach blew the whistle meaning practice was over and before I knew it, a shadow was blocking my light. I looked up to a sweaty and smiling Liam in front of me and I sighed.
“Hey, Liam.” I said, as he sat down next to me and looked at what I was writing. The thing is, I like Liam, how couldn’t I? He is nice, part of the pack, he gets sweetly nervous around me, and he isn’t horrible to look at either. I just didn’t know if I liked him more than I liked Theo.
“You look really pretty today.” He said causing me to smile and a small blush spread across my face, as he smiled as well. Liam’s compliments were always sweet and he was always offering to help me to class or offering to help me study when we both know he is the one who needs help studying. Liam is boyfriend material for sure but, how would he be in the sack?
“Hey, Dunbar! Get away from my girl!” Theo yelled while walking towards us, causing Liam to sigh and roll his eyes, knowing that his moment alone with me was long past over. The thing is, I like Theo. I just didn’t know if I liked him more than I like Liam. Theo was the opposite of Liam. Theo was hot and he knew it, he was always flirting with me, calling me hot and saying that I was “his girl”.  I mean, every girl loves a bad boy. As far as I could tell, he wasn’t boyfriend material but I knew that he would be good in the sack. You see my problem here? When Theo got to us, he wrapped an arm around my waist and kissed my temple.
“How are you doing today, babe?” He asked causing me to chuckle before I hugged him back slightly, causing Liam to tense up at the sight of us.
“Good, especially now that you are both here.” I said, trying to put some niceness between them.
“She isn’t your girl, Theo.” Liam said, causing me to sigh as they both stared at each other, eyes glowing. They were crazy, their eyes glowing like that in the middle of the day just because they were being stupid and hormonal teenage boys. I was about to tell them to knock it off before I got any idea, a way to pick one of them and have my questions answered.
“Hey. Both of you, come to my house tonight and I’ll tell you “whose girl” I am. No more fighting.” I said putting hair quotes with my fingers around “whose girl”. Causing them both to look at me in disbelief, but both agreeing just the same.
“Great! My house, nine o’clock!” I yelled, grabbing my stuff and jogging off of the field and towards my car. I knew Theo would be up for my plan, I just had to convince Liam. I was hoping just the fact that Theo would be up for it would make Liam want to do it too, so Theo wouldn’t win by default. I rushed home to start getting ready and so I could clean up my room. After tonight I should know something more about who I had more feelings for but god, was it going to be tiring. I cleaned my room first, knowing that I would get hot and a little sweaty while doing so. I then hopped in the shower, shaved what needed to be shaved and changed into something sexy but not slutty. I called my parents to make sure that they were going to be out all night like their note said, not wanting them to come home in the middle of what I had planned. They said they were coming back into town tomorrow afternoon so everything was set, the doorbell ringing made me jump slightly before I looked at the clock. It was nine o’clock on the dot, so much for being late. I opened to door, finding both guys standing there, both looking rather nervous to find out what I had to say.
“Come in.” I said stepping aside to let both guys in, Liam giving me a small side hug as he walked in and Theo kissing my forehead. There really was no end to this for them huh? I shut the door, locking it behind them and following them into the living room. I pointed at the stairs leading up to my room and they both nodded, not thinking anything of it, and jogged up the stairs. I smiled to myself at how completely obvious they both were in this moment.
“So you guys want to hear the plan?” I asked as we all walked into my room, Liam looking around the room to see what I had hanging up on the walls and how I kept my room while Theo just sat down on the bed. They both nodded, while staring at me as if my answer would kill one of them.
“I like you both, a lot. I just don’t know which one, I like more. So, I figured that I would invite both of you over and we could all do something that could help me, in my decision.” I said pacing back and forth. I looked at both boys, Theo smirking and shooting a wink my way while Liam looked so utterly confused. I didn’t just want to say it outright, I was hoping that they would understand without me, having to say it.
“Sounds like fun, I’m up for it.” Theo said making me smile and look at Liam, hopefully. Liam looked at me and then back at Theo, and then back at me. I let out a small laugh at the fact that Liam wasn’t understanding what I was trying to say.
“I don’t get it.” Liam said making Theo chuckle as I took a step towards Liam, my hands now resting on his chest, looking up at him, causing him to gulp. He had to have known what I was talking about, I just think he was to nervous to say it.
“What’s the one thing that you can think of that could help me pick between two guys? It involves burning calories and some fun.” I whispered in his ear as his hands rested on my lower back. As I pulled back from his ear, Liam cupped my face and kissed me softly. I smiled into the kiss, knowing that for sure he knew what I was talking about. The kisses became more heated and deeper within a few minutes and I could already feel Liam’s hard on against my thigh, that was quick. A minute or so later, I felt another pair of hands go to my waist.
“Okay, the point of all of being here, is to share.” Theo said pulling me away from Liam, sitting on the bed and pulling me on top of him, making me giggle at how fast and strong he was. The whole reason I was doing this was to see if I could get a fire to come out of Liam, and a little softer and more intimate side out of Theo. It was going to be hard to pick either way, but I had to do it sooner or later. Before Theo and I could do anything, Liam interrupted us.
“I have an idea. (Y/N), pants off.” He said causing me raise an eyebrow at him but none the less, I got up from Theo’s lap and took my pants off, showing them both my dark blue, lacy boy shorts. They both smirked at the sight and then Theo cleared his throat, wanting to continue with whatever Liam’s idea was.
“Now Theo lay down, (Y/N) straddle his face but face my way.” Theo and I both looked at Liam, surprised at the fact that his plan was actually pretty hot. I did what I was told, pushing Theo down on the bed, climbing on top of him but turning around as my core hovered over his nose, so I was facing Liam. I winked at Liam, as he walked towards me and Theo pushed my panties aside. I was beyond wet at this point and I was beginning to think that this is the best idea, I’ve ever had. As I felt Theo beginning to lick me up and down, Liam walked over to me, pulled my top off and connecting our lips. As Liam and I made out, Theo was going to town on me, making me moan into Liam’s mouth. I ran my hands up Liam’s shirt, slipping it over his head, breaking our kiss just for second before heading right back to it. Theo’s hands gripped my thighs, pulling me down into his mouth, hard making me throw my head back and breaking my kiss with Liam, once again. Liam’s hands went to my shoulder’s slipping my bra straps down to pool around the tops of my breasts. This was hotter than I could have ever imagined and we were just getting started. As Theo worked his magic on my lower half, Liam was certainly paying attention to my upper half.
“So perky, so beautiful.” Liam whispered as he kissed the tops of my breasts as he pushed my bra down to my mid stomach. Liam cupped my breasts in his hands, kissing every inch of them, as I unhooked my bra from behind me. My hands went to Liam’s hair as he paid special attention to my nipples, now being pleasured from both boys. I began to grind my hips down, feeling a familiar knot starting to form in my stomach.
“Oh, Theo.” I moaned out causing Liam’s to bite down on my left nipple which made me shriek and giggle by his reaction. Not a few seconds later, I could feel myself coming undone because of the boy underneath me, Liam holding me up as I shook with pleasure. Once I came down from my high, I climbed off of Theo, as he wiped his mouth and took his shirt off.
“Now, I have an idea.” He said causing both Liam and I now to nod, wanting to go through with Theo’s end of the plan. Theo gave amazing head and Liam sure knew how to take care of me but we weren’t done just yet.
“Liam, take your pants off, (Y/N) on your hands and knees on the bed, Liam is going to take you from behind and (Y/N) you are going to pleasure me like I just pleasured you.” He said causing Liam, to begin to take his pants off right away as I smiled and nodded, I was beyond ready for this. Once both boys had their pants off, I looked at both of their dicks, they were both packing a good amount so there wasn’t a clear winner just yet. Both guys got into their positons before looking down at me, making sure this was all okay. I nodded, Liam, entering me from behind, making me let out a loud moan, while Theo took all of my hair in his hands as I wrapped one of my hands around his shaft and put his head in my mouth. As Liam thrusted into me, his force sent me to bob on Theo’s dick. All I had to do was suck, I played with Theo’s balls a little, him letting out a breathy moan as I heard Liam panting from behind me. In my opinion, oral is much more intimate and personal than fucking me from behind so in his own way, Theo was showing me that he did have a more intimate side and the fact that he wasn’t forcing me or choking me showed me that he was being respectful of my pace, while Liam was really letting the wild side of himself out.
“(Y/N), so tight.” Liam said as he got faster and faster, pleasuring me more and more with each thrust. I knew Theo was close judging by how load his moans were getting and I was close because that knot was creeping back up again. Theo and Liam locked eyes for a second and both nodded before both of them cumming at the same time, me following them seconds after. I swallowed all of what Theo gave me, not minding at all. Liam pulled out of me, leaving everything inside, thank god for birth control. Both guys laid down in my bed as I wobbled over to the bathroom to pee, what you are suppose to do after every time that you have sex. As I sat there, I till didn’t know who I was going to pick but I knew now, that I had deep feelings for both boys. When I walked back into my bedroom, Liam was on the right side of my bed while Theo was on the left, leaving a space in the middle for me. I got in between them, my top sheet covering all of us. We were all exhausted, and we knew we could all talk in the morning. I turned on my side to face Liam and Theo wrapped an arm around my wait from behind, spooning me. In that moment, I was happy that I suggested this and happy that both of them were up for it.

Jealousy Does The Trick - Shadowhunters (Alec Lightwood)

Pairing: Alec x Female!Reader 

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Can you make a Alec Lightwoof smut where the reader and Alec are training. But Alec doesn’t like that she keeps talking about Magnus (there not together) so he punishes her. Just to show her who she belongs to and at the end Fluffy???????? Love your BLOG❤️💯🔥

Warnings: SMUT, minor fluff ish? 

A/N: I’m glad you love my blog, darling<3 means a lot~ Aaand I hope you like the one shot^^ENJOY!

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«How come Magnus has a lot swifter movements than us shadowhunters?» You asked Alec as you ducked away from the swing of Alec’s fighting stick. 

 «I don’t know and I don’t care.» He answered courtly. 

 «I mean, he is a downworlder, not in a negative way, so aren’t we supposed to be swifter? Because damn he looks good when he moves.» 

For a moment you got more distracted by your own thoughts than actually paying attention to the fight, and in no time Alec had your back pinned to his front and his wooden stick pressed against your throat. 

 «You’re thinking too much.» Alec whispered into your ear as you became painfully aware of how close you were. 

 Gracefully Alec let go of the stick with one arm, holding it just as steady with just one. His free hand sneaked itself around your waist, resting on your lower stomach. 

 «You’re thinking too much about someone you don’t want, both you and me know that.» He whispered again, this time moving his hand lower and as he came to the waistband of your training tights, he slipped his hands into them. 

Your breath caught in your throat and you stood as still as you could, your breathing coming out in ragged huffs when you remembered how to breathe again. 

Your heartbeat sped up more and more by the minute, all thoughts of training and Magnus Bane gone from your head. Without any warning Alec’s hand dipped into your panties, going straight for your entrance, his thumb lowering over your clit. 

 «Maybe this will remind you who you usually think of.» Alec kissed the base of your neck before he started to move, two fingers penetrating you while his thumb brushed over your clit gently, sometimes going in circles when his movements allowed it . 

 The pleasure practically shot down into your knees making them weak, but even so you managed to stay upright as Alec lowered the stick and let it fall to the ground as he used his other hand to support your body from falling. In the back of your mind, the part which still had some sense to it, you thought of where you were standing and how easy it would be for someone to just walk into the training room to see you two. 

 «Alec, s-stop.» You stuttered, grabbing the wrist on the hand he was penetrating you with.   

«And why would that be, darling?» He asked as he curled his fingers inside of you, making a throaty moan escape your lips. 

 «What if someone comes in?» You managed to breath out while his fingers worked faster and faster, pressing his thumb just a little harder against your clit making the pleasure almost unbearable as the knot in your stomach tightened. 

«Babe, it’s in the middle of the night, I think it will be okay.» He said back as he bit playfully on your earlobe, making you rest your head against his shoulder. 

You felt the pleasure riding your body, ready to take it over completely as the knot in your stomach became unbearably tight. 

With another curl from Alec’s fingers inside of you you went over the edge, letting your orgasm rip through your body, slumping against Alec who carefully removed his hand from your tights and lowered you both to the ground. 

 «Next time, warn me a little before you do something like that.» You grinned over at Alec who reluctantly let you go as you sat up properly. 

 «Next time, huh?» He teased, that excited smile on his face. 

 «I’m not letting you off the hook so easy, love.» you said back as you placed your arms around his neck, pulling yourself closer to him. «Because I have dreamt of you making a move so long, who knew jealousy would be the thing that would make you do it.» You added, your voice barely above a whisper as you leaned in close. 

 Alec blushed, but even so he placed his hands on your hips. 

 «So does that mean we can continue this in your room?» He hinted, your lips barely brushing each other. 

 «With pleasure.» You whispered, just as you pressed your lips against his, feeling him pulling you even closer to himself, not planning on letting you go any time soon.

FT Secret Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day @aya-eisen​! Surprise it was me! I really hope you like the Gajevy one-shot. Have a great day I had a lot of fun getting to know you! @ftfanfics

Little bare feet slapped against the hard wood floor, the child’s short legs carrying her towards her parent’s room. The door creak as the little girl pushed open the door as quietly as she could. Her parents were fast asleep, her father holding her mother close to his chest. It was still early after all but that didn’t stop her.

“Daddy!” she whispered, having toddled over to his side of the bed to shake him awake. In an instant her father’s piercing red eyes snapped open. Not wanting to wake up his wife, Gajeel sighed before climbing out of bed.

Once they were out of the room and in the kitchen, the black haired man knelt down in front of his five year old daughter. “What’s up Buttercup?” he asked staring into her big brown eyes.

“It’s Valentine’s Day!” Roxie giggled, throwing her arms up in the air.

A soft groan rumbled in the back of the exhausted father’s throat. “You woke me up to tell me that?”

“No silly,” Roxie shook her head, her dark purple locks flying around her. “We gotta make breakfast for Mommy!” The much older man blinked at her, his daughter never ceasing to surprise him with her brains and her big heart.

“All right Rox, what did you wanna make for Mommy?” Gajeel asked, mentally going through the ingredients they had in the house.

“Hmm,” his daughter tapped her chin with her pointer finger, the pose seeming to help her think. “Mommy likes pancakes so we should make her those! With blueberries! But I don’t like blueberries….” She looked troubled by her predicament.

Gajeel chuckled, scooping her up in his arms easily as if she were a feather. “We can make Mommy’s with blueberries and yours with chocolate chips. How does that sound?”

“Good!” Roxie threw up her arms in celebration. “With lots of syrup!”

Gajeel carried her over to the kitchen, the smile never leaving his lips. “Why are you so obsessed with sugar little girl?”

“Because it’s yummy!” Roxie erupted into giggles when her father tickled her sides. “Stop it Daddy! That tickles!”

“That’s why I’m doing it,” Gajeel barked out a laugh and after another moment allowed her to escape her grasp.

Roxie giggled, racing over to the pantry. “Come on, Daddy! We have to finish before Mama wakes up!

“All right all right but you have to be quiet,” Gajeel placed a finger to his lips. “We don’t want to wake up Mommy or your little brother before breakfast is done.”

“Right!” the purple haired girl nodded in affirmation. Together the two whipped up a towering stack of fluffy pancakes, a mix of ones with blueberries, chocolate and plain ones. For the sides they (Gajeel) cooked some eggs and bacon.

“Oi, where ya goin’ squirt?” the dad called, catching sight of Roxie heading towards the front door.

“Outside!” Roxie tugged on a pair of light pink shoes, a birthday gift from her Aunt Lucy. “I’ll be right back!” she promised and was out the door before Gajeel could get another word out.

He shook his head, his pulled back hair swinging from the movement. “Just like her Mom, that kid, Ghihi.” Heading over to the front room, he stared out the window, watching his daughter to make sure she didn’t get into any trouble and found her picking dandelions. “What is she doin’?”

Once Roxie seemed satisfied with her bouquet of weeds, she ran inside clutching the plants close. “Lookie! I picked Mommy some flowers.”

Even Gajeel wasn’t mean enough to break it to his daughter that she had grabbed weeds so instead he ruffled her hair. “Those look beautiful,” he went over to the cabinet. “Let’s put them in a vase.”

“Let me pick which one,” Roxie begged, clambering after him. She studies the few flower vases they had before deciding on a small baby blue one. “That one!”

“Nice pick kiddo!” The iron dragon slayer snagged the chosen vase off the shelf. He walked over to the sink, filling the blue vase halfway with water then letting Roxie put the flowers inside. “Perfect, can you set it on the table? Don’t run with it…good girl,” he praised when no mishaps occurred. The flowers were set, the silverware was on the table, and the food was done. “I think it’s time we wake up Mommy-” he was cut off by distant crying. “I think Gale beat us to it…”

Gajeel told Roxie to guard the food, which she took her job very seriously, to go to his almost one year old son’s room. “Dontcha worry, I gotcha…” he trailed off, seeing Levy with her back facing him as she already held their son. Her hips swayed lightly to an unheard beat that seemed to calm Gale right away.

“Oh, Gajeel,” Levy looked over her shoulder, smiling at her husband sweetly. “I got him because I didn’t know you were up. You weren’t in bed so I figured you might have went to the guild for something.”

“Nah, Roxie woke me up to help her with something,” Gajeel came up behind her, snaking his muscular arms around her thin waist. She was a little plumper after having children, his children, but he didn’t mind one bit. It gave him more of her to love.

“Oh?” Levy raised an eyebrow, leaning into his touch, having not head her daughter come into their room. “What did she need?”

“I think it would be better if she showed you,” a soft chuckle vibrated in his chest while his lips placed a soft kiss to her neck.

“Mommy!” Roxie squealed, flying into the room and ruining her parents sweet moment but the two were used to it by now. Their five year old daughter had a radar for when her parents wished to be alone. “I have a surprise for you!” she tugged her mother’s night dress.

“All right, all right, I’m coming,” Levy laughed lightly, passing Gale over to Gajeel to hold in order to allow her daughter to drag her into the kitchen. Upon seeing the spread on the table, a gasp escaped the young mother. “Roxie…did you and Daddy make this for me?”

“Uh huh! But I picked the flowers all by myself,” the little girl added proudly.
Levy knelt down, pulling her baby girl into an embrace. “Thank you baby, I love it,” she kissed her forehead. “I have a surprise for you too?”

“You do?” Roxie quivered in anticipation as she watched her mother head back into her room. When she emerged, Levy was holding the present behind her back.

“Now close your eyes,” her mother instructed and waited to place the gift in her small hands until her eyes were squeezed shut. “Ok, you can open them.”

A high pitched scream came out of Roxie’s mouth as she stared at the heart shaped box of chocolates in her palms. “Thank you so much Mommy!”

“It’s from Daddy too,” Levy laughed when Roxie yelled a thanks to Gajeel and then launched herself into her arms. “You’re welcome sweetie,” the blue haired woman kissed the top of her messy head of hair. Her fingers stroked the girl’s cheek lightly in adoration. Sometimes it was hard to believe that this precious child was hers.

“Gihihi, let’s eat before the food gets cold you two,” Gajeel chuckled, strapping Gale into his high chair. When his wife went to fix the baby some food he told her to relax and eat. The tired mother gratefully accepted his offer. Together the small family enjoyed not only the delicious meal, but also each other’s company.

When breakfast was finished, Gale was put in his play pen that was in the next room along with Roxie who played with her dolls to allow the two adults to clean up. The couple had a system, Gajeel always washed and Levy dried the dishes. They remained in a comfortable silence until the dark haired man stole the dish from her hand. “Hey!”

“Come with me for a sec,” he set the plate on the counter, his hands wrapping around hers as he lead them to their bedroom.

“Gajeel?” the solid script mage questioned, tilting her head to the side slightly, her blue waves stirring at the movement.

The named man gave her no reply, his back to her as he rummaged through one of his drawers. When he turned back around his hand was closed in a fist.

“Hold out yer hands,” he instructed gruffly.

Levy quirked up an eyebrow at him but complied with his request. Not a moment later, she felt cool metal against her skin. She looked down, finding a thin chain with a steel heart charm. “Oh Gajeel…” she smiled, tears pricking the corners of her big brown eyes.

“I made it myself,” her husband said, rubbing the back of his neck. Even after all these years he still got all flustered when it came to being romantic.

“I love it,” Levy clutched the necklace close to her chest, a bright smile adorning her face. “Can you put it on me?”

“What? Ya can’t put on a necklace by yourself?” Gajeel scoffed but took the necklace just like she knew he would. Her hands held up her hair so it was out of the way for him as he clasped the jewelry around her neck. His fingers lingered on her skin, sending goosebumps down her arms.

A soft sigh escaped her pale lips when he placed a kiss just behind her ear, electricity racing across her skin at every touch. “I love you, Gajeel.”

“I know,” he grinned cheekily and after a pout from her he pulled her into a tight hug. “I love you too, Levy.” Another kiss was placed on the top of her head.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Babe.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Levy echoed.



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